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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Baliev worried:"No, I assure you, no, no, no ..." After every pause he's more nervous, all impulsiveness, all excited and determined protested. Apparently, someone strongly pressing forward with full of request. He had even, for the sake of amplification failure, shake my head and shrug his hands and in the end almost abruptly and firmly break off the conversation."Sorry, I can not, I can not." Then he hung up with irritation and rapid steps went backstage, on the move in the audience threw a phrase with the sour face: ".. ask, do not need a skit on our chairman."Of jokes and fun for artists skit to highlight some numbers that download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and hinted at a completely new for Russia theater jokes, cartoons, satire, the grotesque. For this thing and took Baliev and talented Tarasov. First, they established in the basement of the Temple of the Savior Pertsova something like a club of artists Art Theatre.There, in the intimate company had fun and joked our artists and other theaters. Subsequently formed a theater "Die Fledermaus", which, because of different conditions was forced to change the direction of the former towards the beautiful, often genuinely artistic images and scenes, with singing, dancing and recitation.This repertoire has become typical for "Bat", rocked the whole world and sufficiently known. The actor must be able to speak the download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and Pushkin play Came years of world catastrophe. The war began in 1914. In Moscow was full of life and growth. Theater work as ever. Tried to make up their repertoire at the time and download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and produced a number of hastily baked patriotic songs. All of them failed one after the other, and no wonder! Can theater war card to compete with the genuine, which was felt in the hearts of people in the streets, in homes or rattled and destroyed everything in the front?Theater war at a time seems insulting caricature. Pushkin's play, under rezhisserstvom NemirovichaDanchenko and artist Benoit, with its scenery and by the best artists of the Moscow Art Theater, that's what put our response to events. It was decided to put the three pieces of Pushkin:"The Stone Guest", "Feast or Famine" and "Mozart and Salieri" in which I played the role of Salieri Many, carried away by Pushkin's verse, underestimate the content of Pushkin's poetry. I, on the contrary, tried to run out before the end of the inner essence of the drama. I felt inadequate to portray Salieri only envy.For me he is the priest of his art and the ideological killer who like shaking the foundations of the art. Look online. My Salieri opening curtain is not bliss for morning tea in a powdered wig. The viewer finds him in a bathrobe, with her hair disheveled, exhausted after a night of work, which brought him the fruit.Laborer Salieri himself entitled to claim awards from the sky and jealous slacker Mozart masterpieces doer joking. He is jealous of him, but struggles with his bad feelings. He's like nobody likes the genius of Mozart. More difficult it is to decide to kill, the greater his horror when he realizes his mistake.Thus, the role I was not built on envy, and in the struggle with the worship of a criminal debt genius.