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At the end of 1927 VI. NemirovichDanchenko returned home. Did not happen, does not happen too experience and valuable in its own way. It is important to understand the reasons for failure.Home - the inability of the American kinotsivilizatsii to the essential contacts with Russian culture. By the will of hysterical circumstances in America gathered many talented Russian, someone here found a human shelter, 382 download the film specnaz and survived more creative life, few have built it from scratch.But this could not be the dialogue of cultures, which is a Russian abroad. America has added to it a purely European phenomenon but a postscript, so cultural postscript. It is no coincidence that after the war many of the Russian returned to Europe, his second home, feeling like a Russian Europeans.In Europe, in Russia, tend to always demonize Hollywood, as the embodiment of Americanism in the film industry.They wanted to destroy Mozzhukhina as a talented competitor, and many other stars of the Old World ... taunts Russian classics, removing primitive, stupid film adaptation, adapted versions releasing in paperback ... There has never been in any malicious intent, but there were and are - parochial view of the world and their place in it, the nationalegocentricity, cultural constraints ... With this it is possible, perhaps even should, disagree, it is foolish to support, but this does not need to fight. 5 The future of Russia is only that the church, in the broadest sense of the word. about.After Sergei's persecution of the Faith, the destruction of the Church, and with them the culture, open software it serves, in the Russian Orthodox art acquired download the film specnaz and abroad life and salvation. In Paris until 1917, he was the only Orthodox church of St. Alexander Nevsky on Rue Daru, and twenty years later, there were already thirty.Across Europe, there were more than one hundred parishes, which became centers of spiritual life and everyday lost homeland. And to this day in the temple of St. Alexander Nevsky at the booth provides information, requests, tips, and suggestions. Needy, the lonely, the homeless will find here a lot of help and support.Every major center of the Russian Diaspora arose theological education. Organizations of the Russian Student Christian Movement download the film specnaz and covered all the space. Save Orthodoxy in another confessional environment meant not to lose their own mentality, their world view.SentZhenevev Bois - the largest burial of our compatriots - bears little resemblance to the Russian cemetery. Here in the Western manner trees are leaning over the graves, because his height, his life, they destroy them. It does not bring cut flowers, because they spoil stones tombstones, quickly turn to junk.Everything here is very well organized and rational for the Russian heart. Suddenly, in the corner, in the tops of the birches blue poppy-head of the Orthodox Church ... Feel this is the Russian Necropolis. 383 The temple was erected in art and work of the Russian Orthodox family - architect Albert Aleksandrovich and artist Maria Nikolaevna Benoit.Brothers Vladimir and Sergei Ryabushinskys download the film specnaz and founded a company "Icon", entered into by Bilibin, Benoit, Muratov, Vol. Troubetzkoy. Painted Orthodox churches, download the film specnaz and organized an exhibition of icons around the world, publishing books on iconology, albums, - all together, professing a form of collective work, which were created and worked iconographical squads in.When the Russian spiritual choir performs at a concert in Paris, for example, "Peace saved" that in fact alien to open new world.

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