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Her husband immediately suspect ,, that is a signal to hide somewhere, outdoors lover. And so on. In the movie "It" was a lot of reliable facts, taken from everyday observations, but many think of.For example, in the initial stage mandatum - washing of the feet of the church, paranoid immediately detects its prey like a hawk tea. I wonder whether this intuition is based on something real? The film shown at the festival in Cannes in the session - I do not know why - in honor of war veterans and invalids, who loudly protested.In general, the film was poorly received. With rare exceptions, the press in Cannes reacted to it negatively. Jean Cocteau once I devoted several pages in "Opium", said even the movie "It" for me to suicide. However, Cocteau later changed his mind.Consolation in Paris brought me Jacques Lacan, who saw the film on view for the fifty-two psychiatrists Cinematheque. He discussed with me a long film, which felt the truth, and then repeatedly showed it to his disciples. In Mexico, the film flopped. On the first day Oscar Danziger left the room stunned and said: "But they laugh!"I walked into the room, just went frames inspired by distant memories of bathing cabins in SanSebastyane - when a man sticks a long needle through the keyhole peeping to dazzle, which he imagines to its door. Only the prestige Arturo de Cordoba, who played a major role He helped hold the film on the poster dvetri week.In connection with the paranoia I Watch Online and tell about his experiences again fear. That was in 1952, around the time of the filming of "It." I knew that in our region lives one officer, very similar to the character of the picture.For example, he stated that he was going to maneuver, and returned in the evening, and by changing the voice, told his wife through the door: "Your husband left open to me." I told this komuto from friends, and he used this fact in his article in the newspaper. Already familiar with the customs of the Mexicans, I was really scared, regretting that told. How did he react?What do I do if he knocks me up in arms with the intention to take revenge? But nothing happened. Perhaps he did not read the newspaper. That's what I want to talk about Cocteau. In 1954 at the Cannes Film Festival, he was chairman of the jury, which included me.One day he said he wanted to talk to me, and set up a meeting in the hotel bar, "Carlton" at noon, when there are a few people. I appeared with his usual punctuality, but found Cocteau, waited for half an hour and left. In the evening he asked me why I did not come. I replied that I was there. The film kannibal.It turns out, he did exactly the same way as I do, and I did not notice. I was convinced that he was not lying. We have carefully checked the with him all, but have not found an explanation as to why so mysteriously fell our meeting. Year in 1930, together with Pierre Unicom I wrote the book "Wuthering Heights."As well as all the Surrealists, I was attracted to this novel, and I wanted to make a film on it. The opportunity presented itself in Mexico in 1953. I got out of the box scenario. Wash, one of the best that I had kogdalibo hold.Unfortunately, I was forced to take the actors invited Oscar to shoot a musical picture - Jorge Mistral, Ernesto Alonso, dancer and performer rumba Lilia Prado and the role of romantic heroine - Polish actress Dilian Irazu, which had, despite his Slavic appearance, Play meksikantsametisa sister.

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