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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Your thoughts are your only one.Staring into the mirror, you realize that all your tricks are useless masseuses, and scrutiny of greed you went to hatred and despair. And your physical movement:tightly download the film братаны3 and crooked fingers captured mirror, head stretched forward, intense, greedy glance suddenly broke instantly firewood, all fell on the floor to let go a couple of hatred from the heart. Once again you will notice is that the role requires total attention.You can not, once finding a parallel task without and within, to apply it to other roles, other living people in them. From your individuality in each role, and can only be selected your organic problem. You come to the circle creation through the steps of human and enter themselves into it on their ladder.But going into today's round of the problem, only then will the creative artist, when your whole attention given to each piece back and you download the film братаны3 and moved yesterday's stamp, who had success in today's show. Pp.147 CONVERSATION THIRTIETH Living life the human heart, shown in each piece and served on the stage, can not be contained and download the film братаны3 and described in any books, nor in any system. It is ridiculous to assert that in takoyto or takoyto book describes all of life and it is prescribed by law as playing a particular piece of life, or that feeling.No sense can not play. Any sense so subtly in nature that even touching him thinking causes him to hide.All one can do is to explore the nature of feelings, consider that they live in thought, as in the physical movement under the influence of certain reactions, and as the growing gap between thought and feeling, creating disharmony in the human mind, and hence the tragedy.But write down the points - once and for all - kakieto conditional outer rituals, spell-like priestly rites - this art, takes place in time, it is impossible. As primed canvas on which the artist draws a portrait, you can deduct from the teachings of the Book.How to mix paint to portrait was juicy as they apply, so they do not crawl or interfere truthfully reflect the features - you can learn it. But hell, truthfully reflected physically because the canvas did not stop, can not meet the inner truth of the depicted person. What's the matter? The point is the artist himself, in his scheme Page.148 internal insight, his intuition, which it did not prevent a petty act of his personal feelings. The cloth pieces reflecting life - scene.You - its artists, and you can either be masters - "priests", to explore the entire outer loop portrayal rules, or to enter into the study of the nature of the feelings and become current to the heart of the viewer conducting certain forces, through which it can be opened to new a range of beauty.Getting up from the chair, you can all your physical action lead me right into the circle of your inner life, and I will know who and what you know that oppresses or pleases you. Watch the film братаны3 online. Try, look. Come, Y!Here's a chair, sit in it, release all your muscles and check for gdenibud clips into your nerves, sure, do not you think that you're in the studio, that you we all look, leave the thought that you studiets , feel yourself in a beautiful forest, above the noise of your pine trees, blue sky, the sound of the sea in the distance, you can see it sparkle.You are no longer young and not very healthy.