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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Distinguished guests took turns taking the show. Came even Ivan G. Bolshakov, I did the first and last time I saw.I waited and now appears Bolshakov, the most formidable Bolshakov, which of course I've heard a lot. He download the film Болезнь Альцгеймера and worked somewhere in the Ministry of Foreign Trade in kakomto managing international exhibitions. There was a fresh- faced old man who wept from the first steps of motion along the stands. He said: "Oh, Pyriev, oh, Don, oh, Jutkiewicz, oh ..." - And crying all the time.Pyriev, of course, came for a visit this exhibition. He was dressed in a very elegant black light suit, it was summer, in the heat, and on his feet - sandals with a large sash and black silk socks.Along with him came Philip T. Ermash, tolkotolko came to kinostezyu, mud, he headed the section in the cinema in the Subdivision D He was dying of laughter. He showed all eyes on your feet Pyreva. Pyreva this did not care because it was convenient. He let himself and something more serious, and that brings it down.Pyreva, the head of the Union of Cinematographers, were elected delegates to the Party Congress. But the nomination took place at a party conference Krasnopresnensky district. Although Pyreva warned that ritual should be respected and that he should come to this conference, he did not come.And even said that when he was asked an explanation, rather than a medical certificate, or tell us how he was doing was extremely important, he sent prostonaprosto applied to him. At the congress, he was not elected. It was a scandal. The feeling that Ivan, they say, deliberately peddling.Next he makes another mistake. He appeals to the Central Committee to the fact that it is necessary to rejuvenate the leadership committee, offering several names. Thus he download the film Болезнь Альцгеймера and hoped to keep back and the Union, and of itself. However, the decision was made at the top. And Ivan was gone.I went to his office, that he signed me my ID Director of the Bureau of Propaganda and Pyriev smiled and said: "A nice young man." That's almost the same phrases he looped in our acquaintance, and our parting. I then saw him less often. He started to film "Light of a Distant Star" and removed without success.Not only dropped one more pebble on the scales: an article in "Izvestia", very short, how Pyriev swore at the site, taking in Nizhny Novgorod extras.The author notes, a Ivashchenko, strange man, a friend Adzhubei, figure, denying an idyllic view of the "News" of the time, was in charge of culture there, went to all the festivals, rarely dries out from drunkenness. Film Болезнь Альцгеймера. A few years later, when I met him in full of a television version of the newspaper, he recalled:"How do you give Pyreva, oh, then I gave him in the stomach." The last episode in my memory associated with Pyreva demonstrates its full of inexhaustible power, influence, although he was actually thrown. In May 1964, held in Leningrad All-Union Film Festival. Ivan for the new movie, too, was in Leningrad.A invitation to the opening he was not sent. Smart and distinctive people, Vladimir Baskakov Evtihianovich with Grigory B. Maryamovym and speculation, how does dramatize the matter so that the invitation was sent, but did not get to it on technical misunderstanding.Whether under the door pyrevskogo numbers slipped invitation, or left at the corridor.