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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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We can instantly break the frame to give the line "severyug" and then go back to "zapadvostok." .7 Shows the relation in the frame and moving in the space of plans. Moving the line of interest can lead to any of the three main camera position.In this case, we chose a central plan, where there is no dominant actors. Moving attention is easily achieved by the fact that the actors stop looking at each other and turn their heads are full to the point outside of the frame to the left. We break off the frame to show the frame 4, where the actor makes it a sign with his hand.Again breaks the frame to give the plan 5, where two actors and A stop looking to the left of the frame, and are once again facing each other. We are now on the side of the line of interest, where we can again come under the reverse plan.Our two main actors were swapped in the frame and this change has gone unnoticed due to the instantaneous change of the poles of interest. Mounting this episode the following: Plans 2-1-3-1-3-1-3-2-4-5-4-5-6-7-6-7-5-6-7 In this case, moments of intense stress dialogue insulated from each other.To motivate visual pause, enter the relationship between the main character and the object breaks. Sometimes the object of the following visual pause previously announced in the dialogue. 149,148 pauses between dialogue with each static dialogues heavy for visual perception. They require highly stimulating moments of attention.But and thus create dialogue that it comprises small pieces of text, not carrying information between sharp moments is very difficult, primarily because it is necessary and provide the same quality and both of them at the same time show the logical and natural connection between acute moments and thesewithout pieces of information. The solution here is: do without it frazsvyazok, and replace them with pauses, showing only moments of intense stress in the dialogue. Visual pause, to which sometimes resorted to enhance the quality of the scene without harming content moments of intense stress.For example, David Lin at the beginning of "Doctors of the Living" uses this technique: The film begins with the fact that Yevgraf looks out the window of his office. Crowds of workers going to the central hydroelectric. Yevgraf talking with his assistant, recalling the worst moments of the revolution.Plan short people going to work on hydroelectric Yevgraf reports that he met some political Woman among workers. Short-reaching plan for people to work. Girl near the office Yevgraf, knocking, then he takes it. Points 3, 5, 7 are part of the same scene, showing three important points for dialogue.If they shoot continuously scene, words that connect moments of tension could relax the audience.

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Visual pause inserted as follows: workers go to the power plant. ISO .7 triangular arrangement on the other side of the line of interest.In this case, the instantaneous change of direction is used to move the plan. Richard Brooks film "Professionals" gives the following example: Lee Marvin takes Mr Grant, the owner of the private railway.