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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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"H_ e_ y_ _p_ e_r_ v_y_ _and_ _n_ e- _p_ o_s_ l_e_ d_n_ i_y" in five acts. Written. ? {Comedy Dyachenko. Ed.}. He is in love flirt Velsal, quarrels with her and returns to his former fiancee. Marries. In masquerade meets basque that intrigues him, removes his mask. Again he falls in love, unfaithful to his wife.Tyranny it makes to come and exchange visits with a yoke. In the end, the wife thinks that he's a rascal, leaves him, and he was crying. Several clumsily written typical roles. Bonvivandyadya saying quotes verses. Old General contused and therefore do not understand. Common types of different gossips landowner and landlords.M_n_ e_n_ i_e: written content, never to return to this ancient and uninteresting nonsense. Such plays are written poods. JL r- r_a_ t__ _n_ e_t_ _n_ i_k_ a_k_ o_y_ _v_ o_z_ m_o_ zh_n_ o_s_ t_i. "N_ o_ s_l_ e_d_ n_i_ y_ _k_ u_m_ i_r" Daudet, in one action. Old bourgeois married to a woman of middle age. Living together as doves.Accidentally fell into the hands of her husband's posting from the post office reveals to him the whole picture of his life. His wife was in love with his friend, already deceased. She cheated on him and finally decided to leave after a fight with her lover forever. Last leaves and dies. The old man in the first moment curses traitor, then forgives her. M_n_ e_n_ i_e: awfully nice thing.JL r- r_a_ t__ _s_ t_o_ i_t. "A_ B_ o_ o_e_ _F_ s_k_ a_r_ and" Byron. The tragedy in five acts. and the game is not worth. "E_ B_ r_n_ e_r" Byron. The tragedy in five acts. M- H_ e_n_ i_e: Play is not necessary. "C_ a_ r_d_ a_n_ a_p_ a_l" Byron. The tragedy in five acts. The plot is known. The game is worth. One decoration on all the action.Role little in the last act spectacular folk scene. "H_e_ _p_ o_y_ m_a_ H_ _n_ e- _v_ o_r" Suvorina, in one action. He returns vPeterburg. Expects to meet his wife. Going to torture her, but comes home and finds a letter: wife ran away. Wife nevertheless returns, finds the card the governor's daughter.Together they talk nonsense, from which the ears wilt, and at the end put up for frankorusskoy friendship. Why? Why? M- H_ e_n_ i_e: write or even more and play this ponderous Russian vulgarity, with a claim to the French an easy joke, there is no need. Forget and break the play."Z_ a_ g_o_ v_o_ r_i_ l_o_ _r_ e_t_ i_v_ o_e" Grigorieva, in one act, in verse. M- H_ e_n_ i_e: Bear in mind awfully nice thing. Play necessary. "M_ u_ n_u_ t_n_ o_e_ _z_ a_b_ l_u_ zh_d_ e_n_ i_e" Kulikov. Comedy in Four Acts, in verse. M- H_ e_n_ i_e: Sweet little thing very brief.

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Boyko poems. In the French spirit. U_ r_ r_a_ t__ _m_ o_zh_ n_o. "N_ p_ o_i_ s_h_ o_zh_ d_e_ n_i_ e_ a_ _T_ r_t_ yu_f_ and" Gutzkow translation Mansfeld. M- H_ e_n_ i_e: In this play hard and find the author "Acosta". Not of great interest.The main role of the president, Moliere himself quite pale. Difficulties in making it are: a) all the court should be shaved; b) the court of our fans do not rack; c) the President and Moliere in Tartuffe makeup mixed.