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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


I memorized it quickly.Remember the picture in my heart what was then the understanding was not what I now understand by knowledge paintings. I demanded from himself absolute knowledge of all elements of the picture with perfect accuracy. So I "learn" 10 paintings.Among them, I remember, were pictures of "Coward", "Parisienne", "Docks NyuYorka", "Man and livery", "Battleship" Potemkin "," Mother "and several others. When I saw a picture of study, I wrote for myself to analyze it. This was an analysis of the plot, the analysis of the plot, the analysis assembly, analysis of acting for each character, the overall analysis of the director, etc.I did it for myself. My work on the film "The coward" has turned into a volume of about 200 pages I remember I read it to his cinematic friends who found it curious. - This Romm adds: "In those days, I could wake up at night and wonder what's going on in the frame, say, one hundred and fortieth film" Coward. " I would answer without hesitation:"The average plan, restaurant, turns, right hand raised with a cigar, he smiled and download the film братаны3 and turned. In the depths of four people make momo, the window can be seen toto, frame length two and a half meters. " After a while I realized that this method more than anything is not achieved.I began to attempt to interfere in the assembly pattern, make cuttings, permutations, but it spoiled the tape, and I was banned. In addition, the mount picture, not having a spare material, of course, impossible. I did not know that duplicates are removed, which removes the options.I naively thought that the director shoots footage in absolute precision here as they come into the picture. In 1929, I download the film братаны3 and tried to restart his screenplay work. I wrote the script, which was download the film братаны3 and called "Conveyor idiots" - In an unsigned copy TsGALI stored next review on this script, sticky August 1929:"The Board Sovkina basting Romm" Conveyor idiots "is merely an intriguing title and interesting idea ... The implementation of the same concept into the real thing the author does not. His promise to show comprehensively true face of modern capitalism hangs in the air. Presented basting does not give the slightest idea that the author can do, in particular, 6 for plot design things "respectively visual themes. This blueprint is unacceptable. But it would be desirable that the author tried to express his intentions in a more interesting way. " and sent it to the three studios at once:on the "thumbnail", "Mezhrabpomfilm" and the Moscow studio.


All three denied me with very different motivations. By the way, after 2 years, when I was already a famous writer, I have no difficulty selling this same scenario, it can not change a single word. Raised, however, he was not.In 1930, I wrote nearly 10 scripts, but almost none of them have not download the film братаны3 and received a single penny of money. All this time, I earned a living by drawing posters, charts, and continued his translation and localization.If you consider that at the same time I was working at the Institute of methods of extracurricular activities and also engaged, so to speak, samoucheboy, you will realize the extent of my boot at the time.