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Your elation swept you behind the scenes. And you have applied it to the public, not as your excitement from the start of the play, but as a result of life of your whole being.There is no gap in your mind between the scenes and the stage. You do not just "standing in the wings," waiting and worrying when you hear the music output. Your attention, creating a circle of public solitude, stay within the rhythm of the music and data as "circumstances" all your thoughts and feelings. Stare into your heart. That it created?If you're worried, not because this is your job role, but because you are afraid to go out in public, your bad: the circle of attention! You advance yourself up off the cold sounds. If the idea does not blow you away, if the heart is not a launch pounding in rhythm with her - or you yourself, or the audience will not penetrate into the depth of the tasks role.And, of course, you are one their way prisoners. Which means to escape from the fear of quitting? Reduce the range of your attention. Concentrate as far as possible in the very first actions and words. Throw the idea out of my head the whole role. For the artist at the exit to the show is never the whole role.For it is only this moment and one in her task. As long as you cook role in your mind the whole man role. And you filled it all. When the role was for you chelovekorolyu when it became: "I - a role," then began the lives of individual pieces. Because people live, and how we perceive it only "now", not yesterday, tomorrow, in an hour.So, draw out a meeting with Charlotte and Werther to the fullest sense of the girl, the day that you have shown us so well. Wait, wait. Werther! Do not understand, do not understand nothing! But is yours, Werther, problems similar to the problem of Charlotte? And where did you find in the music of sentimentality?How many times to exercise courage, and you will again SUGAR sugar. Why are you like a crystal chandelier are? Look for a thought about all the best and noble. Then find one walk, which will not be rude, and courage; Page. 168 no hurry and rush, not sentimentality, and joy.Go from simple joy, but it does not express a stencil, just as he did in life. The mystery of your imagination in your creative tasks - it is yours alone.And just because it's yours, not forced upon you because you share the creative love of Goethe and Massne to their heroes - you can turn on this love can break the stamps, get in real life scenes and winning over the audience the power of his inner experience. Pp. 169 TALK FOUR Passing role from one phrase to another, ie,feeling, conscious always lively internal problem, can stand as you now stand, if you Werther? Charlotte remembers her mother's death. We read your face, what do you think, how do you come down the music. You all - one concern.If you can not shift attention to compassion loved one, you can not set yourself goals: "I want to support her my courage," or, "I want to distract her from the sad memories," the problem variables. Distract attention from chegoto harassing you in the future and take this task, which you could now justify their fear.For example: "I am afraid that she did not cry," if you are afraid of all women's tears. Or: "I want to share with her the terror of death." It is important that you never for a moment had no problem in the role. None of your word, not a single moment of silence can not be an empty place where your "I want" does not live as an action.

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