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She did not seem to save no effort or earnings.It runs brilliantly rebelling against everything legalized, heading for the abyss. It was like standing on the side of the road and her, sympathizing, anxiously watching her. She wants to embrace everything and covers, rejecting the ancient law of care in the profession "stars"!"So wrote Chevalier, implicitly recognizing the talent that, like a star, went on a black night sky of Paris! Talent, who introduced a new genre of French singer, made her the truth of true art. And the first one who guessed it was Maurice Chevalier: "And she instinctively, this baby!"The house on Avenue de la Grande Arme Louis Lepley believed in talent, Edith, and nothing could dissuade him. Around them was a lot of people trying to discredit her. She constantly download the film la femme infidele and irritated kogonibud his cantankerous character, its ugly and plain. Lepley nobody listened. - A brilliant thing! Someday everyone will understand it.And he download the film la femme infidele and continued to demand from Edith voice training, find their own genre, the continuous flow of gesture, movement and expression. Her everything was easy, because all invested irrepressible temperament. Lepley was lonely. Before meeting with Edith, he lost his only friend - a mother.Maybe because it is download the film la femme infidele and linked to Edith watched her, watched over poottsovski, zhuril for amorousness, frivolity and particularly seriously download the film la femme infidele and concerned about her voice, and her repertoire. Once he presented a brilliant opportunity to show at Edith vecheregala. He was the organizer of the concert for the benefit of the widow of the late Anton famous clown.Were collected the "stars" of Paris. Jacket for the program sketched artist Paul Kolen. Opening remarks will appear before the public the famous playwright Marcel Achard, The program included the names of the best actors of the theater, cinema, circus, variety.Among celebrities such as Mistengett, Maurice Chevalier, Prejean, Fernandel and Marie Duban, first made a name Edith Piaf. It was the spring of 1936. Near the Circus Medrano, where he was held vechergala on Boulevard de Clichy selling violets. Black tree branches download the film la femme infidele and traced fading sky over Paris. Montmartre was enveloped in the first spring heat.The concert was a success. All the performers were in shock. The audience download the film la femme infidele and received them with delight, but it was quite a surprise appearance curious couples, sculpt and Edith Piaf.Thin, tall Lepley, elegant, a perfect evening dress, urbane, well-known all over Paris as one of the most prominent filmmakers, accompanied the street "MOM" in a black pullover and cheap yubchonke. Edith so brilliantly performed her song, the audience accepted it with no less enthusiasm than his favorite Marie Dubai.Applause and shouts of "bravo" Lepley brought true joy. He was proud of his pupil. - Well, pipsqueak, you go to the big shots! - He said, kissing Edith after the speech. In April, it was decided to go to Cannes for the spring tour.They are carefully prepared program for the trip, learn a new song "Frac sings," which was written for Edith Ackermann composer and poet Jacques Bourgeat.

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