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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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I have a point of aristocrats, elusive, kakayato its own special, very gentle way to say the words. I achieved to some extent by the fact that the role of the lower jaw Zvezdintseva stuck out.By changing the position of the mouth such as voice and pronunciation changed and turned full of chatter with a slight hiss. On the make-up and costume, I paid special attention: the appearance in this role meaningless half the battle. I decided to give a person the originality mainly wig and a sticker.Find a gray-haired, slightly yellow wig with long hair, side parting, with light curls hair ends. Beard to me does not go, and I, in spite of the routinization of the tank at the makeup of an important lord, was forced to resort to this label, drawing attention to the fact that the hair color was original. I stopped at the blond tanks with gray.The nose is made with a slight hump. Zvezdintseva role I have not played argumentative, she too would be boring if that tone. The first act I drove quite vividly, trying not to give little weight to the nonsense that says Zvezdintsev on spiritualism. In a conversation with Sahatovym smoking a cigar;the word "sick old woman knocked over a stone wall," I corrected the alleged frayed end of the cigar and was busy this more mechanical work than those mentioned. From this phrase became funnier by his conviction and irrefutable.When talking with the men, I stubbornly looked at them and only slightly bent, listened to their words. He took the paper ran lazily folded it with princely nonchalance {negligence.}, Scratched second finger and ear marked time.During this scene, I often struggled to get away, took out of his pocket coats newspaper, overlooking a host viewed the wall, the door; before leaving, looking at his watch, long pondered, and finally, with a look of determination ordered no one to take my exit and wait for half an hour 241 opinions: Dm. You. Grigorovich, a well-known writer, accidentally hit on performance.Interested to see us, like and instruct us to perform for the first time on the Moscow stage his comedy "Suede people" Went three times. Prior to the beginning of the performance expressed regret very kindly, that could be me.After the first act, he ran to the bathroom, Congratulations on your success, saying that he had never seen fans reached such perfection. He finds that in our troupe has three large talent I Fedotov and Vinokourov He praised trouble, saying that she was very cleverly done.About me said that he had not heard on the stage of a soft tone and such sincere kindliness. After the first act Grigorovich began to speak of his play. Film Alzheimer's disease. He expressed a desire to come together to talk to me about her statement. After the second act ran ecstatic. Terrible praised ensemble.He liked Perepelytsina, ie Kuritsyna He asked me to call on Sunday for the final negotiations. "Oh, I will repent, he said. I was today Ugine and hover about you and your community help.