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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


And maybe he is too expensive authoring independence to subordinate its slavish adherence to "historical verisimilitude."On the other hand, it is hard not to notice that the samurai in a generalized interpretation of the last half-century cinema - just something between the guardian of the law and its perpetrator.Samurai generally protects and upholds the validity of moral principles, but at the same time subject to the hierarchy close to the Mafia "nepotism", and without thinking sacrifices himself in the name of lord. Samurai - the embodiment of the romantic idea of ​​suicide, so close Kitano. Overall, this is - his character.So China wants to put davnymdavno real samurai epic, big-budget and picturesque. There is even a name - "Hideyosi Toyotomi."The main character, a famous historical hero, who fought in the XVI century, the unification of Japan, China wants to play himself, but talking about it, he always stipulated that money on a movie like he never collected. But samurai temptation leaves Kitano.After all, he came into the film industry as a samurai knight playing World in the film Nagisa Oshima. It took a half decades, and China, who by that time a celebrity wearing a kimono and download the film интерни and picked up a samurai sword, to play at the same Oshima in "Taboo."Just three years later, China agreed to "custom" and the project itself sdelaltaki samurai movie, although it took his role and plebeian folk hero, a blind masseur Zatoichi: most samurai assassin than a samurai. Call yourself a samurai download the film интерни and believed flattery Western reporters, China seems not dare.He likes the position of an observer, researcher purely Japanese phenomenon called "Samurai". The first stage of the study was the film "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence." No wonder the character Kitano, nominally belonging to one of the main characters, the film begins and ends it.This picture - the dialogue of East and West and the love between them, different pictures of the world and the inability of their coexistence. Besides the two direct participants of the central conflict, played by David Bowie and Ryuichi Sakamoto in the film are two observers, one on each side:The West is responsible for peaceful POW Lawrence, for the East - a ruthless Sergeant O'Hara, played by Kitano, because the author of the film - the Japanese. Hare before Lawrence clearly preferred. It not only looks at what is happening from the outside, but also participates in it. He immediately catches the essence of intrigue, love and death are inseparable.Real samurai should understand and accept. Early in the film Hara, a guide through the world of the East Lawrence, wakes his ward and gets out of the barracks to show the scene of the massacre of two violators of the Constitution - and gollandtsemplennym ohrannikomaziatom, rape of a prisoner.Hara mercilessly download the film интерни and mocked a foreigner, and the person responsible for the incident suggests to make harakiri. Watch the film интерни online. Over time, however, commits suicide, and the Dutchman could not stand the shame.This episode is particularly important in light of the fact that the relationship between the camp commander and download the film интерни and captain Yonoi rebellious British soldier Jack Selliersom too limited to homosexual attraction - only hidden, not manifested in the actions or words.