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For example, in "Ivanov" Chekhov, "a play about death, the destructive tendencies in human nature." "Cries that, as we all spiritless live and think that we live." And further on the image Ivanov, the central character of the play: "LIFE WITHOUT Ida this is not possible - QUALITY OF RUSSIAN HUMAN RUSSIAN intellectuals." "Need an idea !!!"Smoktunovsky first step must be a sense of the whole, which would fit in his role, you must find and articulate the whole. Marks "the first section of" perception of the image is recorded as an artistic creation, a piece of a complex overall structure of the play.The image was considered as a kind of phantom, an expression of the author's will, goals and objectives, as official figure in the composite structure of the play. Introducing for the first page summarizes schematically labeled "core" role Smoktunovskij gradually step-by-step outlines, grew roots, correcting and refines more and more components.The second group in his writing the image tagging, which Smoktunovskij like "forgets" that his character - a character invented phantom, an expression of the author's will - and writes about him as a real person with their own unique traits, your tastes and desires, spontaneous reactions and secret calculations.In his perception of the artistic image, we, the readers and viewers, often leaving the plane aesthetic and begin to treat the heroes as a "living" people, which can be angry, you can fall in love with whom you can argue.Creators sometimes start boos movie watch online and to treat their heroes as independent of them creatures of their own will. Often cited Pushkin exclamation that Tatiana suddenly had "jumped married."With the utmost brevity in a few words Pushkin gave the surprise and admiration of the author's own character who suddenly begins to exist on kakimto their own laws, regardless of the author's calculations, without asking the author's will.For him, the author, the character also was full of much alive, unexpected, unpredictable man. And in this sense Smoktunovskij, solve mental movement, the flow of mental images, puzzles psychology of his hero, goes through quite traditional. Smoktunovskij provides many contrasting descriptions, painting a portrait of a hero like chiaroscuro.Bedding definitions create the necessary volume of the image: About Myshkin: "All in a partner." "PITY - LOVE LOVE MYSHKIN pitied CHRIST!" "Child with big sad and intelligent eyes." About Tsar Fyodor: "Thin thought with high spiritual organizations, he - the son of Ivan the Terrible, a son from flesh and blood, but with the Spirit above, many, much higher.""Philosopher and thinker, Misty ..". "Strange creatures, able to hear the phrase:" Noticing their names and write down. '"On Ivanov:" A man is devastated, can do nothing to do, and suffer from it. "" Proud, proud man. "" He now lives according to their own feelings, But not for long. ""PRIDE DOES NOT RECOGNIZE that it was his broken lives - in yourself looking for the cause." "MYSTERY OF WHAT NOT .. In." "Man, created service to the people, can not live without this ministry." "His position: in his eyes making a terrible, And he can not do an ..". About Dorn: "patient tactful." "ALL THE TIME grope idea of ​​life.""He knows a lot about this world." "His inclinations: That's why that every one in his own right, everything and suffer." About Watchmaker: "nothing to lose, everything is lost." "All gone, he lost its customers - Focus - attentive." "SAGE - should that Lenin was interesting to talk to him." "The uniqueness of a talented person." "Leonardo da Vinci"."Palace watchmaker." "Thin Jew." "Biblical wisdom." "Do not understand MNOGOG permeates while the artist." O master, "came on direct communication with higher given him feel". "Creativity - SIYUSEKUNDNY process." "MEDIUM!

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