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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


In less than three minutes, all the vents were looking ward. Could hear the laughter. Suddenly all the hidden must be classy lady. Reappeared.Most acted Cherepova 2nd and Polyakov last all disappeared, and angry hand classy lady slammed the window. Must all stand in the corner at my mercy. April 21. Tuesday. Came from the institute. Changed. Decided that'll come tomorrow to Maria Ivanovna. I got a letter.Gust says that Marya today went to school, I download the film интерни and bowed, sorry for not seeing you, and sends a card, others will send the letter. Desk portrait depicts her in a suit of "Judith" evening stroll on Clean Ponds. April 27. Monday. Starting to think about exams. The house romp. Noise, screaming.Tomorrow is moving to the country. April 28. Tuesday. Moving, I'm staying in the city. April 29. Wednesday. Was at the Institute, at 4 in Lyubimovka. May 1. Friday. On the parade will not go. Going to the country. The first time going riding in download the film интерни and Pushkin. May 10. Sunday. Tomorrow, the first exam in Latin. Bison, and strongly bison. In the evening go to Moscow. May 11.Monday. Got up early. Wrote all right on the cuff. Stocked notes. The work is given easily. DIARY stand THEATRE lovers Dramatic Arts observations and notes. 1885 January 15, 1885Yesterday I was at the Russian Drama teatre1 the first time admiring the play of Forkatti2 that so artistically had one scene in particular that I can not write it. Forkatti played the role of an important landowner, state councilor and general, very busy and thus scattered.The scene, of which I spoke, the audience finds out the fate of a woman who download the film интерни and needed to supplement the author of some obscure sides piesy. Uttering this soliloquy Forkatti download the film интерни and managed to convey viscous manner of speaking, typical secular important people, and perfectly accompanied by the words typical facial expressions and hand movements.It was seen as a general and state councilor begins to dissipate, even contemplating the tips of his patent-leather shoes, and as long he continues to falter ... eekat and repeat several times the same word until finally he decides to take out a handkerchief to brush down the fact that it so entertaining.This, he again vigorously taken as the story of a poor woman, until finally he was not interested in her dress listener to which he directs his gaze fixed.Here again, the general began to flounder, eeekat and repeat the words as long as asked _t_ e_m_ _zh_ e_ vazhnom_o_ n_o_ t_o_ n_n_ y_m voice in which he spoke of the fate of the unfortunate woman, "Where did you buy this delicate matter?" "Tom-tom" ... "Who made it?" "Takayato." "Um .... So Watts, I say," and so on ... continues the story.In Forkatti out these details extremely subtly and without exaggeration, it is very important in this case. Film интерни. He did this comic is different, irrelevant remarks, while maintaining quite the same tone with which he delivers a monologue that the audience forget about the fact that this scene itself is extremely uninteresting;However, despite this, Forkatti did not take proper attention of the audience to the places that were important to piesy, and to this end he did the details in less important places.Nearing the end of his story, it was evident that General awfully tired of talking, and then he glances at his watch, wondering something for them, all while repeating the same phrase, as if using his gestures.