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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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At the end of dinner, he noticed that the Mexicans were talking quietly about something. Then one of them asked Vila leave the room. The writer was curious what was afoot. Then one of the guests took the revolver, cocked it and explained: - This gun is charged. Now we throw it in the air.It will fall on the table. Maybe nothing will happen. Perhaps under the influence of shock occurs shot, Vargas Vila strongly protested, and the game had to be postponed to another time. Many famous people have submitted to the cult of firearms, which has long existed in Mexico. Among them, the artist Diego Rivera, who once shot at the truck.Directed by Emilio Fernandez, put "Maria Candelaria", "pearl", because of his addiction to Colt 45 landed in jail. Upon returning from the Cannes Film Festival, where his cameraman Gabriel Figueroa received an award for cinematography, he invited four journalists to his luxury domdvorets, built in Mexico.After chatting about this and that, the journalists spoke about the prize for cinematography. He became and to object, arguing that it is the prize for Best Director, or "Grand Prix". Journalists can not believe it. He insists on his and said: - Wait, I'll get the documents.As he left the room, someone of the journalists noticed that Fernandez went clearly beyond documents and arms. They jump up and rush to escape, but not too fast, because the director shot out the window wounds in the chest of a journalist.The story of "Mexican roulette" I told one of the famous Mexican writer Alfonso Reis, whom I often met in Paris and Spain. He also told how in the early 20's, visited Vasconcelos, then Secretary of State for Public Education. They chatted - about Mexican customs, of course - and Reyes said:- In addition we have with you, here are all armed. - Is responsible only for himself - said Vasconcelos and pointed a revolver under his jacket. But the most glorious history, which has an exceptional sense, I was told by the artist Siqueiros.At the end of two officers of the revolution, the old friends, who studied at the military academy, but fought each other in hostile camps, they meet again. One is a prisoner of the other, and they should be shot. In the evening ofitserpobeditel displays prisoner from the camera and invites and have a drink with him.They embrace of Mexican tradition and sit opposite each other. Both cry. With tears in his eyes recalled years gone by, their friendship and cruel fate that causes one to become the executioner of the other. - Who would have thought that one day I'd have to shoot you, - says one.

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- your duty - says the other. - You have no way out. They drink again, get drunk and finally horrified by this situation, the prisoner said: - Listen, friend. Do me a servant at the latest. I wish you had killed me.And then, with tears in his eyes, not getting up from his chair, ofitserpobeditel takes his revolver and a desire to perform an old friend. In conclusion, as long retreat, I note: I would not like that in the eyes of the reader's my idea of ​​Mexico was limited to a series of anecdotes.