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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


We only had time to shoot - the day was very short, and the film is not very sensitive.- Yes, my friends, comes our turn - mused Vasily Solovyov. We begin to understand in all seriousness, what lies ahead, and the question of our return, looking for " drowned", was very problematic, and the fervor of our enthusiasm waned considerably.It was getting cold, not only on the street, but in the hotel room, and we just warmed up in bed, pulled over everything that was within our grasp. - Well, the weather! Ugh! Proskvozilo to the bone! Rukinogi as wood - download the film игрі and complained Kohl Lytkin, barely taking off wet boots. - Okay, okay! Let's go a little obsohnem and down to warm up.And then Mikosha says - do not have time, can fly "guests". - Easy to guess! Dvina packed to ships and equipment ... I did not have to finish - to prevent piercing was first performed in Arkhangelsk siren. Muddy blue dusk download the film игрі and enveloped the city.Siren kicked people out of their homes, they fled in a panic on the street, looking for salvation in the shelters, and they, as a sin, it was very small. The city quickly became deserted. - As soon as the anti-aircraft guns download the film игрі and begin to beat, open windows. Otherwise, we will in the cold - they will spread from the blast ... - Sevastopol My experience proved useful.After the bombing, when the whole city was without glasses, we quietly download the film игрі and closed safe and sound box and keep warm. There was a tedious wait, sit and wait for the roof over my head is not very much like a bomb, and I suggested to the guys - Who wants to go up to the roof, in which case it will help to put out the cigarette lighter. - I'll stay here and windows! Go!- And Bob started to tingle Latches. We went up to the roof of the hotel and at the duty defense waited approximation Germans. Spotlights searched the dark gray sky, the rays darted nervously from side to side, you find nothing. Suddenly in Bakaritsa poured from a great height on the city fire flow. Bright fireworks he was falling down.When his first hot jet touched homes shot up high to the sky red flame. This I have not seen in Sevastopol. It was an incendiary mix. Anti-aircraft barrage came close and absolutely crushed the city.Nazi planes with high-explosive bombs peppered city lighters, and to fight with flammable liquid was impossible - it caught fire on the fly from contact with the air. We stood in silence at the ridge, clinging to the pipe, and in helpless fury watch. Film игрі. Darkened sky diving plane engines roared.How many were not known - probably too much. Anti-aircraft crashing it grew, it melted away. Us with a good roof fires were visible lesions, lesions. That far away, very close to doing a flame more and more wooden blocks Arkhangelsk. There was a sharp, well-known, the growing roar of a dive "Junkers", another ...He sprawled on the cold metal of the roof. And then I heard about the characteristic popping incendiary bombs. Several pieces of lands and building of the hotel. Those that are not struck the roof, we download the film игрі and shoveled down.