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Camera movement is a movement of people. Another possibility would be to introduce a static plan plan with a moving camera to display the character, the angle of view that we have just witnessed. Plan camera moves forward.Actor In A pushes the actor off the road onto the shoulder. Frame is dropped. .6 Interrupted subjective Tan emphasizes visual narrative Plan A and B are on the transfer plan in the right side of the frame. The car pulls to the left, crosses the frame, and then disappears right. Frame is dropped.600 Plan camera continues to move to the fence at the back kadrak Plan machine appears to the left and crashed into the zaoor. Plan 3 - only the completion of the action. The basic plan - a plan for one, that is, subjective level, what they see are people in the car. Plan 2 is included in the critical moment, the camera makes a sharp stop to feel the contrast.Sometimes given to the subjective level plan that identifies the observer. Can only be signs that this is a subjective plan: for example, circles binoculars or scope rifle. Observer appears in a subsequent term. The dominant color of the image can also provide an angle of view of a character, a subjective view.Robert Aldridge in the movie "Dirty valley" in the final scene introduces German soldier shooting at the enemy.The scene is given through a red filter, the next frame we see the falling soldier, at the end of the frame again, the director uses the red, and we immediately understand that this is a subjective view of a German soldier shooting, but we did not see but only hear the sound of the shot. The next scene is an image of the exploding next to a German soldier bomb.There is another way to introduce a subjective point of view, identifying the character - a movement in the foreground, accompanied by whispers. For example, the rustling of tree branches in the foreground can give the feeling that column of soldiers moving through the forest. We hear whispers of the soldiers, they prepare a surprise enemy attack.In the foreground, a tree branch falls. This may indicate that the soldiers go in another direction. В«Free breaks" USED AS PUNCTUATION "Free clippings" frame, as the name implies - it is quite tangible, visible on the screen opens, since the transition from plan to plan for, it is very sharp.They are made by rapidly displaying a static subject, several successive plans are located on a common visual axis. In the movie "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock gives a scene where voluntary use breaks to attract attention to the corpse and found it horrible sight.At a time when the mother discovers the bed Mish corpse farmer director gives three sharp 602 consecutive cadaver plan brings us closer to him and give the opportunity to see more and more clearly that his eyes download the film La Orca and pecked out by birds.The corpse of a farmer - is a static subject, and three of his plan, located on a common visual axis, are increased fears. .8 a quick change of static plans - the kind of punctuation. Example from the movie "The Birds" Hitchcock. This effect can also introduce a new visual element.M Antonioni's film "Red Desert" begins with a scene showing the metallic islands in the sea. Three serial plan, 603 interconnected witting cliffs, more and more bring us to the island and show us its artificial nature. Sometimes this device was used in a documentary film.There it is a more dynamic way to display new stories.

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