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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Goldwyn "hammerlok," she began to resist, and the next moment they fought and rolled around the room. Everybody laughed and had fun, but suddenly Goldwyn came from the other room, where he played cards. He download the film Кабалевский and looked up and said, "Wow!" - And left. Norman Kerry, who was standing next to me and said:"Well, Buster, now we are discharged from another studio." But one day in September 1921 in Hollywood all the laughter ceased. In one night, something that was innocent fun, declared "drunken orgy of Hollywood" or "one more shocking example of sexual licentiousness."On that day, when our laughter broke, Roscoe Arbuckle was accused in the death of Virginia Rapp, secular girls and actresses on small roles. It happened in his apartment at the "St. Francis." Few weekends they were dating, but this time they were not going to meet. She was in San Francisco accident.All of torment that followed, understood only if you imagine what life was like magic Arbuckle in the years when he download the film Кабалевский and worked as a film actor. Roscoe was born in SmitKorners, Kansas, March 24, 1887, so he was only thirty-four, when the crash occurred.Young child, he moved to California and in eight years debuted on stage in San Jose with the troupe Frank Bacon. If after that he went back to school, not for long. Roscoe was doing everything I could, just to stay in show business: worked as ushers at the theater, singing sentimental ballads nikelodeone, acted in a cheap farce, portraying negrachtetsa monologues throughout the West Coast. First job in the movie Roscoe got so he danced in front of the porch, on which stood a Mack Sennett and Mabel Normand, and suddenly a couple of times perekuvyrknulsya.Sennett, thinking that fat is funny policeman took him in the "Keystone Kops" for $ 3 a day. His fame began soon after with Mabel Normand in several short films titled "Fatty and Mabel." Roscoe spent four years with Sennett, then Schenck gave him his own team.But only when I started doing feature films for "Feymos PleyersLaski" Roscoe Arbuckle moved to the big money. Then it was even a lot of money - 7000 dollars a week. Jesse Lasky in charge of the studio, which later became known as the "Paramount". In his autobiography, "I praise himself," he download the film Кабалевский and described Arbuckle:"Diligent, hard-working, intelligent, always ready and eager to please others." And he added: "He download the film Кабалевский and invented priceless episodes and had developed directorial flair." Once Lasky gave Roscoe difficult task - to make three large pictures in a row without a single day of rest in between."I know of another star - said Laski - who would submit such exorbitant demands.


But Fatty Arbuckle was not one of those who grumble and complain. Anger is not like him. He went through a triple task in the best shape, and it was the most ridiculous pictures he kogdalibo did.We were confident that they will bring a huge profit ... "After this murderous work, Roscoe went to his 25000th" rollsroyse "in San Francisco on the weekend before Labor Day. Along with him went actor Lowell Sherman and Fred Fischbach, a comedy director.SanFrantsisko was always sprightly city where squander a lot of money, but modern times are not comparable with the beginning of the twenties, when mocking prohibition has created a new kind of competition.