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During the reign of Ming Emperor established a secret security service, which is subordinate only to his edicts, Tszinivey or protection in brocade robes. The members of this body endowed with the broadest powers and acted solely in the interest of the president. Not have jurisdiction. Ruthless. Invincible.The story takes place in the twilight of the Ming Dynasty, when the service ran eunuchs. In exile, languishing Prince Ching, hatching a plan for revenge.Good luck, he managed to win over the chief eunuch Jia Ching Chung, and he gives orders to the head of the imperial Tszinivey - Chin Lon - grab Advisor Zhao Shen Enya and pick it up a box with a list of alleged traitors. But the trouble is, there is kept the Imperial seal, a symbol of power, which should be protected as the apple of his eye.And Chin Lung realized that his great framed. Avoiding the trap, he tries to find out the truth, but age is not long term Tsziniveya, death flees on his heels, will perform a rite of Lon its last job?                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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Film Gam yee wai
Country USA
cinema Genre Karate
Cinema-garbage a box Karate

exit Date on screens 26.08.2010
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