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But do not pass the medical examination - it was like a bolt down on a clear day. - You to the naval service is not suitable. Do you have chronic bronchitis.With such diseases, we do not allow for testing ... There are no words to express my state, my mood, my sorrow ... I stood in the long corridor. Passed by me in a new form of teenagers. They were hilarious, as if nothing had happened.Rattle heels and deliberately talking loudly about the sea service to others was painfully jealous at them. "Here we are sailors, and who are you? Come in large numbers here. All of you are still not a damn thing come out! "Yes, one of us has failed, or rather, out of me.I bitterly and tears sprang away and almost ran ran out ... A fine autumn rain, but it was hot. Face was burning, it was terrible shame - to do this way and come back with nothing. Rejected because of poor health, what a paradox! "Poor health! I have a bad health ..."I strained my arm and flex its muscles - poor health! What the hell! I slowly walked along the banks of the Neva, sadly looked at me and ancient sphinxes, I felt sorry for me, "the weak and feeble." Away through the dense gray grid rain download the film naturiste and pictured transparent silhouette of Isaac, and the yellow dome seemed to be warmed from the inside golden fire.All the same tousled, ran towards me Neva, and still on a rearing horse riding Bronze Horseman ... Nothing happened ... Neva did not stop, do not fell the Lieutenant Schmidt Bridge, and not swayed Paul belfry.Pedestrians walk past on the street, and no attention to me, do not pay, and it seemed to me that now everyone will laugh at me, " failed! Look at him! He's weak! .. "Strange! How is that? Nothing happened, everything in its place, and there, behind a heavy curtain of rain, perhaps, the sun is shining brightly. Amazing!I walk around the city and slowly saying goodbye to Leningrad. What is sad envy I say goodbye to sailors going on Nevsky ... "Goodbye, battleships" Marat "and" Oktiabrina "adieu, the Baltic sailors! I had no luck!I so wanted to be with you, walk with long strides along the Neva, to substitute face sharp gust of wind and breathe in the salty wind wet ... "Alas! Farewell, salty breeze. Neva. Bridges and horses. Goodbye, Kuindji Pushkin Siemiradzki ...I thought that I would never go back to this clad in granite city - a city that in the short moment I fell in love. In the evening, when the rain Nevsky lacquered shine and shimmer with light yellow light, I am in the hands of a small suitcase in a hurry to the station ... At this ended my naval epic. I experienced his first defeat.However, to this day I do not know - whether it was a defeat or a destiny to protect me from chegoto how protected the rest of his life. ... Disappeared into the misty distance Leningrad. Pounding of the wheels, clearly tapping, "Do not hit, do not hit, do not hit ..."FIRST LESSONS Moscow, 1929" I have to tell you, under what circumstances I first fell ill illness of the century. " Alfred de Musset. "Confessions of a Child of the Century" Cinematograph ... What a wonderful mysterious word - "cinematography". Cinematograph captivated me, replaced the dream of the sea, forced to come to the vast, inhospitable Moscow.Already at the station I was met by a noisy, jarring trams Moscow with its vociferous traders, worn on the head with a large wooden trays of fruit: - Who duchess, duchess whom?

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