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This can be achieved with unequal size or position in a frame or simply placing one of the people behind the camera.There are many standard positions for shooting two cameras from the major figure in the foreground, contrasting with the more shallow in the back, two cameras shooting over his shoulder, three-quarter, etc. Other ways to switch attention between the two characters in the same frame is a shift Lighting and transfer chamber during the dialogue.Songs from several pieces of classical solutions combining three, four or more members is to create round, oval and pyramidal groups. Individual objects are combined into a coherent composition, using outlines goals, as well as the arms and legs to create simple geometric shapes, clear to the eye.It is extremely important to establish a focal point within the group, and then create the most acceptable form that emphasizes this point. P. Ward. Picture Composition for Film and Television Figure 5: Scene from "The Maltese Falcon", showing the circular that the faces in a group shot.Individual team members can be active or passive in their interaction with the whole composition. People standing back to camera turned to her for three quarters, are of less importance in the frame.Placing people at the focal point on the front lines, the shape of the group on the other line, has a strong influence, and increase their value. Another standard solution to manage the viewer's attention - two is significant relative to the third person in the group like a pyramid.SPEED WORK Since the production of films and television programs using a wide range of different methods, it is impossible or undesirable to determine exactly what you can and can not do in every possible situation.We can formulate some basic rules, which are used in camera work, but, as in the selection of equipment for the shooting, they are the "workhorses". Each specialist in the production of films and television programs will be to create their own style, suitability for a particular method of work.For other types of production, these rules seem restrictive or prohibitive. Creating news programs - work, either live or recorded on the first try using a common method. Live action requires a continuous stream of images, which means that each operator should shape your shots without stopping.Sometimes operators may be time for a leisurely change camera position, and they can use a break from shooting to refine the composition of the scene or shooting plan. However, shooting programs such as sports, music, or group discussions, it is extremely rare.In most of the TV production requires a continuous stream of different frames download the film La Orca and associated with a particular event. For example, a live recording of multiple cameras orchestral concert will be performed on the script of the cameras, which is written in accordance with the executed play.Depending on the style of music, its television processing, to the director, it can contain more than 200-300 plans, spread across five or more cameras. Each frame carries out its function in the score, it should be prepared and adjusted properly in accordance with its requirements.Therefore, the speed of the camera is synchronized with the music, and it will determine the points quick and consistent frame rate. Pace of the camera varies from extremely fast when a transfer chamber with a single tool to Ward.Compose the shot, in the movies and on television the other is turning the camera off to a slow transfer enabled camera kotoryya reflects the mood of the music.Panoramic movement should be shhronizirovano the number of cycles allocated to the frame, and should be download the film La Orca and completed exactly on certain instrument ILK group of instruments as may, at this point may start solo or be a change of pace.Such reflexive framing, when it is, there is no time to carefully select a song, download the film La Orca and performed in the hope of a habit and a developed sense of getting a good image.

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Film La Orca
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