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And this is one of the main reasons for the success of his films with the audience. For example, in the film "Mars Attacks" starring: Nicholson Close, Brosnan Stayter.Thus, this witty parody of the American movie megahit "Independence Day" was destined to become one of the "star" movies 90s. Kathryn Bigelow. Director, writer, artist. Born in 1951, in Northern California. She studied painting at the Faculty of the Art Institute in San Francisco.Then received a scholarship to study at the Studio at the Whitney Museum, where he taught Susan Sonntag, Richard Serra and Robert Rauschenberg. In his work was of the expressionist manner. To New York to meet with representatives of the underground cinema.The desire to try a new form of activity has led 30-year-old artist in the film school at Columbia University. She download the film I Laureati and studied in the studio of Milos Forman and Peter Wall. Her graduate work was the short film "Staging". For 20 minutes, the two men violently beat each other in the dark alleys of the park."I tried to explain the nature of violence and its reflection on the screen" - said his first kinoopyt Bigelow. Reflection of violence was eventually her main hobby. No wonder everyone without exception Bigelow films rated "TA".As role models, it calls the four directors - Fassbinder, Peckinpah, Scorsese, Kurosawa and download the film I Laureati and recognized that the style and shape of her films are determined by previous experience of the artist. In his films Bigelow explores the frontier areas of life, where normal life is download the film I Laureati and pushed extremely ugly forms of existence.Because of its characters, usually the outsiders - the criminals, vagrants, lumpen elements. Cowboy, unwittingly turned into a vampire, a successful real estate agent, who turned serial killer;young offenders, for whom life has meaning only as a dangerous adventure - whether it be a bank heist, jumping from a plane or a fight with the water element, a former police officer who became his in the criminal world. Film, attracting attention to the creation of Bigelow, was the tape "blueing".Her character - a young police academy graduate Megan Turner. Already in the first independent duty she has to shoot an armed robber whose weapons are in the hands of a maniac serial killer. Committing a number of crimes in which the suspicion falling on Megan, he begins to pursue her way. In kontsekontsov she wins.But at what price? Watch the film I Laureati in excellent quality online. Knowledge of the psychology of women - Megan Turner played Jamie Lee Curtis is not supermensha - Bigelow helped create an exciting, truthful film. But, as if afraid of being suspected of feminism, his next band "Point Break," Bigelow built on a sharp confrontation between the two men - police and ggoestupnika.As the bank robber Bodhi was also a master of surfing is possible to develop the on-screen real sea symphony, and thus Bigelow proved once again that the fine solution film plays a dominant role in the system of its creative predpochteniyFilm "Point Break," revealed yet another feature of its creative handwriting - the cravingto mix genres. "Point Break" - elegant hybrid police and beach movies. The same trend is clearly visible in the tape "after dark", a mixture of western, romance, horror and film the road, and "Strange Days", which script Bigelow wrote then-husband James Cameron.The plot of the film, which is set on the eve of the XXI century, download the film I Laureati and allowed Bigelow realize his dark vision of the modern era and to create expressive visual image of time.

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