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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


download the film Золотая Лихорадка: Берингово море and Excluded all methods show national characteristics - in this case, Italian. There are no signs of the times - in this case the twenties. It is in play. And is it enough to have this man's name, for example, Luigi. I believe he's Luigi. But that's not it.I wonder why he is silent, why is he here, what they think. It is a theater of "weak currents", so to speak. The voice did not overdone "never forced. And because a limited number of viewers. In a not too large protranstve "weak currents" working on sitting in the room very much.Do I like this theater? Like. He cancels my favorite theater - a box, where the audience and actors separated rail and curtain and never mixed? I think not. Small scenes revealed much.Some believe that they are denied the theater with the scenes, with many hundreds of spectators, with thunderous reactions during the action, with the work of the actor, needs more power. I think that it is not. This theater is not dead. However, the new neighborhood, and obliges him to upgrade. Interaction possible.As shown, can not only direct transfer techniques of one kind of theater to another. Figuratively speaking, on the big stage have a lot to "wear" on itself, not to look poseur. Similar processes occur in acting and film.A few years away was download the film Золотая Лихорадка: Берингово море and blocked by the artist, calling the huge interest - now deceased Andrei Tarkovsky. Now we come to the last of his films - "Nostalgia" and "Sacrifice". Here, too, the actor put in special conditions. Few frames, and each frame - self-sufficient product.Tarkovsky deliberately "download the film Золотая Лихорадка: Берингово море and introduced into the program," almost every episode of one or more independent from the will whose factors. An actor has to carry in the wind candle from one point to another. No installation. It is necessary to really save on light attenuation. Extinguished. Back again, to light - and again in a way. All in one, a very long shot.Man and boy planting a large tree, reinforce it. In one scene. Their work is not marked, but is real. The action itself - the image. Two are on the slow clearing "and the third on a bicycle circling around, saying, endless monologue. Mise en scene is given only in a general way - go right to left, and the third near and around.But said the mise en scene unpredictable "behavior" of a bicycle on hummocky ground. For myself, I called the shots "Aquarium": a very clean glass, thoughtful and beautiful underwater scenery. Do not tire of watching the endless slight swaying motion of seaweed and fish.


And the whole picture - trichetyre dozen such "Aquarium", set side by side.And through all - anticipation, approach and, finally, the appearance of fire, continuous climactic image Tarkovsky. Burning home, temple, burning man, a burning candle. Tarkovsky - quite exceptional. His art has its followers and imitators. There are films, developing his aesthetic. Will neither disassemble them or assess.They are not neglected by the audience and critics. I want to remark that, happy new appearance, we do not have to accept all the new with enthusiasm.