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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


I'm in the mood for another reason, that here we have to share with all your senses: both joy and pain ... last much longer. You can take the text of a first-person interview.In 1992, Ellen Bruno traveled to Tibet to talk with Tibetan nuns. Here's how it used to get an interview in his film "Satyan: prayer for the enemy." Caption: In 1949 China download the film Кабалевский and invaded Tibet. In an attempt to spread communism in the Chinese Buddhist country destroyed more than 6,000 monasteries.Monks forced to return to the world, and DalayLama was sent into exile. For years, Tibetans in secrecy download the film Кабалевский and continued to practice their religion under threat of imprisonment. Only in 1987, a limited number of monks were download the film Кабалевский and allowed to be ordained again.Tibetan nuns out of retirement to lead a demonstration against the Chinese invaders. They demand respect for human rights, religious freedom and independence. Very soft female voice announcer: When I was little, Tibet was dark.So dark that when someone died, we could not even utter a word of prayer or to light an oil lamp to point the way to his soul. My father told me that after the Chinese occupation of everything has been download the film Кабалевский and turned on its head. The monks were forced to marry, the nuns - to get married, but many of them secretly download the film Кабалевский and remained faithful vow.Buddhism is deep within us. The Chinese say that they came to save us from the Ocean of Sorrow. That Communism are all equal, and we have to understand the difference between happiness and sorrow ... We are silent from fear. At night, people disappear. Komuto very dangerous to tell the truth about our sufferings. They need our land, but do not want Tibetans.Women in our village one after another download the film Кабалевский and sterilized. Those who refuse must pay a fine. They have no money, so there's no choice. In "Letter from the Front" or "City of Gold" in the frame is not the speaker, who tells a story or a different story. Feature "Sati" is that from time to time interrupted fragments comment interview.Comments can not exist apart from the sound and the video. In "sate" the general impression is amazing. Comment goes against the monochrome visuals: kerosene lamps, the monks at prayer, deserted streets, close-ups of faces. Image shot on Hi-8, slowing the frame is on top of each other.


We hear the sounds of prayers and singing.All together, it produces a hypnotic effect: the graceful, ephemeral, deep acting, which in spite of all the beauty, conveys a sense of the tragedy of Tibet. Storyboard To write the exact text to create a storyboard} 'that is, view the movie with timecode and write basic stuff! episodes and their duration.It is better if it would make the author, and editor and since each of them is watching a movie with his point of view. Here is the beginning of a film about the university: students get off the bus, talking to each other, university buildings, besides students, some professors and a sharp transition to the students sitting in a lecture.The storyboard will be as follows: 10 seconds of video calls in buses to the campus.