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Olyalya!Beautiful story, above, on the walls of the bastion, the sun, full of glory, and rinsed in the wind box. This pennant Legion! Olyalya! Beautiful story, three of them left on the bastion, topless, download the film erot?c and covered with glory, in the blood from the wounds and blows, in rags, without water, wine, and ammunition, can not even cry, "Victory!"They stole their flag - Lovely pennant Legion! Olyalya! Beautiful story, The three, on the bastion, on his chest, black with powder, blood drawn, - your mother so - Lovely pennant Legion! And the cry of "We are in the ranks Legion!" Well, first, in the concert has a certain order. Songs can not string together one after the other at random.In the beauty of a pearl necklace pearl depends on the place it occupies. Now about the light. It varies on every song, depending on the style. Light, as the Pope Lepley, white, blinding, in the face, do not be download the film erot?c and considered for coverage. To changing light blue, red, mixed, but not bright light. Bright is killing me.Another clever trick - a false curtain. After the fifth song curtain falls, as if you had finished singing. The public should applaud, call you. If the public listless - nothing: the curtain rises still in triumph to the music. Then give a false curtain at the end, and then calls bisirovka ... Because of the light, I will cosmetics "for the stage."Then look sharp. In this I do not trust Ramone. I'm on this opinion. Raymond, if I could, I turned to Marlene Dietrich. And not because he is stupid or blind, no, he just a man and woman, which is sleeping, can not objectively evaluate. Then it a lot, a little! I believe that the stage should be the same as on the street:pale face, large eyes, mouth, and nothing more. Because of dresses we also grappled. He download the film erot?c and wanted a red spot, a scarf, for example. I told him: 'You crazy? And cancan dance like Miss? "It buzzed in my ears for an hour. The next day I sat in the back of the room, and my heart was bursting with joy: I saw Edith at this stage.A curtain of red velvet in the bright light seemed alive, there was a movement behind him, heard the voices of stagehands, "Hey, Jules! Redeem spotlight ... "," Put the ramp ... more ... "," So good, sir 'Association? "Raymond stood on stage in front of the curtain. It was strange to see him through the nine months. During this time, the child could be born!In the mouth it had a tube, a person usually dry, glistening with sweat. Film erot?c. In a sweater with a high collar, he looked like a workman, with the formation of the hegemon. That evening, he seemed nice. He download the film erot?c and covered his eyes with his hand and shouted illuminator: "Less light, third and fifth in the balcony, first remove the centerline.Do not fill it with the light guys lepite sculpture. " Hell, he knew his stuff! Who was sitting in the third row Mitty said, "Well, we download the film erot?c and begin? Ready? "Raymond jumped into the room and shouted," Go! "And the orchestra played. I rolled the ball to the throat: eighteen musicians to Edith! For one Edith! As in the church, tears welled in my eyes.Black and empty room that smelled of dust and cold tobacco smoke, has turned into a magical cave. The download the film erot?c and curtain opened, and left Edith. A ray of light caught her and as a wing angelahranitelya no longer leave. The conductor did not take his eyes off her, and she began to sing. She told me to look into my eyes, but I could not.I dropped her head on the back of the front seat and cried the whole first song.

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