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Frustrated by the marriage, husband, family, home and life in general, young Emma attempts by other, more appropriate, as it seems, men get all of what she had dreamed as a child ...                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Regisseur Jean Renoir

The director was born 15/09/1894, died 12/02/1979. Director, screenwriter, actor, producer. Jean Renoir was born in Paris, the son of the famous impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Educated at the prestigious college, who did not like and called a kind of elegant prison.During the First World War he served in the cavalry, after being wounded in the leg, was treated in hospital and continued the war pilot. In 1919 he married a young father of Catherine Hesling of models, sets up a ceramic workshop and for several years devoted himself to the profession. However, he was interested in cinema.All turned in the life of Renoir's film Foolish Wives (1922) Erich von Stroheim, who predetermined his fate, and later influenced the style of Renoir. And by the time Catherine Hesling stops to pose for artists and filming a movie. For her, Jean Renoir wrote the script pictures joyless life (1924).This contact with the process of making a film put an end to all doubts Renoir. It became clear that his true path of cinema. With the money his father, he founded his own production company and in 1924 took his first picture of the daughter of Water (1925) with exquisite scenery and unusual decision of the sleep stage heroine.Daughter of the water it was difficult to call the avant-garde because it is too much attention paid to full-scale shooting, acting and scenic, close to Impressionism. All these qualities can be fully attributed to the majority of subsequent works director.Then, Jean... to read further                                                                                               

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Film Madame Bovary
Regisseur Jean Renoir
Country France
cinema Genre Drama
Cinema-garbage a box Europe and others

exit Date on screens 03.07.1933
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