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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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work, he sang the song Red Army. I watched with awe at the man feel at home in such a prestigious institution. - Russian know a lot about the songs - I said. He smiled back. - That's right. Thus ended my first conversation with Jan Tyshler.A second later, I was again invited to the principal's office and told that I had been accepted into the second year. School of Fine Arts has changed my attitude towards scientists. The fact that I began diligently to do, there was a big merit of Hodysa whose lectures on art history called desire more and read on the subject.In Stalinist Poland Hodys was an anomaly, an autocrat, who led the school as if it was his fiefdom. He had a high-pitched voice with a clear emphasis Lviv. We hardly have guessed that he was homosexual, even though he was a bachelor, and took to his apartment's favorite pupils.We laughed at his manner of moving and talking, unaware that mimic homosexual habits. But it did not stop him and remain brilliant teacher. I soon get acquainted with the third year, which turned into the first day of school.I was happy to find that Tyshler shares my passion for film and loves taking pictures. For days we were shooting, and then all night and showed increased shots. On his initiative, I immediately jumped to the third course. I opened a new world, forever changed my way of thinking.Authorities allowed and examine only the official art and literature of socialist realism, but our teachers were more interested art, not politics. They opened for me the works of Witold Gombrowicz, who prepared me for the perception of Bruno Schulz, and then Kafka.Although the program did not provide for the study of other trends - I had not even heard about impressionism - teachers found out. In a prominent place they left an open book with illustrations cubists or surrealists. Anyone who wanted to could taste the forbidden fruit.For me it was an awesome discovery that artists can distort reality in his paintings. In the School of Fine Arts, I started dating a freshman Hanke Lomnicka - not least because she was the sister of my beloved actor. She even looks reminiscent of Tadeusz.At first we were from Hanko simple chaste relationship. We went to the movies, museums, poetry readings. But if it were where we almost certainly would lie in bed. One day her mother left for four days in Warsaw, and the apartment was left in possession Hankey.

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She said she would cook dinner for me - the youth language, this meant an invitation to spend the night together. However, when I came, she changed her mind. Offended, I went and tried as much as possible to avoid it.All the same, when we met, I said, that henceforth we should not see each other. She burst into tears, but I was adamant. In retaliation, she began dating Peter Wien. We were with him now in different schools and met only occasionally. When he emerged from Hanko novel, and all our communication was sporadic.