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3 Suler was an actor, storyteller, singer, dancer and improviser. Lucky man! It must have kissed his muse at birth. But in a society of serious people Suler unwittingly mastered by the attention. He was able to talk seriously.And his words were all the more convincing, he spoke about many first-hand, and on the _s_ o_b_ s_t_ v_e_ n_n_ o_m_ y_ _t_ ya_zh_ e_l_ o_m_ y_ or _r_ a_d_ o_s_ t_n_ o_m_ y_ _o_ p_y_ t_u. Yes, he had a story to tell, which will not read in books. He had more to say, because he had thoughts and ideas that he _v_ y_s_ t_r_ a_d_ a_l.He was to preach that, because he had a purpose for which he lived. He was what _m_ e_ch_ t_a_ t_, as it always looked better and more sublime.In these his thoughts, goals and dreams for the solution and the meaning of his life, his leitmotif runs through his actions sounded in all its arguments, sermons, stories, jokes, which gave all the original charm of his personality, the value and dignity.These basic ideas and objectives of vibrantly manifested his big, hot temper, feeling anxious and searching thought. But, alas! in the same depth throughout his spiritual life were two directions, two beds, which are often _r_ a_z_ d_v_ a_i_ v_a_ l_i_ his soul.In the period in question, apparently, Suler experienced just such a split large internal struggle. He tossed doubt that even then the theater, with its heady atmosphere, beckoning him to his artistic nature, but behind, outside the theater, it was something that was calling him imperiously to her _n_ a_z_ a_d.I felt it, and therefore kept strictly neutral role, afraid to put him off the temptations of the theater. And, it seems, there were moments when I was waiting for Suler decisive word, and not getting it, again rushed somewhere, away from the drama of the plague, and disappeared for a few months.Then he download the film kannibal and appeared, in transit, on the hour, and, as if to hide from people or fear of compromising their only stealthily ran backstage to get some air and then disappear until the next appearance, when he came back again, as if from chegoto released. He flew as suddenly as the flies away; disappeared and reappeared, then rehearsal, then play the top, in the gallery or in the front ranks of the orchestra, in a bed with Chekhov, in the aisle with kakimto strange man, his friends. Who is this gentleman? he was asked. So, we went fishing together ... And yet his disappearance remains a mystery to me.Only rarely did he blurts that dares to live in Moscow that he lives outside the city, in the lodge signalman, that it should not compromise the other. I do not think he belonged to kakoynibud party. So little jibe with his entire nature. Probably, he download the film kannibal and promoted the ideas and literature of Tolstoy and for this he was download the film kannibal and persecuted.Finally, in 1906, while our theater tour in download the film kannibal and Berlin, Suler has theatrical baptism and experienced himself as a director and teacher at the same time. He put together with his late friend Satsem, the opera "Eugene Onegin". He and his student had success on my return from abroad, we had a long conversation with him.The fact is that in his life happened kakoeto krushenie6, and he stood at the crossroads between the village and the theater, between the earth and the arts.

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