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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


REPORT ON debate "NEED A GREAT THEATRE?" November 10, 1921 I Tov. Meyerhold celebrate the tremendous value of the Bolshoi Theatre as a major phenomenon in the history of the Russian stage culture.The strange thing - he says - that all of these committees that decide the Bolshoi, no voices of its employees, actors and musicians, and that we must be mainly to decide the fate of the Bolshoi Theatre. Turning to the evaluation of the Bolshoi Theatre, Comrade.Meyerhold notes that the shortcomings of his huge and it is too late, it must be corrected. Of course, a change of the repertoire of things do not get better, - in addition to that we need a completely new methods as obschehudozhestvennoy and organizing.II Meyerhold more focused on the production of "Queen of Spades", where the scenery is completely unacceptable for a modern artistic consciousness. 486 The Special Rapporteur recommends to the team above all the right to vote on the question of his reforms. Involve their representatives in those commissions, which addressed the issue of the fate of the theater.Actors themselves must identify ways to upgrade the theater, should insist on the renewal of the repertoire and the method performances. Attracting left masters can not contradict the spirit of the actors. After work, many of them with Diaghilev, who based his statement on the leftist artists and composers.Meyerhold download the film Болезнь Альцгеймера and called for continuing the line opera of Savva Mamontov, which was first brought RimskiyKorsakov, where he worked, Vrubel and began his career Chaliapin. The extermination of the theater building Report December 24, 1921 Meyerhold, as usual, did not limit the scope of topics, and has developed his views on the future of the theater.He download the film Болезнь Альцгеймера and pointed out, for example, what excellent opportunities for the theater provides nature. What theatrical spectacle can be shown with the Crimean mountains and gorges, if only a little help nature, only podtesat, Align it according to his purpose. He also pointed to the possibility of such a sight in cities, for example, in St. Petersburg or Moscow.There's even an attempt was made to create just such a sight. In the days of the Congress of the Comintern in the Khodynka anticipated grand mass performance, has not been realized because of a lack of funds. Tov.Meyerhold ended his report, expressing the belief that the modern theater refuses uncomfortable in every theater buildings and move to more sustainable forms of space.FUTURE ACTOR and biomechanics Report June 12, 1922 In the past, the actor in his work always comply with the society to which his work was intended.


In the future, the actor will have to further coordinate their game with the conditions of production.After all, it will work in an environment where work does not feel like a curse, but as a necessity of life joyful.