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But Arkady was the library, and I have had the mandatory rules, mandatory laws, which I download the film La Orca and received from the Stanislavsky and I've never profaned.I often depart from the canons, which he handed to me, I did not go to the beaten path, I download the film La Orca and loved the look of the road 344 devious, but I never lost touch with life. All I was doing was closely download the film La Orca and associated with nature, with the study of reality, with the study of life. I spent less time in libraries and museums, but in the midst of life itself;being in the hands of the canons of Stanislavsky, with binding laws relationships of actors and directors, staging skills, playing with the thing, I can think of a number of cases where Stanislavski revealed secrets to me to do things and influence things in the human sense of the game.Here I am not talking in terms of philosophy, but in terms of pure technology. And I'm finding myself on the street with this bag, could give a number of other good things, which I certainly would not mind, because I would have lost the most important thing for which I lived and worked. But I think it renounces Okhlopkov is on dangerous ground.What will he do as the head of Folk Arts Theater? . It's not all that the artist has to say, this is a side job, but as head of the realistic theater, he would be in a difficult position. Now on. In the Theater of the Revolution, I saw the "ladder of fame." And there is simply meyerholdovschiny rife.I choked on it, I thought I was in a whirlpool of their most negative aspects. How people managed all my most negative combined, mix and bring to a whirlpool in which even I was upside down. Swim out of the abyss it was very difficult.I even noticed that there during the play itself I trephine fever of admiration, I saw that it would take a single act, and I shout: "Down meyerholdovschinu" with "long live meyerholdovschina." This is unacceptable, because it is incompatible exclamation.I believe that such performances are misleading the youth, disorient the viewer, because the basic idea of ​​which is hidden in things Scribe, was not found, and the actors behave just obscene. Glizer, who plays the female lead, does nothing of the nature and the basic necessities, which is associated with France.You can display all sorts of things out of this analogy, we can say that not only in France but also in England, America, download the film La Orca and Spain is doing it, but this thing is written by Scribe, and can not be dissociated from the French culture from the social relations of France takihto's. So just you wonder what's going on on the stage.Next - "Moliere" written by Bulgakov. Do not repeat what is written in the "Truth" about this performance. - I fully agree with the reviewer that the play "razbabahal."I myself attended this performance and the young director Gorchakov in several staging, colors, features, biographies seen the worst times of my creases.Be sure to pull up, because it turns out that given the splendor because Gorchakov like pomp and conscientious re345 zhisser usually very afraid of splendor on stage, as it is a poison, which can present a public moldy stuff that people suffocated.I saw this in the splendor of the notorious statement that Golovanov recommended as a model of vocal. He wrote that the "Queen of Spades" playing on stage for anything, because in fact the main opera to vocals to sing well, no bugs to be an exact match with the score. I am at this very vocal went and listened to the vocals.Once such a law dictate relies judge any artist - on Pushkin formula - under the law, which he himself had set themselves.

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