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They retired to her dressing room, and a few minutes later the lawyer left without saying a word. It is time to continue shooting, but Mia has not appeared. All eyes turned toward her dressing room. I knocked. There was no answer. When the second tap and there was no answer, I just went.She sobbed like a little child. At first, she could not say anything intelligible. Then lamely he explained that the lawyer came to inform her that Sinatra begins divorce proceedings.Most of all it hurt that Sinatra did not bother personally I Laureati movie watch online and tell her about it, but just sent his assistant, if a servant dismissed. Comforting her, I realized she was the really loved her husband and was completely crushed by what he did. - You want to go home? - I asked. - No.Will be working. Give me a minute or two. Filming resumed as if nothing had happened. Mia has worked and the rest of the day, and the rest of the filming, but the depression it did not pass. "Fearless Vampire Killers" were now ready to leave, and I asked to arrange a viewing of the final version, revised March Rensohoffom.I immediately realized that he had made a huge mistake by giving him the right to the final assembly of the Canadian and American versions of the picture. Rensohoff changed the name to "Sorry, but your teeth sank into my neck." Overwrite the voices of all the actors that they sounded more poamerikanski.Mutilated music comedy, cut twenty minutes of the film, and then the picture became completely incomprehensible. But he added at the beginning of a ridiculous cartoon prologue in which he tried to explain all about vampires. When I looked at it, it felt, perhaps, just as a mother who learns that gave birth to a monster.I rensohoff fuck up all my work. I tried to remove his name from the credits, but the contract did not have a right to it. I gave many interviews where everything is expressed. A film in the meantime passed without leaving a trace. It was only many years later, when rolling out my own version, it gained popularity as a cult film.In spite of all my problems, we Sharon nice spent time. In Hollywood, you can always be at the party. We ourselves invites guests to our new home, and others we gladly accepted.We paid a visit to parents Sharon and brought a gift puppy, which I christened by the name of Dr. Sapirshteyn sinister doctor of "Rosemary's Baby." Then Wanda with his father came with us to spend a couple of months. Around the same time began discord between Gene Gutowski and Judy. They just stayed with us, so that the atmosphere at home was tense. Once, when we were with Tony Curtis sat in the living room, another scandal erupted. Tony was sitting on pins and needles. - Had not you better go to them? - He asked. - Yes, they can be a constant, - I replied.- Maybe so, but this time Judy goes behind Gene. - So what? - Oh, nothing, just hand her a huge kitchen knife. I was able to separate them, but the next day, Jin bought a gun. Sometimes they do bad things to us. Get by Sharon and Judy left kudato, and the weekend I invited a pretty sexy model.I was hoping that I can rely on Gina. But as it turned out, his wife gleefully told Sharon about all. Meanwhile, work continued on the film. Music was again writing comedy. Lullaby, he wrote, had to be very gentle download movie I Laureati and purr at the beginning of the film.

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