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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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But the ability to associate with a certain relationship remains to an integer, if we think of the whole as a "continuum" and not as a given set. EU 16, p. 520. Eng. trans., p. one to a closed set;on the contrary, it contributes to the fact that the set is never completely closed, it never finds a safe haven, and thanks to this property is somewhere open, as if thin thread tied to the rest of the universe. Bergson glass of water - is now a closed set, it closes a portion of their own:water, sugar, possibly even a spoon; but the whole is not here. The whole is built, and create incessantly in another, devoid of parts, measuring; the whole is something that takes a lot from one qualitative state to another as a pure smooth formation, which runs through the state.It is in this sense that the whole is spiritual or mental. "A glass of water, sugar and process sugar is dissolved in water are only abstractions, but the whole from which they were isolated with my feelings and my mind, develops, perhaps in the same way as that of consciousness ''.Nevertheless, this is an artificial division of any set or a closed system is not a pure illusion. It has a good reason, and if the relationship of all things with a and it is impossible to break, it can at least be "extend" indefinitely " and stretch "gradually make thinner.The point here is that the organization contributes to the matter closed systems or sets due to their own parts; and deployment of space even makes this process unnecessary.But these sets are in space, and the whole or entire - in duration, moreover, are themselves a duration as long as she constantly changes. And it turns out that the two formulas correspond to the first thesis of Bergson now gain a stronger status:"Fixed sections + abstract time" refers to closed sets, whose parts are virtually immobile cuts and successive states, calculated on an abstract time;but the "real movement - the duration of the specific" refers to the opening of a lasting whole movement which correspond with the appropriate amount of the movable sections, pierce the closed system. So, having considered the third point, we actually went into three levels:1) sets or closed systems, which can be determined by discernible objects or distinct parts; 2) moves the movement is established between these objects and modifying their position; 3) the duration or the whole spiritual reality, constantly changing according to its inherent relationship.

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, the EU, p. 502-503. Eng. trans., p. 52 Gilles Deyaez Thus, it turns out that the movement like two faces. On the one hand, the movement is what occurs between the objects or parts to the other - that expresses duration, or an integer.Movement helps to ensure that the length by changing its nature, is divided into objects and objects, gaining depth and loss of shape, - are reunited in duration.