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Romka agreed. - Only briefly. - Not for long, not for long - he agreed jowly. Romka resolutely went ahead, which showed eared. Pals went after him. After a few steps said third drunken disappointment: - Are we not going to beat him? - Shut up - he pulled his big-eared.- I'm not talking - he dutifully agreed - and said the shaggy? Romka started. So that's like? It is their shaggy sent. Yes, they asked him to task. But it was all so simple at first: came to carpool, slipped in a familiar place to him over the fence - and so far, dudes, good luck, "cowboys"!He could not do otherwise, it could not be lifted up with them, because the colonel warned. And here Shaggy! Maybe, just him and his friends are. Romka was glad at the thought. Very good. They will meet and Shaggy rest, cease to be nervous. Once something spoiled Marchenko, Marchenko and help fix it."Very well - thought Roman, - that they have waited." They left behind the last houses the Green, where in complete silence and darkness guessed unfinished buildings, empty, enclosed construction sites. Coastal growing, and Green was one of the busiest construction sites. Romka stopped.Then I did not want to go, and he turned to ask, but he was not allowed to say. They attacked him right way, fell and were working hard for a long time in a tough, prickly grass. There were three, and he was alone. And of course, they have the upper hand.He lay buried in the ground face-eared sitting on her feet, jowly holding hands twisted back, and a third pulled out a rope. - Yes, you ... more vozishsya - swore jowly. Finally, the rope unraveled and became associated arm. I romka not resist - decided to wait.Cheeky handcuffed, but Watch Online and break the rope failed. - Knife not take - he swore. - What to do? Ah, to hell with it ... and stay rope, he became Watch Online and twist the Roman, turning his back on the chest and back.So wrapped several times and tied at the ankle assembly, jowly he said hoarsely: - All! Now, do not throw up. They dragged him for a long time, stumbling and falling. Dragged, laid on the ground to rest, then back dragged. It is evident that they know where to take, were unmistakable, not choosing the road and did not hesitate. They dragged and cursed each other.- And why it was necessary - the third whimpered, - now we know that can sew? .. - Do not be afraid! Day lie down - who knows? - And to find out? - Y, a whiner! - I swung eared. - Why are you with us, Lev, had come? Film la femme infidele. - Is not too late, gosh - said the jowly - and we associate with it, keep 'em side by side ...- Guys - whimpered Leva - I'm so ... I'm laughing with you ... Where do I without you? - Shut up! - Interrupted jowly. They walked in silence. A few minutes Romka heard only heavy breathing, panting so quietly cursing. Finally we stopped. Romka could not turn his head to look, to see the place.Here again lifted, dragged through the gate and carried to the unfinished house. Dragged into the doorway, carried across the room, shoved back in the one door, and finally abandoned in the debris of brick and limestone. - Here we are! - Eared he said. - Come on, old men smoke. Silently, hastily puffing, smoke. Then eared he said, bending over Romka:- Look, fishing, remember. We regret you ... maybe nothing but regret. - A shaggy ordered to finish! - For some reason, shrilly screamed Lev.

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Film la femme infidele
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