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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Are you clear on amysel, objectives film and its audience. The contract was download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and signed and we must get down to business. The next stage of work is to thoroughly research the topic.As a researcher, you should have the impudence good journalist and an exceptional attention to detail typical of PhD, to become an observer, analyst, scientist, stenographer. In a few days or months, you must become an expert on the subject, the existence of which you had no idea two days ago.It's not easy, but always captivating. Dictates the direction of research theme of the film. She declared: eighty-second flight squadron before the Normandy invasion, black soldiers in World War II, psychiatric hospitals, California, British writers and actors in Hollywood. Concise formulation theme determines the search area.In this area you have to dig up anything that might seem more or less dramatic, compelling or interesting. The above may seem obvious, but it must be remembered that it is the exact wording of topics will save time and eliminate the large amount of information you do not need garbage.It will not allow too carried away by the process of research, which may be of interest at the moment, but nothing useful film will not. The research process can be divided into four stages: 1) research publications, and 2) study photographs and archival work, and 3) talk, 4) field study.In practice, you probably will practice all four forms of study simultaneously. Content Try reading as much literature on the subject, of course, within the time, budget and common sense. Your goal is simple:in a short time you have become, if not an expert, then, at least, a man who had an outstanding knowledge of the subject. Investigation printed material involves a thorough study of the major bibliographies and publications, books, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, articles, diary entries, letters, and even the Congressional and judicial affairs.If the material was too technical or professional, you need to find an assistant who can handle the material and make it available to you, a mere mortal. It is difficult to express chtolibo sane in the movie, if you do not own the material. Naturally, in the process causing the problems.First you'll read through too much or go into the jungle, making it difficult to select useful information. But after a while you learn to view the material and to separate important facts from obscure details. Film золотая лихорадка южная америка. Another problem is that some of the material may become obsolete or be made in a biased and subjective.Check the date of publication, reputation and track record of the author. If I have a suspicion that the information comes from an interested or biased source, I try to find an alternative point of view. Should be download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and treated with caution as the statistical data, remembering the old saying, "Sometimes a lie, blatant lies, and statistics."Another important point is, basically, to research films. Always seek the information to the original sources. Do not stop at the secondary material and citations.