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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Matsumoto then presented Sawako pendant with toy angel - like those with whom she was talking in the lobby of the hotel, trying unsuccessfully to recall past lives. Pendant is again on her neck, and first Savakokukla shows himself a man: she smiles, and then cries. She cries and her companion.They frantically squeeze each other's arms, as if for the last time - although they still have a long way to go. Now, they are dressed in kimonos two giant taken from another clothesline.They go forward if not on their own, something drives them forward until they fall off the cliff and do not hang like two dolls after the submission, on a lonely tree, caught him with his red verevkoypoyasom. "End mitiyuki", as noted in Chikamatsu would remark to one of his dramas.Kitano admires her dolls, and the actors become for him a kind of aesthetic objects. Their images in which every moment is seen less and less human, made with care and art, reminiscent of the old masters dolls dzeruri.If women are to become China and dolls, these dolls keep their secrets and dedicate them men - his companions and lovers, and at the same time - the director himself and his audience. Exploring the beauty of the puppets and at the same time the beauty of women, Kitano opens the beauty itself.Standing producer Kitano Masayuki Mori somehow noticed that his fighter in life - not macho: he is a man modest and even feminine. If so, it is now the first time China has admitted it openly. And his next film "Zatoichi", appeared unexpected character:disguised as a geisha a man who in the final, when the enemies are defeated and there is no need for a masquerade, embarrassed refused and change the outfit for men. "Dolls" - the most entertaining film Kitano.Love is blinding, but only one who has ever felt in my life threat of blindness, as China is able then to fully enjoy the colors of life.The "dolls" China has not ashamed to plead typical Japanese and sent to, but not in the general crowd, and priority rights to admire cherry blossoms and red autumn maple. The process of admiration in the Japanese tradition associated with the fluctuation of beauty: the maples, cherry and keep their color for a brief period.Realizing how fragile and short-lived beauty, Kitano has come to a genuine artistic maturity of at least one thing: he is no longer afraid of platitudes and cliches, feeling lurking in their power. Love is beautiful and long, nature is dying annually to , and be born again:to dare once again to assert this, we need considerable courage. Or the children's view of things, without which there can no film Kitano. Download the film igrі. Game Eight: in Horibe painter, a policeman from a quadriplegic, "Fireworks", left his wife and daughter. He is alone, he retired:and had absolutely nothing to do. I get by every conversation with his friend Nishi he asks himself the question: "Do not become an artist?" Then adds, as if apologizing: "Because I live by the sea." Horibe sure: the only obstacle in the way of creativity - the high cost of canvases, paints and easel.