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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Develop your talent to the level of specific and compelling artistic result, you will be able to offer something to the employer, fund or sponsor. The search for the subject and the market in the field of documentary market is changing rapidly.For your project, you should choose a topic that will entice a large part of the audience, without being odious and challenging. On the one hand, there is a topic on the other - her vision of the author. The way you see your subject, can be more important than what you want to tell. Formotvorchestvo is as important as finding a unique content.The best way to find a theme - to discover what you are most interested in, and then discuss the chosen topic with colleagues. Browse catalogs, newspapers, analyze their own interests - in search of the point where they might conflict with the interests of existing commercial structures that can finance the project.Attend conferences and festivals, to see what others are shooting, what jobs are in demand. Remember that there is a significant difference between the film production and rental, as well as between the interests of creators and producers. You can expect funding from the distributors, if you already have a commercially valuable product.If the film is only in the project, it will be harder to get the money. Documented offer If you have a portfolio made film, especially when he won the award kakuyulibo, you can count on luck when applying to the special funds.It is amazing how sometimes thoughtlessly written offers many future filmmakers and how casually they sometimes read the names of the funds, which are treated. Did you yourself would give money to someone who can not follow the basic rules?These comments carefully re-read when you are working on their own proposals, and edit them several times until they reach perfection on paper. Funds of funds generally provide coverage up to fifty percent of the costs.In the U.S., there is a complex and flexible system of federal, regional and private foundations, agencies, each of which has a specific direction in which and donating money. Usually only local organizations subsidize the first projects beginners. Your conditions should be clearly set out and look podelovomu.Together with the conditions send a specially made roller minutes It should contain pieces of work that best describe you. Money funds are good in that they usually do not need to be repaid. In addition, the fund support facilitates shooting. Private agencies usually subsidize production of the film "... and on ...to ", while the government - only creative research on the the topic and the period of preparation.


Query If the timing of your movie is small and you are asking for money for its preparation, recording or complete, you can contact the regional or city Arts Council.Each state in the U.S. has its own so- called Humanitarian Committee, which works with the National Humanitarian Fund. This agency subsidizes enjoyed the confidence of individuals - usually academics working in the humanities.