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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


He was a model of modern theater director. "The development of the theater is always driven by the desire for a new ...The quest for new comes when an artist has a sense of modernity. But modern life is not just rhythmically flowing - she rushes ... Sense of the present - it is a deep knowledge of life, is to break the psychology of the Soviet people, necessarily, directly involved in the lives of the people ", - he said.We, the students of Ruben N., were forever in love with him. Eisenstein - in contrast to Simon - was a very different approach to work. He was not able to show how to play a particular scene, but he painted ...Yeah, he comes on set with a bunch of leaves from a notebook on which was traced in red and blue pencil shooting scene from different angles. The most surprising - these drawings as an actor would open grain role, he must now play in the frame.Not only the location of the frame in the scenery and staging, but it is the essence, the very "nail" the scene. And Ruben Simonov - a beacon torch and acting soul acting. How fortunate we, Vakhtangov, work with him at one time! Communicating with him, and we all became thinner, smarter, and more download the film Ангел или демон 2 сезон and talented.I just had a feeling of bitterness and sadness that in the last years of his life I had little to work with. The last of his performances made without my participation. Although before his death, he decided to put the play "Coronation" Zorin and distributing it as one of the principal gave to me.We rehearsed "coronation" after his death, with Simonov, mentally devoting her memory of the great actor, director and teacher. " What always amazes Tselikovskaya notes - it's an amazing humility, the ability to remain in the shadows, speaking of his great teachers. For people, especially for actors - a rare and excellent quality.Yes, and it was just outstanding literary talent and acute observation, the ability to talk about the main, do not forget the details that enliven the picture, and at the same time it briefly and clearly. If she were not an actress, it would be probably a good writer.But she herself in any other role than the actress, though it is a theatrical actress, not a thought. Fifty years of life Tselikovskaya gave Vakhtangov Theatre and imagined myself out of it. She sadly admitted that if not playing in the theater twenty days a month, it begins to be depressed.Even being in the title of People's Artist of the RSFSR, it agreed to pay the tiny role, where she had been for the entire show odnadve phrase, and always happy performed and download the film Ангел или демон 2 сезон and rehearsed them without any discounts for insignificance.


About forty major roles was able to play it in the theater.Significant events in the theatrical life were her roles in the Vakhtangov Theatre: "Mademoiselle Nitouche," "Much Ado About Nothing," "Straw Hat", "Deep Roots," "Romeo and Juliet", "Idiot", "coronation", " Little Tragedies "," Ladies and Hussars, "" Mtarinnye Russian vaudeville. "It is often praised in the press but somehow strained, stamped set of phrases.