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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


I'm throwing off his hand. - I have these dishes never eaten! Me from them will be bad! He was taken aback. What did he expect me to start all miss the table, throw myself on his neck? Quickly, I proudly went to the door. Heart leaps. Before the doors were little. Ear to sniff ...And if now knock down ... If the door is locked ... Reach for the handle. Locked. - Open the door! He turned the key, and I almost fell out into the corridor. - How are you here?! What are you doing here? What happened to you? I caught Uncle Kolya Bukharin. I started to stammer something ...Eyes flashing at the door, from which I fell out, Uncle Nick took me down the hall. - Oh, how you grew up, I would have never learned in a normal state, and now you're back like a baby, only hurt! .. As a dad? As a sailboat? I have not seen it ... He deliberately talking, so I came to. The incident was a single word.He understood ... How embarrassing! What can he think? - I'll take you. Where do you live? I'll put you on the tram! At the entrance, he turned me over and, looking straight into his eyes, asked: - Did you just tell me one thing, how did you get in the "Metropolis"? I told him. He left me and ran back to the hotel. I quietly went home.With the Pope to talk about it in any case can not - it would break the "Metropol", throw all this tripe on the street, this cockroach nest, these toads, these woodlice! .. But not all leaders are the same? Uncle Bukharin other ... He will avenge me ... He will kill this old man! .. How dare he! How could he! Maybe someone specifically sent me to him? ..Yes, yes! After a day! .. Maybe he did not old man, and such as the Pope? .. I almost got run over, need to calm down ...When I get to the "Metropolis" with the papers, I'm home I do not go on the tram and go walking past the "Grandhotel" on Herzen Street, to our boulevard, it's close, and Herzen Street - my favorite, beautiful, old, past the University of , conservatory ... We really like to Levushka Uncle Kolya Bukharin.In addition to our friends in Saratov, we still have Smolensk is the Wari friends Aunt and Uncle Kolya Levushkin parents. Aunt Varya, my dear, beloved aunt - Father's sister, and Smolensk - the family Asteraceae. They have already download the film Кабалевский and moved from Smolensk to Moscow, and they - the leaders, too, but not like in the "mother country". Uncle Bukharin in their home as a mother.For us Levushka holiday when we are invited to visit Astrov. These other nice people in the world are no more. Look online. Their three girls - our peers. Bukharin once uncle brought us all to tears. We played hide and seek. Aunt Alia Astrov in this game can not play it so much that it no place to hide, and Bukharin uncle always play with us.I drove, all found and Uncle Kolya can not find. Well, no - that's all. We are already looking for all along. Uncle Kolya could fit, anywhere - it's small, fast, - Break all the cupboards, looking under tables, under couches. No! Aunt Alia ironing and choked laughing ... He could not break the oath and go up the stairs!