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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


In "Resurrection" Katchalov went from the box to the box and said the author's text. He, in fact, do not interfere.In television commentator, has the ability to intervene directly in the action, and this is mine, it will be very interesting. - But is such interference without not terminate? Maybe it's the audience would not be very nice, especially in the critical moment during the climax?- I only care about how to make the viewer how to take a closer look, to think, to make the audience forget about the tea or the dinner. That is what I mean when I say the intervention of the author, the actor in action. No reception itself, no trick no interest if it does not have in mind the audience.- I think that in this regard, especially to increase the role of a television producer? - Certainly. The role of the director in television extraordinarily significant. Perhaps even more important than in the theater or cinema.From my position, as I understand the art of television, TV director must first be a brilliant improviser, that is a flash mounted man. While in the movies or in the theater, he can make a limitless number of errors, and then correct them, in television this possibility is excluded.Unmistakable talent - the future director of Television Arts. But except for the director, I would single out another figure - akterakommentatora television. Clever, charming, witty, light, able to capture the attention of the interlocutor akterkommentator - is one of the most important figures that slides in television.Now there are interesting commentators at home and abroad in the field of documentary television. Their current place in the political and consumer comments.Future that will go down in art commentator and TV with the director to create a unique television show, one of the strong points which, as well as in documentary television, will be the moment the immediate improvisation.I think the closest thing to a television spectacle, the future is now KV It has kakieto outline specific television shows, impossible in any other art form.It has the effect of directly download the film интерни and observed naked event happening now, at the same time, it has prepared rooms, it has a surprise, excitement. And finally, a huge role in it commentator who perform jury captains leading.But I think that the WHC loses what is sometimes underrated talent, wit and resourcefulness guys. Recently, I had to watch the WHC, which download the film интерни and competed teachers and chemists. I'm sure the teachers were talented and had good flavor.


Team chemistry was less talented and lacked flavor. But they won chemists. Why?I have on this subject has his own theory, their findings. Initially, teachers clearly won, and chemists slightly inflated scores are likely to not have too much gap. And since the last issue of teachers lost, chemists suddenly came out on top. What happened was that talent was not encouraged.But in the teachers I saw elements of this TV show. Their homework was done at a very high level, and the responses hit his lightning speed and wit.