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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Rosalie winced and felt waist. - I'll have to say goodbye with a slender figure. Now I can not stand competition with Patricia Kaas. - Silly. You and our baby to me all the more. Every week, Alain accompanied her during visits to the clinic and the doctor demanded a detailed report on the state of the girlfriend.- Nothing new, I can not say, justified tot.Srok pregnancy is very small. The actor recalled a time when his wife was expecting a child and thought it was too young to realize the importance of the event. His troubled career and work in Hollywood, the birth of the heir was a nice addition to his success in the movies.Baby Rosalie advance caused him confusion of feelings and tenderness. He held to his girlfriend, stroked her stomach and imagined the future baby. However, the newspaper published his photograph, which next to him often work alongside Patricia Kaas. Journals conducted surveys of readers interested in their opinions about the relationship between the actor and singer.Most agree on the fact that they fought affair. - My jealousy grew into a firm belief that you cheated on me, Rosalie said Alain, looking through the newspaper. She felt weak, and her voice was not angry notok, only dreary doom. - Do not even think about it, he was indignant.If you want to know the truth, I ask her. - I think already asked. - We are only friends with Patricia, he said firmly. - However, in Switzerland, for a minute I will not calm. Alain irritably crumpled newspaper, glancing at the pictures.He did not like to see their pictures in the tabloid press, but they are easy to publish, if they were successful. He thought of Kaas. Rumors about their romance did not bother the actor. It attracted only a great singer's voice, he was not attracted to her as a woman.Allen and Patricia encouraged the hype in the media, believing that it is a great advertisement for the both of them. Worship Delon in front of a young pop star caused his quarrel with Mireille Mathieu. She was afraid that it would eclipse Kaas and joining Alena among rival fans considered a betrayal on his part.- We've been friends for so many years, she said Mathieu Delonu.Ne think you prefer me young "star". - I admire you, as before, but I also like Patricia. Thou shalt not bring me to your black list, I will welcome your every appearance on the stage. This remark seemed mocking singer.She did not speak for several years in the concert halls of Paris, working on recordings of old songs. Once in the studio, she was faced with Kaas.

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The young singer kept her from her sight throughout the meeting.She tried to say Mireille full of compliments, but she said so dry that she was silent, but not forgotten the case. In an interview organized during a foreign tour, the singer, the question about its relation to Mathieu, she smiled and said:- She keeps very pompous, it lacks the simplicity and friendliness of the people. Allen was accompanied by Rosalie in Switzerland, he gave her a new place and flew to France.