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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


The reasons for his rebellion, known to all. In the first months of the war scare me some facts brutality Republicans. But since November 1936, the country was restored order and stop the self-download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and authorized executions.Basically, we fought a war with the rebels. All my life I can not get rid of the memories of the photograph of the front of the cathedral SantyagodeKompostela senior clergy in all its Nazi attire welcome gesture several officers. God and "support the homeland" were nearby. They always bring us the bloody repression.I was never a fanatical opponent of Franco. From my point of view, it is not at all a devil incarnate. Ready to believe that it was he who prevented the Nazis invade bloodless Spain. I do admit some ambiguity in his behavior.Lulling his harmless nihilism, I believe that wealth and culture, find themselves on the other side of the fence, the Franco would have to prevent scale atrocities. But this has not download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and happened, even opposite.And now, sitting alone in front of his glass "draymartini," I begin to doubt the good, which bring money and goods, which gives culture. Atheist grace of God said that all dispenses His Majesty Chance. Awareness of the need arise later. But it lacks the purity of intention.If all of his paintings, I feel a special affection for the "Ghost of Freedom", it is because it touches upon this little developed theme. I've always download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and dreamed of a scenario, in which the starting point was a shallow, banal. For example: a beggar crosses the street. From door luxury car chyato hand throws a cigar.Beggar abruptly stops to pick up a cigarette butt. It swoops down another car and kills the death. The accident, in itself, gives rise to a number of questions. How was the encounter a beggar with a cigar? What did the poor man in this hour on the street? Why is smoking a cigar, threw it at this point?The answer to each of these issues may cause other, more numerous. As a result, we will be even more difficult to cross, which entice us to the other, in a fantastic maze when you have to choose where to go.So, turning to the purely external reasons, is just a series of endless bounty for contingencies, we can at a breakneck pace to go back in time, through the events of history, through all of civilization up to the present praroditeleyihtiozavrov. Watch the film золотая лихорадка южная америка in excellent quality online. You can, of course, go to the script and on the other side:the fact of the guilt for the death of the owner of the cigar beggar can radically change the course of history, and even lead to the end of the world. A perfect example of such a historical accident described Roger Kaya in his clear and succinct book, "Pontius Pilate," a certain kind of quintessence of French culture.In Pontius Pilate says Kaya, there is every reason to wash their hands and let the condemned Christ. Insists on his advisor, feared unrest in Judea. In turn Judah prays to God's will be done. Finally, Chaldean prophet Mordecai realizes that followed the death of the Messiah. He already sees the events and predict them.Pilate may oppose different points of view, but his honesty, his thirst for justice.