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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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already do ... EPILOGUE No matter how incredible and fantastic nor was the process of making the film, eventually happens the most incredible and fantastic: the film comes out in theaters .He began his short but stormy life in front of the multi-million dollar public - a life that will last for a month or three months, so that later, through the years, back in the day to break out in the theater re kakomnibud film. Such is the harsh law of hire: that film came out, another film should get the screen.True, it may be saved if its short life will be such that it will be able to , and to keep the memory - but in the memory of it will be different: something forgotten, something distorted , something messed up with another film.And it is possible that from the film will be full of a little episode, which, after many years, suddenly acquire a special, unexpected value, and everyone will admire the perspicacity writer and daring director, but did not bother to remember their names ... Two films, meet and love each other in a small Crimeantown, went to the country, sometimes meeting in one theater, although at different sessions, as before in the hotel on different floors. And if the audience watching them in a row, he could catch them something in common, though - that it could not explain.Reviewers noted in "Thumbelina" masculine character and lack of sentimentality inherent in this kind of tales, not seeing in this case, however, the Indian influence, because where would it take in the northern European country?A "Big Snake" they noted softness and lyricism, emphasizing that the authors have penetrated deeply into the soul of the Indians, terse in expression of feelings, showed their feelings, do not usually appear. In both cases, it is regarded as innovative and creative approach to solving issues.Two films, both adult children, left by their creators independent life, and their directors have pondered the new films, the actors were in their new images, their operators, painters, illuminators scattered across dozens of cities, for many kilometers from the city Podgorska.And they remembered less Podgorski, who, like a ship at sea, diminished in their memory, floating away in the past, has not yet turned into a barely visible dot on the horizon ... And Podgorski have not forgotten anything, he remembered everything, down to the smallest detail.The barmaid told the House of Culture, as it once was nearly shot and acted only because the buffet did not have enough food. Telephone operator at a negotiating point recalled frequent conversations with the capital, something that does not ring a long time - if all she okay?In a park near the hotel "Steep Rock" wandered lonely extras, vainly expecting to hear the magic word: "Action!" So roam the empty apartment robbed the residents, so wander passengers, stragglers from the train.

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once to get to the bottom of his talent, extras did not want to bury him again, and find a use for it, she did not know. And then there was a theater in the city, called postolichnomu "theater actor."Because it was not just a theater actor, namely the actors who starred in the movie, even in dumb crowd scenes.