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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


This is his signature, he and our theater, twenty-five years. During the war he was a sapper front edge, the five years of the war ... Embarrassing happens to stumble upon a forgotten signature. Komuto stretched hand, asked to leave an autograph for memory, while they themselves have forgotten.True, koekto signed in our absence: just came in and wrote. Well, thank you. Just remember nothing. One day a man came to the end of the play "Two Theatres", the document download the film ГОРЯЧАЯ ЖЕВАТЕЛЬНАЯ РЕЗИНКА and showed. I takoyto, ottudato, I love theater, heard a lot about your BDT, here came, looked, did not understand, please explain. We have Basilashvili to a standstill. Tried to explain. Say, like the author here, and we say, wanted. But what people do not understand, looking at the scene, finish explaining difficult words. We were spinning, spinning, and then say: - Here we have guests sign, will not you join me? He says: - With pleasure. - Posted by green paint his name, washed his hands.- Thank you, I wish you every success. What do you do on the stage, I still did not understand. Painted not only by those who praise. Oleg Yefremov rarely like that until the end, he was argumentative by nature. He has his own view of things, and he never conceals it to please be polite. He's interesting. From swearing does not spoil his mood, and thoughts become clearer.And we always know that he is the person download the film ГОРЯЧАЯ ЖЕВАТЕЛЬНАЯ РЕЗИНКА and concerned, he's a friend. Like many "sovremennikovtsy." Bot how many signatures ... And one truly friendly caption: "I envy you, I love. S Savvina. " Also a true friend. And a great actress. And the woman is beautiful. And the high-class journalist. What a pleasant and rare combination of ...The oldest of our theater artist Sergey KarlovichValu and told to get by: - ​​Actor - wonderful profession. If it is not the performances and rehearsals, she would have been just amazing. We sign on the ceiling he refuses, though his huge it would be necessary even to become a chair. Sergey says:- You have your own collection, I have - as usual. In his dressing room, thousands of photos and portraits of beautiful zhenschinakt We admire his collection. Probably, it is easy and interesting to readers would be to prepare a collection of "Actors joke" like already published - "Musicians are joking" - "Physicists are joking." But, perhaps, not worth it.When physics joke, readers laugh, but it is certainly remember that physics is not just joking: they are engaged in a serious and important matter. Look online. Jokes actors are perceived by many as their main occupation, more and worse - as their responsibility in society. Actor - so companionable person, cheerful, full of comic stories.This view of the actor - a relic, vulgarity, malicious banality. No less commonplace and refutation of this view - they say it is not so, it's a difficult theater, this is a serious job. I want others to say:sorry that the actors are not merry, wish they did not have enough time and energy for a while to abandon their roles, NE satisfaction alarms.