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"On this basis, Knebel explained how important it was to sketch cubicle as close to the set designer of the future performance, how to sketch in the presence of props, and sometimes some costume details - in short, everything that makes the truth of the physical well-being an actor.During the period of table actor can logically understand the events and actions, we consider that these actions are carried out in a particular rhythm, to take into account the physical well-being, but not directly respond to their entire psychophysics, as happens in life, can not.The lack of "complex perception" binds the actor's imagination and according to its temperament. Meanwhile, remember that memory and imagination of everyone respectively inimitable.Depending on the greater or less development of certain senses, that is, the features of perception, every man dominates a particular type of memory and the nature of the imagination. Modern psychology defines three main types of memory and imagination: Eye type:the perception of the world around the person primarily stores and maintains the visual impression, and therefore, in his imagination play a major role visual images. Hearing Type: imagining kakoelibo event, the person in the first place to hear him in a variety of voices, intonations, rhythms and melodies. Engine type:human imagination nerazryuno associated with the movement, plasticity, physical sensations. Of course, the rigid division into types is possible only in theory.In practice, first of all there is a mixed type, which combines all three elements, but, as emphasized by psychologists, "there is always one area of ​​dominance with a moderate distribution of the rest."Thus, a study that offers the actor " integrated perception" of what is happening, appealing to each of the main types of imagination at the same time. That is, in the imagination of the actors' Etudes extra food and becoming more active and bold, it is as if a qualitative leap.It is difficult, for example, imagine an actor with immune body, the motor has not been download the film specnaz and developed. It is logical to assume that most of the actors "motor" type of imagination is the leading, or even just a well- developed.So, naturally, for many actors evaluates event occurs primarily through changes in the physical well-being, through the change of energy of the body, affecting the behavior. Let us recall the actress was rehearsing the role of Annie, which helped a precisely defined physical health.It is obvious that the work of sketches from the beginning actor poses questions of rhythm, while prandial period of several moves.This is significant, given that for some actors' personalities, as download the film specnaz and mentioned above, a sense of rhythm, it changes its rise or cut is triggered, activates the imagination.It is no coincidence actor practices a Gayev, tried making a sketch, to catch the rhythm of its existence, the event and its relationship to the rhythm of others.Of course, this is not a mechanical forcing or slowing down, and the establishment of internal temporitma actor resulting from the perception of events and important given circumstances. It is no accident, saying the rhythm of existence Gayev, the actor download the film specnaz and touched many factors:here and the attitude to visit sister and three hours waiting for the train, and fatigue, and so on Stanislavski stressed that "temporitm excites not only emotional memory," but also "help revive our visual memory and vision."Mastering temporitmom actor also induces birth required visual images, learning, and how to assigning the events and circumstances of the play.

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