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Based on the design of the film, the director, along with the artist and the operator is working on a decision of the director of the picture. The director's production document for shooting script - a time-lapse recording the next movie, which identifies all audio-visual features of the shooting:frame number and footage, type of survey plan and perspective, light and color, dialogue, music, and noise and installation. This can be illustrated download movie specnaz and serve as the director of the picture fragment Pudovkina "descendant of Genghis Khan," the beginning of the uprising of the Mongols as this film mute the sound development of solutions are available.The sound films are shown all kinds of sound in the frame. The shooting script clearer, more visible contours of the picture, it turns out, is specified in the work plan of the shooting. However, it can not be considered the final draft of the film.Depending on the circumstances of the shooting a lot can change, and the scene included in the film, often considerable filmmaking with. Ibid. Pudovkin Coll. In 3 1974, vol. 1, p. 367 Avg. Rides on the apparatus 367 Inkizhinov future. Horse galloping through the frame 368 thereafter. 369 Det. 370,371 children. 372 Common. 373 Det. 374 - 375 Total. 376,377 Common.Inkizhinov horse gallops among the Mongols influx legs of horses to the machine Inkizhinov among the Mongols Mongols influx Galloping bears the unit avalanche 1V4 Ran soldiers from the unit 1 Run through their feet Clouds Clouds Foot Soldiers Vs by the apparatus 378 thereafter.Avalanche horse has suffered nearly 379 wind dust is different from that of the shooting script of the episode. Some directors generally skeptical preliminary directorial development. Fellini calls them "suitcases for travel," the film is, in his opinion, is created "on the road".American director Wells remembers that in his film "Citizen Kane" was not pre storyboards and he improvised on the set Gerasimov, working on the film "The Lake", and at the same time preparing the literary director's script and spent shooting.Choice of actors of the most important stages of the director's work on the film - the choice of actors, singers, and the main bit parts.Sometimes it largely determines the success of the clear evidence that Babochkin role in the film Chapayev Vasilyev brothers, Chirkov as Maxim, Maretskaya in the movie "A member of the government" and Zarkhi Heifits and so on. D.The presence of the actor often makes the director completely povidet interior decorations and expressive landscape, | to notice the accuracy or artificial replicas imprecise or about the construction of staging. Actor helps settle the living space of the picture. for the proper choice of artists is a clear idea about the image of the hero at the very rezhisserapostanovschika, which should help the artist get into articles. Certificates. Intervyu.-, 1975, p. follow all the vicissitudes of fate of the hero, to understand his character, to see his gestures, movements, think about things.If the director is not clear image of the hero, he begins to search blindly, hoping for a lucky break. This approach rarely leads to success, most often the case ends up mutual dissatisfaction - and the director, and actor. Choosing an actor, a director must clearly understand the range of its capabilities, his talent, personality traits.Yutkevich long before the work on the film "Subject for a Short Story" actor watched Grinko, who seemed close to him on the creative direction.

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