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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


lennye physical cause-bond; lyayutsya they carried out in a roundabout way, through the extension of routes and links between heterogeneous: It creates an essential element of the car absurdity.Even in the "sign of the height" of the series of films about Malek a lively series of cause-in download the film игрі and abbreviated form: it is a machine in the dash, using which the hero rests his foot on a hidden lever, so that the system thread and causes a drop arm bone, to which the dog can reach, pulling the rope so that the target bell rang.This suggests also Dadaist drawings Ryuba Goldberg:wonderful cause-series, where, for example, "dropping the letter in the mailbox," goes through a long series of a variety of mechanisms, some of which are linked with the other - from the boot, go to a bowl rugby ball - and, going from one gear to the the other, the case ends up before the eyes of the senderdeployed a screen with "You smug, send this letter." Each element of the series is that it does not have the slightest function, and no relation to the goal, but it acquires the function and purpose through connection with another element, which also has no function or purpose, etc.Such cause-connection work through series of failures: close to the machine kitonovskim Tingley strung numerous structures, each of which contains a non-functional, but becoming so in the following structure. Development of large geometric structures, but also.plotting large trajectories are using cause-recurrent connections. The structure is a drawing path, but then the path - drawing machine or a trace of her. Each trajectory itself forms a car, and, moreover, it is the people a rallying point between the various elements:such Machinist, managing locomotive entailing his motionless body on a series of arcs. So, the two main forms of Gahagan at Keaton, gegtraektoriya and machine gag are aspects of the same reality, the machine which a person "without a mother," 'or the man of the future.Large gap between the situation and the immense void hero filled minoriruyuschimi these functions and the recurrence series, the hero who would rate a par with the situation. That's Keaton invented burlesque, defying all external conditions and taking the genre as a framework, of course, great shape. 1 Robinson"Young rich couple, who download the film игрі and studied never disentangle, all alone on the left by the crew gets packet. Ordinary life's difficulties are multiplied by the fact that everything is on board, is not for individuals, but for thousands of people ...They have to deal with the equipment, which is usually used by hundreds of sailors and passengers. " Or "no template" - approx. per. Chapter XI shape or transform one form of difference between the two forms of action itself is simple and clear, but in practice it is much more difficult.We have seen that there are financial considerations play a role, although they do not make the weather, because if the small shape tends to express and develop, then it is just as, like most, you need a wide screen, rich decor and a variety of colors.