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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


He returned on tiptoe.said that the Germans were building. He saw the woman being download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and dragged by the hair down the stairs. We sat and waited. To pass the time I download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and licked a finger and drew a swastika on the wall. Father angrily wiped it. First friend in my life was Paul. His name I never learned. He was our neighbor.He was twelve years old, he lived with a foster mother without her father, who did not like him, beat and forced to spend days looking after little sister. He had an extraordinary ability to absorb and store all sorts of information. Relationship with him much to enlighten me.I was always interested in practical matters, and Paul could answer any of them. Not as much as adults - if only to get rid of, and the really, ponauchnomu talk about the nature of electricity, how cars go on gasoline that keeps planes in the air.He fashioned a beautiful electric bell of two coils of copper wire and lacquered tremblera. Together we began to construct a simple battery- powered motor.I drew a lot of very eccentric aircraft design, and he patiently download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and explained to me why they never fly, and taught the basic principles of aerodynamics, which he learned from God knows where. Even today, when I see a plane unusual design like AWACS or "shuttle", I want to say to Paul:"You see, my friend, wonderful shape aircraft still fly ... "The first time I felt that we will have when I was with my grandmother and was eager to Paul. At first I did not understand what was happening. I just saw people scatter in all directions. Then it hit me, why is this street so quickly emptied. German soldiers drove over it women.Rather than run away, like everyone else, I stood and watched. Kakayato old woman in the tail could not keep up. German officer pushed her to the column, but it crashed down on his knees, crying, moaning, and began to beg him in Yiddish. In the hand the officer struck gun. There was a loud shot, and on the back a woman download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and gushed blood.I rushed into the nearest building and hid under the stairs. I had the strange habit of tightly download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and clenched fists.


And somehow in the morning I woke up and found that wet the bed. This disaster, I could not hide. Scolded me severely, but the next night the same thing happened. This began to happen almost daily.I fell asleep, I dreamed I was pissing in bed, woke up and found that my nightmare was real. Do kakielibo stocks was banned. We were download the film золотая лихорадка южная америка and warned that the ghetto will be searched in the search for illegal food supplies. As if out of spite, Mom just baked scones, and because of this controversy broke.She wanted to crush them and drain the toilet, but his father insisted that she put them in a hat box, and hid in the closet. A tall German officer, accompanied by a soldier and civilian representative Judenrat. He spoke with his mother ponemetski, then went to inspect the kitchen. My father and I sat, not daring to move.The officer returned with the mother.