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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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And when the screen to create a musical work, a piece of music in a dramatic movie, or transfer, the rhythm of the music gets tough canvas on which directors must and embroider installation image, installation personnel.Just a coincidence rhythms toch199 tion combining music and visual pieces and a simultaneous change of the elements leads to a full-fledged, full-scale impact on the minds and feelings of the audience. Why do people like to dance? Yes, because at the moment there is a match of dance rhythms audible music and physical movements of humans.These rhythms are in the "tune", but no adjustment of sounds and frequency interlaces, the rhythm. At this point, they act simultaneously on two channels in our body. In nature, a well-known phenomenon that matches the natural frequency of the oscillation frequency of the object and subjected to a force.In this case there is not a simple addition of the vibration amplitude of the object, and the multiplication of the size of the oscillation, rocking, which is capable of even lead to the destruction of the object - the effect of a formation of soldiers on the bridge. Directly by Eisenstein - "juxtaposition of two mounting pieces seem more than the sum of them, and to work."Zvukozritelny installation, in which there is a match rhythm of music and rhythm frame, called a musical rhythmic montage. In practical terms, this installation is done?To do so, it is necessary, first, learn to listen and to provide the ear accented share in musical works and be able to find them on the display. Scheme 200 phonogram clearly visible longest vertical line.They just belong accented sounds form the rhythmic structure of a piece of music and serve as an indication of the director for the connection points of frames. Where sound burst, there must be formed splice frames. Note that the first frame is slightly longer. It corresponds to the entry of music, get into the groove.And then the length of the frame coincides exactly with the length of the sound of music between bars, from one burst to another. Something like this might look mounting rhythmic construction of music and images in some computer programs.Rhythmic music installation is sometimes used in the documentary, when there is an image using a thematic reception installation. When installing the scenes that should make the viewer heightened emotional impression. Sometimes used in feature films and comedy scenes. A music videos without simply can not exist.But there is a subtlety in the rhythmic assembly, which must be prevented. Practice shows that the exact, frame to frame match musical accents and joint picture frame does not always work quite elegant. Watch the film bratany3 in excellent quality online.The most elegant best can be considered such a construction, when the accented interest in music is 2-3 kadrika before, 1 / 8-1 / 10 of a second than gluing the picture frame.The explanation is probably that the emotional outburst from the viewer heard him sound comes later than emotional experience from what he saw on the screen frame.