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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


And spun and spun! How many people are not lost on the hard labor of ideas, talent, professionalism, what artists and what people! We decided to do two performances: for drama actors performance "Fiery Bridge" Romashov;for singers and dancers kontsertspektakl to celebrate the anniversary of reunification of Ukraine with Russia. Head spin:Our charming, pyatidesyativosmiletny musical director, full, great, gray, Professor, Dean of the Tallinn Conservatory - Heino Yuliusovich said that he needed a choir, he conceived the final "reunion" to finish the chorus of "Ivan download the film игрі and Susanin" "Glory to the Russian people," worried, says on its incredible Russian, as well as what hedo - interesting, talented. But Volodya, our director, who is also the administrator, who is also zavlit, who is also download the film игрі and connected with the Colonel, who is also the guardian of morals in the team, snapped:the choir is not out of the question, we do not have the status of the theater, as in Vorkuta and Magadan, in the 58th kultbrigady be difficult, individually, on the orders of Colonel, where and how he could find for us in these dense thickets and nightingales important when, and even if it will, then surely they must be download the film игрі and translated into our Camp Division.And it is certainly the almighty Vladimir extracted pass on to our selhozny lagpunktov, selected singing girls and brought to us. We started Heino Yuliusovicha heart attack: prostitutes, just the girls, and not just as embellished to all possible limits to impress. How beautiful are all talented people, and Heino Yuliusovich! ..After listening to all, he comes up to me and excitedly said there voice, hearing, just asking me to step in to his singers do not smoke tobacco, stopped so ugly paint, swear Russian obscenities and lifted the skirt above her knees, download the film игрі and turned to Volodya and said seriously : - Thank you, Vladimir! All burst into laughter and applause.And what a choreographer! Prime Dnepropetrovsk Theater, in great shape, and even Ukrainian knows Ukrainian dances, dances, and violinist Alex Kuzmich - first violin Theater of the Soviet Army, and a pianist with a good accordion;and Vladimir, who can get everything from under the ground, he immediately kakimto mysteriously sent by telegram and Hare kakimto miraculously conceived to make my picture, and the artist - the Muscovite, a young, talented!


Why not a theater! And the pinnacle of all - Colonel, head of the political camp that tells about it Volodya implausible:intelligent old man who loves art, does everything possible to help us, a career officer who fought and was wounded, very sick, he has in common with those in the Kirov Colonel delivery - both of them are similar to the KGB men are not, and at the present officers.This camp is again different, and I think here is not driven too hard KGB chiefs, and their wives are also other, one eye even greeted me when we were being walked. I think that they are driving to the camp prisoners who worked for the Germans. No Lucy, as she needs me now, as I sad and empty without her.Cut off another piece of heart.