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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Main Line - is love, because it is your inner experience. I see here you have the love, frustration, hope, comfort, and, finally, the loss of all hope, there is a line you have a human soul, and there - only the line of the body.- But then - again said someone from the place - it turns out that the girl came to the shore the water is not taken. - No, it is water - stood his Stanislavski. - I came to draw water, and got emotional tragedy. Only if the product will be wondering when it will detect the life of the "human spirit."Could there be a physical line without inner justification, saturation? Of course, can not. Stanislavsky then turned to the performer with the question of why there was a sketch of her theme of love. Pupil answer is not very confident: - fantasy, imagination suggested.- It means - summed Stanislavski - with the correct physical action you have come to the threshold of the subconscious. This is - work your nature. This is your emotional memory kakimto suggested by you this experience. You have found the truth of physical action, this truth will remind you that you was once experienced.And then Stanislavski, building on this particular example, led to a generalization of the Studio. He noted that in any of the actor we must first find the "what to grab," to which become firmly. To this end, based on the given circumstances, setting each of them "if", the actor must create a physical line.If the given circumstances defined true if the interrelated actions follow logically from one another, and are brought to the end, to the absolute truth, it always helps to come to the threshold of the subconscious. Thus, the present stage creativity always closely associated with the actor's imagination.Artistic imagination, as opposed to the imagination inherent in every human being, there is not in itself, but serves as a major factor in the creative process: download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and based on it are works of art, artistic images. The material for the artistic imagination Stanislavsky encouraged to draw from life:of experienced by the artist, of books, of what is happening with the surrounding 81 people. In artistic imagination gleaned from the experience of the elements must mesh, combined, combined in the new order. Stanislavski somehow told me that he is remembered in the lives of most is what brings the element of imagination.For example, sharing their impressions about kakoynibud trip abroad, he often lowered unpleasant, annoying little things: a good kakimto in unexpected ways also interweaves fiction.


A few years later he himself was hard to figure out what actually happened and what is download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and fantasized. Imagination, said Stanislavski, exaggerating.He believed that quality is generally quite common. It is human nature to love most of all such a dream where reality and fiction are woven together.But if the average person flying dreams is unrestricted, free, the artist must always guide your imagination, his dreams have to be logical, consistent and active - they should call the internal and external action.On the other hand, the true performance of physical action contributes to the work of the imagination, can fantasize new details and the details in the given circumstances.