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This man - the only one who understands me and accepts with all the good and bad. I'd never have met people from this understanding. "July 15, 1958 Ingrid Liana Ferry wrote: "The children are still at Roberto. Just at that moment, when I was going very angry with him, there was an accident: Iza baby fell from appendicitis. Now it is all right, but he did not want to give my children for another two weeks.Hopefully soon he will sell his television documentary - it just can not go on forever. He can not understand why he was so unlucky. I try to explain that in many respects he is guilty, but it is, of course, will never believe. " Ten days later she download the film la femme infidele and added in a second letter:"Tonight leave Paris, and the kids will be with me again. On the phone they told me: "Poor dad, he cried all night." Me it's crazy, but instead to present everything that happens as natural as possible and easier, it must arrange Italian melodrama. I promised that they will spend the summer with him in "Santa Marinella. '"September 5, 1958 - Liana Ferry: "Pia loved his home in France, but most of all she loves this little island. Of course, it is unique, and I'm so glad that she is happy. Most importantly, she loved Lars - for me there is no greater happiness. They are so much fun together. All three girls, all three of my girls are happy for me.I do not like you, worried about the children. Is Roberto hold them in Italy? Of itself is not there. And he had no money, at least not yet, to contain them. Thank God, I was no longer involved. When I look back, my life seems to be a nightmare: the changes, confusion, promises, misunderstandings, lies ... Help!My dear, dear friend, I thank God for such friends as you. Well, if you have the opportunity to come to France, then I'll show you the man whom I love. And our lovely home. " And again - Liana. Zhuazeli of October 5, 1958. "I was scared, as you foresee some things. They Dream of you - and you them predchuvstvuesh?Of course, with Roberto have difficulties because of the children. He tries to find every opportunity to get their guardians. I am strongly against it. I said that we should have equal rights. He finds any excuses to erect barriers in front of me. These include, for example, include the fact that the house was bought in Zhuazeli not in my name and in the name Lars.I gave Roberto the right to see children every day of the week, wherever he wants, and to be with them every other weekend. In addition, it owns two months with them in Italy, while it remains for me only one.And he wants more and the official guardian and says his home in Paris, where he will live with the children, where there is a hotel room "Rafael", Yes, and he is not paid! All he bases his claims on the fact that I was going to marry. Although deep down knows that I have never shared it with children, do not pick them out of Italy.I do not know what else I can do for him. Sometimes it seems that he enjoys the struggle itself and walking on the courts. Too many years I had no idea what was going on around me, but now I see the part of the games he plays. Say a word, and you have him on the hook.If all this were not children are download the film la femme infidele and involved, I would be download the film la femme infidele and interested to learn just a human egocentrism. But now it is me, of course, very download the film la femme infidele and concerned. " A few weeks earlier, before Ingrid graduated 'Tavern six lucky, "Robert Donat - brilliant English actor, who was invited to be the Mandarin - suddenly fell ill.Were suspended all other work as he tried to articulate their role.

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