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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


at 11: 12 th:Conversation with Yusov and Zhadov. on the 13th: The evil face. Clothing fashioned n tasteless. ART RECORDING 18771894 Lyubimovka, September 5, 1877 1 In the role mathematics plays a cold, weak, stupid, though not worse than others, but nothing showed talent audience said that the role I was not successful.The "cup of tea" was a success, the audience laughed, but not to me, and Musil, which I copied even voice especially Kukin put me in reproach. The irony in the play: Volkovitskaya4 spoke download the film интерни and instead of "going to die," "dying to collect." Audience was decent, mostly neighbors in the cottage.Vladimir 5, playing the official, started well, but soon lost his role and completely lowered the tone. Performance in 1878 summer. Lyubimovka. 6 The children play an outstanding success had Jura Nyusha and Boris, came to the attention of the public. Different Nyusha pregratsiozno play a role. I played the download the film интерни and Goblin and the effect produced farce gestures and screaming.In Pichot's nothing special I did not show, no one was download the film интерни and copied, and therefore performance turned pale, but in general play was fun. Performance March 18, 1879 in the house at the Red Gate Sapozhnikov. 7 In the first play to the last detail copied Musil and download the film интерни and prospered.With great respect for the Tretyakov, who enjoyed a reputation as a good actor then and future Shumskogo8. On the second play of playing on their own, and the role of go well rather badly. Lyubimovka. 1880, July 8 days. 9 The role played Pichot as before.In the second play, playing a fierce war, showed a lot of desperation, so that the public is told that I have a tendency to dramatic roles probably because I desperately hit the dishes, tore his coat and broke furniture. Kukin ecstatic resorted to kiss me backstage. Lyubimovka. Performance August 3, 1880 10 Role of Fish I could.I stopped copy Musil voice, but kept his manners. The role was a bit exaggerated, but has made a good impression on the public. Nyusha reiterated that she has talent. M-eur Vidal played a fun and download the film интерни and reminded the Frenchman. Theatre in the Middle Sekretareva Kislovka. On Wednesday, November 25, 188111 The role of Xenia in the "Tidbits" and Zizi in vaudeville performed impromptu by a sudden illness Laurier Lviv, actress Lyubimovka download the film интерни and Pushkin Theater.


July 24, 1882 13 Pancras download the film интерни and played badly. I tried to copy Buldina, student Konservatorii14, but nothing came of it. Costume worn tolerably makeup reminded Peter I. Crick was a lot.The figures did not work. Laverzhe but download the film интерни and failed completely, he was played easily, beautiful, fun. This is still my role a little better voice Rawdon copied at a rehearsal Zina immediately degenerated and became a wonderful game Alekseev served up a laurel wreath with the inscription on the tape: "From artistovlyubiteley tovarischurezhisseru. Lyubimovka, July 24," Moscow.April 28, 1883 In this performance, I can not boast the variety and patience as a director.