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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Would have got more if it were not for their daughter, Mary L., who rushed to calm the mother.During the whole of this scene Leo sat still pulling his beard. He did not utter a single word in my defense. When the Countess is gone, and I stood there in complete disarray, he smiled at me, said, "Never mind! She is upset and nervous!" Then, returning to the previous conversation, he continued:"So, what are we? .." I remember another encounter with Leo Tolstoy in a lane near his home. It was during this time that he wrote his famous article against the war and the military. I was walking with a friend, who knew Tolstoy. We met him.This time again, I timid, because he had a very stern face and his eyes hidden behind thick overhanging eyebrows. He was nervous and irritable. I walked respectfully behind, listening to his words. With great temperament and he eagerly expressed his disapproval legalized murder.In short, he said that he had written in his famous essay. He download the film Кабалевский and denounced the military, their habits with greater conviction, that at one time he did not single campaign. He spoke not only on the basis of the theory, but on the basis of experience.Overhanging eyebrows, bright eyes, which seemed to be every minute tears were ready to shine, strong and yet vzvolnovannostradayuschy voice.Suddenly, because of the angle of crossing streets, just to meet us, just grew from under the earth two konnogvardeytsa Soldiers in long coats, with shining helmets, with jingling spurs and noisy trailing sabers ... Beautiful, young, slim, tall figure, cheerful person, courageous, straightening, schooled gait, they were great.Tolstoy stopped in mid-sentence and stared at them through the eyes, half-open mouth, and frozen in the rough hand gestures. His face lit up. "Haha, he sighed for the whole lane. Well Well done!" And then enthusiastically began to explain the importance of military bearing. At the moment it was easy to find in it the old experienced soldier.It was still quite a lot of time. Somehow, going to his desk, I found the unopened letter in my name. When I opened it, it download the film Кабалевский and turned out that the letter was from Tolstoy. So I froze. In a few pages he himself wrote about the whole saga Doukhobors and requested to participate in obtaining funds for their export from Russia.How could a letter be still on hand, and lay so long in my desk, I do not understand to this day. I wanted to personally download the film Кабалевский and explain Tolstoy this case and justify their silence before him.One of my friend close to the family Tolstoy suggested that I use for this time that Tolstoy, at his request, appointed for a meeting with him one writer.


He hoped that before or after this date will be a while to get me to Tolstoy for an audience.Unfortunately, I see it did not succeed, because the writer Leo delayed. I was not in their conversation, but they told me what happened upstairs, in a room of Leo, while I download the film Кабалевский and waited in line at the bottom. First of all, my friend told me, imagine two figures:On the one hand, Leo, on the other thin, emaciated writer with long hair, with a large turn-down soft collar, no tie, sitting on pins and needles, and for an hour talking pretentious language with newly invented words about how he seeks and creates new art. Fountain of foreign words, a number of quotes from all kinds of new authors, philosophy, poems, scraps of new formation, illustrating the contraption basics of poetry and art.