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- How dare you ask me for money for his company, knowing that I am opposed to its existence? Allen said his son. - I guess you refuse me.Your desire to make peace was false, said Antoni.Izvini to bother you. In commemoration of the armistice that arose between him and his son, Alain Delon played a role in the film "Go", download the film Erotik film and dedicated to the story of his father's love for his child.The actor did not want to dwell on the progress made and new building plans for the future film and television miniseries interest scenario. The project was expensive, but Allen was confident in the success of his plan. He asked opinions about it from my friends, but after a while it download the film Erotik film and diverted another idea.Once he dined at a restaurant with Mireille Mathieu. For many years he had been loyal fans of the singer and became her friend. That evening, she once again asked him about the incarnation of his dream to perform and record a few songs. - Do you think I have the right voice? Asked. - I'm sure she smiled.I recently put on a record containing a song from the movie "Adventurers". You sang well, at least you have a hearing. - Amazing praise offended said Allen. - Well, no. You have a low sensual voice. Try to sing anything should.- I'm afraid that other visitors will not understand me, the actor quickly download the film Erotik film and looked around, pretending that he took the words literally Mireille and ready to start singing at the moment. Mathieu choked with wine, and then a faint smile: - I almost believed him. - Your fear shows a lack of faith in my singing talent. In any case, thanks for the idea. It is interesting.Allen has not forgotten about that conversation. The thought of becoming a singer struck him attractive, and he arranged for the week with the record company to issue a plate with songs in his performance. Now you need to find a composer who has download the film Erotik film and composed a few songs for Delon.- Your fans snap up records at once, gave his opinion Jean Ko.Ty never ceases to amaze me with new ideas. If I were you, would not leave the villa in Dusi and lived happily. - If the purpose of my life will be gone, I can not continue to exist. Always hated the stagnation in the works and deeds.It is worth a moment to relax, everything begins to fall apart. Recording songs took a few months, and in 1987, the record was released. For the purpose of advertising, the actor went on a tour of major cities in France. In his show download the film Erotik film and involved several actresses, who plays bekvokal.Once Alain required to clarify something before the show, and he knocked on the dressing room of one of the girls. - Open, a woman's voice, and the actor opened the door. In a chair in front of a mirror sat a beautiful dark- haired girl with a zamerevshaya Delon. - Who are you? Surprise he asked. Since she was silent, he continued:- You have been sent as a replacement? Say a word. How are you going to sing all the time when silent? - I'm not a singer, she murmured. At this point, the singer went into the dressing room and in turn download the film Erotik film and looked frightened Alain. He did not like to be distracted before speaking actress, but he obviously did not get angry. - How to call your girlfriend?he asked the actress lost hope to achieve from an unknown girl clear answer, other than statements that are not a singer. - Her name is Rosalie van shave. She recently won the tender beauties in Holland. - Oh, you say nothing, because all the northern people reticent, said Allen, scrutinizing her.I would also give you a first prize for a beautiful face.

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