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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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, camera motion is a motion of human. Another possibility is to introduce a static plan plan with a moving camera to display a character, the angle of view which we have just seen. Plan camera moves forward. Actor And pushes the actor in the road onto the shoulder. The frame is dropped. .6 Interrupted subjective Tang emphasizes sharpness story Plan A and B are on the transfer plan to the right of the frame. The car pulls to the left, crosses the frame and disappears right. The frame is dropped. 600 Plan camera continues to move the fence in the back Kadrak plan machine appears to the left and crashed into zaoor. Plan 3 - only the completion of the action.The basic plan - a plan for 1, t. E. A subjective plan of what they see are the people in the car. Plan 2 is included in the critical moment, the camera provides sharp stop to feel the contrast. Sometimes, given the subjective plan to plan, identifying the observer. There may be a pointer that is a subjective plan:for example, following the binoculars or the gun sight. The observer will only appear in the following terms. The dominant color of the image may also submit an angle of view of a character, a subjective view. Robert Aldridge in the movie "Dirty Valley" in the final scene introduces a German soldier firing at the enemy.The scene is given through a red filter, following the scenes we see the falling soldier at the end of the frame again, the director uses the color red, and we immediately realize that this is a subjective view of a German soldier shooting, but we do not see and hear only the sound of the shot. The next scene gives an image of exploding next to a German soldier bomb.There is another way to introduce a subjective point of view, without identifying the character - a movement in the foreground, accompanied by a whisper. For example, the rustling of tree branches in the foreground can give a sense of what a column of soldiers moving through the forest. We can hear the whisper of the soldiers, they are preparing a surprise attack the enemy.In the foreground, a tree branch falls. This may indicate that the soldiers go in another direction. "Free cliff" used as punctuation "Free clippings" frame as the name implies - is quite tangible, visible on the screen breaks, since the transition from plan to plan when, it is very sharp.They are made by rapidly displaying static objects, several successive plans which are located on a common visual axis. In the movie "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock gives a scene where uses voluntary breaks to draw attention to found the corpse and the terrible sight.At a time when the mother Mish finds the corpse of a farmer near the bed, the director gives three sharp 602 consecutive cadaver plan brings us closer to him and making it possible to see more and more clearly that his eyes pecked out by birds.

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The body of a farmer - a static plot, and three planes, located on a common visual axis, are strengthening the feeling of fear. and .8 Quick change static plan - kind of punctuation. An example from the movie "The Birds" Hitchcock.This effect can also be visually and to introduce a new element.