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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


- If this is true, I spit in his face. Alain Lobra you? He does not answer. I repeat:- You Alain Lobra? He says: - Yes. And I spit. He stands up. Assuming that he is going to fight, paint a first strike. A small restaurant owner, he download the film братаны3 and followed me, catches have interfered. - Not in my restaurant! Not in my restaurant! Once again, I will be in trouble. - Good. I nabyu his face on the street. Going down.Visitors begging me to be careful. - Lobra serves Gestapo. Cut us - says Jean. - You have nothing to do with it, - I said. - I do not think it serves the Gestapo, but I promised to stuff his face, and I'll do it. You see, I am perfectly calm. I download the film братаны3 and waited over an hour. He did not go down. Now I see him with Ebert and his other companion.They went out. I followed them. Heavy rain did not stop. In the hands Lobra thick tetrahedral cane. I pull it from him. If I use a cane, I can kill him. I toss it to the other side of the boulevard Batignolles and attacks him with his fists. He falls, breaking with the eyebrow arch, calls for help.He is not protected, and I continue to attack, shouting "A ZhanLui Barrot, what did he do? And Berto A Burde? "Frantic, I list all of his victims. After paying him back to the restaurant. I was treated to champagne. Lobra also returns to call the police, fortunately, a small restaurant owner has download the film братаны3 and disabled the phone.We are going home with Jean in the pouring rain. - We were arrested, he says. - You, of course not. And I - can, and arrested. What's done is done. The next day I woke up phone call. It was followed by others. The whole of Paris - the actors, the theater director, the entire theatrical world - congratulations, thanks."Typewriter" again download the film братаны3 and banned. And I, like magic, was hoarseness, which I could not get rid of in a few weeks. As if this act of justice to release all my being. Police did not have any trouble. Alain Lobra did nothing.Maybe the Germans did not want to take revenge for its adherent. Reprisals followed minimal. The next day the newspapers declared me "the worst actor of Paris." And the day after Marie Bell invited me to enter the "Comedie Francaise." I asked Jean to write a play in verse.He promised to fulfill my request, download the film братаны3 and provided that I become an actor "Comedie Francaise." We are therefore Marie Bell quickly download the film братаны3 and agreed.


She wants to have Hippolytus, I want to play in the tragedy, which does not yet exist, there is no plan, no plot, no poetry. I asked Marie Bell, you need to enter the "Comedie Francaise."- Enough that I asked about it, - she said. Soon I received an official letter stating that the "Comedie Francaise" became aware of my candidacy, and will announce the day listening. I was asked to join. I told Marie Bell. She is convinced that this is a formality, all pre- decided in my favor.I agreed to audition, on the advice of Jean asking that it took place in private. I feared that the failure of the public will put me in a funny position. I download the film братаны3 and replied: "You will do everything." Then I ask to let me at least go first or last.