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Somehow ... I said at the meeting of the Art Council in the theater: we need to succeed in front of the theater at the cost of failures, but not at the cost of success. It is necessary to take a chance on a number of failures, and I invite you to see my "Komandarma."I put it with the possibility of failure. I knew that this show should not be successful. For some reason it is successful, it shows how we have grown culture. Representatives of the financial part can hang me for this, but I will say, as the Italians say, grosso modo:we can not erase all that success in terms of box office, but full of a percentage of failures should be today. Take my ... "The Inspector General." How attacked him - and now in the province of all say this is your best production.This confirms that the phenomenon kakoenibud not immediately realize our habits of perception too Die, we are too conservative, and much new is not taken ... From the answers ... What a tremendous gap between the director and conductor! Where are the directors of conspiring with conductors?Find one director in the opera business, who knows what the score is. It deals only with klaviraustsugom. There are such cases. For example, Napravnik struck from "A Life for the Tsar" in the ballet of the waltz. He is asked: How is it - he loves music and decided on this? He says:"Ballet dancers stop me from playing this music - they stomp so that I can not do anything." The producer did not take into account that this music is so transparent - even if that even make - is bothersome. You need to put on a stage that is quieter to even rustling crinolines was heard. ... Now about the ballet of the case.If I was asked about the crisis ballet case - I would say that the crisis is that our choreographers, passing a ballet school, not complete their education and do not pass a particular school of art director.If the choreographer is able to alternate groups as did the old Petipa, then of course - this is nonsense, because now other requirements. Who are our subjects, which is not to jump like a dragonfly, and not have the kind of sylphs. New topic requires a new approach and a new rhythm.From this point of view, to criticize Prokofiev's music should not be. Prokofiev makes a new dance, where 189 people are dancing, maybe in French, and to that end he wrote new music. Someone said that it's not dance music. Then you need to ask about the new music. Now for the "Army Commander 2".I have, perhaps, because of the fact that he download the film boos and studied not only in the dramatic theater, but also in the opera house, the former Mariinsky Theatre, focused on the so-download the film boos and called musical theater, not the musical drama. To the best of my ability and to the best of my knowledge I am working on it. Of course, the "Army Commander 2" music is not enough.Nevertheless, this is a musical show, because when we go to the readings from the reading with an orchestra, you do not notice this transition, and the music does not seem invading mechanically. I do not want to engage in self-praise. I'm not saying that I discovered America, but to the best of my ability I want to build this musical theater.Opera comes to the calm recitative, sung when it ceases to appear to sing. A peculiar kind of transition from Hovorka. This is a problem that outlines Gluck, but in his time makes this primitive. He has a sharp difference between the moment and the moment recitative Hovorka. Featured musicians speak in this way.For example, when I was at the play Prokofiev, he talked about his dream to write an opera for the dramatic theater - such that very musical drama actor said his text on the background, which makes it Prokofiev in the orchestra, but that the public did not notice, that speech sing it to be a little singing, but in essence, it would beconversation.

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