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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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The authors strive to give a detailed picture of life that goes beyond the story itself. The same objective is usually pursues film. The plot is certainly needed the novel, at least as a clue in the labyrinth of life. But he is dangerous:he ordered sequence of events excludes unforeseen circumstances of real life and choking in the novel, in the words - Forster, "the best shoots," the fact that it is designed to detect.The novel tells the story that Forster is classified as "low atavistic form" That is why the novelist and filmmaker in the development of dramatic plot faced the difficult task of performing two different, if not opposing, requirements.Help me determine their links to the same Forster - on his practical experience, he understands the particularly fine conflicting tasks related to writing novels. Since roma305 NIST can not do without a plot, it should for the sake of semantic clarity of the narrative, "do not leave loose ends." "Each event or a word should be significant;the plot must be constructed economically and even dole "However, excessive efforts to achieve such a composition threatened by the fact that the novel is too sound like the plot of a theater, so the writer must go along with it the opposite way, that is sure to break away from the plot.We can not allow its construction eclipsed "open" the reality is replaced by a closed little world.Instead of too carefully weave fabric plot moves, novelist advantageous to have a "free cable end" 4, say, "things are not associated with the development of intrigue", 5 and 6 for the environment shapes the characters whose appearance should be a surprise to the reader.Only weakening clarity of plot schemes, the novelist can pass "Unexpected Life" It is logical that Forster criticizes Thomas Hardy for displaying threads of fate in the story is so compact that it does not allow the author to reveal the nature of his characters: "... they are depleted, emasculated and undernourished "The tendency to display the infinity of the world.Displaying the infinity of the world - the quality of the same order as that inherent in the novel the big picture of life. "Lukacs in his book" The theory of the novel, "he wrote before he became a Marxist, explains it as the place occupied in the course of the novel stories.On the basis of the theological views of the historical process, he refers to a different affair compared to the epic period of time. Epic, by definition, refers to the era in which the concept of chronological time is still not effective, because all people and objects viewed in the perspective of the other world.The novel as a literary form later times, not knowing the concept of eternal life, so the life of this era - one that displays a novel - does not happen in a closed cycle of eternal life, and runs in chronological time, having neither beginning nor end requirement genre - the continuity of the reality show -undoubtedly affect the development of the plot.

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novelist, of course, wants to bring the 306 to complete his narrative, as if to fix its ends to give it completeness.