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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Mom explains: - It's a bird, it is very beautiful and elegant. - About? In this case, you should be happy! Wordplay: la grue - 1) Crane; 2) a whore. It was a great happiness for me to sleep in her mother's bed, like all children, I think. To mine, it is too much.But the biggest joy for me to gain admission to the bathroom in the morning before she left. This bathroom was the only one of its kind. She was opposite the blue room, on the other side of the corridor leading to the aunt's room on the Cabinet, serves us sometimes to practice, but most of all to store toys.The only bathroom window, to which it was difficult to reach because of crowding, access to the garden. Huge closet of the XIX century occupied a lot of space.His boxes can be found iron and cardboard boxes filled with veils, rags, pieces of pumice, hair clips, ribbons of all sorts of colors and sizes, papers to test the temperature of different sizes tongs for curling hair, bathing caps, Mascara, powder and a thousand other things.Moreover, he was hammered by a variety of strange objects: there were a basin, a jug which had long been broken, soap dishes and soap all kinds of different colors and different varieties, sticks of lipstick, glasses for cleaning teeth, dozens of used and new toothbrushes, brushes Hair and t. d.In the middle of the room stood a round table with kerosene, from which came the enchanting smell: there constantly fueled kettles with water, stood ready whitened by lime pots. On the gas stove is placed on a wooden shelving unit, the other heated curlers.There was still the gray bath without lining, floor cracked, leaky linoleum. On the faded walls on countless buttons held the ropes, which were hooked unsuited towels. From all this stuff was a strange smell - a mixture of kerosene soot, burnt paper and hair powder and perfume company Guerlain.Yeah, I forgot about the bottles of all firms and sizes. I also forgot to mention the large shelves, which were nailed nails old curtains that hide the faded bathrobes. Sitting under these curtains right on the old linoleum, I was present at the magic. Gloomy bathroom turned into a beauty lab.It was my great privilege fills me full of strange joy. Having dealt with the make-up and hair, the mother proceeded to the selection of jewelry. It turned into an idol - I wanted to vdet her earrings in his ears, wear necklaces, bracelets, rings.Sometimes I was allowed to choose a dress, and I was proud and happy, if agreed with my choice. Download the film igrі. Finally, comes the turn of hats, veils, gloves. Cinderella was ready for the ball. I followed her to the garden gate. Each of her departure was a shock for me. She boarded the train at Peck.This is another small detail, talking about the falsity of our situation as we lived then in Vesinet. Sometimes my mother took us with them, usually on Thursdays. For me it was a joy: a trip to the suburban train station SenLazar, taxis and especially movies!