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But yet it is the film komediya watch online in excellent as a and memory total, so-how she correlates with the among and the same data, who one of them asserts, and the other - denies, or refutes the.In reality, a character X revolves on an orbit of the past, inside which there is A, serving in the role of a bright the point of, «aspect of», - then as A is located in the regions of, where X no, or in those, where he sprayed, as if nebula.Will allow whether the And to captivate yourself on cloth, where is located X, or whether it is cloth will be disconnected and crumpled because of resistance A, which zavernet him in the own of the cloth? «Hiroshima, My Love» even more complicates the situation. In this film two characters, but at everyone - own memory, alien to differently. Between them there is nothing in common.This is reminiscent of are two of incommensurable the region's of the past - Hiroshima and Nevers. And while, such as Japanese not allows a woman to enter in own region, a woman willingly and sympathetically, although and up to a certain point of, shall entail Japanese man into your.Is not it for each - not a way to to forget own memory and create how would memory on the two of, as if is now memory becomes the whole world and separates from the personalities of heroes? In the film "Muriel" again Two memory, and each marked his war: one - Boulogne, another - Algeria.But this time, each including MULTI 'We are talking about the moment when a certain vehicle involves the hero of time film komediya watch online in excellent quality and reverse - about a minute, when he came out of the water to the beach; this minute will be repeated and modified throughout the film. Gaston Bunur wrote:«Claude sailed, floats and will float around this minute, into which is enclosed his whole life. Eludes spoilage and an impregnable, it sparkles in the maze of time, as if a diamond ». 424 425 Gilles Diez to the of panels or regions of the past, Sending to different persona Zham: three levels of around letters from Boulogne, the two urs nya around Algerian war.It pamyatmir, a distributed on many persons and several levels, and they are all each other's refute the, expose, or cling. The film "The war is over», in our opinion, marks a not mu tatsiyu and does not the return of to the present, as well deepening of all of the same pro problems.The point here in the fact, that the present of the hero - not that other, as "of EPO ha», a definite epoch in the history Spain, which never until called a in the present tense. There is epoch of civil war, in which so and stayed Committee-in-exile. There is a new era of young terroristovradikalov.Anastoyaschee of the hero, permanent sec-General some kind of the political organization of, is itself a of such same of EPO Khoi in the life of of Spain, level, differing and from the civil howl of us, and from the not acquainted with grief of her young generation. All of this is presented tion as the past, present and future, can also be considered in three periods in the life of Spain, so that the production chegoto new wasp schestvimo or when choosing between them, or within insoluble th.The idea epoch tends to vscheleniyu, to the attainment of independent political, historical or even of the archaeological sense. In the movie "My American Uncle» successfully continued it is ICs adherence to epochs: in it for three character's, and each exists on the MULTI FIR levels, in several epochs. There are constants:Each era, each panel is determined by a certain territory, lines of "leakage", blocking these lines; it is topological and kartologacheskie of determination, proposed by Laborie.

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