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Upset me just what you said. I'll wait for you forever, and you know it. But I can not help it with the newspaper writings. I told you that it will continue for as long as I stay Ingrid Bergman. It always will be.And no matter how bad you may feel about this, about me will continue to write, I take pictures. You have no idea how many journalists I send back. I try to be careful, almost nothing they will not say it, but for them I am still a source of "news" - and they'll be long until you'll be a bad actress. Want to tell you one more thing.I phoned my lawyers in California. You know, I have three of them. But so far none of them download the film naturiste and lifted a finger. Do not worry, my little one. I do not in any way want to hurt you. I just want you to kakoeto pobyla time with me. How do I do this? If you think it's possible - perfectly.The last lawyer whom we found a very nice person. He himself had four children, and he immediately understood. I asked him to stop in Pittsburgh on the way back to Italy. But he sent me a telegram saying to my father at this time was not able to see him. I wish that someday I could.Remember, Pia, I'll never do what you do not. Why would I do if I love you, thinking of you all the time, and I want you to be happy? If I'm such efforts in order to meet with you, it is only because I believe that you shall be even happier when you know how I live here.Because it's one thing when you hear what they say about you, and quite another when you can judge yourself. And I'd like you to know his brother and sisters. I think you'll be very glad. And when you come back to my father in Pittsburgh, then you will have a different mood.You will feel much closer to us, and we will have a lot that can be discussed in the letters to our next meeting. " Pia remembers quite a while. "I remember how the whole situation was reflected on his father: he was completely devastated. It was sad to observe that he has to endure.After all, it was necessary to somehow hold on to go to work at the clinic on the one hand - to be experienced, a great surgeon, and the other - read all the filth in the newspapers. His whole life turned into a farce, and it is especially bad if you have a serious profession, what was his father.He worked in theater or be a writer, it would have been, perhaps, a friend, but in order to do surgery on the brain, requires a certain detachment, seclusion. The clinic has its own particular atmosphere. At six o'clock in the morning my father had to be in place to meet other surgeons .... I saw him domauzhe after work;he was in a deep depression, what is happening to him was a terrible blow. His father - a very strong, eccentric nature. He is very smart, cheerful, easy-going, great dancing - best of all, I know. He himself, without assistance, had been successful in life. The boy, who was born on a farm in northern Sweden, is a brilliant neurosurgeon.He sees patients from all over the world, to fly him anywhere. He usually succeeds where others have doctors discouraged. The only way I could help him - to be with him. It so download the film naturiste and happened that my mother left, I stayed with him. For it opened a completely different life - full of love, a romantic and passionate.Yes, it was great. And all that was left behind, there were none. For my share not fallen any shine. I was left with the fact that it was, so I look at it from a completely different point of view.

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