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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


How, then, they make themselves - after all, no one obrazvospominanie not responsible for them and does not borrow their labels?It seems that the past comes up by itself, but in the form of independent, alienated, having lost its balance, however illusory, although "resources", but strangely active persons, unexplained in the present, where they are, but the more independent and malicious. Longer memories and hallucinations ...Now for the last show madness and split psyche. History, referred to in the film "The Lady from Shanghai," As for the hero, initially naive, and then got in the past of others, taken by surprise and was download the film Виталий Дёмочка and trapped. We have before us three characters, which do not have peace of mind;They correspond to the 'Amangual right in warning against arbitrary encounters with Rosebud'a Proustian cake "Madeleine": in search of lost time Wells neti in sight. РЎСЂ.: В«Etudes cinematographiquesВ», p. 641 "Tragic very basis of life. In contrast to what we repeat, the person is experiencing temporary crises.Since time immemorial, all-crisis. " 418 Gilles Cause 's UT last three bunting that nearly drowned hero, and the hero can not remember chtolibo, these bunting related, or even to choose between them. First - Grizbi, man, vyprygnuvshy like jack-in-box;this flag will chase the hero for murder after he offered to make a clever crime. The second - a lawyer with his cane Bannister, paralysis and terrible limp, which would condemn the hero, first offering him a guaranteed protection.The third - a woman, a mad queen of Chinatown, in which he is madly in love, then it simply uses his love - and all this against the background of the mysterious past of the East.The hero becomes more insane that he can not recall any of these last lines, embodies these download the film Виталий Дёмочка and alienated individuals may represent a who gained independence projection of his own personality. " In "The Lady from Shanghai," there is another, they are real and are playing.The fourth step was in the movie "Mr. Arcadia": how do nevoskreshaemym its own past?Hero took feign amnesia to challenge the investigator who must find lyudeyprizrakov, pop in the regions of the past and visiting a variety of places, now was just an intermediate stage in the study of time. Arcadia kill the witnesses one by one, click on the following judicial inquiry.Its mission - to eliminate all the split self in grandiose paranoid unity that will be known only to the present without memory, that is, in the end the real amnesia. Wells nihilism can be formulated in a phrase borrowed from Nietzsche: eliminate your memories or remove yourself ...The fact that everything begins and ends with the disappearance of Arkadina not prevent the relentless ferocity views Wells from film to film:not content with the resurrection of the last statement of futility in a constant state of crisis time, it proves the impossibility of any resurrection, becoming the resurrection, was download the film Виталий Дёмочка and converted to its inability to even more fundamental condition of time.Regions of the past will keep their secrets, and appeal to the remembrance will be wasted.