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Compose the shot is one of the most important characteristics of cinema video because it provides to attract and download the film Emmanuelle 5 and retain the attention of viewers.Composition - an organization of the visible elements in the frame, the basis of all visual communications. This topic is rarely addressed on film teleoperatorskih courses where learning is based on the examples and the main principle is intuition or instinct.However, many operators insist that the composition of the frame depends entirely on intuition and is based on subjective views. While even a cursory analysis of, say, the evening television we find admirable uniformity composite solutions.Of course, there are exceptions, and custom solutions, and the goal of this book is just Ward. Compose the shot, in the movies and on television is to match them with the general laws of composition frame.Using this book, the term "operator", I meant belonging to a profession, not to the floor, keeping in mind that the operator can be either male or female. Thank Robert Krueger, Alan Birmingham, Nick Vilisidu, Keith Salmon and Nick Collier, who read the manuscript and made many valuable tips and advice.And, of course, all errors and omissions, which you may find in this book are my own. I would also like to thank Mary BeresfordUilyams for permission to publish pictures of her on television production.Special thanks to Patrick Kaulfildu which download the film Emmanuelle 5 and granted the picture on the frontispiece, as well as my wife, Sue, my children Sally and Edmund for their help and support during the writing of the book. Cover image - image from the movie "The Big Combo" from the film archive Rosenfelda Richard, who has kindly given us this material. Big Combo. Dir.Joseph Lewis. Chapter 1 Introduction What is composition of the shot? Under the composition of the shot usually means visible location in the frame elements, gives the picture a credibility and integrity. The unity of the image is achieved special relation to the horizon line, objects, color and light, which is a pleasure to the eye.This definition gives us the first glimpse of a song, but there are still more questions than answers. What is considered a "convincing", "holistic" or "pleasant", and how these parameters are objective? In addition, in determining the composition hidden intention that its objective - to provide the best vision, regardless of the overall design of the stage.Clearly, much of the cinema is not only a TV program download the film Emmanuelle 5 and created to "please the eye." Before responding to your questions, identify with what we mean by "good composition" and what functions it carries in itself.This book is primarily a process of organizing space around the objects are in the frame for maximum visual effect. Subject: - a key element of the frame, but many operators are trying to solve the problem of visual relationships, to work with a predetermined target.Usually the role of operator is reduced to the choice of the best way of presenting the already existing material.In preparing the daily programs sometimes operator can choose to shoot stuff and need to arrange their own accents, but in most cases the subject is prescribed by a script or the instruction manual, the operator must remove only the best available material.The composition of any well-shot can be assessed on several specific criteria. Chapter is download the film Emmanuelle 5 and devoted to the perception of what image attracts and holds the attention and as download the film Emmanuelle 5 and related to the nature of the human perceptual grouping of visual elements.

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