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It was enough to shake. After the hall, rented to them for a pet, was opened only a year ago and glorious names of new stars. King had to outshine their light. Today. Now. John came to his senses when the orchestra struck up the entry. The conductor turned, looking for him. It's time ?!Instant thought - thought that the suit is not one - scalded mind, but immediately held. After all, he was wearing two hours ago. The curtain with gold kuklamiangelami slowly rose. And when the scene with two vocal and instrumental groups opened eyes of the public, in the hall of silence.Previous game of the orchestra and the comic antics were part of the show. And now it was his turn. Unable to hold attention on something else, it is certainly saw it - all put down his fork and knife, stopped chewing. John officials do not understand, but I felt that the audience is not electrified expectation. It is just a dish. Dessert, perhaps. Not more.And at the thought mad. Without waiting for the end of the entry, briskly walked down the edge of the stage. Behind him was heard: "Wait! Where ?! It's still early !!!" For a moment, like a good horse stumbled. But then he raised his head. He smiled triumphantly hall. Soft, flexible - tiger - strode to the microphone stand. The orchestra stopped.Microphone found himself in his thin hand. Quite spontaneously took the body, a long-standing position: legs clumsily put, knees turned inwards. At that moment, when the orchestra played his old favorite hits, John heard a rumble. He had not even realized it roared again two thousand throats. Having looked askance at room stunned.Respectable ladies, let alone a girl, standing right on the chairs with luxurious upholstery open in a friendly "aaaaaa 'mouths. Men, too, jumped up and waved a handkerchief someone who napkin, pulled out because of the collar. Hysteria forgotten - not only to them - years! Rebuilding on the fly, for he sang old hits anew, in a joking manner.And off ... I spun the wheel! He sang the things the previous years as if they were written to date. Plastic movements accompanied by music, was so perfect that the woman and then published the cries of delight. Dark suit in the style of "Karate" profitable empha- shaft of his gestures, reminiscent of the methods of struggle.For the first time in his life he felt that good. Not nabriolinennymi cinematic beauty. No. The beauty of a mature man. And the beauty of it was festive. Potomuto and the concert became a holiday. He was talking to the audience. He joked with the orchestra. And even managed to lure the colonel on the scene, which is at the same time the share of applause broke. The two-hour fireworks, not a movie specnaz. Leader and his cronies sat far away from the scene. King knew this and while resting, sipping small sips of water, filed faithful Charlie was able to find a leader. Quickly returned the glass and went back to the front of the microphone. Did a warning gesture towards the orchestra - wait, is another!And his singing that song ten years ago fulfilled in their joint show leader. Fans thought it was just for them. But the leaders understood and welcomed King waved. King made it clear that the then humiliated will not forgive and not forgotten. Now the entire audience, including the Leader, belonged to him.Everyone sitting in the room felt the charm and power of the King. Yes, and he felt on top. Light pirouettes accompanied by lyrical songs, and when it sounded gospel, every movement becomes almost a ritual. John remembered, in what was the ecstasy of communication with the audience. Perhaps this was not in the evening of his life.

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