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- Stole? Silence, and suddenly embarrassed Rankin, lowering his black plum and mouthed said - took ... take, you do not have the energy to rehearse!Heart aches with longing, when I look at the little, wonderful, but mutilated child Rankin, like a kitten thrown out, it is nothing but a mother's love, no!I look to the "59 th" Barack - I really frightening and incomprehensible to stand next to a man who strangled his mother with his hands, to be close to the period of twenty, twenty-five, and several times in twenty-five years for the worst crimes committed even already here in the camp, I look at their faces ...They are usually, if they bring in divine form, they will be the same as ours, and I realized that these people disfigured ourselves:environment, family, education, our example, and life itself, and those other degenerative frankly, terrible, inhuman face, they are not so much, they are bad, and rightly so in ancient Rome, killing babies freaks. Rankin jumping at the very watch and, beaming its coals, not his voice shouting to the world that I have a letter. From home! And I also want to shout for joy at home all right, kid named Alexander, Hare, once cast to feed, come to me on a date, thinking that it will be soon, a little milk, greetings from all your friends.Soon download the film Erotik film and Rankin again spun around me imp, reach into my pocket, kakayato small, download the film Erotik film and curled, sealed tube, I ran to the bathroom, tear - Ivan: They already know everything about me, cheering. But after Ivan beskonvoyny, sometimes even in the management of ... And Alyosha! How can I find out about Alyosha! Decisive. - Rankin! If not, then do not say.How did it get to me this note? - You say. But if the captain finds out, I will tear off your head. - download the film Erotik film and Rankin, maybe I send a note to Ertsevo? - To talk. It download the film Erotik film and premiered on the nose, worried behavior vohrovtsev to play, they are almost always drunk, even on duty, they Vologda, say Vologda convoy most stupid and most brutal!And what should they be: bestial life, worse than in the area: a dirty town, a contingent of women from those who are released and to whom or to have nowhere to go, or not out of here, they agree with them, they do not know what to solder, there were cases of poisoning , and so from day to day - ring. All hope for the head, it is certainly afraid of him when he rassvirepeet. Rankin dances again on duty - to make. All the same, how pathetic man! He needs good food, a comfortable bed, you need to swim in pleasure, enjoyment, fun ...And we, too, with a neighbor Kutimov, blissfully happy, brew cocoa, poppy in a white crackers, and so difficult to stop, but must, we must, because to sing in the show, and it is certainly not necessary posvinski overeat and get sick, as it was after the Mexican pineapples.My neighbor to the right with a Roman download the film Erotik film and named Claudius has asked me not to call her poderevenski Claudia, and I came up with a name Lavi. Lavi clever, it has already taken place, revered engineer kakimto machines, terry antisovetchitsa, as proudly and declares:of Stalin and of the party when it is impossible to mention - red, gets nervous, say, arrested correct only regret that few did: she is at the Institute established a group of students, and they lasted a long time, until they were all arrested;thirty-eight years, fun, bright, large, with a beautiful figure, she has a good Russian, intelligent, with a great culture and sense of spirituality.

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