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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


In the mid-80's new cable channels (Discovery Channel, Arts and Entertainment, Turner Broadcasting, Home Box Office documentary filmmakers have provided new opportunities not only as sponsors, but also as a market for finished goods.Negotiations are under way to create a separate channel, which will focus only on documentary projects. The authors of this idea became Mort Silverstein, Will Sloan, and the foundations of development and research. In Europe the situation is favorable.First, all European television networks, especially German ones, are more open to independent proposals for joint production of documentaries. Second, the British broadcasting system in recent years has become actively involved in the cooperation of independent filmmakers.Channel 4, as everyone knows, was opened specifically for independent authors and fully or partially financed many projects. Search for a place in the sun, or the idea of ​​offering a finished movie on TV, you can just write a letter to the TV station. But it's better to address it to a specific department or program.For example, on public television PBS has four programs that are cooperating with independent authors. First, the "Nova" - Science and Technology series. Topics vary from chemical fertilizers to a new version of the Dead Sea. "Nova" is based WGBH, which is also the founder of the "front lines."Main topics - politics and world events. This means that today, you will show the events in the Middle East, and the next day you can see a documentary about Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill. "The American Experience" tells the story of American history, from the American Revolution to the present.The program demonstrated and classic films, and experimental, like Mikhail Orlov conflicting views on the U.S. position with regard to the Holocaust. The fourth program - "Point of View" - platform for experimentation and informals.It should be noted that PBS produces newsletter for independent producers "Independent Producer's Kit", which can be download the film догвиль and ordered by mail at: PBS Development Office, 609 Fifth Avenue, New York, NYThe need to focus there and download the film догвиль and abroad, when you, for example, applying the BB Like most commercial networks in the U.S. Air Force for many years was closed to outsiders. But thanks to pressure governments of Margaret Thatcher, the British Air Force and commercial television have download the film догвиль and opened the door for independent producers.Under the new law, the broadcaster should receive 25% of their products from outside sources. As the BBC produces over two hundred hours of documentary films a year, they have a lot of work. Air Force is divided into two parts: VVS1 and the BBC both download the film догвиль and involved in the production of documentary films.Despite the fact that the central office is located at the Air Force Air Force TV Center, Wood Lane, London W12, Head documentary is elsewhere: BBC, Kensington House, Richmond Way, London W When in doubt, send your message to the last address.BBC documentary production changed over the years, but is now among the main projects are the following: o "Forty Minutes": films about strange characters and unusual hobbies, always with humor.