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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


The bedroom has a large image. He opens the door and leads into a narrow corridor from there get to the tower;there one round room with a huge four-poster bed, stone cold walls, hung with ribbons, flowers and little notes, rolls of colored papyrus; hanging tights, sword, cloak. Here lives pazhik. We went to church and visited in his cell at the patera.After this workaround I understand what it means, when in Shakespeare's plays, depicting the life, yet close to the middle ages, say, "Send for the priest ..." and in a moment he blesses. This is because the priest lives here. And if you go through the corridor and enter the chapel, in a few minutes and you can get married.Who have been in this castle, he felt the Middle Ages. I decided to settle for a while in a feudal town and for life to gain experience from it. Unfortunately, outsiders were not download the film братаны3 and allowed to spend the night there, so we download the film братаны3 and stayed up until, before closing the main gate, we were not download the film братаны3 and asked to leave. Intoxicated vision, I began to look for a play to use the material for an excellent scenic setting. What I download the film братаны3 and needed was not staged for the play, but rather, a play to stage.But with what intentions I leafed through all of Shakespeare, and it seemed to me that my best intentions Staged squeezed into the play "Much Ado About Nothing." I had not thought of only one thing: Does me enormous man role brisk, light, witty veselchakabalagura. I thought about it only when it is already begun rehearsals."The two of you Benedictine can do some one told me, but one can not!" Where do I have to put myself in this role, because everything in me stop her! After much suffering, it seemed, I found a good-looking output, rather compromise. I decided to play rough knight who thinks only of military skirmishes and hates women, especially Beatrice.He tells her audacity advisedly. I was hoping to find a distinctive image in the foreign military brutality. By the time I had begun to love to hide myself for specificity. But, unfortunately, a characteristic I have found again and so fell into the quagmire opera habits that happened to me every time I played the role of his face.With the director's side fare better.


Play well wedged in my medieval castle. In it, I was at home, my everything was clear. So, for example, where he lived, where scheming Duke Don Juan download the film братаны3 and arrived with his entourage? Yes, right there, in a feudal town, where they were staying in one of the houses. Where there were forests and tricks Conrad?The narrow streets of the feudal town. Where were they taken? Next to the alley, to the barracks, where they do justice and cranberry jelly. And where was crowned Claudio? Where there was a scandal in the celebrations? Now you know that there, in the chapel. Where went Benedict cause Claudio to a duel? In the same house where he lived and Don Juan. And where was the masquerade?In the courtyard, in all its covered walkways, in the throne room, the dining room. Everything is clear, natural, comfortable, handy, as it was then.