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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


.15 And when the actor moves the winding line, such a movement can be removed as a camera moving in a straight line, aimed at the actor and departing back from him 442 Case 14 The same device - the camera moves in a straight line with simultaneous side-to-side - can be applied when shooting static group locatedsemicircle. We download the film ГОРЯЧАЯ ЖЕВАТЕЛЬНАЯ РЕЗИНКА and begin with the general plan of motion while rotating the camera from side to side, as if it leaves and returns to stop a full-frame in the central actor. Such a motion requires serious dramatic motivation. The same method can be provided by taking pictures using the zoom.Figure 16 The camera moves forward in a straight line, panoramiruya from side to side, then stops, and crop the main character of standing in a semicircle.Case 15 Camera movement with stops, tracing actor who moves from one area to another on a winding line, forming a triangle, shown in position 1, we crop the actor A close-up. When he goes to the zone 1, the camera moves with him in the position of now we see it full frame.He pours himself a glass of wine. In cross frame in the foreground. And then moves forward and ostanav443 .17 movement with stops camera Capture the action with excellent actor, who describes the geometric shapes in the form of a triangle.444 Lebanon in position behind him to cross the frame from edge to edge, in the direction opposite to the previous plan, and returned to the area camera moves from position 2 to position A drinks a glass of wine, looking out the window, then turns and goes into the zone camera moves from position 3 to position 4, and crop A close againPlan. Introduced in the horizontal movement to break the movement tudasyuda main actor, thus providing, visual variety in the scene. Case 16 Winding Trails two actors can cross in front of the camera, which moves continuously in a straight line. .18 This type of twisting motion of the two actors in terms of download the film ГОРЯЧАЯ ЖЕВАТЕЛЬНАЯ РЕЗИНКА and combined so that each actor in turn, one by one, in the frame. This allows you to enter a different number of characters in the scene. Actress in the foreground slows;then it can be download the film ГОРЯЧАЯ ЖЕВАТЕЛЬНАЯ РЕЗИНКА and traced to the camera motion, which now takes in is suitable when very close, and re-appears in the background on the same side, where she came out of the frame, and is behind in to get to the right side of the frame.445 So, some piece-A moment in together on the screen, then go, and A is in the foreground. A little later in the re-appears in the background. The dotted line shows the way to .18 actors that does not have a camera.PAN DURING TREVELLINGA Case 17 Turning the camera on a semicircle can be made in the middle or at the end of trevellinga.


There are two options. If the plan starts with the camera Crop actress in the front, followed by a pan of her to show off her back. .19 panned during trevellinga changes the position of the actor in the frame. The opposite effect is obtained when the plan starts with the camera Crop actors back. They will be facing the camera at the end of the plan.