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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


And that they are embedded in the mouth Shalimov. Bitter figure stood in front of Berdyaev, and before Tovstonogov - Strzhelchik.Vlad is deliberately flat, such Shalimov do not care about a "new generation of readers who did not read it." And when no one cares to the point, the performance begins to crumble ... Here Basik1 fishing was going. Handkerchief on his head nalepil. Entangled in a fishing rod. In all - a parody ... Meanwhile, fishing - it was serious. Menyat for sure.I went through school Anurova Sasha, we had across the pedestrian bridge to the island Truhanov download the film Виталий Дёмочка and walked. He taught me. Maybe in his eyes when I looked ridiculous, but "a sort of peacock feathers" not dissolved - shy. A poacher in Trakai with Roma Karpovich went to eel. Put kiddle I nazhivlyal his fish.Eel is in motion at night, winds around the reeds and sedges. "He's tenacious bastard, - says Roman popolski me - if only to break his spine ..." We were hiding in the reeds, and for the police boat had come with us. Barely escaped. But the second night was caught eel with a dazzling metallic color. As a woman's handbag.I smoked it himself. Actually I was on the book Sabaneyeva "Life and catch our freshwater fish." There is a two-volume ... Here Basik returned from a fishing trip. Describes perch. Sorry, I'm not bitter words then wrote ... What is annoying in the "cottagers" - full of "diabetic" set of calf tenderness. Clearly, it is "in opposition" to Chekhov Moscow Art Theater."Nice you mine", "you are my darling," "gentle soul, like a peach," "I want so eagerly want," "I need a fire that download the film Виталий Дёмочка and burned to the dirt and the rust of my soul! .." After this performance also want to burn anything should. March 4 Yusupov I'm on my red "Zhigulenko" turns from the Fontanka to the Engineers' Castle.Pass by the monument to Peter, then turn on Sadovaya, there is another monument - Suvorov - and the bridge. And then - "thumbnail", I take it to work Alla. It is five o'clock. Every day I go that route. There is a route to the country in Komarovo, he too at the Kirov, then turn on a seaside highway, past Gorky Park A trip to the theater quite short.These are the three main areas in which I move. I do not like to change them or go to other addresses, because the city did not oriented. It's better in a rut. But today, after printout Alla, a trip to an unfamiliar area of ​​full of chandelier.


Allah says:antique, sold very cheap, and I'm angry because I do not know how to steer Kupchino. Where is it - Kupchino? As luck, the car stalls right at the Engineers' Castle. Open the hood, but what it is, I can not understand. Cars do not stop ... I start to get nervous, I'm late.Notice kakogoto hanurika standing at serovatorozovogo stone on the facade. Beckons, it fits. Says he understands the car - a driver. In appearance to say. Tamarkin greasy, under-eye bags, sezhenny - in general, the type of St. Petersburg. Reaches into the hood: "It's all in the carburetor ... I love you, I think, somewhere saw. But where, where?