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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


- Wake up. Wake up, Dave, wake up. He opened his eyes and download the film Золотая Лихорадка Аляска 3 сезон and stared at me. - Come on, boy Try to get up. I got a car, go to the hospital. Here you will be patched up. He download the film Золотая Лихорадка Аляска 3 сезон and tried to climb over-haste, as if all he had in order. And, from a sharp yelp of pain, leaned toward me.Now, however, I was able to dovoloch his semi-erect, to the car, crossed into the passenger seat and seat koekak. - Oh, Uncle Ted - he kept repeating. - Uncle Ted, Uncle Ted. - Chsh! I have to focus on the fucking machine. - The role-playing lapdog - faltering, like a drunkard, a language he said. - What? - The ... steering ... column. Wipers. There.Benefits of janitors was however still ride turned into a nightmare.The road was floating most horrible way, something is deeply entrenched in the memory over and over again made me when I wanted to slow down the speed, press on the clutch, but the only pedal, which is tucked under my leg, ran the brakes, and I drove her to the floor, causing "Mercedes , "to the dismay of all the howling of other machinery, began to roll, lifting spray, exactly on the waterskiing. My groaning and swearing seem amused David, retained the ability to think enough to tell me the way to the hospital, "the Norfolk and Norwich." Only when we drove up to the door of the Department of Traumatology, it came to me, What is the consequence for us to visit the hospital.Michael had the right to expect that I will get out of the story so that neither his name nor the names kogolibo of his family members were not download the film Золотая Лихорадка Аляска 3 сезон and included in the paper. I turned to David: - What would be the explanation I have given, Davy, you have to remember them and repeat. Got it? He looked at me: - What? - I'll tell you who you are and what download the film Золотая Лихорадка Аляска 3 сезон and happened to you.Turn not from my explanation nor one syllable. Do you understand? We are not going to implicate the story Clara? Yes, and your parents, if possible. - What are you going to say? - From me to hell, to know, my dear boy? Who's he? A man in a bright yellow plastic jacket knuckles rapped out the window on my side.Not knowing how to open the window, I download the film Золотая Лихорадка Аляска 3 сезон and opened the door, and that with such force pushed wretch, that he fell into a puddle.


I got out of the car and download the film Золотая Лихорадка Аляска 3 сезон and rushed to his aid. - I'm sorry ... Excuse me, for God's sake. Oh God, oh God. You are all wet. - Here the machine is not allowed, - he said, ignoring this trifling incident. - Only the "first aid".- So we need for emergency care, - I said. - Also, I do not know how to park. I'll leave the car here and you pritknite kudanibud her, okay? - Chegochego? I walked around the hood and download the film Золотая Лихорадка Аляска 3 сезон and helped Davey out of the car. - Hey! - Shouted the man. - I'm not going to ...Then he saw the red handkerchief, sandwiched between the legs Davy, and word of reproach froze on his lips. - You better hurry - he said. - I will drive away the car behind the building. I get the keys in the booth. How much we hear about nonsense liberalnonogo appalling state of the NHS.Queues, shortage of medicines, low morale - we necessarily absorb idiotic trepotnyu, which we are treated daily by professionals disenchanted, humorless, smug drochily leftist.Even the skeptical old reactionary like me voleynevoley falls under the influence of such conversations and begins to imagine that all the institutions hopelessly clogged with NHS patients who are lying in the corridors on straw mattresses, waiting for the frazzled, a hundred years old on vacation Dr. boyhood years to come and tell them : fastened.Nothing like that.