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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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During the Civil War, he published the patriotic poems, which is not very pleasant to me. Not knowing a word poangliyski, he emigrated to England, where he settled at the Englishman, who did not know a word poispanski.It is said that this did not prevent them for hours talking, gesticulating frantically. After the war, he, like many Spanish republicans, had emigrated to Mexico. Vagabond looked very dirty, went to a cafe and read aloud poems. Garfias died in poverty. Madrid was then a fairly small town, administrative and cultural center of the country.We walked a lot, moving from one part of town to another. Everyone knew each other, one could meet anyone. One evening I come to the "Cafe Castilla" other. And I see the screen, fenced off part of the room. The waiter said that would come here for dinner with friends of Primo de Rivera.He really came immediately made clear the screen and seeing us, he shouted: "Hey, young people! Let's drink!" Dictator treated us. I remember meeting with King Alfonso XIII. I stood at the window of his room at the Residence. Under the boaters I had pomaded hair. Suddenly, the window stops royal car with two drivers and one more person.King got out and asked me a question. They have gone astray. Very embarrassed, despite its theoretical anarchist views, I said very politely, to my shame, even calling him "Your Majesty". Only when the car drove off, I realized that I did not take off his hat. My honor was saved. I told this to the Director of Residences.Knowing my reputation braggart, he did not believe it and told and check said the secretary of the Royal Palace. If, during our meetings in the cafe included someone like gafe, we all suddenly fell silent and lowered his eyes in confusion. "Gafe" - a spy or a person who brings misfortune.In Madrid, then sincerely believed that it is better to avoid undesirable neighborhood. My son in law, husband Conchita, was familiar with the captain of the General Staff, which the parties all his colleagues. Name playwright Jacinto Grau was generally better not to say. Misfortune seemed to follow him closely.During his lectures in Buenos Aires in the hall chandelier fell, seriously injuring several people. Because of the fact that many actors have died after a shooting in my films, my friends call me "gafe." But this is not so, and I strongly protest. Witnesses, if necessary, can call other friends.In the late XIX and early XX century in Spain there was a galaxy of great writers who have become our spiritual teachers. I was familiar with most of them - Ortegoyi Gaceta, ValeInklanom, Eugenio d'Orsom and others. Watch the film Alzheimer online. They gave us a big impact.I even know a great Galdos, his novels "Nazarene" and "Tristan" I was later filmed. He was older than the others and stayed away. In truth, I met him only once, at his home. He was old and blind, was sitting by the fireplace with a blanket on her lap. Pio Baroja was also a famous writer. But me personally he was not interested.It also called Antonio Machado, the great poet Juan Jimenez Area, Jorge Guillen, Salinas.