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In Myuzidory he notes "remarkable stillness" of Fairbanks, he wrote that "his conscious neekspressivnost expresses all expressible" in other words a kind of substitute for a total sense of generalizing private psychological or verbal meaning.Dellyuk reveals that the Anglo-Saxons download the film erot?c and admired his "innate immobility of the devil" and said: "These dumb person speak before the lens is better than less rigid face Italians, Spanish or French." This phrase is an oxymoron in its typical Dellyuk who likes to talk about the silent speech of the word dumb subject.In essence, the muteness of silent films is his sign language this total life. In the article about Eve Francis he speaks of "the dumb persons" in these terms: "Film looks only in appearance. His inner strength. Hence the attractiveness of dumb people, the mysterious item, stillness."Dellyuk compares the quality of these individuals with the poetry of dark, mysterious poets Rimbaud and Mallarme. "Feature inexpressible, to express the unspoken - the case of poets. And film. I often download the film erot?c and dreamed of movie actress that would remind me of the great landscapes of Japanese artists ...". There is significant all:and assimilation of the landscape and the person mentioned Mallarmé its mystery, with its theme of dumbness, with the first interest in "monuments, the sea, the human person in the entirety of their innate" 10, etc. The influence of Mallarme and Dellyuk still totally unexplored, is very significant.The idea of ​​a mysterious sense, show through the actor's body materialized, with particular completeness embodied in a typical Dellyuk apology masks. Mask is assigned a special cupola in "photogenic", but the meaning of the context of the book to access it is not clear. First relatively complete coverage of this topic is found in the article "Faces behind the masks."Here Dellyuk argues that cinema requires actors to hide their faces behind masks. This statement would seem to come in glaring contradiction to the cult of naturalness.However, we are, in essence, is a violent simplification of such a complex text, which is the physiognomic text, withdrawing from the face of the complex contradictions of facial expression, in order to achieve all of the same truth of life, which is in the simplicity. In 1923, returning to the same theme, Dellyuk writes:"Peregipsovannaya mask has its advantages. It isolates an expression and brings a pathetic truth to the" more truthful than the truth, "without which there can be art." Masks are a kind of natural sense amplifier. "They give the character only to those who have it.Depending on the type chosen, they either emphasize or set off this character. "In" photogenic "Dellyuk even equates the presence nature beauty:" To destroy the character - the same thing that destroy beauty. And what will be a film without beauty? It is necessary, however, to look for the character's face. And we need to stress!That's why the best performers in the movie with all the power asserted its character chemto like masks. Make a mask from the face - it is now the surest way to draw talent from all of that expression, to which it is capable. "Mask transforms man into an expressive subject.On the one hand, it reveals character, on the other hand 54 55, gives it a mystery.

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