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Tutto and advancing the main point!Pointy snouts saddles like a mouse, smartly hidden under skirts of shiny black download the film erot?c and satin and slippery, making tight, swelled up, burst into the dazzling glare ass, the likes of which was not in the whole Romagna. But to enjoy the spectacle in full, we did not have time:sometimes "flash" occurred simultaneously - left, right, ahead, behind us, we could not turn around yuloy, and appearance of propriety also had to comply, even though it cost us a considerable loss. Fortunately, some of the "usachki" already sitting on bikes on kakoeto time delayed to gossip;one foot on the ground, the other on foot, they are arched back, slowly swaying in the saddle, like waves in the sea, then download the film erot?c and tanned calf strained to first turn the pedals and "usachki" download the film erot?c and touched, loudly saying goodbye to each other, and now some one of them struck up a song. "Usachki" back to the village.Dei Servi church seemed just tall wall with no windows, starts right behind the movie theater "Fulgor." For many years I did not know that this is the Church, as the facade and the portal she came to a small area, cluttered market stalls. Parish priest there was Don Baravelli who taught us in high school law of God.This download the film erot?c and broad and completely bald little man trying to be the living embodiment of the Christian commandment about patience. Not to strangle us all, Don Baravelli is in the class with your eyes closed, groping download the film erot?c and climbed the pulpit and so spent the whole lesson: he did not want us to see!Sometimes, covering the face with her big, like a peasant, paws, he even download the film erot?c and lowered his head to the chair. Only once Baravelli Don opened his eyes and saw a big fire between the desks and ourselves around the fire dance depicting the Redskins. In dei Servi church was dark and gloomy, there was a brutal winter cold and we often cold.So we have, and said: "He grabbed flu dei Servi church." There was another sacramental phrase: "And the ten pounds you would be willing to sit in the church dei Servi all night?"Bedassi, nicknamed Tarzan's ass, volunteered to do it for a bet and get by in the evening, taking with him a kilo of sweet lupine beans and two sausages, hid in one of the confessionals. The next day, at six in the morning, first appeared in the old ladies of the church when they heard the roar of a cold ass:Bedassi is snoring, has slept soundly in the confession of lupine hulls. When Sexton finally download the film erot?c and managed to push apart, Bedassi muttered: В«Ma, 'e caflatВ» - В«Ma, have some coffee."For many years the "confessional Bedassi" remained a place of pilgrimage, the object of suspicion and admiring public interest, pushing into the background, even painting the main altar. The new church dei Salesians - If we are talking about churches - built before our eyes, and was an essential step in the Sunday walks."Let's go - we used to say - let's see how to build a new church." But since it happened on Sunday, and on Sundays the work there, of course, were not kept, we could only stare at immersed in the silence of the scaffolding, large stilled cranes, piles of sand and lime. And at the dedication of the church was delivered many speeches.Festive bells so deafening that it was impossible to make out the words. The leader of the local Nazis, some during a speech which he delivered from the pulpit, standing next to the priest, suddenly crossed his arms and began to cry, so that it download the film erot?c and seemed to him now burst swollen veins in the neck, "Bells, stop!

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