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Even small words no errors, no joy, no hard feelings. You just call out someone from the former - and the soul dies, and my heart aches. Andrei Dementyev I grew up backstage, my mother was an actress. I went to all of her performances.Once, when he saw the scene in the furnace burns a flame, I climbed out of the directors' box to the ground, passed through the hall and went to the belly of the stage, looking at the burning fire. Mom, of course, immediately denounced, and I got much. She told me to go home, saying that he would never take me to the theater. Worst punishment you can imagine.I decided to get poisoned. I came home, spread half a cup of salt, two swallows and taking crisp white sheets, lay dying. That was when my mother came to me and remember the terrible. Perhaps it was then that I realized that life is not a theater - you can not play. In our house, always a lot of actors, writers, and musicians.Especially during the war. Evacuated to Tashkent is a theater revolution, Jewish Theatre, Ukrainian Drama Theatre, Leningrad Conservatory. I remember the lacy design artist, mud, Williams, for the play "The Art of Career" and no one else like young Glizer.I remember turning back Buchmy in "Stolen Happiness" when he learns of his wife's infidelity. Extraordinary person Mikhoels. But once out of the window of our apartment, I saw a winery, where he worked as Dad drove a black car, and I, thinking it was someone very important, feet in the hands - and the Pope at the plant. She asked: "Where is Dad?". I say:"He is in the collection." Collection - is the basement, where in special niches on 20, 30, 50 years stored collection wines. There was a man in the chair, and the first thing to me, little girl, I thought - a gentleman. From mild- mannered, velvety voice, slightly turned head. This was Alexei Tolstoy.He drank from the cup sip one of the best vintage wines. This had to be seen. His hands were manicured, extremely white, almost feminine. Dad introduced me to the guest, and Tolstoy sat on his lap and asked a very grown-up question: "Have you read my" Road to Calvary "? I'm much lie was always said, "Yes."- And did you like? - Very. - What's your sister like the most? Older or younger? I immediately thought of my favorite older Ittule: - Elder. Tolstoy told his father that he wanted to get cranky with me. Dad poured me a glass of wine, a golden, transparent, and we clinked glasses.Then Tolstoy invited us to the Opera and Ballet Theater in a charity event. And here we come to the concert. It was something like a political satire. Watch the film I Laureati online. Tatiana played Okunevskaya Faina Ranevskaya, Osip Abdulov paired with itself Alexei Tolstoy, Sergei Martinson.Contents I, of course, after so many years forgotten, but I remember that one of the characters was Hitler, and that we were laughing uncontrollably. Tamta here that I first saw Ranevskaya. And I met Faina G., when artificially produced to enter a theater, and it fell to his nephew called, playwright Alexander Petrovich Stein, and said:"Shura, I beg you, let her look and discourage any living creature of a bad job." Alexander Petrovich called Irina VulfAnisimovoy it just at this time some political rehearsing his play, and Irina download the film I Laureati and invited me to his home.In etomto house I met with Faina G., who was here the family man. Later I learned that his mother Irina - Paul Leontievna, was once very well known provincial actress, first drew attention to the talent Ranevskaya and the first said that she has to go to the scene.I myself was not able to meet with his mother Irina, but judging by the portrait in their home, it was extremely good: chiseled features, unusual shape of the eyes.

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