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"pool" was very popular among the audience who wanted to see again Alain and Romy together, at least on the screen. - You turned me into a couch potato, the actor once said Mireille. Most recently, he was surprised to see that it pulls back home, where he waited for comfort and tranquility.His friend Jean Co. often visited them and saw Alain: - Mireille - a striking woman. It is good, but also very talented. - You're right. I want to do only with her, said the actor. However, in his new film, a suitable role for the Dark was not there. The film tells of the relationship between the Italian mobsters.Movies with a similar story made a good collection, and Allen counted invest the royalties in building its own production company. Mireille little doubt the wisdom of its existence, but, as usual, did not try to dissuade her lover, but only said: - Why do you want to be distracted by zaniyatiya commerce?Each contract for the shooting brings you millions of francs. Do you ever not to spend their lives. - I want to found an empire that will give his son. Of course I have money, but I will not stop there. If you can become richer, why not take this opportunity?Allen is also planning to build a large house, the castle, which he raskazyval Mireille. He thought through its interior decoration and bought several paintings by famous masters to hang in the living room of their future house. Collecting antiquities was an original investment of capital and very attracted Delon.He participated in the auction and therefore the newspapers often mentioned his name and new acquisitions. The scandal surrounding the murder of his secretary died down. To a large extent this contributed to letters and phone calls from fans to the police, and even government officials to stop the persecution of the actor.The President himself intervened France, de Gaulle, and closed it. Allen thanked his intercessor and promised to continue to delight them with his new paintings. He became the producer of the film "Borsalino" and played a major role in it. Belmondo played in the film role of his friend.During filming at ZhanPolya, who could not hide their emotion, it was always in a bad mood. Allen invited him to the cafe and decided to ask directly about the reason for dissatisfaction old friend. - ZhanPol, what happens? You're so enthusiastically read the script and was in a hurry to start work on the film.- My intentions have not changed, frowning, I said tot.Ya want to quickly finish shooting. - You're in trouble? - Well, I'll be frank. We've been friends for many years and almost at the same time began to appear. We were happy when our names flashed in the credits. movie download la femme infidele. Remember? - Still, Allen smiled.At the premiere of my first movie, I was thinking that my name will be announced before the show. - Since then, much time has passed, you became a star. Probably for a long time without worrying about the mention of your participation in the film. It and so on everyone's lips, long before the premiere. And I am happy and now my name in the credits, especially when it is first.- Are you ... - But I do not mean it. You have invested in "Borsalino" money and behave on the court, not only as an actor. You feel like a master. - I'm sorry if I offended you chemto. It came out involuntarily. - Your name is mentioned twice in the credits. - ZhanPol, this is ridiculous! I do not believe that the cause of your bad mood in this.- So, I'm funny, angrily responded Belmondo and pushed the glass.

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