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It was a smart, extremely fat woman. She lived in the house next door, which was perpendicular to ours.And somehow I'm out of the house and saw a coffin standing on stools, and around small tolpichka people. I moved closer, I saw - a woman lying in a coffin Claudia. The custom is: put the coffin in the yard so that all friends could say goodbye to the deceased. I recognize all the grandmothers, with whom she was sitting on a bench at the entrance and walked through the park.I leave with a woman Klava and turned to the man, who was standing nearby. - Sorry - I say. - What happened to her byloto - heart? - No, - responsible - grandson of ass bitten. And then I see - at the corner of the house, in the bushes, is a crowd. I thought people in her weeping, and they laughed. I thought it was strange and I approached. Look, men wiped tears.- What is it? - I ask. - Well, you see, have said ... - I was told - I say - but something strange. And then one guy said to me: - Well, you have, like us, very narrow corridor, and the toilet did not immediately vlezesh. A woman Klavato woman was full.And to squeeze, she first took a preparatory pose, and then entered his back to the toilet. Here she made her position and did not notice that it was sitting on the toilet grandson. And when he saw him approaching something great and terrible, he got scared and frightened woman Klava bitten in the ass.And as a woman clave, also with fear, clutching a heart attack, and she immediately died. Here, truly, and laugh or cry. And now lives with us this vnukubiytsa, which, of course, did not tell his own grandmother died of his teeth. Evdokimov here adds a wonderful replica of myself, "See, bit far out, and to give where?Fate ... "No, it is amazing we have a country - it has all the contrasts, paradoxes extremes! So I was recently in Canada and did not smile there! There's no jokes, no smiles, no jokes, no stupid situations. They just do not be.Not what we have ... When I played Anastas Mikoyan in "Grey Wolves", we went to star in Zavidovo - is a government reserve. There begins the scene wolf hunting. No one, of course, no wolves were killed. They knock down sleeping, pour red paint, and they are easy. Sleeping. I stand to get by and chegoto waiting.Beside marking full of people in a padded jacket. And for lapels padded see it blue uniform. A soldier sits earflaps on it as a general's hat. All smart, beautiful, and had such a wonderful person: tanned, healthy. And its southern tan contrasts sharply with belymbelym snow.And this handsome long hovered around me until I gave up and asked: - You want to tell me something? And he asks: - Konstantinovitch, you know who I am? - No, - I say - I do not know. - I am a keeper of the Politburo. - I'm sorry - I say - but the Politburo for a hundred years as not. - But forget about me. He pulls out the work book and shows.I read and truly: "The chief huntsman Zavidovsky reserve." - Here, - he says - are you talking about Khrushchev then shoot, and you know that Khrushchev me a little life is not crippled? Who will understand what I mean. And as he told me his story, I was crying and lip bitten himself. Retell the story the way I remembered it."Remember - he began his story - when Walter Ulbricht was here in Russia, the most honored guest? Nikita always saw him as a brother. I really do not know what he was so fond of him. God bless him.

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