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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


I think he and the Battle of Kulikovo then did not want to shoot it, I had a feeling.Voobscheto we had costumes for the Kulikovo Field I and costume Novi still thinking, what if he would remove? .. and carried them. And Maidens field where girls cut braids. Initially he was eager Arsenijevic is removed, and now I carry with you imagine? eight trucks some costumes!We came with all these possessions to Pskov, the invasion had taken off, and then the snow fell, and we had to abort the expedition to return to Moscow, pavilion. 75 We had canned a month or two, I do not remember, and a secondary mission. A secondary mission is always pulls the money. We made the variance:1300 Voobscheto for such paintings was overrun our pennies, but we were download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and reprimanded by the Committee: Andrew Arsenijevic, Yusov me. Moreover, a large over-shooting days we did not have. So, I think Andrew was a good Arsen'evich producers. And one more:many directors use the services of directors kakihto pictures for personal use. For all the time with any personal request Arsen'evich Andrew, I have not addressed. Never! And although I did to him just one picture, I think that all my life I worked with Andrew Arsen'evich. But you're going to work with him now? Sure.When we filmed "Rublev", arrived in Pskov, he told me, "Tamara G., I beg of you, read Lem. Following picture we do" Solaris. "Is" Mirror "did not used to be conceived? I remember in that order . When we were shooting, the Gorenstein has worked on "Solaris".And when we finished, Andrei Arsen'evich brought an application for "Belyybely day." But he did it with Misharin, hard to say that for what went on. Application for "Belyybely day" was a very large, nearly 80 pages. There were different questions to the mother, about China, about love, about everything. He wanted to make his mother a hidden camera.And when the application is discussed, it was on this question: the Naumov, the Hutsieva. They did not like receiving a hidden camera to her mother in an ethical sense. Then Andrei himself Arsen'evich download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and refused. But I have already download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and performed the duties of director of the association:Daniliants died suddenly, so that further Andrei Arsenievich were other directors. Tamara G., and where you got the idea to remove the picture? I do not know. When we had to shoot Calvary, he said: "I want you to take off." I said, "No, I will not shoot." "You will be shot." "No. Besides, I'm busy with other things."In fact, he tried to persuade me with the preparation period to play in this episode. Film золотая лихорадка южная америка. He then said, "Okay," and we called the actress on set, made-up and dressed. Andrew Arsen'evich came to me and said one sentence: "And shame on you? .." Only one sentence, and I agreed.There still had to shoot Jusova as Pilate, but from the scene Andrew Arsen'evich refused. Actor for Christ found me: I saw it on TV. He was somewhere in Omsk, Novosibirsk not. By the way, I found him under his appearance: Andrew Arsen'evich told me that, in his opinion, the Russian people still had to have the appearance, as I have.Then he asked me to appear in "Solaris". Who are you in "Solaris", as he thought?