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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Yellow box. Blue Mountains. Yellow box. Bare plain slowly, quietly passes only olive. Only one olive. The son of a notary of Figueres in Catalonia, Salvador Dali came to the Residence, three years after me.He was going to devote himself to the fine arts, and I do not know why we called it the "Czechoslovakian artist." Walking down the hallway one morning Residences and noticed that the door of his room opened, I saw that he had finished a large portrait, which I really liked. I immediately told him about Lorca and others:- Czechoslovakian artist finishes a remarkable portrait. They all went to him, came to the admiration of the portrait, and Dali was accepted into the band. In truth, together with Federico, he became my best friend. All three of them, we almost did not leave, especially as Federico admired Dali, but it is left to indifferent.He was a tall, shy young man with a deep voice. His long hair he cut - they kept him. He is very extravagantly dressed - a broad hat, a huge bow, long- skirted, knee-length coat and leggings.In his mind it was possible to think that he is going to shock their appearance, in fact, he just liked to dress, though had to listen to people on the street insults. He also wrote poems that were published.Still young, in 1926 or 1927, Daly took part in the Madrid exhibition, along with other artists - Peinado and Vinyes. When in June for an oral exam in the School of Fine Arts was seated in front of his examiners, he suddenly burst out: - No one here has the right to judge me, I'm leaving. And indeed gone.His father purposely came from Catalonia to Madrid to resolve the conflict. Vain. DalГ­ was expelled. I can not tell from day to day, what these years for our formation of our meetings, conversations, our work, walks, our booze, Madrid visits brothels and long evenings in the Residence.I was smitten with jazz, even going to act, playing the banjo, bought a gramophone and a few American records. We listened to them with delight, drinking grog and rum, which is 9, I was preparing myself. From time to time we staged plays, usually "Don Juan Tenorio" Zorrilla, who seems, I still know by heart.I still have a picture where I'm wearing a suit of Don Juan, with Lorca, who played the sculptor in the third act. At my suggestion, we began to carry out the so- called "spring bath" that is poured a pitcher of water on the head of the first comer.Alberti probably thought of this when I watched "That Obscure Object of Desire," where Fernando Rey, Carole Bouquet pour water at the station. Film Золотая Лихорадка Аляска 3 сезон. Chuleria - typical Spanish way of behaving - a combination of aggression, male arrogance, self-assurance. During the life of the Residence several times I behaved that way, and immediately regretted. Here's an example:I really download the film Золотая Лихорадка Аляска 3 сезон and liked the pace and grace of a dancer in the "Palacio del Yelo" I called it, without knowing it, la Rubia. I used to go to this dance hall just to see how she dances. It was not a professional dancer, but a normal client, a frequenter of the institution.I used to say about her, that one day Dali and Pepin Bello, come with me. The day la Rubia danced with a very serious man with glasses and a mustache, which I nicknamed "doctor." Daly said he was disappointed.