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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


.. Mironov was very resourceful. I always download the film Золотая Лихорадка: Берингово море and liked the way he worked, as he sang.Quickly remembered "Island of bad luck," work at home. And how did the dance! .. Came up with these "Babababa" which is very to the point! .. And Yuri Nikulin was a very musical person, remember the "rabbit" instantly ... And what a song - Andrew and Jura - became popular, I do not know. Maybe about the same, and both of their prediction did not come true? ..Here's another example of unpredictability. In the late seventies, at the international song festival in the U.S. unexpectedly I got an award for the song "Goodbye, Summer". Received in two categories - Folk-musik and Easy listening. The prize was a small, symbolic. Songs sent BAA sent many. The first time - I do not remember how many.A second time - twenty different songs by Soviet composers. And I got the award and Ale Pakhmutova. The second time I got for the song "Where does childhood." Then, from the Soviet Union stopped sending. Say not interested, just give Zatsepin Pahmutova! ..And I just was LosAnzhelese, which hosted the festival, and I was able to talk with the chairman of the jury. His name was Ted, the name is not pomnyu.Vot - say - I Zatsepin composer of the Soviet Union ... Aa! .. He rejoiced. - How are you in Moscow? He was download the film Золотая Лихорадка: Берингово море and interested in how we've got the white bears walk on the snow ... And how many tapes you received for the competition?- I asked. The conditions were as follows: sending the tape and nine dollars. On the tape - only one song. If you want three, then send three tapes and twenty-seven dollars. He said: It is more than forty thousand pesen.I you hear them all!. Yes - meets Ted. - Here I have a tape recorder, and the left and right of the table - at a hefty basket.I file already open cassettes, and I put them. If after ten seconds have not heard anything good - threw the tape in the basket and left longer it went back. If you reached the chorus, but the chorus was nothing brilliant - there it is, in the left basket. If you hear something sensible - throw to the right.From the first time dropped out forty thousand. The remaining ten thousand listened a second time. Of them identified three hundred. I listened to them again. Left thirty. Already these thirty jury listened and determines the winner ... It was huge festivals! That's why one song on the tape. If you rewind and seek the appropriate can be a hundred years to wind up and listen.To wind up and listen.


Ted also spent a few days. Incidentally, the first time we were in the Union koekak premium paid. And when we went to get Aley second time, we were told: Now with the award state tax eighty percent! Aley we looked at each other, and Alya said: Maybe refuse? .. Of course, give up! - I agreed.- Let the house hangs a framed the check! .. And we refused. It is true that the scope for checks and did not ... traffic cops show loyalty sometimes after the release of "Operation" Y "- especially after the" Caucasian captive "I already knew. In those days produced flexible plate, and I was so with music and songs from the "Caucasian Captive".I drove the car about ten just in case.