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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Their application once again demonstrate that applying to funds for a large sum of money, you have to become a historian, sociologist, political scientist, anthropologist and theologian once. It is not enough just to write that your topic is very exciting.You must prove that your film will not only be exciting, interesting, but that the world is spiritually poorer without your project. The task is not simple. But the most amazing thing is that many independent producers of fine survive in these harsh conditions, receive grants and remove outstanding films. Conclusion.Challenges and opportunities I hope that this book will give the reader some understanding of the basic principles of documentary. I download the film Болезнь Альцгеймера and tried to talk about the specific challenges and how to cope with experienced professionals. However, some questions do not fit into specific topics. It is about them, I would like to talk about in prison.They concern the outlook and prospects for the future and new technology opportunities. Producer responsibility in the 10th and 11th chapters, we download the film Болезнь Альцгеймера and discussed various aspects of the director's work on the film. But apart from this, there are more serious problems that sooner or later faces everyone. The most pressing of them - ethical.Crew practice and ethical standards of practice set attitude to ethical standards - the most urgent and important problem documentary. State it very simply, the filmmakers use and flaunt the lives of others.Operation is always done with the best intentions, or under the pretext of the inalienable right of citizens to information. But despite all the excuses and circumstances, the documentary could have unintended and even fatal consequences for the characters. So the big question:how to work with the characters in the movie to avoid the negative consequences? Asked this question all the filmmakers since Flaherty, and answer it clearly impossible. With the Kino problem was a new development.This technique is more than another kakayalibo admits intimate contact with the character, close monitoring of his personal life, leaving him time to think and control their own reactions.Using portable equipment can intrudes into private life of any person, that beautifully demonstrated in Michael Moore's "Roger and Me." Many difficult questions arise in connection with the ethics of the use of the object in the name of truth and goodness.As far as the hero realizes what is happening and the consequences of its appearance on the screen? On what he expects, by agreeing to the shooting, and that in this case you are counting as a director?


When you need to turn off the camera and destroy the footage? Should I pre-negotiate the footage with the hero of the picture?Finally, there is an acute problem of economic exploitation. Filmmaker earns his labor for bread, made his name and reputation, which can easily translate into tangible benefits. But the heroes of the film and the participants are usually not involved in the financial gain. I think that each of us can easily find justification for their acts.Without that I could not work in the documentary genre.