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When the actors are very close to us, the camera pans them while moving on the lift.Actors are visible now back and when they leave, the camera goes up, making the panorama down in order to keep the actors in the plan, with a pause, if necessary, in 476 when the camera is at the level of the actors. This time allows the actors vschelit full of an important point in the story, before continuing the movement. .Motion 3 lifts used in this example to highlight the feature in the scene, going from the more general to the particular plan. The basic rule of this method - to move from the general to the particular, and then return to a common plan.Thus, in the middle of a plan is download the film kannibal and selected, the selected event will be download the film kannibal and highlighted, and then the participants will be able to re-merge with the main mass. 477 of severe, sudden movements for joining the plan in the moment of action when removed from the height of a crowd of people, then this plan is difficult to reconcile with kontrplanom when there is not much movement in the scene.Consider the case of the random motion of the crowd, where people are moving in different directions. Since there is no clear line sostykovok in motion, the motion camera crane us here really helps. 4 unorganized movement successfully negotiated in a shot with a camera filming the lift and movement of the lift, the Plan General Plan.The camera is static, above, on the platform of the lift, pans down. We see many colors disorderly crowd of people on the market. Plan Mountain fruit in the foreground, the approximate plan. The camera goes up to show the crowd kontrplanom.478 In the transition from total fixed plan to approximate the plan in motion problem interfacing staff in the moment of action can be easily solved, movement in the foreground at the beginning of the second plan is very strong, also move the camera up facilitates alignment of the two plans. Movement of the camera can be combined with up trevellingom.If the first plan is a movement, only the movement of the camera to provide a visual connection disorderly movements of the crowd that the camera takes.Using the optical zoom is TREVELLINGA OR trevellingom The principal difference between the direction of the story and the use of a lens with a variable focal length is the fact that with the prospect of changing travellinge scene, and in equivalent terms, using a telephoto lens all the elements are increasingsimultaneously and uniformly. When the zoom is set to telephoto, it gets all of its characteristics: the depth of the image as it is compressed, and blends with the background story to the front. As with the camera on the lift, the mass of the zoom capabilities and all the details of its use has not been fully exploited.Platform - a platform that can quickly rise to any height. A zoom lens has a wide variety of lenses that you can quickly select and successfully apply for taking the corresponding scene. Some lenses with variable focal length have a greater range of distances than others.Usually, the zoom is used in three basic conditions: the object to the static object or moving away from it. Zoom captures an object in motion. The camera moves, while using zoom. In the first two cases, the camera still. Zoom effect - is the only visible movement.In the third case, the movement of the camera is added, which can be 479 panorama trevellingom, or both together, in combination with a zoom lens.

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Film kannibal
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Cinema-garbage a box

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