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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


В«Cahiers du cinemaВ», no.123, septembre rГ¶sti such paradoxical, hypnotic and hallucinatory cloth, the hallmark of which is that they have in the past, but the past is always in the future. And a third possibility, suggested for "download the film Болезнь Альцгеймера and Marienbad":M - romanistdramaturg and X and A - no more than the characters, or rather, two of cloth, between which it is going to hold the connecting download the film Болезнь Альцгеймера and thread.In the film, "Providence," one of the finest in Rene, we are seeing more of such redistribution, fragmentation and conversion, constantly moving from one piece of cloth to the other - but it is in order to create a kind of third, which carry away any and all to rise up to the roots Wildlife and spread to the borders of the universe.In this work, the old pyanitsyromanista found many problems and failures: here, for example, three terraces, taken from three eras - and here's the kicker, the cloth from which he came, and whether you need to save? Benayyun falls into the goal, when he writes: "The lack Rene sequence" childhood - adolescence - adult years "...may encourage him to recover in the creative plan synthesis lifecycle, starting from the moment of birth, and can be, and the antenatal period, and reaching its presentiment of death and, even if in specific cases, this merges into a single fusion in the same character "A work of art goes through the era of co-existing, butfor that he needs to meet obstacles and freeze for exhaustible flag, in the dead of fragmentation {"Statues die too"). The success comes in when the artist, such as Van Gogh, reaches a certain excess, transforming memory or age of the world:"Magnetic" operation, which probably explains the very "assembly" than it is due. There is no director, less burrowing into the past. Movie Renee, escaping from the present, the past prevents degenerate into memories. In each of the last flag, in every age involved once all the mental functions:recollection lzhevospominanie, imagination, intention, judgment ... And every time all of these features is fraught with emotion. "Life - the novel" begins with the words "love, love." This feeling extends to the whole cloth and receiving nuances depending on its own fragmentation.Renee is very often said that it is not interested in the characters, and the feelings that they can extract from the regions of the past, which are playing the role of their own shadows. Characters belong to the present, but the feelings are immersed in the past.Feelings are characters that resembles the shade, the sun creeping to deprive the park {"Last summer at Marienbad"). Here great importance Benayoun, p. 432 Gilles Deyaez inoObrazvremya 433 acquires music.Renee could therefore determine when it goes beyond psychology, and when it is in its range, depending on whether he examines the psychology of the characters, or the psychology of the senses alone.


The feeling is constantly changing, is circulating on various of the cloth as the occurrence of gradual transformation.When converting themselves form the cloth extending through all the others, it reminds permission feeling the burden of consciousness or thought: this awareness, in which the shadows are alive reality mental theater, and feelings - the true figures in a very specific " brain game."This hypnosis, mind opening itself.