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However, animating the space, the actor will inevitably come to him in their "working" relationship.Wednesday inexorably and powerfully affects him, certain forms and not always provided the nuances of his behavior. She or merge with an actor or not.Much depends on it, from his artistic flair, on his ability to feel the environment shaped, finally, on its ability to listen to the author along with the director, artist and composer. After all, one way or another, but the atmosphere is definitely laid down the original author. Sometimes openly and aggressively, as it happens, for example, in Brecht:peace here stripped and explained immediately, no mysteries and secrets for the audience should not be. In other cases - simple and strong, unpretentious, with the sole desire to recreate as accurately as possible the real life. An example of this Ostrowski.And there are other playwrights who have there is some spryatannost "mimohodnost" author mentions exciting space. Seems to be - may be so, but could it be otherwise ... Among such playwrights owned by Anton Chekhov. He is however not insist on anything, nothing pedaliruet.But how big, mysterious and profound spatial world of his plays! How important every detail is there, what is the meaning of huge in every remark. So, really, why "The Cherry Orchard" begins and ends in the nursery? What is the secret of this art?And why, in fact, the lowly, as if by accident, and so familiar space so suddenly and paradoxically correlates with a deep sense of the play? We are already download the film Erotik film and accustomed to the statement that "The Cherry Orchard" - a play about the crisis of the whole society, the dying of a class, etc. This language is global, broad social significance.A play begins in the nursery! In the nursery take its characters, coming after many years of absence from her, they go into the unknown ... Strehler in his notes on "The Cherry Orchard" stressed that almost all production of the play around this indication.We saw just a room, recreated more or less convincing, but "plastic feeling of childhood does not exist anywhere." This fact is interesting to find out, because Cech instruction space, the place of action is often download the film Erotik film and ignored, and we pass by a shaped reservoir, so important for understanding the most difficult piece.The first thing you asked for, - firmly connect this room with Ranevskaya, with her dead son Grisha. But the same goes boldly beyond Strehler, fusing imaginative solutions in the space history of generations of the house: "... in essence, it is a children's only two children - Luba and Gayev ...Guys Luba and gradually find their lost childhood, not just looking at the dawn garden. Watch the film Erotik film in excellent quality online. They will find him, living among the ghosts that were buried by their time of childhood. "One serial and bold directorial tolerance, based on close reading of the play, and there is no incomparable, amazing, touching and at the same time paradoxical atmosphere of the play in the exact solution space. LUBOV Guys and cram a white dwarf Strehler in desks.Continuing the conversation, she pours tea into a cup toy, it is ink- stained fingers, as was once ... And next - a great white, "adult" closet mom who Guys open by turning the key. And the closet "thrown open to the fact that there a lot of things he packed to overflowing, and they will rush immediately to the floor with a soft, dusty avalanche ...And then the room will seem like a cemetery chemto time and vain Varya, then Luba and Guys will try to put it in order.

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