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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Appeared on the scene not a boy Hamlet and his father. The logic of the plot has moved:Ophelia he kissed paternally, in the forehead, the mother of an old woman presented with this overage son, and the requirement that she went to bed with the king, sounded tactless. Moreover, because Hamlet - a student, but so many years have not learned even in the Middle Ages. I remember how dramatic the situation and wisely took Mikhail Fedorovich.The leadership of the theater have also found wisdom and tact to remove performance without introducing another artist as a tribute to Astangovu. Such roles as Hamlet, Lear, Macbeth, and other global imagery always evoked a variety of reactions in the theaters.For example, in England, John Gielgud broke age-old tradition, according to which the role of Hamlet needed an actor with extensive stage and life experiences. The history of the English stage Hamlet knew little younger than forty years, but plenty of more advanced age.There were even septuagenarian, according to Kovalev, author of the study of the beautiful field Scofield actor who played Hamlet in a famous statement by Peter Brook at the age of twenty-five years. Peter Brooke, boldly rejuvenate Hamlet decided that Horatio - a young man, almost a boy. He is much younger than Hamlet. This decision was made convincingly.Horatio selflessly devoted to the Prince, infinitely admired, for Hamlet is ready to do anything, even die if necessary. There was no maturity or wisdom. The mainstay of Hamlet, he could not serve. And it highlights the tragic loneliness of Prince. And finally the tragedy Theater, with the tragedy of Shakespeare.Interesting wrote on Craig Bachelis at the Arts Theatre in the book "Shakespeare and Craig": "The problem is not simple, consisting only one who can play a major role. Stanislavsky at the Moscow Art Theater troupe Hamlet seen. Craig thought that Hamlet should play Stanislavsky himself, Stanislavski wondered, hesitated, offered other plays ...Craig in February 1909, wrote Lilina actually addressing to Stanislavsky, he sees Hamlet ... big man, with massive arms and legs, with a heroic lion's head and eyes wide open. ... I hope that Stanislavsky would play Hamlet, he was born to do this. I can see him and hear Hamlet too.I see him standing on the stage - almost motionless, firm like a mountain, snow- capped peak.At the foot of the download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and mountain crawling, crawling, scurrying around many small figures vile fellows and their wives Compromises in the beginning, indecision in particular artist Hamlet in disbelief NemirovichaDanchenko Stanislavsky - tragedian, has led to half- hearted show and the main character.Parallel there is drama actor Leonidov, dreaming of the title role.

WATCH THE FILM золотая лихорадка южная америка ONLINE

And he was bypassed. He bitterly joked: "They all say - Mochalov, Mochalov, and how to play - that Katchalov." Despite all the assurances Chushkin the right decision, in the book it feels compromised.Swiftness, energy "bright, cheerful person," he dreamed Craig was not in the palette Katchalov.