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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Also in 1983, the U.S. was on the other cinemas filmpredosterezhenie the danger of a thermonuclear catastrophe, "War Games."Wide response to the film Lynn Litman "Testament", shown in the form of everyday chronicles slowly but inexorably the agony of a small town in California because of the explosion, which occurred hundreds of miles away. Cable television company Eychbiou demonstrated autumn 1984fiction film "The minute before the nuclear disaster," made in a series of reports from different parts of the world. At the beginning of 1984 on commercial television download the film Золотая Лихорадка: Берингово море and showed an artistic picture "Heart of Steel" on unemployment and poverty that afflicted American workers.Among the feature films, were shown out of competition at the XIII Moscow International Film Festival in 1983, Distinguished Austrian "Successors", revealing barbarity and crime current last-Nazism, and the French "price risk", loosely based on the story by Robert Sheckley pisatelyafantasta - tape ruthless and prophetic, showing how logical evolution of existing ones may undergo telei video games.Perverse violence, legalized hunting of man in the jungle of the city with almost cybernetically designed program of all details of the horrific and tragic end is presented here in gorestnosatiricheskih colors as the most "cash" spectacle for manipulators emotions electrified the crowd. In 1984,New book and James Wheatley Straybera Kunetki "Day of War", drawing a monstrous consequences of a possible nuclear disaster.At the press conference Strayber said they described these fictional events to show the inadmissibility of nuclear war, to help Americans more aware of the need to end the arms race and to encourage them to do a lot for this.At the same time one of the publications magazine "Newsweek" was forced to admit that politics has become increasingly intrude into art.Numerous artists representing almost every state of the country, created a joint group of the "Call of Art", which assisted in the production of a series of political plays, arranged numerous art exhibitions held street demonstrations.The aim of all these activities was to express outrage of arts policy of the Reagan administration, and to awaken the consciousness of Americans. Sharp turn to the political theme, emphasized the "Newsweek", due to the aggravation of the international situation, and therefore profoundly logical.Go on the stage shows, which denounces the predatory activities of American corporations in developing countries. Artists paint pictures, which split the sky explosions of nuclear missiles. Western culture demands unquestioning obedience from the artist its rules and regulations.Should he move away from the prevailing views, he immediately was highly critical and is registered in the category of "hostile elements", which means to him complete isolation. Film Золотая Лихорадка: Берингово море. Some are not able to withstand the pressures and retreat, leaving the world of the most personal experiences;others seek refuge behind the facade of arrogant formalism, but the rest, and there are more and more, do not give up and try to work through the arts to a society in which they live.