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Her silence worked Alain depressing, and he left the room. The woman moved into a new apartment, and reminded him of himself. They met several times, but they have found common topics of conversation, and the actor stopped calling her. He was obsessed with concerns associated with the purchase of production line for hours.The company flourished AD, and perfume sales increasing every year. Mireille did not have time to deal with documents, and Allen hired her to help another manager. However, success in business favor of fate to the actor in 1986, is not over. In summer, the government awarded him the Order "For merits in the field of art and literature."ZhanPol Belmondo received this award fourteen years ago, and though they are with Delon in recent years, rarely met, and since the "Borsalino" is not starred in any film, he warmly congratulated former friend. - Thank you, a little sarcastically replied Alen.Tvoy Order already covered with dust, and mine is quite new.Come to the dinner in honor of my ceremony. Our sons - close friends. Anthony recently shared with me the great news. We will be able to gossip about young people. What else do we do? - When a person asks the same question, I always feel that he is full of a variety of plans - said with a laugh ZhanPol.- I'll come to find out your plans. They made it up, but did not think about joint projects. Delon was engaged in commerce, and continues to delight his fans with new movies, and Belmondo mostly played in the theater. Their paths diverged long ago. Chapter fiftieth anniversary Alain Delon celebrated with some trepidation.Of course, he did not believe that it is old age, but the notion of the majority, it was the age limit at which the front left less than completed. Actor bathed in glory, doing well in business, was guest of honor at film festivals and received an award from the Minister of Culture of France.At the end of 1986, he accepted the invitation of Japanese filmmakers to visit the country to meet with his fans. Delon popularity in Japan was enormous.In one of his first films in which he starred with Jean Gabin, the producer offered him a very low fee, because he believed that the young actor sufficient reward is a famous partner. Then Allen asked that the item in their contract allowing to receive a percentage of the rental picture in Eastern European countries and Japan.As a result, his income is several times higher than the fee Gabin. The Japanese love the actor, and after the release of the film "Samurai" began to worship him. On the last day before flying to Tokyo Allen phoned Mireille Darc. - You will prepare a report with the latest data on the income of the company AD? He asked.- How nice to hear your question. This means that a huge number of managers you have chosen me as the executive of the person, said Mireille fun. - Your words lead us away from the topic of conversation. The documents are not ready? Mockingly asked Allen. - They're all right. You can pick them up right now. When you fly to Japan? - Tomorrow.Today I am very busy and can not come to you. - You gave me a check! But I still love you and wish you a pleasant journey.For a moment, Alain wanted film Erotik film watch online and to invite former mistress movie download Erotik film and go with him and share his triumph, but in the next moment the thought struck him as absurd.Mireille for a long time to rebuild their lives, and to give interviews to journalists, said she was comforted after the break with Delon.

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