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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

FILM Болезнь Альцгеймера

How to keep yourself as not to rush to the door, do not cry, do not fight ... Kryukov to watch - heart broken, she pleads with her to the medical unit of the chief second surgery, she had to live for the children.Operations are in remand prison do not, but do injections, which even hopeless cancer patients may keep until the end of the investigation, it is - a test drugs on prisoners? I saw the head of the medical unit, we were out for a walk, and he was not able to hide behind the door:Colonel, handsome, like Tyrone Power, with devilish fire in his eyes, the face of a sadist with no end in sight, nothing human. At night, awakened by the soft voice hook: - Put me on the floor. I did not know that ordinary people do die. Burst with a stretcher and taken away.Wonderful day for suicide, days drizzling rain, as dark as night, our walls were quite burial ... Anywhere except the Soviet prisons, do not wait for the holidays since May 1 and November 7 - these days instead of barley porridge - vinaigrette ... I hold because of Nadi ... Nadi - because of me. Perhaps friendship above love ...God gave me love and friendship with a desperate end: I do not have the power to keep the love and friendship. They swim out of my hands, like a vision ... wonderful vision ... When I was taken away from the camera ... projected Nadi soon have to call for the signing of the case.Where to get the mental strength to leave Nadi in this living tomb, without tears, without despair, without a groan, not kill it, and die the most ... Somehow she download the film Болезнь Альцгеймера and asked me to tell you about the sun, about the moon, about the land, about the wind, flowing hair! In a swoon, laughing, I began to tell me it would be easier to throw himself into the breach. Click key.Enter an old woman, a wonderful Olga G. Graebner, wife writer Grebner. She was brought out of the camp to the Lubyanka for a second term: calm, strong in spirit, though quite ill. She's still in the camp heard arrested Ruslanova, Zoya Fedorova, me. Olga G. pomaterinski, intelligibly told me all about the camp:that I was waiting for, what do you want to avoid, what to fear, how to behave ... Click key. Sokolova, after my request for transfer, I did not. On the table in my case: acts of withdrawal during the search, the protocols signed by me and suddenly Help: Dad charged under article .. charged, then the sentence was not, therefore, the Pope, or tortured, or he killed himself!It's muggy. download the film Болезнь Альцгеймера and Jumped Sokolov, snatched from the Help folder. - Who is it foolish here hem! Now this is the end for me. Nadi handed beautiful men's socks: - My gift to the road may have to cool ... These socks on her wearing her favorite, the Nadi cold feet when they walked in Prague, he took off those socks. Click key.Chamber opened for the last time.


- On the way out with things. - Nadi ... diamonds in the sky ... the wind blows ... down ... be patient ... I'm staying with you ... here ... be patient ... a little ... 50 From the camera itself out, the door caught senior.In the courtyard of the van " Bread" packed to overflowing, in the cabin, where I was taken to Lefortovo one that we have is five people, ask me something, I mean just that, as told Grebner, is already on the reading of the sentence in the stage.