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The next stage of my occurrences in the movie had a meeting with in-kind shooting outdoors. For the uninitiated, in our case it may seem paradoxical, but as it turned out difficult to run on this road, go with the real sea, to sit in a real train, you play the same in the stage scenery.From authenticity surrounding atrophied imagination - it is not necessary. But the imagination - the main causative agent of creativity of the actor in the theater. If an actor on stage raises a large stone made of papemashe, he imagines his heavy and makes the viewer believe it. And raise the stone itself - is an art.Cardboard stone can be Erotic movie movie watch online in excellent quality, and to raise the many different ways depending on the nature of the character: the muscles do not work and imagination. In the movie, a real rock. Working muscles. Fantasy asleep. But even if to wake her willpower, it will only interfere.In the movie, other requirements and other laws. In the movie, in the scene the director will be Erotic movie movie watch online in excellent quality, and your treasure is a true muscle tension, not imaginary stress your character.On the stage of obstacles in most cases conditional, imaginary and overcoming them - game art. In the film, especially on nature, and overcoming obstacles authentic them really, so every game there is only a hindrance.Art is increasingly created installation and performance of the actors in close-ups, which, incidentally, is also very different from the stage of the game. Filming on location - in the streets of different cities, on the roads in the villages - I could not download movie Erotic movies and get rid of the feeling some embarrassment, perhaps even shame .The crew stopped at a certain section of a normal life and return it to create other natural conditions - artificial. I played a pass down the street.On the whole block was placed extras hundred people, dozens of cars were shooting at the ready for a police guard a crowd of onlookers, curious idlers for many hours lying on the window sill of his window, his head hanging. Deafening shouting through speakers assistants.The huge audience, mass, center and purpose of action that was me - my passage. "Motor" - and started. And I went. And theatrical habit feels responsibility before a crowd, you want to give her something to justify its expectation of - play. And then sensitive to the truth director yells "Stop!" Falsity. Theater.No need, no need to turn onlookers in the audience: it is necessary Erotic movie movie watch online and close, withdraw from them - that's just it is necessary to use n imagination. Art actor - a lonely art. Public loneliness in the theater - to play alone, it is in the public district to the public.In the movie you want to present loneliness - not in public, and in the crowd. You and the camera. And in this dialogue. Innermost glory: compare notes on a large plane - no partner, no audience - chamber. I talked about the imagination of the actor and his relationship with natural, natural objects.No less interesting to see the effect of unconditional factors on the viewer's imagination. Here we already have will turn to the performing arts. Again, the paradox: the movie, which is made up of pieces of almost natural life comes to the viewer as an absolute conventions - images on a flat screen;in the theater all conditional, but before the audience - live, real man of flesh and blood, always pregnant with the possibility of surprise. At one time we used to play with Charcot pop miniatures Stephanie Grodzenskoy "Lisbon."It dreams of the heroes of the long trips funny lyrically and reduced to the most possible, and thus close the beautiful - walk through the Wilanów park in Warsaw that the corner from them.

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