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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Tsiolkovsky foresaw all that will happen during the landing of the first man on the moon.However, he could not have foreseen that the first man to set foot on the lunar surface at the same time with all mankind: for him will pursue the camera lens. Incantatory power flickering bulb squeezed into the vast world right into our room. Historical events come through the download the film Золотая Лихорадка Аляска 3 сезон and closed doors of the story my grandmother and three-year twitter daughter.If, during the Second World War included the warring nations cinematographic equip their armies to show caught on tape fighting operation, even during the Vietnam War, the Americans with Telesputnik seen bombing villages in the "moment of accomplishment.""We see so many burning villages - American psychiatrist testified - and many soldiers, leaving the chain in the jungle, and as many wounded, and a number of helicopters departing to perform tasks of hell that war starts we present a common thing." Our era - the era of the triumph of the images.Stories not only the skin peels off, turning into a film, according to Bazin, day and night it omyvaema ultrashort waves. Ahead of a feverish pulse linotype, camera, the speed of light being download the film Золотая Лихорадка Аляска 3 сезон and moved us to the epicenter of events. Television news viewing inhabitants of modern apartments and download the film Золотая Лихорадка Аляска 3 сезон and Bedouin Tents.Eskimos reinforce the antenna above the ice hummocks and islanders in homes on stilts attached to their old fishing masts. TV - the shortest distance between man and mankind. This is a world destroyed distances. But revolutionizing the documentary, it not only makes it possible to cast a glance Telesputnik planet from above.It is attached to his new social position - Restorer of the Past and the Guardian of Time. For the first time we began to understand clearly the appearance pyatidesyatiseriynoy "Chronicle of a half-century." Today, as this series of films and he has become a fact of history, we can try to explain to myself: what actually happened?If, at the time, many of us felt that the scope of work already - fifty TV movies! - Speaks of a big deal, then we gradually become aware of: monumentality - is only one aspect of the phenomenon.Much more important to talk not about the features of individual films and not even on the impression made by their sum in general, but especially on the approach to the creators of the series chronicles. And that place, which was given in the television chronicle living person - firsthand hero stories."The strict documentary every frame, except what else subjectivity in assessing the facts of history - this is the principle of" Chronicle "," - said, speaking for the "round table", "journalist", one of the leaders of the team who worked on the series."Our task - the language of the documents tell us about the past - confirmed the artistic director of the series. Look online. - Power of the document is huge. And I'm not really sure what to put between the document and the audience ... a mediator. " Before us is a kind of policy statements, a law that set for themselves the creators of "Chronicle".Negating the need for the presence of a series of figures of the historian, who have researched what is happening on the screen, a series of leaders considered "strictly documentary every frame" as something impersonal or even opposed to personal, that is, author, top, capable of it, this documentary, kaklibo distort.Any researcher or witness the event, as he is not alien nothing subjective, according to this logic acts as a potential iskazitel historical fact, as a person who violates the purity of the document.Such a view similar attitude to history mathematician who can not forgive her for the lack of rigor and infinitely strange property to review the results.Meanwhile, this strange property, noted historian somehow Kazhdan, due object of study, because the object is a character of the historical process - a man and a man, moreover, the public, and therefore subject to moral criticism.Different historical periods and different social groups create their own ethical ideals and evaluate them in relation to the past.