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Wanted to take a clear verses of the songs of Vysotsky, so I wrote to them to music. I do not want to. Of course I could. In the West, no one knows the songs of Vysotsky. But the soul does not lie.Then, fortunately, no longer need. Verses taken from kakogoto American collection, for copyright grabbed a lot of money, and Clear refused. With Russia, for some reason, they are not binding. However, I think the issue decided on a basic level. I had myself to write poetry. Had not tried? download the film viv and Abroad all you can! ..Of course, I'm able srifmovat something, but it's not poetry. However, while Shakespeare was resting, I wrote six songs. The director liked it. In the film, they performed the Finnish gypsy Aneli Sari. Russian language she did not know and had to sing porusski. Please! Wrote her a text in Latin letters ... In the end I seem to be calmed down.Bright said that he wanted to work with me in the future. And he does odindva films a year. What's wrong? The fee for the music composed so. The contract download the film viv and provided, for example - who will conduct the orchestra. I ask: What band? I think that if a large symphony, why should I take?Even though I knew German very badly, and it was in Germany. The director says: Orchestra - seven people. This to me is quite capable. Boudreaux said, I conductor! He: Writing: two thousand marks. So, who is a pianist? Me! Another thousand marks! Directly behind the music - and four thousand. For the lyrics to the song - dve.Kto records music?And I had a four-channel portable studio, synthesizer, all necessary equipment. So, naturally, I say, I am! Then three thousand! By the way, this film starred Marina Vlady. We met her, often communicated. Of course, it was not the same young witch, what it remembers the viewers in the film download the film viv and Kuprin.She recovered, was not very neatly dressed, without makeup. May, of course, because we were going shooting, and its permanent makeup. At the time, she was not married. Vysotsky was no longer alive.Marina spoke good porusski, no accent, spoke a lot about his life, Volodya, how it was sometimes difficult, and during his drinking bouts - just awful ... I saw her a few years later in Paris. She download the film viv and married a surgeon, a millionaire, and completely changed. It looked great! Well download the film viv and dressed, great hair. Again become an elegant and interesting ... frequently download the film viv and appeared on television. Watch the film viv online. After the film was Clear in Germany and France, I have paid for about fifty thousand francs. That is all I have earned about twelve thousand dollars. With this money, bought a huge hardware for my studio! Everything was going great.The only thing that did not think - as I will go to the Soviet Union. A year later I went for a week to Moscow just as tourists. I can not help ...... When I came to France, Genevieve already shot in Paris apartment in a good neighborhood. However, on the fifth floor, with no elevator. But we know, the former owners of Khrushchev, afraid of such adversity?.The apartment was small, one room - eight yards, the second - fourteen, and a small kitchenette. We lived there for good. Genevieve's father used to be the organist, and then got himself a desk and was selling and letting of apartments. Onto and found us shelter. Genevieve all the time looking for work. Artists in Paris - the darkness multitudes as musicians.And finding a job is very difficult. Besides her difficult character. Suppose she drew a picture and sold.

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