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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Americans listened to seriously, some even download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and recorded. However, there were also those who complained to me the director. Hypnosis is one time I was busy with hypnosis.I was able to lull some people, one of whom was an assistant accountant download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and named Liskano Residences. For this, I forced him to look closely at the tip of your finger. Once it took me an incredible work to wake him. After reading the latest serious works about hypnosis, I have used different methods of deep sleep.But this case, as with Raphael, I have never been. In a decent brothel outside the Rhine were then two very attractive girls. One was called Lola Madrid, the other - Teresita. We Teresita was beloved by name Penh, mighty Basque, a nice guy, studentmedik.Once, when I was on one of the gatherings in studentovmedikov "Fornos Cafe" on the corner of Peligros and AlcalГЎ, we were informed that the brothel "Casa de Leonor" there was drama. Pepe, who had to deal with the profession Teresita, suddenly learned that she went to the client, who did not take the money.Tolerate this, he could not hit in anger and Teresita's face. Studentymediki rushed there, and I'm with them. Find Teresita in tears, on the verge of a nervous fit. I'm starting to talk to her, take in hand, asking to calm down, and she immediately falls asleep. In his floor at the somnambulistic state she listens to me, and will reply to me.I download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and reassured her, and then I find out that my sister Lola Madrid, Rafael, also suddenly fell asleep in the kitchen, where she worked at a time when I hypnotized Teresita. I go to the kitchen and I see there girl sleepwalking, a small, pretty clumsy and half-curve.I sat down across from her, make a few passes hands, talking quietly with her and force to wake up. The case of Rafael was really special. One day, she fell into a trance when I passed on the street. I assure you, it's true, I carefully checked everything. But the most amazing experience occurred at "Cafe Fornos."Studentymediki who knew Raphael, suspicious of my experiments, I was paying them the same. To avoid cheating on their part, I do not say that I prepare to do. Sitting at their table - a cafe, two minutes walk from the brothel - I became mentally demand from Raphael to come to me.Ten minutes later, with rolling eyes, not understanding, she enters the cafe. I ask her to sit next to me, she obediently sat down, I say to her, calm, and she gently wakes. Look online. After six or seven months Raphael died in hospital. Her death saddened me. I stopped doing hypnosis.But all my life I amused himself by turning the table that is not in anything supernatural. I saw how he was download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and raised and moved, subject full of unknown magnetic force emanating from the participants of the session.Thus with the help of tables you can get the right answer, checked by one of the sitters, who knew it in advance. What is this if not a mechanical movement, physical and active manifestation of the subconscious. Quite often I have been guessing. There is a game - a killer.In the room where a dozen people, I found particularly sensitive woman.