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I have a dagger to stab you in the finals of the play, and you prepare for it. - Do not be ridiculous, and it hurt me, she murmured. - Have you seen Visconti? If only he was not angry. - He wished you a speedy recovery and gave a huge hello.I wish you the same, Allen leaned over and gently kissed her on the lips. Premiere of "slag it can not be called" successful. Despite the weakness, Romy could play a role. And Allen, and she lacked the skills of these theater actors, but their love and mutual attraction concealed from the audience some uncertainty about their game.The actors applauded furiously and repeatedly called on the bow. Articles critics on the premiere, were full of sarcastic comments, but young people do not upset. They loved each other and loved the audience, which was significantly more valuable newspaper reviews.After the end of the play the mother went into the dressing room to congratulate her daughter's successful performance. Suddenly the door swung open and burst into the room like a whirlwind Allen. He put his arm around Magda Schneider, and fell on his knees before Romy. - You - my queen! On.I called Queen of Paris! He kissed her hand and pulled her into a hug.It was the happiest moment in life Romy. For the sake of 5 Emmanuelle movie watch online and to hear such a confession from a loved one, it was necessary to deal with weakness and pain. Her mother, too, seemed touched by a gust of Alain and said to him: - You played well.Congratulate young performers went Luchino Visconti, Jean Cocteau, Jean Marais, Anna Magnani, and is known to many filmmakers. The play broke down one hundred and twenty views. In late summer, busy on the set of different movies, Alain and Romy split up.The actress flew to Italy to continue to work under the direction of Luchino Visconti, and Delon has landed a role in the historical novel "Agnes Bernauer". His partner was Brigitte Bardot and ZhanKlod Brialy. Playing in the theater robbed Alain many forces, it noticeably thinner. A week before the shooting, he spent at home, lying on the couch and looking at the paper.- I do not recognize you, he said Briand, going to visit the Lost druga.Ty will not go, did not return calls. Is it so long for Romi? - ZhanKlod, I will not give in to any provocations, said Allen, nestling in kresle.Slishkom tired after performances on stage.- So you will not go with me tonight for dinner to our director Michel Buasronu? He invited all the actors playing in the novel, but before you could not 5 Emmanuelle movie watch online and call, because you have not lifted the receiver. Alain revived: - A Bardot come? The film Emmanuelle 5.- I have no doubt that she will be the main decoration of the evening. - And when is dinner? I asked the young actor friend poddavshistaki his trick. - At eight o'clock. If you want, I'll pick you up. - Agreed.Despite the fact that Allen for several years appeared in films, and often visited the studio, he never had the opportunity to meet with the famous Brigitte Bardot. Her films he liked and when the director announced that she would be his partner in the new film, the actor was delighted. For dinner, the actress was a delay on.Upon entering the restaurant, she paused for a moment in the doorway, drawing admiring glances from visitors, and then went to the Buasronu. - Good evening, my dear master! Hopefully, no one took my seat next to you? - I defended him as he could, for half an hour, he said, referring to the clock. - I'm sorry, 'she said softly.Because of my delay you all just more of an appetite, she turned to sitting at the table as akteram.Tak us destroy our dear director!

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