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Return Guitry (in the movie after being accused of kolaboratsionizme) became lame demon in 1948. Sasha chose for his film such a controversial figure, as Talleyrand. The well-known schemer and manipulator ages 18-19 served by director and actor Guitry as a true patriot of France, whose intrigues and manipulations just go to the benefit of the country.The narrative is decorated in the tradition of dialogue Guitry, and its direction and make a game of Talleyrand's interpretation of the image is very reliable. Suppose someone is accused of trying to justify Guitry by historical figures, the merits of the film real or fictitious motives director is not overturned.Lame devil showed everyone that the maestro 30s has lost a creative form and ready to become a movie in post-war France, a significant figure, as in the pre-war.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Regisseur Sacha Guitry

The director was born 21/02/1885, died 24/07/1957. Writer, director and actor. Sacha Guitry was born in St. Petersburg (Russia). His father, Lucien Guitry, was a famous French actor. At twenty-one year succeeded his first play Nono (Nono);after a brilliant debut, wrote one after another cleverly constructed play, best of which was compared with the comedies of Moliere. In total he owns 115 plays and 29 screenplays. In his works he praised Guitry 'true Gallic lover. " Among his films - the jewel in the crown (Les Perles de la couronne) and Roman villain (Le Roman d'un tricheur).In 1935 he published Memoirs of a cheater (Mmoires d'un tricheur). After World War II pro-Nazi has been accused of sympathizing with, but at trial he was acquitted. Guitry died in Paris July 24, 1957.Sasha WebsiteGuitry... to read further                                                                                               

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Film Lame Devil
Regisseur Sacha Guitry
Country France
cinema Genre History
Cinema-garbage a box Europe and others

exit Date on screens 11.07.1948
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