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And so has every right to be. Wins and looked a picture with a deep sense of respect for Tarkovsky, his talent and what he expresses his tongue works in its specific manner, and the like. Not understood. We brought a different semantics.Not used to reading such depths that are laid. I remember that there was much discussion, doubts about the "ruble", but in a foreign university, I was witness to how interested the film was seen how deeply the question asked, is extremely serious about this picture.Obviously, there is something in the works of Tarkovsky, that I do not understand, and others - yes. Difficult to act because it is not clear that the purpose of the speech. When we examine professionally weak, ideologically zero or cynical kartinymy can suggest something. It's hard to advise chtolibo Tarkovsky, I do not understand.I could say to Andrew that if he really knows and finds it necessary to clarify some of the things they have to be clarified. But if this is his principle, if by that he wanted to - I do not advise it can. I subscribe to the view that we can have one, though obscure, but talented, very talented picture.I really like the game, actress always want to look at it, like the individual episodes, but not all clear. The picture is made a master, and it can accept or reject the viewer, but it can not be done the other - nothing either subtract or add narration or annotations.We are here discussing, but that is not of opinion, but in actions. Maybe clarify rules? Hutsieva It's not that clear, it's not clear. Any true work of art can not be absolutely clear, should conceal full of question. The point is not clear, and that is confusing.One such moment for me are the two mothers. Inconsistency and artistic image for me is the same. I should not ask who they are? Who is who? These small trips are very annoying. Artist could free us from it. Much of what has been said here is true.No one denies that our art is massive, but it is impossible to believe that all will understand. Enough that kakayato large group of people understand the picture and give others their experiences. I can not agree with the frame, where Andrew is present in the film. If there is not Tarkovsky, then I interpret these events increasingly significant. I am an artist, not FirstnameLastname.I do not want this picture was about Andrew, that his father left his mother. It is a question of ethics, the issue is very subtle sense and tact. I'm also currently in chemto high, and low chemto opinions, but I do not want you to know about it. I start to ask questions in the level of confession. Hence some questions about the clarity and obscurity.I would like to clarify the deep content in the film, which will lead the audience on its deeper run. If I tell my personal Consistent with the fate of others, then it gets serious. If this push in the film was the story itself from the source, then the value of the picture would be download the film erot?c and raised higher, and it would become deeper.I want to add wins and Marlena, who talked about a very loyal things. I also do not like these pictures, really, it narrows the meaning of the picture. Sometimes download the film erot?c and kartinaispoved, but this confession should be for everyone. But if the thought - I want to be happy - it's only about themselves, for themselves. This narrows.We felt that Tarkovsky talks about things that all of us are very expensive, but then in the final - morality.

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