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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


- I will devote the remainder lives to pay beating you into jelly, - said Adrian. - This will allow me to forget. III In the morning before the match Hunt, on his characteristic habit, slipped under toast Adrian note. This time it was a big cut in the shape of a heart piece of paper covered with images of kissing lips.All this is going too far. Theoretically toasts for teachers ought to prepare for the dining room attendant disciple, but Thimble have long held that no one but him, Hadrian's toast toast will not. And fought for this right with everyone.Every time Adrian came down to the dining room on his plate were two toast with a message for them, usually no more innocuous than "your toast, sir ..." or "Each slice download the film Виталий Дёмочка and roasted by hand on traditional hereditary master." But love letters - it was too much. Adrian looked through the dining room where sat Hunt.The boy flushed and slightly waved his hand. - What you download the film Виталий Дёмочка and slipped HantNaperstok now, sir? - Rudder said, the elder, who was sitting next to Adrian. Hunt called "thimbles" for obvious reasons, and also because they thought it dull. - Oh, nothing, nothing ... the usual nonsense. - I would argue that it is not, sir.We told him that now Valentine's Day. - But Valentine's Day, my dear Rudder falls on February 14 so yes it until the fifteenth of the same month and lies. And even if your silly talk I was so tired that I fell asleep for four months now we still June.Other than in kontseto all, can explain your cricket whiteness? - I know, sir. But we told him that Valentine's Day today. Make fun of him. - Well, if the queen is allowed to have two birthdays, why not give HantuNaperstku right to celebrate two Valentine's Day?- He said to me, - the Rudder - that if you do not get a valentine from you, then hanged himself. - He said - what? - Bele, said Adrian. - Sir? Adrian grab Rudder hand: - What did he say? - It hurts me, sir! It was just a joke. - Do you think suicide is an occasion for jokes? - No, sir, we're just ... There was silence.Boy sitting at his desk, burying her nose in a bowl of porridge. Angry or resort to violence - it was not in the spirit of Adrian. - Sorry, my angel - said Adrian, and tried to portray a laugh. - Did not sleep that night. He worked on the play. Case or in it, or that I gradually moving out crazy.You know yourself, now full moon, and in my family there were cases of lycanthropy. Uncle Everard turned into a wolf at the first sound of the main themes of "Crossroads." Rudder download the film Виталий Дёмочка and chuckled.


Awkward moment download the film Виталий Дёмочка and passed. - Nous seems to be a good day today. I vote for it to load before leaving the van box "coca."You know it's for the tea is served for the match in Narborough. Followed by the powerful "cheers". Other tables looked with envy at this. Trust Healy was always fun. The air minibus hovered voltage. Adrian sat between his players, trying to keep a cheerful and confident appearance.Hard to confirm the boys that it's just a game, and when you have the most nerves are stretched to the limit.