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Sometimes, going to the theater troupe the bar, and sometimes we just go from one restroom to another, kissing each other, and bursts into tears. Soul covers such despair - after break up with people who had grown to love. And ask yourself:"I'll meet you someday we still?" This time I was download the film I Laureati and tormented doubly because I haunted the thought, "Is all of this the last time?" The car that was to take me home, had not yet arrived. "Do not worry - I said Griffith. - I'll stay still in the theater, loved by them." I suddenly came over some piece strange feeling.I decided that I need to sit in an empty room, a velvet chair in the fifth row, another look at the chandeliers, the huge curtain gilded figures - maybe it was my swan song. Perhaps I, as always, to exaggerate. Griff once said of me:"Every time when Ingrid falls to the clinic, she was going to die and be terribly disappointed if it is not work." "It's too late, - download the film I Laureati and continued to call me Griff. - Why do not you go home? I'll call a cab. " But I do not want to leave. If I leave, the head end. So I continued to sit and watch as workers dismantle and carry decorations.Then they came back, were all washed, download the film I Laureati and cleaned, and it struck me that now I see their work. Approached the manager of the theater. We download the film I Laureati and chatted for a while. He said: "I'm not sure in the history of" Haymarket "once download the film I Laureati and again the case in which each presentation will be sold out tickets for all seats. We could show your performance over the years. "He told me that the team had come to play the Japanese could not understand a single word of English. They knew Ingrid Bergman only dubbed into Japanese films, and now they wanted to hear my voice. And they spent the entire show, listening to him. I stayed in the theater until closing.On Sunday, bring the new scenery, and on Monday will start his new show tour. If you are not there. But I knew that my life ends the film "Autumn Sonata" and the play "Moon Water". Yes, I can still be in the movies, play on the stage. But even if I do not have to do that, I am quite satisfied with this ending.When I went to the doctor, he again found my tumor. - Urgent clinic. No time to lose - he said. - Well, no, - I answered. - I work six days a week, giving a grueling eight performances. And this has been going on for six months. So I'll go to rest for a couple of weeks in France. And then come back here.So, I took a vacation. Lying in the sun, swim in the pool, have fun with Griff and Alan Burgess. Because I love all the order, I decided to give Alan all newspaper clippings, notes, diaries, so that he could continue to work on the book. I then returned to London for surgery. After she began irradiation.Perhaps the only thing that upset me at the time, was the removal of my tour in America with the play "Moon Water". A friend advised me to refer to fatigue. But how could I let my producer Michael Louis after all organizational turmoil download the film I Laureati and received a telegram that I do not come on tour because of exhaustion.I wrote him a letter in which he outlined in its history. Then I decided that I download the film I Laureati and needed to see him and then, so he would believe me. So I called him and download the film I Laureati and offered to come to the clinic. - I know you would not refuse from the tour just because of the fact, that changed my mind, chose something better or tired - he said. - I am told that you are ill.Just really no one could tell you. He put the letter in his pocket - I will not read it. I put in the safe.

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