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The first Soviet sound films download the film erot?c and appeared four years later, "Jazz Singer."They already have episodes of high artistic use of sound. However, in the movie of the same time, "simple case" showed maximalism one of the authors of the declaration. And this one- sided use of the sound was particularly apparent after decades.Sound can not be download the film erot?c and included in the on-screen work only on the principle of counterpoint, since such an approach would enter into conflict with reality, truthfulness transfer events.Today, we do not deny the right pieces synchronous person speaking in the context of the works, but at the same time remember that building a story just for the dialogue, and text cues emasculate the artistic and expressive possibilities of the screen works, leads to the destruction of their natural environment.Speaking person is admissible only partially metered quantities and proportions close to the plastic pieces to complement the images and accompanying music or noise. Continually "talking heads" on television, for example, tire audience, reduce its interest in the post, and therefore the activity of perception.In his later work than the "Application sound films," in the article "Vertical mounting," Eisenstein said that the coming of sound to the screen in terms of assembly does not change anything. The principle of matching two pieces of plastic and sound, should also lead to the birth of a third with new qualities to the composed elements.Only the comparison is no longer on the same line, and in two directions: horizontally and vertically. The use of counterpoint can lead to the highest creative results. The question arose: how to estimate the arrival of sound in cinema?Some theorists and directors felt that the jump from silent film to the cinema screaming can be compared to the transition from puppet theater to theater of Stanislavsky. In such a statement was truth. It is no accident Chaplin predicted the death of the high art of pantomime with the statement on the screen talking movies. What happened in reality.There were brave men, who download the film erot?c and called the arrival of sound - a revolution in cinema. And this is also a truth. Sound download the film erot?c and raced on silent cinema, as horse hordes of barbarians, their loud trampling hooves and elegant aesthetics, its nature, its essence.All artists had to re-learn, develop new principles of a more complex method of disclosure of the contents on the screen and transfer of copyright ideas. So what actually happened to the cinema, when ev wound to the hall flew synchronous replica and songs? Theorists and historians differ.Some asserted poop, it was a natural evolution of the most popular at the time kind of creativity based on the new technology.Others strongly opposed this, and insist that the emergence of sound film destroyed the great silent, leaving no trace of it on the screen, on the borderline between them i is an impassable chasm. In life, sometimes it happens that a child just beginning to age clearly shows the features of his parents.Actually what happened with the sound film. He had to undergo another metamorphosis before entering into the era of modern screen art. Later sound cinema was destined to be reborn in zvukozritelnoe movie, which is not the same thing.Film of the intermediate stage is sometimes referred to not only sound, but "talking movies", "talkative movie." Infatuation directors with new technical capabilities for capturing and transferring speech and music on the screen always inevitably sacrificed izobrazitelnomontazhnym funds and download the film erot?c and continued the story in America pyatshest years.The works of this time historians denied the right to be called art with a capital letter.

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