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Need an apartment - to Alabyanu. Scarce medicines needed to treat - to Alabyanu.Need to arrange a son in download the film boos and specialized sanatorium - again to Alabyanu. There is no need to carry with him a wealth of offerings, you just talk freely about trouble. S. Caro died early, at age 62, and was buried at the Novodevichy Cemetery. Thirty-three years there was another nearby grave - Lyudmila Vasilyevna Tselikovskaya.Nedolyubili each other in life, they download the film boos and remain close forever after death. The son and grandson of "Karo Alabyan left me more than any legacy - he left me a son." Silently, hands clasped behind his back, walking down the street high download the film boos and krasavetsarmyanin - Karo Semenovich. A little ahead is just as important, imitating his father paces baby Sasha.Counter a similar process, which means a walk, it seems strange. But life and must be strange, not like the others, so original and captivating. The children's father, Sasha heart forever etched as a kind of good, thoughtful, not fully unravel the deity.This earthly god taught him to play chess while shaving in the morning, wonderful voice singing opera arias, always gently download the film boos and talked to her mother and grandmother. He was an extremely busy man. House drew, painted. Was often traveling around the country and abroad, spoke at important meetings, sat in the high commissions.When Sasha was in third grade, came the news of the death of his father. The boy remained in the care of mothers and grandmothers. Many gossip predicted that from Tselikovskaya not make a good mother. Buzz: She's an actress, they flirt, they applause always come first.Gossips, they are always with podkovyrkoy, listen to them - only time will destroy, they believe - that swill drink. "When my son was born, I read everything then known works on pedagogy. Then somehow forgotten them immediately and acted only as prompted heart, loved and spoiled. Three years he was when contracted polio.I then knew little about the disease, and if I knew everything, you probably would have download the film boos and jumped off the balcony. But, thank God, it was rarely found a reversible form of the disease. Son had to pull through, get up on his feet. Then I quit. Not acted in movies, not in the theater. Year did not depart from it.Re taught to walk up to fifteen times a day, giving him a massage. And all the time inspired him: "Sasha, you've got to get better, you have to be strong, brave!" And sometimes I think that is not drug him to his feet, but the force of my suggestion. I spoiled it, because I wanted to be the memories of childhood was happy.But this does not mean that it is not asking from him. She download the film boos and asked, and quite severely. Now I see how he trained his son - and it is certainly quite strictly kindly - and I think that is all it from my mom, and probably from me. " Son to grow and raise affection download the film boos and remained, but more and more mother to obey his strict discipline.Discipline of human relations, firm rules of human morality, recorded in the Bible: Thou shalt not steal, do not lie, do not make for yourself an idol, love your neighbor ... Remembering high school years, the son is convinced that his mother while holding a tight grip on the belief that it is time to entertain a smaller and more intense, with a passion to work.Sometimes when doing son did not fit the norm, which professed Lyudmila, she download the film boos and treated him harshly dovolnotaki. "One day I got an F, - says Alexander Alabyan. - On the way home I felt ashamed of her.

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