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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


The simple method uses three camera exists at the location of the three cameras shooting method, allowing to increase attention to the conversation between the three characters. One camera gives an overall plan with three actors. The other two shoot two actors.These general plans are mounted parallel to the others. In this group, the leading actor is placed in the center. . When she talks to C, the relation between plans 1 and Plan 2 is turned up to the plan one of 90 В°.When the actress in turns to talk to A, there is a relationship Plan 1 and Plan 3 is a plan of the backlight to the plan from plan to plan, there is a sharp contrast to the real, as we use it with two plans, the three characters. Plans 2 and 3 can be installed in parallel.An example of such an episode with such a decision could be download the film игрі and mounted as follows: 99 Plans 1-2-1-2-1-3-1-3-1-2-1-3-1 dashes under the numbers indicate the point where a change of direction of the line interest.With rod PLAN E _, variations above example could be the use of an approximate plan of the central actor as a pivotal plan. .31 The direction of the line of interest with zapadvostok on severyug, removed only three positions of cameras.This plan is an approximate plan, which reflects the development of the previous example, and serves the same purpose, to the shifting of the central actor, when the attention moves from one actor to another. This plan is the approximate position of the main plan of the episode and is inserted between two general plans for shooting dialogue.General plans 2 and 3 can not be installed in parallel twice. The simplest scene, mounted on this principle should be: Plans. 1-2-1-2-1-3-1-3-1-2-1-3-1 Note that the order of assembly of these plans is similar to the model described in the previous paragraph. .32 Actor used as akterasvyazki plans to connect the two, where the line changes direction of interest in the scene. Bars under the numbers show the moments when the actor with the main terms of one turns his head one way or another, thereby moving the line of interest.CONSCIOUS omissions 101,100 Suppose that when shooting with backlighting points a duplicate row we consciously remove one of the actors of the frame to give the illusion that all the rules are broken. .33 gives an example in which the benefit is extracted from the scenery behind which hides an actor placed in the center in accordance with the triangular diagram. It is evident that the actress in the changes its location in the frame, from plan to plan, while two actors appear and disappear on the opposite sides of the frame.Actor outermost two backlit plans, appears in the center of the screen, in depth, but it hides the scenery.


Figure 33 The case of the "free omission." The actor is hidden behind the scenery elements. 102 What we see on the screen can be written as: Plan 1: A Plan 2: NE In fact, they are as follows: Plan 1: B-C-A Plan2:C-A-B In the following example, the two opposing points of shooting shifted to approximate plans in relation to the main character in accordance with the triangular scheme of placement of actors.