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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


"The purpose of the nomination of the reactionary and pessimistic ideas about man and his capabilities, his being and his environment - to counter the social struggle.For this purpose the unseemly and was among other ideological means in art download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and resurrected some old, slightly adjusted Freudian concept - the "suggestion and infecting the masses", the role of the unconscious start, have not been verified intelligence to fit with the reality, the truth about the substitution of illusions about"Mental disease" and the identification of the importance of disruptive, aggressive instincts in human life and society. In general, co-create a new fantasy world psevdoromantizmom easily relate to the concept of a "second reality", which Freud introduced his "Regulations on the two principles of mental activity":"The artist - originally a person turns away from reality because he can not reconcile it with the required waiver of drive gratification, and he opens the door, and their selfish ambition in the realm of imagination.However, this fantasy world, he finds a way back to reality, transforming, through his special talents, their fantasies into a new kind of reality, which is accepted by mankind as a valuable map of reality. Thus, it becomes really a hero, the creator ...eliminating the need for real change in the external world "final words are truly prophetic meaning. Only Freud could not, of course, to predict that the "second reality" psevdoromantizma there is room for even cannibalism, seemed to him "unacceptable."And instead of "therapy" destructive aspirations of man who threatened to have his time to the physical and moral health of the social body psevdoromantizm will instill in his fantastic "second reality" of their misticheskiirratsionalny cult for all of the same active impact on the real "first reality." Cit. by:Psychological anthology. M. -, 1927, p. Priests and creators from the "factory of dreams" to "trust killers" best and worst years of Hollywood apostles force Epitoma Traders dreams Hollywood knows only two productions: movies and gossip. From morning to evening produced films, and by night - gossip. But of course, they are not alone Dorris led me to the studio.She immediately began to cry: - I hate you, Johnny! Father could easily spend the rest of my life without Hollywood. For you it was needed. There is nothing you would have done myself, and then needed a father. I download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and tried to take her hand, but she download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and pulled away. - Johnny, you personify the "Magnum". You all his life and lived this film companies.Why could not you stop after forced us to move to New York? Why you had to drag him here and suggest to him that he was a great man in this matter? And now, when the storm broke, his heart gave up. So why do we need this Hollywood? I did not know what to say.When we came here, she was eleven years old, Peter thirty-five, and I was twenty-one.


And none of us wanted that to which we have come. But we could not do anything. Hollywood engulfed us. It was built on deceit and so remained.