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But it is still download the film naturiste and shared memory, as it relates to the same data, which one of them said, and another - to deny or refute.In fact, the character X orbits the past, inside which there is a acting as a bright spot, "dimension" - whereas A is in areas where there is no X, or in those where it is scattered, like a nebula.Will the A inspire myself on a panel, where the X, or is this flag will be dropped and a crumpled because of the resistance, which it zavernet own banners? "Hiroshima, My Love" further complicates the situation. In this film, the two characters, but everyone - private memory that is alien to the other. They have nothing in common.This is reminiscent of the past two disparate region - Hiroshima and Nevers. And at the time, as the Japanese do not allow a woman to enter into its own region, a woman willingly and sympathetically, although to a certain point, leads to a Japanese.Is it for everyone - not a way to keep your memory and create a memory to be two, if memory now becomes the whole world and is separated from the personality of the hero? In the movie "Muriel" again two memories, each download the film naturiste and marked by their war with one - Boulogne, another - Algeria.But this time, each including several 'We are talking about the moment when a certain machine involves the hero back in time - to the minute, when he came out of the water on the beach, this moment will be repeated and download the film naturiste and modified throughout the film. Gaston Bunur wrote:"Claude was swimming, sailing and will float around that moment, which is the whole of his life. Not subject to damage and inaccessible, it sparkles in the labyrinth of time, like a diamond. " 424425 Gilles Sharp panels to the past or regions that refer to different persona Zham: three levels around a letter from Boulogne, two levels of AEs around the Algerian war.This pamyatmir, distributed to many people and a number of levels, and they all contradict each other, expose or touch you. The film "The war is over", in our opinion, marks not mu tatsiyu and not return to the present, and the deepening of the same about the problems.The point here is that this character - not that other, as "EPO ha", some time in the history of Spain, which has never yet said to be in the present. There is a period of civil war in which the committee has remained in exile. There is a new era of young terroristovradikalov.Anastoyaschee hero permanent sec General to download the film naturiste and certain political organization itself is the same RCS hoy to life in Spain, the level that is different from the civil war and the HN, and do not come to know of her youth.All this is presented tion as the past, present and future, can also be considered the three periods in the life of download the film naturiste and Spain, so that the production of the new implementation chegoto bility or the choice between them, either as part of insoluble. The idea tends to vscheleniyu era, to the attainment of an independent political, historical or archaeological sense.In the movie "My American Uncle" successfully continued this research following periods: three characters in it, and each exists on several levels of the FIR, a few eras. There are constant: each period, each download the film naturiste and defined by a download the film naturiste and certain flag territory lines of "leakage", lock these lines;is topological and determination kartologacheskie proposed Laborie. But from one epohikdrugoy and from character to character distribution is changing.

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