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- and that everyone - he said Radchenko boys - always knew that someone of his comrades there ... See? .. That does not mean that you are now crowd must walk single file, or one after the other, but always to know whether there is any living creature in this moment together. Is that clear? - It is clear! - And finally:where you are now or will be ... be a little more attentive, a little more observant. And if need be, have, in short, tight, do not be afraid to call for help ... any adult friend, a stranger ... a local resident of holidaymakers from the rest ... Do you understand?They, our enemies are well, two, well, three, and nashihto ogogo many people. Clearly? - Of course! - Unanimously said detachment. Romka was returning home with Timka box. Suddenly they caught and stopped by two: full, mobile people in large sandals on his bare feet and a young blonde woman in a hat yarkooranzhevogo color.- Boy, - the woman said, referring to the Roman, - you're local? - Well, - alert the boy - and what? - Do not be afraid - the man intervened in sandals, unceremoniously looking Romka. - But the truth looks like Lyudochka? - He said, referring to the woman. - Very similar. - You swim? Swim well?- And I swim - put interested Timka - breaststroke faster than ... Romka he turned to his companion, something like download movie I Laureati, and to say, but the owner big anklets appreciated it own way. - Do not be afraid, I tell you - he said again - you answer calmly. We do not eat you ... you're very suitable to us ...We are with you from the very gates are seeing ... - Yes? - She responded with a rude boy. - You no longer have nothing to do? Come on, Timka ... - In fact, the citizens - gallantly bowed Timka - until you, then good-bye! And turning, the boys walked resolutely away. - We still know where you live! - I shouted after them man.- Green, thirty-two. Romka stopped, turned. He stops and Timka. Friends looked at each other. Timka just in case asked: - And I know? - Not yet, but let's look - a woman came up to the boys took off dark glasses and held out her hand cheerfully. - Lyudmila. - Box Timothy.- Marchenko - still frowning Roman, not knowing what he might need this strange, unknown visitors. - We love you, Marchenko - somehow cheerfully said Ludmila, - all day long sought. But you just elusive. Honest pioneer ... On the Beach "has just been" ... From the house "just gone" ... You know, we have to shoot ...- Are you from the movie? - Are not we told? - Surprised, in turn, Lyudmila. The boys looked helplessly at each other. Well, they just did not occur. The whole day was talking about the movie, we wanted to see at least one living filmmakers. And the two of them were real filmmakers.Ludmila - assistant director, administrator and crew Kanatov Lev. And it was this: in the movie there is a category of people - doubles. Watch the movie, you see how the hero desperately jumping from a moving train fast friend and say ...And it turns out the train prygnulto not the actor who played the hero, and an understudy, a man who knows how to do it better actor, especially trained for that athlete or acrobat. The protagonist boldly goes along the eaves of the roof at a dizzy height, fiercely chopped saber enters an unarmed fight with armed bandits ...But the actor can not have a perfect command of all professions, although good actors and try to do without a backup - you drive cars, famously worn on motorbikes may even I Laureati movie watch online and work on excavators.

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