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The film's director Guan Hu. Jieshi nude - black stain on the reputation of the Village survivor. He did not put a penny or an ancient tradition of the village, or the peace and quiet of its citizens, and the law was not written for him, does not read or understood. If any trouble you can - make sure that no Nude Jieshi there has not been. But gradually the small pranks began to develop into something more.And once it became clear that if it is possible to clean the stain, only blood.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Regisseur Hu Guan

Director Hu Guan.... to read further                                                                                               

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Film Design of death
Regisseur Hu Guan
Country China
cinema Genre Drama
Cinema-garbage a box Europe and others

exit Date on screens 16.10.2012
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