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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


This quality can be illustrated with paintings by Giuseppe Arcimboldo - the famous artists of the late XVI century., Who built portraits of fruits and vegetables.Interestingly, as the eye separates the image - you can see the portrait of man and forget that this is a collage made up of fruit. In this case, there is a new level of the whole, although it is often lacking in detail. This new self-organization is - a collective effect that occurs at the macro level of a complex system.Master process in a complex system - the self-organization. There is no guiding hand, no programmer. The question arises: how to model a complex system consisting of a large number of complex elements? To describe the use of - what we need to ask in order to accurately describe the condition of the system.The system has macro parameters - parameters that describe the system as a whole and microparameters - parameters of the individual parts. Self-organization is related to the dynamics and the interaction between these parameters.From the point of view of the Haken, submission of a large number of state parameters small quantity order is called slaving principe - В«the principle of submission." This is a small number of parameters defines macroevolution system. Their Haken called the order parameter. What will be the dominant parameter in the system? Immediately respond to this question can not.Makroi microparameters systems are in a complex interaction. The relationship between the order parameters and the parameters of the state is not unidirectional. There is a direct and inverse relationship, ie, the parameters can influence the order parameters, and vice versa. This was a two-way relationship Haken name circular causality.In particular, the famous "butterfly effect" is in many works on synergy as an example of macro-communications systems and small change microparameters. In terms of self-macrostate may be sensitive to fluctuations - changes microparameters. In this case, change the order parameters.An important aspect of self-organization is that microhm macroparameters complex systems behave in such a way that they act in concert. Examples of such systems are often found in biology - the consistency of a large shoal of fish, the self-organization of the colonies amoeba, flying birds, coordinated behavior of large flocks of animals.This behavior can be interpreted as a consensus between the parts - consistency between state parameters and order parameters.Visual images as the order parameters of visual perception in his book "Principles of Brain" Haken offered an explanation of visual perception and the formation of images by using the principle of subordination of Synergetics.Haken says that in the situation of the initial consideration of a visual image or picture of the brain perceives not an image, but rather a combination of different patterns - the possible structures of perception. Film Кабалевский. It is assumed that the brain is trained to recognize patterns and includes a memory - as a set of prototypes - ideal patterns and the corresponding order parameters.When the visual perception of the prototypes of the brain relate to the OP's image.