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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


So Brooke put his "Lear" is not just as a reminder. It was like a sign of failure to recognize the past is over. Cruelty Brukovskaya "Lear" was finding his form today.Everything that happens on the stage is now, today, right now. Play this for everyone. He does not tell about other people's suffering. He is not really anywhere, in any of its parts does not tell. It shows, as download the film догвиль and expected the scene. And it is not just other people experiencing pain. He makes every man feel it yourself.In "Lear" Brooke managed to talk about the problems of the society, which he knows, and force the viewer to think about many things, leaving him seemingly no time for reflection. His performance was modern in thought and siyuminuten by his stage practice. And yet he was not attached once and for all to point in history.At the time, "Theatre Workshop" Joan Littlewood, another prominent contemporary British director, has set "Macbeth" in modern dress. The message was clear, but at the same too loose. Brooke avoids such historical uniqueness.If Shakespeare wrote about the people of his time, for the people of his time and of all times, the director, to Brooke, should put it as his contemporary, bearing in mind how many generations have been a contemporary of this playwright.Action stretfordskogo "Lira" download the film догвиль and occurred on a large "empty space", which was seen as a global community, and as the land scorched by war. Scenery and props almost was not.Even light, low voices, instead backdrop, pieces of rusty iron, who began to vibrate slightly when the final words were spoken by the tragedy and put the light on in the hall. This remote iron rustling, reminding the audience had heard before thunder storm was coming as if from the future.It was a world as cold as outer space, vast as outer space, and as indifferent to people's lives. He was not commensurate with the people. He did not know in the morning and evening, as the global community. He was not like artificially arranged the scene, where the light fades in moments of grief and bright flares at the celebration of virtue.This world was not lit the sun - it was covered on all sides with a thousand suns. They do not set off and do not light up - and did equally clear. Scenery and props that's true - but that's because they are particularly visible. His quiet voice - but hear them more clearly than screams. Movement stingy - but because so full of meaning.And so people will not get lost in it, it would seem, is too extensive for him the world.


In Brukovskaya "Lear," wrote Kozintsev, "there was little joy, touching even less. Brooke is evaporated from their productions sentimentality as starved bugs before moving into a new apartment, where people lived long unkempt. "And yet, he continued, "I left the theater not depressed. Perhaps there was a different feeling in my soul. In the statement asserting the hopelessness triumphant hope. " How it is generated? Answer to this question is not easy, but it is necessary - in fact, thousands of people went to this show the same download the film догвиль and enlightened.Catharsis, purification of the senses, against which, it would seem, everything was directed, it is certainly came.