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Despite the mountains of written articles, books, lectures, essays about art, despite the quest innovators, except for a few notes of Gogol and a few lines of the letters Shchepkina us does not say anything, it would be practically necessary and suitable for the artist at the time of his work thatIt would serve as a guidance teacher at the time of his meeting with the student. Everything that is written about the theater, a philosophy, sometimes very interesting, well talking about the results, which it is desired to achieve in the arts, or criticism, talks about the suitability or unsuitability of the results already achieved.All these works are valuable and necessary, but not for direct practical work, as they are silent about how to achieve the end results you need to do on the first, second, third, beginning with novice and totally inexperienced student or, on the contrary, with too experienced and spoiled actor. What he needs exercise, like ear training?Which scales, arpeggios for the development of creative feelings and experiences needed artist? They should list the numbers, just in books of problems for regular exercise at school and at home. This all works and books on theater silent. There is a practical guide. There are only attempts, but they are, or premature, or not worth talking about.In the field of practical teaching there kakieto verbal tradition, coming from the Shchepkin and his descendants, who studied his art by intuition, but have not tested it in a scientific way and did not record all found in certain specific system.Needless to say that can not be to create a system of inspiration, as there can be a system for brilliant violin or singing Chaliapin.They were given the most important thing that comes from the Apollo, but there is also a particle, albeit small, but important, which is equally necessary and obligatory for Chaliapin, and for the choristers, so that Chaliapin and chorister has a light system breathing, nerves and the entire physical body is one more, the other less than perfect, and who liveoperate to extract the sound of the same universal laws. And in the rhythm, plastics, laws of speech, as well as in the field of voice, breathing, there is plenty for all, and therefore the same for all the same obligatory.The same applies to the mental, creative life, as all actors without exception, perceive the spiritual food of the established laws of nature, to preserve the perceived intellectual affektivnoy221 or muscle memory, process the material in his artistic imagination originate artistic image, with all consistingit's inner life, and embody it in a known, mandatory for all, natural laws. These universal laws of creation, giving in to our consciousness, not very numerous, their role is not limited to the honor and service tasks;but nevertheless the available consciousness of the laws of nature must be studied by each artist, because only through them can indulge in super conscious creative unit, the essence of which, apparently, will remain for us a miracle. What a brilliant artist, so this mystery more and more mysterious, and that he needed her techniques work, available to consciousness, to act on its hidden recesses of the superconsciousness which reposes inspiration. Here etito elementary psychophysical and psychological laws is still not properly understood.

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