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On a small island located in the sea near Nantes in the summer the writer comes along with his young pregnant wife, who lost it in a car accident. Whimsical fantasy writer makes the characters in the novel of the new inhabitants of the island, playing their game of chess pieces.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Regisseur Agnes Varda

The director was born on 05/30/1928. Director, screenwriter, producer, actress, operator. Agnes Varda - a recognized leader and pioneer of the French new wave. Her style is easily recognizable and unique. Her creative style, organic and incredibly artistic individual, can not be confused with any other.Agnes Varda took off in 1954 the first feature film La Pointe, Kurt (name of district) (La Pointe Courte), celebrated the fact that, according to some critics, he was for five years is clearly ahead of the new wave.Ribbon worn on the one hand, an imprint of the influence of neo-realism (the action takes place in a small fishing village), on the other hand, in the film have already expressed interest in the problems of modern Ward residents of certain human habitats.More explicitly, it is reflected in its next game (after a series of documentary shorts) film Cleo from five to seven (Cleo De 5 A 7, 1961), whose heroine is a dancer, forced to wander about two o'clock in Paris, waiting for an X-ray will show and give response, whether it is actually cancer.Many of the tapes caused controversy director and differed in versatility, the search for new means of expression: Happiness (Le Bonheur, 1964, a special prize at the International Film Festival in West Berlin, 65), Creation (Les CreaturesThe Creatures, 1966).After a short story in the collective picture is far from Vietnam (Loin Du Vietnam, 1967) talked about a combination of criticism in the work of Ward's aestheticism and left... to read further                                                                                               

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Film Creation
Regisseur Agnes Varda
Country France
cinema Genre Fantasy
Cinema-garbage a box Europe and others

exit Date on screens 16.10.1966
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