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That is why Mann calls the art of "cold area" in contrast to the hot areas of life.The present body in Lukacs - this is the most complete embodiment of the "hot", which essentially download the film La Orca and removed the fundamental properties of art. Note one important detail in Mann.It also stops the machine mimic the actor, while claiming that mimic the movement because of their physicality has much more personality than the word which by definition exists in the language of universal, conditional, a landmark.Therefore, according to the writer, the emphasis on individuality seems to mimic attached and allows the public to overcome the false word. As you can see, here Mann takes a position opposite LukГЎcs, emphasizes the existential present in word and abstracted from the iconic nature of natural language.But back in the tenth year. In 1914, Emilia Altenlo published at Jena his thesis "sociology movie." This book is probably the first study on kinosotsiologii and is in this sense of great interest.We, however, will not deal with the actual sociological aspects of its work and focus on the fact that one way or another connected with the issues of interest to us - the question of the visible man on the screen. In Altenlo we meet with some themes download the film La Orca and developed Lukacs.The researcher points out nekinematografichnost those pieces, the effect of which is motivated solely psychology characters.This kind of modern drama, it contrasts the "so- called tragedy of fate, where development activities through external causes" Altenlo knows Lukacs work, but for her fate - it is just the opposite telesnovyrazitelnogo.From the point of view of a researcher, film in general is not able to express what is contained some internal conflict, because they do not have a potential for transmission of causality. The film can only represent some download the film La Orca and chain of action, the relationship between them must be established on the basis of a spectator of his own knowledge and intuition.In the narrative of this kind leads to blocking of the dominant form of the epic, which rests on the account of events, not internally arising from the conflict. Very skeptical Altenlo in relation to the possibilities of facial expression.She believes that the film is most effective where the person's life passes without affect words, for example, in situations of pain. But the feeling of pain - it just is, using the terminology of Lukacs, the actual present. Physical pain has no past history does not have the future.Altenlo notes that mimic expression not in sostoya164 165 tion to pass "before" and "after", "chiaroscuro of the feelings and the will of man" Mimic expression in this sense, reflects only the present, but because it is not available scope nuances requiring temporary measure.Denying the cinema in the transfer of nuances and conflict, the researcher still recognizes the cinema is one significant advantage, namely the ability to transfer the situation, "Framework for Action". This ability to view "side" gives the movie vitality exceeding vitality oral or written story.In the narrative point of view it means a story without conflict, but it download the film La Orca and worked out an arrangement with the events of the past and not the future, but this is extremely rich.Comparisons film with other art forms are productive for early kinomysli mainly because they reveal in the cinematic world a system of contradictions, download the film La Orca and armed explorer tool for kvazifilosofskogo phenomenological description of the new art.An interesting example of this approach is found in the works of Professor of Art University of Tubingen Conrad Lange.

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