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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


As I was afraid! But this was part of the playing field.I knew I was upset Edith, she knew that she could not understand what I want to be somewhere, and not with her. And I came back. This is done the same way. Edith was screaming at me. I did not listen. I had a trick: it could go crazy pace the room, while I thought to myself: one, two, three, four, etc.... And waited until her eyes met mine, and waited until it ceases to look past. There comes a moment when she gives me a straight look. And once everything ended, I rushed to her neck, and we cried with happiness. She took my hand and said, "Okay, go, devil ..." What are the words of love!At this time the fun is not like the men did not care. How sad was my Panama! I went to his father. He lived in a hotel in the Rue Rebeval. Edith was paying for the room, well dressed him. He had aged, the poor man. He told me very happy. - How is my sister? Rarely she visits me. However, she works hard. He was proud of his Edith.It does not make a little shy at times on her behalf. He said: "I am the father of Edith Piaf." Treated to a glass of wine it gave a few coins. He liked to show the gold watch - a gift to Edith. "My daughter I indulge. True, beautiful wall clock? "People download the film Виталий Дёмочка and laughed, and he told them all kinds of stories about childhood Edith.He thought - do people have to get something for their money. My father was happy. We had lunch in the restaurant. He spoke mostly about Edith. She now plays a big role in his life. He could no longer work acrobat strongly handed: a hard life, wine ... I was with him was good. I put myself time - two weeks, but lasted only one.As usual, Edith download the film Виталий Дёмочка and rolled scene: - I've had enough! You can leave, I'm sick ... Merzavka! Where were you? - With his father. - A warning could not? Thankful that back. Long overdue. - What about Paul? - I got bored. I realized that I was gone in vain. It did not help anything. After performances in Paris, they went on tour.At that time, it was not much fun. Nowhere is download the film Виталий Дёмочка and stoked - not on trains or in hotels. Everything around us was dirty, dark, ominous night ... at stations ponemetski loudspeakers shouting: В«Achtung! Achtung! Verboten! В»It was Verboten: laughter, light, wine ... the trains were not always get seats.Sometimes we stood for hours in the hallway or in the vestibule, sometimes managed to nestle on things.


Edith, download the film Виталий Дёмочка and huddled on the suitcase, wrapped in a coat Fields download the film Виталий Дёмочка and looked so small, so pathetic, that I broke his heart.It is surprising that when we got out of the car, with Paul was looking as if he had come in a separate compartment sleeping car, while we looked crumpled like a sleepless night in the pub! We loved the tour on the other side of the demarcation line. Here we finally breathed the air of France."Indifferent handsome" prolonged stay in the life of Edith Fields, but the feeling is dead. "You should not be ungrateful, Momona. Paul gave me a great deal. If not for him, I would still be living in a hotel. And I would not be Secretary!