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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


So here is like Basmanov, but somewhere because of his shoulder curls sticking Pushkin. Similarly, as in, "Woe to the mind," I see everywhere Griboyedov.Sometimes the need for the viewer raskumekat what happens. If we are in pursuit of ease will pile event by event, then it may be antimuzykalnoy. Each piece has its rallentando in general allegro.So here it is necessary to determine what we will hold monologues in order to reveal the large content that had the censorship zapryatyvat Pushkin. We're a little push the seams to allow vytorchat ears more than it was allowed in Pushkin. It will not be a crime.We learned a lot of controversial material and indisputable. We come out with a lot of weapons and we know what it is - "rice Bo410 Godunov" ... Ten years ago, the Art Theatre do not unpacking. Until 1917, we did not understand or did not dare to Pushkin Pushkin disassemble, and now we dare, but be watchful. We helped Piast.He spread out his stitches, because the form of cleverly chosen, and I think he's Pushkin was a great pleasure because he was very comfortable in this form to place because of the word. He gave vent such that with good treatment download the film игрі and directed to the actors shine.And as a spectator culture grew, all the circumstances lead us to reveal all that was driven underground by Pushkin. Please come out and tell us what "Boris Godunov." December 10. I. Kremlin Chamber difficulty of this scene is that it is written prologoobrazno.Prologue, as the form requires a special "stiffness", I would say, a special sound. Here too razdroblivanie may aggravate the situation. This scene can be played as a scene of two conspirators. There are all the elements.But as the plot is in the prologue, it must be a special performance, that is not necessary to granulate image and decorate a little stiffness, solemnity, importance, as the prologue of the tragedy. This is something that is very common in Shakespeare. For example, the first roll of Marcellus and Bernardo in "Hamlet": "Hey, who goes there?"The scene in" Hamlet "is often black out, especially on tour, although any respectable theater will not let this scene be deleted. This is a wonderful picture: cold, cold night, the stars and the two roll call votes. Prolog can not play solemnly. The difficulty of this stage is to play it majestically. Temp - moderately fast.Two people stand. And here it is very important to the environment. What is the time of year? This is of great importance. Cold - and they restrained coldness. You, Pavlov, a good voice, but in a manner Vorotynsky kakayato is rustic. Look online. We come to the image through the music.For example, I feel that it would be absurd composition if Shumsky download the film игрі and talked with the young man. Here the imagery and expressed through the music. Careful statuary. They do not roam. Here it is necessary to freeze about kakogonibud subject. I think that this scene is not, interior and exterior.