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He Zukor, will buy and build cinemas until "Paramount" everywhere will not premiere halls. But for that he needed more money than his company could provide. It was necessary to find a banker who would believe in Zukor, believed in the film.And as before, when he acquired the "Paramount", Zukor had already chosen a suitable candidate. Otto Kahn is well suited to the role bankirainvestora. Zukor asked Kahn ten million dollars. "My colleagues thought that la femme infidele movie watch online and ask for the same amount - the audacity - wrote later Zukor.- I argued that if we get it, it will be la femme infidele movie watch online in excellent quality means that the movie recognized as an important branch of industry. Please also about five million could be rejected on the grounds that the company was engaged in a major Kana loans. "Before you agree, Kahn had a serious study of the activities of "Paramount" and in addition put a condition that key positions will be appointed by representatives of the bank. The fact that such requirements are not outraged Zukor, shows how much he needed the support of Cana.So Zukor - first in the world - managed to unite in one company production, sale and screening of films. This meant a change as significant as the one that was made when he purchased "Queen Elizabeth." He made sure that the financial community recognized the film industry.He put the film industry on a sound footing, guaranteed demand and supply, and because it led both. He has provided unprecedented opportunities for hitherto flourishing cinema for its development as an art and as an industry.He gained recognition and respect for the cinema and to himself, and that was the main motive of all his actions. At the end of 1919 Zukor began an offensive on the front of building cinemas. Wherever possible, "Paramount" to buy land and build new facilities. If competitors were built in the neighborhood, Zukor indulge in threats, intimidation, blackmail.In the south, its agents called "subversive team," and one newspaper accused him that he "raped the national film industry." When the "Paramount" to build a movie theater in Seattle, someone started a rumor that in the concrete mix proportion of incorrect cement and sand and a balcony because of this unreliable.To refute libel, Zukor ordered all trucks with cement movie download la femme infidele and drive on this very balcony. Zukor was a master of the attack, and his energy was boundless. By 1921, for the "Paramount" there were already three hundred and three premiere cinema. Film la femme infidele.In this fast paced way to "mountaintop" Zukor amassed a huge number of enemies - and now the Federal Commission starts a professional investigation of Zukor and sue him in court.Cecil DeMille recalled how he met with Zukor in 1915, when his friend Jesse Lasky rushed to look at the fire and realized that burning studio and offices "Feymos pleyerz" where there were, among other things and negatives recently completed five films. Zukor, stared at the vault of the film."Jess introduced me - wrote DeMille - I said all the usual in such cases, meaningless words of condolence ... He looked away for a moment from the ruins and said," Thank you. We will build a better building. "While waiting for firefighters to store cooled and could determine whether the negatives were lost, Zukor convened a meeting at the" Astor. "" I promise you:Tomorrow we will continue to work as if nothing had happened. "It was a highly typical Zukor.

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