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And even the same person may simultaneously Watch Online and act in different rhythms. "Different rhythms and pace - wrote Stanislavski, - at the same time there are not only many artists in 339 of the same scene, but also in the same person at the same time."For example, in the play "Invasion" Leonov Demidevna, nurse collects the dishes on the table for dinner - in normal operating rhythm of the business, and at the same time trying to persuade Anna Nikolaevna Watch Online and escape from the Germans, or at least to bury things - in trevozhnopovyshennom rhythm. Exercises.The action of a few people in the same scene in different temporitme. In this exercise, the teacher or the students themselves provide Etude. Stipulate the given circumstances. Each outlines his task in this sketch and begins to act in an appropriate rhythm. An example of the development of specifications for these exercises. 1) At the station in the waiting room:a) a group of people sitting and eating; they will train in two hours; b) one passenger waiting to be late sister; c) girl is looking for her little brother, whom she had left for a few minutes at the barrier box office and he kudato departed; d) driving off family. Many things. Waiting for the train.Assumed that the train will go through an hour, but the son comes and announces that structure goes through the Erotic movie movie watch online and ten minutes; e) working group meets his friend - advanced production returning from a conference of the World Peace Council.2) We arrived on a tour to one of the remote areas of Siberia. Actors prepare for the play. It has already been two calls: a) a few actors are ready to go on stage and who are busy than one looks in the mirror, checking the suit, the other repeats phrases role, the third pasted mustache and so on. Etc .;b) the actress should go first, and she still has not given some details of the costume; c) one of the actors sitting in front of a mirror and grimiruetsya - he was to go on stage until the end of the act, the other ending makeup, and get off in five minutes; d) All wardrobe mistress must serve. And followed by all subsequent exercises on the same task.3) on the market; 4) in the clinic - waiting room; 5) for water in the plant; 6) as a partisan; 7) in the laboratory at the Institute uchenoissledovatelskogo; 8) The departure of the construction: departing and mourners; 9) the arrival of a group of young people to the virgin lands; 10) shkolnikovpionerov duty in the house alone, the old, the sick collective farmers.The teacher must ensure that students participating in these 340 exercises do not create a rhythm for rhythm, as appropriate, justified and efficiently operated in the rhythm. In determining temporitme individuals.The teacher gives students homework Erotic movie movie watch online in excellent quality and observe in everyday life for the crowd, it temporitme identify individuals and to decide what caused these rhythms, what the given circumstances, a task: 1) at the station; 2) in the theater during intermission; 3) in the store;4) at the meeting; 5) on the street; 6) on the square; 7) at the post office; 8) at the entrance to the cinema, and so on. D. On the action of one person at the same time in different temporitme. Gives students two or three different temporitme. 1) Slow and fast ostorozhnovnimatelny, passionate. One of the girls hot iron to iron a blouse with delicate frills.Stroking careful not to burn. At the same time, she said excitedly to her friend that visited her, she had seen the play of French theater, who came on tour to Moscow. 2) Fast, business and slow sosredotochennovnimatelny. According to justify temporitme.

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