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- How do you like your "boyfriend"?- Asked Romy GasparUi, director. When asked, Allen found himself, he is looking forward answer. - I think we can handle roles, she said softly. After the phrase Allen was ready to reconsider its attitude to the actress. Yet there was no hint of sympathy, but, at least, is no longer known as Romy "goose."Seizing the moment, when she was alone, Allen came to her: - How do you like Paris? - I have the whole day without leaving the hotel. - In this case, as the hotel? Romy grinned. - To invite you to dinner tomorrow, mind you, I did not even dare to utter the word "dinner". Mother lets you even for a moment out of sight? - Yes, of course, download the film boos and frowned actress.- I think we can have lunch together. - You - a magician! No, almost Joan of Arc. Take the feat, I'll be waiting for you tomorrow at three o'clock. As he left, download the film boos and Alain ceremoniously kissed her hand and bowed to the approaching Frau Schneider. - What did you say? Suspiciously asked that her daughter. - Mom, I can not be alone one second? - Romy outraged.- You were not alone. Clearly, this slacker flirting with you. Do not be silly, it is - no one knows yet what will become. - Of course, I only match princes. - You're rude to the mother! Get ready, get back to the hotel. Sighing, Romy, as usual, went after her.She did not like the behavior of Magda, she noticed that the actors mocking her mother, but that authority was unquestioned for a well-brought-up daughter. Night in his room, unbeknownst to her mother, she tried on two dresses: a green and nezhnogoluboe.No, of course, she wanted an elegant look not for Allen, and just getting ready for dinner in a Paris restaurant. In three hours, a miracle to take time off in the mother on the pretext of seeing the nearest shops, she went down. Seeing the bar was waiting for her beau, Romy thought overdone with clothes.In contrast to her silk dress, Allen wore a simple dark shirt and jeans. He warmly waved embarrassed girl and said: - I hope you're not going to run away? - No, we agreed to have lunch together. - I am pleased to'll feed you, Allen said, mentally adding "with a spoon."Romy taking the arm, he led her to the car, thinking about the meaninglessness of the event with Romy. "I'm just wasting my time with this" schoolgirl ", rather than to have fun with a girl standing." Actor often download the film boos and recognized on the street, and from those who want to meet him no lack of women. Watch the film boos online. - Tell me how you download the film boos and managed to get away from your matron?He download the film boos and asked Romy, vyrulivaya wedging of the parking lot and into traffic. - Do not call my mom so. She rests in the room and let me explore the area. - In that case, I'll show you my favorite place. - Excellent.Judging by the time taken to travel, Romy began to fear that could not meet with lunch released her an hour or a half, as she had planned, because, in its view, a delay was acceptable. - In what restaurant are we going? Dared her to check with the satellite.- Restaurant is a place you can only magnify his eyes closed, he said with a laugh. - This is a cozy cafe in the download the film boos and Latin Quarter. Hearing about the download the film boos and Latin Quarter, Romy panicked. Her mother and all friends, talking about Paris, download the film boos and called the area a terrible, almost predatory.She opened her mouth to offer another option, but Allen is a car parked at the curb. Noticing that Romy cautiously looks around, he protectively held her hand. She pulled away from him.

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