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Everything here reminds him of her, no matter how hard it distract flowers in pots - the hospital itself, smells it, stretchers, wheelchairs, needles, syringes.Everyone except the doctors here other than there, in the wild ... Every patient wants viv movie watch online in excellent quality and learn from the doctor the whole truth about his illness and, like a cuckoo in the woods and asks how much is left, how much is left ... Coming in a person's death is the strongest feeling of being satisfied with his meeting withhimself, with conscience, with all his past life. There comes a sense of your temporality, the inevitability of the end. Potomuto she afraid of death, that is in you lived life as the life of the deceased. And you can not beat it again ... "Eugene A. wrote these lines about people with 'lived life."What if this life is cut off during takeoff, when you do not even have time to viv movie watch online in excellent quality and soar to at least look around the world that can cover look?Death is terrible at any age, and yet ... I've already mentioned that next to us was a garrison hospital, the one on which was written "Military goshpital." So here we are, the local boys, went there to at least get by, as far as possible, if not to comfort the afflicted, or at least distract them from the sad thoughts.Read books, sang and danced in front of them - who was capable of everything. We have among the wounded, despite the difference in age, were real friends, who shared with us the most intimate, soul poured out in front of us. Vanya is not poured out soul.Unhappiness it was so great that his expression of words was not enough - remained a lingering, exhausting soul plea for death. The sad story of Vanya was in third, "heavy" room. He was a "samovar". This is when the person remains without arms or legs - stump. Before the war, Vanya worked as a tractor. The war began tanker.Kursk was seriously wounded and was in hospital after the infantry. And much of the infantry - in the "samovars". In the battle near Kiev, where bubbling gruel mixed land and people, iron and fire, Vanya went into another frenzied attack and stepped on a German mine. They took him out of the fight as obsuchennoe logs from the forest. The wife waived. So it is written:why she, a young and healthy, the stump? She has a whole life ahead. I hurt, they say, for the homeland, so let it take care of him and. This nurse told us to Pasha and knew all too Onat. Of course, this letter Vanya spouses do not read, but simply explained that, supposedly looking for your wife. Kudato went to the evacuation, but where - and the neighbors do not know.That, they say, the war was over, and after you arrive your Klavochka. And Vanya all understood and prayed for one thing - his own death. Film viv. His prayer sounded pobylinnomu raspevno, but with such bitter longing and sadness that roar like: Lads, you are my glory, what are you doing! Yes, I will shoot you worthless.Yes, the hell am I dick life is wingless! Yes, I need your humanity as a rusty nail in the ass. Yes, you kill me, you lousy dog! And further, raising and raising his voice, he started all mothers:And the German miner cunning and diligent sanitarovpodletsov those that battlefield carried him out, and the surgeon Fira - bitch redhead that he handled so well. Gradually his lamentations merged into a prolonged terrible howl.No it did not stop, they knew - it is useless, and in silence and were waiting when he finally tired, out of breath, crying silently and quietly fall asleep. And so every day. It was his ritual, his requiem for himself. It is no secret, many people thought that Vanya really better not to live.

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