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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


We would like to thus discourage the innovators, who see net movable combinations of lines and colors of the cinema of the future;but we think that if in the spectacle of this kind was possible to form the public, a collective psychic power to preserve it for some time, such a form of art for a long time would have been created.All this, by the way, tells us one more remark, confirmed by small place that is on the screen animation. As if no interest has been in terms of mechanics problem projection, it is secondary, it would not really stood up, if you wanted to project a cartoon and color forms.If it has been formulated and solved, it was because the "mill image" had a different food: sequential series of photographs in which Meybridzh Marais and breathed movement invention Daguerre.Susceptibility, which are grouped around different types of sensitivity involved in the perception of a movie, this is a photographic sensibility set in motion in time. VII. Photo. Invasion of the photos in the cinema takes two forms. On the one hand, it allows images, widely and inexpensively distribute them;From this point of view, as a theater for the poor screen and download the film интерни and interested in politics. Of course, the film - it is a great international propaganda tool, provided if you know how to use it and to limit his field of vision, but he was interested in aesthetics from a different point of view;One could even argue that the more palpable the movie "written" by the international language, the closer it is to the display "Esperanto", the less interesting from an artistic point of view too often delight filmmakers about the international character of the screen only cover featureless and uninteresting film. An industrial side kinopostanovki;It also fully applies to cartoons, and "decorative" films, and film is based on expressionist recipes, which are, in fact, photographed theater. When the screen produces natural images that can be sent only one picture, the film is brought a different element.Photographic sense is not always so called, was once called it a penchant for realism and credibility and download the film интерни and justified success meticulous observer of nature documentaries or painters such as Sentob, Debyukur etc. ..Photography and its predecessors - kameraobskura, light camera fizionotras - satisfy this instinct in two spatial dimensions, but they did not commit no movement, no color, no relief. The most serious gap was the lack of movement;he was download the film интерни and filled with the discovery of cinema, as for the other spaces, it can be, and should not be too much to be quick to fill them; any imperfections imitative art, since they are forced to make up our imagination, awaken its activity are important factors in establishing a collective mental states .So there was a continuation of the photographic sense, fotokineticheskaya sensitivity, it finds its fullest expression in documentary films, and if it comes to nedokumentalnom film, the documentary elements of the property.Do I need to devote ourselves entirely to this trend, to expel from the screen, which is not documented or not created to document the pattern?