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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


- Well, it? Curiosity asked not hiding that from Bridget. - Everything went perfectly. We meet at twelve.- Not bad! Are not you afraid? - Look at him. Sample Executive waiter also dear. - That's right, agreed with her friend, turning and looking at the young man. - How come you never like to organize the meeting? It's funny. - Bridget, you know, I've got Antoine. He loves me ...- You're hopeless, cried Aubert. Allen was on pins and needles. He felt no remorse at the thought of Nina, but he was worried about comrades who discussed behind him an unusual occurrence. "If I had refused, I would be just ridiculous," he mused. There was nothing.Chief with a friend paid, leaving him a generous tip and left the restaurant. He changed his clothes and went to the next house, the actress stated. She really was waiting for him in a taxi. As he approached, the woman opened the door and moved over so he could sit down. Then he called the driver the address and the car started. - What is your name?- She asked the young man. - Allen. I know how to call you. - A fan? - Nearly became them. - And you're daring, - she laughed and leaned against his shoulder. He decided not to hold her in the car, sat tense and silent, while Bridget continuously chatted. - My apartment occupies the entire second floor of the house, it is so convenient.Now you'll see, - she said. Taxi slowed near a light four-storey mansion, and Allen got ready to go out and shake hands with the companion, but suddenly she murmured: - Stay here. He followed Bridget look at the door and saw a man in a long cloak and a bunch of flowers.- Here is the money - said the actress quickly, shoving the driver bill - Take a young man, where he will say. Farewell, - she said Alain and slammed the car door. Stunned, the young man could not say a word until the driver said with a laugh: - No luck. Do not worry, you will find yourself another.Then the young man cursed Bridget, put it in a stupid situation, and vowed never to participate in such undertakings pampered ladies. Within days, he was a hero of the waiters "Coliseum". Everyone was thrilled and tried to find out the details of his interview with the actress. Allen was silent.Yet the rumors about him flew to Nina. She seemed wounded and began to question him. - You're an actress or just prefer older women? She asked, as usual, waiting for him after work at the entrance of the restaurant. - Nina! Stop paying attention to roskazni.I have the impression that the others do not have other things, how to discuss visiting our restaurant Madame Aubert.


- Oh, you call her Madame Aubert, held devushka.Ya you do not believe a single drop. If the meeting has not taken place, then certainly because she changed her mind, and not because of your failure. The reproach was absolutely fair, and Allen responded to it immediately.Nina interpreted his silence as acceptance and walked away. The young man ran after her and grabbed her arm. - Stop talking nonsense. We are also so well together.