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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


She, of course, I download the film догвиль and wanted to fit, as the author. This is so suited cutie. Said that she buried her face in the couch and cried softly, causing their silence and motionless pose perplexing Los. This is done for two reasons:Katchalov can not cry much, hysterically. Long learning. Occasion the author was too small to reach the hysteria. Natural and therefore more experience from simple tears. Scene scandal played too rough. When we download the film догвиль and started on the stage screaming, all came to the door and suddenly experience folk scene, unprepared. I broke these approaches.Scandal undertone noticed it coming, someone came running into the room, trying to pretend that he did not see. Then he ran out of the room as a military hero, then went to go visit the provincial gossip intrigued, curious.In his passes had to express what they like and accidentally come quietly spying and watch. In short, there was excitement, and it can be seen, although they try to hide it. Should first understand yourself, where, when, who goes, and then pinpoint each. It's long and boring.--- Notarius58 this actor, who he was playing when she goes on stage, takes conditionally senile gait. He was confident that the stage can not go easy. --- Today realized that the tone of this act and the play provincialism. Remote province with its devastating types and philistinism. January 14, 1905 The third act.Rehearsing in the lobby, an hour has been download the film догвиль and appointed to continue mise en scHne, three repeat all over again. Kaluga late. Was exceptionally busy with Poluninym59 for decorative pieces. Decorations detained. Today released the scene, and designers do not use it. Wasted. Oh, these props and these decorators!Began to rehearse playing cards and scenes Pyrkova and Ivanov. Were types. Rudakov that will play? If what is written in the author, this is unnecessary. Oh, these authors! Write platitudes offended by any remarks (pride and Chirikov least Gorky and naydenovskogo. Now they can not say nothing.How long has the same Chirikov dared dream to come to our theater. But now? Tempora mutantur {Times change. Ed.}) ... So, authors such as Chirikov, all persons speak the language and do not differ from each other. For example, why Rudakov teacher? But Chirikov wanted to draw teachers' way of life.Teacher it just because his wife says that he dreams calculations and Adach because Latin proverb says. In such cases, an actor has to do a great job, we have to create a role for the author, and, moreover, without a word, in one way, intonation, facial expressions and allusions.Word just in the way, as they are to any living person is not fit.


The main and the main actor for the calculation of the pauses, in the places where it is silent on how that will affect them between the lines. And as is often the case that the author wrote one, and created a much better actor, is quite different from what the author never dreamed of.Do you think that the public will decide the game and he will separate the actor and author.