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We have kept in touch with him, you know? He is from Budapest, I'm from Cambridge. Adrian said he understood. - A couple of years ago, Szabo made a curious discovery.Over the years, his interests shifted more and more to pure mathematics in the direction of electronics, acoustic technology and various other ancillary disciplines. The Hungarians are very strong in this respect. That colorful cube with which all are now playing, he's also Hungarian.I think the ability to speak a language understood by very few people, and makes Magyars such experts on the number, shape and dimensions. Now there is even a Hungarian mathematician who came close to achieving what once was considered absolutely impossible. He is on the verge of solving the problem of squaring the circle.Or is it called krugloturoy square? In general, one of them. - Hungary - I am the only one who is able to enter with you into a revolving door and get out of it first - quoted Adrian. - That's it. Sabo just such slippery types.In the seventies he worked on the problem of stuttering, as an experiment, playing their own stammering speech. It seems that if a person is a split second only hear what he said, then going to the fact that he was going to say the following, his stuttering disappears. - What a convoluted method. - Intricate? Well, as you say.- No, I just think that walking around everywhere with headphones and voice recorder - is somehow not very practical. - It is truth too. Treatment difficult to implement. However, the experiments in this area have led to Belo, which resulted in a very, very fruitful research speech centers of the brain.Most of all Belo interested lies, or, so to speak, speaking what is not. He wanted to find out what happens in the brain when a person tells a lie; understand, for example, there is a difference between the lies, the failure of memory and the creation of fiction - in general, between all that somehow comes to speaking what is not.That is, a person can say, "I have to work late today, dear," or "Ponemetski chive called ein Zwiebel", or "There was once a legendary dragon named Jeffrey, who feeds his pants." All of this can be seen as examples lies.The speaker is not really going to work late, on the other hand, he's going to go to his mistress and indulge her unruliness of the flesh. It lies alfatipa.In the second case, the human brain knows that Zwiebel is in fact German designation onions, and a word that he is trying to find is Schnittlauch, but consciousness is not possible at the moment to get access to this information. The assertion that ein Zwiebel - is the German name of garlic cloves is thus lies betatipa. Finally, no legendary Pete pants dragon named Jeffrey never existed and, moreover, the speaker knows this: the art of lying gammatipa.Alfatip, the first kind of lies - lies the moral, if you like, wing - upsets the consciousness of the speaker and may be detected by a machine called the polygraph, two other types of lies with certainty can not be detected. - Our friends go, - said Adrian. Two of the BMW were sent to the exit.- Excellent! - Trefuzis said. - This means that we were really watching. - What do you want to say? - When Nancy and Simon left the place of our first rendezvous, it's a sign that we are not alone.

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