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The main object of discussion was the studio, their independence. First heard the word "studio new type."In general cinematographic process Goskino was designated as the coordinator. "Just do not let her read the script," - taught me, the then editor of the scenario panel, Elem Klimov.But the paradox is that in the economy of the cinema, nothing has changed, still the state was the sole investor and the only buyer to create a film. Only on a plan of the young Union it was deprived of the right to dictate something to reject. Of course, and then download the film Emmanuelle 5 and sounded wary of a possible replica of creative anarchy.But hoped that the studio to decide everything for themselves, and most importantly, for the viewer correctly and maturely. And the fact that the state pays the money? Well, cancel the old trite saying: "He who pays the piper calls the tune." I'll tell you - failed.While in many areas of Gorbachev download the film Emmanuelle 5 and reigned motto "everything is permitted that is not forbidden," that in the movie and, probably, all in the field of creativity, as it download the film Emmanuelle 5 and turned out, almost nothing is forbidden. Made a noble cause - took a picture from the shelf. In forming the plan 1986 - 1987's did manage to find a script from a previously impassable.I am pleased to note that this is what happened in our cinema film "Cold Summer of ...". It was download the film Emmanuelle 5 and launched just "five minutes before the train", that is, until the next annual plan layout.On the wave of public enthusiasm were heard talking about that somewhere in the editorial box or in a desk in the authors are wonderful works, which only now released them to the will raise the film to unprecedented heights.The implication was that all the creative freedom to solve problems and create a new one, as we now would say the mainstream. But secretly, unexpressed and confusion felt: it is clear that age can not, but you need instead of the old? I well remember the discussion of the plan for 1987, which was download the film Emmanuelle 5 and conducted scenario Goskino board and the secretariat of the Union.Condemnation caused mainly kakieto unloved names. There were obvious kinks. For some reason, have fallen - and smart people - the intention of the film Michael Schweitzer Tolstoy's "Kreutzer Sonata." Like, why do we need another adaptation of Schweitzer?And itogeto get one of the best films of the master with brilliant works of Oleg Jankowski and Irina Selezneva. Goskino oversaw the organization turned to the organization glavnougovarivayuschuyu. Therefore, download the film Emmanuelle 5 and within the Committee, the balance of power changed. Even before Congress filmmakers went Pavlenok Alexandrov, it was clear that he would Ermash.Ermash he download the film Emmanuelle 5 and applied to the Y, but only at the end of 1986 as Chairman of the USSR State Committee for Cinematography was Alexander Ivanovich Kamshalov more than ten years as a Head of Division in the Department of Film Culture C Amid all the officials he was more open, more friendly, not afraid to give the child necessary information coulddecisions, clearly answered questions. download the film Emmanuelle 5 and Within its competence and capabilities Alexander was constructive. And so with his arrival style Goskino relationships with artists has changed dramatically.Kamshalov collected and encourage people who are able to find the tone in conversation with artists appropriate to the artistic and ideological problems. It is reasonable to use the main lever of influence Goskino - distribution of money subsidizing film production products. Again, despite the fact that since 1984, the cinema was subsidized, the financial crisis in the first years of perestroika was not felt.

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