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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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And on this occasion in Moscow began to go even jokes. However, more related to Shahin than the Shah, who was for the inhabitants of no interest. And in the midst of official business passions Slava comes to rehearsal and casually throws off his cream anthers.Then he slowly turns to his companions, and all of jaw-dropping: Slava on the chest, on the blue moire ribbon slung over the neck, showing off a huge gorgeous Order clearly eastern origin. This can be guessed by blue enamel crescent, which immediately catches the eye. - Slava, where?Slava hesitated a bit and finally decided. - Just between us guys - he warned. - And then I may be bad, and you will not be good. Shorter. Damn I pulled to the day before yesterday in a bookshop that Kuznetsk bridge. Said that there is an old edition Lang "On stage game." Turned the corner and I see:stands at the House of Models huge crowd. Blocked the entire street. - What's the matter? - I ask. - Shaheen, - said - decided to see our models. Well, I think a case can not be missed. Such a beauty if she really like talking about it. From newspaper photographs that guys are defined. And Barrels Barrels way to the glass doors.And just poked into the first row, the door opened and she came out! Guys, believe do not believe I almost went blind. Then she pulls from her purse a snow-white handkerchief and - drop it! He hovers in the air, like a moth. Some force pushed me, I lunged forward, caught on the fly with a handkerchief and gave a nod Shaheen.She took it, smiled at me and said something briefly bodyguard. Oh, guys, if you saw that smile, would you madly! Yes, but ... And then, I feel, two plainclothes rubbed me scour and bring to light the space. "Who? What? Location? .. "So I said that I was a poet, and I work in the CD I gave them all their coordinates, and let me go.And yesterday morning, only had breakfast in the courtyard hear sounds divine eastern melodies. Looked out the window, and this length signals elegant silver-colored car. And on the radiator embassy flag with a crescent moon. Then the doorbell rang. Open. Includes gorgeous guy and gives me awesome package with monograms."You, - he says - are invited today to the Iranian Embassy at the reception, which gives her highness Shaheen Soreyya." After you arrive. " And left. Reveals the package - indeed, an official invitation! Frankly, I was afraid,. And no provocation it? Maybe and want to recruit?In the embassy that I bring, but how to get out there and povyazhut and dragged under the white knobs on Lubyanka. Download the film bratany3. Is not, I think, it is necessary to and insure. Contacted his old boyfriend, who is Dad General Moorea. "Urgent - say - Arrange a meeting for me with his father.This is very important. It comes - I say - international relations. " Two hours later I was in the office of Ivan. Explained to him what had happened. He listened, then walked walked around the office and says, "You're the fellow that came to us.