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Dialogue with the doctor could have been predicted in advance: - Doctor, tonight I sing in Divonne. - Madam, this is crazy! You have broken ribs. With every breath you scream in pain. - Doctor, I'm going to sing. Enter me morphine.Its old enemy, the drug download the film Emmanuelle 5 and again, she admits to her claws! For each accident sting Edith forced to resort to it, otherwise she could not sing. Killing savior! - I'll sing. I've had enough accidents, disease, hospitals! I fed them to my neck! Or I sing or die.Call my doctor from Paris, let him accompany me on tour ... The hospital doctor, doing his duty, insists: - Madam, you are playing with their lives. - To hell with it. Must also chemto play, I have nothing else! Impose her cast. It requires morphine. How else to sing? At this time the drugs were not for drugs, but for the contract.Thus began a mad tour. It was hot. The cast has become a real torture. Breathing the air, filling their lungs, she felt extreme pain. To be able to sing, she removed plaster and replaced it with tight bandage. This time, she will be stronger morphine, he subdue her.The doctor makes her one shot just before going on stage. After the tenth song, she runs for a second backstage, and she makes the second shot. By day it is held, but gradually begins to drink again. In Cannes, it remains for several days. At the beach everyone is fried in the sun, enjoy the sight of four rushing Piaf-Davies.He is well built, muscular, in a bathing suit, the girls stared at his eyes. It - it's Edith Piaf, so forgive her shapeless jacket, a simple blouse, head scarf, ugly figure. Her thin legs and thick knees. She do not care, it is a challenge to all:her arm handsome guy twenty-three years ... But no one knows that under the blouse she cursed bandage, compression does not give breathing. Sun burns unbearable. Nothing, it remains near Dougga. She did not give up. Edith can not stand the sun, beaches teeming people, but accompanies Dougga, thinking that bathing please him.At least it is certain that it does for all that is possible. Duggu also want a ... lives near Cannes Picasso and many other artists ... The whole of modern art rages here on a few square kilometers. In the U.S. it is about this could only dream of.Now he's in France, but did not see anything, everything he wanted ... Nothing but the little woman who once in the deceptive spotlights pierced his young heart:She sang about the truth of life, which he did not know and which has turned his soul ... He did not know that the world, which attracted him, cruel life it is hard, ruthless laws ... Edith fought the disease with all possible means. Watch the film Emmanuelle 5 in excellent quality online. She was told that in rheumatism garlic helps: it always was eating. Duggu almost nauseous.To remove the pain, she again began to use cortisone - and from the swells. To lift the spirit - alcohol. All together - slow suicide. Douglas did not keep up with her, he exhaled. This woman holding only injections, beside ourselves for any little thing that download the film Emmanuelle 5 and required constant presence, download the film Emmanuelle 5 and sucked all his powers ... and not had one!Around her could hardly stand on his feet! Even the most powerful, hardened were on edge. But Edith was like clockwork mechanism, a spring which has not download the film Emmanuelle 5 and ceased to spin. She continued at the same pace, at the risk of burst at any moment. In Bordeaux, the penultimate city tour before Byaritstsem the night between Edith and Douglas occurred scene.They threw each other in the face of some bitter truths, similar to garbage.

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