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I have my algebra, but the producer, and with it the movie or do not accept it, or strongly oppose it. Hence the resentment, the desire to escape, to get rid of the disease.But there comes a day that you've been waiting with fear and with hope for the release - the day when you have to enter the pavilion. The first frame. The first blow firecrackers.Almost always, the first two weeks are terrible, I live this time with a sense of bitterness, self-destruction, in a state full of suicidal euphoria and confidence that now finally resolved lingering misunderstanding, because of which I was considered not quite so useless cinematographer. At last comes the release!But one morning the film discovers kakieto you pretty features. Film set begins to seem more cozy, home, and your work, and the painting itself is made flexible, relaxed, it seems that it is well with you, they trust you.At this point the film becomes your friend, now you're not him, and he directs you. His algebra again coincides with yours: he is also trying to gradually come up with themselves. Transference fantasies in plastic, three-dimensional, physical form, a very delicate operation. After all, the main charm of these fantasies - just in their uncertainty.Give them certainty - is inevitably deprive them charms dreams cover of secrecy.We need to try at all costs to preserve the charm, for the success of the whole enterprise, the proof of its vitality, originality, poetry depends precisely on Can you save the resulting image as much unspoken, transparent, blurry, wavering, uncertain that was dreamingyour picture. The colors are not the same, of which you dreamed of, and hence the prospect born your imagination, was only given the prospect of scenery.Character, here he is, in front of you, with your appearance, these hairs and pores, with the voice of his - has lost the charm of such a miraculous way you donated your unrestrained imagination. Moreover, during the shoot with you full of life throughout the company, declare themselves your personal likes and dislikes, boredom, irritation and fatigue.Life company - is a long journey together hundreds of people: that only happens around every frame. And all this in the frame itself and absorbs it all back then. There is no doubt that if, on the one hand, there is something is depleted or the other - there is some piece and enrichment;in this new life there is something finished, concrete, sustainable, that is the movie itself, the way it will be seen by other people. Potomuto I do not like watching the footage. It happens that I really hang back and do not go into the viewing room. While working on the "Satyricon" I go there almost did not go.Finally, after three months of filming, I was literally dragged by force into the hall: urgently required to dismantle the maze to put in this place new scenery, and the operator and the administration has to be, so I checked to see if the negative kakogonibud defect. Watch the film komediya in excellent quality online. "8 1/2" I was shooting, and did not look at what I got:then just held a four-month strike by the staff of all laboratories that develop and print film. Rizzoli would suspend work on the film, and the director of the picture Fracassi refused to continue shooting. I had to push, scream, to ensure that the work did not stop. After all, it was just the perfect conditions:I have a feeling that, watching daily footage, you see a very different film that is a movie that you do, but it is never the way you had planned.

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