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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


The soldier falls, and the horse continues to move, leaving the frame on the left. The second soldier, walking, enters the frame on the right and immediately plunges a knife into the chest of the Indian. Indian falls.Between the soldier and the camera suddenly there is a second Indian on a horse and throws a spear in a soldier. Indian goes out of frame to the right, the soldier falls. In the foreground, on the right, the third Indian soldiers and rolling on the ground, clasping hand to hand. Injun is moving forward and plunges a knife into the soldier.All the action takes place on the screen in sequence, the rhythm of the scene does not change, the action progresses with the background on the front. The scene is from the film Raoul Walsh. The cruelty of a collision can be highlighted if it is removed the two plans.Punch or kick can be presented on the screen more impressive if he shot the two plans. The first part of the motion was the middle ground, and the last - the final part of the movement - he is the plan for the same visual axis.When a scene is removed, then played two full stroke, and later mounted as download the film Кабалевский and described above. In the background, the camera can remain stationary, or we can make the rotation of the camera and show the actor got hit at the time of the fall. Kakogolibo moment overcome obstacles download the film Кабалевский and removed the same way.Truck driving on a road and heads to the wooden gate fence. Action is download the film Кабалевский and represented overall plan. The car moves in the frame from left to right. Full frame gate. Truck appears in the frame on the left and drove up to the opening goal. 497 Kontrplan frames. From inside the courtyard we see the gate from the inside.Truck passing through the gate and out of the frame to the right at full download the film Кабалевский and speed. Here, for the filming, for obvious reasons, you need three cameras. The action, which may occur between the camera and a group of people fighting, should fill a pause between the main events.This is somewhat divert attention at a time when we are trying to follow the action. If the people who are fighting to belong to a large group of people involved in the fight, the battle over a large area, we can enter into the frame of other fighters moving between the camera and the main characters.People who cross the frame between the camera and the main characters are on a horse, on foot, in the car.


They should not remain too long in front. The movement does not have to be in one direction, people can come and go in different directions in the frame.If the fight is only between two people, the witnesses may be right in front of the camera, facing the fighting. There is another option of shooting - use in the foreground instead of people kakihlibo animals that move between the camera and the main characters. Shooting is a low point, thus emphasizes the main action.Can also be used for this purpose, the machine in motion. Can be used, and any static objects of irregular shape.