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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


But favelas continue to grow. And next - skyscrapers, steel and glass, windows and car crazy storm. But not only Latin American city provide food for contrasting spectacle of wealth, the industrial power and poverty. The same can be said of, say, about Chicago, about LosAndzheles, about New York.In large cities, communities of slums - the dirty, poor, unhealthy and dangerous. Poverty and despair generate offense. In large cities, gang violence, murder, rape, robbery, theft are common. Crime unheard younger.More years ago tridtsatsorok average age prestupnikaretsidivista, rapist or murderer was ten years higher than today. Criminals are children. And it is certainly this huge city, suffocating in carbon monoxide, in the soot and smoke - is the front part of the modern world. Its reverse side - the so- called third world.In this world, most of humanity lives. This world is made up of almost half hungry, half-literate and barefoot people. In India and Pakistan, live seven hundred million people. This world has for centuries been powerless, his robbers fleeced to the bone. He was treated as a working cattle. Now the centuries-old colonial system collapsed.But the gap was too large: on the one hand - brilliant technique, powerful industry, modernized industry, the flow of goods, high quality of life on the other - hundreds of millions of half- naked, hungry, illiterate people.Country becomes independent, and people rightly expect that when the hated whites leave, golden rain will fall. But until golden rain is still very far away. Need to build industry. Must be taught to read and write. We must feed, clothe people and give them what they see every day at the Europeans:watches, shirts, pants, magazines that they can read at home, in which to live. And for all that need capital and capital of the no. The lower level of literacy, the harder and hopeless poverty, the more children are born, and the population of the Third World is growing uncontrollably fast.Schools to do more, but the literacy rate is not increased, because people do more, and the population is growing faster than the school grow. A statistic. In some download the film догвиль and Latin American countries, the average level of education is less than two classes. Of course, there is both students and professors, and scientists. There are many people who have graduated from the school.But the vast majority can only hardly write his name. National income per capita in the developing world is growing so slowly that each year, statistics amends sad quality.In the fifties, it was thought that the main countries of the third world average per capita income equals the current European average of approximately two thousandth year - which means that the two thousandth year people will get what they get European in 1950. The third world will be off by 50 years.But now, after fifteen years, calculated that the delay will be no less than seventy-five years.


If the population growth rate will remain the same, the gap of living standards will be even greater.