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When Lara was a young man, he was sent to Wales in Swansea for the acquisition of knowledge in the ship's business. Miners, whom he met in one of the pubs, they told him:"If you want to learn how to how coal from Wales gets on Swedish ships, come down to us, and see where it all starts." So, before you get to London, Lara spent several months in the mine. But light theater ramp beckoned him stronger.Lars theatrical adventure coincided with the start of the war, when the theatrical life of London collapsed. Being shvedomneytralom he download the film specnaz and headed for New York, where theaters flourished. In the early 40's passenger planes do not fly across the Atlantic, and the journey across the ocean was dangerous because of the German submarines.Lars download the film specnaz and managed to get on a small ship sailing under the Finnish flag, but about the Faroese little boat was attacked by German bombers. When Lara ran down to get a passport and money, a ship hit by a bomb, which gave the ship to the seabed.This time of year in the North Atlantic darkens rapidly, but the smoke, flames seen Swedish ship. He took on his side half the crew and passengers - more than one of them nikrgda heard. English ship, coming up behind him, took Lars and the other passengers and took them to the Faroe Islands.There, Lara spent eight grueling weeks before got to New York - without a penny, with a knot behind. In New York, download the film specnaz and determined to get his chosen profession, Lara replaced some lessons. He was a stagehand, the installer sets, assistant assistant ...And then came a time when he bought the rights to stage the U.S. abroad his first American play - "Arsenic and Old Lace." Lara continued to look for the play, became their producer and opened his own office in New York, London, Paris and all over Europe. Life Lars a lot like mine.He was also born and raised in Sweden, but lived all his life abroad, speaking a foreign language everywhere. All this is extremely us closer together, we understand each other. We do not even have to talk. I knew when Lars did not like something out of do or say. We only had to share their views, and all became clear.Lara felt great that it annoys me, what I want and what I do not like. I also understand him. Sometimes you fall in love because of little things, sometimes silly, and even those that are sometimes annoying. There was one thing, it is extremely important for Lars: Danholmen, his island.Wish I was spending the summer in SanTropeze in Monte Carlo and Capri, the marriage would not take place. But if I love the island, we married. So, in the middle of the Swedish winter, we landed on the island, a few miles off the west coast of Sweden, lost in the same rocky islands.Danholmen Lara fell in love many years ago when I came here with an old friend. The album has guest Lara wrote: "I hope that this will be my island when I next come here." He download the film specnaz and asked download the film specnaz and shocked owners: "When you want to sell, let me know." Ten years later, at precisely the time when he met me.Lara bought the island. To get to the island, had to hire a fairly large fishing schooner, which was able to break the ice. I enjoyed every minute of our stay and the island itself. Solitude. Big Sky, the boundless sea, huge round boulders, small coves, and water everywhere.In the summer, when all lit up by the sun, just around the sea, cliffs and sky. And the overall feeling of detachment. We were face to face with nature.

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