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The Great Battle

The film the love of two young lovers, belonging to the warring clans. Family girls are more powerful and cruel. Much blood was spilled, many people died before the heroes and their families understand that the most important thing in life - love!... to read further                                               

Mera Karam Mera Dharam

The film's director Doolan Guha. Ajay - idealist, besides the heir to the vast wealth of ancestors, he wants to use the money to help poor people, as compensation for their sins. He takes care of his cousin Sardzhu Prazada. Ajay blindly trust him, and instructs the huge sums of money.Only when Ajay begins to receive anonymous letters about the fraud, he intends to reveal the real state of things, putting at risk their own lives.... to read further                                               

Dharam Kanta

Duck Bhavani Singh lived in the village as a simple villager, although he was a criminal, abducted children of rich people, and demanded a large ransom, spoiled wedding processions and decorations voruyuschim young brides who killed innocent people - it was his usual work. Chandan Singh, Bhavani was the right hand, which he trusted in all matters.His wife Radha never even touched the loot. She has always inspired him with the need to abandon the criminal life. But Bhavani never listened to her. She raised her children by selling toys. Once Bhavani Singh stole the only son of Thakur Singh Harna... to read further                                               

Pyar Ka Devta

The poor mechanic Vijay falls in love with the rich beauty Radha and she answers him in return. But before to arrange his life he needed to marry off his three younger sisters. Suddenly, everything is arranged by itself, it is well for all three suitors.Suddenly, the younger sister of his friend - a police inspector is subjected to violence, and lapses into a coma. The accusation falls on Vijay. Will Vijay justify himself before the law, and most importantly to my friend?... to read further                                               


Rajat and Mukta meet and fall in love with each other. After a while, they decide to marry. They live happily married five years, but begins to suspect her husband Mukta in connection with another woman is sewn. Misunderstanding and mistrust bring them to the divorce. But after a divorce Mukta realizes that she is pregnant.She is trying to renew relations with Rajat, but it was then that she met with sewn, which clearly makes it clear that Rajat is now with another, and vozvraschatsya Mukti is not going to ...... to read further                                               


With the cruel prince Bahadur Singh, Bhishma has long been fighting an honest politseisky Inspector Kumar. To neutralize the Prince Kumar came up with a plan, in which Kumar goes to prison. To carry out this cunning plan to help the prince beautiful girl fireplace. Kumar's mother, unable to endure the shame of dying.After leaving prison, Kumar intends to take revenge, but as a result of encounters with gangsters gets to the hospital where his leg amputated. In despair, he came to the temple, where he meets fireplace. It turns out that she too was a victim of the same vile people. And they begi... to read further                                               


Chaudhry Om Prakash - a rich old man of sixty. There he and two old friends of the same age - Jagdish Bhai and Indra Sen. All of them are normally settled in life, children have grown up and left the family nest. And the old men had enough time to think and entertainment.And then the overage trio decided to go have some fun in the big city of Bombay. And that none of the locals did not know about planned by old men, they did not bring the familiar driver, and was hired in Bombay visiting molodogoparnya. That, incidentally, has promised to "boyfriend" to arrange an affair with her friend Anita.... to read further                                               

Spouses of 2

Former wife Margarita and Viktor Ivanov Ogneva work in the legal sphere. Margarita - a lawyer specializing in civil defense. Her ex-husband, Victor - the investigator. Their relations were difficult, drawn-out conflict has aggravated the problem. But not lived together during cross, Margaret and Victor together again.They are happy, they have a second honeymoon ...... to read further                                               

Rested la

You got on a heap «Rested la». «Rested la» is in a heap of video which belongs to the phrase «Rested la». Heaps are created as a result of your retrieval requests. If the movie necessary to you didn't appear in our basis for data, the search engine will offer you the close video. Found video will form a heap on this request.... to read further                                               

A wonderful story

Passionate, full of mystery love story ... Lelouch collects in his picture of unusual characters: a gypsy by the name of Jesus, who dreams to become a bullfighter, and finds himself in jail, the girl Mary, lost her job and know the miracle of rebirth, and the beauty of Odon, which aggressively pursues the Parisian police.All they are looking for love and a better life, experiencing the loss and personal drama. In current events and Bible stories are interwoven history of the Middle Ages, where the characters take a direct part. They met in previous lives, and now they are only looking for one ... to read further                                               

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