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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Roof blown off. Counselor was a woman with two children, tortured, just checked out through the deserted streets of the park and still dormant, and when woke up, it was too late. Persuaded Boris because he is not greedy man, to break protocol.And we stuck to kakomuto closed distributor, and when Boris brought a huge bundle of gifts such as in "Torgsin" you will not find those, then these gifts are stuck in the throat, and because they cost pennies, because the country's hunger . The house is now a lot of money, and I am now the basis of wealth:Boris was awarded the Stalin Prize for Literature for "Unconquered". Award this should never have been given, but Boris manages to publish this novel almost Udege language, which, to mine, does not exist, inhuman copies. Between me and them some piece begins a strange discrepancy: these gifts are not rained on us, but it ...because I would never have given such an apartment, villa, distributor Kremlin, Boris took me to even pass on the porch Epiphany Cathedral on Easter:it turns out, there are badges for celebrities, diplomats for the Orthodox, for those who do not live like everyone else who has everything, and I do not know who these people are, and even for a very different sort of people that say, that they can more than CC, and called it "to pull." Something happened to me in the church ...I cried, choking joy in me was music, I prayed fervently for Babi for Dad ... Dad ... emerges from childhood, as I krohotulya, standing at his feet ... heat, burning candles ...The first time I was like this in the church, had visited, like everyone else, sandwiched hot crowd in the stifling atmosphere, and the year before I was taken out of the church in a swoon, and nothing of me left but bitterness, malaise, emptiness, faintness.Once on the orders of the government destroyed, demolished and closed almost all the churches, the people and pray anywhere. 38 The house of the country becomes a relationship.Mom, despite its failures at home with Boris reserved, soft, accommodating itself with two housekeepers, brings him a fresh shirt every morning, I know that she does not like Yadyu, but apparently it does not show.So, Mom can and to manage emotions, why, why is it so intolerable to me, why was the and interfere in my life? In indifferent cute relationship with Boris Hare is impossible to understand whether he likes it or not, well, that Hare also in relation to Boris cute indifferent.In relation to Boris Jade I caught a deeply hidden hostility - why?

download the film Alzheimer's disease

It cheers even when Jadzia goes home. In addition to daily maid Lady, we have a more so-called housekeeper:I persuaded Boris to take her into our home, because it all alone, without a livelihood, sent to "one hundred and first kilometer." This is an interesting, intelligent, completely gray at forty-five female. Muzhayuvelira shot, she knows how to grow a beautiful daughter, which was recently arrested.With it, I met by chance, she came to me as his last hope, but to persuade Boris to take a person's home without a Moscow registration and even with "one hundred and first", and with this biography was not easy.