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It is necessary that the end of the week, the arrival of fellow Ermash, make corrections and show the picture. If not, you have to provide it yourself. A Pavlenok footage? SIZOV How now? 3100? How about this? This question should be addressed in the Committee.We must, Andrew Arsen'evich at final assembly to think about the size, the fate of the paintings on the box office. If you fail, you have to talk about this with a friend Ermash. On one film we are not going to transfer. Andrew Arsenijevic, please get started and until 22 to do what we talked about.After adjusting the picture was to show to Comrade Ermash. On the position of the then Soviet cinema glavnachalnika depended, of course, not all, but many. Ermash himself in the years of perestroika has described his impressions with reverent enthusiasm: "At the end of July 1974 in the studio, the first view 'Mirrors'.This view was working on two more films. We saw an extraordinary sight, woven from almost imperceptible subtle nuances of emotional states against our heroes almost already a past life. All won Margarita Terekhova his tremulous penetration in fragile and courageous at the same time a mother figure.Hitherto unknown footage particularly exhausted by war, but does not stop the men who pull the raft with the gun in an endless mire estuary. It was a startling truth ... "Unfortunately, so tremulous words Philip T. some reason did not say out loud after watching, he made then quite different.At least, Tarkovsky on the same day made in his diary a remarkable entry: "July 29. Again, the play begins with the delivery of the film. On Thursday Ermash not given permission to release the film all in it he allegedly unclear. "Can you make a little explanation? "Some of the scenes he did not like:"Cut them prostonaprosto! Why do they even need them? "And so on and so forth. It was an extremely nasty scene. As if Ermash wanted to play the role of bad memorized or exceptionally embarrassing to show their "commitment to the principles."As always, he made an incredibly ridiculous impression - whether a despot, or sverhogranichennogo person. In the role of Chairman of the State Committee for Cinematography he represents, of course, very miserable figure. " Here's at! Which of the two - kinonachalnik or director - was more honest? Guessing is not necessary, because the transcript of the discussion is preserved.DISCUSSION film "The Mirror" in the General Directorate of the Committee with the participation of 74 Ermash What does the union? Hutsieva Association thinks that the picture has been very difficult and hard way that it is, in its way, in which it was created, this key was correct. They beat the wrong places and in the work of the director and the association is to improve.Somewhere Tarkovsky resisted because of stubbornness, somewhere because of what download the film Emmanuelle 5 and looked closely, but it download the film Emmanuelle 5 and belonged to his work very conscientiously, and in this picture aesthetics brought to an end, except for one episode - episode chronicles, which has not been fully download the film Emmanuelle 5 and implemented, but it got back on track. Recent claims to the films were reduced to three points:1) episode of the military instructor, 2) associations - Chronicle 3) episode of the hanging woman. 1) One with military instructor was not final, as the children continued to misbehave, which was becoming boorish. This episode is, in our opinion, brought to an end: the perpetrator leaves the ground in embarrassment.2) In the news - that it was download the film Emmanuelle 5 and intended that the soldiers were coming hard way - not everything was done, there was no sense of victory.

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