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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Impact frame - five seconds of silence - again blow - pause - again, again and again blow ... And, indeed, happen audience, Does the country amounted to, whether professional or geographic affiliation is much overlapping usual variety of impressions.Where just laughed, laughed a lot, or frantically laughed, suddenly - smile, polite ... posheptyvanie distressing signal. You do not have to try before the next piece - anyway you will not be able to stir them. And you can not expect your questions - this joy lecturer this opportunity melted improvisation with erudition. Questions will not.Will dry very short applause. Spectators gathered in the newly built Palace of Congresses, the audience were the most demanding level. But they looked a picture for the first time, and she was not one of those that opened immediately.And I felt that getting ahead of others in their assimilation reaction that caught the thread where the neighbor to the right and left neighbors still dazzled, not knowing which of the flashing frame, which of its parts incorporated most important and what should be left side as a circumlocution.And then, to his surprise, I began to laugh, because the film would turn comic, fun its side. And around reigned focused, cautious silence.In the opinion of Fellini pieces unlived displaced inward life given the right to exist on a par with the act, and in chemto were even more interesting, more fun for the artist, rather than actions, the more everyday acts committed by inertia. We are not used to it.This carnivalesque inversion of "low", "small", "hopeless personal", this adjustment layer with a high, solemn, formal living standards, the attempt to link these areas circuited threatened, in our perception, explosion. The explosion happened.Played a small circus orchestra, and the boy Guido, the future film director, hero of the film, entered the arena and remained in the spotlight ... Merry carnival, universal celebration of all his friends and acquaintances, which - with the tragic inability to fulfill dreams - dreams of the poor Guido Anselmi , broke off a quiet, sad, naive note.We have been applauded. Thankfully, but somehow lost. With a sense of celebration, but do not understand - whether it is appropriate? The next day was a press conference, and Fellini on it was very different. He already knew that the film is a success, that the arrival of his very glad that the rumors about the intrigues - nonsense.He looked cheerful, good sleep and answered questions easily, polite, friendly. And there was one point on which he beat very often. - My hero - not an angel - said on.- And the only justification for the fact that I made it the main character, is that I know him very well.Never before, in any of my work, I did not try to keep a story about yourself.

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"8 1/2" - the first and hopefully last time. I peered into his soul with the closely what he could endure. Perhaps I would be disgusted, and I'll do other topics other people. The questions were different - softer and harder.