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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Balance. The whole world is familiar silhouette of Hitchcock: this figure of a man, always fearful of losing your balance.Once in LosAndzhelese I was fortunate to meet with old ottsomiezuitom, Professor Hugh Gray, the first translator of Bazin in the United States, Hitchcock's classmate at Jesuit College. Ignatius in London at the turn of the century. He vividly download the film интерни and remembered Hitchcock's very fat little schoolboy.In the school yard he always kept to himself, leaning against the wall, even then, his hands folded on his stomach and with an expression of haughty disdain on his face watching a ball game companions. Hitchcock so placed himself in communication with the people that anyone and would not have, say, a pat on the back.His aloofness wrote to his wife, David Selznick in 1938: "At last I met Hitchcock. Seems to be quite nice, but not one of those who can not long endure as a companion."That's why the image of Hitchcock - is an innocent man who was mistaken for the other, and pursue, as a result he falls from the roof and saved, holding the drain pipe, which votvot breaks under his weight. The man, who was pushing fear to turn to a terrible story;man who was a virgin and 25 years old when he download the film интерни and married a woman who did not change until the end of days, the only one who was able to show the murder and adultery as a thing unworthy of man, the only one who knew how to do it - this man had it right do.Hitchcock never particularly cared about what exactly tell his films - and even less, he thought in terms of the other, but no other filmmaker could so clearly describe - in response to questions from Helen Scott and my - the way that he did while working on the film, starting with the selection of the plot and ending with the subtleties of expression.When film was download the film интерни and invented, it is at first seen as a way to capture life itself, as the development of the idea of ​​photography. It has become an art, just walking away from documentalism. It was then that he has been download the film интерни and recognized not as a means of simple mirror reflection of life, and as a method of expanding its borders.Filmmakers silent era invented all that was possible, and those who could not portray, were doomed to failure. Alfred Hitchcock often regretted the mash, which arose with the advent of sound film, when the shooting started inviting theater directors who are indifferent to the creation of a visual image and satisfies the transference to the screen stage productions.


Hitchcock is from another family that download the film интерни and united Chaplin, Stroheim, Lubitsch.Like them, he was not just making art and trying to penetrate the secrets of its capabilities, to identify which form its rules are more stringent than those that led writing novels. Hitchcock not only expands the boundaries of life - he expanded the boundaries of film. FILMOGRAPHY 1983 silent movies 1925 Garden of Delights THE PLEASURE GARDEN 74 min. Production:Michael Belkon, "Gainsborough" - Erich Pommer, "Emelka." Screenwriter Eliot Stannard. Operator Baron Ventimiglia.