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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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And then he flashed something in the brain. He unhooked finally backdrop and lost his footing, fell to his knees and started on all fours. Looking into the room dreary look, he said: - Here is the manda ...- Seen his strength finally left, and the last letter of the last word, he could not say. In the hall of paralysis - all these great black squares stopped, and there was absolute silence in the plaintive voice Kolevatova: - close the curtain, please ...Of course, he immediately came to Kolevatova black jacket, thanked him for the performance, expressed their full satisfaction and withdrew. Kolevatov ran backstage. - Where is that scoundrel? - And, without waiting for an answer, he rushed into the dressing room, where he sat Arkady. - Action! - He yelled. - I wanted to bring you back to life, I helped you, what are you doing with me?What did you do with all of us? I now - and go? You think I will not be offered after that leave the post of director? Drunk you face! Then Arkady suddenly shouted: - I ?! Drunk ?! Shame on you! I'm excited revolutionary themes! From such impudence from Kolevatova eyes were absolutely square, and he, too, cried:- Oh, you're excited about the revolutionary theme ?! Wait you succeed! He slammed the door dressing room, locked it and ran away. But behind the door there was a terrible roar, the sound of glass and what the gnashing - seen Arkady crushed trellis, grimstoly, broke chairs and everything that falls under the arm. Finally, when he seen all Porush, there was silence.After a while in the corridor seemed Anatoly A., and next to it was a small little man. And he did not have the face and had two huge huge eyes. He was either nearsighted, or dalnozorok: lens glasses were such that increased eye five times.And this man was carrying a vintage vintage medical bag with what went county doctors in times of Chekhov. And this man looked at Kolevatova. He unlocked the door and said: - Here! And everyone saw the Arcadia, which lay in ruins, some taking the tragic spread-eagled position.He saw that the little man, in his eyes there was a strange expression, and they again began to fill with blood. And muted in a hoarse voice, he asked: - Who are you? And this man, not uttering a single letter, suddenly said: - I'm ex Peg tiza! - You expert ?!Look, Gnome, I'm here to put this hand and this swat and fly spray hand only! Do you understand me, ex lane tiza ?! He slapped his palm. It was a terrible sound. And suddenly this small little man said: - Where are you nazhgalis so, my friend?

film Gold Fever: Bering Sea

With whom?Replica was so unexpected, so tender, that the person has taken Arcadia usual expression, he found normal human language. Then expression changed to a helpless baby face, he fell on his knees in front of this little man, rested his chin on his shoulder and yelled: - With whom? .. From when I Te le it! And the man asked:- Leave us alone.