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discrete. holistic and foreign her continuous time duration, ie, the time display paintings and artistic currents of time.A discrete "cells" of the film - episodes, scenes, because they are in a different time and reflect different story time. This is the conflict lies. Total movement in the film can be download the film viv and viewed from different perspectives. Eisenstein wrote, the simplest type of motion is the physical, then there is peace movement, a movement of consciousness and finally the movement of action. All these types of temporary movement in the film "embodies a reflection of social conflict and the movement in the contradictions of reality as a whole" All art is based on his system of conventions, ieon its own particular system of expressive means to the author to create a holistic artistic image. In literature the word, a sound, a - a living Mummery actor in the presence of the public, in art - the illusion of three with a two-dimensional static images, plans and perspective;a technically embodied moment of reality. The TV is a one-step three phases: the occurrence of event, and his imaginative interpretation through special equipment, "delivery", and therefore the perception of an audience of millions.The movie - technically telling time, which is realized in the movement of spatial forms, assembly organized by the artist. Conventionality of an art form, a well-known viewer, listener, reader, as it had not seen them.In etomto is the magic of art, the artist and the audience, as it were invisible conclude an agreement, accept the terms - understood and accepted convention, his mind's eye as if not to notice her, mentally enter into the world of fiction and images created by the author as a "second reality" make this part of the world created by the author of the soul,his deeply personal Thus sometimes amazing things happen: the emotional world of the audience seemed to gush over the border artistic convention, trying to overcome this limit and get into it a complete and closed artistic "Through the Looking Glass', unlock it and make it part of your space and time. Eisenstein Selected.pieces: 6, 1964, Vol 2, p. So it was, for example, in Cuba during a screening of the film Gabrilovich Reisman and "Communist", where the audience, unable to move the tragic death from enemy bullets Basil Gubanova, one and all download the film viv and jumped in unison, shouting: "Hold on, kamrados! Do not die! Do not die! We are with you! ".And shots stitched canvas Cubans Shoot enemies Russian communist. Shot straight at the screen. download the film viv and Conditioned, closed, holistic world screen is download the film viv and perceived as reality.Interestingly, according to the plan download the film viv and Eisenstein during the film "Battleship" Potemkin "," at the Bolshoi Theatre in December 1925, on the twentieth anniversary of the 1905 revolution, was download the film viv and scheduled for a kind of "out of himself" the film as a whole, ie,last frame of the nose bump battleship - was cut in half and open the screen for an authentic commemorative meeting participants in the events. This is also a kind of "breakthrough" of the traditional artistic works in real time while the momentary fact.Now familiar examples are common on television, where in the context of a television program naturally gets fiction, the game, the plot was download the film viv and organized under the laws of the closed integral artistic time and real time, which allows co-exist and to "communicate" through the screen on both sides of the small screen - the characters and the audience .The origins of the cinematic movement of time and space, Eisenstein traced in art.For example, Japanese kartinesvitke and later in Japanese prints, often consisting of several sheets in a batch of prints by Hogarth, in the "download the film viv and Hundred kinds of Fuji" by Hokusai, who download the film viv and created a multi-dimensional image of Mount Fuji, the director saw forefeeling cinematic linear movement of time.Viscous time motifs in their continuity dissected in these pictures on individual motives, snatched from the flow.

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