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- And it shows. Okay, first let's go to Herbert, and then joined the company of Michael Korda. - Excellent. They went out to the balcony and looked at the long line of lighted shore.- Soon I will start work on a new film, said ZhanKlod.Pridetsya leave on time from Paris. However, I think you fly away to America earlier. - Nothing is yet known, said Allen. - Pochemuto sure that you will be offered a contract. The young man said nothing, but he was in full agreement with each other.Imagining the first shooting in Hollywood, he decided that things are going is not bad. The final day of the festival was held in the same turmoil as the first. If the opening of the participants greeted each other and resumed dating, but now all is forgiven, and expressed the hope to meet soon.Some of them knew that this would happen only in the next festival. Elsa is very attached to Briand and asked him to think about the possibility of filming in Germany. - I do not know, my dear, said on.U me pretty busy schedule, but if I send a script from Germany and promise you a partner, I immediately accept.German actress for a long time silent, pondering what the director might be interested in such a project. - ZhanKlod, segdnya night you come to our party? Finally download the film boos and asked ona.Ya introduce you to the talented young director. - Be sure to come, said Brian, smiling pointedly turned away from Alain.When Elsa went to another group of actors, Delon said insinuating voice - Mr. Brian, you do not return from Germany. Meeting with Elsa was fatal. - Ironically enough, ZhanKlod.Posmotrim said calmly, as you lead the self in America. Certainly, a few months find yourself married to cute starlet. - No way!Allen said with feeling. - Do not exclude themselves. Come on, finally, to the hall. Now declare filmypobediteli. In the hall they saw Michael Korda, friendly waving at them. Allen for two days trying to find scans Harry Wilson, but he was absent. - Probably finished his work and went to Rome, suggested Brian.Maybe you made him feel that he rushed headlong to Zeltsniku. - And I think he has continuously held interviews with other candidates, said Allen. - Do not become download the film boos and obsessed. Call from the producer have to wait three days. Memories of Marie served for the young man only counterbalance to these thoughts.She was very attractive. He restored in memory of yesterday's kiss and smiled. Then he looked at the screen and forget about everything. The action film, made by the German director, completely capture it. - Herbert plays well, he turned to Brian. - Yes, he's a wonderful actor, but suddenly became cold to me.I think he, too, like Elsa, he replied. Allen download the film boos and waited in the evening with no less eagerly than calling from Rome. When ZhanKlod offered him going to a party with German actors, he refused - Something does not feel like it. I do not know them. - Nonsense. You've got to have a little fun, and then a trip to Cannes is not going to in the memory. - What are you saying?For several days there were so many things. I will be forever grateful to you for what you took me to the festival. - Oh, come on. First get the role, because the result is valuable. I'll go to the Germans alone, then come back for you, and we will go to Michelle. - No need for me to go. Brialy did not argue, but his opinions have not changed.- So far, good luck, he said, and went to Alain. The young man looked at his watch and started to gather for a meeting with Marie.

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