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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Timeless and fantastic "Stalker" in a strange way, and can be read as a picture of the historical, social, even: in this sense perekuvyrk happened to the hero of the script denominator.Passed a time of hope, and with it the figure of an action hero, the hero of the practice, such as Boriska. "Stalker" is not only anti-utopia, it is also a timeless document. On the basis of timelessness, the practical impossibility of historical action rises messianism "late" Tarkovsky, author of "Nostalgia" and "Sacrifice".Love and poetry, art eternal support for the human soul, even if it is, according to the same Tiutchev, "... clinging to ashes, trembling with pain and impotence." And appeals to the world of childhood again unlocks the world of Tarkovsky, his hidden meaning ... PSA few years later, the word "zone", which before was a sinister, meaning a camp in the Russian language, marked the very thing that the film 141 a place where disaster struck. And the TV shows the first images of non-military ruins and landscapes, more fantastic than any screen wonders:empty homes and gardens, the woods where no one can step foot man. And the border areas, and the first no, stalkers, of course, just the villagers who make their way into the Zone, okuchit whether tomatoes or , and dead fish in the water, because the imagination of man really does not cover intangible, invisible danger.And already enveloped the name "Chernobyl" apocalyptic responses and associations. And the star is Wormwood, who fell to the ground, commemorated ... mythologization does not make any more tolerable for the human consciousness look at the harsh reality of life, which in the XX century far surpassed the possibilities of imagination and perception?Tarkovsky about the film "Stalker" "It was very important that the script of this film meets the three requirements of unity: time, space, and locale.If the "mirror" it seemed interesting to mount a row chronicle, dreams, reality, hopes, beliefs, memories confusion of circumstances that put the main character in front of the issues being relentlessly, the "Stalker" I wanted the film between the mounting gluing had no time gap.I wanted time and fluidity were detected and there inside the frame, and bonding assembly would mean the continuation of and nothing more, that it is not carrying with him a temporary malfunction, do not serve as dramatic selection and organization of the material would be exactly what I was shooting a film in one shot " ."In" Stalker "fantastic can only be described the initial situation ... but in fact what is happening with the characters, there is no fiction. The film is done so that the viewer had the feeling that everything is happening now that the area next to us."Feyginova editor on the films "Ivan's Childhood", "Andrei Rublev", "Solaris", "The Mirror", "Stalker" Ludmila B., from which the film began your work with Andrei Tarkovsky?

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