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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


In this respect, we can draw an analogy between photographic approach to the material and scientific and research, and in both cases we take only the sample, only the particles of the infinite world that is resistant ultimate knowledge.The fourth and last. Photo inclined to transmit a sense of indefinite detention, semantic ambiguities that are well understood Proust. In the same space of his novel, taken from the passage above, Proust describes how he is a member of the Photo Academy, leaving the building of the Institute."It will show us - writes Proust - not a solid pace academician about to hire a crew, and an unsteady gait, cautious movements of the person, afraid to fall flat on his back, as if he is drunk or on the icy ground," photography, born of imagination Proust does not hint at that academic-figure disrespect, it just unable totell us anything about his everyday behavior or typical of his demeanor. Shot so full of completely isolating a download the film братаны3 and certain point in the life of academic, meaning that it poses to the overall picture of movements that make up its individual look, everyone interprets in its own way. This position is related to a situation where the photographer does not.Images are likely to say Proust, show raw material did not elaborate. Proust certainly exaggerates the uncertainty content images as much as he exaggerated their anonymity. In fact, as the photographer selects the content of their shots, and he is building a track and gives them meaning.Capturing nature, photographs along with it, and reflect the author's attempt to understand and solve it. But mostly Proust rights, and this time, because no selection does not make pictures propensity to informal and non-download the film братаны3 and assembled, giving them a documentary nature.Therefore, the semantic uncertainty and ambiguity surrounding the photos like a fringe, is inevitable. Multi- valued, certainly can be the product of any traditional art.But because it is born 46 explainable human motives and circumstances, the meaning of such a work is almost possible to clarify, while the meaning of photography is not necessarily entirely clear, since it shows a disordered reality, nature in its incomprehensibility.In comparison to the meaning of any photograph of painting relative. Therefore, the ambiguity or the elusive meaning of the work there are reasonable grounds to speak only when it comes to shooting a camera. Attractive features.In works of photography, has such obvious inclinations, should be their own special appeal, different from the one that characterized the works of fine arts. Of the attractive features three photos to define. We know Newhall said that the subject "may be altered, distorted and even falsified ...-That we sometimes even like it, but consciousness-a possible inability to undermine our instinctive belief in the veracity of the photograph "This explains the common reaction to this photo: Daguerre since they are regarded as documents of undoubted authenticity.Baudelaire, with the same contempt for the relegation of art to photography and to the claims of the photos on the artistry, yet recognize them another advantage: they record and thus retain all transitory, worthy place in the "annals of 'our' memory 'in those early years, particularly extolled the value of commemorative photos.Practically there is no light of such a family, which could not boast of a thick album with pictures of several generations of his family and friends, shot in very different circumstances.