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"What do you want: meat or fish? 'I do not know. Choose for me themselves.Men make women helpless when taking care of all the solutions, giving them instructions. In my life, the men did their best to condemn me to be dependent on them. Father, then Uncle Otto, who would not give me to become an actress, and then Peter ... Although it is not his fault.After all, I myself always turned to him for advice and help in the early days of our co-existence. Contract with the "UVA" was signed for three films. The first is called 'Tie UyugSezeNep. " He download the film la femme infidele and talked about the four girls, who organized an advertising agency, and those troubles that arose from them when meeting with men.The film was inexpensive nemasshtabny, but for me it was an attempt to do something new. Will I be able to play in German? Can I take them to transfer all the emotions of fear, passion? Chatting with friends about trifles at the dinner table, using his German, was not difficult.But to play it, send your feelings, to influence the viewer? .. This I was to find out, first of all - for herself. Of course, from the very beginning, in Germany in 1938, I noticed what was happening. The film's director Charles Froehlich lived in constant anxiety.I quickly realized that in order to succeed, you have to become a member of the Nazi Party. Atmosphere that prevailed at a studio in Berlin, I felt instantly as soon as it appeared. Actually, its atmosphere is everywhere: in America, Britain, Italy, France, Germany and Sweden.Say, between the American and Italian atmosphere is about the same difference as between a hamburger and spaghetti: gladly eat something, and more. Usually, all the studios formed a friendly atmosphere, because there get together people who get pleasure from working on the film.In Berlin in 1938, not only in the atmosphere of the studio, but in the whole country are frightening. Carl Froehlich took me one day to one of the Nazi gatherings. He is, I think, would like to hit my fancy. A huge stadium, torches, bands, soldiers in steel helmets, Hitler download the film la femme infidele and included military step, and dozens of little girls running with flowers ...Hitler, gently kissing them, all this can now be seen on television in the old chronicles. Then scream "8ge8 HeH" and extended in a Nazi salute hand. I watched all this with an incredible surprise. And Karl Froehlich almost fainted. download the film la femme infidele and Horrified, he whispered to me - God, why did not you salyutuesh? - Why, download the film la femme infidele and indeed, should I do it?You get great without me, - I said. - You're just an idiot! You have to do it. We were all watching. - No we are not looking. Everyone looks at Hitler. - I was watching. Everyone knows who I am. I do not want to have trouble because of you. We were strongly pressured. Be careful when you say something. This is not joking. It's all very serious ...I never download the film la femme infidele and raised a hand in a Nazi salute, and later, when he was alone with Frohlich in his office, said: - I'm Swedish actress, who came here for a few weeks. - It will not save you. You're half German. These people are violent and dangerous. They have eyes and ears everywhere. And more.If you get an invitation from Dr. Goebbels for a cup of tea - and you're likely to get it - you have to just say "Yes." Do not you dare give up, citing a headache. You have to go. He loves the young actresses, and then talk about. You go. - But why me? I am not interested in Dr. Goebbels or his tea.I do not know what to talk to him.

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