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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


By God, this is ridiculous.And I'm in my gold '24 sitting alone! Where did you even find such a fool? I firmly decided to change his life. Now I'll just get my things. We went up to the door, he was already a fierce look, he nalilsya blood, and I thought, if only I did not get the terrible blows. In the elevator, he justified himself, holding rabies: - Tanya, this is stupid, I swear it!It will not be! That's it! That's it! - No, - I answered. - My solution has always! He opened the door with the key - he shook hands. Entered the apartment. On the table was a vase with a huge bouquet of yellow tulips, chocolate cake I baked the day before itself, a bottle of champagne.Right there on the table was a teddy bear, white with colored balls in their hands, on which toothpaste was written: "Andrew's Birthday!" I immediately turned on the tape recorder, "a little bit of luck!" And watched his reaction. He was taken aback, long standing, leaning against the bookshelf, and looked at the table as if bewitched.Then he put his arms around me so that I flew with clips, and we could hear them crunching under our feet. Andrew survived my draw and said: - Well, jokes! According to my friend psychopathic Bodea: In every joke there is a joke, and the rest - the truth.In the evening we played a show, and Andrew download the film интерни and asked Checa with green-Zina "just a little" mark his birthday. All ate my cake, drank champagne, appreciated balls with the inscription: "Andrew,'s Birthday." The check was in shock and told how in his youth, during the war, he was put out at night fugaski on the roofs of houses in Moscow.We were good, and we were all happy - rare moments in life. As it will then be all spit, download the film интерни and trampled, and all of a fait outrage over himself and all of us together! Chapter 24 coward and a traitor - a traitor! Traitor! I hate you! Coward! You betrayed me! - I say torn speech, restraining her sobs.Ran to the bathroom, the water mixed with the tears, the spigot on full blast, so there was no sound, I whine, I wanted to jump out of the bathroom and cry to him again, you traitor! But pulled herself together and looked in the mirror - a terrible face, eyes red and sunken. Came into the room and stood in the balcony, to hide his face, and looked out into the yard.The scene took place in the Volkov Lane. "Traitor and a coward" smoked one cigarette after another, "Waitress" and excuses. The fact is that in the morning passed the Art Council Theatre play "The Kid and Carlson." The discussion Clara poured on me all the accumulated rage It was the open hunting and baiting.


"Everybody raise salaries but Egorova!"- download the film интерни and Shouted subjects. "Working Egorova the worst in the whole play" - they did not let up. And the most surprising and offensive in all this is that Andrew has download the film интерни and joined this pack, stood up and download the film интерни and expressed his negative opinion about my game. - A traitor, a traitor and a coward! - I download the film интерни and whispered, standing at the window. - You could not even keep silent?After all you danced with me at all rehearsals Alexandrov!