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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Showman!VERSAILLES Several times I met this couple of tourists - old as the water pump, an American with artificial teeth and hair, the color of the artificial person, but in these furs and diamonds, and her young husband, fat, red- faced, with a black mustache and a camera on the mighty chest. He photographed her everywhere, and it - it. I saw them in the Louvre.He shot her in the background of the huge canvases Mason "retreat of Napoleon." She download the film Болезнь Альцгеймера and seemed to be steps ahead of a gray horse on which rode the Emperor. She then participated in the feast "Cana of Galilee" Veronese, then decided to compete in beauty with the Mona Lisa, and finally came down and appeared on the memory next to Venus de Milo.I was surprised by one thing: this couple millionaires allowed to appear wherever they want. If they pay for a ticket in dollars, so they immediately owners until gone. But this time, I saw something out of the ordinary. It was at Versailles - in the splendid residence of four Louis.He shot her at the Neptune Fountain, which download the film Болезнь Альцгеймера and grouped the seven monsters with human heads and limbs of reptiles. When the old lady climbed to the edge of the fountain and taking a relaxed pose, smiled at the camera, it was like a figure eight in the fountain.It was monstrous, but the young her husband did not even pay attention to what company he removes his millionaire. If they are awarded the company the attention, so she chegonibud so worth it! Shoot, they went to the palace museum. My journey, however, was from a museum in the park.Park lay down grounds with ponds away to the horizon, framed by thick century-old alleys.In the mirror waters sailed clumps of clouds, and I thought that the most active, the most real of all impressions - a reflection of the facade of the palace of Versailles, with its white columns, light, slightly elongated, trembling on the water fountains rippling in the spring breeze. It was always, it was a living witness of what happened here over the centuries ...I went outside the residence of the palace. In a small area, I saw again the American couple, they went to a restaurant. And I remembered the wonderful story from the book of Marcel Shining "Goodbye, Edith." ... It was in the days of his youth, Edith, when she was not yet Piaf.When she had to wander with Jean and Zephirin, two similar-singer, as she is, on the streets and barracks. The three of them somehow came to Versailles, where the next day was to open fair. They roamed the streets very hungry. Suddenly Edith stopped near a luxury restaurant. - You're not crazy, IOM?Artists, huddled against the wall. - I know what I'm doing! They came in and took a small table.


Edith strongly called the waiter, download the film Болезнь Альцгеймера and asked for the menu and order the most expensive dishes and excellent wines. Choking, Jacques and download the film Болезнь Альцгеймера and Zephirin started eating. And Edith, forgetting about everything, enjoy, ever, fine dining, chatting, having fun.As if playing the role of a wealthy lady of good society, not paying any attention to the owner of the restaurant, from the watches for suspicious company.