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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


To writing for the stage novelist playwright do well to get him to write several pantomimes. Good "reaction" against the excessive abuse of words.Only let not fear that the newly-born author, that it forever want to make it impossible to tell from the scene. He is allowed to give the actor a word then only when it is scripted movements. Soon you will write on the tablets of the law of the theater: the words in the theater but the patterns on the fabric movements? Read somewhere:"Drama in reading - is primarily a dialogue, debate, tense dialectic. Drama on the stage - it's primarily action, intense fighting. Here the word, so to speak, only overtones action. They need to break out spontaneously, the actor covered spontaneous movement dramatic struggle. "In medieval mystery celebration organizers were well aware of the magical power of pantomime. The most touching scenes in the French end Mysteries XIV and early XV century were always dumb. Movement actors have explained the contents of the play is much more than an abundance of reasoning in verse or in prose.And it is instructive that as soon as this show goes from mysterial dry rhetoric of religious ceremonies to new forms of action, full of emotional elements - as once download the film Болезнь Альцгеймера and appeared on the scene at the same time and juggler and mime.Pantomime gagged rhetorician, whose place in the department, but not in the theater, and the juggler said the self-sufficient value of acting: the expressive gesture of body language, not only in dance, but in any scenic position.Juggler calls himself above all a mask for more motley patchwork dress, lots of lace and feathers, more bells, more of everything that makes the play so much light and so much noise.No matter how the organizers of the religious ideas set to godly way, we had three girls, depicting sirens in celebration of entry of Louis XI, show naked, at the entrance of Queen Isabella of Bavaria had that, along with the situation of a religious nature good bourgeois played great battle of King Richardagainst Saladin and the Saracens. At the entrance of Queen Anne appeared Bavarian actor portraying Prologue and addressed the crowd in verse form. Can not you see all this desire to subjugate every sight kabotinazhu?Symbolic figures, marches, battles, prologues, parades, all the elements of genuine theatricality - without them it could not do, and mysteries. Home Theater to be found precisely in times of burgeoning kabotinazha. It would be a mistake to think that, for example, theater in the hospital of St.. Trinity originated from mysteries.


No.It arose from the midst of a street mime in the triumphal entry of kings. By the way. Now the majority of directors refers to pantomimes, and this kind of drama prefers verbal. I think this is no coincidence. It's not just a matter of taste. Not only because it is hidden in a pantomime peculiar charm charming, directors tend to cultivate the genre.In the reconstruction of the old theater of modern directors seem necessary to start with a pantomime, because in these silent plays in mock them opened for actors and directors all the power of the primary elements of theater: the power of the mask, gesture, movement and intrigue.