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Brigitte cheered and jumped over the broken jar. Allen caught her, and they returned to the living room. Hostess completely forgot about dinner, and fell on the couch, lying on it off his pads to the floor. The young man joined her and began greedily kissing her lips and neck.- You make me understand the differences between a man and a woman, 'he muttered. The girl giggled in triumph and ran her fingers with ostorymi nails down his back. His temperament it surpassed Nina, which Allen met right after arrival in Paris.However, despite urgent entreaties Brigitte, he stayed with her for the night and went home because I was waiting for the morning bell Romy. His bride is always neat to fulfill its promises, and did not answer the call, he risked a cause for suspicion, but at the moment he does not want to offend her.Playing with her in the play, he is used to respond to her every gesture, the slope of the head to determine the mood. Allen played a role in accordance with the emotional mood Romy, who has always been different. In the morning he was awakened by a phone call. He struggled to unstuck eyes and almost found the touch up. - Honey, Romy's voice rang out.It always touches her accent with which she spoke French. Zouch instructor-diction of the role, she says the word pure heroine of the play. However, eating the same words in ordinary speech again is the old error. - Soon I will be in Paris. Visconti gave me leave, said ona.A how are you?- I wonder how strong enough to speak, he said. - I'm tired too, but I think Visconti download the film komediya and satisfied with my game. Sorry that you now can not come to Italy. We have had a wonderful time at sea. Hear the pleading tone in her voice, Allen frowned. - If you know that this is not possible, then why talk about it? - I'm sorry. Are you in trouble?Voice full of sad, said Romy. - No, it's okay. Come back, and then I start to feel a bachelor. - No, no. Do not try to take advantage of temporary freedom laughed devushka.My engaged, even though you are pulling with the announcement of the date of our wedding. Bye, see you soon.Allen thoughtfully shook hands in the phone and put his head back on the pillow. Mentally, he download the film komediya and moved into an apartment and Brigitte imagined she wakes up and stretches. Creating his image of the child, it nevertheless has an unerring instinct and ability to get what they want, whether it be a new lover or an expensive necklace."Thank God that Brigitte would not start talking about the wedding," he thought an actor, "with her head, she organized her for one day, and the return of Romy, I would be connected with another woman."Finally, he download the film komediya and realized why continually delayed the formalization of marriage with his beloved - betrothal not turned him into a man, and he in good conscience have affairs with other women.But when he put the ring on the finger of a girl in the presence of the Mayor, as it considers itself entitled to monitor it and demand accountability of every minute spent in her absence. That prospect did not suit him. Bardot on the set does not download the film komediya and hinted on his last night.She played badly that day and had to reshoot some doubles to ten times. Immediately she failed only kissing scene at the wedding stories of heroes, as they Alain has download the film komediya and rehearsed it, sitting on the sofa in her vast apartment. After filming a young man came into her dressing room and said:- I do not give rest promised you dinner.

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