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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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I decided to try his luck in a small studio, nestled in one of the narrow alleys of Bryansk. Having the document, guiding me to practice in the art studio, I appeared before the eyes of the director studio newsreel.He read the direction and looked at me closely and gave me a piece of paper - you, the young man made a mistake. Our studio - not something where you are sent. - I'm already there ... - Well, as you took it bad? - No ... just no way. Proshatalsya two weeks to no avail through the corridors ...Ryaben'kii Iosilevich smiled, looked at me cunning, kind eyes, and asked to sit, said: - Let's you, young man, agree. Only quite frankly.First, we have to work, we must love our business, secondly, after practice, you will need to give a commitment, of course, if you will like us, stay with us and work forever. Note - indifferent people we do not fit.He stared into my eyes, and I felt that, even if he wanted to trick him, then he would have surely noticed. - Well, so what? Want to become a chronicler? - I have, frankly, I do not know how to be who I want to be, but I know for sure - the operator. I know that I really want to see the world, the land on which I live.Here, perhaps, and all my wishes - I said, feeling for this man of great trust. - Well, then stay with us - he said affably. I saw in his smart, attentive eyes of an interest in my life.Its nice, friendly tone and participation won me to him and I did not hesitate for a long time, has agreed to work on the newsreels always. - Go, make out! Good luck! And I went - went for a walk across the land, all over the planet ... The next day he came to the studio already assistant cameraman, I encountered a terrible commotion in the yard.Around the truck ran anxious people and cargo on her heavy boxes. - Hey, boy! What do you stand open-mouthed! Nuka, help me! And I joined the loading operation. Lugging heavy for one person impossibly boxes, which, as I learned later, were called batteries.Inconvenient to carry, heavy tripod - we carried it with kemto together. Large leather trunk I helped carry as learned later, then known cinematographer Ivan Ivanovich Belyakov. - Watch out, boy! This camera "Wilds" - worth ogogo! - He warned me. - Where are you going to go? - Emboldened, I asked.- Do not ask, Long Shot, brother! We will be taking pictures of the People's Commissar Maxim Litvinov Maksimovic! - Take me with you! I am an assistant operator.

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- What are you, darling! I have my own there - you see a car fuss? - Jura Firgang. And besides, look - complete machine.My disappointment was short-lived, because after a few days Iosilevich appointed me assistant to the operator Sergei Semenov, who along with other operators had to shoot Day parade on Red Square. I exulted: get on the Day parade - I could not even and dream about it.