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Fortunately, the need for intelligent spectacle, education and cultural environment in the Russian people is enormous. Let me give a few examples.With some friends in the estate arranged in a simple barn in the summer a series of dramatic performances. First time in these plays involved the landowners themselves, intellectuals, peasants considered as stage performance shame and a sin, and this is their strongly supported the people of the old school. Every year, all the performances were attended with great interest;a few years later formed a peasant company, where my friends play only the roles that are beyond the power of the peasants I was invited to one of the series of performances. From ten in the morning on the days of performances began to ring the bell, which is usually the landlords announce the start of work.A long, high, shrill sound did not stop for an hour notice to the neighboring villages of the performance. Nearby villages in turn notify each village. And about to go public with the county nearly ten miles in festive fancy dress.Performances start at two hours and ended at ten o'clock, as the crowd during the intermission the audience discussed what is seen, but on the stage with zriteleykrestyan An entire real setting, sometimes with real trees.A crowd of peasants, know that I am an artist and director of the theater, put me on the hill and made me talk about the play and understand it. I was struck by the extraordinary discipline: one person talking to a crowd of two hundred people and it was really quite graceful conversation.One could talk about all the details of the play, clarify any misunderstandings arising from individual viewers. Struck me as pure acting questions, hinting at a great interest in the technique of the artist.So were all the interludes, and the last intermission, some of the most artistic nature gave way, began to recite the poetry of Pushkin and Lermontov, and whole monologues from Ostrovsky.One of these farmers so download the film naturiste and addicted to the theater, which he spent years saving up money to go to Moscow with a special purpose to see a new repertoire of the Moscow Art Theatre. On arrival, he puts on his pale blue silk shirt, strongly namaslivaet head and solemnly come at the appointed hour for dinner.I was touched to tears of awe and inner joy that he can not hide the fact that he walks on the pure wood floor, sits at a well set table. I admire them, because in these moments for him it is not a simple dinner, and the meal, he just eats and eats the food.And the solemnity with which he goes and puts his knife and fork, reminds me of some political ritual. His every question, however naive it may be, suggests great thoughtfulness, perhaps the result of doubt and spiritual quest of a year. Difficult to talk to him, because you want to be alert and cautious.With the same decorum he visits the theater. After each performance, which makes it quite an awesome experience it until three in the morning walking through the empty streets of Moscow, apparently worrying impression. Returning home to my sister's apartment, where he stops, he locks himself in his room and almost no people on the show.Often my sister on the phone lets you know that he was not download the film naturiste and allowed in the theater, as the impression becomes too exciting I think the simple spectator can understand everything that is true and artistic, but only under one condition, it is extremely important: the main idea of ​​the play should be made clear, simple, faithful and vivid in colors.Then shall the viewer simple and quite deep essence of the play.

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