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I was going to shoot this scene at eye level, but I was referring to your level. We Dustin same height.Hence the phrase "Sean, show Groucho" means: "Do you not diminished in size, before you sit down in a chair?" And Sean portrays Groucho. Experienced actors can prodelyvat is the comfort of the image. Girl, compares shooting scenario can whisper to me suddenly, "He raised his glass too late."The day before, when we were on the other point, over his shoulder, he raised his glass in the beginning of his remarks. Now if he would do it later, when installing the material yesterday to today I have a lot of problems there. Voobscheto such technical details are not a serious problem, it is rather the nuances of production.Most actors get used to after a few pictures of themselves all taken into account. Henry Fonda remembered the exact any skriptgerl. To "12 Angry Men," a wonderful Faith Hubley, watching a script to indicate that the cigarette was lit on takoyto phrase. Fund said at last. We took off and this way and that. Henry was right.A close-up character often speaks with one or more partners or respond to the actions and remarks of others.For greater accuracy, I prefer to those talking to whom to shoot in the moment the character were on the set and not even getting into the field of vision cameras to communicate with those on whom it is currently designed. But sometimes not removable do not help to shoot.Sometimes they are afraid to spend accumulated emotion to their own takes. Sometimes this is a subtle form of sabotage. One star, sitting on a high chair and feeding because of the camera replica artist little episode, the invitation to shoot for one day, do not bother to even look in the direction of the actor. She was knitting.Such behavior creates a very unpleasant atmosphere on the set. This is an important point. If the subject actor looks for a partner who is behind the camera, he sees all that is in the studio. We call it a field of view of the performer. On both sides of the camera. Before shooting an experienced assistant director always warns"Please, leave the field of view." When William Holden engaged in a love scene with Faye Dunaway, he certainly did not like that side of someone sipping coffee. Even knowing how best to focus the camera, he does not want to see anyone but Faye.Because not everyone in the group understands this, "leave the field of view" is becoming tiresome refrain that accompany each picture. Most complex episodes in my practice were in the "Dog noon."Somewhere in the middle third of the picture hero Pacino next two telephone calls, one with his "common-law wife" lover, download the film Эротик кино and located in front of the barbershop, and the second with a real wife. Watch the film Эротик кино in excellent quality online. I knew that the best Pacino will play, if we can remove both calls in one piece. The duration of the night.The hero is in the bank for twelve hours. He is completely exhausted. With such a degree of fatigue emotions are particularly clear. That's what I wanted. But there was a serious snag. The camera can be charged only a thousand feet of film. A little more than eleven minutes. Two telephone conversation lasted about fifteen minutes.I decided to install two cameras next to each other as closely as possible. Naturally, with the same 55 mm lens, as I recall. When the first camera otsnimet 850 feet, connect a second, but first and continue to shoot.I knew that moving to his wife's plan to end the episode somewhere let me do field joint of the footage captured by two cameras.

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