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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Nestled in one of the taverns, they proceeded to the usual libations. I was part of one of these groups.Thoroughly drunk, I went to walk the Gothic courtyard of the cathedral, when he suddenly heard a thousand birds singing and cheyto voice inspired me immediately to the Carmelite Monastery - not in order to become a monk, and to steal the cash register of the monastery. I go to a monastery. The doorman lets me. Is a monk.I express to him its sudden intention to join the Carmelite Order. Feeling that I reek of wine, he pack off me. The next day I have matured the decision to found the Order of Toledo. Reception rules were very simple: should make to the common treasury, that is me, ten pesetas for housing and feeding.Belonging to the order implied frequent visits to Toledo, and willingness to undergo the most unexpected challenges. Normally we stay away from the prestigious hotels in the Tavern "Posada de la Sangre" in which the action unfolds Cervantes' novel "A brilliant liar."This tavern has changed very little since then - the same donkey in the yard, car, dirty sheets and students. Of course, no running water, which took the form of a relative inconvenience, as members of the order were not allowed to wash while in the holy city.Meals begin either in taverns or in finding a little bit away from the city "Venta de Buenos Aires", where we will certainly served duty omelet and quail. All washed down with white wine of Yepes. On the way back we made the obligatory stop at the monument to Cardinal Taberah, sculptured Berruguete.2 we knelt for a few minutes before the knee prostrate statue of Cardinal shown sculptor with pale sunken cheeks, that is, one or two hours before the start of the expansion. His face can be seen in the "Tristan" - that on this frozen incarnation of death tends Catherine Deneuve.Then we returned to the city to wander through the labyrinth of streets, ready for any adventure. Once blind took us to his home and download the film интерни and introduced me to other members of the family, too blind. The house had no lights, no lights. And on the walls hung pictures, made of hair, with the image of cemeteries.The graves of the hair, the hair of the cypresses. While usually in near delirium, supported by wine, we kissed the ground, climbed the bell tower of the cathedral, the daughter of Colonel woke whose address was known to us, listened through the walls of the monastery of Santo Domingo night chanting believers and monks.We were walking, reading aloud poems that resonated loudly from the walls of the ancient capital of Spain, of the Iberian, Roman, Visigoth, Jewish and Christian city. Film интерни. Late one night, in the snow, we hear the voices of children Ugarte - a large choir, singing the multiplication table.Voices from time to time breaks, laughter and a stern voice teacher. Then arithmetic song continued. Standing on the shoulders of a friend, I looked through the window, but the singing immediately ceased.