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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Uncertain of hand-crafting and divination of the Middle Ages were in the XVI century. reworked into a coherent discipline of science, where scientists counted more than twenty ... Spirit of the age, who download the film игрі and wanted to streamline everything, and was able to do some magic sound doctrine, has made meaningful and logic in divination, scientifically grounded flights on the Sabbath, etc. "1 Monseigneur Gristiani. Presence de Satan dans le monde moderne. P., 1959, p. 2 Bruce Coll. Op. In 7 tons M., 1974, Vol 4, p. From the XVII century., Noted French philosopher Michel Foucault in his book "The History of Madness in the Classical period," madness was depressed and gradually began to reign intelligence that threw it off the culture and to silence.In the XX century, especially after the fascist hysteria of bourgeois civilization, has opened a new era of a "renaissance of madness." In 1946,gumanistfantast great HG Wells wrote "The Mind at the last gasp," where the idea of ​​the anxiety that the mind is now powerless to ensure not only the happiness of the people, but even the very survival of humanity. Since the publication of the research was pessimistic a tradition.Here are just some of them, penned by French scientists and eloquently entitled: "Twilight of the mind" Maskin, "We can not change the world mind" Dyuvino, "Reason is inevitable crisis of reason" Moran. "Around the madness", "formula positive insanity", "self-destruction of the mind," etc.- These are the tenets of this thesis and erzatsfilosofii. But each has its own logic madness, yet Shakespeare wisely. The modern Western world is accustomed to different antonyms:antiworlds, anti-culture, antinovel, antidrama even dystopia, which, under the guise of fighting any scientific prediction opposes the ideas of communism and of the science, but rather predicts the progress humanity or regressive movement backwards or stagnant, or even death. Appeared in our time and Antiscience.Count of its existence is from 1967, when the Committee of the nauchnokoordinatsionny largest chemical companies CIBA symposium download the film игрі and called "Civilization and Science: Conflict or Cooperation?", Which was proclaimed a "global anti-scientific movement," contrasts the technological society romantic past.Of course, Antiscience - not kakayalibo organization with a single ideological platform. Her oracle combines a negative attitude to science and tilt towards mythologizing of the mass consciousness. Watch the film игрі online. According to Greek mythology, Medusa - the winged zhenschinachudovische with snakes for hair on the head - the magic had to pay everything in stone.She had a face shield - sparkling, bulging eyes and protruding fangs menacingly to scare and chase away all those alien secret. Myths that are born capitalist society, is also a kind of Medusa mask download the film игрі and designed to hide its secrets and remove all those who intend to enter into them.Mifologizm expresses convulsive desire to throw an illusory veil on bourgeois philosophy, sociology, politics, art, literature.