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"Now, let me make a little confusing, because these ideas were born in a whirlwind of "Napoleon" and I have not had time to put them in order, a few of his own ideas. I never tire of repeating words in our modern society is no longer embody the truth. Prejudice, morality, accident deprived the words of their true value.Not the most honest and the most dexterous finds the right words, and we believe more silence than words. Only the action is in agreement with our psychology. It is not often we get to their hypocrisy distorting their meaning. Our actions reflect quite clearly the surface layer of our psychology.Achieving fusion of action and removing the word, film is the new psychologists harsh truth of action, and this is no small trump card in their hands. Had to remain silent for so long to forgotten old, worn out, decrepit words, the finest of which have lost prominence;so long to ebbed huge flow of current knowledge and energy to find a new language. Out of this necessity was born a movie, but real artists vary, and are waiting for screens, screens - these large white mirror, always ready to repel the crowd who heard the majestic silent face of art, illuminated Mediterranean smile.But in light of Christopher Columbus looming ... and the glorious battle of black and white votvot begin on all screens of the world. Floodgates opened new art. Endless pictures of the crowd and, raznolikie, offer themselves to us. Everything has become or is becoming possible. A drop of water, a drop of the stars;social architecture, scientific epic, dizzying vision of the fourth dimension being available by rapid speeds or slow motion. Even inanimate things flock to us as women who want to act, and we look at them in a magical light, as if they had never seen.Cinema is the art of alchemy, from which we are download the film boos and entitled to expect the transfiguration of all other arts, provided that we will touch up to his heart - the heart, the metronome of the movie. Playback time has come! Just as the form of the tragedy of the XVII century, the films of the future will have to enforce strict rules, international grammar.Just squeezed into a corset to technical difficulties, can erupt geniuses. Instead of bringing a myriad of leaves, as it does today, the screen will bear fruit. And then we will have a style, and the style follows the laws.Our art needs a tough law, demanding, dismiss received any cost or original enjoyable, neglecting virtuosity and ease of picturesque narration: the law governing the tragedy of Racine, inserted into a rigorous framework, which can not go beyond.Do not like the eye, but right up to the heart of the viewer, not to think about those who do not have, but appeals to those who desire to open his own, and talk to them from the heart. Look online. Cervantes drew to Sancho following magnificent replica of Don Quixote: "This life, my friend, but, alas, with the difference that it is not worth the one we see in the theater!"Can there be a more elevated protection of art in general, and ours in particular? As well as the reflection of the fire on the most beautiful copper fire, burning the image of beauty in the mirror, a picture of life on the screen beautiful life itself. Shot simultaneously confirms and clarifies values, isolating them and thus taking away.I take the liberty of quoting without cuts and a few comments are full of deep convictions Mr Vyuyermoza phrases, one of our best critics, the first attempt to catch the echo of our images: Sinegrafist can make on their own say still lives, to make to smile or cry things.It can also extract the moving harmony of the human person extraordinarily diverse manifestations of power or charm.

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