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In a written statement of all this may seem complicated. The film and the action of the human mind can lay similar complex rules, but the best teacher is always your own mind:what you see, hear, that affects your feelings and what you thought it is. All men are more or less similar, and there are many non-verbal cues - gestures, looks, voice modulation and specific actions - which we all attach the same value.A huge benefit of the documentary film is that it teaches all of this perfectly. It explains to the reader the basics Rabiger director's career, the elementary principles of mounting shooting, which should seize every one who was going to make a film, but long before shooting themselves.Shooting principles derived from human psychology and psychophysiology, much more than what's listed Rabigerom. After all, the drama, and the cinematography and sound engineering are based on compliance with the "mechanism" of the human psyche. The use of these principles is the basis of profession director. Installation and rhythmic structures:analogiyamuzyka useful analogy conversation two people can be found in the music where two different, but related, rhythmic structure. First, the rhythmic structure of their votes - a speech in which there is ebb and flow, which flows faster and slower, stop, resume, fades, etc.It is download the film boos and based, is often guided by the rhythms of speech, visual pace, the result of the interaction of installation, image composition and camera movement. These two lines, visual and audio, are independent, but they are rhythmically related, such as music and movement in dance.When you hear the speaker, and you can see his face at the moment of speech, sound and vision combined to form a harmonious unity. However, you can break the immutability of parallel vision and hearing the same, separating the image and sound, and using them on their own. Here is an example.We are going to mount the stage where a person says about unemployment amid the gloomy cityscape. First, in the frame of the speaker, and then, before he says, we show the urban landscape to the end of his speech sounds on the background of the city. Get this effect:while our characters tell us about unemployment, we looked out the window and saw all these extends down houses, empty parking lot and cold pipes closed factories. The film mimics instinctively thrown out the window view sitting there and listening to people;Image is a spectacular backdrop to the words of the speaker and gives free rein to our imagination in thinking about the plight, about how to live in one of these houses. Shading of what we hear other image. This technique can be used differently.His goal, in the first version - just to illustrate the reality of what words can only tell. The text, which speaks of a bakery worker exhausting work, can be mounted with the covers through the shimmering heat of the frame, to which the workers are moving the bakery, like a zombie, doing their monotonous work.Another option - to show inconsistencies. For example, we hear the teacher talks about the best and attractive learning principles, but we see the same man who lectures monotonically suppressing debate and drowning in a sea of ​​useless facts yawning students.This contrast, speaking the language of music is a dissonance, and the viewer is keenly aware of the need for permission.

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