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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


download the film интерни and Pushkin unpleasant show how ancient old woman undressing. So when it download the film интерни and started getting naked, it shows only the beginning and it immediately goes to a close-up of the head of Countess: hands removed her cap, remove the wig.You can see the head, and that at this time there with the rest of the toilet as unbutton dress, unlace the corset - it is not visible. Instead, they plan: "Pins rain showers around her." That in this frame? Paul.So, instead of showing the whole process of undressing, Pushkin once chaste goes to the floor and shows the flow of the pins, which allows you to see how many devices and various additional equipment is removed from the Countess: rain pours pins, three maids nimble unlace something somewhere upstairs, take off. Next:"The yellow dress, embroidered with silver, fell at her swollen feet." Again the floor. So, first the head, then his feet - that is what is given in the frames, and the most nudity is not shown. To the feet fell dress after the rain fell down on the floor pins. Next, after a point, "Hermann was a witness of the repugnant mysteries of her closet."Since last longer in the frame legs Pushkin is difficult, it goes to the Germans, to the parallel action, and on the look Hermann pass successive stages of undressing. So, close-up Germany and then: "Finally, Countess was in jacket and nightcap:This dress is more suitable to her age, she seemed less hideous and ugly. "Thus, by purely installation of the turn in the same mounting phrase, five shots - the general plan, which starts stripping, close-up head, floor plan, falling pins, close-up feet, where the dress falls, and the plan of Germany - download the film интерни and Pushkin shows all stripping process:its top and its bottom and it is reflected on the face of Germany, and then gives the Countess in a more noble form in the bedroom jacket and nightcap - is mounting point phrase. A similar construction is very instructive for us - it is a thin, clean installation progress. As you can see, even in the literary description, where, apparently, you can write:"Since it was removed and put on a dress and bonnet cap", Pushkin, who always sees what he says, even in the literary description can not write, "with the Countess took off her dress," because it's all the same so bare ninety old woman. He writes: "The yellow dress fell to her feet."He can see it, and thus a sharper, more precise, more chaste, pure assembly to show the process by reflecting undressing. But at the same time, you see a lot more than if the author simply partition before you old woman.

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I will read the next paragraph you entirely, and you tell me what it is:"Like all old people in general, the Countess suffered from insomnia. Undressed, she sat by the window in a Voltaire armchair and dismissed her maids. Candles were taken, the room again, only one lamp burning. " This introduction to the paragraph. What this will be the plan? Relatively common.As always, Pushkin returned to the general plan in order to emphasize the significant spectacular phenomenon.