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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


That is why, I think, it would be nice if the critics were watching movies together with the audience.Then they would have been more delicate features healthy, realistic and even constructive perspective, at least, their performance would depend on fewer base feelings and resentment, as well as the traditions of the elite, and too often complacently considers itself the sole and absolute bearer of critical thought. Sometimes I think:Does not haste and arrogance judgments of other critics openly quantitative factors and is not whether their activities, so the character pryamotaki mathematical operation? Davayteka try to calculate:say, full of a critic watching an average of two films a day - it's not much, considering that during the bizarre festival tour de forse (show of force they have to see and a dozen movies daily. So, two films a day. So , in the year-Each film - it is usually 2700 meters of film.Multiply by 730 and get a breath-figure: 1,971,000 meters. Assume that the average duration of the active criticism - and thirty years out, this man has time to view 59,130,000 feet of film!Fact, mud, absolutely amazing, out of the common, incomprehensible, causing about the same unconditional admiration as kakoynibud fantastic record set fakir, who managed to live without food for a year, or a person without a mask on nyrnuvshim dvuhsotmetrovuyu depth, or an astronaut, hovering justinches from the lunar surface. Sixty million yards of images! I ask myself: is a film critic at the same cell structure, such as physiology, the nervous system is the same as that of any other man? I wonder whether the critic is able to see at night dreams?Can it withstand such a powerful subconscious and unlimited competition? How did he manage to digest it all, to make such a powerful onslaught of images, in most cases, already nesootnosimy with nothing - not with life in general, or to the life of the individual, the viewer, to consume these images;untwist before him one big, endless, meaningless image is perceived, apparently, just vaguely, as kakoynibud constant noise or the same mozolyaschy eye color. I think that film criticism should observe, learn, investigate how some political new kind of man, the new, the unknown creature.That's really all that television in this sense we call, pushes in the same direction, we all prepare the same fate. But I still want to make my humble kaknibud investigation in this area. Among the critics, I have some really good friends with some of them we've known for a long time, starting with:them - to write about movies, and I - to give them a reason for this koekakoy. I'd like to ask Tullio, in Dario, Gianluigi at how they are download the film Виталий Дёмочка and arranged with these sixty million feet of film. And more:why are they still watching movies all with the same pleasure, joy, and hunting, and I have a desire to do as they become less and less? Watch the film Виталий Дёмочка in excellent quality online. Sorry, I digress. What are you've just download the film Виталий Дёмочка and asked? Why I decided to do a picture of Casanova?It is considered that this type of movies like "Casanova", "Satyricon", "Decameron" and "Orlando Furioso," beneficial to producers and thus may play a role solid currency exchange.