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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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- Hello, M. Messing, - went in, greeted the woman. - My name is Lily Poitiers. Here is a picture of my son. It is at the front since March last year. He regularly wrote, but after four months no letters. I am very worried, M. Messing.Maybe you can help me ... - She put on the table a photo of a young man. Wolf rubbed his face with his hands and took a photo. Long viewed. Then he looked at his visitor, then looked at the photo.Then put it on the table close to the woman he stood up, walked to the window and said there deaf weary voice: - I'm sorry, Madame of Poitiers, but I have to tell you bad news: your son is dead. - He was killed? - Crestfallen woman asked.- I do not know ... he's dead ... probably killed ... killed since the war ... - Thank you, sir Messing. - Madam Poitiers took the photo, hid it in a small beaded bag and stood up. And suddenly I stumbled and almost fell, but managed to grab his hand behind his chair. - You feel bad?- Abruptly turned to her and started messing support a woman, but she willed stay on his feet and strictly said: - Thank you ... do not have anything ... ... I myself - and walked slowly to the door. Wolf watched her meal and the death was reflected in his face.Madame Poitier went out, but a moment later the door opened and in walked the doctor's office strongly Abel - You look at yourself - it's the devil knows what! - He said angrily. - You're exhausting yourself to the utmost! Tomorrow speech - how you will conduct performance, you think? You will fall down, and it will end hospital, Wolf!And performance? If you fly a contract, you know what will have to pay a penalty? - I can not deny it, you do not understand this, and another doctor - wearily said Messing. - People grief ... You look out of the office, look at how many of them sitting there. And all is not reduced by the evening it will be twice as much! You go mad with such work!And if you make a mistake? They devour you - no police did not protect. After all, the probability of error with this number of objects will increase with each passing day. Do not you understand that? You know how much money has gone to pay for your studies by different professors? In Vladychko, Regensburg, Orlovsky, think!And you work for free - stupid generosity! Do you know that all terribly expensive? - What is more expensive? - Wolf asked fearfully. - All, damn you! Bread! Meat! Coffee! Vegetables! Milk! And our fees are miserable, do not you understand? - Abel rested his hands on the table, staring into the eyes of Wolf. Download the film dogvil.- You need to relax, Wolf. Otherwise, your abilities will come to naught ... you will work worse and worse ... Those damn photographs, letters ... How much can you? - But people in despair - Wolff said. - They're waiting for help ... they hope to ... - waiting for help? I hope? - Angrily asked Abel. - And who was shouting "Hurrah! Hurrah! "Those who rejoiced when the war started?Who threw flowers under foot soldiers marching to the front? I squeal with delight!