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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Must openly admit that we Italians, some go to far with our fear of the rhetoric.Perhaps this is because we have it catch surpluses during the twenty years of fascism, but I think that today should not itself fetter only because of the fact that fascism made us for so many years to sit on the comic breaks down thrones of sand.When spectators crammed into theaters to watch American films about the war, and people go, whistling anthem Marines, and when the boys delighted applaud Norwegian partisans, "our" in the movie "The banner still flies" 4, then only remains to say that it we have not even the fear of rhetoric and self-castration.We welcome films that show the efforts and heroism of the democratic nations in the fight against Nazism: we are much more like them than movies with gangsters. But why should stay out of it is we, the Italians, who, as everyone says, gave rise to the most organized resistance movement in Europe?I think this probably will agree that those who are leading the debate against the new Italian film, seeing it as too explicit or graphic bitter reality of our country. I do not wish here to go into this question, though, of course, I disagree with them.But is not resistance should be seen as the most positive aspect of our national life? Is it not because of the Resistance and the participation in the war of the Italian army, our country has download the film Золотая Лихорадка Аляска 3 сезон and gained decent living conditions among the democratic nations?Is it not by the resistance of our diplomatic and trade relations, and, consequently, our material living conditions are better than those relationships and living conditions in Germany and Japan? But look more carefully and purely technical aspects of this audience.Some distributors, when they heard that I was going to shoot today, a film about the Resistance, just twisted. "Audiences are tired of war movies!"Leaving aside the examples already - American motion pictures in the war of the download the film Золотая Лихорадка Аляска 3 сезон and United States, as well as tapes of the Resistance in other European countries - it should be noted that the resistance is not a topic that needs to be carefully considered in light of the usual adventure story - with shooting and unexpectedplot twists, executions, torture scenes and the like.Resistance was the collective experience of millions of men and women, it was a crisis of individuals and entire social strata, it was an ordeal, which, although to a varying degree, differently, spread throughout the nation and led her to a general review of its historical position and status.It showed the inevitability of a new relationship between people and the birth of a new society. The First World War, not only download the film Золотая Лихорадка Аляска 3 сезон and contributed to the emergence of hundreds of adventure strips, and such works as "The Western Front, 1918" 5, and later - "Grand Illusion."It was a war that has befallen mankind, absorbing and crush some individuals, giving rise to the terrible, insoluble crisis. Having gone through the experience of the Second World War, the Italians have found new hope, and in the struggle for liberation, they saw the end of the ill- fated period of its history and the beginning, the basis of a lasting peace.Why make a film about the Resistance means - if able to give to the word "resistance" is a broad meaning to be given to it - to make movie history.