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Among the specific advantages of pictures different from those of other means of artistic expression, we find it possible to use some opening interesting details, which are found, for example, by increasing and which can not even be suspected in the ordinary observation of nature.Thus, the "photographic cinema", in contrast to the "cinema cinema", said its main feature of the photo, camera work, and not mounting.Krakauer is not trying to diminish the importance of technical issues, but emphasizes that the technical properties of the film and its main characteristics significantly different from each other and that the latter is more important than the first.Imagine a product that is in conformity with the basic properties of the movie captures the interesting aspects of physical reality, but makes it technically imperfect - for example, in the wrong light or by a sluggish, boring installation.Such a film, says Krakauer, will meet the challenges of the movies more than the other, which brilliantly used all the cinematic tricks and stunts, but the creation of which is not considered a "photographic reality" having a principal value.However, in some cases, it prevents Krakauer, the skillful use of a variety of techniques can give films that already would be "unrealistic" to a certain extent a cinematic character. For example, the films of Méliès and can be observed in some science fiction and historical films.But if a movie was born from the photos, we will, of course, can distinguish it "realistic" ambitions and aspirations "creative." The first leaders of the two schools were Lumiere and Melies, whose work examines Krakauer as theses and antitheses in the Hegelian sense.Movies shooted describe everyday life, are aimed through the photos to tell a particular story, draw the world around us with only one purpose - to show him the way he is. According to Krakauer, these films accurately and clearly express the true task of the movie.For the study of the human heart, we quite novel and theater. Cinema - a dynamic physical life in its manifestations, is the dynamism of the crowd and its excitement. Lens set cameras fixed on the world.Plots Lumiere - a street, public places, crowded, obscure jumble, running figures, constantly dissolving in the crowd that you can catch only with the help of the shooting unit. Pure coincidence image, trembling leaves, which stirs the wind ... "Natura, filmed by surprise ..."Méliès, on the contrary, completely ignores the nature, deliberately limiting ourselves to the world of pure fantasy. It replaces the immediate reality of stage illusion, invents stories for the events of everyday life. Instead of a random course of events to play, he arbitrarily connects the imaginary event according to the requirements of the plot devised by his tales.However, while Melies and can not use the main properties of the imaging camera, to capture and reveal the material world, he is creating his illusions, constantly resorting to the special technical methods of the new means of artistic expression;some of them he discovered purely by chance - the use of the diaphragm, multiple exposure, superimposing one image to another. Skillfully applying these techniques, he adds, "strokes kinematografizma" their funny stories and refined experiments.

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