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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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I especially loved ones seemed that the girl, who dreams of becoming an actress, because of the circumstances forced to play in the life of someone else's role to and to identify the perpetrator. Are you surprised my choice of this particular story? The answer is simple:book just came out, and in a number of reviews sounded the idea that on this basis would have made a real movie Hitchcock. And I, like an idiot, believed! In this film I made invalid: flashback given as deliberate lies. This is particularly angered the French critics. Oddly enough, the audience did not mind having to screen characters lied.Perfectly valid and display of past events as if they were happening in the present moment. Why not fooled by a flashback? In this film, it's not that simple. Richard Todts, hiding from the police, gets in the car, Jane Wyman, who begins to drive with frightening speed. She tells him:"Now that we have broken away from persecution, maybe you say, what's the matter?" And Richard Todd begins the story, which is presented in the form of flashback. He says - and we see it on the screen - as Marlene Dietrich came to his house in a dress stained with blood, and almost on the verge of hysterics begged for help.As Todd sends the wrong words, the narrative is indirect. His story boils down to the fact that Marlene Dietrich had killed her husband and wants to destroy evidence of a crime, Todd. On the site of an accomplished drama and it detected.At the end of the film, we learn that Todd cheated Jane Wyman, Marlene Dietrich and the police, and that both times he is a killer. So, as a flashback episode is divided into three, it turns out that he lied three times. I agree that it's all too confusing the viewer. But be that as it may, the first three parts of the film - the best in him.Maybe, but I personally do some fun episode theatrical benefice in the garden. The episode is good, I just did not like Alistair Sim in the picturesque father's role Jane Wyman. I causes irritation and the actor and his character. Shoot in England - existent disaster.You constantly urging that Totti and Totto - "one of our finest actors, be sure to take it in your picture." I attribute these things at the expense of the old national prejudices, the notorious island of consciousness. I'm not talking about how much I had to suffer because of Jane Wyman.I suddenly thought that you have chosen for the role because of her resemblance to your daughter, Patricia Hitchcock. I have a general impression that this fatherly, family film. Not exactly! I had a lot of difficulty with Jane in the process of filming.As the maid she had to look quite simply, the more so because she had to play was not a nice person. But she jealously watched how it looks next to Marlene Dietrich, and at the slightest provocation bumped into tears. Watch the film interns in excellent quality online.She could not bear to wear a mask unattractive lady when Dietrich looked so triumphantly, and every time she chutchut improved its image in the end really came out of the image. In my opinion, the solution that the movie was not interesting to the public, is that none of his characters are not real danger.