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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


The next day one of my friends will tell her what was going on in her head. Need to rush to go:after all is to climb on the sill and a second delay, as it is visible from the street, and then the rumor of the failed suicide is worse than death and the life that is pulsing through her veins. And it freezes with closed eyes on the living room floor, priniknuv to the window frame.Perhaps at this moment, before she realizes where and why is the soul makes her invisible flying into the unknown? Whatever it was, the next day friends know how close to the threshold of oblivion she was, and with one voice advised her to move to Hollywood, where you rent a small house. One-story.On reflection it comes to the conclusion that they are right. In the end, what keeps it in New York, except for the Lee Strasberg? It seems that the whole life force feed it dried out. She re-send the foot to the West, and again, whether in the third, or the fourth time to resort to the services of a psychoanalyst.Ends in the spring of 1961, and her life is nothing but a diet and rest. Soon, she underwent surgery to remove the gallbladder, which according to the doctors, is successful, perhaps knowing that the knife shred her insides, she felt a strange satisfaction: in her eyes is tantamount to chemto redemption involuntary guilt Gable?In the coming months it will tirelessly run between New York and LosAndzhelesom and medicine that keeps it afloat, life becomes devoid of any content. Acting in New York her secretary starts to execute a woman named Marjorie Stengel, for her story can get an idea about this period in the life of Marilyn.On a day when Marjorie recruit in the apartment phone rings, Marilyn picks it up. Cheyto voice inquired, whether at home Miss Monroe. "Its not" - roughly corresponds to Marilyn and puts down the receiver. Days of flow uneventful.In New York's sultry Marilyn sleeping late in the morning, and then wanders around the apartment in the blue, like a chrysalis, nightgown. Slightly greasy. After walking idle, reluctantly pinch off a piece of chop, chew a slice of cheese and drinks all beskaloriynogo drink a large glass of cherry.Then endlessly on the phone with his losandzhelesskim psychoanalyst. No more calling anybody. It is possible that one does not know that she was in town. Letters come a little, but when the message kakogonibud unknown fan found something dirty in her eyes betrays a kind of interest.Under "Name of the Father" in the bank form is carefully displays: "Unknown." But in this deceptive serenity - their dark side. Crumbling plaster in the kitchen, the walls - a typical New York's gryaznozhelty shade.


Unusually ascetic bathroom:no vanity, no lights, no cheerful pattern on the curtains in the shower - a place for water treatment, not more. The walls in the bedroom painted in sombre zheltobury color, and the furniture in the French provincial style, white and inexpensive. Huge bed laid out with yellow satin coverlet. In the ceiling, directly above the bed, a mirror.This is the subject of her pride.