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Independence enables it to satisfy the wishes of another part of the public, eagerly waiting to see what she does not know. "Richter is download the film I Laureati and convinced that there is such a crowd: "Artists are not updated for nothing.""Intellectual Revolution produced the likes of Freud, Einstein, Picasso, words such as atomic energy, socialism, existentialism, and in fact correspond to an equally profound changes in our minds and in the future the psychology of art, science, sociology and philosophy .All this is better than nothing chtolibo, gives an idea of ​​the endless possibilities of exploration that remain untapped.I do not know what's going on in Europe, but I have the impression that in the United States, these efforts are beginning to attract considerable interest and that a serious search for new possibilities of artistic expression would be welcomed here very favorably. "The ideas expressed in this " creed" Richter resonate with what he wrote in the preface to "The opponents of the movie today, friends movie Tomorrow", "You, today's enemies, tomorrow you will be friends of cinema. You - hope the movie. You all need to learn even more than they did so far, despise bad movie.You must learn to love the cinema as an art. " Sam Richter continues to search both in practice and in theory: to 1956 he led the New 'Hans Richter, «8x8». - «Cinema Nuovo», a. VI, 1957, N and "Han s Richter, Voir du merveilleux, -« La Revue du Cinema », t.II, Paris, 1947, N 4 "52 York Sitikolledzhe Technical Film Institute, the Honorary President of which he is now. In addition, he is working on "Dadaskosha" - assembling the footage was not used in his previous films.These pieces are connected asynchronously in the film poetamidadaistami reading his works, remains unpublished. Thus, a new work of Richter's is a kind of "historical documentary" about this art school. In addition, Richter, who download the film I Laureati and started with the "Rhythm 21", now download the film I Laureati and planned to put "Rhythm 1960".From "vanguard" BEFORE INSTALLATION Dziga Vertov and Kuleshov I, "kino-eye" So, the literary and artistic "avant-garde" has influence in France and "movies Dellyuk Germany, Richter, Dulac and theoretical views of researchers, not put as Kanudo or Moussinac , a single film. Consider what happened in the same period in Russia.There, too, with the passage of time all the arts closer to the cinema, trying to find and use the means of expression.In 1915, a young theater director Meyerhold, as if anticipating the most general form of a future theory of mounting claims that should be shown in the movie is not an integer, and its part, detail, stressing the importance of individual fragments.A year later, there is work, which refers to the direction, parallel to the developing stages, the close-up, the angles, the panoramas. The anonymous author of this book is in the movie much more possibilities of using light than in the theater: "The play of light, sun spots, kontrazhurnye pictures, etc.- These are the benefits that the concept has no modern theater and are in expert hands can lead to unexpected, dazzling effects ... The cinema has its property kibble life ...But especially careful ovdelka parts love creating and convex representation of all the details download the film I Laureati and experienced by conflict - these requirements are almost an ultimatum. By knocking nervously fingers sometimes the viewer must have a full picture of the range of the tragedy.

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