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the depth of the frame. C can stay in the background, and may be close to the front-end to be with .19 Simple replacement sector. One of the actors out of the frame, and there is another.At the beginning of the plan, A and B can be seen in the foreground, facing the camera. When A goes out of frame to the left, it opens for a C. Here the replacement sector is in the background. 524,525 cases 9 frame composition, in which the whole image is download the film La Orca and divided into three sectors - is perfect for shooting a situation where the chef makes orders to subordinates.Chef is framed in the center, and the actors playing subordinates in and out of the frame on either side of the chief, replacing each other. | L I I I f I I II-f L. . Actors on both sides of the frame are replaced by others, and the one who is in the center, is in the frame for the duration of the plan. h. In this case, the actors are constantly changing up to the last two actors in the scene.526 Case 10 Sequential change sectors, when only two of the frame, is a more elaborate solution. A and B are in the frame from the beginning of the plan.In the leaves and then it is replaced by a volume goes, it replaces the now D goes, he will be replaced by E remains in the frame, replacing the CASE 11 Sometimes such movement can be made with only two actors. One remains in the frame, and the second goes off and then comes back. This can be repeated several times.Another option is that you have the actor, who is in the picture to the right, stay in the center of the frame, then goes back to the right. Second actor enters the frame on the left, stopping at the center, then go to the left. Then, the first actor reappears in the frame on the right, and the whole formula is repeated.Can be combined with the three sectors of the frame, which can divide the scene. .23 In this combination are three sectors in the depth image. 527 The example offered by us illustrates this technique. Figure 23 shows the stage area, which is playing the action.All the action is download the film La Orca and removed by a single plan, the download the film La Orca and fixed camera. A technique that is used is explained below. At the beginning of the plan composition is as follows: in the foreground is a desk with papers and miscellaneous office supplies. From the top, above the table, the lamp repaid. In the depths of the frame - the vertical ladder on the left;It is located behind the fences at center stage. Right - the closed door. The action takes place in the scene as follows: The light in the foreground is lit. Actor A is included in the picture to the right and starts parsing papers on his the film La Orca and Unnoticed actor A, passes through the corridor to the left, in the back of the stage, squatting and looking for something on the floor. And out of the frame on the right. To ask the plan to get up, goes to the stairs and disappeared behind a partition. And once again appears on the right.He is holding a leather briefcase, puts several folders on the table in the portfolio, and then disappears again from the right side of the frame. No motion in the scene is going on. Then the light goes out in the foreground. Perhaps it turns actor A behind the scenes.In quietly gets out because of the partition in the center, and sent to the front, remaining in the left sector of the frame. When it is visible approximate plan, its silhouette is reflected in the depth of the scene, in the illuminated portion.

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