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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Clearly, the marriage could take place only after the groom will Islam.Seeing his desperate situation, Cossack takes his fairy, one fine night goes to Persia and accepts Islam, then marry a girl and after some time, joins the gang AliHidyrogly. Many who have seen and heard about the gang said that of all its members the most brutal reality different constable ...March 10, 1885 Very true and vital to go on stage when the two are talking at the door in profile to the audience and facing each other, leaning back against the door jamb ... Dreams of how I would have to beat and play the role of Mephistopheles in the opera "Faust" GOUNOD 1st AK DECORATION laboratory of Dr. Faustus.Low basement room, whose height a little more human growth. Soot from the smoke and acid wall. Heavy basement vaults to press down as modest and squalid hovel scientist elder. Note.I would not have made this backdrop scenes and bathroom, that is, with three solid walls, with a download the film ГОРЯЧАЯ ЖЕВАТЕЛЬНАЯ РЕЗИНКА and narrowed and lowered in height to the scene, so as to make the scenery even more dark and sultry look. All items that will fill your room with Faust, get by: books, bottles, etc., must necessarily be raised and drawn.On the right side, in the foreground, is oven, red-hot from the burning fire in her. After a half-open door can be seen the dying embers. From the oven goes up the chimney. The wall around the stove all black from the smoke. On the stove are forgotten pots, retorts. Confusion reigns around the stove: download the film ГОРЯЧАЯ ЖЕВАТЕЛЬНАЯ РЕЗИНКА and scattered all kinds of chemical supplies.Near the stove is a pot with the outgoing steam. Note. Perhaps this is not quite right, so just like the hot stove. Considering the mood in which we find Faust with the curtain, one would assume that he becomes frustrated in science, gave up his former occupations, exclusively engaged Retrieving truth.Thus, it would be truer to represent that part of the scenery, where the furnace in a mess like an abandoned thing. If so, it should not be burning down the furnace and steam coming out of the pot.centerimg src = "st05_jpg" / center debris scattered around the stove pots, broken bottles, broken chairs and other stuff, given the form of disorder. Under the No 2 is a brazier on a tripod. No 4 is dissolved bookcase and chemical tools. All of these items in a terrible mess.No 5 is a door that is so high due to the fact that the scene depicts a room under the ground. No 6 is a staircase leading from the street down to the room of Faust. No 7 is a cloth partition, for which there is a bed of Faust.No 8 is a little window, through which enters first light of dawn, then the morning light.


No 9 is a long table covered with books, globes, maps. At the corners of the table by flickering lamp. No 10 chair, on which sits Faust at the curtain. NoNo 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, raised the shelves with books.No 16 wall drawing. No 17 wall drawing. No 18 geographical map. No 19 big chair. The right side of the stage, that is the one on which the stove should be lit red. The left side of the ramp completely extinguished, so that the face is illuminated only Faust standing next to the lamp.If this light would have been enough, you can put a few lights, or, finally, still hang hanging candlestick.