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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


"Juliet and spirits" - my first real color film. I'd like to talk a little bit about color.I have once had to shoot an episode for color pictures "Boccaccio 70", but I did not really thought about the problem of the color, it was mostly on the outside of the case, the requirement that dictated the film as a whole, and I had to comply with the need to preserve the unity of style to which I, in obschemto, things were not enough.As for the "Juliet and spirits", here the question of the color for the first time turned to me the problem of expression - is the initial frame from the movie seemed to me in color, the story itself, its structure, its pervading sense of determined and live only by color, but because the only color and can show them to open, to express.In the dream, color - it is an idea, a concept, a feeling like a real serious painting. The question that is asked a lot: "You see what dreams, or black- colored?" - Meaningless, it's like asking if there is a sound of singing, when everyone knows that sound - a means of expression, it is the singing and proper.In a dream, one can see the red meadow, green, horse, yellow sky, and there is no absurdity. Thus, expressing a sense of their parent. The human eye sees pochelovecheski reality, that is, with all its man charged emotions, ideas, prejudices, and culture.He is download the film Ангел или демон 2 сезон and endowed with an instantaneous reaction of the election, is able to identify particularly struck its elements. In memory of things is always the dominant color is printed, the others disappear.If needed to tell a friend about kakoynibud meeting and would describe paint the room where the meeting took place, the memory is likely to have surfaced only gold-download the film Ангел или демон 2 сезон and plated doors, clear blue ashtray, black tone painting.Lens cameras have no such selectivity, it performs a purely mathematical function - just captures what is so changeable in its motion ray of light "exposes" him moment by moment.You can not hope that the result will be something with absolute certainty reflects our ideas, feelings, perceptions and memories of the flowers, and that all this does not hurt, does not fade, will not be distorted or murdered under the influence of any unforeseen factors associated with lighting , by the process of shooting and processing film.The artist gives his film rigid, permanent, unalterable lighting that color once and for all is the way it was portrayed. Look online. Some may think, as if the cinematic frame allows the same precision to give full of color with all the shades of his. It is not.Any frame color as it infected from each other, between them there is a constant exchange of fluids, resulting in while watching you notice that kakieto highlights were inexplicably blacked out on kakihto other unexpected reflections appear, there is a constant blurring of objects: one color is passed in the other.You, the director, to contemplate his new picture, and you think that everything is fine and we can start taking pictures:submitting their own ideas about stylistic, visual and narrative features of the material, in other words, trying to uncover exactly how do you find it necessary, the essence of the scene at the moment you approach or waste panoramiruesh - just slide your camera.And as soon as the light intensity changes, the colors start to shout or noticeably dim, and the entire chromatic scale is not what it was a moment ago.