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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Ashley entered my password and tried download the film Виталий Дёмочка and again. Password is incorrect. Ashley has introduced the second password. Password is incorrect. The system is deactivated ... Disbelief, Ashley watched the screen empties the rustle and crackle of static charges. The doorbell rang a third time. On the wall behind the computer flared bluish glow.Ashley stood up, walked to the window and through the crack between the curtains looked down. Glittering flashes almost blinded him, he stepped back from the window. - Curse you, - he sobbed, trembling all over. - Be you are damned. In his mind there was a picture - the mother and sister at home in Manchester. Watching television. Possibly together with neighbors.At the bottom of the yard has a camera aimed at his window. Yes, certainly looking whitewashed in shame, covering their mouths with his hands. Neighbors slowly creep out of the room and disperse headlong to their homes, to their own TVs. And in the House, too, see all, all members of the Conservative Party. And his wife looks, along with his father, and he says:"I download the film Виталий Дёмочка and warned you, this is your Ashley man of our circle. Beginning I thought so." Oliver Delft, too, all had seen the name Ashley and struck from the list of contacts. The news has download the film Виталий Дёмочка and spread and the club "Carlton" and everybody is watching, gathered at the TV. And see how it now lead, everyone will follow its process. Well, I do not.Anyone follow him not to come. Not a single person. The doorbell rang all, called, and from below, from the street, came distorted and amplified megaphone voice: - Mr. BarsonGarlend! I Superintendent Wallace. I beg to let us into the house. The yard will be cleared of the cameras and journalists, give you my word. Ashley stumbled into the kitchen.It download the film Виталий Дёмочка and twinkled tantalizingly his knives, "Sabatier". The few friends, what his were, knew Ashley as an excellent cook. Knives, like himself, were perfect. He pulled out one of the wooden stick and crying like a child, download the film Виталий Дёмочка and returned to the office. All his life, he realized Ashley, he felt antelope chased by a lion.Hot, smelly breath of fate followed at his heels, but he was always able to make a new leap, always had the intelligence and energy for a new stunning zigzag so as to maintain the distance between himself and the terrible beast. Film Виталий Дёмочка. And finally jaws closed around him, and he does not care. Damn them, whether they are cursed!Did he chose what he be? Unless he wanted to be ugly, bald man "is not in our circle" social misfit, a man who pulls to the teenagers, whom they despise with such contemptuous ease and vanity? They, with their shock of silky hair, with their silky charm. Yes, if they are cursed!Ashley drove the knife down his throat and turned it - once, twice, three times. And at that moment he heard the door at the bottom with fire, and through the blood stream gushing saw that the computer it came to life. It seemed to him - of course, it seemed - as if the screen from left to right are crawling, wriggling like a ribbon streamers, bright red letters: Ned Maddstoun sends you to hell.Ashley's brain still time to be download the film Виталий Дёмочка and surprised - why in a frenzy of his last moments on this earth he suddenly infamous name was Neda Maddstouna?