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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

film Gold Fever: Bering Sea

So, one morning, I first came to Cinecitta.I wanted to look as relaxed as Fred McMurray as a journalist, but in reality I was very shy, and standing in the sun and the gaping mouth in amazement, staring at the tower, scarps, horses, dark coats, clad in iron armor of knights and aircraft propellers , rises in the right places a cloud of dust.Calls, cries, leaping trilling whistles huge rumble of the wheels, the sound of spears and swords, Osvaldo Valenti at kakomto likeness chariot rim dotted with sharp spines screaming extras portraying terrified crowd, ominous, breathtaking chaos ...Blocking all this turmoil, full of powerful metallic voice gave orders that sounded like a death sentence: "Red light - group" A "to attack the left! White light - a group of "barbarians" in a panic running! Green light - the riders raise; horses reared and with the elephants go on the offensive! Group "E" and "F" fall to the ground! NON-MED-LEN-NO!"From the tone of voice sounded through a megaphone, clear orders from the start even , and thought you ended up at the station or at the airport at the time full of terrible accident. I just could not understand where that voice is heard, and was a little disturbed heart beat quickened.Then, quite unexpectedly, in the sudden silence incredibly long boom crane floated in the air and began to and climb up higher and higher, so it is already on buildings, on film crews pavilions, over the trees, over the towers - up, even up to the clouds, and finally stopped in the cutthroat worldthe setting sun, the blind millions of its rays. Someone gave me his binoculars:there, on the kilometer long, probably a height in firmly bolted to the ground the boom chair "Frau" in shining leather leggings, a handkerchief of India silk, wearing a helmet and dangling on his chest three megaphones, four microphones and two dozen people sat whistles . It was he directed. Blazetti. Then I thought I was not fit to directors.I had no inclination to suppress the tyrannical will of others, there was no insistence pedantic habits and work up a sweat, and more, and the heads of tion - authoritativeness. All these qualities are not peculiar to my nature. From childhood I differed insularity, loved solitude and was vulnerable and sensitive almost to swoon.And still, no matter what may be said about me, I'm very shy. Well, whether it was possible to combine it all with high boots, megaphone, loud orders - traditional accessories movie?

film Gold Fever:Bering Sea

to direct the film - it's like to command better men of Christopher Columbus, which demands to turn back. Wherever you look, ever see face fixture with written on them dumb question, "Dottore, do and today you make us hang around here until evening? .."Do not show a little overbearing, and you are very very kindly put up the pavilion.