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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


All this under Hitler did not care.We reviewed two million yards of material - two million! - And found nothing. Every week we get a new batch of material from the White Pillars, and, of course, every week, give rise to new hopes, which quietly died over the next seven days. Sometimes I come across the spectacular and interesting pieces, but what we were looking for - was missing.Occur even kakayato rule: if, as the name implies, a documentary picture of the fascist era promised something right, then in fact it turned out to sheer nonsense. And sometimes that was scheduled just in case, bring an interesting and surprisingly sharp piece. In the end, the decision was made:see everything, go through - layer after layer - the whole German part filmohranilischa. It was a courageous decision. I'm afraid that one and a half years, it was only half done. German Chronicle got us a trophy. She came out of Berlin in bulk in wagons.Dr. Goebbels was the man neat and download the film интерни and picked up everything that fell into his hands. The extent of his meticulousness can be judged from the fact that in each of his house hung inventory, which download the film интерни and included not only the furniture, clothing and all kinds of pots, and even hooks, hangers, switches and window latches.Just as he carefully collected and films - feature films, documentaries and nauchnopopulyarnoe. Chronicle not only Berlin, but peripheral. Documentaries not only download the film интерни and issued to the screen, but rejected, unfinished, neozvuchennye, without titles.If the painting was given the amendment, and kept the first and second options, and sometimes caught the third. This gave much food for thought: it could, for example, to judge the taste of Dr. Goebbels or his ideological installations, but to understand the material was not easy, and the estimated volume of Film horrifying.Of course, Goebbels was once a file cabinet, and probably also the annotation - but that is what we just did not get. To see the nature of any book, A quick look through it. And at times it should not turn over: binding, paper, type, name - and everything is clear.But in order to get acquainted with the character of the movie, you need to load it into the machine and see - there is no fluency fails. A watch has to end, or you'll miss anything should important, especially given the unique nature of the Nazi cinema.Was the case when we come to the picture, which was entitled "Necessity of motorization." Well, what could be expected from the picture with the same name? Watch the film интерни online. We postponed "The need motorization" on the last day of the week. All the same, but this day has come.The first two parts were shown kakieto showrooms, then explained the machine specifications of different brands, and in the third part of Hitler suddenly appeared in the construction of the motorway. Personable gentleman download the film интерни and handed him a big shovel, then Hitler was giving a speech, and finally, this shovel digging the ground under cries of "Zighayl!"If we stop watching after the first episode, we would not have seen the most amusing.