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- Alan, how are you? Asked on.Ne sit back at home, come to me. - Well, sad voice said Delon.Priedu an hour. He hung up and asked: - Darling, let's giving away my best friend. - Of course, it supported the idea of ​​Romi.Alain rang the door of the apartment and a little ZhanKloda paused before entering. - I'm not alone, he said in a loud whisper to the owner. - Invite your friend and said Briand, Alain looking ruefully. He stepped across the threshold and pulled her by the hand, Romy, was hiding on the stairs. Brialy was struck by her appearance no less than in the morning his friend.- So you're not going to give up? You lied to me? He pounced on Alain. - Well no. Imagine a nasty girl conceived to give me a surprise, he said, fighting off a joke on him swinging a girl. - Your novel on the complexity of the plot can not be compared with the movie "Christine", remarked Brialy.tell it to reporters and your ranking will rise to unattainable heights. - No, said Alen.Eto too personal. Romi agreed with him. Those few weeks, they lived with Alain at the guest house before she left to shoot in Germany were carefree and filled with love and joy.In the evening they did not come out of the room, preferring to spend time alone. Occasionally they came to him friends, but did not stay long in visiting a couple in love, because we felt that they just stop komediya movie watch online and notice.Alain and Romy continually at each other, kissing and being rushed phrases whose meaning was clear only to them. Once George Baum was seriously offended by a friend when he tried to speak to him about an interesting scenario, and he interrupted in mid-sentence: - At the moment I just want my baby Romy.- You'll lose a good offer, I warned George. - Stop reading my sermons. We can talk about this film later. Allen turned to Romy and called her. She immediately rushed to him, and George could only leave. Familiar he lamented the fact that the young actor will not part with his beloved and forget about his career.However, Bohm was wrong. Love for Romy did not prevent Allen to study new proposals and to review the scenario of new films. He just pretended not interested in past and future production. The reason for this was ozhdaniya the screens the film "Christine".The actor did not doubt that the show will be a success and will significantly improve its directors' fees for their participation in the next film. With Roman Schneider it was also good for his image, even though he tried not to think about it.The girl he liked, and if her mother did not call every day and not questioned my daughter the details of their life together, he would consider himself the happiest love on earth. Film komediya.Neither he nor Romi not remembered about her imminent departure, until one day Allen, brought from a nearby cafe lunch, found no girl crying. - Honey, what's wrong? He asked, putting on the table a package with snacks and hugging her. - The day after tomorrow I fly to Germany, we leave for six weeks, said through tears ona.Ty will remember me?- God, I love you. Of course I will be Watch Online and think of you, to call and wait for your return. - I can not live without you, she murmured, her head resting on his shoulder. Now she wished she had to be firm and refused to participate in the film.Then she thought that her mother would never let her do it, and sighed. Every act of self-giving her the hard way.

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