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Click key. Can not go to bed before lights out. Nadi village, turned to me. - Today, Tatiana's Day! Congratulate you on your angel! Spun, getting up ... What if the house is neither Mom nor Boris? What if they are download the film komediya and arrested?At the head of the Hare Creek beats when I was dragged, "Mom!" Hit his head against the wall to split for good. - Did not you know that today, Tatiana's Day? - No, I'm after the arrest was in solitary confinement and lost count. Nadi download the film komediya and looked down at my feet, like dough. - Standing solitary confinement? - No, refrigerator.What a strange, terrible, like nothing on earth prison life: climbing, hang up, the mandrel, a walk, a hot water crust of bread and four lumps of sugar, lunch, dinner, hang, climb, arbor ... life with people associated with you relentlessly, every second.German Frau Muller, middle-aged, probably wondering now are green, funny huge Walkers of boots, which she exchanged here on his shoes, the elite of German society, was the wife of a famous professor, much older than himself, an assistant professor in love with a much younger, has made divorce, she married assistant, the war - and the assistantappeared in the German troops had occupied Czechoslovakia, where we caught them in full of the church when they were trying to escape from us.Frau husband sitting right there, they had a few dates, Frau lives of these travelers, nothing around does not see or hear, happy that her husband close, happy to be together will lead to the execution, selfless, all-consuming love.BeatricheNina attacked me with talk, books she reads, she painfully boring, and with it, as I understand, no ponemetski nor porusski nor Frau or Nadi do not talk, and now she talks and talks.Nadi is annoying, and, apparently, we are in this cell, if not we will be with each other, without any investigators will bring each other up to the murder. I try to interrupt Nina, but it is useless - it starts all over again.Listening to her talk, as in her childhood eyes hurt because she was sleeping with her mother in the same bed and my mother infected her with gonorrhea as it was second mom bed, when my mother came with a man, that his grandfather had a brother in Russia, famous, rich actor, and he bought a huge grandfather family home in Moldova, they moved to Bucharest - Iimagined that somewhere was once I heard it all ... The great Russian artist Shchepkin: This Nina, she is the great-granddaughter Shchepkina! I asked the name of his grandfather - Shchepkin! I told her that her great-grandfather - the great Russian artist that right out of the building prisons, down the avenue, it is a monument. Strange Russian Czech eye, as I had never seen before:a cold, prickly heat deep within the veil, nothing about himself says, but as you can tell, if we are at each other's nose, the only thing she download the film komediya and whispered to me quickly when we were led to the toilet, so I did about yourself when Nina did not related: Nina - rubbish.Nadi about thirty, interesting young woman with a beautiful figure, with beautiful legs, now it is too green, a gypsy faded red sweater she's here bartered, Slavic face, feminine, eyeing me coldly, smoking methodically, by the hour, deep drags, smoking killer "White Sea", which, likeBorisov "Kazbek" smell download the film komediya and unwashed feet. - Sorry that I smoke, but I can not do anything, even to the pane is not allowed to approach ... Where else but the KGB, it may a luxury triumvirate: artistokratka, a prostitute, an intelligent woman!

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Film komediya
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