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So, I'm a student! Do not even believe it.After all, nothing new has happened in me as I arrived, so I have, but the mere fact that I am a student, have many. A look at the surroundings have been different, and to do with me for the first time was as an adult. Began for me a new life.New people around me, and I felt that I was still as small as it was in school that all the same classes, only the evening, the same mathematics, chemistry, physics, and quite a bit of photography, composition. As we all download the film komediya and waited for the onset of these short hours! Bohanova lectures were extremely interesting.He talked to us a very friendly, was able to build a class so that the students were very active - supplement and develop his thoughts. It was always entertaining, fun and witty. Time download the film komediya and passed quickly, and always download the film komediya and wanted to extend it. Many of us left the audiences even on breaks.Ivan was attentive, kind, sincere person. Especially for those who really wanted to get knowledge, even if they were not particularly download the film komediya and gifted. But he belonged to a slacker with a witty irony that the entire course is usually laughed at these "leaders", as he called them.As a rule, they were the ones who hide behind pseudo-activities and their lack of success in school justifies the meetings, the meetings, the preparation of reports. In short, were the "leaders", but did not understand anything in the profession to which the ready. One day we went to the SCC director Nicholas Eck.He took for his film "The Road to Life" actors. We, all newcomers, especially wanted to go to the shooting. In the acting department for the lead role was selected Mari Ivan Kurly. In other faculties also selected a few people - "epizodnikov." They got me. We were shooting in the non-educational time - long, long and hard.But in the film where I flashed almost unnoticed, came just one small incident - a rebellion in the commune, filmed on the beach Moskvareki, against Ivan the Great Bell. But even that was not enough, so that once the film to me from Saratov fell letters and greetings from friends amazed.Then director Julius Reisman came to the SCC to select actors for his new film. In the corridor, the SCC he saw me and offered to star in the film, which was to be download the film komediya and called "George Filippar." I had to play the role it sprightly Odessa sailor. This was no longer a crowd and gruppovka and most interesting role.Did fotoproby and Reisman suggested I grow a beard skipper. Grown. But, to my amazement, the beard grew yarkoryzhaya. For me it was called Barbarossa. The first trial took place in a sound studio in the Forest, but did not get on: the film was removed from the production, arguing that it is not relevant.So not had my acting career, which, however, I do not ochento and eager! From the earliest days of study I became close friends with his namesake Miksys. We started calling Vlad. Our company was Boris Gorbachev, Pasha Rusanov - lyricist Andrew Boltyanskii - "Small Soviet Encyclopedia," as we called him, Kohl Lytkin and Vladimir Georgiev.We always stick together - does the writing poetry, reading Pasternak, Blok. Pasha is often dug out of nowhere individual stanzas and, turning to us, shouting, "One hundred rubles to anyone who guesses whose!" Usually nobody but Gorbachev not correctly guessed, even knowing Boltyanskii. Once Boris Gorbachev came to lecture terribly excited.Before the training, he suddenly stood up to the chair, raised his hand and powerfully loud voice read: - "Listen, fellow descendants" ... And I must say that the voice of Boris was a beautiful, velvety baritone, good sound, and poetry, especially Mayakovsky, he gave as good Yakhontova.It turns out that Boris met yesterday with Mayakovsky, and download the film komediya and listened to him read his poems.

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