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No one can compete with Sam Rotsteynom (Robert De Niro). No one knows how to make money, as he did. No one knows how to work so selflessly and accurately as workaholic Sam. For its undeniable merits Rotstin got the nickname "Ace." And that's why mafia bosses decided to send a huge Ace refuel smart casino in Las Vegas.And to Sam, no one bothered to work, mafia sent a message after a childhood friend Ace Rotsteyna - Nicky Santoro (Joe Pesci), a ruthless gangster and inveterate thug. In Las Vegas, Sam, as always with the brilliance of doing his job: Casino flourished, a waterfall of money constantly poured into the pockets of gangsters-satisfied patrons.City bosses were in the allowance from the mafia, police and the courts have been purchased, and it seemed nothing could overshadow the life of Sam. But God ordered otherwise. Enduring Empire Sam was destined to drown in blood and tragedy.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Regisseur Martin Scorsese

The director was born on 17/11/1942. Director, producer, screenwriter, actor. Martin Scorsese's Italian-born. His name is connected with the New Hollywood. The ideologists of this direction, FF Coppola, D. Lucas, S.Spielberg, set a goal of, first, to bridge the gap between film and audience, and, secondly, to introduce the American cinema in the context of European aesthetic quest, by the development of the French new wave, auteur cinema F. Fellini, Antonioni, M., L. Visconti.Scorsese and became the director who has consistently developed the genre of old Hollywood culture in relation to the latest European trends. So his early tapes combine author's reflection, but say and expressive spontaneity.In this direction, it runs in the first period of his life, from the late 1960s, when there are his early experiences Who's That Knocking at My Door (1969), nicknamed Bertha wagon (1972), but very soon cease to be a hero only the second I am the author, his opinion does not coincide with the point of view of the camera, rushing between the untamed impulseand academic citation. The main strip Scorsese this time, made him one of the major figures of contemporary film, Mean Streets (1973), Alice does not live here anymore (1974) and, finally, the taxi driver (the Grand Prix at Cannes Film Festival 1976 is a traditional Hollywood genres:gangster film, the film is expensive, black film, which is clearly felt the gap between object and subject. Having won European fame, the director, until... to read further                                                                                               

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Film Casino
Regisseur Martin Scorsese
Country USA
cinema Genre Crime
Cinema-garbage a box Hollywood

exit Date on screens 14.11.1995
Quality of video HDTVRip
Size of a file 1.46 Gb

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