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lies not in whether accession Benoit to him the desire to put the blame for the failure on the Art Theatre? Where was this statement that is never so clearly did not sound in all its fidelity before and that sounds so true with regard to the Pushkin performance:Pushkin Drama distorted "superabundance of materiality, naturalistic weighting"? And this: "The Art Theatre is an organ too real physical searches, almost humdrum psychology"? "In this view there is truth" - says Benoit. And he Benoit? See what:he can carry in his head other ideas about the "ideal" stage performance and Moliere and Goldoni, and Pushkin, than those he "together with the Art Theatre" passed in Pushkin's play.Benoit had no illusions about the fact that Pushkin "at the Moscow Art Theatre and get the ease and music and improvisational brilliance and shameful sense of proportion."Placing two next tune (one of the Moscow Art Theatre as "too real physical body searches" and another about how Benoit may, if they wish, carry different ideas about the "ideal stage performance Pushkin"), I begin to fear that's what, what if you get Benoit to stop and say to him:as you, Alexander, entered the Moscow Art Theatre after there had already worked and Craig and Dobujinsky like you, who appeared to be replaced in the theater masters of Shem, not to himself raised the theater, while they themselves went on to a series of compromises: steel again meyningenstvo plant, a phenomenon most harmful of all, he knew the Moscow Art Theatre?If this say Benoit, he replied: "Is it I wanted to show?" - And not slow to shift the blame for the failure and the theater and actors. And not slow. See the "Speech" Benoit:1) "koechto likelihood of such perepalo and at a fraction of the Pushkin performance - in addition to my desire and I will mind besides the theater itself, simply because of the" age-old habits. " 2) "In his sketches I tried download movie kannibal and keep the simplest" Tristan and Isolde "by Wagner. Scenery painter Golovin Mariinsky Theatre.1909 "Orpheus" - Gluck. Set Design. Artist, Golovin. Mariinsky Theatre. 1910 "Don Juan" by Moliere. Alexandria Theatre. 1910 Don Juan - St. George Sganarelle - Varlamov Set Design. Artist - Golovin first evening Studios Sun Meyerhold. Costumes. Artist - Rykov. 1915 "Thunderstorm" Ostrovsky. Set Design. Artist - Golovin.Alexandria Theatre. 1916 Costume Catherine. Artist - Golovin "Masquerade" Lermontov. Alexandria Theatre. 1917 Set Design the second picture. The film kannibal. Artist - Golovin scene from the ninth picture "Masquerade" Lermontov.Page of the director Meyerhold schemes instance, clear lines, balanced masses and limited dummy part to a minimum. " In theory, the problem solved quite simply. But "at the time of implementation in practice met some unexpected and purely technical difficulties."Benoit tries to put the blame on the actors and still, despite the fact that so solemnly assured us that the actors in Pushkin's play deliberately given the greatest freedom."To achieve it - it would mean to exaggerate the extent of its assets, expect to find in others only talented features inherent only in this lonely geniuses and the gods, as Pushkin or Mozart." Actors Art Theatre were only "talent."Now, if they were brilliant, oh, then this could be the most Pushkin easy to achieve.

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