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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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However, under the flapping in the wind with a tarpaulin boys saw a large black, gleaming lenses spotlight. Busy discussing the blame on them happiness, the boys turned to green, to slip through the courtyard Lukashkina directly to the outpost.- Boys - suddenly they heard a gentle girlish voice - how can you go to the post office? The boys stopped and turned around. On the opposite side of the street to him was a girl of years, one can see coming, it is immediately clear that the city. And it's not particularly surprised guys.In the resort while they saw in his village a lot of urban girls with pigtails, with bows in bright summer dresses. They admiringly, enthusiastically looked at everything that surrounds them here: the sea, the rocks, seagulls, fishing on the felucca. Holding on to mom or dad, they went to the beach with my friends and occasionally ran into a local movie theater for the first session.And this girl was all unusual, even defiant. First, no braids, no bows, and close-cropped hair with a small chelochkoy. Second, elegant sunglasses. Third, and vpyatyh Fourthly, she was dressed very smartly, just glamor as defined Romka.In fact, do not pizhonstvo wear on a hot June day in green leather short jacket for "lightning", gray narrow trousers and white shoes. It was evident that the girl came tolkotolko south tan not yet touched her face. - Well, what do you - and even eagerly she asked coyly, stopping about guys.In her hands she held at least a dozen sealed envelopes. - Do you have email? - Already bored? - Quipped Timka, which also angered a "pizhonstvo." - Dear friends, Lyusechka, Lesechka, Lyalechka ... Has reached well met well, live well, waiting for an answer, like a nightingale summer. - Fool! - Sarcastically replied the little girl. - Wow!- Said Romka. - Is it so politely? - But true - she snapped. Knotted informative, cultural conversation. - In your town - discreetly tried to find Steve, - all so righteous? - It's not what you have in the village - was the answer. This boy was taken ill. - We do not have a village - clearly said Roman, - we have the marine village.- Fishing village - added Barabolya. And even the boys caught up, straightened her shoulders, she saw to it that this city girl, their salted vest to last understand what a strong, brave people live here. - We do not even shoot a movie there will be - could not help but boast Zahar. - Well ?! - Said the little girl. - It can not be!What is there to shoot? It was too much! This enraged even Pichuzhkina. - Can not be, right? Can not? - Senka got excited.

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- Yes, we have a sea? Yes we rock ... girl laughed. - Special? - What's wrong with it and say - suddenly hurried Roman, - go, guys, time ...- So where do you post? - Again, the girl asked, as if nothing had happened. - Do you find it difficult to say? - E-mail? - Thought Pichuzhkin. - E-mail? - Tried to remember Barabolya. - E-mail? - Asked Zahar. - E-mail? We?