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First, when it comes to shooting and editing a continuously evolving scene. Second, when the objects and place their actions in these frames are quite different.In the first form of joint staff can be a situation in which even in one scene shot different characters and objects, but are active and in the same space.In screenwriting, the term "scene" usually means that part of the story, or, in other words, a piece of continuous development activities that occur in one place without apparent gap in time. In the old theatrical dramaturgy times "Nedorosl" it was called the "three unities":unity of action, unity of place and unity of time steps. Lev Kuleshov in his experiments and writings examined and he and the other options for joint staff, Sergei Eisenstein in his famous article "Assembly 1938" - only the second option, although it did brilliantly. The reader may ask:what for 60 years so nothing has changed, films and programs must be installed in the same way as it was done by their grandparents? Is the installation of the French film "Between the angel and demon" is made in the same manner as in the film "Battleship Potemkin" or "The Cranes Are Flying"? Something had to change after more than half a century!Indeed, there have been tremendous changes. The painting "Between the angel and demon" is pronounced so-called form klipovoy installation. And from this point of view, for many past decades was replaced by a large number of different styles in the assembly building pictures.Variability is subject to that part of the form in which the contents of the screen works, which is directly related, on the one hand, with the development of a culture of perception, on the other - with the fashion for the preferential use of those or other receptions in the art, which are considered the most modern.Immutable are only the principles associated with the peculiarities of perception and thought. And they called the French film met with sufficient accuracy. We will look at some of the principles of installation personnel.They should stick to shooting and connecting adjacent frames within a continuously evolving by the action of the scene, if the director aims to ensure invisibility of joints and comfort perception of this scene the audience. They carry with them to ensure understanding of the logic of the action scenes, its content.Terminology and graphic "language" of film, television, video, animation, cartoons, music videos and TV commercials - it all comes together the concept of "on-screen work". The authors of any of these types of products want to enter into communion with the audience through the screen. The film specnaz. Because the terminology for all should be the same.Today, the director makes a film, he was invited to do tomorrow transmission, a month later he was entrusted to make a clip famous singer. Yesterday, he worked with a team, tomorrow he will work at all with others. A common language - is not only shaped.The director must understand the operator, the operator - the leader, the leader - writer, screenwriter - the artist, the artist - editor, editor - assistant, and so on. D.The director, as the main figure of the creative process screen works must possess special terminology to perfection, be able to explain in professional language clearly and accurately, eliminating the possibility of misinterpretation of the meaning of their tasks, plans, and ideas.Size of the plan is determined by what the viewer sees on the screen as the picture frame is limited, what part of the object or space displayed on the film in relation to the size of a single scale.

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