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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Finally, whether the person and enough imagination to create 50100 roles in the year, and because often that amount falls to the provincial artists.Is it any wonder that these poor workers to resort first to the artisanal and then to the factory method of manufacturing their roles. There is division of labor and specialization of each artists in the business. In other words, it is the division of the actors in the roles, are called upon to help the tradition of productions, different school games.Position accelerates the work of actors and rant to the public mask the poor quality of the work. There are many reasons for supporting the erroneous used to divide the roles of the actors. Position moderates the appetites of hungry roles of artists and distributes work between them.It is known that because of envy the success and the good parts are the two main bone of contention between the actors. The division has a role in the beneficial effects in the field of envy. In the rare case of a tragedian envies the success of the comic and very often the two actors in the same roles in the company can not get along together.The most ardent followers of the custom roles are divided by poor talent artists whose talents range is not extensive and one-sided. Such talents barely enough for highly specialized roles, but they are unlikely to be sufficient when presented to him a broader requirements.Every person has the most basic mental or external data and experience on the stage, you can find one, two, five roles he will play well, and perhaps even good, just that the main elements of these roles inherent in his nature.Just type a dozen such roles, differing only a change of dress, beards and wigs to get the title of the actor on takoeto role. That's why so often unlucky, young people of both sexes, who seek autonomy and free profession, eager crowds in drama and in a year there are artists.Without exceptional data preparatory work and teachings can not achieve the same result, "and in one of the other arts, but the drama, they think, is available immediately to all talents, and one of them does not feel in himself his presence! Therefore, the owner of good growth, loud voices or becomes tragedian, a jacket or a lover.Handsome young man with some passion is first lover, quite worthless second lover. When the latter is old, will become a wardrobe and ability to handle women, he turns into a veil and secular scoundrel. A man who knows how to tell funny jokes, it's a comedian; it has an ugly appearance komikbuff.

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An old man without any signs of temperament argumentative. Kupchik life little merchant Ostrovsky on the stage. The hysteric in the life of a dramatic actress. Neurasthenic neurasthenic life on stage. Beautiful woman without talent grande coquette and grande dame. The young lady is very small stature and cheerful ingInue.The young lady taller and boring ingInue dramatique. The young lady with the voice vaudeville singing.