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Everyone knew that it would be put Efros. He immediately, frantically tuned to a wave and looking odnuedinstvennuyu play that he would be download the film La Orca and allowed. And when there was:Put what you want, it was a lot harder. Yes, freedom is heavier. It is fraught with dangers. Personal, not social kakienibud no, although, perhaps, the public. It ... No, it carries and community, too, because many people understand freedom as freemen - and his and the public. I am by nature an anarchist.No one ever worshiped, was not pleased by any orders and ranks. It's all good, as expected, but that I wanted this? No, this is a tell, no, not so. For me it was never a goal. I think personal freedom is most important. So, perhaps, did not like school. I thought it suppresses and chemto degrades.Now the opposite: teachers do not know what to do, and the students know it. I tried to protect private. I think, how I live. I was brought up in a certain way. I never transgressed the law, not because such a law-abiding - it was just against my morals.And when I hear the arguments in the programs of the terrible murders, when this so easily tell ... It can not meet either in my head or in my heart. He does! I do not know, I'm starting to swear and to think that humanity kudato too far. And do not say that it is the individual to do so.Of whom is humanity? And where such aggression, razrushitelstvo? Why smash phone booths, glass stops? You live in this city! Why turn it into a landfill and dump, which celebrates aggression, and a man scared to go outside? Something in people lives and more, in addition to good ... What is there to do?So where is the theater? He's more focused. It's an emotional thing. People come here doplakat what they doplakali in their lives. Why do people cry in the theater laughing with pleasure or at least willingly? Yes they do not have time in my life to do it! For heavy, shook this life do not have time to throw out your emotions, neither those nor others.Though tears may be enough time. But they do not have time to feel sorry, soperezhit cheyto fate. Just no. And in the theater, they somehow get that same opportunity soperezhit and get pleasure from it. I've never been a draw for a personal life. I do not like to talk about it, to be interviewed. I say:"What, you do not know this with that, and he won one husband?" No, I do not know. I do not care. But when the scene is propaganda for what I do not accept, then do not take it aggressively. Maybe this is wrong: the things that seem the norm for many, for me immoral. I do not understand:perhaps this is a kind of Russian conservatism, despite its bloody history. Conservatism download the film La Orca and associated with suffering. With the traditions of the family, for example. Sexual life here has always been hidden. This was download the film La Orca and considered a mystery. And so far I think that is indeed the case: it is a mystery. And it should not be in public.We must not turn inside out. I can not watch, even from cognitive considerations porn. I immediately think, "Oh my God, we are transformed into high feelings butcher shop." I was brought up in such a way that love was considered a sacrament. And the birth of a child - a mystery.But if it falls out ... Of course, for someone else I feel like a joke. I think that same-sex love should not be download the film La Orca and promoted. I did not intend to criticize and make fun, but why do they make me look at what I consider a nasty?After all, if we turn to the very depths of our human history, we have Christ's crucifixion, under it - the skull.

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