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- I just felt the need to get away from there. - Of course. But that's how, in secret ... sly. Similarly, received nothing but cowards and scoundrels. Okay, write a letter.Uncle David went out, locking the door behind him. Adrian sighed and download the film kannibal and turned to the table. On the table was a silver knife to cut the letters, which had the shape of a cricket bat. Adrian held it to the light and saw obliquely walking on a knife engraved flourish Donald Bradman. He stuck a knife inside his blazer and sat down at the letter.The portrait of a prince Ranzhitsinkhi, in a strange little office near Halls meetings, cricket stadium "Lordz", June Dear Mom and Dad! Sorry to run away without saying goodbye. Uncle David said you were worried about me - I hope not too much.I live in Highgate guesthouse EndikottGardenz, I work in a theatrical agency "Leon brights" ZTS2, Denmarkstrit, 59 - I at them something like a messenger, courier, however, work is good, and I hope soon to rent an apartment. I am healthy, happy and really, very sorry I upset you.Soon I will write in more detail and explain why I felt that I should get out of college. Please try to forgive you doting son Adrian. P. S. I met today's New England captain Tony Greig. Twenty minutes later, Uncle David went back and read the letter. - I think will do. Leave it to me, I will send.He looked around Hadrian from head to toe. - You look at least half decent, I would invite you to watch the game from the field for club members. - I'd love to. - Come back tomorrow in a tie, see what can be done. - You are scary good. I'll be happy. - After all, they give you a day off to watch cricket you could, right? There, on Denmarkstrit?Give? - As is customary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, do you mean? - Okay, cheeky rat, consider that point you played. And trim. And then you were like a street girl. - Oh my God! Really? The next day Adrian "Lordz" did not, he did it never again download the film kannibal and appeared. Instead, he went back to work, finding, however, the time and in order to roam the TottnemKortroud watching the ninety-six dashes Tony Greig and gorgeous seventy three - Lilly - on television, on display in the windows of electronics stores. Exposure to people he knew, remained considerable.Adrian download the film kannibal and remembered the description of Piccadilly Circus, this Dr. Watson in the first story of Sherlock Holmes - a huge cesspool, which inevitably attracts all loafers and idlers of the Empire. Now it seemed that, as the Empire ssohlas in size, the attractive force Piccadilly increased. Britain was the bathroom, and Piccadilly - its drain hole, now almost a gurgling, sucking the last few gallons of dirty water. Part of the work of Adrian, who was in the center of the gutter, was to stare into each swim past the face.Innocent bystanders usually do not look into the faces of strangers, so Adrian usually keep up, if someone was moving toward the familiar, to turn aside.But somehow in the afternoon, about two weeks after the meeting with his uncle David, Adrian, who had taken refuge from the rain in your favorite spot, under the columns "Swan and Edgar," and look out for clients, suddenly download the film kannibal and noticed Dr. Meddlara - without the usual high and stiff collar, but the no less unmistakably recognizable - climbed the steps of the stationUnderground. Trimester should be ended, he thought, slipping behind a column, Adrian. He watched Meddlar, pooziravshis around, cross the street, heading for the "Pharmacy Booth" with its neon sign.Right under the sign dispensed his illegal business, Greg and Mark, two skinheads with which Adrian was very familiar - to his amazement, Meddlar stopped and spoke with one of them.

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