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And in all the other pictures. From a single source of light falls on the scene kakuyunibud light spot, which is only enough to light near the furniture and the actor that fit close to the light source.Tightening the whole scene a gray mist and cover only a few places, though always only one source of light, the audience managed to create the impression that the walls of the rooms are built on the stage, but the audience can not see, because the light does not reach the walls.To their usual sets the stage role of furniture and accessories is becoming more significant. Now only the character of the furniture and accessories determines the nature of the room and her mood. Advocates need to show on the stage of the furniture and accessories in a pointed exaggerated scale. And always very little furniture.One typical item replaces him much less typical. The audience must remember full of unusual contour couch, grand column kakoeto gilded chair, bookcase in the whole scene, cumbersome buffet, and for these parts of the whole to finish his imagination do the rest.Clearly, the appearance of people had to sculpt well as sculpture, and make up to give sharply download the film viv and defined, the actors had to involuntarily repeat them in the figures represent the people that download the film viv and liked to emphasize the portraits of Leonardo Da Vinci and Goya. Costumes, unfortunately, have not been in the hands of the artist.When illuminated the scene of a single light source is particularly significant role suits, and in moments of silhouette styles are very responsible element. The starting point was the idea of ​​posting the entire author's remark that "all like a dream." This formulation has shown that not all the New Theatre is to ensure to give the scene a plane.Hunt New Theatre is not limited to the fact that, as many thought the whole system to reduce the picturesque scenery panels and figures actors merge with the panels to make them flat, conventional, with bas-relief. "Peleas and Melisanda" and "Victory of Death." Both play alongside clearly identified two ways in methods dramatizations.Painting and the figure of the actor in one plane. That arises here, see "On the History and Technology of Theatre." In "Victory of Death" figure actor nominated for proscenium, was placed in one plan with sculpture. Experience has download the film viv and suggested a new problem. "Mass scene, set realistic, struck by the contrast with the" high relief "of previous productions."If we talk about the "high relief" because it is here, not "in previous productions." This high relief and gave a realistic interpretation of the freedom of the basic situation of the tragedy. And, of course, the director has never sought to combine the principles of the theater of the "old" with the principles of the puppets as was indicated in a letter to me Komissarzhevskaya."The author would, apparently, to cross, in a scene orgiastic frenzy crowd around Algisty beautiful, treasured line," to destroy the ramp. " And it would be possible to carry out not only in the show, but also in action, continuing the staircase scene to the level of the audience, having made a tragic game in terms of the audience "(newspaper" Comrade ", St. Petersburg.November 8, 1907. The scene was the entire width of the steps covered with parallel lines of rail. It download the film viv and remained only to pull them down to the ground. This theater was download the film viv and scared, left midway in his quest to cross the line rail.

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