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So long presence somehow this writer had a chance to hear the story about the history of Andronicus his best portrait, which was made famous photographer Tarasevich. Tarasevich download the film specnaz and asked to remove the writer.Andronicus download the film specnaz and agreed, warning that is free from nine to twelve. Tarasevich noticed that this is not enough. Andronicus proposed to extend the visit to two. Tarasevich noticed that too little. "Well, I suggest you all day!" - Exclaimed Andronicus. "One day I was little," - said calmly Tarasevich. "How much do you want?"-" I need a month. " - "But I can not sit for a month you" - "And you will not pose for me - explained Tarasevich. - The only condition - you'll drive in my car, I want to be with you all the time. " And within a month just did not move from the writer. He shot it in the most unexpected moments.The best photo he did because of the wings, when Andronicus download the film specnaz and performed at the Philharmonic. Perhaps month observation hero seems exorbitant fee for a photo. But here is what, for example, a well-known Russian artist Fedotov:"When I needed a type of merchant for my" major ", I used to go to the living rooms and Apraksin yard, looking at those merchants, listening to them talk and studying their manners ...Finally, one day, the Anichkov Bridge, I met my ideal exercise, and no fortunate one, who was appointed on Nevsky most pleasant rendes-vous, could not be more delighted his beautiful, I was glad my red beard and a fat belly.I spent my discovery to the house, and then found an opportunity to meet him, dragging him for a year, and studied his character, download the film specnaz and received permission to charge to my honorable Papa portrait ... and then just made it in his painting. A whole year studying one person, and what cost me more! ".The so- called "modern" methods of documentary footage on closer examination guessed traditional observations required any artist. The presence of shooting equipment in these cases exacerbates the complexity of the process of observation, but does not change its nature.In the 1930s, Soviet journalists who created the "History of the factories," many months left for a business trip, where day-to-day recording the stories of builders and workers. They did not hide their problems and sort their classes, giving others the opportunity to get used to the constant presence of the journalist. To help them stand out stenographer."I like a proper study material ... - Told later one of these besedchikov, Alexander Beck, almost half lived in the Kuznetsk area. - And, as they say, I go straight to the goal: I do not hide, I say just what I want to write about TomTom and TomTom ... Immediately take out the book and asked, "You do not hesitate, if I take notes? '".In cinematography method long-term observation was first used by Robert Flaherty, over fifteen months to shoot in Canada's daily chronicle of a family of Eskimos. Interestingly, in the expedition director captures not only the cameras, negatives, and developers, but also electric projector. The first pictures taken Flaherty his characters."I'll never forget that night in the winter - he recalled - when we show these scenes in my hut on the white sheet ... In the language of cinema, this film created a sensation. Since then, every one was around me. Moreover, they download the film specnaz and quarreled with each other, all wanting to participate in the film.

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