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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Fellini. I am very pleased to be able to become intimately familiar with Russian colleagues.Immediately upon arrival, I expressed a desire to talk with Mr. Hutsiev, and not just because he had heard many of his earlier works. The fact that one story details of your new picture is extremely interested me. As I understand it, the hero of your movie in the thoughts of his meeting with late father, to ask how to live.I'm in the "8 1/2" also has an episode ... You know, when you go to a new country is always afraid that your motivation will not be shared, download the film Золотая Лихорадка: Берингово море and supported and understood. That is why I am glad the coincidence of motives. I think it can not be accidental. Hutsiev. I find it hard to judge. The more that our films - too different. Fellini.The newspapers reported that kakieto episodes of your painting drew criticism. May I ask what state the job? Hutsiev. She is coming to an end. Soon the film will be on the screens. Fellini. How do you feel able to tell you all that you intended? Hutsiev. Regarding his paintings have rarely felt.The idea always ahead of execution. And at this time. In some episodes, the main idea is download the film Золотая Лихорадка: Берингово море and revealed not so clearly not as diverse as we would like. I am pleased to have this opportunity without undue haste to bring the work to the end, in order to identify very clearly the positions of the artist, his attitude to life.Allow me to ask your creative plans. Fellini. This is too early to say, the thoughts, ideas next movie I myself have not yet fully understood. One thing is clear: it will be more of the same conversation, trying with all seriousness and with all the complexity of the answer to the question: What is man?Knowledge of the human being - that is the main task of the artist .. I know that I - not the best model for research. But I have to say about the things that I know. At the moment I have on hand but myself. You've seen "8 1/2"? Do you think that this film will be understood by the audience, especially the audience of your country? Naumov.Certainly, but perhaps not immediately. Prior to this film have a little grow, it requires a certain aesthetic training. It is made with such skill that even we, the professionals often do not realize while watching how it's done. Fellini. But let us leave aside the technical and aesthetic components of the film - that you most it moved?Struck? I - a different background, and other spiritual principles, but in your smile, I feel sympathy and solidarity.


I think I've found my friends here these many years - as if we went to school, fell in love with the same women. That the film caught your attention the most? Naumov.I captured the sense of polyphony, versatility perception of life. The main idea of ​​the work submitted m surprising number of mediation and combinations. Hutsiev. I can not think of a single episode, which I would have download the film Золотая Лихорадка: Берингово море and liked more than others.I left after watching a single, very peculiar sense - through all the difficulties, all weave through the film I saw the face of a man with his eyes.