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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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So I must tell you that I like Zakharov ... yet! No, the question, of course, not the case, the situation itself just relations between people is extremely interesting: how and why in general, for which people meet.Here you are now telling us about your meeting with Zakharov, and for some reason, I remembered the story Budimir Metalnikova. During the war, after being wounded, he was in the hospital. And when he began to recover, full of nurse appointed date on the bench. He came to this bench and sees that guy sitting there.He says that, well, get out of here, move, because I have a date here. And he answered him that, well, he get out of here, because I have here is the date. And while they were quarreling and waving his crutches at each other, and she appeared sister, who, it turns out, both of them appointed date.So, one of these guys was Budimir Metalnikov and other helpful Vladimir Solovyov! Mess! This is when Solovyov was wounded in the leg? Well, yes ... But in general the situation is strikingly funny, right? No, all this is what a bastard sister ... Yet from that moment they know each other: a quarrel, met together and then went ...And my father told me that when he lost a leg during the war, then in the hospital if he did not have a gun under his pillow, he could probably just die. He was already beginning gangrene, so he had to literally shoot over the heads of doctors, just to draw their attention to himself. And in fact know that the sisters do?Injected drug, which was administered to the wounded, to appease them a little excruciating pain ... So draw attention to themselves could only shots ... While on the other hand, what was the girl of twenty endure constant spectacle of endless suffering? Perhaps it was terrible and disgusting. Contraindicated.You know, Andrew, during the war we were with Eugene in Perm, our theater and went to play in military units, which reconstructs after were broken at the front. There was also the doctor who operated on the wounded. He was so nervous stress that it was scary to watch. He said:"Well what I see every day, from morning to night, sometimes around the clock: meat and meat ... blood I cut, I cut ..." That's what zapisyvatto it! . -It is, we have it ... We can not be a doctor, it's all you can ... Yes, Evgeny Danilovich ... this doctor said that almost feels like a butcher: sawing and cutting, without draining the hands, with no minutes rest.Oh, really, what a nightmare! I was on a surgery ... scary! Oh well ... Well, Evgeny Danilovich, returning to the beginning, you think it's all unreal? Watch the film Vitaly Demochko in excellent quality online. About our theater. I think we should do something is, Evgeny Danilovich! I will not give one theater.I am not a party member and do not want to become a member even for the sake of their affairs. One must have a small theater, mobile, all played here then is theater! And what do the actors in kakomnibud Theatre Moscow City Council, where one person company? You know, Evgeny Danilovich that Zakharov did when I got the theater?