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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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- Goodbye. It was over. Allen hoped Romy finally realized it. Smiling, he walked into the living room, where he waited for Natalie, Milos and Stefan. - Thank you for your liberation, approached him posledniy.Vy - my angel savior.Stefan Markovic appeared a tall blonde with enticing manner. Despite the somewhat ingratiating face, a young man like Alain. - We are good friends with Milos, he said Shtefanu.Ty also his friend, so you can count on my support. If you do not want vspominiat about the trial, did not tell me.But the young man wanted to share their memories of the successful process, and throughout the meal, they Milos described ass court spectators sitting in the audience and brought a replica of the speech, prosecutor and defense counsel.Stefan stopped and thank Alain and admire his bride, forgetting that first heard of her as a friend Milos. - We invite you to our celebration, I said goodbye Milos Alenu.My arrange a dinner in honor of the release of Stefan, be it the guest of honor. - Okay, I'll come, said the actor, and shook hands with both Yugoslavia.He helped Natalie to clear the table plate and asked - You like Stefan? - I think he is a good man, said carefully ona.No you sure that he is innocent of the theft? - What's the difference? I helped out in any way to another. Natalie did not mention about the wedding. What's the use? Allen has always done the way I wanted, but it matters only irritated him.In two weeks he flew to England, where he starred in Anthony Asquith. During telephone conversations with Natalie, he did not stop to admire the English director. Back in Paris, the actor often met with George Bohm held in the recent signing of a contract with Hollywood.- With you want and meet the representative of the studio, he once said Alenu.V what day it is more convenient to you and make an appointment ? - Anytime. The shooting was over, and I am absolutely free. With an assistant producer they met for dinner in "Maxim".He recited a long Delon film scripts in which he offered to participate. Looking at the menu list of dessert dishes, he asked the actor: - I think you look forward to meeting with the bride, Romy Schneider? - No, our relations are over, calmly replied Alen.Ya go to America with his wife. She is expecting a baby, and I do not want to part with it.- Great news! You can not imagine how important it is for your image. In America, a thriving cult of the family. Watch the film dogvil in excellent quality online. You introduced me to his wife? - Yes of course. Let and to invite you to dinner next week. - Thank you.Allen returned home and called Natalie - Girl, where are you? When she came to him, he asked: - Are you feeling okay? I do not mind a little walk? - With pleasure, I said ona.Poydem in Monceau park? - A little bit later. First Zayed shop.Natalie in the day in the morning dizzy, and she did not find out what they need to and call in to the shop. Along the way, Allen said: - We go for your wedding dress. - Are you serious?