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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Sometimes it was at the expense of compatibility rate. Can be mounted only those shots where there was no dramatic change of perspective.Prejudice against the use of the zoom, even in dramatic productions have been dispelled, and the point was put in TV production, where scaling dominant. Ward.Compose the shot, in the movies and on television Compositional differences between zoom and tracking One of the characteristics of the movement of the camera, as opposed to scaling, it is the perception of the average person who sees a change in the ratio of the size of the background and objects in the foreground, because physically change the angle of viewthe camera itself. Tracking changes the ratio of the size of objects foreground and background as they pass in front of the lens. In this case, we can say that tracking is more realistic than the zoom. Tracking enhances the viewer's involvement, as it allows him to visually navigate the screen in two dimensions.At normal depth perception indicators can be assessed or verified by turning the head or body in search of a new angle of view download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and within the frame. Viewing still images on the two-dimensional screen does not give such visual engagement. If you want to define the depth, it should be clear and present in the composition frame.Tracking change in the frame provides the angle and gives the viewer the opportunity to feel more depth to the image space compared with scaling or with a static image. Zooming does not change the ratio of the size of objects.It just gives a greater increase of the frame or the overall plan of the same objects with the same aspect ratio. The argument in favor of scaling is the fact that the viewer will be completely girlfriend take two-dimensional image of the object on the screen compared to the same object in the wild.But if so much has download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and changed, when in television broadcast or movie screenings, various size plans, perspective, two dimensions, a small image, and so on, why should move away from the scale, where you can not only play a small physical aspect of human perception?Movie or TV show are download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and averaged event which often includes attempts to perception by the audience. Scale creates a visual sense of ownership, and thus proves that this is the correct method, like any other artificial simulation of reality. Look online. Widespread camcorders camcorders led to the same problems when you shoot separately, as in the movie. Mounting shooting became an essential part of this process.Picture composition, size of the plan, the movement of the camera, the location and angle of view, just select the download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and required in order to facilitate the final "seamless" sequence assembled frames. 126 P. Ward.Picture Composition for Film and Television P Expanded use of camcorders, especially in the production of news and current affairs programs, also affected the compositional style. The ability to quickly locate a light video camera in the right place finally broke the concepts established by the cameras to the turret. Developed a style where the camera is constantly in motion, especially in programs for young viewers.