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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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She seemed very lonely, and at first John thought Pryce growing up without a mother. Somehow she called and said she did not go with them to the movies, because my dad forbade her. Surrounded by the children he was at the theater when she appeared vsetaki. - Release?- John was delighted. - Yes, my mother persuaded him, saying that I should not miss this chance - she innocently posted. So John found out that the girl has a mother who makes a bet on it. And that again went heart. It was sad to her. Of course, it remains infinitely good, but firmly in mind - no weaknesses.And she began to seek more and more appear in his company, realizing that it is prestigious. When the service life has expired, John said goodbye to her like a sister. Then he started shooting. He had forgotten about it. Therefore, a letter received by him during a break between films, was a complete surprise.Parents are asked Pryce bluntly if we can come to visit my daughter to John and his father for the holidays. He was very surprised, and most importantly, immediately understood the reason - he became a star, and his income is constantly increasing. In the evening, John came with a letter to his father. He read it, rubbed his forehead with his hand and said: - Son, she is a sweet girl. You were friends.You do not even like , and patronize it was once. Let him come, eh? It will be at the grandmother. This will not affect your career. John again, hearing the word, thought bitterly. Careers. Only career. Caring for her was the main even for his father. No one is absolutely not interested in his human feelings. - To answer them myself, Daddy.Let him come. When he came to himself, John went up into my mother's room, the key to which was kept only for him. When the house clean, he opened and closed it. A large photograph hanging on the wall opposite the window. There still feel my mother's scent. Or is he just felt? Sitting on the couch in front of a portrait of John complained:- Here, Mom, Aunt Faye always said that the twins happy. And where it is - happiness? Even the Pope - netnet, I'm not complaining - I think first of all about my career. Now this girl. It could be my sister and her parents chat about my wife. But look mother was distant and deep. She could not and respond to his son.Yes, he actually did not expect. Downstairs, John found in the living room, Charlie, Red's and Joe. - Boss - Red began and stopped. - What's wrong? Something happened? Red was not a bit, but knowing his boss with small nails, immediately felt a change. - Only nice. Charlie, do you remember Pryce? Joe, do you? Both nodded, looking questioningly.- She comes here to stay for the holidays.

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I ask you to provide it with appropriate honors. - Why do you need it? - Just punched Red. - Razgovorovto will. Colonel react to her visit without enthusiasm, will and compel career.John winced - wittingly or unwittingly Red so disrespectfully cost with the word "career"? - Career ... - Joe said thoughtfully. - Where did they disappear. Contract. How does it perceive Anne? - The Lord is with her, Anne - quietly, as if lost in thought, said Charlie - tyto glad?