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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


It is the truth. " There is some truth to reproach the Moscow Art Theatre:"Even Moliere and Goldoni is you can not accomplish. You have distorted the reality of the abundance, naturalistic weighting, where do you think of Sophocles, Goethe, Shakespeare and Pushkin? "This opinion is the truth, so says Benoit. Do not lurking in joining Benoit him desire to shift the blame for the failure at the Moscow Art Theatre?Where was this statement, which has never sounded so clearly in all their loyalty before and that sounds so true with regard to the performance of Pushkin: Pushkin Drama download the film Золотая Лихорадка: Берингово море and distorted "abundance of reality, naturalistic heavier"? And this:"Art Theatre is an organ too real physical searches, almost philistine psychology"? "This opinion is the truth," - says Benoit. And the Benoit? See what:it can be worn in the head with his other ideas about the "ideal" stage performance and Moliere and Goldoni, and Pushkin, rather than one that he "together with the Art Theatre" gave in Pushkin's play.Benoit had no illusions about the fact that Pushkin "at the Moscow Art Theatre, and will ease the music and improvisational brilliance, and shameful sense of proportion." Placed next two melody (one of the Moscow Art Theatre, as "too real physical body searches" and the other about how Benoit could if he wanted to wear a different idea of ​​"perfect stage performance of Pushkin's"), I am beginning to fear that's what, what if you get Benoit to stop and say to him:how are you, Alexander, entered the Moscow Art Theater, after already working there and Craig and Dobuzhinsky, how are you, who appeared in the theater to replace Messrs. Sims, not to raise the theater itself, and went on a series of compromises: they started again meyningenstvo plant, a phenomenon most harmful of all, I knew Art Theatre?If it be said Benoit, he replied, "Is it I want to show?" - And will not hesitate to throw all the blame of failure and the theater and the actors. And not long. See the "Speech" Benoit:1) "The likelihood of such Koechto perepalo and at a fraction of Pushkin's play - in addition to my desire and I will, in addition to awareness of the theater, just because of the" age-old habits. " 2) "In his sketches, I tried to keep the simplest" Tristan and Isolde "by Wagner. Scenery painter Golovin Mariinsky Theatre. 1909 "Orpheus" - Gluck. Set Design.Artist Golovin. Mariinsky Theatre. 1910 "Don Juan" by Moliere. Alexander Theatre. Look online. 1910 Don Juan - St. George Sganarelle - Varlamov Set Design. Painter - download the film Золотая Лихорадка: Берингово море and Golovin first evening Studios Sun Meyerhold. Costumes. Artist - Rykov. 1915 "The Storm" Ostrovsky. Set Design. Painter - Golovin. Alexander Theatre. 1916Costume design for Katherine. Painter - download the film Золотая Лихорадка: Берингово море and Golovin "Masquerade" Lermontov. Alexander Theatre. 1917 Set Design second picture. Painter - Golovin scene of nine paintings "Masquerade" Lermontov. Page of director Meyerhold instance diagrams, clear lines, balanced and limited mass dummy part to a minimum. "In theory, the problem solved quite simply.