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.10 Trevelling with stops where traffic moves i first one side, then back, then again in the same direction. 437436 Two soldiers, A and B, move around the battlefield. The camera moves in their direction. When the soldiers reached the position 1, they fall to the ground and wait.The camera also stops. The soldiers then go up, and one goes to a position 2, where it stops, can be traced to the camera movement. Realizing that he is one, And turns around and returns to the camera returns to the position of the third stop of the camera. B - radon. And help him to his feet and puts his hand on his shoulder.With difficulty they both moved to the position of fourth station camera. The camera is moving back in the original direction of motion. Both soldiers resting, then download the film Emmanuelle 5 and continued on their way, they find themselves in the position 5, where they again stopped. In said that he can not move on, he wants to stay, he's dying.Actors can move, they find themselves in-between stops behind kakihlibo obstacles: shells, guns, high grass. Case 9 The camera can move along the length of the path, then stop, and then be back to the original position. In Figure 11, we see that the actors move with stops.Shooting begins the fixed camera kadrnruyuschey And in the center of the group. When A is dissolved in the crowd, the camera moves in a straight line. A reaches in, stops, and now goes to the right, to stay close to the camera to stop crop B and C group. In moving forward, and stops in front.Camera is still fixed. With the guide to the left through the crowd. The camera stops its movement back. With stops in front of A and give him the key. A guide to the left, and inserts it into the machine. A framing camera stops in front. See other actors.Using the two sides of the road TREVELLINGA Case 10 camera can change its direction of motion on the screen, continuing to actually move in the same direction, with a simple rotation within a semi-circle to the other side of the way. Continuous movement, and the viewer can easily distinguish between two contrasting directions.Rice, 22.11 Going with the actors and the camera. 438 stops at the same time and Figure 12 The two sides of the path used in the same plane, is in the process of panning trevellinga. 439 Cases 11 plan in motion can take place throughout the length and use the two sides of the line of motion. .13 Another example of when to use both sides of the road trevellinga continuous, constantly changing direction, accompanying the action. A approaches to both run a short distance to the point 1, where to stay.Then they run to the left, and the camera tracks them from this side, perpendicular to the fence, briefly shown in the foreground in the previous frame. The camera stops at 2 and makes the pan from point 2 to point 3, tracing the actors.440 camera is on the other side of the line of motion and begins again to watch the actors on the way from point 3 to point camera and actors stopped for a moment, and then they find themselves running at 5, where they fall. The camera tracks them at point 5, and the last plan.Pan in a semicircle from the start and the end of the camera movement allows the camera to move from one side of the line of motion to another. Camera movement at points 1 and 4, it was continuous, although it was not the trolley on which the camera is installed. Introduction to the range in the frame of the fence provides a visual diversity plan.Tortuous path of camera movement Case 12 The actor, who is shown in the movement of the camera should not move in a straight line.

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Film Emmanuelle 5
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Cinema-garbage a box

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