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Transfer of live or "live" recording using multiple cameras, displays the event in real time and requires a flexible platform capable of download movie kannibal and to capture a variety of shots.In the studio, camera movement can be maximized both during shooting and shooting with another camera, due to follow an object across the studio.When shooting movies or TV shows with one camera can be divided into effect on individual frames, paving the way traffic and consider it without having to compromise or take into account the restrictions on movement because of the presence of other cameras.Staging action for multicamera shooting requires a lot more visual compromise than when shooting a camera. Many restrictions on the type of scenery and lighting at the existing multi-camera shoot, easily circumvented or simply not taken into account when taking a camera.As a rule, because of time constraints or multi-chamber means shooting often requires constant small changes to the composition of the frame to address the situation or action actor. If there is enough time and money, you could rewrite the script. Ward.The composition frame in the film and television two types of motion - functional and decorative Camera movement can be divided into functional and decorative.With this overly simplistic division of the different types of traffic often overlap, but if the functional movement is divided into frames to track the movement of the subject, it can be decorative download movie kannibal and defined as scheduled, mandatory change the camera position or shooting plan forobtain visual diversity, creating syuzhetnotematicheskogo accent or new information. This type of camera movement also includes resizing the frame, reasoned dialogue or plot needs.Often, because of the importance of emotional tension or dialogue aspiration chamber Watch Online and closer to the speaker is quite natural, but this movement should be carried out in accordance with the feelings and emotions of the scene and be consistent over time so that exactly corresponds to express feelings.As well as the movement of the camera is synchronized with the beginning / end of the action, movement, reasoned dialogue or the expression of emotions, will be governed by the pace and nuanced performances. Multi-shot stories requires a lot of work for a workforce in order to keep the subject in the frame.Since the motion of an object is often not planned in advance, the composition of the frame will change continuously. For such work requires a panoramic camera head tilt, the position of which can be controlled by discrete movements. When you work with a pre-designed camera footage can be rehearsed and, if desired, the operator can set the exact parameters corresponding to the motion of an object, using the panoramic camera head tilt.Multi-shot requires maximum flexibility of camera movement in order to carry out survey activities that sometimes rehearsed in advance. Usual dilemma occurs when the subject speaking at the moment, is in a position where it can not be displayed in a suitable format frame.Frame may be too small for a man who many gestures during a conversation. Very rarely has the opportunity to conduct continuous panning to download movie kannibal and hold in the frame of the speaker, as usually expected movement does not occur, and the balance of the composition is lost.

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Film kannibal
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