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It's incredible. I say this not to take credit for, and to pay tribute to the movie.For this event that we move forward, we find ourselves truly smooth road. Bohemian translation Cesare Dzavattini act of courage - to continue from the point at which it is whether we terminate the conversation on neorealism.I think that during our previous interview you again left no stone download the film erot?c and unturned in the thesis of those who reduce the value of this line tion only to experiments in new forms of evil divine expression.But what definition you're counting eat, could give today the relations existing between schemu neorealism and its authors, interdependence bridge between his poetics and the forms in which it enveloped? - Descriptions of neorealism is automatically almost objectively entails some form, always different from earlier.In my view, we can speak of the poetics of neorealism in any bong artistic movement, which would place such an advanced and sensitive issues which put neorealism at the origin of the way. In this sense, neo-realism - is download the film erot?c and defined preferred direction.It does not matter if the artists - representatives of this not too appreciate each other, do not know each other, do not like each other, they live apart. They historically belonged to the innovative movement. Of course, in all of whom the motion is something that limits the artist, or gives the appearance of such a restriction.But it is necessary to be able to donate kakoylibo part of himself, and then you will see that it can even you personally as artist Nick enrich. This distinction between the movement and individual artists, I think, is very important.And to neorealism, of course, there were people who were trying to create, and sometimes create great movies, and did so quite deliberately. But that has a special ideological conditions, and the movie was able to gain a remarkable role:historical moment coincided with the appearance of a movie that thanks to a historic moment aware of itself. In short, the course of history was stronger than all of us. We did not invent: the events have already download the film erot?c and occurred, and the artists they have felt in unison.- Neorealism criticized the fact that he gave artists stone too strict instructions in terms of artistic language. How would you have described the boundaries of the expressive means of this trend, given, for example, the recent experience of French cinema? Look online. - Neo-realism appealed to the monotony? It seems to me Xia, that quite the opposite. Neorealism declared:"Do not do today what you did yesterday." Therefore, no restrictions, except for the following: to have the right to call direction, neorealism should be able to create - as the sum of his works - a kind of anthology, through which one could poznako themselves with the main problems a certain period.Is finite, this can be achieved if the development subject is in step with the development of artistic means. So what's the difference between us and some searches Tel'nykh expressive means, which they say today?Sintaksiches something, stylistic, morphological innovation - is a common requirement for all who overwhelmed - I would call it so - "Citizenship" spirit, who aspires to a "moral content."However, if we do not, along with the necessary development of the form will not seek his mu, special content development, expanding horizons, his own corner of the view, then we are not going to differ from all those who called vague, generally to the development of cinema.And we need to advocate to other mu - to develop a certain kind of movie, to develop in a certain direction.

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