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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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However, the name of your husband Lindstrom, and it is very close to Lindbergh, Charles Lindbergh - famous aviator. He is now the darling of the country, he was nicknamed "Lindy". Can you take his name? I reacted to this very cool. - I do not want to and assign nicknames draw.And anyway, I do not want to change their name. My name is Ingrid Bergman, is the name with which I was born, and I want to make it so I was called in America. Viewers will have to learn how to pronounce it. If I change my name and not achieve success in America, until then I'll be as absurd and look back home with a new name.Mr. Selznick thought eaten something else and said: - Well, we'll discuss it tomorrow. And now for the makeup. Something must be done with your eyebrows, they are very thick. And the teeth are worthless. And much more ... I'll take you tomorrow morning to make-up artist, and we'll see what can you do. Now it was my turn and think.I said - I think you made a big mistake, Mr. Selznick. You do not have to buy a pig in a poke. I thought that you saw me in "Intermezzo," I liked you and therefore you sent for me Kay Brown. But now, seeing me near, you want to change everything in me. I'd rather not do and removed from you.And let's not talk any more about it. Forget all the plans, and will not be no more worries. The next train I'm going back home. Now I do not even know what caused my harshness. In the end, I was only twenty-three years, and until I always did what I was told.I do not know where I came from the courage to say "no" to all that it offers. When he started talking about advertising, I again repeated: "No, I do not want all this. I do not fit. It's not my style. " We sat staring at each other. However, he stopped chewing.CHAPTER 5 David O. Selznick was increasing more than six feet tall, with dark shiny hair, begin to plump face and figure, inquisitive blue eyes behind thick glasses. He has incredible charm, as evidenced by the written proposal of marriage, he made a movie mogul's daughter Louis Mayer.It deserves to be given as an example of sincere love letter. After discussing various business issues, he adds a few sentences, similar to a postscript: "I always think of you and decided for you and get married if you do not mind. I am a middle-aged, slightly clubfoot, so all stumble.Was once had a high opinion of himself, because he wanted to be a big shot. I snore loudly, drink a lot, play a lot, and my future is on the wane, but I am tall, I am a Jew, and I love you very much.

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, David, looking for his girlfriend. "Since 1926, he has worked in "MetroGoldvinMayer", "RKO" and "Paramount". In 1936 he formed his own production company "Selznick International", immediately hitting the select circle of the Mughal movie.By the time he already knew about the film industry more than any on earth, and with boundless energy and enthusiasm did everything possible to surround it found.He rewrote the script, lectured producers, directors instructed, mocked actors intervene in the work of all departments, bringing employees to a heart attack, and did all this as if in confirmation of the oft-repeated sayings them: "a great film from beginning to end are created by the will of one person his vision and imagination. "And again:"The most important thing - the final shots." His zeal was endless, his attention to detail - phenomenal.