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Span pavilion shooting spilled in German cinema - now he began retrofitting studios and expansion of expressive means.To supplement the particulars of the general panorama - employment and endless boring, but still not useless - should probably talk more about the comedy coming out in this era. In this field again download the film komediya and reigned Lubich, who left it to clear the field of the Davidson. However, whether it is out of the game?Bring crowds of extras to curse Madame du Barry or meet welcoming clicks Anne Boleyn, Lubich parallel translation on screen operetta. For example, "doll" or satirical comedy "The Princess and oysters" where, amid spectacular scenery he clumsily mocked American customs.Lubich, so put into practice the philosophy of his hunchback of "Sumurun," which "must dance and act up, because the public wants entertainment."Considering how hastily Lubich moved from images of torture and murder for dance and clowning, it is likely that the psychological background of his comedy was the same nihilism that download the film komediya and permeated his historical drama. With this approach, Lubich deprived seriousness great events and peddling his comic talent on trivia. Spiced with his wit, such nonsense turned into spicy delicacies. Since 1921, farewell to historical subjects, Lubitsch goes headlong into a spicy, entertaining films, was that he was a master.In his film "The mountain cat", which did not have much success, Pola Negri, who played the daughter of a robber, walking around with a feline grace of the prohibitive architecture that leveraged effect this travesty of Balkan swagger, puffed militarism and probably at a fashion expressionism.Do not be a painting Lubitsch, the then German comedy film would not be worth mentioning. Operettas and film adaptation of plays - among them the eternal "Printsastudenta" - download the film komediya and pushed tapes, full of genuine cinematic humor, and American comedy, unlike the national, successfully quenched the thirst of the public plenty to laugh at.This fact proves once again that the natural desire for happiness in itself is not the Germans were cultured, and, perhaps, just put up with it. The desire to escape from reality partly download the film komediya and counterbalanced urgent needs to join one side or another in a battle of ideas.Some films, expressing outrage philistines lamented postwar debauchery nouveau riche and hobbies dancing. Outspoken advocacy calls interspersed in these films with calls restore much morality.Two films have erected a slander on the French army, the French government had to send a sharp note of protest in download the film komediya and Berlin. Other incur bans censorship spread anti-Semitic and anti-Republican views. In the tense atmosphere of those years the political passions flared on innocent occasion.In 1923, in Munich, because of anti-Semitic demonstration disrupted pattern Manfred Noa Lessing on the drama "Nathan the Wise" - this case foreshadowed the famous Nazi demonstration in download the film komediya and Berlin, which nine years later led to a ban Remarque's novel "On the Western Front."However, these screening of interest only from the ideological point of view: they reflect the political mood of the group, not psychological aims.Back in 1919, the German esthetician Dr. Victor Pordes lamented how clumsy and awkward Germans played on your collision where there are scenes of social life and touches the matter of public behavior.He said that when the movies portrayed the behavior of civilized people, Danish, American and French films are far superior German "their sophistication, quality of the ensemble cast, tone, nuance, restraint acting and finally behavior."Of course, this is not about the stupidity of German cinema who could not portray civilized manners.

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