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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


At this time it is necessary to pay rent, pay taxes, pay for electricity and telephone bills, the fees download the film игрі and received for the film, allow to exist during this period.This is the answer to the first part of the question. But what should be the share Ribyli? It is difficult to give an exact figure, it seems to me that 15% would be quite reasonable. However, these fifteen percent is calculated based on the total amount of the budget without contingencies. Similarly contingencies included in the budget without a share of profits. Videotape.The difference between the estimates of the production of the movie budget movie is obvious: another cost of the film, there is the cost of film development and printing. During post-production on the negatives you save, print, etc. But other costs can be prohibitive.Direct mounting and special effects are generally quite expensive, so this article should be carefully download the film игрі and calculated. Production contracts with real estimates in hand, you are ready to negotiate with the sponsor and the compilation of the production contract.It is likely that you have made an informal agreement, but it is better to have a brief letter of intent in writing, which will be given the basic terms of the agreement. It is a reliable document. It is advisable to exchange contracts before filming began, though many throw shooting, with a guarantee only a handshake.It can be done, but knowing the customer, or if there are reasons that make you rush, for example, some piece event. As mentioned, the production contract is either to write the script, or after. Let's assume that the script is already written, and paid, and the contract is required to start production of the film.The contract may take three or thirty pages, in fact, need to reflect only a few points. Below I have listed only those clauses that require special attention. Definition footage and movie content. The first paragraph of the contract is determined by the genre of the movie, its theme, the maximum yardage, the type of film:"Local color film on the film 16 mm on the issues of treatment of deafness, to be shown in special schools." Or: "A half-hour film about a frog jumping technique for broadcast on educational television."The first proposals can be surrounded by all sorts of "because", "taking into account", but this is just legal jargon that is not taken seriously. The main thing - to have a clear idea of ​​the subject of the contract, that is the end result of your work. Timing and delivery of products.The customer will seek to appoint a specific date of delivery of finished products. Care must be taken here, as usual, things are not the way it was intended, and you run the risk of break time.


I prefer to define the shape of intentions, but not the obligation:"Filmmaker understands the need to present the finished film before July 15, 1990." Avoid penalties for failure to meet the date of delivery of products. This is especially important, because even with the best intentions in the world, many circumstances delay the work.Often sponsors understand the delay and sympathetic to it, but not always.