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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


And the entire pavilion is the interior of the church, which was worn by very young Igor Ilyinsky. The movie was Yakov Protazanov "Feast of St. Jorgen."I sat high in the woods, and my run was arc lighting - pyatisotke. I was to follow closely the coals to burn and does not blink. Occupation that was not easy, but familiar to me, since, working as a projectionist, I used to dealing with coal.But coal and then blinked, shook his fist at the bottom operator, and on his lips, I saw that my address is not flying very flattering expression. We often worked together with my new friend from Novorossiysk, Lenya Trotsky, whom became friends immediately on his arrival in Moscow. But after the shooting incident at Lena refused to work. What happened next.We sat in the woods nearby, and everyone sweating over his instrument, as best he could. Leon tried very hard "not to blink", but nothing happened - the damned instrument winked at the wrong time. The operator gave him a fist threateningly and made a gesture with his foot, pointing at the one place that can not be doubted:With another flash, you have to take off from the studio. Lenya, poor, tried my best, but after the exclamation director: "Camera! Started "- pyatisotke just went out. Leon did not wait for the secondary eloquent gesture in his address and began to climb down from the scaffolding down.When he went down, and upset and download the film догвиль and ashamed, left the pavilion, he noticed a thick cable, hooked it and download the film догвиль and pulled over the ill- fated device. Pyatisotke covered it. A wild cry. All rushed and removed Trotsky from the poor bloody bruises on his head. He was so frightened that he be download the film догвиль and expelled from the studio, that pain is not felt at all. Terrified operator rushed to the scene, and not to swear, and download the film догвиль and hugged and comforted Lenya. Leon miraculously survived, but it is certainly the studio it was fired. We often shoot in the crowd. We were paid "big", according to our understanding, the money. After all, in Moscow had firmly secured in thirty - forty cents a day. Approaching trial.All terribly nervous, even the well-worn "repeaters", which was enough. But they conducted themselves - especially in the beginning, before the test - as it did as students. Teachers called not only as Ivan, Tolia, Sasha, as if to be with them on the short leg. Look online. In college and then came the famous director, to take away the children to the shooting.Back then, they chose to do it themselves. We download the film догвиль and looked at them as a people descended from Olympus. Pudovkin Protazanov Eisenstein. Oh my God. Eisenstein! As he passed us, he suddenly greeted me, shook my hand, patted him on the shoulder to ask something, but, obviously, seeing that took me to another, she simply said, "Well, how are you?"- And went on. I download the film догвиль and decided that it was the destiny in the face of the famous director said I was ... I've always been a dreamer. Hurt someone asked, "Why did not you say that to know him?" I said nothing. I did not say that this is just a mistake, a fluke. Testing began with photography skills.