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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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His voice, his intonation and fate have become an important part of our identity in the post-Stalin era. Smoktunovskij had a lot to and tell myself, many remembered him by his comrades on the stage and screen. Several excellent books composed in drama and criticism.All this together, it would seem, eliminates the need for another book about the actor. That "not less than such - that is really necessary - the book you now hold in your hands, and it will take a special place in the huge 'Smoktunovskij literature." The novelty associated with the happy event.Author Olga Egoshina examine and first introduced community theater actor Smoktunovsky notebook. This is not a memoir or letter, calculated on the perception of contemporary or child. These records Innocent Mikhailovich made exclusively for himself, preparing, rehearsing or even playing some of his biggest role.He led these records a few decades, fixing, like the thinnest membrane, all the vibrations of feelings and thoughts related to the miracle "of birth, secure and independent existence of a scenic character.Every actor in one way or another, this process takes place, rare artists able to fix it on paper, and it is quite a lucky break when it becomes possible podglyada the inner sanctum of the largest national actor. The book "The game with moving mirrors."Provides a glimpse into the laboratory dushevnopsihologicheskuyu artist who is not concerned about any of his posthumous legend, nor how it will be and look in the eyes of potential readers. There is no trace of affectation actor, poses, or flirty cheapo looking into the historical mirror.I do not know whether conscious Innocent Mikhailovich great value pisatelskoakterskih their experiences - rather, it is conscious employees Bahrushinki when persuaded him ahead of time, while still alive, to convey their notebooks in the museum.He did - and now a researcher in his hour has visited the young spectator of his roles, could lead us on the trail of how to write the role of Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich, as Smoktunovskij understand and feel of Chekhov's Ivanov and wove a web of mental underground Judas Golovleva.Behind each of these landmark creations for the domestic scene are years of work and co-creation with the directors of different qualifications.Before us is revealed that the actor is thinking of Ravenskih, Ephraim or Dodin, and what is his own invention, its products, Smoktunovsky, creative imagination and Wali, able to enter into deep dialogue with the fictional literary character, and finally create an unprecedented stage being thatStanislavski called "chelovekorolyu." Analysis of the actors' notebooks opens "Scaffold" by which is created "chelovekorol." Olga Egoshina solves this particular creative nature - with the paradoxical nature of the internal passages in the preparation of their Smoktunovskij infinitely detailed, for him there are no trifles and trinkets.

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He trusts his intuition suddenly matching disparate concepts - so a triumphant moment of his life Judas vile an association with Victory Salute 9 May 45.