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Failure. I ran to the Volga. Slid down the steep bank - a black hole hole. No, probably back to the hotel - hang myself, there light, warm. Yasha, he's been here recently, had lived, he defended himself before my arrival, and now went to Moscow to find work. Alone, alone in the whole world. Our dear Yasha ...when he had no place to spend the night, he slept under our table with bishkoy, nowhere else was ... cute, funny, Yash ... All alone ... all alone in the world. In the hallway of the room can hear phone calls. I fly in the room, the voice of Nikolai: - Where have you been?We Antonina Nikolaevna waiting for you, only this time off in coverage, the city is empty, one terrible, but you run! Address is not necessary, as you do in the dark will be looking for us, we will light the light in all the windows, go to the light, running from the hotel ten minutes to the waterfront, and then the third house from the corner.I turned the corner, in the dark of the moon shine five windows. Let Nikolai tells me even more bitter words, it is still all that is happening to me, is incredible. Opens the daughter of Nikolai, also actress of our theater, interesting, old, well- preserved and the same magnificent, as Nikolai. Seated in a chair, his legs covered blanket. - Where were? Running to drown in the Volga? After all played well, frankly, collected. These scribblers do not always have to listen, very few of them versed in the art! Otherwise I could not invite you to the theater. City deported.Yes, it is the role Yuvenskoy, but we're here, and Yuvenskaya including, and decided that for the theater and the play is not the loss, no matter how you play, and in the department of culture, I said that only you can see in this role and I want to invite to the theater, I knew that they would not object, the performance anniversary, with download the film la femme infidele and Lenin.I therefore view and give you a scene from the play that role. Your work record has not been seen, we hide it. Live and work! I will not say all this to play, wanted to double-check whether I was right, I wanted to see how you will get out, for you it is an excellent school, the heroine of you have had practice hand ...Yes, you have not been professional enough, but just like that, on the steps, and you'll come to it! In the eyes of Nikolai light as the windows on the waterfront. I sit in the big chair, lounge, piano, dinner on the table, his legs covered with a blanket ... Shame! I fell asleep, and the owners did not wake me up. Leaving now quietly, not to disturb them and even in the morning! Dinner ... I have not seen so tasty! Dinner is eaten. Well, they have a simple English castle, no chains, no secrets, as in middle-class homes. And here I am on the waterfront! Frost! Now I saw that the city was really empty, stars rare dalekiedalekie as nightlights, I'm not scared ... And I ...When, where, I was not sensitive, not good, not fair! Moved into a huge half-empty room in a hostel, Boris brought Mom and Malyushku, and I'm not from Moscow. Friends do not leave me, send letters. Boris brought the "Message to Timosha" they wrote it with Ilyusha in the bar, gobbling up all of the same cancers, and with a message - a package, it cancers of this bar.Epistle to Timosha. Ilya: My adorable Timosha misdemeanor fait very bad and I grieve the heart ... Vosled dreamy Borka, swallowing her tears, I looked. He went to Gorky, I ... Moscow sat ... My life - as before - the same, but I do not sweet Lord of Light: The beer in the bar no crabs .. Timothy is also not ...And, filling the mountain beer, with Boris, we're sitting in a pub.

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