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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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- With pleasure, Marie's voice was much gromche.A your friend not have a ticket for Julie? - I'm afraid not. Come tomorrow at two o'clock. I met at the bus stop. - Agreed. Goodbye, Alain. Marie hung up and whirled around the room with joy.A few minutes later, she began to reflect, as and explain their absences sister not to offend her. In the end she decided to tell her that Allen just invited her to lunch. At this time the young man nervously paced the room, and languished from expectations. "Is this encounter changed my life?"He asked himself. He did not want to sleep, despite the fact that he was afraid to look haggard during tomorrow's meeting with Wilson. Stopping in front of the mirror, he looked appreciatively at her reflection, blue eyes burned feverishly, his cheeks blush tread. Satisfied with what he saw, he sat down in the chair and turned on the TV.An hour later returned Brialy. - So I know that you have exchanged our party on the old film. I met with a stunning German actress, among other things, a blonde, just as you like. - I do not know who and what I love. I have an important meeting tomorrow, and I can not sleep, quietly said Allen. - Nothing, it's not the last meeting.I met here Michel Corday wife director Yves Allegre. He plans to shoot a film, surely too chtonibud offer you. - Now I'm quite calm lose. - Oh, come on. Let's see a show or performance of the dancers' MulenRuzh. " - Includes what you want.Allen saw the show the night before, drinking red wine, until he felt that he was beginning to doze off. Then he got up from the couch and went to his room. Chapter Alain Delon came to the meeting with Harry Wilson was not elated. In the morning, the idea of ​​signing a contract with a Hollywood film company struck him as crazy and impossible.However, outside the hotel where he lived Wilson, to fill a sense of calm. "I left to return to the job as a waiter," he mused, "so why not and try your luck?" Calling the receptionist room number Americans, he almost did not care. - Mr. Wilson is waiting for you, said the employee, and Allen went to the elevator.Not for a second without stopping at the door of the room, he knocked. - Good morning. Come in, please, greeted him hozyain.Chtonibud drink? - Only mineral water, Allen said. - First I would like to explain the essence of my proposal to you, Wilson said, when they sat down at the table.Mr. Zeltsnik instructed me to find a few young actors who will play in his films. At the end of this week I fly to Rome, where he will give him the photos and tape of our conversation.

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If he is interested, then call you back the following Monday and invited to sample, after which it is possible to sign a contract for a few years of filming. Perhaps needless to say, in Hollywood before you open fatasticheskie opportunities for a career in the movies.- Thank you, Mr. Wilson replied Delon.Mne very flattered that you find me suitable pretendetom. He spoke with a touch of irony, and his eyes sparkled mischievously.