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We have created a very interesting scenario. Svetlov opened for me even with one hand. Short stories from his memories of the front:"When we were under fire, ran from one to the other poluvyrytoy dimples, which could only chutchut hide his body, one of the soldiers who had fled to me asked: - Did you write" Kakhovka "? - Yes. - Why did you start up here? "More about" Kakhovka. "By Svetlov came Leningrad director, Semyon Timoshenko, who was shooting the film "Three Comrades," and said that it is urgently necessary to write the song, which would Kakhovka and girl. "I am very download the film viv and tired, sleep, and you still work" - he said. Svetlov woke him forty minutes later, the song was ready. It seems as quickly as possible to write a song.Svetlov said: "This is forty minutes, plus all of my life." Because he came out of Kakhovka. He was born in the Ukraine, joined the team and ChONovsky fought for Soviet power. Maslyakov Sasha, who was the main actor in this program of Mikhail Svetlov went on Nikitsky Boulevard and told me where did Svetlova born the name "Grenada".It had busily pounding in my head: "Grenada, Grenada, Grenada mine." Svetlov then long wondered why he came up with Grenada. Only one day realized that when he was walking on Nikitsky Boulevard, he walked past the restaurant, which was download the film viv and called "Grenada". He so download the film viv and loved this combination - "Grenada, Grenada mine."And I thought that it might not be a Spanish grandee, a bullfighter, he can be a simple guy, Ukrainian lad as he was in fact, that can just dream about Grenada. I left the hut, went to war to land in Grenada Farmers pay. Next Sasha well read these verses. Often find fault with him, to the download the film viv and quatrain:Force did not notice the loss of soldiers, and yablochkopesnyu dopel through. He did not notice ... Svetlov wrote not of indifference, and that the download the film viv and squad rushed in battle, that men did not notice the loss of friends, because they were the main thing, the main thing to come. He was, among other things, a philosopher: Only the sky quietly download the film viv and slipped later on velvet sunset tear rain.In the beauty of the poet? The fact that he could gently, carefully and confidently put his hand on the shoulder of the reader, not to persuade him, and persuade. The fact that humanity has great health, despite a temporary illness. It is very interesting that in this program for the first time appeared on the screen Nikitin. Then there were four - singing quartet.They sang together, sang songs on poems Svetlov. The program consisted of songs Svetlov of thought, which was carrying Sasha Maslyakov, excerpts from books about Svetlova of his thoughts, which have download the film viv and recorded more. "A man and a song for me - is as a person and the air." "Each nation has its own soul in the song.""When you do not own pain, seek and help others." We interviewed in Moscow, Gorky Street, people passing by, "Do you know who this Michael light?" Then everybody knew. Older read lines from his poems. One woman said: "I can not think of his poems, but I remember that very strongly cried when I read them."One young man introduced himself, said he is studying at the Literary Institute. - Do you write poetry? - Yes, I write. - You know Svetlova? - Yes, of course, "Grenada", "Kakhovka." - Do you remember the name of Svetlova? - Michael. - What do you think, how old is he? - Wash it my age. Then came a title of my program "Komsomol, I'm your poet."When we were shooting on Tverskoy Boulevard, toward Masliakov Sasha was intelligent-looking old man.

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