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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Both became famous in the war: Boris in prose, Kostya his poem dedicated to Vale. They have an affair.Boris - the military correspondent of "Pravda", Kostya - "Izvestia". For the front of the newspaper Boris came up very good shape - he seems to be drawn directly to the soldier words of home, of home, all that can keep up the front, and then the letters were printed, not only in front-line newspaper, but in the "truth."Kostya I have not seen since Peredelkino, and now, as adults, we are quietly met, pretending that we do not remember the incident between us. I think Boris, and bones - careerists and their opposition is to walk hand in hand up the ladder of fame. Between the four of us full circle.25 Tomorrow is my first trip to the front, he is not far from Moscow. Tomorrow departure in part ninety kilometers. Boris will not let me alone, today, especially coming out of his side to go with me. Came after me "jeep" with the officer: and it is only that he was coming here on this forest road and suddenly scream Boris: - Where are you going?Do not you see? German helmets in the trees! Why do not you look at a map! Obscene swearing voice of Boris, shrill, womanish, like his gait. Two- faced Boris - never in all these years he swore at me. Matt disgusting choice.Shame before the driver, before snikshim young lieutenant of the fire released - Boris because senior officer, Lieutenant Colonel, - he was so funny, he was so happy that he sent for me. Turn around and we skip right over bumps into another road. And so, it turns out, all just at the front ... Boris was right - I do not need in this hell.Not necessary because I jerk! Pathetic little thing, they can not bring these people even a little fun! Dirty, worn to stupefaction, they fall asleep under my poems, poems, songs, and under "Letters to a friend," and a poem, Bones, and under the "Night."Tashkent now remember how sunny paradise is all about, how to forget all the bad, or the "badness" may die, and hate the world. Seeking "Lubyanka". It is not. "Lubyanka" evacuated. Nothing is impossible to achieve. It is said that during the evacuation of "Lubyanka" the ashes of burnt paper eclipsed sky.Finally download the film Виталий Дёмочка and moved up two floors in a large two-room and Aunt Varya flourished: there, and irons and saucepan and kakieto jars, here is where it all hidden. But the main thing is not that important - her heart, heart of the Russian intelligent woman. Our home has become a haven for even quite unfamiliar people:and my friends in front and Boris, once visited us, come to us in their home, they bring their friends.


The friendly, affectionate, looking younger Aunt Varya takes anyone to knock us, even if we do not have in Moscow. Come to her in a light black, tortured people and raised her hands, as of bathing in a fabulous pot.She sees her in all Levushka. Aunt Varya, defeating a disgust, red-hot iron vyzharivaet lice from clothing, wipes foot wraps, neotstiryvaemye collars, clean coats, from military rations suits them peers and places to sleep in a large room on the first coats itself with prikornet on the couch.When the alarm clock rings, the first second jumps, small, fast, thin, and starts a real wake-up performance: and persuasion, and pokrikivaniya, and finally trying to bring up another whopper sleeping with the rank of colonel or lieutenant.