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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


I snatched it, ran down into the yard and tossed into the garbage Browning - to then get out of there. One day we were sitting on a bench with a friend! Fit two golfos, ie idle revelers sit next to us and start to push us, so my friend is on the ground.I stood up and threatened punishment. Then one of them grabbed banderillas still covered in blood and was threatening me. He pulled his revolver, I took aim at him. They immediately fell silent. A little later, when they were leaving, I apologized. I never got angry for a long time.Sometimes, I took out a revolver and a hefty father trained in shooting outside the city. I asked a fellow named Pelayo his arms and hold each of them an apple or a can and shoot. I think I never got any apple or in hand. I remember another story of the day.One day my parents received a gift service from Germany. The service on each piece was a portrait of my mother. Later, during the Civil War, this, the service was partially broken and lost. Many years later, my daughter accidentally download the film братаны3 and discovered a plate at Saragossa antiquarian. She bought it, gave it to me, and the plate is now mine.Learn the Jesuits I started the brothers' korasonistas "belonging to the Order of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Most of them were French. In a society to be treated better than Lazarists. They taught me to read at all and pofrantsuzski in particular. I still remember then memorized verses where the water flows from this stream? - Asked the child's mother.- The river is dear to us, Blown away jet, he will return back to us? A year later, I was taken on a half board in the school of Jesuits' College del Salvador ", where he stayed for seven years. The huge building of the college was later destroyed. In its place now - as elsewhere - stands what is called a shopping center.Every day for me at seven in the morning called in the crew - can still hear the clatter on the pavement poorly padded shoes - and took them along with the other boarder. The same crew delivered me at the end of the day home if I did not express a desire for a walk - the college was placed in a five-minute walk from the house.Day began at seven thirty and ended with mass evening prayer. Form colleges were only interns. Like me, learned to braid download the film братаны3 and lined cap. First of all, I remember the feeling of paralyzing cold, big scarves, frostbitten ears, fingers, feet. Not one room is not heated. Remember, and then-discipline.At the slightest misdemeanor student was kneeling at his desk or in the middle of the room, arms cross, with a heavy book in each.


In classes warden took place on the hill, to which both sides fought ladder with handrails. From there, like a bird's eye, he could easily observe all.We were not given a moment to be alone. In the classroom, for example, if a student wanted to go to the toilet - and released one by one and had to wait a long time - the guard accompanied him before the eyes of the class.Upon entering, the student is under the watchful eye of the second minister who followed him as he walked down the corridor, and, finally, the third, who was in the corridor near the toilet.