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This could be the nobility. On the "Mirror" he told me that I was studying "Idiot": there is the general's two daughters ... Epanchina ... He said he download the film La Orca and wanted to shoot me in the role.A Margarita Terekhova he represented her as Nastasia. But this episode in the "Mirror" with reading Pushkin's letter, where he took me, he's beginning was much more there Ignat had read this letter. But the religious part of Andrew Arsen'evich offered to throw, and he threw it away. Agreed.Voobscheto reduction if Andrew Arsen'evich it agreed, did not violate his films. Something he himself cut it naturally and do what he could. When on the "Rublev" some one interfered, told him: "Do not do that, you go on about them," that did not realize that Andrew Arsen'evich did not as they would like, just as he download the film La Orca and wanted.In these difficult times it can be, and is easier to handle the situation, if it were not for the endless advice. To me he was a creative person, above the usual understanding. Ordinary, perhaps, but incredibly creative. The question is if he could do a lot more movies in other circumstances? I think not.He got into so much stuff had to go through it, it was so hard to spread to others. Reserve could be and it was, but everything had to settle, and he was all over themselves to miss, he and many in the West did not take off. He could only do what he is close. In my opinion, (he was not mnogokartinnym director.And how he was a man at work? Intelligent first. And for me it is amazing courage. I know that he is experiencing doubt or pain. But he has not been shown to be very patient. Here we had a case. We were going to shoot in Pskov, just after the October holidays.And it was on Nov. 5 in a group called the director of the association and said he killed Eugene Urbanski. He knew that we capture complex invasion, understand, and download the film La Orca and asked to be very careful. On holidays we went to Moscow, and the 9th was appointed 77 shooting day, and we returned to the car:I soundman Zelentsova, second director Andrei Popov and Arsenijevic. We drove past the stables where the horses were. Andrew Arsen'evich gets out. Ippodromovskih horses had to walk every day, and then a few days of holidays they stood nevygulyannye. And suddenly I see that lake, reeds and Andrew Arsen'evich rides on horseback;beautiful horse, black. Before I knew it, I hear the sound of the horse races. Andrew Arsenievich she lost, but foot stuck in the stirrup, and pulls her head on boulders. And when she took off the hill, the foot out of the stirrup, and we all rushed rushed to Andrew, and he was, "Do not worry, do not worry: it's all right." I say:"Andrew Arsenijevic, please, in the car and in the clinic." But he got up and went to the set represent? .. But five minutes later, pale, and we took it. And when the health center took off his boots, it turned out that the eggs had broken hoof. Ten days he lay sick, beaten, tortured, but groaned even worked, read.In one embodiment, the "Mirror" was an episode on the racetrack, a memory, a horse bolted, perhaps, the case? Sure. But he said: "I still sit on this horse." And tortured me this, but he really took to it. And this case struck me: that in a man, so small and puny even had such strength and such patience!Of course, Andrew Arsenijevic was not even a man, everyone has their weaknesses, and it too, but he was a real man, respectful, and not only to those with whom he worked.

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