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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


The young director has already dismissed play the lead and lead furious Kirk Douglas that made a film in its own leisurely pace. The star was only an uncomfortable feeling that he hired the wrong person.Douglas hoped that the youngster will be easily pushed around, and suddenly found himself in the power of a strong and inflexible rezhisserapostanovschika which at times seemed to be able to compete with them by persistence and self-important. Tony Curtis, one of the leading actors of the film, says, "I was Kubrick's own approach to filmmaking.He wanted to see the faces of the actors. He did not need constant download the film игрі and broad plans from a distance of ten meters, he would like to shoot close-ups, he wanted to make the camera move. That was his style. All Customized Stanley: "Come quickly, Stanley ... No, not shoot it!" And Stanley said, "I want that way."That fanned the film and the budget for the procedure, so it is relatively interesting ideas Kubrick staging. He download the film игрі and wanted to shoot only two planes per day, the studio wanted him to shoot up to thirty-two, so Kubrick made a compromise by agreeing to eight.He wanted to do long panoramic shot with a large number of participants and thus follow the lead actor. If you look closely at the film, you'll notice that he did it. ""Do not be a Kubrick film director - the leading actor of his film" A Clockwork Orange "Malcolm McDowell - he should command the military school he keeps in mind all - up to buy shampoo. Nothing goes past him. He must follow everything and all. " Why? First of all it is about character. Kubrick shy.A shy, had resulted because of the high innate intelligence posture callousness and neglect, is not so rare among artists.Calder Willingham, soavtorstsenarist "Paths of Glory", accusing Kubrick in that it has its own "almost psychopathic indifference and coldness of the people - the lack of which, I might add, sad colors Kubrick work throughout his life.He is not too fond of people, they are interested in it, especially when committing unspeakable things or when their idiocy is so pernicious that it becomes zhutkovatozabavnym. "Barbara Greene wrote about her cousin, the writer Graham Greene, in similar terms."I felt that apart trehchetyreh man to whom he was really attached, - she says - the rest of humanity was to him like a mass of insects, which he liked to explore with a cold and a clear head - so, as a scientist would study the test of animals. "In some people, this only appears to creativity. Film игрі. Kubrick was a loving husband, a download the film игрі and devoted father of two daughters and a stepdaughter and is deprived of affection or compassion. But publicly, he showed rare emotion, and demonstrated them even rarer. Only one man saw him cry in public, and this was a long time ago.Mental and physical isolation Kubrick was often deliberate, willful act. He loved cars. His third wife, Christian said: "Stanley would have been happy with eight decks, and one pair of trousers." From adolescence surrounded by cameras, TV and shortwave radio, he sought, not always successfully, to perfect their work.But at the same time knew that the arrangements can not refuse.