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41 Yesterday at reception when we passed through the hall Valley, I felt a snake hiss, and sting snapped: "Two female sales sold their beauty and talent Politic kommunist lackeys." How fortunate that Val talking and did not hear would be a scandal.What efforts will, I could not rush and do not stifle this evil creature! What do they want? Why such anger, hatred, envy? Why envy? Yet here we are living the same way: an apartment, car, house, title, furniture, decorations, refrigerator. In some people get better, others worse, someone that was able to snatch.It was said in such a way that our men could not hear - they were afraid of physical violence? And that our men do? Kostya immediately tracked down and caught to be saying, and went to complain about it to higher authorities. And Boris? Boris would pretend not to hear, and would have lost among the guests.Well even Valya tipsy - otherwise there would be a fight, and would have cost without the brilliant scandal between Soviet secular ladies for the amusement of foreigners. How can I escape from this drink, it relentlessly, every night after the show, after the show, after the shooting.Valya and Kostya has the really drunk, not for the damn fun, and drink to get drunk, and Boris, too. I do not want that! I will not! But quietly crawling with them in the maze. It is interesting that even very drunk Boris never not say anything unnecessary, which is not true.He is drawn into a "secular" life, and in the morning when pochemulibo Mom did not bring to it a fresh shirt, runs great surprise to me or to the housekeeper. The theater is also the excitement: a second time called to the personnel department and download the film Эротик кино and talked, as if in passing download the film Эротик кино and insisted on my joining the party, de, they say, the leading actress ... such a popular ...carrying light in weight. I, by the way, this popularity begins to harass and oppress, it sometimes turns to a form of hysteria unintelligent people and cause tension, feeling that you are watching all the time, but ... as often happens, next to a sad - funny:the theater is scheduled general meeting, Ivan called me into his office and strongly requested that it was at this meeting I will present, because it solves something very important for the theater. And I was not read newspapers and do not go to the meeting:I always seem to be the newspaper yesterday and nothing more boring, meaningless, depressing than sitting in meetings, I do not know, especially after all the passions of all is an old man.And I got just a little too late, the meeting is already in progress, and I am not to pay for themselves and for their tardiness attention, quietly download the film Эротик кино and walked in the door last rows stalls, hangs above ground floor balcony, is in complete darkness, and sat down. Watch the film Эротик кино online. The presidium of the whole synod, led by Ivan Nikolaevich.Here he quietly got up kudato came out, and suddenly the audience burst into light as before the show, sounded off march solemnly Ivan came to the fore, and at least a solemn voice said loudly: "Tatiana Kirillovna, we are glad to welcome you on your first ever meeting !We wish you health, happiness and many great roles! .. "The explosion of laughter .... How fortunate that I'm on your line characters - you can at least live on the stage of human life is beautiful, love, impulses, thoughts, but Soviet heroines play I do not want to be interested and even disgusted all invented and false, as in life.Want to play especially for women, and not just sweet beauties, Greta Garbo, and only manages to create even from these sweet beauties especially women, her character's mysterious, deep as well ... I have to find a voice to the voice pouring out of the heart and the soul sinks into the audience ...I think that all artists must be thinner, smarter, their state, and if the average person is walking through a puddle, and for him it is a pool, then it is for the artist to be the ocean.

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