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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


So there.So we will try to give the role to be striping - a thick, tall, thin, plump, small, higher, lower. Then the composition is easily obtained, then no need to apply special makeup, noses naleplyat, neck, ears, and just give him a haircut and hairstyle that he is quite satisfied with all that he needs.And these people are sitting on the couch. But here's the thing: ploschadochka that we build for this scene will roll, quite steeply sloping. Difficult to walk. And the furniture will be slightly askew, with the slope in the audience.Before this sofa is a table of mahogany with polished surface and nothing on it is not necessary, but it will be so closely pinned to the couch that pass between him and the couch is not possible. Therefore, circumcise sitting on the belt, from under the table will be visible only to their feet, and over the table - their faces and hands.Have to remind you of a painting by DГјrer - В«Gesu che disputa con i dot-toriВ», 112 which I take a leitmotif that I will recommend you. In the "coward" directed this gives the game hands. Of course, nobody noticed because nobody needs it, maybe, but me.There were two little old man, and one of them is especially interesting game with a scarf and a cigar. He seemed innocent smokes, smokes like to gather the smoke. No, he's using this cigar so building game that he - as a magician, who rubs the public spectacles, when he wants to canary flew out of the sleeve.It's that time passes kakieto other makes and distracts your attention. You do not look at those manipulations, which he does with a canary, but on something else. Play of hands here and known mimicry then becomes self-sufficient. Hence, the polished surface of the table allows you to put your hands, show them to the public.That is to say, the show of hands and faces. Smoking pipes of various sizes - stubby, longer, longer and etc. The company, which smokes, snorts, snuffles, and somehow really asleep, someone is sleeping. Mayor is not on stage. He had invited them, they are sitting, waiting, asked why - do not know. Invited them - and they are sitting. Long sit.And only after that comes the mayor. Of course, he will not come out of a side plan, there are silent door. Yeah, you say ambitious plans will be. Yes, extensive plans will be, but only when there, in the fifth act. But also special plans, they are wide, and close at the same time.So he went in, just out of the things, because there's a dresser, a closet and the candelabra there, and people get by because of the things coming out. So he will always do two to three steps, not more, to immediately ukomponovatsya. Film интерни. We found dramatic formula tripartite division of the play, try to attach it here, if it succeeds.Mikhail Korenev though stands guard academic interests and strongly upsets me, I tried to estimate the possibility of such a division, and said that it is possible. But this is - in the future. And while we are with him, noting the dramatic shifts deployment performance, divided into a number of epizodovperemen play.And climate change will mark them as a "mandate", nothing but things change, they are not announcing.