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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Operator to the central chamber you charge rent for long size plans start when dancing the whole company, and the general plans of dance soloists.The right and left chambers must remove common and average plan soloists, and most importantly - the beginning of each next number in the plot of dance out the next couple or group. Dance drama includes pieces when only dance soloists, and moments when the dance involves the entire chorus with soloists.Operators carried out your all filmed to be mounting. Piece of music, a dance which artists also contains different pieces. Some of them are performed by the full orchestra, and other specific groups of tools. During the development of the music change the rhythm and character of the sound.As a director, during installation, and operators must be able to shooting feel and character of the music according to it to take pictures, use different speeds arrivals and departures, we pan, change the size of frames. Then, in the hands of director can turn out to be a full- fledged graphic material.Suppose that the shooting was perfect, operators have successfully completed their task director. .; Music begins with the assumption that performs the entire orchestra. Dance starts output of all the performers. Logically, if you open the most extensive long-range action plan for the entire scene with full participation.Then the music starts solo group of instruments, and in the middle of a scene out a pair of soloists in active motion. Suggests itself to the growth of the general plan of the artists and their further consolidation. But then the question is, at what point in the music and in motion to begin the second frame?You can combine the beginning of the first chord to the beginning of the frame, if at this point there is a join in the dance artists: jump or a download the film догвиль and marked movement during the occupation of the position to the beginning of the dance. You can start a second image with the first jump, which must match the kakimto emphasis in music.Your decision depends on progress in the development of music and dance from the process. Arbitrary arrangement joint staff is unacceptable. Look for an option of such a combination. Only then can we achieve a download the film догвиль and certain elegance in zvukozritelnom installation. Ends with a dance number of soloists.Not bad, if the operator was able to remove an average plan their final performances as a reward for performing artists and showed their jubilant faces. This plan can last exactly as long until the next piece of music. The beginning of the third issue is not on the plan can sound with the artists previous number. Again, you have to take a creative solution: how and where to start the next frame. Well, if the artists can serve as a bow end of the second frame and the beginning of the third piece of music in the image coincides with the beginning of an active movement in the frame.With such an approach combining image and sound the audience will feel that you are following the course of music, leads a kind of "musical" installation.