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It seems they do not like. - Who is this? - Cried Ned. - Who is this man? I do not know him! His beard in the mirror tears flowed. Face licked cracked lips. Pursing them in disgust looking at Thomas. - Enough is enough. Give me a mirror. - Who is he? He hates me! Who is he? Who? This is not me! This is Thomas? This is not Ned.Who is this? Dr. Mallo groped under the table the bell. It was silly to be addressed, such an experiment. Unpleasant sight, but fascinating too. Such deplorable distress, such a complete replacement of the individual. Mallo download the film Emmanuelle 5 and remembered his thesis on the work of Piaget, Jean Piaget - Swiss psychologist and researcher in child psychology.If it is to save energy scientist, he could write an article about it. But the days of professional ambition for Dr. Mallo long gone. The doctor looked like Rolf enters the room, both with methodical diligence will never leave, bleeds Ned mirror as buttoning cuffs on his wrists young man.- Calm down, Thomas. Now I hope you realize that you still have a long way to go. In the meantime, you are invited to a period of rest. Write you a while nothing else will simply indulge peaceful contemplation. Chlorpromazine, - he download the film Emmanuelle 5 and added, referring to Rolf. - Seventy-five milligrams, I guess.Ned's eyes were fixed on the mirror, the glass down on the table. He did not even notice that Rolf rolls his sleeve. His mind was filled with one wish - to see again this emaciated man and tear out of the eye of his evil eye.Falling out, very often, special days, when I go on a tray piled Ned Mountain, and on the table there were vases of flowers and fresh fruit. On such mornings and Rolf Martin led out of the room and Ned put the shower download the film Emmanuelle 5 and located in the corridor. One held his immaculately laundered another sponge.Then, there, in the shower, but turning off the water, they sheared and shaved his beard. And the room when he came back, proved thoroughly washed. Pot disappeared in the air freshener pine scent.In the second half of these wonderful days he visited Dr. Mallo, and with him two others, a man and a woman - they did not have white coats, they brought into the room air outside. Handbag women and men are fascinated case Ned. From these people proceeded strange smells - disturbing, fascinating and frightening at the same time.All three spoke in an unknown language, Ned - spoken by Rolf and Martin and that Ned was once considered long Scandinavian. He heard in these conversations mentioned his name - now just "Thomas" Ned nobody ever called him. Sometimes the woman turned to him. - Do you remember me? - With a strong emphasis poangliyski she asked.- Yes, how are you? - Answered Ned. - Vyto how are you? - Oh, I'm much better, thank you. Much better. - Are you all happy? - Very satisfied, thank you. Yes. I am very pleased. Get by the summer they appeared again, but this time there were three. By a familiar pair added another woman, younger and much curiosity.Ned said that Dr. Mallo strained every issue and it is trying hard to give such answers, which, according to him, is expected or wanted to hear. - How long have you been here, Thomas? - English this new woman was better than Dr. Mallo, and applied it directly to Ned.Others also asked him polite questions, but did not even try to pretend that they are interested in the answers. This woman seems to be very interested in Ned and with great care to listen to what he was saying.

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