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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


If you do not mind, with "Uncle Vanya" and begin. - Do not mind ... - You get by uncertainty ...In the future, more of "Boris Godunov." - Sorry's "meek" ... - I have heard ... Dodin this is? So we have, in the Branch ... Frankly,'d Tovstonogov annoy ... He saw my surprised face and calmly explained everything: - I mean, all the best artists, the center of the theater thinking - everything has to be in the Moscow Art Theater. The idea is ...In the 87th ninetieth their meeting in the "Slavic Bazaar". "Boris" open house in Kamergersky ... We have had a long talk. In particular, the power of realistic art and that everyone should be afraid of him. We agreed that the housing problem, residence - all through Edelman, on the threshold, I remembered that "meek" will be playing in the summer in Moscow.- The last tour? But I'm not coming. I want her to see the Moscow Art Theater! By the way, do you remember the day when they met? - Who? - They ... In the "Slavic Bazaar". - I think in the summer. - That's right. And it is winter. And they have Slavic, and we Smolensky. Immediately deli near Smolensk ... And he left. And I started plans to build. But when I think that the move will ...February 20 abolished the play "Three bags" - sick Strzhelchik can now see myself transfer. Unassuming name "Boris." Most disappointing findings: no period of eighteen years. Did not normally recorded. Two pieces of "Henry," a piece from the "Three sacks", a piece from the "Truckers".And then shot in the studio, in a hurry. Trash. Helps out, as always, the movies. Conversation with a 2 place in the country in Komarovo. Outside the window, beautiful birch. It seems to speak correctly, and download the film интерни and unsubstantiated. Not that many other download the film интерни and filmed and better - just not Moscow. Regional center.February 25 Kids hanger I prepare before leaving the city to record four Andersen and "Blizzard" Pushkin. "The girl who stepped on bread" - a tale special, difficult. It's not one of those in which we grew up. A haughty girl enters into the service of the rich lords and forget about their parents.Do in life affords many "fleas" - as would say Princess Volkonskaia, meaning mischief. Mrs. Inge download the film интерни and asked to visit the abandoned parents and include them in the gift of white download the film интерни and bread.


Inge dressed in the best clothes and the best shoes, forgetting that the path goes through the swamp.When she had to walk through the slush, she threw the bread at his feet - not to get dirty. And just stepped on the shoes, as the ground download the film интерни and collapsed. Appeared at the brewery Bolotnitsy. When the mist rises over the marsh, all should know that Bolotnitsa beer brews.Or preparing infant hangers for hot sauce, pickled mouse faces and all sorts of delicacies. For dessert - a broken church windows. Someone like that. Cook it canceled. In bottle corks tale. In these they roam, reach fitness. Generally Bolotnitsa complains that is aging, and new tales written less. It was bothering her.I am getting ready to write, and think about future tours. The theater is going to report to the capital.