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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


What genre of the film "Cabaret"? Minnelli sings at the end:"Life - is a cabaret!" So all creative genre - life. The whole life! She, in Minelli, the bar is on that level. She is responsible for this level: it is the taste, its everyday form, its fee. Zhenya Evstigneeva at this level. His director of a police initiative can watch multiple times, there will always be funny.Because when he is talking about a Ermolov lathe, then to tears believes it. As the whole country - believed it ... On kakomto level is and my bracket. Jump higher - well below have no right. One student admitted that he did not understand anything from my story. He rehearses the course distinctive role, and he needs "pick", as he put it.His teacher has already defined the genre and of no sverhsereze, about any specifics of the question. "I'm sorry - I told him. - After all ready to "pick" - it dies. I'll just try to explain what you should not do, and even more to wriggle out of yourself. First of all, no flickers, go from any styling.When the role is done, everyone starts to sweat to move around the stage to "dance." Temperament is not the case, exclude it in the bud. Not zhemannichayte and less foppery. When you sit in a chair, pledge his legs and 1a Khlestakov.Do not send anyone kisses, do not press his hand to his heart and fell to one knee, as if swearing. Not intone not sing lyrics, verses break the rhythm. Not gesticulate too, for example, do not beat their chests, not throw up their hands, not a loss. Do not speak on my own no extra text, interjections, ah!, Mm!- When others speak. Does not appeal to the gym, do not flirt and do not pause to squeeze applause ... "I suddenly remembered that Hamlet was once already made these instructions to actors, and stopped. Student timidly download the film Ангел или демон 2 сезон and asked, "What's left?" - "Your task is not to leave anything! When you could bring himself to absolute zero - as if you're on a diet:it is impossible, it is impossible, nothing is impossible! - When grope at one gyrus, and the other line, then start with the director quietly add. Every gesture that you come up with, every gesture derg must be accurate, must be your own. And, if you can - without vulgarity! This is an important building block. "Now the other student said that so far it was all clear, but what is "to bring yourself to the absolute zero", asked for clarification. "You remember my Hugo in" The Prince and the Pauper "?" Remember, not all, I had to show this unicellular, but charming in its own way a face. Watch the film Ангел или демон 2 сезон in excellent quality online. And something told his smoky, syphilitic voice.They remembered neighing became wry, mocking my freak. That they only wanted. Eighth brick: minimal makeup / Easy to say! .. When I was download the film Ангел или демон 2 сезон and admitted to the Theatre named after Lesya Ukrainka, one of the first roles was a horse in the "enemy." The boy was supposed to play the old man - a download the film Ангел или демон 2 сезон and retired soldier. Grim invented himself.Then a beard glued with pleasure. After a while Romanov wanted to put "Tsar Fyodor", and that I played Fedor. But then at the meeting of the theater soft, then director, said a remarkable phrase, "What, for one artist over the beard glue?"Perhaps by" download the film Ангел или демон 2 сезон and winged "and absurdity that saying only surpassed my favorite tovstonogovskoe:" You can not always play good luck to all, Oleg!