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I was invited to be a jury member at the Cannes Film Festival in 1968. There were a lot of friends and acquaintances.Neither Sharon nor I felt the approach of the "revolution," which nearly toppled the Fifth Republic. First I thought that the events of May 68 th touched and the Cannes Film Festival, when in the morning I was awakened by Francois Truffaut and download the film viv and tried to persuade him to join in the festival palace of Jean Cocteau. My presence is download the film viv and needed, he said.It discussed how to restore Henri Langlois, Director of the Paris Cinematheque, who was recently dismissed Andre Malraux, de Gaulle's minister of culture. It took me a little time to trying to understand the true purpose of the meeting: no recovery Langlois, a breakdown of the festival. "Enough festivals stars" - someone shouted.I was invited to speak. "Organize discussion - I said - but do not forget, how was the opening of the festival. It showed "Gone With the Wind," and when Clark Gable appeared on the steps of Tara, the audience burst into applause. Showbiz can not do without the stars. " Do not want to hear it gathered. I realized that Truffaut and his friends are disappointed.Once I responded to the call, they download the film viv and decided that I was on their side. The rally ended turmoil. Malem us with Louis, the only members of the jury were present there, was download the film viv and asked to seek the views of others. If they download the film viv and wanted to continue the festival or were willing to yield to the demands of the left and to resign in solidarity with the May 'revolution'?I had a very clear position. It seemed absurd to interrupt the festival on the grounds that it is supposedly a symbol of the capitalist elite. I know how important it is, for example, Czech director Milos Forman, his film show in Cannes.He remembered how happy we are in Poland, whenever a Polish film was selected for display at the festival. This time I was on the same side as the CCC jury member from the Soviet poet Vsevolod Rozhdestvensky considered a proposal to abolish the festival is so wild that even refused to attend this extraordinary meeting.The festival organizers have tried to continue the program. The evening was to be held view Carlos Saura film "Pop a mint," but revolutionary Saura download the film viv and wanted to make a picture from the contest. The audience did not know what was happening. They came with the intention to see the movie.Saura and his friend Geraldine Chaplin tried to stop watching, climbing on stage and holding the curtain. The curtain is still open, and Saura and Chaplin hung on it. When gravity is still fighting a couple collapsed on stage, the audience jumped to him, and a fight broke out.Viewing continued for several minutes, but then the lights came on and the demonstration ended. Now Paris wave has reached Cannes. Everywhere were meetings, demonstrations, processions, meetings, heard cries of "Profits of our comrades - students from Nice." France embraced a general strike. Disrupted transport, gasoline was not.The festival began to fold over and complete chaos. There was no point in staying in Cannes, when the festival fell, but to get to Paris it was impossible, so we decided to spend the remaining time in Rome. So we stood out week download the film viv and unplanned vacation. Sharon's career in film developed much more successful mine.I come from a lack of anything better to write the script of the film "A Day at the Beach" on the story of a Dutch writer. It was download the film viv and supposed to be a low-budget film.

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