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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


This example is looking at. For example: N1 plan gives three characters. The plan provides two N3.If we mount the parallel plans 1 and 2, we have during the filming of two actors to move from the third to the first plan, because the plan 3 is backlit with respect to the plan of mounting procedure is as follows: Plans 1-2-1-2 ^ 3 - 4-3This visually more efficiently, as if moving along a common visual axis procedure would be as follows:Plans 1-2-1-2-1-4-3-4If you want to move from plans to plans for the two characters to three is sufficient to apply the rule. Three features of shooting groups of three according to the method of external conflict, when all three are in every general, can be considered as a full selection, which particularly distinguished by their characters, two of them.CHANGING DIRECTIONS: From NORTH-SOUTH-EAST TO WEST examples that we have download the film Золотая Лихорадка: Берингово море and discussed for the allocation of a single line of interest, oriented from north to south. If we separate the two actors, located at "north", the line of interest will skid dominant direction, from east to west, except the actor in the south.Figure 26 The two locations for the filming of a group of three people in order to show the changes of interest line, which passes from the west - east to the north - south. .25 Total allocation group of three actors, the mounting is as follows: the ratio of 3/3, then 2/2 between the main actors of the group. Installation procedure for these four common plans is as follows:Plans 1-2-1-2 3-4-3-4 ^ ^ 1-2-1-2 Using this combination eliminates the scene of one of the actor in the middle of the episode, and only re-appear at the end.When you cut the film to move from plan to plan, three characters with two, this cut will be noticeable if the plan is backlit by two actors in relation to the position that there were three actors to reach forward for the same visual axis.91 90 This new line of interest can be located on one side of the two actors, which it represents. The cameras must be located in such a way as to ensure a smooth transition from one line to another interest but if the interest is shifting and when you need to focus on the two actors.For the filming of each line of interest can apply a rule of cameras on the basis of internal and external conflict, as download the film Золотая Лихорадка: Берингово море and described on. Let's start with simple examples before moving on to the complex.USE ONLY FOUR POINTS camera placement most elementary way of adapting to radically change the direction of the line of interest - is to use the four survey points to the overall plans - two for each direction of the line of interest.


All points of the backlight and external. First, remove the three actors through severyug interest.The basis take one of three special rules about filming a group of three people standing along the line of interest. Translation of attention from one actor to another, when the two are removed from the front of the third point severyug.