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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


These facts are a 15-year-old video made its aggravating adjustments.Sharply reduced production of books of progressive modern authors, even classics, as performed koegde "cleansing" of libraries. During the years of the Reagan administration's right-wing organizations have brought in the "black list" of hundreds of titles - from "Tom Sawyer," "Huckleberry Fin" Mark Twain and "The Ballad of Robin Hood" to "Grapes of Wrath" by G.Steinbeck's "Farewell to Arms" Hemingway, "To Kill a Mockingbird," Harper Lee. But it was not enough. Since 1983, the United States have developed a project download the film братаны3 and called "Confrontation", in which the "brainwashing" students.For example, the classes go undercover in the Soviet form of U.S. military personnel and train children "ABC anti-Soviet." They support not only Intense obscurantism, but set them to aggression, blind obedience, a sense of fear.Only accordingly download the film братаны3 and prepared soil to flourish in the late XX century weeds witchcraft, magic, spiritualism, astrology, palmistry, and other occult nonsense - another bunch of live poverty of spirit "affluent society."Detsivilizatsii processes are one of the forms of modern sophisticated class struggle, which is designed to proactively reduce the number of conscientious dissent.Spiritual and cultural robbery Experienced people bourgeoisie, purposeful planting decoys dull sense of meaning in life, self-worth, dignity, social community.Already mentioned by us scientist Ashley Montagu noticed one of the first characteristic investigation detsivilizatsii entire population and colorfully described them in his book "The American way of life": "On the surface they look like men. They dress like human beings, and they say, as human beings.Many of them behind the school, and in college and the other, and they are attentive to their women and affectionate with their children. And yet, even though they have to rank as the human race, they are inherently anti-humane.Law and order, political equality and justice, reason, truth, beauty, timeless values ​​of civilization - empty, meaningless words for these anti-human beings.They did not believe in these values, but consider them evil, dangerous, subversive of inventions coming from the liberals, the radicals, the Communists, lies, which must end at any cost ...The point is not that our schools have failed in their task, but the fact that they still have not even begun to fulfill the function of which, presumably, was given to them from the beginning - a function of education. The school, but did not bring up the way it should.


Taught to read, write and count, was grafted various practical and technical skills.It is necessary and important, of course, but that these skills should help acquire far more important skill - the ability to human relationships and creative collaboration with other people.And it needs from childhood not only awaken the human spirit, humanity, but also to develop the ability to think, to teach everyone to use their mind as the finest critical tool.