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(This means that the scenery will be totally dismantled, the preparation of the new leave hours and maybe days.If this kind of shooting is no longer provided, my decision to become more responsible, because we can not solve the film naturiste watch online in excellent quality and come back if necessary.) I used to be limited to one double and moved on to the next episode.This is dangerous, because anything may happen. The laboratory may damage the film. Once in New York organized a strike. And these bastards all film left in the developer. The daily work - not only mine, but all those in the day filming in New York, - went down the drain.And then there was the case when the material is transported to the laboratory in Rafiki and the car got into an accident. Boxes with negative flew across the street, stickers peeled off, doubles disappeared. Or, for example, we were shooting for the funeral mafia "Anderson Tapes" on location in St. Patrick's Cathedral on the corner of Mulberry and Houston in Little Italy.I literally skin feel evil. These thugs suddenly offended by the way they look on the screen. Alan King played the gangster film. He found himself at the center of a group of six very nervous boys. The voices grew louder. Finally, I heard that one of them says: - We all Choyto YMCA to show off! Shaw, we were not artists? A l and n.Who's that? F r o m l a. Michelangelo! A l and n. About him already removed. F r o m l a. Yes? STE with whom? A l and n. With Chaklesom Heston. Full garbage. The situation was not easy. Assistant director heard someone from the local fraternity hinted about "zagrabastyvaniya fucking negativity." Mafiozniki in New York is very creative.Therefore, after every take we passed film terrified administrator, who quietly evaporating from the set, drove her to the laboratory on the subway. "Cut!" I say purely instinctively. Sometimes the inner voice prompts that take flawless and better not do it. And sometimes each take out worse than the previous.Or I am in a desperate situation. Batteries sat, tomorrow we shoot in Paris. Nevezuha. Sends it to the press and hope that nobody will notice the compromise to which you went.The most difficult situation faced in the film industry, it's when you can naturiste movie watch online and do just one take. This happened on the "Murder on the Orient Express." Imagine the following: we take off in a huge depot in the suburb of Paris. There is six-car train rumbling and puffing.A train! Total mine! Not a toy! This! He gathered from Brussels brought from the old carriages of "VegonLit" and as old cars brought from Pontarlier in the French Alps, decommissioned storage mechanisms of the French National Railways.Constructed in London scenery Istanbul station, transported to Paris and placed in custody, turned it into a departure station of the Orient Express. Three hundred extras available on the "platform" and "waiting room." Remove to be this: the camera is located on the Nike, 16-foot mobile cranes. He dropped to the bottom position.As the train will begin to move in our direction, the camera will go to meet him, while rising to its height - about 6 feet. And the train, and the camera at the same time gaining speed. And when the middle of the fourth carriage aligned with us, you need to go to the close-up of the brand name "VegonLit." He is very handsome, gold on a blue background.He fills the screen.

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