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So is this the embryo, which by virtue give shoots in this environment, on the desert plains and snow, what is the film unfolds in Zanussi?Perhaps, despite the efforts of people, the environment and remains amorphous, while the crystal is released., From his journey Interior, for the embryo that - only the seed of death, terminal illness or suicide? Therefore, in terms of crystalline exchange or indistinguishability in three ways:they involve a current or virtual, is transparent and dull, the embryo and the environment. Zanussi is trying to work, so that all his films illustrate different aspects of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Zanussi scientist turned actor, that is, in a dramatic creature par excellence.But the reason for this - a situation that happened to the actor himself: Before you make an amphitheater, was the scene of a crystal, or rather treadmill. Actor inseparably fused with his public role: it makes a virtual image of the actual role that becomes visible and illuminated.Actor - a "monster", or rather, born actors are monsters - like Siamese twins, or a man without arms and legs, as their role is recognized by them in the slaying them with excess or deficiency. But the more the role of a virtual image becomes relevant and transparent ^ the more relevant image of the actor goes into darkness and dim:it looks like a private matter actor vague revenge, strangely vague or criminal legal action. And this hidden activity can occur and, in turn, to become visible to the extent that you end the role of fading. Here we learn the basic theme of creativity Tod Browning, even in silent films.Imaginary cripple, realizing one Cowie Peter, В«La chute d'un coipsВ». В«CinematographeВ», no. 87, mars 1983, p .. This article provides an excellent analysis of the entire work Zanussi.role, really cuts off his hands, for the love of the one rejected offers her hand men - but trying to preserve the dignity, 1 organizing the murder neizurodovannogo opponent.In "Unholy Trinity" ventriloquist Echo eventually could speak only through its own puppet, but again finds himself in a criminal case, disguised as an old lady - despite the fact that he had to confess his crime, even if the mouth of innocence.Monsters from the movie "Freaks" are such only because they were forced to play their true role, and they find themselves in a dark place, revealing a strange light, which flashes cause them to break this role. "In "Blackbird," "actor", which fell into the stream transformation, paralyzed at a time when he was going to take advantage of the role of the bishop for criminal purpose as if the monstrous changes suddenly froze. Abnormal and suffocating slowness permeates all the characters Browning inside the crystal.That is, the Browning before us is by no means a reflection on the theater or the circus, what we see in other directors, actors and duplicity, and it can catch only the cinema, draw a circle of its own.Virtual image of the public role becomes relevant, but also in relation to the virtual image of the private crime, which, in turn, becomes relevant and replaces the first image. And now it is not clear where the role, and where - a crime.Perhaps it requires out of the ordinary understanding between the actor and director, and this was between Browning and Lon Chaney.

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