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That is, not able to answer in the leading roles on those high requirements that apply Art Theatre. But it is a pity to part with them - and they have a good work in the theater, and they themselves would prefer to wait or ... or to demand.Make a list of the "big" of the company, are not engaged in four productions, and carefully look closely to see whether they deserve to be for them in the Art Theater was a compromise. " The position of a great artist is alive to this day. Many people find a way out in the second composition. Also one of the discussion questions.You can stand on the position of extremism, like Helen Weigel, abolished the play "Coriolanus," which our delegation had to watch one evening, because of illness or twenty-third day of the second soldier. She did not think it possible to break the pattern of mass scenes putting inexperienced artist. What can we say about the main roles!Our theaters are orders requiring the second composition to provide all of the major roles. Such an order was the best gift for mediocre actors.I can not movie download la femme infidele, and agree with Weigel - can not movie download la femme infidele and hopes to deceive the audience because of the performers episodes, co-starring, although it hardly makes sense to repeat how important they are for the true works of performing arts.I catch myself on a narrow, vulgar materialism that has brought up so many years of obedience to orders. But it always can be in theater two Catherine, two Protasov? Fortunately, if the theater there is at least one performer. The appearance of the actors of this scale - seldom the holiday falls in the theater. You can give an example:"Tsar Fyodor" in Moscow Art Theater performed Moskvin, Kachalov, hop, Dobronravova. What were individually! After them came the play, it did not make sense. Can directed at the same time to rehearse with the two teams? If it is a little artist, never! This work leads to the average figure of both performers.Kicking off the head of the Leningrad Theatre. Komissarjevskaya Agimirzyana looked very boldly to play only in the premiere performances of the composition. Once I went to him in the theater "Tsar Fyodor", which heard a lot of good.Previously I have not stocked up ticket, but still offended by the administrator failed to receive me, referring to the absence of places worthy of me, and so on. D. I insisted, saying that leaving soon. Finally, inhospitable manager relented and gave me a great place.When did the show, I realized that the really sick administrator for the theater. This evening instead Osobik - Tsar Fedor - played by actor whose name I do not want to make public. I played poorly, not interested. Only the plot was uncovered, but not the underlying ideas of the theater.After some time, I once again went to "Fyodor" when playing Osobik. I saw a wonderful performance with outstanding performer of the title role. So when viewers had been deceived? Maybe it would be more honest la femme infidele movie watch online and to cancel the show?Production "given circumstances" - the need for parallel rehearsals, keeping the actors, the percentage of load - the sword of Damocles over the heads of management, make directors, especially the principal, go to endless compromises, although these figures do not reflect the true situation in the theater.Often young director coming to the theater to put a diploma or a permanent job meet a ready distribution compiled by the Directorate, coming from their own interests. Filmmaker impose the division into "major" and "promising" and "youth", doomed to work long wait.

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