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on your face no! - Are you sick? Only logged photographer Yakov Khalip, called me aside and said: - I know what you're sick! Only this is strictly between us! I got it? You were last night? Do not make excuses, for your eyes reddened see - were. - How do you know?- It is not difficult to guess, I also had. Upside down the whole house. It's Black Sea maneuvers to blame. I saw you there, on the battleship "Paris Commune". They dripped someone here from Sebastopol, we filmed secret facilities on the Black Sea Fleet. That is the reason for his visit to us with the KGB. Thank you for not planted.Now it is a rampant epidemic. And that would be you and me Khan. So our friendship ensued. More than a week, we did not go home. They lived with relatives. Long did not pass shock. With great difficulty, finally resulted in a kind of living room. I continued to work, but something happened to me. If I became much older. Oh, no - not older - older.As if was able to see farther and deeper than seen. Often I began to ask myself questions that had not previously thought. But the answer is not found. Something was happening around him, which I like a man could not agree.The death of well-known all over the country the old revolutionaries, comrades of Lenin, military leaders, scientists, artists and thousands of ordinary people - "enemies" overwhelmed camps of Siberia, the North and the Far East. They worked in unbearable conditions behind barbed wire at the "great construction projects of communism ..." paradox.Was he with all that going on, agreed? No! No! Believe it? How, then, to live? It runs past him, he's a genius! Great as a god! Fair and kind! All our people are praying to him ... What if he enjoys it, abuses? After this seditious thought I was good.Only no one would have guessed what I thought suddenly occurred to him. ... Today is my classmate Andrew Boltyanskii told me in strict confidence that yesterday our beloved professor Goldovskiy became an enemy of the people, and got fifty-eighth ... Who am I? Also enemy of the people? And I can at any time to plant? .. No! No!Chegoto I just can not understand. I can not understand ... the cost of living, Lviv, December 1940 In the memoirs of the nonreturn become even sweeter. They always smile the brightest smile.Antoine de SentEkzyuperi When in 1932 I went to Vladivostok, my friend operator Kohl Tepluhin envied me - jealous of the fact that I go to the sea, what I'm going to shoot outlandish region, the harsh life of fishermen and coveted as and foggy for us At that time the romance of the sea. We have agreed that I will come, get settled, look around and call him to her. He waited for my call as impatient as I am - it soon. But when, at last, the opportunity presented itself and I threw Cocu telegrams, he did not come. I still do not know if that stopped him.Whether it was a long trip and did not get my messages, or was sick, or else ... But he did not come. I was not a little upset, but events spun me, and Cocu, probably. He was the inventor - the irrepressible, cheerful, active. Several years passed. Country cooking pavilion at the World's Fair in New York.For the pavilion was commissioned fotooformlenie - "The Soviet Union in the photos." The work of this organized Goskinoizdat in which were PTM - proizvodstvennotvorcheskie workshops. Were these workshops at Kuznetsky Most, of the present store "canned", on the corner of Neglinnoy.

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Film la femme infidele
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