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Take it, and then change our minds. I know you - a good actor, but you can better, more prettier.Do you play any Whiteguard bastard, damn you ... Well, here, I know that I can not be mistaken ... I think this is we do not have the last stop on the way to a great purpose ... Here you would have played a donor, your mother ... that the blood of all the disinterested ... Red donor! "" If blood match "- a barely squeeze out of you.Then - champagne, a few parting words, but the whole mass, "Let's relatives to our region Leningrad no disgrace. Potatoes this year there, so that science and culture to the full; .. "I think to myself: the title - a good thing. First, salary 400 pe above will not jump. Private dacha in Komarovo - that in one tiny room no huddle.Maybe, "Volga" for this case ... now that is not the last stop. And most importantly, more independence ... About independence - not a delusion! Who it boasts? Only Rokutyan - he led the defunct tram kurosavovskom film "Under knocking tram wheels."I remember how Rokutyan - this Japanese tadpole, Little Buddha - sits down on his knees, frowns, when checking the wheel axle, clutch. Something like curls pliers. Climbs the stairs to the ghost car, took the helm. Inserts a sign with your name in the bracket, but no plates, no holder is actually not.Takes on the brake lever, making sure everything was in order, and then directs himself, "Let's go!" Slowly moves off, picking up speed and the voice imitates knock tram wheels "Dodeskadan! .." This bullheaded Rokutyan independent, no doubt. He did not have any gasoline, no traffic lights ... no titles. Dodeskadan, dodeskadan! ..December 23 I am in the Institute of Blood Transfusion. Probably lay low for a long time. Recently, a weakness, staggering and sleepy. Granny told as a child: "ShatayBoltay near Valdai." No, it's not Valdai. From the window of my prison species - are dull you can imagine: shabby wall and rusty pipes. Behind this wall - Suvorov. Leads directly to the Smolny.My House - в„– contrary - the sixth, overall. They put me to lunch with three women. As they say, "let us mess." They walk around with their mugs and their garlic. I tell them: "Hi. I'm out of the twelve. " They are: "Very nice. And we are in the fifth. " Trying to joke, "Well, that is not from the sixth." They did not understand the humor, meet suspicious:"Do you want to lie down in the sixth? So there are women ... "After dinner came the chief doctor, pulled my eyelids, was horrified and download the film specnaz and asked," How much? Film specnaz. "I said," Forty-nine. And years, and hemoglobin. " - "Let's raise. We'll have to lie a month, and then a half. " I was not happy: New Year, so here. Tomorrow will download the film specnaz and begin testing:blood from a vein, the residual nitrogen. Will be ready for transfusion. Zachemto took with "Brothers Karamazov." Began to think, what the characters are ill Smerdyakov - epilepsy, however, as the author himself. Lisa Khokhlakova - paralysis generated hysteria. Impressionable girl, at night, sees hell. And today I saw some Malikov.Tomorrow I will drive in his blood. December 28 to drive the blood of two women. So, I have to Malikov, and Yadranskaya Katalashvili. Full friendship of the peoples! It's nice that the nurse Alice when she saw me in the morning, immediately stated: "Yes, you fellows, Oleg! As rosy! "1979 January 1 god_ Baucis and Philemon weeks in isolation. Sad.On the eve of Allah and Yura - red, frozen.

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