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It is easy to understand that the constituent elements of the play - behaviors, strong feelings, conflicts, beliefs - are complex mechanisms. Take the modern novel:to James Joyce, Proust, and Virginia Woolf in common that they are decomposed into the smallest unit of the novels of the old type, the ones that cover a range of events in their time sequence.These modern writers, according to Erich Auerbach, "preferring to explore the randomness of everyday life for a few hours or days, than to describe completely and in chronological order, the entire course of download the film Erotik film and interrelated events of the outside world ... guided by the consideration that the really attempt to give a complete picture of an unbroken chain of events of the material world and thus distinguish it t ", which is the really significant, fruitless.In addition, they are hesitant to give life - the main theme of his works - the ordering, she herself is not inherent in "Theater, however, more than any epic genre, imposes this order of life.A look at mikroskopiche287 skie elements, say, Proust's novel to make it clear how large units that form indivisible elements or key points of theatrical plays.The film not only covers the life outside of human relationships, but like a novel, a modern or out-of-date - and even his penchant for passing impressions and relationships that can not be transferred by means of theater.In terms of cinema theatrical piece is made up of units, which are heavily curtailed reality cameras. In the language of filmmakers, theatrical plot to promote "the general plans." But can it be otherwise?After all, it is designed for theater, requiring the study to minimize, giving way to dramatic action and that the world could be seen on stage with consistently, fairly long distance.Own experience has caused the young, still theatrical, film director Eisenstein strong desire to dramatize the reality that is inherent in the cinema. He brought the audience to match the ring boxers to present it as a real event.He even tried to achieve the impossible - to draw on the stage hands, feet, colonnades, pediments, to create the illusion of close-ups. But it just did not work. Soon download the film Erotik film and Eisenstein left the theater and the movies at the same time rejected the story itself. In his opinion the then, every story captures attention to individual destinies.And to Eisenstein - certainly cinematic - was a picture of collective action, the real hero of which would be the mass of complex plot units violate screen cinematic narrative. Watch the film Erotik film online. This explains the abrupt nature of the movie theater built on the plot.These films, whether they are silent or sound - like jump from one element to another, leaving unexplored gaps between them.And each is perceived by the audience as a jump arbitrary rotation, because the elements that mark the joints in the development of plot, are not extremely small cinematic analysis of the available units.In the stage production of the tragedy "Romeo and Juliet" that a monk can not be in time to deliver a letter of Juliet, is acceptable as proof of the hand of fate, the intervention of doom. However, in the film "Dzhul288 etta and Romeo" by Castellani, the same situation may not mean anything;it is perceived as outside interference, no reasoned like a plot twist, it is unjustified and it suddenly changes the course of events. The whole situation with the letter belongs to at most vast field of mental life, rather than material reality, as preferred by the movie.That such psevdoedinitsa could become indivisible particle of reality cameras, it should be expanded to their psychophysical components.

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