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In the blue download the film kannibal and rubberized raincoat, under the arm box of chocolates with a huge red flower. I'm standing in the crowd, he grabs my hand and says,"Sorry, I have to tell you something very important." Turns me into the car and says, "I want you to marry me." I said: "I also want this." All. And the train is gone. The first letter was written on the day of my departure, at two hours and thirty minutes of the night. "Svetik you my dear.I am writing to you after you blinked red flashlight, turned the corner on hands and disappeared. Svetik's sake, it's so sick to stand on a platform to participate in meaningless conversations smile, make an independent view admirer and friend to share you for four.You behaved just about all get equal pay, and only occasionally sad eyes tender glance, a plea on his lips. And I, as well to the structure of the receiver, caught only that, but it took for himself, whether I do it? If I understood you true also?Etiquette had to be brought up, to laugh, to repay debts for the reception at Eugene, at my mother's good friends, even for a car and flowers. It is ridiculous to have a car in the city that one day you can go around the whole. " This he was jealous because I accompanied the director and artistic director of the Philharmonic, who had a car. The following letter:"Darling, my Light! I walk around like a madman, all viewed through the thoughts of you. Nothing gets into the head, and madly want to be with you! Who is it, Fly, razzvonil me at the institute, are you telling me, approve your choice. Your such a move at all, or is that me. I'm not download the film kannibal and surprised, and impressed, as did you, probably.Yesterday gave the tailor suit. Promises to make good. " He had one suit, which he attended for three years to work in Kuibyshev. I like to see the wedding, he was in the dark, and he gave it to his tailor to sew, the only and the best in Kuibyshev."Fire-Fly's sake, this week I to you tame, so used, so was happy to have me as odd as your long absence." The third letter, "the telegram received reassure you - I'm healthy. I work during the day and evening. I said nothing, for the simple reason that waiting for you to write to me from Moscow.This, I understand, was for me of paramount importance. Moscow, in my view, could make koekakie adjustments to your soul. Remember when you said that the three-separation will be a good test for us. Now I got your letter, and the second and see what you remember, and even kiss me. I shaved.Fly, I'm working on a lot of roles that are not so immediately given. Look online. My head is like a medieval alchemist's cauldron.It has everything, and that put the author - Alexander Stein - naiperveyshy master, and that is trying, by any means, drum Eugene A. Prost - Faust, and imagine that there is a place in it, a little, however, the fact which we call a highly organized matter. That's from all of this must happen Poludino. "They download the film kannibal and practiced "Personal business" Stein. Then for this performance were presented to the State Prize. It was a time when the state awards peripheral theaters almost not download the film kannibal and allowed. Alexander P. Stein, he's my cousin, he was invited to the premiere to Kuibyshev. He said to me: "Come on, she asks, with me."Grisha I wrote that it might be coming. "Most come, even for four days, yet not three. Oh, see, this is my fate, I get a few days. Given my busy during the holidays, I can calculate that it will not be four, but one day, and the day.

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