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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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- You do well, Ned, very good. Now it is not long from now. So, where were we? Oh yeah. Ireland. DzhayentsKozuey. You're missing two hours wandering through the rocks, while everyone else played on the beach. Exactly two hours? - Maybe a half.Two - it most. - And when you came back, he was the one? - I'm definitely one with him did not see. - Then you went to Oban and sailed all night? What time out? - Eight thirty-five. I myself raised his time in the logbook. I told you. - I'm just checking. Just checking. Now describe to me the situation. Moon today very young, right?There she is in the window. So, two nights ago, it was very dark. You were sold without departing from the deserted shore. Darkness, I believe, came such that even pitch dark, but on the strength of an hour with a small, at this time of year. Am I right? Questions continued.Oliver, of course, was meticulous - as he had been taught, but this time he was trying to figure out all the more to the point, and because he did not want to meet a second time with Ned miss today some political details.Work in the coming weeks will be enough have to question the director of the school, the other members of this damn sailing club, witnesses in Oban, Tobermory, the Netherlands, even in a dozen places. - ... I knew right away that he was seriously ill ... Cade sent over a bottle of whiskey ... no, "Jameson" ... it looks like it is hilarious ... made me swear ... the most sacred for me ... Oliver drank of the wine. - Fine, fine. And where did the envelope? - Well, probably bought gdenibud. In the store. He is nothing about it said. - Netnet. Location Paddy got it? Out of his pocket? From the safe? From Where? - A realized. From a small bag. She lay on the chart table. - What color? - Red.Red nylon. - The manufacturer's name on it mean? "Adidas", "File", chtonibud? - Nnet ... pretty sure not. - Okay, okay. Your friend Rufus Cade could not hear anything, right? - Yes, definitely. - Are you sure? From where you were, could see the door? - No, but Paddy saw him, and if Rufus returned, he would have noticed. - Not Bad.Come on. - Well, then he asked me to deliver a letter. - The envelope is nothing written. Or he used invisible ink? - No. - This assumption has caused Ned smile. - He made me remember the address. - And what? .. - London, SW-1 Heronskver, thirteen, Philip Blekrou. Oliver Delft twitched as if in shock.Every nerve in his trembled. Heart suddenly jumped kudato, in the eyes darkened for a moment. Ned looked at him anxiously: - Are you ill?

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- Just a cramped leg. Cramp. Nothing serious. Oliver stood up, turned off the tape recorder and left the table, leaning on his right leg as if in endeavors to stretch cramped muscle.Now the most important thing - to remain calm, perfectly calm, do not lose self-control. - Uh, listen, - he said - I walk away for a moment. Wait for me here, okay? Make a sandwich or something.