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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Shortly after our first meeting, he told me that in fact, may have involved a group of hippies who live in the area Chetsvort under the leadership of the leader - "crazy guy who thinks himself to be Jesus Christ."I remember how I reacted without enthusiasm to this information. "You just do not like hippies" - I said. I did not realize how close Helder then slumped to Manson, but instinctively felt that the ordinary motives of the murder have to do with it."If you're looking for a motive - I said one of the policemen - then I would look for something non-standard, much more eccentric." I really wanted to help the investigation, but I knew that before should and to dispel any suspicions about the fact that he can not and be involved in the murder.I said Bauseru I want to pass a lie detector test. I went through it and felt a great relief. Police still develop the theory of personal revenge, although I could not imagine who would want to make us even. Bauser and Helder said that the killer must be deeply unbalanced person, but with the mind seem completely normal.I was advised, with distrust his closest friends, of course, not causing them suspicious. I insisted that the promise of 25 thousand dollar reward to anyone who provides information to help arrest and sentencing. As time grew in me the need to visit SelloDrayv.It was generated by different reasons. I wanted to make sure that the police will not miss anything that might bring on the trail of the killers, and even seemed to me that there might still remain something of Sharon. At this time, I was approached by Tommy Thompson, a reporter for the magazine "Life", with whom I became friends in London.He recalled that he knew me and Sharon in London and wanted to correct the situation, knowing how many lies and malice was published in all the gossip. He persuaded me to take it with you. After the murder of eight days passed when I finally decided to go to SelloDrayv. We drove there Bauser. Police sealed off the house, eliminating penetration curious.We were joined by a photographer, which Thompson told me nothing. Then appeared in the article "Life" was basically accurate, but not put an end to gossip, but on the contrary, has spawned a rumor that I was paid five thousand dollars that I posed on the porch of the house. All the time I inquired Bob Helder than I can help him.The police started to check the alibi of all our friends and acquaintances. Like them, I was inclined to believe that the killer or killers belonged to our circle. Helder thought that, quite possibly, friends and acquaintances if they have something to hide, will behave with me less wary than the police, and probably something in the conversation may slip through.Film Gold Rush South America. For one detail should be traced. Detectives found at the crime scene horn-rimmed glasses. Much later, this information made public and distributed among optometrists school While the discovery did not know anybody, except the investigators.