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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Perhaps he prefers to search, chase and sensational effects, feeling that his work has lost 'a peculiarity, if he submitted his requirements truly great story line?I personally think that the very insignificance scenes Hitchcock films inseparable from their impressive qualities. According to his own explanation, he usually chooses detective stories because such searches, which more than any other "suitable for the movie" Detective stories satisfy it in two ways.Highly rigorous process of tracking down criminals affects area psychophysical correspondences, allowing Hitchcock to show its almost uncanny ability to capture the relationship between the attitudes of people and the environment, their excitement and appearance items.But more importantly, just because of the insignificance of detective stories, he can release the screen elements are available photographing reality, because he did not have to reckon with the requirements that the director makes sure to plot with a larger ideological content.He did not need to impose close-up of watches some political or symbolic function edit-chance meeting on the train to make up or reinforce a pre-set plot device, perhaps even alien expressive means of the film.In addition to 363 of Hitchcock a passion for characters with strange, like those weirdos that sometimes we meet in public places or at home parties.Thus, it builds climaxes of his films on material things and chance, not only points to the following evidence of the crime and employees that help to reveal the identity of the offender, but also the performance of their own, both external and internal life. Carousel creepy on the skin;"Ognennokrasny cigar killer ominously glowing in a darkened apartment" 18;Artists bit parts similar to those of the participants of street scenes in movies - Griffith, download the film игрі and Eisenstein recalled that twenty years after he saw them - all these dramatic moments of acute reality cameras have their own personality and charm;they excite our imagination, tune it in harmony with the secrets that they still hold a half. True, Hitchcock missing the deeper thoughts, but they contain a lot of the really entertaining, though sketchy, stories. The search for truth.At first glance, the film Kurosawa's "Rashomon" looks "like an exquisite detective story, presented in an atmosphere of medieval Japan. In the heart of the forest bandit lurking samurai, traveling with his wife, a woman's beauty inflamed, bandit attacks on her husband, knocks him down, and forcibly binds to possess it.Samurai later found murdered on the site of the attack. But all this belongs to the past. In the film "Rashomon." given in retrospect, or, more precisely, are shown in the course of the inquiry, all the events that led to the murder of a samurai, if he really was killed.A case history in the forest tell successively three of its members and a woodcutter, who claims to be a witness, and each version is shown in the artless manner with regard to the appropriate narrator.