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I made them, consulting with his brother. "Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun" is not kinobalet how would think someone who had occasion to see him.This is a documentary about nature, as well as a "stream Ripasottile" and "Underwater Fantasy". I hit the water, swimming in her snake, a flying dragonfly. Quite modest, if you like, feels like, for example, in the episode with the puppies on the upper deck, or a flower, vyuzhennym of water sailor, who is preparing to go ashore.- What's in your films autobiographical? - You, of course, not talking about it casually. download the film Erotik film and Indeed, in many of my movies autobiographical Virus. In the documentary you can find all my youthful sheskie fad discovery of life buzzing hornet, fish, sailing under the water.Then came the war and unemployment - awakened memory episodes that I would like to live again. "Rome - Open City" - a film about the "fear", fear Experiencing tackle everything, but above all I am. I also had to hide, seek refuge, I have also had friends who were seized and killed.This is a real fear when - whether from hunger, or from fear - you lose thirty-four pounds, fear, which I described in an "open city." Then "Payza." They said that the best episode of the film - the final: delta on, water, reeds. And wondered how I knew so well this area of ​​Italy.But I've spent in this area for many years of his childhood. From this region was my mother. I went there for hunting and fishing. The "Miracle" and "human voice" is Magnani, invading my world. In the "Stromboli" is a stranger, known in the life of such an ordinary person, as a fisherman Antonio.A sense of character, bitter life, but who returned to the dreams, do not be autobiographical? This desire is so open heart to accommodate all, not looking up from reality, but finding inner liberation is turning to God, which is the final rush of the film.It is defined for this purpose as if for the first time, unconsciously, if you will. Only in the face of nature and of itself, in the presence of God, she realized it. In "Machine, killing Scoundrels" is my pilgrimage to the Amalfi Coast:a place where you feel good that you like, where they live poor guy, convinced that they had seen hell, where one day I said, "Yes, I met him, a werewolf. Last night, he hit on a bicycle. " This is crazy, drunk from the sun. But they know how to live, using the force, which is owned by a few of us - the power of imagination.In this film, which is a film search and simultaneously crisis, as, indeed, and "Love", I had another goal - to approach the commedia dell'arte. "Francis" and "Europe 1951" 8 can be attributed to the same autobiographical lines, because they indicate a feeling that I find like yourself and your neighbor.Each of us is a minstrel and its opposite, because a person has two aspirations - to be specific and to the imagination. The second attempt today brutally suppressed. download the film Erotik film and Indeed, the world is increasingly divided into two groups: those who want to kill the imagination, and those who want to save it, for those who want to live, and those who want to die.That's the problem that I raise in the "Europe 1951". I download the film Erotik film and maintain that when we forget about the second quest, a desire for fantasy, we are trying to kill all sense of humanity, create chelovekarobota which should think only a download the film Erotik film and certain way and to strive for concrete.Such brutal attempt openly and sharply condemned the "Europe 1951". I tried to openly express their views, in their own interests and in the interests of their children.

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