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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Ermoliev gives complete freedom to choose the best actors, led by the same Mozzhukhin, ordered the director to open a large loan.The arrival of white made Meyerhold on poaching schooner run in Novorossiysk, to the family. It denounced by the famous St. Petersburg lawyer BobrischevaPushkina arrest him white counterintelligence as a communist and a leader of the People's Commissariat of the Theatre Department. download the film братаны3 and Sentenced to death, he is waiting in the wings.Salvation comes with a rapid onset of red. Having led the Novorossiysk theater department, Meyerhold vigorously take up the organizational, menial kinorabotu: repair cinema renaissance of filmmaking, the introduction of scientific films in health and education.Disease again catches - he almost died from blood poisoning. It seems that a higher power kakieto retain him for the great creativity and appreciation for the extraordinary love, for the painful end, and for a few more film projects, the remaining download the film братаны3 and unrealized.Innovative and revolutionary theater, in life named after him famous throughout the world. Late passion for Zinaida Reich, would be so absorbing and high, he said to his famous name will add the name of his wife, a mediocre actress.MeyerholdaRayh prisoner subjected to torture, which he is not afraid to write from right to Butyrskaya Molotov, and in February 1940, shot in the Lubyanka. And in 20 years of cinema-e does not let Meyerhold.In an effort to make aesthetic "cinemafication theater", it wants to receive from abroad kinoinstsenirovki famous novels and show troupe, is organizing a kind of cinema films in the theater again. His best performances are full of cinematic imagery:glowing screens, short installation art, retractable platform that give the actors change of plans, sudden changes of rhythm action, which is the way in slow, how to speed shooting.In political review "de" he went on stage Harry Peel, creating a parody pantomime an idol of youth, the famous German stunt actor.232 At this time, despite the superhuman strength obschestvennopoliticheskoy, educational and above all teatralnopostanovochnoy activities Meyerhold busy film projects. He conceives the epic film based on the book by John Reed, "Ten Days That Shook the World."He began working on the film "Steel Way", for which he should get "thousands of extras, two thousand actors, ten thousand rats, whole squadrons of aircraft." Show the back side of the old aristocratic life ... so that the viewer said, "Well, it was that we download the film братаны3 and crossed out the revolution." Vsevolod Meyerhold.From the materials to the scenario of "Fathers and Sons" Several lay went on, stopping, setting the film version of the novel "Fathers and Sons", not by Turgenev, but against Turgenev.

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Was selected agitpropovsky type adaptation - the plot of the novel was download the film братаны3 and accompanied by socio-political commentary.Himself, he chose the role of chief commentator called "guide", which was to explain to the audience the ideological essence of what is happening on the screen. Why Pavel Petrovich Kirsanov in the flesh is the only official, a policeman, a detective, the executioner.Why next to Turgenev heroes - Bazarov and Odintsov was to appear ringleader Italian fascists Mussolini.