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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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is not a fantasy world fascinates me while I lived as chelovekorol. Not the charm of existence has painted a palette of my day. I was happy, I was fond of vertices beauty even then, yet sought and found in it is the perfect start, the roots of which he knew himself.It is my home with the image and merged with it together. This Retrieving the rendered image in the highest principles, though the man was portrayed villain, and makes revive role to revive the struggle of passions, flour awareness of weakness or joy heroic impulses. In the mature stage of life is important to the actor, each new moment of creation.Potomuto I'm talking to you so much that you can not go through the show and follow. In imitation of the actor dies creative impulse. Attention shifts not inward, and focuses on the external form. It turns a simple substitution of creative state "actor well-being", in which the actor apparently shows what feels inside.I had to and play Chekhov's plays the same role for several hundred times, but I do not remember the play, during which not exposed the page. 126 would, in my soul a new experience, and in the play - new depths, which I had not noticed before.If there is no new creative impulse in your flying "now" on the stage, the tone of voice and not enriched colors kakogoto new experiences. Singing is reduced to P and F, to the filing of sound in a singing technique, respectively mimetic physical action. Here and originates all forced singing;Hollow singer forgets that voice - the most subtle body does not tolerate stress. Everyone should sing in their overall tone, but without forcing. No matter how strained the singer, his voice if he imitates, and was not itself an internal tape illustrated visions of his hero, never give what made the audience shudder, t. E.bottom of sorrow or joy peaks, where there are no conventional framework, but only full integrity of the senses. Why is it so hard to achieve this wholeness feeling so bright, to involve in its audience, ie. E. To give them a true art? Because art - a synthesis of all collected by the individual achievements in his spiritual "I", t. E.in his heart. Let's call them the culture of the heart. And the experience of seeing habits of the physical body and the mind, let's call them the culture of consciousness. To capture this or that consciousness into the orbit of their creative emotions, so it is necessary to and show their vision of another person, that he not only knew them, but they got carried away and lit them.I have to keep a bright torch in his hand, that he made to melt all the ice conventions, habits, clips that cover the heart of the viewer, which I want to attach to my art.

watch the film Vitaly Dёmochka in excellent quality online

Turning to our classes in the system, so to speak;when the artist has created a tape illustrated visions, when he carried away all his "I want" to such an extent that they became his real life, when everyone! their physical and mental actions, he said: "I am", - the first task becomes creative:convey your love to the person role to all those with whom, the artist sings or plays the play, engage them, or rather to entice them into his passion for fashion.