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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


- Faina G., you are an entrepreneur, you are the initiator of this case, I start without you I can not - I said.- Netnet, please do not call me an entrepreneur. I'm just an actress. Very disciplined. I consider it my duty to present at the first rehearsal. But I'm very download the film братаны3 and disappointed in you. I was told that the whole evenings you read from the stage and all popopomnite heart.I can not imagine how you do it, because in our relationship you look rather scattered. You forgot one very important thing. -? - My age. Hhh Roxo all to me. - Faina G., dear, we are as much as we are here to stay? And how can you compare the reading of a room with a rehearsal in the hall? Let the table, but in the hall. In the theater.Agree, it's a completely different feeling. All feel - the work began. And if you're in rehearsal, then all this will be for the actors solemn, special event. - I understand. You need it to strengthen your directorial authority. - Yes, I need to strengthen my directorial authority.- Well, let send a car. Just earlier, I'm going with my boy, my poor little dog. Otherwise, he will howl of loneliness. He will be with me in the theater, calm down. Then he was taken away back, as we rehearse. This whole procedure seemed very complicated, but again, I said nothing."Do not come," - told me the nature of experts Ranevskaya. On the eve of the first rehearsal F, G, called me. - Sorry, I'm not well. Was a doctor, and forbade me to go. I am very sorry that I failed you so, but have to move the rehearsal. - Faina G., I am in despair. Of course, once you're sick, you think there is nothing out.But I do not even inform the actors of cancellation. So we get together. Start, and when you can, we will meet all together - Do you have will be greatly download the film братаны3 and missed? - Very. - I nn pponimayu you. But the doctor ... We parted. I called the theater and the car overturned. But something in her tone made me hope for a surprise."Well, here you got what you wanted. Did not come. And do not come, "- told, again, nature experts Ranevskaya. come before all. The theater went shake. The actors were nervous and download the film братаны3 and whispered. The administration moved at an accelerated pace. Barmaid! exhibited on the counter top stocks.Ranevskaya was a light- colored suit, Paris hat and lace gloves. She was graceful and download the film братаны3 and emphasized posvetski polite. - What is it? - Coffee, Faina G.. - Why is it here?


Or should I say it, coffee, here? Why is he here? - This is for you. - Netnet. I'm not a diva. Here rehearsal, and there should be nothing distracting. Thank you very much, but... however, want so much to drink ... Thank you, very noble thing ... - Comrade director, let me say a few words to my colleagues. - Please. - I want to download the film братаны3 and explain that I did not take my hat off, not in order to stand out, just not well and I'm afraid that I puff out the window. Comrades, you are not shocked, I'm in the bag? And you - no?All laugh. Ranevskaya too.