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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


In general, all his team he expected to collect from people new to the film, and the only operator Halperin managed to remove more than one picture.My practical knowledge of the director's work limited to monitoring the work Bravko Zhuravlev and that is was very tiny. However, I, being at that time very confident young man, agreed to the proposal Macheret.How do you write the script for one of us knew, for a Reisman Macheret assisted only by scoring the picture and, therefore, also not been a full school assistants. Of the same type was also the director. In short, the assembled company of innovators, who decided to make a sound stage at a time when the sound was just beginning to emerge.Assistant directors were two: Krumin - it was a kind of political picture of the controller, the man is very cute and helpless, who came from Glavrepertkoma completely motionless as haycock - as an assistant on all other issues I was.Except I still had a stage manager - always sick gastritis girl who could not much help in these circumstances. And the director of the film crew, interesting guy. Entire audio portion Macheret instructed me. When I asked him:why did you give me what I do not understand, let me work with the actor, with the frame, I sculptor - will help you with visual part, he replied: See, I do not understand anything in the picture, I am weak in this respect , weak to work with the actor. November had two paintings by the sound assistant at Reisman and yet someone else, and the case is well know.So I can safely entrust it to you, you do not argue and do not cheat, I will always know where you were wrong, and so you will be in my hands, and I did not have any. And if I give you a job with the actor, I will be in your hands, because nothing I can explain.Allow myself to do what I can not do - and what I can do, - do you.In chemto wise decision, because the director, so that people had to do what he wants, really need to know all aspects of this complex art, called synthetic, which is composed, essentially speaking, several kinds of art, each of which is important to have a good understanding.We wrote the script for themselves and invented form, was invited to appear Okhlopkova, Stanitsyn, Geyrot and in August 1931 went to the Dnieper. It was the height of the construction of the Dnieper. The bulls were bred dam almost full, but not yet download the film догвиль and connected.We had to film in the most unlikely places of construction, and the case is literally hanging over the precipice of a few tens of meters. Macheret, I must tell you, suffered agoraphobia and height.Imagine yourself as this director, who had to lead shot, standing on a narrow plank, laid from one bull to another. And under him thirty meters below - Dnipro.


Macheret showed true heroism in these circumstances. Work it was incredibly difficult. Do not forget that we had to invent everything, we did not know.Our director, Nikolai Matrosov learned odinedinstvenny way to organize filming. Each week he traveled to Dnepropetrovsk and bought a box of cigarettes there.