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And mom Thumbelina, bedding heroine in a hurry "to ride in the wilderness, fresh air to breathe," knowing that "beautiful prairie place in the world to find ".However, subject to the laws of the prairie, she is the representative of a rival crew, yet Anderson developed the story, not the story of Cooper, even Fenimore. Kuzminich Andersen did not read, so he did not give the knock yourself confused.He had no doubt that, as sung all in the same song, "If a horse is so good in a cowboy, then he will always find their happiness." Big Snake was not a cowboy, he was an Indian, and this complicates the situation because, as he told Cooper writer, the Indians in the prairie did not find his happiness.But he had his own, so to speak, doindeyskny experience, and this experience gives us confidence that the story of his still prevail. And she, a white woman in an Indian prisoner, did not seek to ensure that her release from captivity. After all, these Indians are such people:first capture, and then, God forbid, will release ... but the Indian looked at her honest eyes of his tribe, he looked as if he had never seen a white woman - and he gave her a prisoner, and she felt that he was losing the freedom, because captive - it is for both parties, and each of them - winners and losers ... Yeah, well in the steppe and jumping wellsit in a restaurant with your loved ones or just a nice woman, but in the end comes a point where there is nothing to smile once wise smile. But the smile is impossible. Wise - it is impossible. Directed gaze rips the veil of clouds and from there straight from heaven, unleashes a look at the Big Snake. - Look at me.Breathe deeply. Even deeper. Hand in hand. Slowly lower down. Ten squats ... Running on the spot ... Jumping on the spot ... Now sit down. Breathe glubokogluboko. Measured. Look up.Breathe ... you calm ... dissolved in the surrounding ... The incorporeal, transparency, the blue ... you are gone, you are no longer there ... you - the sky and the earth prostrate under the sky, the whisper of grass, the rustle of leaves ... Twinkling stars ... You - a universe, and you are no more in the universe ... you dissolved in the universe ... The solution is in the universe and the universe ...dissolved in you ... and you are no more in the universe ... in the universe - never and nowhere ... and everywhere else ... I always ... Because you - a universe without end ... and with no time ... for ever ... Now smile. Eyes. Close your mouth. With his eyes. Star of Heaven. The universe is infinite. And everything that you carry in yourself, belongs infinity. You understand that.And take life with a smile. Not enthusiastic, is not desperate not inconsolable and not meaningless, but with a wise smile ... eyes ... eyes ... One Motor !!! The head of the descendants of Prince Potemkin Joiners - decorators "Thumbelina" built a hut on the bank of the pond.Hut intended for field mice Eleanor, but the mouse itself has not yet been, she lived in the dacha outside Moscow, in the cabin with gas and electricity, in short, worse than that, which was built for it here. But under a contract with the studio, she was soon to come and download movie Emmanuelle 5, and live in a little hut over the pond, sacrificing personal comfort for the sake of art.One of the most prominent decorators last Prince Potemkin Tauride built their villages based on a single viewer, and even then not very attentive to the problems of the village because of the set of immediate imperial affairs. Decorators "Thumbelina" have built their villages based on millions of viewers.

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