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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


I did not want to do an analytical or objective reporting. I just download the film Ангел или демон 2 сезон and wanted to recreate the world of students with all the dynamism and strength, which could muster.After long discussions with the company CBS agreed to the decision. The film received mixed. On the one hand, I'm just day-to-day watching their heroes, taking off like a diary of their lives. Then tried to purposely put kakieto scenes to create a certain mood.For example, I tried to remove the episode, which he called "Facts, facts, facts!" University download the film Ангел или демон 2 сезон and criticized for that guys overloaded with information and facts, but do not know how to think. Episode of "Facts" was to illustrate this point. We filled the bath with soap suds out of it crop up huge bearded student at which water drains.Looking into the camera, he wrote: "The square root of the hypotenuse is equal to ...", and then sank back into the tub. In the next shot the guy pulls off the hill on a skateboard. Driving past the camera, he shouted: "Athens war began ..." For another episode, I took the dog and gave it a crunchy biscuit.As she chewed, giving the impression that she says, and we download the film Ангел или демон 2 сезон and planted a voice with a German accent. . These little funny episodes, according to Barron's, "put CBS on the ears." As a result, the company, which was clearly not have a sense of humor and imagination, cut out an episode of "facts" and the scene with the dog.Fortunately, the Air Force has always been sympathetic to the experiment, so one of the last projects of the company was the film Tony Harrison and Peter Simes "Banquet blasphemers." This is a scathing criticism of Ayatollah Khomeini and Islamic fundamentalism. Work is interesting in terms of concept and story.Viewer with the poet, Harrison becomes a party banquet. Seat at the table reserved for the (ball Khayyam, Voltaire, Moliere, Byron and Salman Ruzhdi.This is the "blasphemers", whose courage has brought the world of religious darkness to light, ^ Harrison in a frame-by-frame, and tells the story of each of them on the background of theatrical scenery, demonstrations in Paris, recites politicians, auctions, funeral Khomeini's fundamentalist ETS which burned an effigy Rushdie.From time to strap we go back to a plain cafe "Omar Khayyam", where there is a banquet and a modern Brad Ford, where fundamentalism is growing stronger by the day. Look online. Harrison's story gives the film a special magic. He has written a brilliant witty verse, dry and caustic comments on the abominations of any religious fundamentalism. But wait!Poetry, poetry in documentary film? Yes, a few verses unexpected. But the strangeness of the concept with a banquet and humor creates a much more spectacular controversy than any political documentary. Many television executives and sponsors will not be able to understand what benefits can bring humor.Perhaps that is why most documentaries lack the spark of talent and originality. In fact, all the leaders are confident that the serious and important issues can only speak the language of heavy and serious.