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In January 1935, at a place called Casas Viejas, in Andalusia, in the province of Cadiz insurgent workers built barricades against them were used grenades. Many of the rebels - it seems Watch Online and nineteen chelovekpogibli.The right-wing steel Erotik film movie watch online in excellent quality and called asanas "Casas Viejas killer." In etoyto environment of continuous strikes, is invariably accompanied by skirmishes, attacks from both sides, the church fires, I was invited to Madrid Jean Gremiyona shoot filmkomediyu "Time, alarm!".Gremiyon, whom I met in Paris, and who was very fond of Spain, where he has already made one film, agreed. The only thing they delivered condition is that the credits did not appear in his name. I willingly went to meet him, especially since he did exactly the same.By the way, in those days, when Gremiyonu not want to get up in the morning, I happened to replace it at shooting or request Ugarte. The situation in Spain became more and more tense. 8 months before the war was simply impossible Erotik film movie watch online in excellent quality and breathe.The crowd burned the church where we were going to shoot. I had to look for another. Mounting the picture, we heard shots from everywhere. The film was released in the midst of the Civil War, was a great success, which was confirmed at the time of his hire in Latin American countries. Naturally, I did not bring anything.Excited about our cooperation, Urgoyti offered me excellent conditions. We had to take off together eighteen films. I was thinking about the screen versions of Galdos. But these plans, like the others, remained on paper. For a number of years, when war raged in Europe, I was not up to the cinema.Love, love a long time I was under the impression a suicide that occurred in 1920, when I was still living in the Residence. In the area Amanelya in the garden restaurant student committed suicide and his young bride. It was known that they are passionately in love with each other. Their families maintained the best of relations.An autopsy revealed that she is innocent. Thus, there were no visible obstacles, no problems impeding marriage - they were called "passionate Amanelya." They were going to get married. So why was it a double suicide? I am not able to at least get to clarify this mysterious story.Perhaps, passionate, enthusiastic, love vseszhigayuschaya incompatible with life? She's too tall and strong for her. Only death can take it. In this book, I'm here and there to talk about love, which is always accompanied by a person's life.As a child, I felt a strong sense of love, devoid of any sexual desire, to their same age - girls and boys. It was a platonic love in its purest form. I felt the same love, what a zealous monk feels for the Virgin Mary.I was disgusted to touch the idea or the girl's body to touch her lips. Platonic love accompanied me to the initiation into sexual relations, dedication, held most banal way in one of the brothels of Zaragoza. Replaced by sexual desire, she, however, has not disappeared completely. This can be seen in the pages of my book.I maintained a platonic relationship with a woman, who was in love. Sometimes these feelings coming from the heart, mixed with erotic thoughts, but not always. In the days of our youth, we did not like queers. I have already described his reaction when such unfounded suspicions touched Garcia Lorca.In an era in Spain homosexuality chemto seemed dirty and confusing.

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