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At the fair collective heads of two prosperous farms Kuban - Galina Peresvetov Gordey and Raven. They love each other, but they hide their feelings, as Galina and proud - old rivals. They compete in the labor exploits, and most importantly for each of them - to bring his farm in the first place.One of the most famous home movie, a favorite of several generations of viewers.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Regisseur Ivan Pyrev

The director was born 11/04/1901, died 02/07/1968. The director, screenwriter and actor. Ivan Pyrev born in the village of Kamen-na-Obi, Altai. He graduated from the acting department GEKTEMAS (1923), studied in parallel to the director's office. In 1916-1920 - served in the Army. From 1921 - Actor of the First Workers Theater. He played in productions at the Eisenstein (The Mexican) and B.Meyerhold (Wood). From 1925 - screenwriter, assistant director (assistant director on films of Yuri Taricha), then - the director of the studio Goskino Proletkino, Soyuzkino (now - Mosfilm). In 1954-57 - the director of Mosfilm Studios, in 1959-1968 - the artistic director of the creative association of the Second Mosfilm.One of the founders of the Union of Cinematographers of the USSR, 1957-65 - Chairman of the organizing committee of SC. Member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR third convocation.Stalin Prize winner (1941 - Tractor for the film, 1942 - Swineherd and Shepherd, 1943 - Secretary of the District Committee, 1946 - At six o'clock in the evening after the war, 1948 - The Legend of the Siberian Land, 1951 - Kuban Cossacks).... to read further                                                                                               

Information on a film

Film Kuban Cossacks
Regisseur Ivan Pyrev
Country USSR
cinema Genre Comedy
Cinema-garbage a box Our comedies

exit Date on screens 27.10.1949
Quality of video DVDRip
Size of a file 1.01 Gb

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