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Andrew jumped out of his chair like a rocket from the Baikonur - Pushkin! "Recognition": I love you - though I rage, even though it labor in vain, and shame, and in this nonsense unhappy at your feet I confess! I have not been to the face and beyond her years ... It's time to be smarter than me!So with the help of Alexander really timid Andrew explained to me on the day of love and pleaded: But pretend! All this view can express so beautifully! Oh, do not deceive me hard! .. I delude myself happy! "Lord, - I thought, smiling - and when he managed to unearth all learn?"Maria Markovna lady elderly, frail mother in law, former actress of the Maly Theater, weighing uttered, looking at me - you look at this view! She also Vasnetsov eyes! Vasnetsov eyes sparkled, ecstasy yanked me out of the table, and I read his new poems: I wanderer! And I - wanderer!Who is afraid to stumble, who will be afraid - what a disaster! I - conspirator with the fate, I - with a proud skifka anguish, I have invented myself, I - no, and yes! Oh, I'm not a beggar - Rich Girl! With risky luck in the race Such daring, as the mast! A A A A A well! I, as a blow beneficent awakened or asleep, you, oh, my fake, I drink to the bottom!Maria Markovna retired to bed. At three o'clock in the morning began a second wind - laugh again shook the walls of singing songs, and began the competition - who would rather get out of the window from the kitchen into the yard.Thank God, the apartment is on the first floor, and Andrei half of the body is already stuck in the frosty night, when he heard a burst of nervous Markovna poor Mary, who slammed the door, went out into the street. - I can not sleep in these conditions! I went to the park! Stuck in the window, turned to Andrew Mary Markovna:- Maria Markovna, sorry, we did not want, I'll go now. - He moved to the window, like a lizard, and fell into the street. Approached in a sweater sitting on a bench to the victim, kissed her pen and said: - Why in such a cold night to go to the park? You - a bad woman. - Maria Markovna melted from the pun, and the incident was closed.In the morning we went home, and he tortured me - he sunk his head in my poems: - Why am I not real? Why do you write this? - Because I do not know it happened. - Why did it happen? - Do not let it.- Because you are rarely Andrew, basically you - Maria Vladimirovna, against their will, that you have specifically implicated your mother as a jelly. It is easier to manage you. And the worst of it just for you. And no mother in the world is unable to understand it. Gaft irrepressible, like a hound, rushed to Moscow in search of solutions "Figaro". And found it!The film komediya. "I found it! - He said at rehearsal. - In the Moscow Art Theater School graduation performance play of the same name. Urgent need to go look! "Agitated, all stirred up. So check with Zina, Gaft, Clara, Andrei and I are sitting in the hall of the school studio and watch the show.While students mischievous comedy play by Beaumarchais, Gaft passionately and intrigabelno whispering their views Ceku. As a result, the favorite Checa was ejected from the play, and in its place a new gotovenkaya invited Suzanne, a graduate of the university theater - acrobat with a bushy brown hair.The difference between these talents Suzanne was not, but was assertive influence Gaft and always ready Checa desire to assert itself with the help of bullying mainly on beautiful women and the tyranny of power to hide their inconsistency.

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Film komediya
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