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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


All the places that I was first acquainted with sunset, seem to me so gloomy ... Sleeping was difficult, because on the one hand full of gentleman groaned painfully, on the other hand someone would get up at night and then open and close the window.At 6:00 I woke up and began to prepare for the celebration. Opened the window silence, wonderful air, the birds are singing. Kakayato lady standing in a shirt and thin hair combs. It does not bother her night suit, I did the same. We looked at each other, breathing and listening to the birds. During dressing, I found two envelopes.One was inserted cardboard card bearing. Another had two posters of the upcoming celebration of Chekhov's one porusski, another ponemetski.Here is the content of the posters I finally put on his coat and went out to do koekakie purchases, then drink your morning coffee on the terrace, where the waiters were preparing full of such long, solemn, not for our holiday, not for the table d'hTte {table d'hote meal together at one table in a hotel, guest house.}.The first time I saw a sight that pride themselves in Badenweiler, and when the sun it download the film интерни and seemed less grim. Right on the mountain, almost next to the hotel, the picturesque ruins. Away Vosges, the Rhine Valley and, like the petals of red flowers, scattered village with red roofs. Far spacious and laterally crushed mountains, which I do not like.Good, but it is certainly a poor Anton, it is easier to be dead in Russia! I ran to the monument. It was calm and quiet. Two men in morning suits conferred on the matter, they were adapting themselves to the main block of stone.One master attached a bust, closing it from me with his body, the other two masters download the film интерни and dragged kakieto sandbags and two nail oak garlands to the big platform, built against the monument over a steep download the film интерни and mountain slope in order to do no violence to the public and does not tear down a track that circles the monument.I introduced two masters Germans. One was director Kuranstalt {treatment facility.} Mr Keller, another gardener.The expressed my concern that the stage would not stand crowds, and that they do not have time to do everything in one hour, both very kind and calm with a truly German only significantly shook their heads instead of calming, and I believe that everything will be done on time and without much ado.In 10 hours, we did visit ministrurezidentu wildebeest Eichler. He lives on the departure from the city and met us in full glory, ready for a celebration. From there, I had to rush to the park entrance, where he was assigned duty.Imagine my surprise when I saw that the Germans were download the film интерни and involved in the festival, dressed in tuxedos, which, I know, do not taken abroad under any circumstances.


I thought they did it by taking on this day a Russian custom, but to clarify this situation, I did not, because it ran to put on a tuxedo.I'm back at the time, as Eichler's arm moved SAVE led the procession. The rest of them set off for the prying eyes of foreigners, dressed poprazdnichnomu.