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- Monsieur! - Messing looked at the guy who picked up this whole scandal.- Monsieur, may I ask you to go out for a moment on stage? - But why? - Rising, said Guy. - I swear I can confirm that he saw how they took counsel in the cafe! - Maybe I can dispel your doubts? And your entire room! I want to come to you? - Messing quickly began to descend the stairs.The guy was somewhat embarrassed, went faster, and they met at the scene. - Lord, I'm sure that's it sir you completely trust! - Loudly said Messing. - And to restore your confidence in us, I want to ask this young man's mind to give me any job! I repeat: the job of any complexity!Excuse me, young man, you, I think, a student at the Sorbonne? - Vyto know where? - Could not help but wonder the guy in the sweater. - And was training at the Faculty of Philology, right? - Assertively asked Messing, gimlet eyes guy. - Also, probably, the rascal! - A voice from the back, and after a ride around the room laughing.- But what I cheater? I really am a student at the Sorbonne! Indeed at the philological faculty! - The guy said loudly. - And this gentleman see for the first time in my life! - Then give me any job, sir student. Sorry, you do not accidentally Francois name? - Messing smiled. - Here it is ... yeah - download the film naturiste and stretched completely dumbfounded guy.- Do you really clairvoyant? - Your name is Francois? - download the film naturiste and Insisted Messing. - Francois ... - Go ahead, Francois! Ask me the job. I really want it you've seen that we are not crooks! That telepathy and thought-transference exists. And so, for more convincing, I will do the job blindfolded.I hope, gentlemen, viewers support my request? - Messing looked hall glowing eyes, and the audience responded to a burst of applause. - Ask him anything should pozakovyristey, Francois! - Someone shouted, and they all laughed again. Francois long stared at Messing, finally said:- I mentally give you a task to perform ... ... Messing smiled, took out a handkerchief and download the film naturiste and soaked forehead with his hand through his hair. Then he held a handkerchief Francois: - Please do tie my eyes. - But how do you go? - Surprised Francois. - Please, do what I tell you - gently but firmly asked Messing.Francois, conscious of the views of hundreds of eyes, took a handkerchief, download the film naturiste and folded it into a bandage, smoothed. Look online. Messing turned his back, and Francois put a bandage over his eyes and tied at the back. Messing with your fingers touched the bandage on the eyes, then slowly walked down the aisle and stopped in front of the series, where he was Francois.Hard ... He looked into the darkness and saw clear up all the sharper and clearer the tunnel ... pop up and dissolved in this tunnel faces ... chessboard with scattered figures on it ... and the darkness was lit up from time to time and are download the film naturiste and painted in different colors - red, green, blue ... yellow ... And suddenly among the dead persons, chess squares on which tomess scattered pieces - another chessboard, and now figure it apart, and, surprisingly, very few of them left ... Hundreds of eyes was watching a telepath. - Here is sitting next to you your friend. He is also a student. - Messing walked along the row. Sitting in a chair people hurriedly got up, free passage.Messing stopped by a guy of the same age, and Francois, and said aloud: - You have a friend, and Francois. And call you ... - Messing paused, looking at the guy.

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Film naturiste
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