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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Be that as it may, Norma Jean finally says goodbye to his mother some time after the spring to make a trip to Andre de Denesom.And as in his stories, we find what, describing this period of her life, others hold back, it makes sense to play the episode in detail. It - from the young Hungarian who download the film Болезнь Альцгеймера and emigrated to the U.S., fleeing Hitler, and makes a living by shooting in New York showing the clothes models.Like other immigrants from Europe, it romantic at heart, full of fantasies and dreams of a foreign country to move to the U.S. because as a child, at home, he read a lot of books about cowboys and the old mining town. It is also eaten desire pictures of beautiful young girls naked, best in an outdoor Wild West.And then - to engage in love with them. All of this - part of his ideas about America and the immeasurable possibilities, which is fraught with the West.Now his thoughts may seem ambitious frankly commonplace, but in the 40 years after the war, few of the young men set himself so simple and yet so certain goals, not to mention the fact that photography as a relatively new profession confronts her native serious limitations.The once-secret dream of any artist was to capture his download the film Болезнь Альцгеймера and beloved naked, temptation for the writer - in detail to describe the act of intercourse, and the temptation for an actor - to reproduce the act on stage.Respectively, and initially muzhchinafotograf secretly harbored the desire to one day take off his chosen naked, ideally - with an open vagina. Today it is just as day:buying at retail, "polaroid", you declare to the world that he intended to make the property of the descendants of the act of copulation - whether with your kemlibo or their friends. Meanwhile, in the early postwar years, a talented photographer is not in a hurry to blow at each corner of his desire to shoot nudes. For her and the market, in fact, was not.As a result, de Denes, not without success, to twist novels, is forced to repeatedly postpone his tour of the scenic West, as well as a suitable companion was not. Finding such he turned to Emmeline Snayvli.Owner of a respectable agency was not aware that her back some of the models work part time at leisure craft less respectable and certainly older, but for Andre de Denesa this is not a secret. Good models he shoots on film, and will fall whore - give her ten or twenty and arrange a holiday.And on the horizon, it appears the future Marilyn Monroe. - Well, Andre, now you stay happy - he said by telephone Emmeline. - I have a brand new girl, just adorable. When meeting a new model 'it immediately caught my eye, as well she dyed.


There was something remarkably chaste and pleasant in manner."No, not a whore, quite the opposite: a wonderful young girl," - he said to himself. In less than five minutes, he download the film Болезнь Альцгеймера and asked her to pose nude. Well, about that, she does not know. Not sure. After all, she's married. True, my husband and I do not live, but not divorced. Then Denes de lit.In front of him - the one girl with the Golden West, which he had so long sought, but the trip with her to be harmless.