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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Using simplified language dealers."Berliner Ensemble" - a more profitable venture than regular commercial theater, where the hastily concocted views so rarely enjoy success. Each season on Broadway and in London put many expensive productions that go odnudve week, and only occasionally a miracle happens and there is something really interesting.Multiple failures yet no established system shaken and shattered the belief that in the end everything will be fine. On Broadway ticket prices are constantly growing, so while the seasons losses also grow, each new "Hit of the Season", as it paradoxically brings in more revenue than the previous one.Theatre visit dog fewer and fewer people, and in the box office window in each case come larger and larger sums of money, VI someday one last millionaire pay a fortune for it, to see the play on which he will be the only spectator.So it turns out that the case, which brings a loss, for others is very profitable. All complain, but many such things are quite satisfied. For those who are directly involved with the art, the system is destructive.Broadway - this is not the jungle, it is a huge unit, consisting of a set of well- matched to each other details. But each of these parts disfigured and deformed in the name of that approach all the others and to function smoothly.On Brodiss is the world's only theater, where every artist - I'm talking not only about the actors, but also about the artists, composers and illuminators - needs an agent to protect their personal interests. It smacks of melodrama, however, each employee in the Broadway theater kakomto sense is constantly in danger:he daily risks his job, his reputation and the download the film братаны3 and established way of life. In theory, the voltage must be to create an atmosphere of fear, and whether this is the case, the destructiveness of such a system would be obvious.In reality, however, an underlying tension creates a completely different, well-known Broadway atmosphere of high emotion, friendliness and external deliberate cheerfulness. At the first rehearsal of "House of Flowers" composer Harold Arlep came with a blue cornflower in his lapel, with champagne and gifts for all the performers.While he hugged and kissed the artists wrote the libretto Truman Kepot darkly whispered in my ear: "Today is a day of love. Yavyatsya lawyers tomorrow. " He was right. Pearl Bepli download the film братаны3 and handed me a court order for payment of $ 50,000, before viewers saw the show.Foreigner similar situation seems fun and exciting - the words "theater business" wasp justify and explain everything - but to call a spade a spade, we must recognize that the deliberate familiarity is a direct result of emotional deafness.In this environment, usually no one feels comfortable and confident, and no one dares to be honest.


I'm talking about the present, abnormal intimacy that occurs when people work together for a long time and trust each other;Broadway is easy just rude self-exposure, but this ease has nothing to do with the subtlety and sensitivity of people who make common cause and can rely on each other's pa. Jealous of the British, the Americans envy above all this special sensitivity, and the ability to sacrifice themselves.Americans call this style and refer to this ability to the English as a miracle.