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She is not afraid of anything - she was not there a great enemy. The long, this machine of two meters weighed, perhaps not less than a quarter ton. She sat down next to the bottle and download the film Эротик кино and sighed: "To drink or not to drink?"Then he took the bottle firmly, pulled the cork with his teeth and spit it away to the side. And then, as we used to say the former president, the process went. In commandos jaws dropped: something native, rasseyskim wafted from the scene. The foreman was satisfied. - Well, the commander - he smiled - then we have been here.And, therefore, the right way go, comrades. - I would like to present this award to the little creatures - quite seriously finished Colonel. - I wanted to leave her another bottle. Yes sergeant I talked. "When he was drunk - he said, - gorillas are very violent. Just like people. " Maybe people just like them?Bullet in his youth, when I was a boy, I often went to Makhachkala to their relatives. And their neighbors had a dog Pulka about three feet. It's very strange running, doing some jumps, stumbled, flip over his head and continued to run again.I asked the lady what happened to her, and she told me the sad story of the military. What was her name before, no one remembers. Pulque call her later. At that time in Makhachkala seems to lend-lease, the coming of American weaponry. How it came across the Caspian Sea, can not understand. This also came with the U.S. Court of stew.And once even came barge with coconuts. They were unloaded at the pier, they spent a long time and have become a huge pile of rotting, putrid smell spreading throughout the city. The upshot was that these nuts are thrown off by bulldozers into the sea. Then, no one knew what the product is and that it do so.The Americans, too, had no idea what we eat and what we need. So that's bullet. She then was still on all fours. She once dragged crushed bank stew, and the hostess this stew to feed pellets. The dog was smart, and she realized that these banks will help them to survive with the hostess. She began to run to the port, to steal cans.The mistress fed her and fed herself. Then she began to change those canned in download the film Эротик кино and grain, equivalent to the things and they lived with a bullet less bearable. But one hour in stock drew attention to the dog and that is suspicious.And when Pulka once again had their prey with a can of corned beef and ran across the railroad, he raised his rifle and download the film Эротик кино and fired. The bullet hit the bullets in his paw. Local thought that shot her and Pulka woke up and crawled to the hostess. A jar of stew, which she uvorovala and not released from the teeth.Hostess snapped a bullet shot out of the leg, tied it, and pulque was live. And then it download the film Эротик кино and happened is that she began to hate the military. Their hatred she download the film Эротик кино and showed peculiar. She does not bark, not growling, but when the military took off target in the shoes, it bit his calf, if the boots - jumped and grabbed his thigh.Then dived under the gate to his yard. Started scandal. Offended download the film Эротик кино and knocked at the gate, the hostess came out and wondering: - What is a dog? - Yes it bites passersby! I have now just been bitten! - Come take a look - I have no dog at all and there is no trace! We went into the yard, watching. Indeed, no barking, no dog. - So what?Go into the house. Where do you see the dog? Dogs really was not there. Apologized and left. A Pulka dug himself a hole under the porch and hid there after his next "feat" for as long as the scandal blows over.

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