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293 is always good- natured, cheerful, humorous.Stariknemets and crazy Jewish, Tatar Khan, as well as the characters of download the film naturiste and Pushkin, Tolstoy, Turgenev, Andreeva ... His best roles were age, often required of other nationalities and make-up and, most importantly, the internal transformation. He worked on the role slowly, often with a book, if you shoot in the next adaptation.In the element of literary language drew the psychological behavior of the plastic details of his hero. He knew by heart all the monologues and dialogues of the film are playing in front of the camera is not uttered. For him, the silent movie was not at all dumb.During the filming of scenes where he " played" or "listening" music, at his request, and arranged for it to sound rhythm and plastic performance. Shaternikova could often be found in the museum and exhibitions. He's painting sought and found his character - the figure, face, only his eyes, one hand.So it was Alexei Alexandrovich Karenin literally " sketched" with the old clerk in "The Unequal Marriage." The actor download the film naturiste and loved the morning and put on a suit of the character already exist as it, in response to his name.Sat patiently for hours in the makeup chair, and then entered the hall alive frighteningly like Leo Tolstoy, hero movies Protazanov "great elder care", "How fair, how fresh were the roses."When Shaternikova drafted early in the war, friends anxiously followed him to the front - he was depressed, the person had gone to the shadow of death. He does not seem to have time to get to the front, was killed in shelling.The appearance of the actor on the screen, not too long after the news of his death, was a film "Anna Karenina", caused by those who knew him and loved some political mystical longing. But today you are pleased when you look fortunately preserved films - "Care of the great elder," "Anna Karenina," in which he played one of the best Russian film actors of the Silver Age. Raised theater Shaternikov was really one of the best - not only what role he will succeed as a result, but how was the process of working on them. I play or deceived husband or lover happy. No middle ground.Witold Witold Alfonsovich Polonsky Polonsky film debuted late - in 1915, playing Prince Andrew in "Natasha Rostova", filmed in Khanzhonkova. He was immediately seen and the audience and the director of Bauer, who then played their best roles.He tried one character - an elegant, thoroughbred, melancholic krasavtsapolyaka fill diverse human material. In the movie "The happiness of eternal night" Polonsky was the hero, capable of the highest sense of sacrifice, in the film "After Death" - intellectual, living science, unaware until then no love, no passion.Cynical fortune-hunter, gambler and con artist - in the movie "Life for life." 294 At the end of the film "shot" the prince lay, beautiful legs download the film naturiste and crossed. Watch the film naturiste in excellent quality online. Vera Cold occupied with Polonsky in this scene, laughing, invited the director to put in the hand "download the film naturiste and killed" a lit cigar.However, for Bauer quite seriously elegance was more important than credibility, and he was sure that the naturalistic, ugly posture is not to Polonsky. Polonsky was vyuchenikom and actor of the Maly Theater.After graduation, the theater, where he taught his leading masters and professors of Moscow University, he was accepted into the troupe of the Small, where he download the film naturiste and played all his short life. He died suddenly at the end of 1918 and he was only forty.

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