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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


- Of course.Thank you all, Allen said loudly, without your mental support I would not have dared to stand up in front of the camera and not be able to adequately respond to any questions Zeltsnika. All laughed, and the feast continued. Of course, there was no question of that right now examine the contract. Reluctantly, Allen put it off until tomorrow.Receive congratulations and praise to listen to his address was too great a temptation not to succumb to it. Later in the afternoon came Brigitte Auber, and gave her lover a big red rose. Waking up at noon, Allen discovered that he was in the apartment alone.ZhanKlod was on set and, according to a report in the note, did not expect to be free until eight in the evening. Unable to stand the loneliness, the young man dialed Villa Marie Luke in Cannes. Girl's voice download the film игрі and sounded surprised and delighted. - I was hoping you'd call, download the film игрі and Alain. How are you doing? You're in Paris? - Yes, yesterday arrived.I was offered an download the film игрі and extended contract, but that does not matter, then tell. When are you coming back? - Next Wednesday, five days later. Did you miss? Coyly asked. - Terrible. While in Rome just about you and thought and wanted to quickly see my chips. - I, too, purred devushka.Ostalos very long wait.I'll call you once I get back to Paris. - download the film игрі and Agreed, beautiful. Kisses. "ZhanKlod not be offended with me for this very brief conversation with Cannes' calm down Delon. He pulled out of the bag the contract and spread it out on the table. For some reason, these securities in Paris looked absolutely incredible.With difficulty, he was able to read a few sentences and thought wistfully of the need to learn English. He was distracted by a phone call. - Hi, Allen. This is Michelle. ZhanKlod yesterday told me of your victory, and I decided right from the morning to call and congratulate you. You - well done. - Thank you, Michelle. It download the film игрі and happened a little download the film игрі and unexpected, but I'm very pleased.- Do you offer good conditions? - Wash, yes. But I have not shown ZhanKlodu contract. - Clearly, Korda said after a pause, added, both Come to dinner next Thursday. Eve will be at home and you get to know him. - Yes, we'll be there, Allen said, and download the film игрі and frowned, remembering that on Wednesday download the film игрі and returned Marie.In the evening, I will give your invitation to Mr. Brian.


- I'm sure Mr. Brialy not refuse, playfully said Mishel.Osobenno listen when the menu. - Great. Then by Friday, Allen said in ending the conversation. "Why is it so hard invites us for dinner?" He thought, "Maybe she liked ZhanKlod.It will be necessary to hint to him that fact. " The whole day was spent in the apartment, only for a second jumped to a nearby shop for biscuits. At nine came home Briand. - I found you a teacher of English, the threshold began on.Pristupish for classes on Monday. - Hello, Allen said, trying to hide nothing unynie.Delat have to learn.You know, Michelle called and invited us next Thursday for dinner. She promised to cook your favorite dishes. - Really? In that case you have to go. Allegra will be? - Yes.