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"See" - not to mechanically capture the eye of visual information. A true understanding of the image is closely linked to the perception of complex organized space.And one of the main signs of a well constructed composition is to create such an organization of objects in the frame, which the human eye / brain can easily absorb. The number of visual elements that can be clearly seen at the same time is limited.And even these pyatshest elements will be perceived differently, depending on the intensity of the observer's attention. Decided to group and organize the objects so as to complete the viewing experience possible, they say, at a time.Visual elements included in the same group for the spatial proximity, the similarity in size, the direction of movement or shape, are perceived as a whole.В«Sp ati one org anisati on isthe vit alfacto rin a noptic lm essageВ» В«spatial organisation is the vital factor in an optical messageВ» Space concept - a key factor in the transmission of optical data P. Ward.Picture Composition for Film and Television Figure 2: Using the method of grouping by size and spatial proximity, you can emphasize highlight "rogue state" that does not meet the requirements of the group. This is a fairly straightforward method of composition used to highlight the main subject in the image.In theory, the desire of the human eye / brain to group visual elements can be explained by the fact that the original view of the world is seen by millions of eyes and receptors, respectively, consists of a set of microdots.Rudolf Arnheim, in his book "Art and Visual Perception" has suggested that in the part of the download the film viv and brain responsible for visual perception, is the grouping of millions of different points on the basis of similarity and irreducibility structure into simpler elements.By grouping items by similarity in size, shape or direction of motion, we are able to holistic perception of the image, consisting of a few basic education. Based on this, the construction of the image composition, we must strive to create some connection between the elements combine to organize the space comfortable for the viewer.Similarity in the spatial arrangement of grouping objects based on their spatial proximity is related to one of the simplest methods of the organization of the visual space. This is probably one of the oldest techniques used by man.This method is, for example, the grouping of unrelated independent stars in the zodiacal constellations. Group objects and foreground on the principle of spatial proximity leads to the formation of visual connections in the composition.The proximity of objects in a single frame can lead to the formation of undesirable relationships. Look online. Similarity in the size of objects of similar size are seen in the same image as a single entity or a figure. The most simple example that illustrates this principle - shooting crowd scenes or crowds.The principle of combining the size and spatial proximity can be used not only for the group, but also to highlight kakogolibo object or a person from the mass, giving it features that do not allow to merge with the group.Since the average size of people close, figures that are on the foreground and background images will be judged as the same. Thanks to a reduction in the figures of the background is download the film viv and enhanced sense of depth to the space.

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