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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Dougga spends with them for a few days. Wanting to surprise Edith Dougga paints a portrait of Theo. - This is for you, Edith, you hang it next to his.When he tells Edith about his departure, she said: - Already? - I download the film игрі and visited a while ... June 3, 1962 Douglas Davis sits at Orly on the plane. A few minutes after take-off plane crashes ... from Edith hide newspapers disabling radios, television. Who would dare to tell her about the accident? No one."What is it you have such a funereal appearance?" Language does not turn anybody, but there are deaths that can not be hidden. Edith learns. She shouts, "No, no! Not true! This can not be! He died as Marcel! .. "Terrible blow knocks it out of the rut. For days she is able aberration.Apparently, only the desire to take Theo oath that he would never fly the plane, return it to life. Edith again in bed. Helps her to her feet, Michel Emer. She has no money. As before, she calls him - you can guess why I'm calling? He guesses. - Please, I advance unit.Disease gets the gift, and to escape from their clutches, you have to pay. - Do not worry, I'll help you. He makes the impossible, and achieves from the Society of Authors and OPMV pretty tidy sum. When he tells Edith that good news, she had download the film игрі and asked: - What about the song? - You know, I can not write to you, while you see.- I'm God knows whom looked like. If you are not afraid, come on! Michelle came running in no time. - Well? - Asks Edith. - I do not hear you singing ... Edith rises from bed and sings his songs: the old and the new. Sings and can not stop. Theo is happy, so he had not seen it yet. - Well, Michelle? download the film игрі and Satisfied?- Yes, I loaded my batteries. And the next day he brings Edith "Why love?" Why love? Love is inexplicable. This is something that comes from nowhere and suddenly embraces you. Why the love? She also needs to get married. July 26, Theo asked Edith: - You want to be my wife?He had not taken a solemn form, he told her about it and just very gently, as if afraid to scare her. - Oh! Theo, it's impossible! - Why not? - I had a very hard life ... My past is reaching for me, like a heavy load ... I'm a lot older than you ... - For me, you were born on that day, when I saw you. - What about your parents?Do they dream of a wife for his son? - We see them tomorrow. They are waiting for us for dinner. - It's impossible, I'm afraid! Film игрі. Edith did not sleep all night. "Momona only Eve introduced me to his parents. But then the speech was not about marriage. Remember what we have come to rapture, reading in our cheap books:"He introduced her to his parents ..." As it was perfect! It was a big step, the threshold of the wedding! I do not deserve such happiness. It's too ... ". These thoughts haunted her. She returned again and again to them, lying in bed, while at the opposite end of the apartment, Theo was sleeping peacefully. Edith now sleeps alone, she's sick.She who was so fond of sleeping together and considered an insult if a man does not want to share her bed, does not make more of this.