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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Fixes the value of the object or phenomenon quality that exists in them objectively, in communications, relations, interactions.This is the ideal, spiritual form of crystallization of social experience. The place is home to a value - the head of the individual. But at the same value - by all. During the socialization of people get it from others in finished form.Priceless gift of previous generations, however, is tricky gift, because not only enriches, but also limits the scope of the development of human experience kulturnoistoricheskogo particular society."The point," that is a personal relation of the individual to society resulting from the system of values, plays the role of tolerances and allowances, specifications, developed relationships to one or the other part of the social experience. In art, the tension between meaning and sense are allowed with a special performance.A work of art, as a way to release the artist's own "sense" is our common readership, viewers through to him. Chapter Seven. IMAGE HOW INEQUALITY Recently, in a discussion of Cinematography, soared phrase, catchy as the slogan: "The television picture - not a picture." For the uninitiated, sounds absurd.No image - so what? I do not sound right? The subject obonyaniyaosyazaniya? Everything was more difficult. Subject of view, but not pictorial composition. As if the object itself, not processed by human intervention. Picture waiting for us in a painting, in part, perhaps, shot a feature film.But flattened, inverted image of the world, which is projected through the retina of our eyes - what is this picture? And the TV - it is download the film догвиль and likened to a window. What is seen behind glass - the objects themselves, their form, and not the image. The style of documentary information affects, obviously, the rest telerepertuar:in plays and television canceled angles and optical effects, the operator prohibit "self-expression" and "handle" reality. You just only, without further ado, capture, copy, record the fact that, under the plan and the plan, appears before the camera lens. She is!Good old- fashioned, is not tenable, but tenacious and harmful concept of electronic printing press. It should be download the film догвиль and noted, however, that the particular high demand from the image was apparently presented to us as a model. He, however, download the film догвиль and argued for art and rebelled against kopiizma. "You can not draw a dog with a dog - he wrote.- Because in this case the verb "to draw" had to be replaced by the verb "to show". Depict a dog can be with a pencil and paint in the drawing and painting, clay, wood, marble in sculpture, a man or a doll - in the theater.That is always with another material download the film догвиль and treated in such a way that the image download the film догвиль and evoked perceiving certain associations, which can create in his mind the image of a dog.


" The semantic difference between "picture" and "show" reveals the existence of art in the effect of three components:? spheres representing;?areas of the image;? fact that these areas are not identical: the identity of the expression to the plan of the content leads to a "show" and not the "image." All true, but it would be too easy if nonidentity spheres necessarily rested against the difference of materials.Yes, wooden doll depicts Kashchei Immortal, live actor in the theater is dead davnymdavno Prince of Denmark, a marble boulder comes alive in eye, transformed into a sculpture, strokes on the canvas wrapped zavorazhivaayuschim landscape with the smell of the wind, damp grass, a blue haze horizon ...However, lemon, lying in a shop window,? just shows the authorized representative of citrus.