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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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- All the places - ordered Alexeev - full readiness! Keep in touch continuously.Swim above the ground silver multi-ton whopper easily jumped by touching the concrete, broke and pulled back a short flame from under the chassis, and on Airport Car roar of jet engines. - All - said to himself, Major - profit! The first report came from the house: - Boy confirms - this is it. The second of the bus:- It's all right - it's a stranger. Third transferred from the tractor, slowly reaching for aircraft: - Similarly, Maxim V., the boy recognized him. - Well, - Alexeev turned to the remaining three, - all for you. Do not hurry, do not be afraid ... There he is, you see, in a gray suit, coat in hand, a striped suitcase, dark glasses ...Boys, hard craning their necks, peering into the flow coming towards passengers, looking odnogoedinstvennogo - the same man from the beach ... But as it is now isolated from the crowd, how do you know at this distance? Yes, even with glasses!- Ahead of him, - explained patiently Alekseev - slightly to the right, you see, is a young man in a bright colorful sweater? Well, you noticed? This is our people, it is a landmark. And he left. It Is Clear? Stop! - Suddenly he said. - We'll have to wait for something ... he paused. Indeed, the man in the gray suit was delayed.Stopped at the luggage and talked with the girls obviously fellow traveler. Boy impatiently turned to Major. - Well? and run? - Or maybe he was stuck there for a long time? - We are there with him face! Major kept their impulse. - Patience and patience ...We and can not panic, because he is still here ... I must go, lads, cultivate endurance. The difficult thing - to raise the shutter speed. Yes, even at such a moment! A stranger, as if on purpose, as if teasing there, luggage, told the girls something funny and laughed heartily himself with them.And this simplicity, ordinariness, confidence, peace of mind is felt in all his behavior, which inadvertently doubt creeps in, lose confidence that the other person in front of them, a man cunning and dangerous that they face the enemy. It took several agonizing minutes. The stranger stayed with the girls, who apparently waiting for luggage.And on the track at the exit of the guys were nervous, and kept pleading eyes looking into the major. Alekseev and he was nervous, although he was confident that all the same it will not last long. Well, things get girls, he's going with them.- However, - said suddenly, coming to the major, high overweight passenger with a thick head of hair gray hair, wearing glasses with a thin silver rim - so you meet? Watch the film Angel or Demon Season 2 online. Even without flowers? Comrade Alekseev, is not it? - Comrade Colonel, - joyfully said the Major, - Vasily Ivanovich!We are waiting for you later, with the orchestra to meet ... - With the orchestra, however, too much - Colonel smiled, getting to know the staff Alexeeva - a lot of noise, and we humans are modest, we even flowers ... So what? - Has turned serious. - What guys? - Identify, Vasily Ivanovich, this is it. Cooking is now the last experiment, and something he stopped ... What is it?