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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Tillage. - Now the "Truth" says what was once said Ugine. " This statement Pashennaya not need any comments.Tillage understand the question posed by the employee obsuzhde352 art: "The form of the art of today is no longer remains one content. Now you can and without form. " This, comrades, Comrade statement. Pashennaya is that I want to say, "Blow my sorrow for field pea." Now, the three pioneers who bought tickets for Tillage "Woe to the mind."To mine, it is likened unto that Russian mothers living in Paris who badly feared for the fate of their children, when buying tickets for "The Inspector General" during our tour in Paris in 1930. Here's a conversation I overheard at the cash register: "We will go, but we will not allow their children to."Emigrant understand what we are shown such performances, where between the lines of text in the actor's every gesture, every mise en scene the viewer can feel the hatred of our society that the October Revolution to plunge their faces. Amaglobeli download the film ГОРЯЧАЯ ЖЕВАТЕЛЬНАЯ РЕЗИНКА and declared us wide plan. He was going to put in the season almost not thirty-five plays.When he began to implement its program, it appears that he is also without Soviet plays, as well as other theaters. In theory, it is against naturalism, but in reality ... He advises actors primarily go to the market and there to guide your observations. Amaglobeli talks about the team, able to internally generate its own style.But after all the staff should unite around certain ideas, call it enthusiasm for these ideas - and then a team will be able to internally generate its own style. Amaglobeli shallow analyzed the situation in the theater with a huge number of plays naturalistic flavor.It was necessary to analyze the pre-revolutionary period of the Maly Theater, to see why there was this naturalistic darling, when it download the film ГОРЯЧАЯ ЖЕВАТЕЛЬНАЯ РЕЗИНКА and played Ostrovsky.It was necessary to examine the role played in this theater of the so- called romantic repertoire, why Lena had a craving for Shakespeare and why with great difficulty Lena had to carry out this Shakespearean repertoire. With what difficulty Yermolov smuggles plays of Lope de Vega! Why censorship took these performances in blinkers?What role does the University of Moscow, bound up with the Maly theater? All this should be analyzed. Turn to Comrade. Tairov. He says, "Meyerhold" homeland "did not read and did not see." Yes, he added: "We must be honest." I shivered, I do not honest, "Homeland" have not read or seen.But when an editor publishes a review of the play, which is not seen - is it unfair? Watch the film ГОРЯЧАЯ ЖЕВАТЕЛЬНАЯ РЕЗИНКА online. The editor did not see the play, but the referee, who saw him, gave him about such information, for which the editor is responsible. But the director does not have to go to all the performances. 353 Next Tairov says:" Levin - Communist" - but as if the communist can not write a bad song. As if a Communist can not be in the position of a man who Soviet themes suddenly it becomes a smoke screen behind which he hid his mediocrity. Can it happen?But I'm talking about the smoke screen, so to speak, two-way, because I know perfectly well that in many theaters leaders take a song from a Soviet- themed, so to speak, for statistical purposes, and put these pieces with kondachka, tyaplyap, while others spend big plays facilities and high energy.Tairov himself said that from 1929 to 1936, he made nine Soviet plays.