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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


And I see that the most striking thing in your memories - the ratio of the cinema, as kakomuto paradise. This is probably also a generational sverhlyubov when we had a movie for everyone.And how do you imagine the existence of a favorite film of today and tomorrow? Do you think that the movie will soon swim out of the darkness and it is still not in a bad state, and we are just exaggerating their troubles? Medvedev. Adversity movie - woes of the country. Still, it was important that the seven years Goskino to comb our "sore" on the body of society.The government at times helped cinema "through I can not," and not only financially. The main thing that could be done after 1992 - to create the first mechanism of economics and law that can ensure our industry self-development. Emphasize: the earliest mechanisms. When I left, I was more worried about their own problems problem successor.I said then vitsepremeru Matviyenko: "Every candidate - not just a person, for it must be the concept of life" - and told her Alexander Golutva. My deepest sympathy to him not abstract. He is one of those who are able to find a positive solution to the problem. We are not working together for two years and a half decades.We have lived through the collapse of the USSR State Cinema, pondering its causes. After all fragments of the film is still under pressure, prevent recovery of film industry, causing serious drama, the fate of the collapse, fueling frustration. Golutva everyone understands and feels.I was sure that he would not yield to the spectacular, but adventurous promises immediate spill rivers of milk for honey. He did not get involved in a futile game of "how we all re-divide." He is the best of many will be able to spend on a single kinokorabl exchange between government support and active initiative of private capital.Only this course is our hope. And the happiness that he supported not only the government, but most filmmakers. How do I make things turned for the better? There is a problem and the new cinema screens, which are now not only in Moscow but also in a dozen Russian cities.Here the problem of repertoire, which, thank God, has recently started thinking not only in State cinema, but the Union of Cinematographers. Donets. I think the question of low attendance in the film - is not a question of State cinema, and even today's culture. Maybe just fashion was in a movie. Medvedev.The fact that we have kept the agency in the first half of the 90's, it was decisive, useful and progressive. For now, just be proud that we have our own industry, do not have to - it is necessary to seek, to invent a new system.It is, of course, only the audience, but for this viewer, as they say, to get, to answer a range of questions, from the eco nomic to moral.


Donets. Do you think that you have done well over the years, when the head of State Committee for Cinematography? Medvedev. I first have to save the industry. We live in a period of transition.When I first came into contact with a Russian province, and there is, of course, the roots of all, I came to the following.