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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


I walk with feet of clay.Lieutenant gives a telegram: "Hare graduated from high school well" - I understand that my enthusiasm does not match the text, but nothing to do with myself I can not. Well, the lieutenant - idiot, this is not opera. Anna and Jeanne are waiting for me in the dugout - embraced silently weeping. Anna spent - and in pain, and joy. Just worried, as with Maria Prokofyevna:When Anna came to watch and did not immediately come out, and then break free and went dancing, we jumped for joy, too, would love to see her happy face, but you can not look back, the camp is a sign: would not turn around and do not take with a camp - will return back. 55 I ran, gasping, to the hospital.Kornienko sent for me not Pupulyu and some political patient. God save him! He had very bad heart! Relieved! He stands in the doorway and smiles ... but then something happened ... We go into a familiar, home closet: Pupulya here suggests a purity that hirurginya laughs"It is better to do this operation, security, and I kid Kornienko:he thinks I'm the best needlewoman world, and I keep a needle in his hand can not, it is the hands of Western Ukrainians, pribaltiek, which he also saves us from death, embroider, but I give all of these mats, napkins for their work, because the prisoners Kornienko nothing ever will. "tea on the table, this white bread - Eat!It's from your favorite opera instead of the fee. All the time sgamkala. Waiting. - Now on a full stomach you kinder, so we'll talk, I mobilized the ladies, they pray thee with patients instead of me, and we will not be disturbed. I'll start with your hands! Do not shake the hands of the king ... - I can not! And not because the blood on his hands - I can not its essence ...everything in me rebelled. - That's about it and I want to talk to you. I - worried about you! My dear, listen to me, old man, I have one I can help you survive in this hell, here because the Queen running the show, so what? Because of them lay down his head? No! No! - Dr. slyly looked at me - You ate her chickens! Its cod!I know that Joan went to change your dress is a carrot, and no matter what I know - she knows that we all depend on it. I laughed, remembering how we gobbled up by Jeanne whole rotten chicken, and not die, and in the dining room of the worms fished cod soup, and a very tasty soup.- You do not know that only through Queen bosses could make all this moldy stuff! Unfortunately, I was unable to join in your dishes, my old stomach would not survive: in the heat vohrovskie products deteriorate and vohrovskie lords do not eat them, and the Queen has issued all through the camp:me - like hospital food, and cod - to you, to the canteen! Look online. I struggled with these chickens under the laws of this chemistry boiled them three times and what does not disinfected, and after all I have tried to myself, and then download the film ГОРЯЧАЯ ЖЕВАТЕЛЬНАЯ РЕЗИНКА and allowed to give young patients with a healthy stomach. I stopped laughing. - Yes! Yes!And if she wants to kick you in the common work, it will do it for an hour, it is download the film ГОРЯЧАЯ ЖЕВАТЕЛЬНАЯ РЕЗИНКА and mated with the boss, and even I can not do anything, I can not help you, though it - the Queen and "this" I need - they are very dear their health.