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Therefore, the main paper and the training of the crew and, above all, the director of the production was the so- called "staging project."For its quality, the degree of detail and future production, the producer can judge the professionalism of directors.Shooting a full-length costume drama or a 30-second ad - still posed project is the main instrument through which we can see that the director intended, that he wants to convey in his work to the audience and what means this will be achieved.In the download the film specnaz and staged project storyboards and staging plans are a key part of the concept of the future work, along with the shooting script. The most expensive in the production of the film - shooting period.On the degree of sophistication and elaboration depend not only clear time and monetary costs, but not least - a creative success, the quality of the artistic design and the degree of reality of his incarnation."Storyboard" in screen work is a sequence of frames painted a picture of the future with the numbers, duration, methods of shooting. They should be strictly linked to the staging plans, which show the location of camera angles.Each director and operator should be able to graphically show each other what they want to see in the picture, in what size, in what perspective should be able to draw the basic elements of composition. This is the language of professional communication. Not all are able to draw brilliantly, so the development of storyboards are sometimes carried out in two stages.The first is when the director himself draws all the shots and staging, linking with the shooting script. This workflow is pre-production, kitchen director.If the quality of his drawings is poor, then the project of stage to show customers, sponsors, which can give the money to stage the film, invited special drawer, which makes the director's storyboards, so to speak, finishing option.But still in daily practice directing storyboards are a major project coming shooting. Sometimes the director makes a change in the course of the film in the original version of the storyboard, because creativity does not stop at the stage of the initial project, you want - you do not want all the director draws only himself.To achieve the specified accuracy in the picture frame on the screen to compulsory font style scene in two projections:conventional image of the object in the frame and plan the set, where the symbols are drawn characters, the main subjects, the location of vehicles and the corners of the lenses capture space, entering the frame with each point.So, for example, looks like the top of the conventional representation of the human figure, depending on the direction of his gaze. All subtlety positioning the character's face and figure in relation to the unit is in the mutual position of the oval shape of the face and body.In the first frame symmetrically located behind the arc is interrupted by an oval head, which is placed strictly in the middle. The second - a face download the film specnaz and shifted somewhat to the left. Back line moves from the head to a greater height than the line chest. In the third - the arc traced back completely. She, however, covers the head, which can not be seen from behind.It seems that we see his head man. In the drawn frames can see exactly where each of the characters looks. And this - the most important quality of building frame. It plays a crucial role in the assembly of frames within the scene.

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