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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


In these cases, the lack of on-screen detail kakihto nature or features of communication is not evidence - what we are willing to reproach columnists - their unobservant.Before us - the intentional stance. The ability to "not see" or "not heard" that provided the framework protocol for shooting chronicles characteristic no less than for the authors of modern films their growing desire to re-read those images, and even try to engage them in debate.During the filming of the Ural steelworkers Bazetove, director Rothenberg found footage chronicles, depicting his character in wartime. Seeing myself on screen alert, dashing, with a smile specifically for cameras, Bazetov download the film Кабалевский and remembered that did not get into the lens while reporter: "I came, as they say, eleele feet. Tired, all burned.It's a movie to show ... Why there ... Twelve hours had to work ... It is twelve o'clock. No weekends, no holidays. But we stood ... "Such opposition, but this time deliberately frank, we find in the well-known paintings by Frank as" No Legends "or" Next the soul. "Essentially, the screen - a clash of two approaches to the image of man, two polar principles, two aesthetics. But is not the same trend is observed in live TV?"The action is download the film Кабалевский and played out on the field - reflects director Alexander Mitta about football reports from stadiums - on the TV screen is set as a graphic detailed diagram from which vyshelusheny human character. Over one and a half hours, we did not see the portraits of players.We know nothing about them as individuals. " Of course, any game - this scheme. But every scheme is based on the set of rules governing the players. But a download the film Кабалевский and talented player - always look. The primary objective of the authors in the report - in contrast to the newsreel broadcast - personalize rival team.Of course, in the view image of the fan favorite team still exists. So why not find the image all display means - newsreels hronikiekspozitsii, stories of veterans, disputes expansive fans, critical comments competent persons?Why not emphasize the background and the filename of the match - a meeting of old rivals, or revenge for the humiliating defeat in the past? "Unfortunately, the director's efforts to identify means of modern heroes football field are negligible.Cameras are not drawn attention to the uniqueness of their behavior on the field, to the features odds, habits - all that can guess a person's character. " How exciting to watch a fight, Mitt continues when her semi-abstract figures are not as fresh and familiar characters of the drama.You can pre-schedule the central plot reportage - dueling captains, or, say, a portrait of a goalkeeper, having prepared a dozen dvadtsatisekundnyh frames of the entries matches in recent years.


You can pick up during the game the most active artists 'parallel' stories, such as an expression of elation about a point is download the film Кабалевский and scored.But on the other hand, the author says, a dramatization of events is risking a conflict with the objectivity of their show.