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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Change of plans for short panoramic giving shooting stationary objects, makes a dramatic motivation. In the following case, the camera movement adds movement actors. .6 Actors motionless camera makes intermittent rotational movement at each actor in order to link them together.402 pan around the full circle Case 10 Pan parts may be used only for still cast. If the actors are moving, turning in a circle, moving from one position to another, only the pan on a full circle can cover the whole scene.Michelangelo Antonioni used this method in the movie "Chronicle of Love." .7 Shows a diagram of movements in this regard. . Pan on a full circle of 360 В°. A scene from Michelangelo Antonioni's Film "Chronicle of Love." Continuous scene unfolding at 132 meters and the film takes place on the bridge.403 The scene took place on the bridge and was interpreted by the two main characters. Numerous breaks used in the scene, created a good rhythm so plan what you need to exert all his attention to realize that the scene removed the pan on a full circle.That such a plan was a success, it must have a lot of traffic and well thought out in the front section of the stage. Case 11 Fast circular pan is sometimes used to remove the dance movement, seen from the perspective of one of the dancers. Partner can remain in the foreground, but the scene quickly turns around.The most convenient way to get this kind of scene, the operator is to tie a rope to the actor a short waist. This will ensure accurate framing characters who rotate. .7 This is how you can maintain a constant distance from the operator of an actor in a scene where there is rapid movement around the actor and the camera.The case of 12 actors, slowly passing around, the camera can be traced, which covers the background and everything that surrounds it, in full, all the time keeping an actor in the foreground in the same part of the frame, if there is at the forefront of a crowd of people, the idea of one actor, making a full turn, works very well.The scene of a riot in the prison Sidney Lumet film "The Hill", starring Harry Andrews and the scene from the movie "Vera Cruz," by Robert Aldrich, starring Burt Lancaster - two scenes in which the described technique uses a very successful way. .8 The circular movement of the camera, always preserving the actor not the foreground during the plan.FAST PAN Case 13 Fast circular pan include running panning. It connects the two centers of interest and provides a quick blurred scene. 405 404 It is used to connect the two scenes that follow one another.At the end of the first plan provides a running view, then the camera stops to take a new scene.


If two different parts in both plans combined, it turns fast transition from one frame to another.And today, some directors use running panoramic plans with blurred motion, placed between fixed plans, to achieve the same effect. Changing the time or place of the action dictates the use of panoramic plans.David Dean in his film "Doctor Zhivago" uses running panoramic plan to connect the two scenes where Lara Kemerovo and dance.