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omitted, it will not choke on the ground those little things that are so afraid of the common people. Eagle sees in them ... In dramatic art has long people are divided into many categories: good, bad, happy, suffering, smart, stupid, and so on. This division of roles and actors into groups called roles.There are therefore the following roles:tragic actors and actresses, drama lovers and actresses Secondly lovers and fops, dramatic and comic old men and women, noble fathers, character roles, moralizers, comedians and simpletons komikovbuff, vaudeville lovers, grandes dames, dramatic and comic ingInues, vaudeville singing , second and third roles andetc.. Recently, the division received new units. There roles Shirt lovers and household actresses, villains and scoundrels, nerve roles, roles with anguish, secular and non-secular roles, costume roles, transvestites, cocottes, ibsenovskih ideological roles, roles Ostrovsky, Hauptmann, Dostoyevsky and others.I have heard such talk: What role do you play? Rural teachers with anguish. And you? Secular scoundrels and bonvivanov. Others say: I play villains and gothic costume characters. Fourth, fifth, sixth say I'm old, officials with the nerve. I gauptmanovskih neurotics. I love Ibsen roles with haze.As you can see, fragmented roles of authors, now began to divide them into separate roles. There were experts on the role of Tsar Fyodor, Gannele. Theatrical ethics legalized this division on the line. For example, it is considered unfriendly to take on the role of someone else's role.Except for touring, for which no law was not written, except for certain actors, arrogate to itself the role of good roles, all the other figures of the scene set in the narrow framework defined and limited their role. That's why thespians are doomed for life to wrap up in costume cape, to suffer and die on stage.Innocents destined wonder of the confusion into which it puts the author should ingInue lifetime naivnichat, jump, clap hands and cute babbling and the poor komikibuff amuse his ugliness.Is it possible under the existing conditions do not require diversity and natural that always resemble each other the role played once and for all established methods?Well wonder that three-quarters of spending the day in the theater and for studying the role of these techniques eats into the blood and flesh of the produce of human life that the actor, whom the public sees every day in the theater.That's why the scene is tragedian remains grim-faced comedian jokes, ingInue zhantilnichaet, dramatic actress ever suffer, and phosphate said banality. That's why these poor actors so monotonous, unnatural and boring on stage and off.Art ceased to be for their creativity, the craft becomes heavy, and if not theatrical bohemians, enclosing a alluring elements of freedom, although unbridled, these workers would not have enough air to breathe. Alas! Theatrical bohemian alluring and poisonous! Here is what c. Tolstoy, in his novel "Resurrection":"One of the most common and widespread superstitions is that every person has some of their specific properties, which is a good man, bad, smart, stupid, energetic, apathetic, and so on. D. People do not happen like that. We can tell about the person that it is more often good than evil, more smart than stupid, more energetic than apathetic, and vice versa;but it is not true if we say about a man that he is always a good or smart, but about the other, that it is always an evil or stupid.

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