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Adjustment of word order is sometimes useful to change the order of the words to match the order of the image perception of the viewer. For example, when the frame is a great sunrise and a small figure trudging through the land of man, the viewer will notice the sun much sooner than a man.In the text you first wrote, for example: "It is out of the house when nobody around yet." But this immediately causes the viewer to search for "her". The rest of the sentence may be Watch Online and remain not perceived, because the viewer search for a woman obsessed.Change the order of the words to match the order of perception, and will; "When everyone else is asleep, she was just leaving." This complements the perception of the viewer, rather than swimming against the tide.Inserting sounds Another reason for separation or paraphrase of one sentence of two may need to insert pauses specific sounds such as slamming the car door or the phone rings.These sounds are often a powerful means of creating mood and give a logical subsequent text, so do not turn off their speech.They also help to mask the pernicious documentary overabundance of talk, more than half a century experience of Russian documentary managed to form their own traditions, to identify the psychological laws of perception, and consequently, the rules of writing and narration. Perhaps you've noticed:If you are passionate about kakimto matter, in this moment, as if disconnected from the outside world and not hear, facing even personally to you. The fact that your attention, which controls perception, protect you from all superfluous. Figuratively speaking, a person has a fairly narrow "pipe" for the perception zvukozritelnoy information.Most limit the amount it can not miss and your consciousness. If the information is ordered, image and text, the action on the screen and his words are rigidly connected with each other in accordance with the recommendations Rabigera, the amount of perceived information dramatically increases with the power to influence the viewer.But this upper limit - no more than 3 words in 2 seconds, and the viewer is still necessary to keep a pause in the text for interpretation and perceived experiences. Unfortunately, in today's film and television broadcasting, these psychological characteristics of perception ignored the text is not always associated with the action on the screen.As a result, the viewer loses the ability to perceive and, especially, to make sense of the information communicated to him. The weight of each first word That fact, which do not always give due importance: the first word that sounds after you see the new image, has the greatest influence on how the viewer interprets it. For example, are two consecutive frames: the first - photo of the artist at work at the easel, the second - a picture of a woman. A voiceover says, "Spencer wrote a portrait of his first wife and later his daughter's friend."Rearrange the words and images leads to a change of meaning, and the thing is, what word sounds after the first appearance of a new image, as shown in the diagram. The text remains the same, but depending on how it is located in these three diagrams, the viewer can identify three different ways in the portrait rights identity.Image: Painter at the easel / Portrait of a woman Text: Please Spencer painted a portrait of his wife, and later - his daughter's friend.

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