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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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The immortal author of "King Yubo" Alfred Jarry used several layers of modern poetry. But only a movie directly addresses the people, forced the rebellious humanity asylum my heart, to recognize these new sources of human grandeur.We need to open your eyes to the screen, we need to analyze the sense of covering, and and to reflect, to understand the cause of this elevation ourselves. What is new and attractive, we find, are full theater, in this Black and white symphony poorer in their facilities, lacking verbal vertigo and scenic outlooks?It is not a spectacle of eternity similar passions and does not exactly - as some would think - playing nature offers us a travel agency Cook, but the exaltation of those things that our feeble mind could not be without the help of art to awaken to the higher life of poetry.Proof of this comes from the enemy miserable films are removed from the shelves nondescript arsenal of poetic decrepitude all recognized and patented elements of his lyricism: historical movies where lovers die in the moonlight, the mountains or the oceans, exotic movies, films, born of all the conventions of the past.We keep all our excitement for these glorious old American adventure that talk about everyday life and to elevate the drama bill, attracting the attention of a table on which lay a gun, a bottle that could be in the case of weapons, the handkerchief - evidence of crime writing mashinkugorizont table, terrible tapetelegrams, turns magic numbers, enriching or killing bankers. About this wall lined squares of "Wolves", which recorded the speculator without a jacket stock price! And this machine, which leaning Charlipozharny!Detipoety, not an artist, sometimes snatching kakoynibud object and increases its attention increases so that it fills the field of view becomes a mysterious appearance and loses all contact with whatever was the purpose.Or do they constantly repeat kakoenibud word, as long as it is not deprived of any meaning and is aching and directionless sound, capable of and call their tears.Likewise, the on-screen objects are transformed to such an extent that some become threatening and mysterious value items, but that the former furniture and receipt books. Theater is not capable of such an emotional concentration.The ability to give poetic characteristics that they previously did not have, the ability to deliberately narrow objective field to and to strengthen the expression - that is, two properties that can transform the cinematic world of things at the right Framing modern beauty.

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If the movie is not always a source of powerful images of what it could be, even in American films, the best, allowing the screen to extract poetry from under the rubbish of theatrical adaptations, the This happens because the director, sometimes even endowed with a keen sense of its beauty, do not know itphilosophical foundations.