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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


This line I'll call obschestvennopoliticheskoy. Earlier, two years before the time described in the repertoire of the theater and actors was the germ of such direction.But he created accidentally. This happened in Ibsen's play "Dr. Stockman" in the season 1900/01 Dr. Stockman in my repertoire is one of those happy few roles, which attracts the their inner strength and charisma. For the first time after reading the piece, I immediately understood it immediately healed her and immediately began to play a role at the first rehearsal.Obviously, life itself has taken care in advance about how to do all the prep work and creativity download the film Кабалевский and needed to stock the material and spiritual memories of life similar to the role of feeling.My initial point of departure and a director, and the artistic work on the play and the role went through intuition and feelings, but the play, the role and direction have a different direction, and greater obschestvennopoliticheskoe value and color. In the play, and the role attracted me love knows no barriers and the desire for truth Stockman.I am comfortable in this role was to put on rose- colored eyes naive trust in people, through them, to look at all the others, and sincerely believe they love them. When rot gradually been opened in the souls of others Stockman imaginary friends, I was easy to feel bewildered portrayed person.In a moment of his complete enlightenment I was not scared for myself, not for the Shtokman field. At this time there I merge with the role. I understood clearly how every act gradually, Stockman became more and more lonely, and when, by the end of the play, he was very lonely, the final phrase plays:"The strongest man in the world who is lonely!" download the film Кабалевский and asked to come to the language itself. By intuition, by itself, instinctively, I came to the internal image, with all its peculiarities, details, myopia, clearly talking about the inner blindness Stockman to human vices;his childishness, his young mobility of companionship with the children and with the family; the fun, love to joke, games for sociability, to charm Stockman that made all that come in contact with him, made clearer and better reveal the good side his soul in his presence. I come from intuition and the external image:it is the natural outcome of the internal. Soul and body Stockman and Stanislavsky organically merged with each other: as soon as I think about thoughts or worries Dr. Stockman and of themselves are a sign of his myopia, the slope of the body forward, trot;trusting eyes download the film Кабалевский and rushed into the soul of the object to which said or talked on stage Stockman; themselves stretched forward, for the sake of greater credibility, the second and third fingers of my hand, as if to push into the very soul of the interlocutor my feelings, words and thoughts.


All these needs and habits appear instinctively, unconsciously.Where are they? Later I happened to guess their origin: a few years after the establishment of the Shtokman field, at a meeting in download the film Кабалевский and Berlin with one scientist familiar to me earlier in Vienna sanatorium, I learned it from my fingers, "Stockman". It is very likely that they unknowingly download the film Кабалевский and passed to me from this living specimen.And one of the famous Russian artist and critic I found his style to stagnate and 1a Stockman.