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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Initially, the authorities faced a delay of his dismissal through his fingers;but one day, willfully taking the jeep to go to the next meeting, Allen ran into serious trouble service. But even after that, a passion for adventure Alain has not download the film Золотая Лихорадка Аляска 3 сезон and disappeared. Walking through the streets of Paris, the young man looked at the counter girls. Noting their interest in him, he smiled, but did not go further than that.Now he download the film Золотая Лихорадка Аляска 3 сезон and cared more: Will he ever living creature from your list of people? Delon main hopes pinned on Pierre Beauvais, clerk of the bank. With the help of Allen hoped to get a seat carrier.On the more he wanted, as even a secondary education was given to him with a huge effort - not because of lack of ability, but because he had never had any desire to learn science. He never for a moment regretted the lack of a diploma, as was the opportunity to replace the really see the world.Having download the film Золотая Лихорадка Аляска 3 сезон and strayed from the narrow streets, Allen found a two-story house, where he lived Bove. Climbing up to the second floor, the young man did not find the door bell and knocked. There was no answer. He knocked again. There was a rustle, the door a crack and the crack Alain stared kakayato woman. - What do you want? - She said frostily.- I'm looking for Pierre Pierre Beauvais. - This loafer not live here anymore. I threw him out - a woman download the film Золотая Лихорадка Аляска 3 сезон and opened the door completely. It was a fat woman in a yellow dress with a tattered hem. - Oh, I'm sorry to bother you, ma'am, - Alain had turned to leave. - Wait, the guy - called him a woman. - Why do you Pierre? - This is my first day in Paris.I thought he would help me find a job. The woman nodded, staring at the young man. His handsome face and a military uniform made her a favorable impression. - My name is Genevieve. If you have nowhere to stay, you can spend the night with me, she suggested, holding a torn hem.Not at all pleased at the prospect, Allen took a step from the door and almost fondly remembered his new house. - Thank you, Genevieve. I have already found a room. Now I need a job. The woman was disappointed, but was not resentful. - I do not know where Pierre, but the work will help you.Go down to the first floor and call the apartment directly below mine. Mr. Tom lives there, he works at the post office can find anything should for you. Tell him I sent you. - Madam, you are my savior! - Alain sense Genevieve kissed his hand and quickly began to descend the stairs.- Go, go, soldier, the woman murmured, sadly looking after him. Watch the film Золотая Лихорадка Аляска 3 сезон in excellent quality online. Mr. Thomas, a short elderly man was head of the department delivering the nearest post office. The young man he liked, and he offered to download the film Золотая Лихорадка Аляска 3 сезон and Alain place newsboy, however, for little pay.Of course, it was not that the work of the courier at the bank, but not for long reflection, Delon agreed. Agreed that Allen comes to the post office on Monday morning, so, because he has had a few days to seek other destinations and additional work.