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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


- Where are we? - He whispered. - Let's take a walk and you're gonna tell me. The surrounding forest fence read: "Private property", but I was hoping that we will not meet.David jumped over the wire as the antelope, I awkwardly stepped over her, tore the beautiful trousers from Ralph Lauren. Woods occupy no more trehchetyreh acres. Beech, aspen, oak, and other scum of the sort. Very quiet, everything sounds muffled, as it usually happens in the forest.- So you're saying, Dave, - I said, when we download the film братаны3 and plunged into the darkness of the forest - that the mere touch of Jane succumbed to leukemia. - You know, I always knew ... but you swear that will not tell anyone? - I swear, I swear and twice I swear. I swear it, and that I opleshivel.- I always knew - he continued - the gift - I call it a gift, not my gift - always knew that the gift comes from here. He stopped, knelt down and put his hand to the ground. I download the film братаны3 and nodded. David seems to have decided not to get up from the ground, and I had to sit next to him. - This is the power of All That Is. And she, as it is called, " channeled".Power of All That channeled through me. But I have to be strong, you know. I should be ... clean. "You see," he turned into a kind of brand name. He wants me to understand. Desperately wants. - Clean, Davy? What does "clean"? - You know, I'm very healthy. Never get sick, pimples I do not have, I do not infect anything.It's all because I only eat clean food. I do not eat any animal meat or farmed fruit. When I was younger, the family thinks she is such a fad. Almost all children go through a phase of vegetarianism, but they do not hold on to this idea as I am. Now, the mud, the family are all already knew. Although no one talks about it.- So do you believe that such a diet makes your body more clean energy and facilitates the sewers? - It's just part of the process. You see, there are different kinds of purity. My spirit has to be clean. We can not allow something unclean polluted it. - And do you think that there are spiritual equivalents of non-natural meat and vegetables?- I guess you could say that. Davy lay back and stared at the leaves above us. - So, clean, pure spirit body? - Yes. But, you know, I'm the same person, right? Well, that is, a human being. Well, he sure of that. What would I do, he declared himself an angel?- And as a human being - continued Davy - I feel the hunger, cold and pain, like everything else.


All varieties of hunger. Yeah. A glimmer of something in my head. He'll have a hand, I felt. And Mother with exquisite ease baby came to the rescue. - Are you saying that you exasperate these, other types of hunger?Carnal variety, so can we call them? - Uh, yeah - he nodded. - When I for the first time there was a wet-dream ... just a year ago - too late, well, so what? This smutitelnom fact he declared, not without challenges - like at school tease him for the delay in development. - Really, so what?I've matured in that sense only sixteen - I lied to help him. However, the sexual development of the Mother is download the film братаны3 and awakened in David no interest.