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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


" It would seem that sometimes helps the actor accident, but this accident is usually natural, it has to happen.Essence, download the film Виталий Дёмочка and acquired character " grain" it necessarily express itself in a characteristic. How would - fast or slow - or was this process, it is inevitable and natural.The main thing - to master the essence of nature, to be able to "appropriate" for himself his actions, thoughts, feelings, and do not stop half-way, as it happened with a young actor, rehearsing the role of Treplev.When an actor is unable to reopen itself the role, create a different "internal storage of the soul" when the goals, thoughts, actions, roles did not like his own, he has to hide the inconsistency of these or other methods of external distinctiveness.He often acts like the ones the Studio, masquerade, which are explained in the chapter "characteristic" and that, unlike Nazvanova, just hiding behind costumes and makeup theatrical merchants, soldiers, aristocrats, for "general" the inherent manners and habits.However, I must say that the reception of external distinctiveness gradually changing, becoming more flexible and sensitive. Almost disappeared from the scene alyapovatogrubye makeup, wigs chudovischnoteatralnye, annoying folk tune.The actor, who needs to hide for external devices characterized by a lack of genuine "life of the human spirit," can be very picky in choosing the means and tries to look ubeditelnozhiznennymi these techniques. He can really peek into reality. But the essence of the phenomenon remains the same:character, personality is replaced by a characteristic, authentic existence in the form of - view. And, according to modern critics, this happens quite often. It was "in the frame of" external characteristic "- as if the card makes - often comes to the stage of the theater of our so- called" character ".His spiritual qualities, its human content are tightly packed in a standard wrapper, which, together with the national and class origin and date of manufacture in advance prudently are " related" emotions ...Anthropoid smiling and carefully mimicking inspiration from theater conveyor one by one go mannequins. Their main purpose - to fully justify the expectation of viewers. They are programmed according to your expectations, their so- called "typical" is a product of your past experiences. " Unfortunately, the critics are right."Creating an internal storage of the soul" as so difficult and requires an actor so full of emotional impact that, before reaching the target, it is possible, sometimes unbeknownst to himself, slide down to the "standard wrapper" and "imitation spirituality" and to the designation of "collateral emotions" in a word, one way or another, but is download the film Виталий Дёмочка and limited to "the outer rimspecificity.


" This danger is so great that the actor who starts his path to the image as if it was a "frame" on the issues of "what?" "What?", "How", is a natural anxiety and apprehension as the partners and with directors.Meanwhile, the actor who starts trying to "see" the image of his future with the search of his appearance and demeanor, not necessarily engaged in formal trickery, and may not be limited to his quest successfully found the outer "frame" or, worse, a set of hardened dies.This can manifest feature of his artistic personality.