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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Then suddenly Petrovich stopped. I looked at him and saw that he was sleeping: splashed out yourself what is the memories of the war, which excites him, and calmed down, he fell asleep.And after a while Petrovich wrote to me that the old lady died. After this long time I met with Viktor. And then they called me and asked me to sign an open letter to a newspaper: the local authorities download the film ГОРЯЧАЯ ЖЕВАТЕЛЬНАЯ РЕЗИНКА and refused Astafyev in personal retirement! I was outraged: how could deny personal pension - to whom?The man who did so much for the country and the war, and in the literature and in public life! Writer who is recognized as a classic of Russian literature! I felt sad, the mood was just awful. Wondered what kind of people are we?Yulian Semyonov I do not remember, did Julian, author of the novel and screenplay for a film "Seventeen Moments of Spring" or he did not show up on the set. We met at the Central House of Writers, the All-Russian Theatrical Society, nodded to each other - and no more.Closer to know him when he came to the theater on Malaya Bronnaya the Munich festival. Then it was the Federal Republic of Germany. Julian was very happy meeting, download the film ГОРЯЧАЯ ЖЕВАТЕЛЬНАЯ РЕЗИНКА and grabbed me and Lenya Kanev and dragged to the Ambassadorial town. We sat at some large spacious apartment, recalled to Moscow, common friends and acquaintances.And then the window came a great voice. Julian ran to the window and yelling from the balcony: - Here it comes! Here she comes - Bronnaya! Here they are, the Jews with the Small Armor's and armor, and Efros! That is the only Russian people! - And pulled me to the balcony. And I, like a fool, stood and did not know where to go.And then he invited me to his Kanevsky. And off we went. It was a kind of bungalow - whether apartment, or office: Julian was then a correspondent for "Literary newspaper". I immediately called Julian Falstaff - he was all alive, wild, stormy lives every minute, having a drink - all making loud, loud.Immediately began what is roasting hot dogs in the fireplace, there were wine, whiskey and vodka. And all the walls of the bungalows were hung with pictures. It turned out to pictures of his daughter. And then he was so broke that he had become to praise those paintings to such an extent that it became embarrassing.He declared, in all seriousness, that all the Impressionists neither more nor less than the followers of his daughter. But we did not pay any attention to it. And before he went into a rage, he almost fell into the fire.


A Lenka Kanevsky decided that Julian makes a lot, and tried to "split" it. - Oh! - Suddenly he exclaimed.- I have long wanted to buy a coat. And then I saw in the window of a shop is just the cloak, which always dreamed of! Unfortunately, I have only seventy marks, and it is much more expensive ... - Leon! - Cried Julian. - Add another seventy marks and buy yourself this coat! In this commercial conversation ended.But we still had a wonderful time. Our tours were wonderful. And then there was a reception at our Ambassador to Germany Semenova - family namesake Julian.