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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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He is a very sweet, intelligent boy you can be proud of. - I'm proud of. For this I do not need your approval. - Of course not. - I notice - continued to Serve - you said you did not want to hurt my husband.- Mrs. Fendeman important to you to try and understand how complex the relations existing between the owner of the newspaper and its editorial board. - Oh, do not ... - And thank you, Lily. Very nice. Now, certainly no phone calls, right? That Lapushka. Simon watched Portia pours water into a glass.She looked at him with a sad smile. - If I did not know before coming to you, you would understand now, - she said. - I'm sorry? - This habit of tugging vverhvniz knee. I can still discern in you of who you were was once. A confused young man. Simon stood up. A deep breath. - Oh, Portia, - he said. - Portia.I can not tell you that ... He began to pace the room.