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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Hitchcock movie introduces a mental image.This means that it converts the object relations in the image, which not only adds to obrazampertseptsiyam, obrazamdeystviyam and obrazamperezhivaniyam, but also crop, and transforms them. Hitchcock there are "pieces" of a new type: it shapes thought.In fact, the mental image of itself require any special characters that do not match with the signs obrazadeystviya. Often noticed that detectives Hitchcock played only a minor role and that the indices are of little importance. But Hitchcock developed original characters, according to two types of relations, natural and abstract.In accordance with the natural ratio of one term refers to another within their usual series so that everyone can "interpret" a different: it checks;but in any case it is possible that one of the terms "pop up" beyond the canvas and comes at a time when he falls out of the series, or come into conflict with it, and in this case we are talking about removing the labels.Therefore, it is important that the terms were quite common to first could separate at least one of them: how Hitchcock said, the birds of the same movie to be ordinary. Some cases where Hitchcock used this method, gained fame:for example, in the film "Reporter-17" mill, whose wings are rotated in the opposite direction of wind, or the plane - a spray of chemicals from the film "North by Northwest" - that appears where there fertilize the fields.It also includes and a glass of milk, which is lit from the inside, and therefore becomes suspicious, and the key is not climbing to the castle in the movie "In the case of the murder dial M".Sometimes the removal of labels is very slow, as in "blackmail", where we ask ourselves, why deystvitel1 can be seen as expressions of " augmented instability image" Hitchcock and the "strange equilibrium" as a limit, "conditional on fundamental flaw" human nature.276 Gilles Deleuze Cinema 1 Obrazdvizhenie 277 but the buyer cigars normally involved in an ordinary series "client - select - training - lighting a match," or is the main blackmailer, enjoying a cigar and his ritual for this time to provoke the young couple.On the other hand, according to the abstract relations, we call character is not an abstraction, but a concrete object, employee support different relationships or variations of the same character's relationships with other characters, or with himself. "In the movie "The Ring," a symbol - a bracelet, the "Thirty-nine Steps" - handcuffs, a "window into the yard" - a wedding ring. Remove the label can be the same characters! most clearly seen in the "notoriety": one of the spies a bottle excites emotion, and thus it "pops" outside the natural series of "wine - cellar - dinner";and the key to the cellar, which holds the heroine squeezed his hand, is the bearer of relations maintained with her own husband, whom she stole the key, with his own lover, whom she is going to deliver, and with its own task, which consists in finding that is located in the cellar.We see that one and the same thing, depending on the manner in which it is download the film догвиль and included, can function as a symbol or as removing the label.In "The Birds" is the first gull, catch the heroine, is a phenomenon of removing the label, because it is by force leaves the series, combining it with their own biological species, with man and nature.But thousands of birds, when all their views together, - birds, caught in the process of training, attack and break, are a symbol: it is not an abstraction or a metaphor, and real birds in the literal sense of the word, but shows an download the film догвиль and inverted image of the relationship with nature and the natural way relationships between people.Removing labels and symbols on the surface level may resemble indexes: in fact they are radically different and the indices are two major types of signs of the mental image.