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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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In Lyon we arrived at night. These were just the days when the Germans began to move to the south of France. The mood in Lyon depression. And it has increased the mood of all arriving transports of wounded.Garzon hotel told us what to take full of the city, and he had only a hundred kilometers from Lyon, which means not segodnyazavtra enemy at the gates of Lyon. Then it turned out that all the alarm was due to a misunderstanding. Two town in France are of the same name. One of them, near Paris, the other near Lyon. Keep focused first ... Finally we are in Marseilles.Here the picture is quite different. Fell also a great sunny day. All the streets are full of emergency recovery. Fancy a purely Parisian crowd. Keep the troops, and the street suits them the most enthusiastic applause. Clicks, applause and flowers. Particularly strong applause began, when the turkosy from Morocco.Beautiful, art face, beautiful costumes, beautiful horses. It was these troops overseas something operatic. Just moved to the streets of Marseille an act of "Aida." Marseille greeted them gleefully. And just as enthusiastically respond turkosy, shouting that France can be calm. They overturned the Germans! .. Here we are on the boat. Before Malta rapidly.From Malta, the sea is calm; We are going very well, but all the time tormented by the question of the Dardanelles. Misses not miss ... between Malta and the archipelago of many French and British warships. The closer to the Dardanelles, the more of these ships. They arrived at Smyrna. The mood is tense there.But still some of our passengers ventured ashore, and to visit the Turkish city. That and the Dardanelles. We passed two forts became signaled. We were told it was too late, you have to wait for the sunrise, but was still far from the evening. We anchored, stood as the rest of the day and all night.The pilot appeared to guide us past the minefields. Suddenly, the whole course of the Turkish cruiser gives a signal to stop. It declares that we miss on the condition that the captain will take on board the Turkish soldiers and officers. It is against all the rules. But think about the rules is not necessary. Captain agrees. We ship includes soldiers in red fezzes.Strutted across the board, zachemto look into the cabin ... Turkish officers sealed apparatus wireless telegraphy. When we passed through the Dardanelles, the Turks left the ship. We stuck to Constantinople. The mood is extremely tense. The atmosphere is saturated with all kinds of ship alarming rumors.Although the Russian consul, who appeared on the ship, and recommended not to go ashore, some of the passengers got off vsetaki, visited the town. Watch the film interns in excellent quality online. When he returned, told that in Constantinople, emergency recovery, mobilization at full speed.Our captain decided not to delay in Constantinople, and the same day we moved. Gone are the first line of minefields. Again stop. Again came the officers, but in order to print the wireless telegraph. Let's move on. Suddenly kakoeto excitement. The shots from a gun. We went over to the specified line of merchant ships.In the distance seemed enormous warship.