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1974 Couplets evil spirits - I - BabaYaga, that's all for long, I go to nemazanoy mortar. I am not a Russian spirit is very strict: Love it ... cooked in the soup. Oh, tired of chasing through the woods, Potion I digest ... No, something has to change our very devil! - Good day! Good shade! I duck Werewolf!YESTERDAY looked awkward: I turn into a fence full of holes, but that's poseredke download the film Эротик кино and faltered. Who am I now - most do not understand - Ek me, my friends, Scriven! .. No, something has to change our very devil! - I - sick old mischievous water, but I am tired of office: I was lying under a snag, a cold, evil, And in the pool - wet and damp.I saw the other day - drowned. Enough is enough! And he gave me - the heel on the snout! .. No longer does respect our evil spirits! - So it goes: Leshachiha malice, depriving me lesheshevelyury, yesterday from a hollow in the cold drove - Do it with water shurymury. With the light became quite overcome - Prosttaki driven to the grave ... No longer does respect our evil spirits!1974 Soldier and Ghost in the chest like a soul squirms, her heart burns like a candle. And in the life - both in the gun: the shutter seize, To give the shoulder, then - a misfire. Oh, unhappy dolyushka - Will the royal - unfair! I - the ghost, I - a ghost, but I'm sick of sitting a long time.Dungeon close, shines everywhere, - Though incorporeal, But all the same - chilly. Maybe living creature offense, but I really mean it: Scare in the corner prividetsya - Absolutely do not. Sorry, that suddenly you execute - You're a good soul. You can easily, soldiers call me Timosha.1974 Song of Mary Why not rushed, Maryushka into the river you know that's not always zamolklato you how to pick up a nice recruits to the army, as your true love went into soldiers? I'll wash chamber bitter tears And the door download the film Эротик кино and closed for many years, the slopes above Lake ivoyu, ivoyu - See therefore, as in a mirror - that is with thee.Travushkamuravushka - juicy, mint - Without you break, the winds blow ... Dolyushka soldier - Ratna, Ratna: What is your chest bullet not pass by! Tropochku protopchu deep in the field and preserve your wedding wreath sovyu, long braid maiden - to the floor, to the floor - saving for sweet - with gray.But take my ring from white blyuditsa, Dance turned the sad in it - Let me guessing things shall come to pass, let returns narrowed vernal day! Sing merrily as before, iduchi to the house, you're quiet word tenderly consoles. A bride's habitation - Waters, Waters ... We wait Maryushka - Hurry! 1974 Ivan da Marya Do not hold me to persuade.I firmly believe in it right? Let them circling over black crow, but he is dear to me and in captivity. Sang from ancient age, Yes, I had heard myself, How in God knows what he suddenly became one flower Two flowers Ivan da Marya 1974 Ditty Come, people, bolder - Listen, ask again! We sing about Evstigney - our Sovereign.Imagine you're at the scene as father Yevstigney daughter - Princess Agrafena Wants to float soon. But you can not - not fuse Princess! Somehow drove the king of the forest, fun, calmly, - Suddenly I heard a whistle, bonehead, Solovyarazboynika. Since then, the king korezhit Like a bone stuck in it: Fingers in the mouth itself lay - Want whistle Nightingale!Wrong with this fight to start, and then begins to rob! 1974 1974 The only way I am now featured in one picture sovetskoyugoslavskogo production.

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