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And the studio, and the estate is now no longer exist. I was given an estimate of the normal, the actors were excellent, I had semvosem weeks to shoot. We again download the film I Laureati and worked with Rabal, the first time I was shooting, Fernando Rey and Silvia Pinal.Some older actors in small roles were familiar to me, "Don Quintin" and other pictures that I shot in the 30s. I particularly remember the original style, played a leper. He was polubrodyagoypolubezumtsem. He was allowed to live on the studio courtyard. He was completely out of control, and yet I find it excellent in the film.Once in Burgos French tourists who have seen the film, download the film I Laureati and recognized him and began to congratulate. He immediately gathered little things, bag slung over his back and moved forward. Where to? "I go to Paris I was there know!" He died on the way. Here is what my sister Conchita how were shooting "Viridiany": "On the set of" Viridiany "I was a" secretary "my brother.His life in Madrid was like a hermit. We took an apartment on the seventeenth floor of the only skyscraper capital. Luis download the film I Laureati and lived there as monahstolpnik on your post. His deafness progressed, he took only the people, without which he could not do without.The room had four beds, but Louis was sleeping with the windows open on the floor, covered with a blanket. He often broke away from your desk to look at the landscape: mountains in the distance, closer - KasadeKampo and Royal Palace. He recalled his student years and seemed happy.Light in Madrid download the film I Laureati and unchanged, he said, but it seemed to me that many times he changes from dawn to dusk. Every morning, Louis met the sunrise. We dined at seven, which is unusual in Spain. Raw vegetables, cheese and some wine from Rioja. During the day we always had dinner at a nice restaurant. Our favorite dish was a roasted pig milk.Since then I have suffered from an cannibalism and I sometimes dream of Saturn devouring his children. Once the hearing at Louis was better, we began to receive visitors: old friends, young people from Film Institute, members of the crew. I read the script, "Viridiany," and he told me. like.My nephew ZhanLui said that scenario father - is one thing, but what he will make of it - more. It happened. I saw some of the scenes were filmed. At Louis angelic patience. He never gets angry. But do several takes. One of the twelve poor people in the film was a real beggar, who was nicknamed the lepers.Brother learned that he had to pay three times less than the other, and was troubled. Producers tried to comfort him by saying that at the end of filming for it will collect donations. Anger Louis became even stronger, he could not afford to work for the man received alms. He download the film I Laureati and demanded that the stroller been paid every week, like everybody else."Costumes" in the film authentic. To find them, we had to rummage around in the slums and under bridges. We exchanged them for real and good things. Rags were prodizenfitsirovany, but the actors felt the smell of poverty. During filming at the studio I did not see his brother.He got up at five in the morning, eight went to the studio and back in eleven or twelve hours to eat and immediately lie down on the floor to sleep. Sometimes, however, we managed to have fun and play. So, on Sunday morning we were making paper doves and ran them from the seventeenth floor of the hotel.Perhaps we have forgotten how to do them, they hovered somehow difficult, awkward and weird.

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