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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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I am firmly convinced that all of them, or at least some, being pets secular culture, but unable to because of censorship and economic blackmail to develop their themes, We decided to get around this obstacle, to embellish his ideas outside the only color that allows the officialculture in the capitalist West. If we are able to analyze the nature and the reasons for this position, you may even be able to recognize those artists that critical consciousness, which they partially lost. The second trend - a realistic movie.It must be admitted that the most interesting works in this direction over the past three to four years have come from the United States; partly because having aimed to oust the competition of Italian neorealism, the American film industry learned its position and language, partly because of the success achieved in their fight against McCarthyism.I recognize the importance of realism as a method. But that does not mean to deny the value of realism as the direction, which, in my opinion, lies in the fact that representatives of the militant communist intellectuals are called and to serve as the vanguard in the struggle for realism.For example, one of the main criticisms that we have and appealed to all neorealist cinema, relates to the fact that until now he has caught only a few aspects of the Italian reality, never without getting into the essence, that is not achieving deep, organic visionsocio-economic foundations of our country. Finally, I bring several suggestions. In my opinion, better than the Italian Communist Party of the communist parties of other countries failed to develop the problems facing the Marxist culture in the arts. We know that our searches are not yet so familiar.Such magazines as "Contemporanea" and "Socheta" should be read in other countries, especially in the socialist. Another proposal related to the study of the market opportunities that are open to realistic art. The socialist countries have been and continue to be a good market for our films.But could they become the market and for our painting and sculpture? We know that the cause of the departure of many painters and sculptors from realism sometimes to be found in the fact that there is this, a big market, ready to take the product of this trend. I am here to raise the issue not only economic.In recent years, the United States has become the largest market of abstract art. So let's look at the opportunity for the socialist countries led by the Soviet Union to become the world's largest market realistichesogo art. In the movie, the problem is particularly complex due to its industrial and financial aspects.Difficult, but not insurmountable. We need to make in the field of cinema and all democratic and progressive writers of the West to engage with the artists and the audience of the socialist countries a strong business relationship. Look online.Let's ask them to help us and to continue our struggle to our half of Europe's talent is not lost many, many people who do not want to give up.