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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


- Ponder again what you have read. With such a frenzy masturbating boater, which he assumed ... I do not insist that this is only a theory. - Yes, all this is just a theory.- Then why do you so annoying? - She did not annoying ... - Ned knees began to bounce, which has not happened for a long time. Ned download the film Ангел или демон 2 сезон and reined in their hands. - Okay, maybe annoying. Because it is useless. Because it leads us nowhere. - It annoys you because it is useless because it is able to lead us to the truth.Truth consists in the fact that others can see you and not the way, what do you think they'll see. Perhaps they find you arrogant, thoughtless, obnoxious and conceited, arrogant before that even your courtesy and charm were like daggers, sticks into their poor, huddled confused teenage heart.But teperto you an adult and should be able to take it all without pain. - Well, even so, - said angrily Ned. - But you're not going to claim that Ashley BarsonGarlend could go so far as to get drugs to survive me out of school. But he had not the slightest idea ... Cade!- Ned brought his fist down on the table, flatten the paper cube. - My God, Rufus Cade! - Well, God bless him - said Babe, when Ned tried to straighten the dice. - Rufus Cade. That name before you, too, did not call. - He's just an empty space. I pulled him out of the school team ... No, this is ridiculous. No one, no one can be so vindictive and petty to... although he had smoked marijuana, I know that. Constantly. - Well, we have two young men suddenly appeared with the motives, even trivial. And one of them also had what we can call a deadly weapon. - You know, - he said, barely listening to him, Ned, - if you think about it, I always suspected that Rufus does not like me. I can not explain.Something is present in the way he put aside his eyes when we talked. Actually, he was not rude, but I remember when I had to "Orphan" back to Oban, after the death of Paddy ... Rufus was on board and behaved abominably. I think he was angry because of the fact that I took over command of the yacht.I was the really surprised and upset. Perhaps I was arrogant. But you want me to believe that he and Ashley were a sort of mad Iago, plans to destroy Othello? Lord, I was not Othello, I was vsegonavsego schoolboy. - What's offense consisted Othello? He was a big, beautiful, successful. And it was Desdemona.- But Rufus and Portia's eyes had ever seen. Ashley met her one day with me, but Ashley ... I mean that the school ever there were rumors that he might be, well, you know, is a strange ... This does not mean that I agree with your words about his love for me - hastily added Ned.- In the end, he could not love and hate me at the same time.


- Do not tell me that I forgot all of Catullus, whom I was once trying to cram into your head off - sadly said Babe. - Odi et amo love and hate, now I understand.But if you say that you and Portia hated me, I just go away and never talk to you I will not.