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And because its a typical day in LosAndzhelese is a series of visits to the therapist and psychoanalyst back, it is appropriate to assume that the virus is hiding in one of the doctor's offices. Whatever was in the body of Marilyn is born not too strong, but persistent fever.Her normal temperature - 100-101 gradus1, but according to the agreement with the administration, the actress has a right not to go to work as soon as the temperature rises above 103 degrees. As a result of three weeks of filming Marilyn appears on the site only six times. We can not say that this is such a surprise for the crew:in its absence shoot other scenes. By tacit agreement around go around to meet her; even Liveyts not too complicated her life. But the scenario! With ENIT what to do? Since the disease can not argue; it just compounded each progovorennoy replica remarkably inept written dialogues.Work on the film turns into a deadly tedious. Tedious especially because Marilyn is gradually emerging from a state of suspended animation. At last in her personal life she planned something interesting. Oh, do not be her hateful Now these obligations ... Thanks to the friendship with Sinatra Peter Lawford she was able to get acquainted with the Kennedys.More than that ... but that's another story. In the meantime, we state the bare necessities: one morning in mid-May, instead of appearing on the set, she gets on a plane and fly to New York.There, at Madison Square Garden, to be held a grand celebration in honor of the birthday of Jack Kennedy and Peter Lawford confidentially persuaded her in the presence of twenty thousand invited to sing "Happy birthday" to the current President of the United States of America.And it is not one of those who at the last moment comes back down. Her exit plan to furnish appropriate intrigue: her name three times over the sound hushed hall and Spotlight will display the empty place on the stage. After that, our heroine At last presented to the audience - as "belated Marilyn Monroe."This is the idea of ​​Peter Lawford, loves to shock others. Sometimes it risky endeavors crowned with success, sometimes not.Thus, the "belated" Marilyn Monroe is the public throughout the glare of his evening attire and sing "Happy birthday, Mr. President" with enthusiasm, with such penetration, with such a wealth of modulation, which never dreamed of this room.Twenty thousand spectators in awe of sexual magic exudes her vocal cords. Twenty thousand spectators breathless from running through the rows of waves irresistible temptation. No one ear in the audience remains indifferent to the fluctuations of her caressing voice. "She sings as if he knew his short-circuited!"But Kennedy, with his inimitable smile, discharges become almost ambiguous tension, noting in his acceptance speech:" Well, after I wished happy birthday itself Miss Monroe, I can safely retire from the political scene. "A few days later, this is the Miss Monroe, performed no less ready to part with the film, which is removed, no matter what appears on the set. Administration Studios "XX Century - Fox" internally prepared for, to remove it from the film;and tutti, as if sitting in her demon gives supreme pleasure turns into its opposite decisions already taken, it awakened an unprecedented burst of energy.

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