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The film's director Antoine Robin. We think we know everything about Marilyn Monroe. But the filmmakers discouraged us in this and try to unravel the mystery of the life of a new star. 40 years after the death of Marilyn Monroe at an auction in Los Angeles was put suitcase famous actress, who kept all these years of unclaimed items in one of the New York stores.It was bought by an eccentric and passionate collector - Princess Tenko, a Japanese magician. Well-known and popular man in the country of the Rising Sun, it is ready to spend huge amounts of money to buy a toothbrush, underwear or dress belonging to Norma Jean Baker.Princess Tenko is going to find out, is it really the suitcase belonged to Marilyn Monroe? She instructs his manager to learn all about the origin of this old suitcase monogrammed LV, which is 40 years collecting dust on a shelf. That is almost a detective investigation was the basis of the documentary.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Regisseur Antoine Robin

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Film Marilyn Monroe. Unclaimed baggage
Regisseur Antoine Robin
Country USA
cinema Genre Documentary
Cinema-garbage a box Documentary

exit Date on screens 10.02.2012
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