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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


To this had to be the play of several one-act plays.Only under this condition could give everyone a job. What role to choose for themselves? What was my then-ideal? He was primitive. I just wanted to be like my favorite artist, Nicolas Ignatievitch Musil komikaprostaka I wanted to have a voice like him, and the same mannerisms.Them I most valued time in the late great actor. So all my work was that, to develop the methods of its external and develop hoarseness in the voice. I download the film игрі and wanted to be an exact copy of it. Of course, I chose a play that he played. In it, I could not turn away from him. The name of the play "A cup of tea," vaudeville in one act.I knew every place, mise en scene, every intonation, gesture, facial expression favorite artist ... The director had nothing to do with me, because the role has already been done by others, but I just had to repeat your work by blindly copying the original. And I felt great, freely and confidently on stage.Quite different was the case in a different role in the old vaudeville called "Old mathematician, or the appearance of a comet in the provincial town" In this role I had in front of any samples, and because the role download the film игрі and seemed empty, transparent, no filling. I needed a ready-stage sample. Himself had to guess:as if the role played takoyto artist, playing techniques that I knew and he knew how to copy? Koechto I guess, and then I was comfortable on stage. But in other places as I did not get on familiar techniques, and then it was bad. Or chance I turn down a completely different style of play I knew, an actor, and I'm back for a moment to come alive.In the third place, I sensed more kogonibud of familiar artists and copy it, and so on. So one role I played ten images, one person I've seen dozens of people. Copied every single place itself was on something similar, but all together it was like nothing on earth.The role turned into a quilt, patchwork, and I felt really bad on stage. In the second role was not anything to do with well-being, which are created in a "cup of tea", and therefore "old mathematician" gave me the first time creative meal, the cause of which I still did not know. Rehearsing "cup of tea", I said to myself: "My God!What a joy to art and creativity! "When I played the" old math "I quietly admitted to himself:" My God! What a torture to be an actor! "Thus, the art seemed to me that easy, it is difficult, then delightful, then unbearable, then happy, then painful. And I was not wrong then.There is no greater joy than to be at home on the stage, and there is nothing worse than being a guest on her.


There is nothing more painful duty at all costs embody strange, vague, outside you reside. And now that these contradictions are pleased, then torment me.My debut performance took place in the mother's name day, fifth day of September, 1877. Finally came to pass that seemed distant and impossible. After a few hours I'll be standing in front of the lighted rail, one on the hill, in front of everyone.Many people come from Moscow and from distant neighborhoods for me, and I can do with them whatever I want.