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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Soon other directors began to experiment in this direction.In "M" Fritz Lang's police commissioner is on the phone with his boss, and as he explains the special difficulties of ongoing investigation, we see police officers and plainclothes detectives employed by just 172, as download the film Ангел или демон 2 сезон and reported to the Commissioner Sacha Guitry in his film " Roman tricksters "sample showed a more organic, not so mechanicalcounterpoint: the old "cheater" cynically recalled his youthful pranks, but he does not go into any details, but says few suggestive phrases - such inscriptions - entrusting the development of the plot image. As a result, the narrative is constructed mostly of dumb personnel;words only emphasize and frame the same type of contrapuntal relationship between a mean comment, and a genuine flow of visual images was carried out and a few documentaries, created mainly in England, and in Nazi Germany.These qualities, they are perhaps the restraint required English and German understanding of polyphony. In these films, the announcer says the image from the outside, but does not explain or supplement it. As if he was sitting in the audience and occasionally feels the need to throw a replica - to tell his opinion about what he sees on the screen.Far from breaking the meaning of frames, his careless remarks opening the viewer to think about new ways that could aggravate his surprise his perception of the ambiguity of the visual range. The sound itself Nature of noise.Noise-here it will be only about this type of sounds, can be placed on a scale ranging from undetectable noise and ending identified. The former include, for example, some night noise, which can be said to remain anonymous;we have no idea where they occur on the opposite end of the scale will be noises we know the source, regardless of whether we see it or not see. As in everyday life, we hear barking, we immediately clear that somewhere nearby to be a dog.Strange sounds that occur in the night time, set up listening primarily to study the physical world, because it is hidden somewhere in the source. And how we respond to the many sounds of recognizable sources?Whenever we hear the bell ringing, as we visually imagine, even if only dimly, the church ko173 lokolney, from ringing sounds;but from this picture, our thoughts are flowing slowly on until you come across a deep hold on to the memory type of rural area with a string of festively download the film Ангел или демон 2 сезон and dressed worshipers heading to a church service. Generally speaking, anyone familiar noise in our imagination creates the visual image of the source.The noise may be due, or at any rate, somehow download the film Ангел или демон 2 сезон and associated in our minds with certain activities or behavior of a person, etc. In other words, the sounds, the source of which is determined, as a rule, do not lead the listener on abstract thinking, not suggestive, inseparable the language;Rather, they, like the sounds of undefined sources, fix our attention on the material aspects of reality.