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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


In the world, arranged rationally, everything had to be a friend - there mother does not die, leaving children to the predatory zhiltsovkommunistov, and by no means. - The new owners do not lose time, - said Peter.- Mark my words, they take up room before bed to cool it. In the meantime, let's have a party. Royal, was once we wanted to go down the stairs and disappeared. In a sign of love Wien after his mother gave it to Hanke, who took music lessons and did not have his instrument. Novak introduced me to another girl.He warned that it was only fourteen, but in bed she is gorgeous. I was three years older, but he looked younger than his years. I desperately download the film догвиль and wanted to kemnibud sleep, but I was afraid that because of my size, no girl for me have no heed. My new girlfriend was not like Hank - slim, very pretty and sensual.Looks like I liked it. And, of course, no girl would not look at me so bold, knowledgeable and zazyvno look. I was determined not to miss this opportunity. May 1, 1950, I asked her not to go to the parade, and the home. She agreed. With foresight, worthy of the former Boy Scout, I asked for the key to the apartment Wien.Upstairs, we went to his mother's former room. The girl complained of the heat. - Why do not we just get naked? - I suggested. She immediately agreed. The first time I was alone with a naked woman. When we download the film догвиль and kissed, I noticed that one of her blue eyes, the other brown. I led her to the bed and divided.Condoms have been ready - I have so much time to drag them along. In our environment, to have sex "open" was considered top of irresponsibility. Girl habitually settled under me, pulling me to him. And then I imagined just a few days ago on this same bed Mrs Wien breathed his last.I froze. - What is it? - She asked. - You know what, let's on the floor. She thought I was a pervert. I pulled the moth-eaten checkered blanket and accidentally spread it before a large mirror, the oversight of the wall. It turned out that the first time I had sex in front of a mirror. She must have sensed my inexperience and said:- Are you the first time? - I grinned, as if the question was absurd, but it shamed me - Sorry, I thought - in the first. We met several times and made love everywhere could find a secluded corner - in the park, in the bushes. Then I started hanging out with other girls, lost sight of her, and now can not even remember her name.CHAPTER 8 One Sunday morning in 1950, I noticed that people behave somehow strange. All poured into the streets, strangers came together, gathered in groups.


On individuals, then frantically busy, then frozen and poserevshim, it was clear that something terrible had happened. And so it was.The government announced the Polish currency invalid. For one night, millions of people lost their savings, and the few survivors are small businessmen, one of whom was my father went bankrupt. I have no savings was not, so for me personally this is not affected.But this arbitrary ushered in a new era - the transformation of Poland into one of the most repressive police states of Eastern Europe.