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Suffice it to say that I did in the revolution Teatrstudiya modern scene, and how he, looking for new ways, affect the operation of existing next to theaters and those that download the film la femme infidele and occurred after his death.Work on one play led to criticism of Types of Theatre and opened insight into the area of ​​synthesis of theater, and work on other plays into the hands of the method given location on the scene of figures on the bas reliefs and murals, has given way to detect internal dialogue through music and plastic movement, download the film la femme infidele and enabled by experience check the power of artistic accentsinstead of the previous "logical" and more about what I will say next, work on the third play taught displayed on the main stage only, "the quintessence of life," as Chekhov said, opened the difference between playing on stage style and stylized theatrical positions.And all the works they are more fun than running high, more and more manifest the errors that make it a "big brother" - Art Theater.Describe - to me, the new chief executive of the Association of Drama and Teatrastudii traversed path in the search for new forms of stage - so it must give criticism of those forms, which seemed to me not only outdated, but also harmful.The main enemies are my principles meyningentsev, as well as the Moscow Art Theatre in one part of their activities to follow the method meyningentsev, in my struggle for new theatrical forms I and Art Theatre had to declare an enemy.To come to the presentation of the principles of conventional theater, I can not tell you how to search for new ways to gradually download the film la femme infidele and opened my eyes weaknesses meyningenskogo reception, and that in the experiments of the main leader of the Moscow Art Theatre seemed to be overcome.While appreciating the enormous contribution to the history of the Moscow Art Theatre, not only Russian but also of European contemporary theater, yet I erred to myself and to those who have given this work, if it had not touched the mistakes that have helped me come to a new method of staging.Several thoughts on the Art Theatre I give in, as they have then, at the time of the Partnership and the new drama Teatrestudii. II. Naturalistic Theatre and Moscow Art Theatre MOOD has two faces: one - the naturalistic theater, the other - Theatre mood.Naturalism Art Theatre - naturalism, borrowed from meyningentsev. The basic principle - fidelity nature. On stage, if possible, it should be real: ceilings, plaster cornices, fireplaces, wall hangings, the oven door, vents, etc. On the stage was running waterfall and rain came out of this water.Remember chapel, knocked out of the tree, the house, lined thin wooden veneer. Double glazing, wool between them and the glass covered by a frost. Distinct and detailed all the corners of the stage.Fireplaces, tables, shelves made to a large number of small things that are visible only with binoculars and are curious persistent viewer has time to look at for more than one act. Frightening the public thunder on a wire creeping round moon in the sky. Through the window you can see how to Fjord is a real ship.Building on the scene only a few rooms, but several stories with these stairs and oak doors. Loma and revolving stage. Limelight. Soffity lot. The canvas, which izobrazhenonebo, hung a semicircle. The play, which should be presented rustic courtyard floor is carpeted with mud from papemashe.In short, are out to aspire to in their panoramas Jan joints: to be drawn together with the present.

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