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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Recently watched "Diamond Hand" in the 3 rd time. What he's young and in love, just did a sparkling! Be seen a mile away a happy man, and the happiness you have given him!Finally I want to say Chehankove, this general other celebrities. With all of it on friendly terms: and VI. Vasilyev, and Maria Mironova ... He spoke very badly about your book in the "TV park." By the way, he said that he did not read - funny, is not it?Most readers believe that you are a very interesting account of a family-Menaker Mironov, the theatrical manners soviet era, shows the work of Mark Zakharov on productions. But chehankovy saw in your book just dirt. However, the pig will always dirt.And about Pluchek supposedly could not write so, the viewer to what to know some details. It turns out, you can do anything you like, as long as it was sewn open. I understand Chehankovu have something to hide. But it is naive to think that we, the audience, do not know anything about him. Tatiana!I collect clippings from newspapers and magazines, which have a response to your book or interview with her characters. Can you send them if you want. The collection, which I mentioned, came out in small quantities, and there is a statement Golubkina about love in general, and the major role played by love, it turns out, a bag of diamonds! And more.Approaching anniversary Mironov. If you communicate with his daughter, then advise her not to give up all at the mercy of the above group, she will let the memory of his father, so to speak. And Lyudmila Maksakova say that as a child my favorite opera singer, was her mother, Maria Petrovna. This unique voice!No one can compare it. All the best, Tatiana. In an interview with the newspaper "Moskovsky railway worker", you said that you have a lot of material. Write another book. Or let it be the second edition of the "download the film интерни and revised and download the film интерни and expanded." Emma A. Hello, Tanya!Forgive me for this treatment, but I feel kinship of our souls and can not apply otherwise. Do not write letters to the editor, but I decided to write to you to express my admiration for your book. Its depth, its esoteric podtekstovoe for, by you to easily and playfully, that's what struck me. Thank you!This is the story of twin flames, the two halves of the same soul. Twin flames come to Earth to clear each other and raise the souls of others. They love each other and cause the surrounding people envy and anger, because not all are so loving.But for now ... their lives, their loyalty love, his sacrifice, purity and unselfishness they teach others and to purify them. Watch the film интерни in excellent quality online. Life - a class, school, rehearsal ... And love - is something that lives after death, is forever ... Often crude karma prevents connection twin flame. But the fact that God unites, then people can not separate.Will you feel better my words, but you are one with Andrew, you, nothing can separate. And in the next life you will be together again, and no one will disturb you: love one another.