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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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In response to a speech I immediately refused Isolde Orville amazement and disgust at what else access to my face. Should respond as though Davey told me vsegonavsego on a fascinating trip to the sea. - So that's what happened that night - I said. - Yes.This night. Now on the face of Davy appeared wistful smile - the memory of true love. - I understand, some may find it repulsive - Davey continued. - I want to and say - a man and a horse. But they do not see the connection between life, nature and grace. In fact, it was the most natural thing in the world.I hastened to agree with him, and Davy again leaned back, pleased to have found someone to share his secret. How does all this had an effect on the mother, reptile you my Darling? Well, Mother incensed that your pot of milk delivered in the kiln.If this fifteen-year-faun with curved eyelashes and lips, as if saying "take me now," is the future of the British medicine and if even a word about this will come out - a lot of people line up to his place of healing. - A Michael Ann. Your parents. They do not know about this ...- I searched the expression poneytralnee - on this side of your healing? Davy shook his head: - It would have alarmed them. Dad, I think just proud of me. He appreciates my gift. And my mother is frightened, I see. I know it is the truth, I thought, would be so scared a lot stronger. Here it is, and here I sit.All this power overflows its fleecy scrotum - and fat deposition, underlying my aorta and waiting when they cleaned. Dear Darling, I've always tried to be honest with you. I told you about the episode in a nightclub Finsberipark when I lick with a given sperm.I bravely and bluntly told about pederasty, tie me hand and foot, in his apartment on GaydparkGeytUlitsa on southwest London, where many embassies are located. and strive pootkusyvat me nipples.I frankly admitted that allowed gorillepolitseyskomu of New York City and whip me in the legs with a towel, calling her a pig and a slave. To be honest, and now - I confess that even if doctors diagnosed me very real angina pectoris, I still did not hesitate to pretend that he was sick of it.God, we have to agree, it is able to show an amazing kindness. When I was a priest - and I'm willing to admit first that I was attracted to the church but the bells and smells, chalices, censers and singing antiphonal - that believed God capricious arguer.Here I am, a zealous and eager to serve, and now this nasty, nasty Bible - a book I had not set high, keeps talking about how I cursed and dirty tricks.

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So I was radradeshenek resign and jerk away from the altar, never to come back to it.But - and you, darling, to look into the most hidden corners of my soul, know that better than anyone else - in the life of Mother existed and what we can call a Void.I exhausted myself, I fought my fist for the downtrodden of the world, I put my talent at the service immensely important things, I attached - unlike Wallis - efforts to ensure that lead a decent life.