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The film is said to own, untranslatable language and finds its specific realistic effect, quite different from the force of impact words or painting.And not because there is this powerful impulse, this desire for a realistic reality show we felt independent means of artistic expression cinema;Is it not because of the "conquest of the new angle at which considers the world", the movie failed film Emmanuelle 5 watch online and discard preconceived scheme to get rid of embalmed movie stars and beauty "white telephone"? Is it not in the form of these films we can judge their realism?"Naturalism", "topicality" - so said, but it is wrong, at least in respect of those films that can truly be called neo-realist, because it shows there was an end in itself and the story was not cold fixation of the facts, and both the first and second were generated by internal demand film Emmanuelle 5watch online in excellent quality and express ideas and feelings are not abstract and schematic, namely those that prompted the current reality.What neorealism could be in danger, which relegated him to the figure, stereotypical model is likely, but then could be the negative fact insincerity, imitation, in a word, falsification of art, not a lack of full of certain ideas.For example, the film "The sky over the marsh", appears on its face neorealist and which is based on a pronounced religious idea, even though it remains the artistic failure.If the choice of the plot, as Goethe said, is in itself a creative act, it is because this choice already provides a method, manner of expression:so no accident scenes neo-realist films are social in nature, far from any more or less melodramatic psychology as they seek film Emmanuelle 5 watch online and show by means of accurately reproducing reality, eloquent , newfound relationship between man and film languagenature, their environment, society, which strongly came to the fore as a result of the huge historical events of the last forty years. And here it is expressed in the form of the position of the artist, that is his way, the way to feel and think, evaluate the content of which he chose for his work.And now for the film "Sense" - the object of controversy. I argued that this film can not be defined as neo-realist, not because he supposedly represents a step forward, the transition to realism, according to my opponents, but rather, because going back to the traditional spectacle, it comes in clear contradiction with neorealism :it does not develop and deepen neorealizIzobrazhenie that creates an optical illusion; deceptive appearance. ma, and its negation. It is obvious that this is a path that can not lead to the overcoming of neo-realism, or to achieve a more complete realism.Misunderstanding, the victims of which appear to have become the ones who claims otherwise is typical for an abstract desire to give primacy of content: being indifferent to the form of the film is judged on the subject, evaluating it based on literary criteria, and the actual content, inevitably associated with the methods , style show, escapes."Sense" primarily spectacle of the highest level, but the spectacle. What does this mean and why, try film Emmanuelle 5 watch online and say a few words. Sight by its very nature tends to be exposed by external means, when the emphasis is on full of one or more components of the spectacle elements.

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