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"And that's not good," - said in a singsong girl, having, probably referring to what has long passed for four. The local women have just full of oriental passion.Even when I went to kindergarten, there was one novice with black curls and a black apron and a sore pimples on the face - a sign of rapid fermentation of blood. How old she was, hard to say. Certainly is that in it, as they say, a woman woke up.So, this novice, catch me, began to hug and squeeze, enveloping smell of potato peelings, sour soup and skirt nuns. It was a day care center at the convent of San Vincenzo, a nun who walk in white cap. I remember once we have built to take part in full of the procession, and I was asked to carry out the candle.One of the nuns, wearing glasses, making it more like a movie star Harold Lloyd, pointing to the candle and said sternly, "See, that she has not gone out. Jesus is not pleased. " There was a strong wind. I, still a child, was simply overwhelmed by this responsibility. The wind blows, and the candle should not go out. What if this happens?As God will punish me? Meanwhile, the procession moved - slowly, heavily, stretched like an accordion bellows. Short run, stop, again a few steps forward, stop again. What was going on in the head of the column? The participants of the procession were still singing: "Let us love, O Lord, you, you are our Father ..."Somewhere in the midst of the cassock, the crowd of monks, priests, nuns, all of a sudden there was a sad, solemn, muffled roar of music. Orchestra download the film kannibal and frightened me, and ended up, I download the film kannibal and cried. The first and second grade, I studied in school Teatino. I studied at the same time the most Carlini, which we saw on the shore udavlennika Marecchia.Our teacher was a real butcher, but sometimes he suddenly dobrel. It happened before the holidays, when parents of students brought him gifts he folded pile beside him, as is the current traffic control officers at the feast of Befana.After earning a lot of gifts, it is before the release of all the holidays, making us sing: «Giovinezza, eiovinezza, primavera di bele-ee-ezza ...» '- and the very next to distinctly heard all four "e." At the end of primary school, I was sent in Fano, a small provincial college at the monastery dei padre Carissimi.It is that time is memorable encounter with Saraginoy, of which I spoke in the movie "8/2." In Rimini I came back, when I had to come to school, in the street Tempio Malatestiano, now there are public library and art gallery. School building seemed very tall.Up and down the stairs it had been an event that promises a lot of adventures. Some of these stairs just seemed endless. School director, called Zeus, was the real Mandzhafuoko and his beetle-crusher - each the size of a runabout - trying to kill kogonibud of children. One kick he could kill the spine.Stands motionless like myself, just come, so sadanet kopytischem that squashed like a cockroach. The years spent in school, were years of Homer and "battles." In class we read and memorized the " Iliad": each of us identify with one of the characters of Homer.I was Ulysses, and therefore during the reading was a little to one side and looked into the distance. Titta, already obese guy was Ajax, Mario Montanari - Aeneas, Luigino Dolci - Hector, "tamer of horses", as the oldest of us, Stakkotti sitting in each class for three years, was "swift- footed Achilles."After dinner we went to a small area of ​​a crowd - play the Trojan War, the battles between the Trojans and Achaeans.

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