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No ... It was not good, and I said bluntly. Miser was very good, and I will praise and praise today. "She kissed me on the forehead, and we parted. I was in a daze. In the dressing room waiting for me Dudyshkin and rattled a bunch of compliments. I was pleased with the one in his praise:He noticed that some places surprisingly subtle conducted so that resembled Possarta If this is true, then I have this exposure, it is something that distinguishes the fine actor from routinists. The third act, I played without emotion, appeared confident, even cheerful, I was aware that there was an effect to suit the monk and felt that I admire.During the game, he recalled those gestures that observed in the morning, and do not forget to apply them. In the scene with Donna Anna I remembered the words of my Komissarzhevsky cold and I wanted to show him myself. This idea raised nerves, and I gave even more passion in my words.I felt that I Ustromskaya we pauses without gestures that turns the beauty of the movements and the music. Scene with Leporello got very busy. I immediately found and felt, rather, found true to her tone. This encouraged me very much, especially because the audience understood me. This is me too aware. Therefore, he said to himself:do not forget to Watch Online and frightened as I saw myself in the morning, and everything will be fine. I frightened and came exactly as I wanted, so, all is well. It causes very amicably to five or six times. In the semi-consciousness, and of the turmoil, which took place on the stage, to my ears the words stsenariusa:"How wonderful was this act." Fedotov said: "In the future, I do not believe you, you do not judge yourself whether you understand how beautiful you are and how you play!" Ustromskaya not let my hand, he rushes to me and whispered fiery glances something that I could not make out any way. We have long stood as if I had the power not chased from the scene stsenarius.In the dressing room and sat Dudyshkin Schoenberg. The first said that the scene was carried out perfectly, the second insisted that he struck, he was afraid before in this scene, because he could not imagine me to explain to the woman, but now he was convinced that I was a real artist.The last act I had with the same passion, all the while trying to pick up the nerves, besides me during the intermission inspired Komissarzhevsky have noticed that I'm damn beautiful. Kiss Donna Anna went wrong, I felt, but I did not cause this, and it is. Farewell came the picture, I felt. Funk and the scene with Commander failed.The curtain fell at the cod applause. Success full congratulations. I fainted from exhaustion, but up to six times out on calls. I saw how passionately applauded Levitan76 Prince Shcherbatov Kapnist, popechitel77, with his wife, Professor heyday. I confess, look, you do not wave their handkerchiefs. No, before that it did not happen.Prince Kugushev former Don Juan, especially high raised his hands. Showered with compliments, hugs, congratulations and touching kiss, a long, gentle, Ustromskoy, Donna Anna. Dudyshkin assured that I am the best philanderer what he saw. Schoenberg rolled his eyes with delight. Kumanin ran and apologized for what I said earlier, at the rehearsals.I apologize for what I said to his wife that I had failed, but now he is amazed and perplexed, where I took this wonderful tone. Some said that I need more care for women that I distinctly unusual in this business.Even brother Vladimir, who usually strictly up to injustice and he lightly praised, especially the third act.

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