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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Delicate hand gently touched the King bony hands Scotty. - Come on, man. Think it's time to start.But time has not come yet. Looked producer and led kudato Colonel. By Tom download the film Виталий Дёмочка and rushed assistant producer and dragged guys look - whether the scene is comfortable. John was alone again. He download the film Виталий Дёмочка and walked over to his desk, littered with congratulatory telegrams. The fans were happy. His appearance on the stage was their finest hour. But now read their messages could not.Butterfly shaft is not so focused. And he began to carefully put them in a box. Slowly expanding telegrams, he suddenly came upon an inscription made in red marker: "Read before the concert." He download the film Виталий Дёмочка and opened the paper and saw the luster for signature - Mack, Jerry, Carl. His friends. His youth. Today, they are not here.Yes, and what would it cost them to get together? After so many years. The way they have long gone. Jerry download the film Виталий Дёмочка and survived genuine drama - ostracism, when he married his cousin. He's canceled all foreign contracts. Homecoming was also overshadowed by - his performances were banned. Jerry download the film Виталий Дёмочка and leaned, like John, to the movies.But his contract was much shorter than that of John, and he returned to the stage for a long time. Mack was listed first on the list now kantristov country. His kantriballady were sometimes scary. And its success would be inexplicable if the audience was not download the film Виталий Дёмочка and intrigued. Mack, one did not admit to his hand. He had no need for people.His childhood was harsh - tenderness were not download the film Виталий Дёмочка and allowed in this family. He's never worn, not licking. He knew what - to fight with the boys to krovyanki. He knew how to stand up for themselves. He was Gekklberri. His ballads were saturated with this bravado. Carl download the film Виталий Дёмочка and called them estradnougolovnymi. Charles himself out of the country, and later became a rocker.And hit the "second tier." Something does not work out. A talented composer, Karl did not became a talented performer. He did not believe in the seriousness of his own music.


He did not have and complexes associated with childhood, with a thirst for approval itself. After several years of neglect took Mack Charles in his show. Trey wrote:"You are our hope, the pride of the South, the whole country, and we welcome your recovery, your 33 you have to revive their teaching his disciples, good luck to you. Mack, Charles, Jerry." "Oh, you found a chord" - John thought. The guys even have repeatedly stated in the press that all rockers - his disciples.Even now, when everyone went their separate ways, they still think of John the teacher. "Sorry, you can not start over. Maybe singing along to" - sentimental, he thought. And Tug is shaking his head. No. First thing, he never knew how to do it. Each time the song was different than before. No one, including himself, could not have known - how it goes.The song came out of hand, turning the new shimmering face. Music led him and made him forget about everything. And, of course, it was a miserable idiot when allowed Colonel insist kinokontrakte.