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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Director, actor, writer, all the filmmakers want to say something to us his work. Their tape - it is like a letter, a message to the audience. But in order to understand the message, it is necessary to know the language.In the future we will have to deal with different aspects of the nature of language to the extent that they are necessary for us to understand the artistic essence of cinema. Now focus only on one thing: the language to learn. Language acquisition, including the family - always the result of training.Who, where and when the trains we have millions of visitors cinema, of the mass of all the arts, understand its language? But, can tell why you need some piece training when the movie is so clear?Everyone who has download the film Кабалевский and studied several languages ​​and studied methods of language teaching, know that mastering completely unknown, completely "foreign" language, in some respects, is less difficult than the study of kin. In the first case, the text is not clear - it is clear that both vocabulary and grammar should be studied.The second creates imaginary clear - and a lot of familiar words or similar to the familiar, and something reminiscent of grammatical forms. But it is this similarity, inspiring the idea that izuchatto nothing happens source of error. In Russian and Czech has the word "stale / cerstvy" - pocheshski it means "fresh."In Russian and Polish - "freak / uroda", popolski it means "beauty." Cinema like the visible world peace. Increase the resemblance - one of the constant factors of evolution as an art film. But this similarity has a cunning words of a foreign language, native monotonous: Other pretends same.Create the appearance of understanding where there is no real understanding. Only by understanding the language of film, we see that it is not a slavish copy of reckless living, and active recreation, in which similarities and differences add up to a single, intense - sometimes dramatic - the learning process of life. The signs are divided into two groups:Contingent and visual. By conditionally include those in which the relationship between expression and content is not intrinsically motivated. So, we agreed that a green light means the freedom of movement, and red - the ban. But it could be the other way, and we agree. In each language form of a word historically download the film Кабалевский and conditioned.However, apart from the history of the language, and just write the same word in different languages, the very possibility of the same value is expressed as a variety of ways to form clearly shows that there is no necessary connection between the content and the expression of the word no.The word - the most common and important cultural event of the symbol.


Pictorial or iconic sign implies that the value has a unique, naturally it has its own expression. The most common case - picture. If we can specify that in the Slavic languages ​​express the concepts "chair" and "table" are mutually shifted:Old Russian "table" in the modern Russian language should be translated as "that than sit on the" Polish "stof" translation of the Russian "table", it is impossible to imagine the drawing table, about which it would be said that in this case it refers to a chair and is so should be understood by those who consider it.Throughout the history of mankind, no matter how far we may deepen, we find two independent and equal cultural sign: word and image.