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So all roles throughout the play, filled with external active tasks. The director said the actor playing, say, kakogonibud Boyar in "Tsar Fyodor":"When you go out on stage, first of all three of the cross, and then bowed deeply on all four sides, slowly, sedately, earnestly, carefully inspect all who are on the stage: the employee Ivanov and employee Sidorov and Petrov. Opravte Sash, coat, pleated sleeves, remove the comb, comb hair, beard, flatten them.Wipe the forehead lined coat hem. Sit back, a little wider, as an important lord should take more space; raskinte sideways floors coats, stand with your feet; remove the long sleeves of coats that replace the pockets, or tops of the boots scroll and read everything that was written from beginning to end.Then go to the table and sign the paper and give it to takomuto actor. "In carrying out exactly the intended director of external score the role, the actor directs all attention on a given job. He had no time to think about the audience, there was no time and place as for inaction on stage or for the usual actor's performances and samopokazyvaniya.Accustomed to numerous rehearsals to perform the serial number of active tasks, the actor, it seemed, began to live on the scene first externally and then internally.Thus directorial trick is to get through the outer life, easier to digest, cause first general physical condition is familiar to reality and reminding you live a real life, and from it, the natural communication, excite and inner feeling, habitually accompanying or possible action in thethe circumstances of life. Artificially created by the director outside the actor's life naturally pulls out a familiar reality, relatives and friends of our sense, or life, in which our life takes place and that we had occasion to observe closely or from a familiar historical details.Transferred to the stage not only in the external setting, but also in the performance of the actors, the director's auxiliary parts amplifies even more istorikobytovuyu line theater. After the words: "Once the external realism, we went over this line of least resistance." Almost no one in the audience did not understand then what was going on behind the scenes.Scenery is beautiful and clapping; staging unusual admired; she dared to mean a revolution; the acting unusual means new art. Disputes and complaints, criticisms and eulogies, language and worship complement success and create the necessary things for a young advertising noise.We have taken the direction it was necessary for us to deal with the theatrical convention and the old die wear, then filled the theater. boos movie watch online in excellent quality. To create a new one had to break down the old, unnecessary, t. E.rough craft of theater, as it is, filling all, does not give place to the new and pressing his appearance all in the shower. Not destroying all this scum, I can not see what lies beneath. Not clearing the ship from the layer of shells not poplyvesh further.Roughly ryadit live theater, directly in clown costume with trinkets, clothes litsedeya theater, and it gives all living things taste bad farce, shade actor championing that amused, but not convincing. The line of symbolism and impressionism After the words: "In short:we did not know how to sharpen a symbol of spiritual realism of the works performed. "As a result, despite the excellent interpretation plays a director, t. e. Vl. NemirovichemDanchenko, Ibsen became our performance in the dry, it was not a living, throbbing life.

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