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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

FILM Ангел или демон 2 сезон

And then there's the distributors have prepared for Ermash certificate, which indicated that the audience is very bad looking Georgian films. By the way, an interesting detail:in the Baltic republics Georgian paintings collected significantly more viewers than in Georgia. And once on board threw Ermash reply, they say, we nosimsya Georgian cinema, and yet narodto watch it does not want. Where are supposedly they idutto?I am sure that this remark Ermash heard by a member of the board of Surkov, and download the film Ангел или демон 2 сезон and provided the impetus for the organization of this article. Why it took for Yuri Bogomolov, I do not know. I only know that he was very upset by the whole situation the article, when there was already quite certain resonance.In obschemto, he wrote about the films, each of which probably download the film Ангел или демон 2 сезон and deserved criticism, but the fact is that the brackets were put great contemporary Georgian cinema. This arrangement article, from the title "Georgian cinema:relation to reality "and ending with the editorial remark, which, of course, varied words of Philip Kalashnikov Ermash, download the film Ангел или демон 2 сезон and created a sense of biased prorabotochnogo document. scandal was quick to arise. Chkheidze was furious. Kulidzhanov download the film Ангел или демон 2 сезон and alarmed and Karaganov.Soon we came to a large - nine - Georgian delegation led by filmmakers Eldar Shengelaya and Cora Tsereteli. "Round Table" in the wording was more like kakieto diplomatic negotiations with regards to understand each other, with the assurances in good mutual respect. Finish all the Georgian elegance.Eldar Shengelaya said that his birthday and invited all to drink Georgian brandy. On that and decided to do. But, as it turned out, did not finish. In April 1980, he was appointed visiting the Secretariat of the Union of Cinematographers of the USSR in Tbilisi. Evgeny Danilovich kindly invited me to go there.All the same, it may be that people will return to the questions addressed to the magazine, it will be necessary to answer. Tbilisi wonderful spring turned to me the absolute blackness. How much abuse as scorn was poured on my head as I imagined magazine!Moreover, one should also note that the Georgians are well organized the secretariat, and it was very difficult to separate from the morning breakfast meeting, lunch - from the day and dinner - from the evening, and many were tipsy.

FILM Ангел или демон 2 сезон

So I will not even call a character by the name, but "bear" magazine, "carrying" Surkov so that sometimes I ask myself:"As I am now back in Moscow?" Even Apollinarievich Sergei Gerasimov, who was also present, said: "It is wrong to talk to the artists, it's the tone of the unworthy." Lioznova said: "Yes, you naplyuyte to this magazine." Someone claimed that Surkov - the average theater critic and listen to his opinion is not necessary.Surkov, of course, knew - and not from a single source - and the nature of the discussions, and a meeting with Shevardnadze in the Central Committee. And he took pokorolevski - not a word pobratski not only us, but first of all the Georgian filmmakers.