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Remember those curious experiments, which involved us in the CCC They published receive special shades.It is clear why the French, Italians, Dutch, Danes, Swedes, Americans, preoccupied with theater culture, working to resolve a number of problems of theater, so we are drawn to the Soviet Union and so eagerly grasp all that we do. They seek to unravel the mystery:why theater is so high in our CAS thing is that this their curiosity come across such features of our culture, it is understandable why they want from us koechto borrow.Here involuntarily I'll join a small discussion, I will refer again Gvozdeva certain statements made by him in "Life of Art" in the article "On the western theme." It relies on the statistics of the German and American.I want to tell him that he was here this very important topic, from my point of view, to think out, in its reasoning as it stops at the most dangerous reef. 205 The claim that now internationally, as they say, the drama is losing ground display, stage and film - it seems to me deeply flawed.You can not take just one digit number of theaters and circuses in Berlin and New York and on the basis of the capitalist cities in America and the West creates demand for light entertainment and catered primarily theater pop genre, operetta and bloggers - to draw conclusions about the complete collapse of the drama.From the field observations falls Gvozdeva other statistics, which he, unfortunately, for some reason ignores. But it can not be ignored, otherwise the analysis will be very shallow. "Art at the club in the USSR and in the red corner is evolving.According to one month in 1927 the number of artistic circles in the clubs and in the red corner is about 15 thousand. Number of employees in these Members of the circle over 285,000 people. For one this month mugs performed over 33 thousand performances, which were attended by more than 7 million visitors. "In France, too, and in Germany, and in America, natural outdoors. For his theatrical needs of the masses without a rudder and without sails. Spectator staggered, lost in broad daylight: fetes, movie Teatrika Boulevard. Street - theater itself, the viewer - the actor, not led by any powerful directives authoritative organization, do not create the theater.Because in France under the influence of bourgeois modes and apolitical art work easily falls under attack expansions in the street - the foxtrot, the fetes - carousel, in the cafe - cocktails, a variety show - auction naked bodies.Not in our happiness, that as the drama club of our country takes an enormous amount of akterovlyubiteley for our club scene and organized zritelyalitsedeya for our large scale celebrations, and in our good fortune that the quantitative and qualitative study of a new shape and strong material on their ideology our fieldkultraboty mass that occurs in the revolutionary creativity, which spoke with such passion, download the film kannibal and Lenin, and develop the possibilities inherent in the mass, and to the further development of which Marx called, placing this development is one of the main precepts of communism.Mass, which is the main driver of the country in an effort to catch up with and surpass the advanced capitalist countries, it is necessary that special feeling, which is found not only in the well download the film kannibal and appointed work, but also in well-built vacation.A vacation in turn is acquired not only a dream, but also in that the process of "airing" of the brain, which is so strongly go206 voryat neurologists, demanding nervnobolyaschemu smexa as drugs.We are looking to participate in the creation of mass performances are not on the side, that, behold, they say, our numbers have grown, the whole country has turned into a solid army of play actors.

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