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His example with a glass of water Bergson primarily wants to say: "Whatever my expectation, it expresses the duration as the mental and spiritual reality. But why is it that spiritual reality "testifying" not only on my behalf, on behalf of the person waiting, but also by changing the whole?"And Bergson says the following: the whole is not given and not zadavaemo. However, many philosophers and to Bergson said that the whole is not given and not zadavaemo, but only because they have concluded that there is a whole concept meaningless. The conclusion Bergson quite different:if not the whole zadavaemo, the reason for this is that it is open and that he constantly tend to change or contribute to chegoto new word Watch Online and the last."The duration of the universe must therefore be integrated with the freedom of creativity, which may have a place in it" And it turns out that whenever we find ourselves face to face with the duration or in a certain duration, we can sde1 all these problems Wed .: «Matiere el memoire», ch. IV, p. 332-340. Russian translation: Bergson.Matter and Memory. M, Moscow Club, 1992, p. 278Dalee "Matter and specnaz movie watch online in excellent quality and Memory" cited in the same publication. - Note. per. 1 EU, p. 502. Eng. trans., p. 2 EU r.521. Eng. trans., p. 3 EU, p. 782. Eng. trans., p.50 Gilles Dele'z KinoObrazdvizhenie 51 clude the existence of kakogoto changing and somewhere not closed the whole. It is known that Bergson first opened duration as something identical consciousness.But then he penetrated deeper into the mysteries of consciousness and was able to prove that the length does not exist except in the direction of opening of a whole or coinciding with the openness of the whole. The same is true of the living organisms when Bergson compares living with private or universal whole, he apparently enjoys the old world as a comparison. "And it is certainly he radically reverses the meaning of the components of this comparison.For if living is a kind of whole, and therefore, the whole upodoblyaemo universal, it does not mean that the living is the same closed microcosm, how are whole - on the contrary, it suggests that a living open world, and the world, the macrocosm itself is open."Wherever chtonibud lives, there will always open the register in which time is your record," If we were to define the whole, we would define it through relationship. And this is due to the fact that the ratio is not a property of objects; it always eksteriorno own members.In addition, it is inseparable from the Open and is associated with spiritual or mental existence. Film specnaz. Relationships do not belong to the objects, and a whole unless coincide with the closed set of objects in space Due to the movement of objects from one or another set of change respective positions.But a relationship is transformed or changes its quality whole. And about the same length of time or we can say that they are for the whole relationship. It should not, however, confuse the whole or "whole" with sets. After all, the set closed, and closed all closed by artificial means. The sets are always a combination of parts.But any integer not closed and open; besides, there are no parts, except in a very special sense, because it can not be divided without changing its nature at every stage of division. "The real whole might well be indivisible continuity" The whole is not yav1 EU, p. 507. Eng.

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