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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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And yet strictly speaking, the whole assembly can be seen as a cinema uninterrupted change of size. That is what is most significant effect in the installation.Changing the size in deep frames is achieved by moving the actor to the machine, the sudden departure and the simultaneous movement of the camera. These three methods each have their advantages and defects.The strength of the mounting method is that you can sharply and suddenly in the acting scene, highlight the desired close and look into the detail you need - what with panoramic film is almost completely excluded.But the advantage of panorama shooting with the way the movement is that you can long, most scenes were shot in one piece: 50, 100, even 150 meters are not a limit.Big stage can be and considered in the same breath, creating a movement of the camera required a change in the point of view of the scenery, watching the actors and at the same time changing their size, if you are using the principle of deep staging. Here are three methods of shooting.We could give you examples of mise en scene, but each of them will require a lot of time. Let me give you just one example of the "Russian question". In the "Russian question" there are a few cases of deep staging in conjunction with the movement of the camera. For example, a piece when Smith comes home from McPherson. He denied the printing of the book.In the bedroom - Meg and Jessie. The scene is long, about 120 meters. The camera takes the front frame and makes a simple passage from the general plan to the window. Directions almost continuously. On the way there are a pouf, sofa, which are cleaned, table and various other items. Starts with a plan included Smith, who sits on the couch.To it runs up from the depths of Meg. They form the largest group in front. In the depths of Jesse rushes. She then comes very close to him, then goes back, immediately opening frame. The camera pulls up to him. Smith gets up, remains the largest Jesse, whose dispute with Meg - close-up. The camera passes by Meg - the general plan. In the frame of Jesse Smith enters.The camera goes to Jesse closeup window. All movements are meaningful: if the camera is going well - Jesse walks like this - Meg alike. - Smith goes out of frame and fits in here. Thus the movement of the actors or counter with the camera or leaving from the camera;it stands quite close-up actor, then after that the actor turns out from the frame, and opens to the general terms of the other moving actor. The camera continues to go - another actor sits pas sofa.Thanks to this simple fare of 100 meters has not appeared dull and you do not notice that it is long - 5-6 inside close-ups, medium 5-6, a common initial and one final.

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So, this scene is mounted inside due to the movements of the actors, although it is removed in one piece.Just filmed many scenes in the "Great Citizen" Ermler, with less use of sharp movements of the actors from the machine and the machine; there is a change of size is achieved mainly due to the movement of the camera in the "Russian question" - mainly due to a sharp movement of the actors.