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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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The history was cruel and truthful. Over the nurse mocked, used her voice, her confidence and left neglected and unhappy. When I read his script, Edith, she lighted up: "Awesome! You will see. Sel, it will pass, your script!"In 1944, I was able to return to Paris and live with my mother on the Avenue Marceau - I lost everything during this time. Immediately upon arrival, I sought out his producer and showed him a new job. When he learned that the script is written for Edith Piaf, he protested: "In the cinema it does not know. And besides, it looks a little sexy ..."The producer invited me to return several popular singers. Then it was my turn to protest. I offered him all the same and meet with Edith. The next morning we went for it. It was unbearably cold winters.Edith, who had never been coquettish, has not found it necessary to dress up and put on a little makeup as any actress would have done, I dream about at least a cameo. Edith met us lying, wrapped in a ragged shawl, with a grid on the head and face, plastered with a thick layer of fat.No, it certainly was not the kind at which expect to receive a major role. The producer refused such vedetty. He had never heard Piaf on stage. My script was burning. Helped case. Edith while seeking recognition for his protege - Yves Montand. She asked me to organize a concert of Montana to the press.I agreed on condition that she will perform in this concert. Mayfera Cafe on Boulevard SenMishel, held a concert in which Yves Montand his first appearance in front of reporters and in which my producer heard Edith. He was stunned. Pale, he sat next to me literally speechless."She is brilliant, your Edith - he muttered - it wonderfully transformed when singing ... I am ready to sign the contract even though this minute! .." We started shooting. Working with Edith gave me great pleasure. She was obedient and attentive. But one said:"You know, Sel, when you're yelling at me at all, I probably look like so that the actors laugh at me. Come persuaded: thou shalt make me signs with his hands. " "What are the signs?" - I wondered. "Well, let me indicate the distance between the thumb and forefinger - If I am caught, then the distance is reduced. If nedobirayu - increases.Clear? Whew! "- And she showed me on my fingers, I have to do. Since then I have always expressed their views to her unbeknownst to outsiders, and both of us is a great pleasure ...Blistene tells me a lot of interesting details, which I see as in a mirror reflection of a small, smart, energetic and extremely talented woman.

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- You know, this film was created by the song of Edith certainly I wanted to sing in concerts.You should have seen the persistence with which she was accustomed the public to this song! At first, the audience did not take the song. But Edith and sought his execution brought to such perfection that the song became popular ... I found this song among the records with recordings of concerts of Edith Piaf.