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And you believe her, and with her grieving, sorry, happy ... Wondrous was the actress! We bid farewell to Annette Vidal at the front when the door bass wail fawn cat. She let him, and he sat down again on a chair, so-, as if and anywhere did not go away, before the is motionless and indifferent was his physiognomy of.- Goodbye, madame! Thank you for your gifts! Pass Muscovites huge greetings and gratitude ... How I would like to get back to Moscow ... But age ... - she smiled and spread her dry little hands ... I dived into the tiled corridors of the underground with only one desire - to quickly go to Shop and buy a record with the song of the motorcyclist.I sit, I wait trains. Before the eyes of the powerful color ads are full of fruit water. Right, you can only marvel at the ingenuity of the French in the advertising of goods. On a huge green leaves, among nenyufarov sitting on the pond colossal lyaguha "Leave plain water frogs, and do a wonderful drink a soft drink!"And the next bottle of drink, of course fizzy, sugary course, of course tinted pinkish tsvetPoezd rushes me to the center. Here are and stop «Georg The Fifth». I go out. Champs Elysees are filled with holiday traffic. Massa dressy the public. Students are selling bouquets lilies of the valley - they scored early in the morning in their groves, near Paris.Today, students can earn koechto! On the first of May the big stores do not sell. But the record store is open. I climb to the second floor. The saleswoman offered me a cab. Selects records. Zapershis in the cockpit, listen, listen all concerts in a row. Saleswoman Jacqueline brings me more and more. Part I selected.- Why do you need so much? At us more than two anybody also does not buys. I explain to her what my task. Jacqueline thinks, then says: - You know, there recently has been the secretary of Madame Piaf with her dog. Secretary needed a recently released CDs with Edith. I put her song "Sailor".And suddenly dog ​​began to run around the booths, to look for his mistress. She sniffed the chairs, counters, desperately whined, barked and just cried. It was necessary to to cease audition and divert the her home. We're all terribly surprised a memory of the animal, it's been more than six months after the death of Madame Piaf, and the dog remembers ... But people are starting to forget.We, the French, frivolous people quickly forget what had recently enjoyed. Well, what you want download movie Erotic movies, and to write about it ... so that you Watch Online and deliver? "The man on the motorcycle?" Very well ... and I heard this song.He wore boots, black leather pants and jacket with Orlici on the back. And he flew forward, like a devil - Passers-by recoiled against the wall! Unkempt and unwashed, with fuel oil under the nails, with tattoos seen these many years where the heart with the inscription; "Love, I gave my mother!"- The biceps blue dotted line next and Marilou he took his girlfriend. The girl is good, in the prime of life. I pitied her, and everyone in the neighborhood knew that he loved her, he just a motorcycle. Once Marilou, sobbing, asked that night from her not download movie Erotic movies and go crying killed the engine, and no power to him failed to keep.Like the devil, he raced, not knowing fear, with burning enormous eyes. And suddenly - he flew out of the gate with a flourish at the Express, who went to the south. Owner boots, black leather pants Forever stopped, with Orlici on the back. Now, it was not necessary to all passers-by heard the crack, Watch Online and jump to the wall.ROAD Van Gogh trail winds between fields sown with wheat, peas, oats.

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Film Эротик кино
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