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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Once backstage led a quiet, small, smiling Japanese. He brought a gift kakihto pupae. Interpreter was not.With barely on the "intermediate" language to say to each other, that, say, very nice to meet you. Poulybalis and download the film игрі and handed him the brush with paint. He drew a few characters, and download the film игрі and bowed politely. Characters we do not understand and just smiled, too. Well, the Japanese and the Japanese, my dear, to have a doll ar ill.He picked up the brush, something pririsoval yet, we have not looked at that. Bowed and left. And then ran our artist Guy looked and download the film игрі and gasped. Look, he says. We read the letters - Kobo Aba. Perhaps the most popular in our Japanese writer. And we are all her fans, and how much talking in this very makeup of his "Woman in the Dunes."They rushed him - and he download the film игрі and called trace. Do not talk. We are proud of the signatures of famous people, popular. But, honestly, we have every reason to be proud of and signed by our colleagues - most mere mortals. Who knows how to dispose of the destiny and whose name will be of most interest in twenty years.After all, we have download the film игрі and signed a violinist our humble theater orchestra. One signature of hundreds. And now her notice: the world-famous conductor Yuri Temirkanov. And not in popularity, in the end, the case. There is a true account of art and human qualities, without the expense of fame, titles and ranks. Mikhail Danilov - actor of our theater.He started at the University initiative, he studied at the Astronomy Department matmeha. Daniel is a very good actor. I will call him the best, in my opinion, the work: Kaloshin in "Provincial jokes" Vampilov Lagrange in "Moliere" Bulgakov, Mitrofan in "Three bags of weed wheat" Tendryakova, television - Head-mail in the "demand" Polyakov Montoya in "Fiesta" by Ernest Hemingway "in the film - Dr. Spouses In "On the rest of my life."For all his human modesty Daniel never easy performer, he always co-author. I did one of his director's work is not done without him and without his help. It is hard to overstate its importance to our theater, and I want to talk about it, because from the outside, maybe not much. I would call Daniel standard of taste.It's not only education, comprehensive knowledge, multiple skills. He is an artist and connoisseur of fine arts, especially graphic.


Connoisseur and collector of music. Fotografhudozhnik professional level. The magnificent pipe maker. But not only that. In Danilov natural sense of proportion. In all its manifestations.He is able to feel and express the style of one piece - can and as an actor, and as an adviser and as a critic, and as masterprikladnik. In "Moliere" he wrote and produced his own hands "royal dishes." Drank a glass of what Louis XIV? You can invite a consultant to study the era, make a copy, and it will look convincing.You can ask Daniel. It will include the unknown other engines of his imagination, feel the style of the pieces Mr. kakihto old cups, teapots he built a glass of that all the audience will understand: only he could drink "korolsolntse." And so in all.