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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


The first attempt leads to unexpected consequences: the sculptor and daughter inspector fall in love. The second attempt leads to the expected consequences: Blume police arrest.He gives his accomplices, and shaken in a hurry to tell the police commissioner to uncover the secrets of the mayor of the town. Virtuously mayor has no boundaries, "What are the names! .. But we will act without regard to persons, Mr. Commissioner. Exceptions will not be!"However, the good intentions of the mayor to expose and punish the wicked immediately disappear when he learns that one of them is korsetnitsa and Rita, who wrote A friend in advertising on inflatable bra that it makes the mayor's wife to give her stateliness amazing figure.Fearing the disclosure of secrets of his wife, the mayor decides not only to cover up the whole story, but also download the film братаны3 and bribed sculptor Brooke to get all the same ill- fated bag. Substantial fee he purchased a large group of sculptures, which is installed in the central square of the town.Before the opening ceremony of the sculpture Brooke suddenly finds in his garden bag with letters - it was abandoned there by accident kakieto tramps. Brooke secretly carries a bag on the area, and in the hour of the ceremony, when the veil falls from the sculpture, the download the film братаны3 and wicked see the coveted bag in his outstretched hands up plaster figures.Oscar Blume pulls the bag on the ground, and all the sinners fall upon him like predators. The film looks professional, its directors and executive quality is not much to complain about.But the creators of the satirical works of skill involves not merely the ability to use these or other methods of artistic expression. You have to properly see life, to reveal the essence of phenomena, to distinguish the main, typical of a minor, insignificant.In the same film, we are dealing with a simple anecdote, with some shortcomings of people, in general nice and pretty, though deserving to laugh at them without rancor. Frivolity of the task you have set themselves the authors, their desire is only slightly prick, but - God forbid!- Not to get the high and that manifested in the choice of material, and in the construction of the plot, and in the images. The movie "Seven Sinners" is among the works, where the real satire, which is compulsory for deep reflection and socially significant contradictions of reality, is replaced by the visibility of the satirical attack, single shooting.It was fully manifested "evil sham": implicit, but a definite tendency of authors to reconcile the viewer with the existing system, despite its flaws and shortcomings.


What to think about the sins of society, better let the audience laughed good-naturedly chelovekomgreshnikom - who among us is not a sinner!Movies frankly odious content and ideological orientation apologetic access to the Soviet screen, of course, do not get. But at least one example of "wise guile", where "the unrealistic image completely ridiculous event" not only is not without a certain sense, but also carries an explosive charge, lead, apparently, you do.This is the Freudian comedy about espionage "Knock on Wood" with comedian Danny Kaye in the title role.