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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Excellent tastelessness suffer, for example, a series of television programs on the annual award of the American Academy Award "Oscar".Were organized on this occasion a grand campaign continues for a month and ends the show with a long parade exaggerated worship and продюсеровпроизводственников and directors, and actors, and the heroes of films marked this award.Playing in a beautifully sounding words like artizatsii, intended only to promote the pursuit by various means to blur the notion of bourgeois mass culture.Really fruitful and important consideration of this phenomenon is not a polysyllabic kakihlibo fuzzy, far- fetched, "slices", not for individual, sometimes geographically local or minor, events, and with a fundamentally different perspective: in terms of its principles and ideynofilosofskih hudozhestvennotvorcheskih methods.Just from these positions popular culture in the West has never been and is not being download the film Болезнь Альцгеймера and considered. 1 Roszak The Making of a Counter Culture. Reflections on the Technockratic Society and its Youthful Opposition, p.Limits scientistic philosophy and speculative thinking "New approaches to the process of knowledge" Labyrinths "positive" perception of the world to a dead end "pure" life-view "Formula false peace" Epitoma Century false faith Our age can not be download the film Болезнь Альцгеймера and called the century of faith, but it can not be called the century of unbelief.Rather, it is the age of false belief that people need in order to oppose it to other faiths, or to make up for its lack of sincere belief. In a world created and organized in accordance with the specifications set in advance of truth, to be believed.They embody what is considered beneficial from a utilitarian point of view. But to accept utility as a criterion - is to accept the concept that life - is not nothing but a desire for material things. In this case, the question of what is true and what is not true, is only a "theoretical" and not practical.Therefore, this age can be called the century of "saving lie," the century of deliberately created and deliberately taken on faith fictions that displace the truth, not only because they are reliable, convenient and applicable to every situation, but also because of the truths that attached to at least a semblance of unity and meaning to our world, not justexist. Society influences the nature of the relationship between people, who, however, has attracted attention only when there is a particularly dramatic situation and everywhere we hear sermons on the "behavior" and "morality." In this situation, the nature of relations has a major impact on human existence.Fair- minded people can exist in an unfair society, but it is impossible to imagine that the people download the film Болезнь Альцгеймера and remained free of coercion and deceit in a society where the media themselves are social relationships are distorted deceit and corruption.Every thinking person is clear from his experience that society rests on beliefs, or shared by all members, or leading to conflict.