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Finally in the air rose to amphibians pilot Shurygin, and after an hour's flight said that the five kilometers to the northwest there is little open water, which lead to clean water. This gave hope, and we again began to struggle violently to life-saving divorce.Day and night, digging, blowing around the "Smolensk" ice and medlennomedlenno - in kilometers per day - moving toward the water. Last effort. Explosions ammonal split another ice field. Solemnly as fireworks release buzzer sounded "Smolensk", and we slowly moved forward. On the horizon download the film La Orca and flashed living water.Finally, the ice behind the prisoner, and again we swayed to swell - now in the Bering Sea. Happy all - even those who do not stand rocking. "It's better to rock and root on the surface than quietly go to the bottom," - said the assistant manager of the expedition and clearly leaned over the side. A few days passed. Show white hills of Cape Olyutorka.They are like a ghost hanging over the blue horizon - as if the mountains with good reason. - Maybe it's a mirage? - I asked the captain. - No, my friend, is the real earth, and that look - in sailing has their identification silhouette. See caption - "Olyutorka" ... So, the first step of the way to a successful conclusion.Shestisemi kilometers short of the coast, "Smolensk" cast anchor. Go close to the shore is dangerous - finely. Now was by ship and two fishing boats unload Kungas aircraft and parts.But this seemingly simple operation is put before the expedition and the crew so much unresolved problems that sometimes people just do not know what to do. Unload clumsy fuselages from the deck to the boat or Kungas with a hoist and boom it was easy, but when loaded to the shore, ice and wild, high rebound continually threatened to cover the green wooden comb or turn Kungas. Not far from the water at the edge of the tidal bands, there was a small wooden house.The ship had not even seen. Lived in it several promyslovikovzveroboev. They went to sea for seals on the long, narrow, canoe-like boat. We often use it for communication between the shore and the boat - the boat was not always able to come close to shore.Each flight on this boat, alone accompanied by felling for any of us very unpleasant sensations. Had to balance, swinging his arms, not to lose balance. The boat was so unstable that it was difficult to understand how you can go on it in the sea to hunt sea mammals.Every morning, download the film La Orca and loaded the boat and a small wooden Kungas departed from the ship to the shore. During the night clear water covered with ice, and we had to break it with hooks, standing on the bow boat. Watch the film La Orca in excellent quality online. Fortunately, most of the operation to unload planes managed to hold in calm weather, when the cat-ice did not give rise wave.Soon, a strong wind blew, and we had very tight. Worked all day, collecting aircraft. I shot as a fierce cold pilots and flight engineer, engineering and mechanics, sparing neither strength nor health, a ready to fly on the ice floe.In a small house on the shore there was no room for the night, so at sunset, when it was difficult to work with, everything goes back to the ship. And so every day. While she was calm weather, the ship's boat came close to the rim of the shore, and you can easily jump from it directly to the bank.But when the blizzard, rose high roll, and in order to get on the boat, had to first get into the fisherman's canoe, and then wait for the time between the high waves and jump on the boat.

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