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Of course, all this is pretty fun, but everyone has their limit strength, and in this hangar is a terrible noise. The boys surrounded the artist a solid ring, so very bad acoustics. During the first show, I was ready to cry:there was so much noise that I could not utter a word. We live well, but indoors is a terrifying fug that you are on the verge of fainting. And when you come out, breath catches cold. " "We danced with the soldiers, ate and drank with them at the table, visiting hospitals, and of course, I caught a cold.Everywhere there was a terrible stuffy, I opened the door, went out into the snow with the words: "I am dying from this heat." I really almost died clutching pneumonia. So the new year I had not met as expected, and in the military infirmary. We fly a small plane - just the pilot and one pilot behind.Bottom is not seen nothing but snow. We always ask, "What is down there?" And it turns out that a few houses located a couple of hundred soldiers languishing in idleness. Months they could not see nobody. War is not felt, the Alaskan is not no bullet flew. When the him down these small planes, they were happy. "The war went on as usual, and life went on as usual in Hollywood. Ingrid began to appear in "Saratogskoy railroad" with Gary Cooper. Dyuleyn Its Cleo slid on the film in the highly beaten black wig, a satin petticoat with fluffy bustle, tight tight hips, with brightly painted lips.How different is this woman from cropped Mary, a small mountain goat from the movie "For Whom the Bell Tolls." I played this foul creature - spoiled to the core, selfish, always download the film komediya and inflated, always yelling. Before filming began, I heard from many: "This is absolutely not your role."But I download the film komediya and missed the words go in one ear because it knew exactly what I want to do. I became nyuorleanskoy bitch, and it was quite a novelty for me. Criticism approved game Ingrid. Ended "Saratogskuyu branch", she download the film komediya and returned to Rochester to lock the house.Peter had to go to California - to fulfill the last year of residency clinic in San Francisco. In April she wrote to Ruth, "I'm so glad you leave Rochester. We did not end with a farewell party, so I cook. Yesterday organized a buffet dinner for six: beef, herring of all sorts. They were delighted. So do I.On Tuesday we will have eleven people from the hospital, and I'm going to repeat the same thing. David sent me a summary of "The Valley of Decision." Oh, well, role, this is exactly what he would prefer to see me. Exactly the same as in the movie "Adam had four sons." Courageous woman, strong and incredibly boring .She has so many advantages, that from this you can just get sick. Ah, the governess, who bear the beauty and order in broken families, with their unrequited love, their sacrifices and their neighbors ... Where's my gun? "From Agent Ingrid Feldman, not left in peace by David O. Selznick, came with new offerings.This time it was a starring Charles Boyer in "Gaslight", the movie "Angel Street.'' This one interested Ingrid, when she saw her on New York's theater scene. However, here it was necessary to overcome all obstacles! Begins negotiations David Selznick, who download the film komediya and called me a little later and said:- I'm sorry, but you're not going to star in the film. - I will not shoot? With Charles Boyer in the lead role! - I almost died. - What happened? - Charles Boyer wants his name appeared first. - So what? Let it first.

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