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with the same number of tones. By the end of the life of Edith would say, "The most wonderful gift that I did Ramone - Git it! What a wonderful woman! She does not live on the ground and in kakomto other bright world where everything that surrounds it, extremely clean and beautiful.Angels, for example, I can imagine such as Git. But that does not stop her from her angry: - down to earth, Marguerite! .. - Where is good? You're the best music composer of songs, but you never show. Not doing their advertising, contracts are signed without looking.It would be to appoint a board of trustees that he was thy works ... And Git absently and sweet smile replied: - All these are nothing ... Just listen better, it will calm you. And she began to improvise. This could last for hours.There was not surprising, since in the three and a half years, Marguerite appeared on the stage of the concert hall and got his first fee. She would have to perform on the stage of large concert halls - Marguerite was a student Nadine Boulanger and courts, - but instead took up the song. First she wrote accident.Tristan Bernard, a writer popular in the interwar period, somehow brought her poem "Oh, those lovely words of love." - Could you put this to music? - I fail. - Try it. The song is delightful, it was played in the film by Claude Dofena. Just as easily, she wrote the music of "strangers." It became a hit.Then there was written "My Legionnaire". Success accompanied Marguerite in all her works. She is the author of music of almost all the songs of Edith, she has created for Colette Renard "affectionate Irma," in which poetry merged with rude manners suburbs. This song has crossed seas and oceans, and was a huge success in America.Music flowed from under the fingers Marguerite, when she specnaz movie watch online in excellent quality and put your hands on the keys. It really only existed when composing music: at the time she became a great of the greats!When you tell, everything goes easy transition from one to the other, immersed in their memories. But the three of us, or rather four, because all the time Madeleine was with us, it's often passed with difficulty, sometimes by screaming glass rattled. Several times, Edith threw all. When all day long you hear:"You dress like a whore ...", "You eat like a pig ..." "A six year old child reading better than you ..." - have something to fall spirit. We Edith nobody ever kept on a leash. Even at the time I mold we lived on the street, were free. What is the teacher, we did not know and, more importantly, did not want to know.When Edith ended patience, she said: "To hell with your Reymond. Let smoemsya. " Who would have kept it, not me. We choked in the little room at the hotel "Piccadilly", we needed fresh air. My numbers we chipped at night, when Raymond was with Madeleine. He was still trying to keep up appearances. It also enraged Edith:"Either he's with me or with her. Let solved in the end! "Edith lived her whole life between eleven o'clock in the evening and six o'clock in the morning. Both men, who wanted to keep her, had to spend the night with her, not only in bed. She said: "At night, you live differently than in the afternoon. At night, there is a feeling of heat throughout the lights are burning. And other people at night.They are easy. At night I found only friends, even if I do not know them.

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