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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


"You know, - said to me, Edith, - I have not lost heart.I went to the funeral of Pope Lepley in download the film Кабалевский and SentOnored 'Elo, brought flowers with ribbon "In memory of your little sparrow." Jacko paid for the flowers. If you saw their faces! Funeral look, and I have - my usual, the one who loved dad Lepley. Only a person cry. Look I probably download the film Кабалевский and scared. My mourning dress was ours, knitting.Women were all in black furs who smooth who fluffy. All these people were looking at me as if I do not belong there. But I was in his place, Momona. And people like me, who had the right to be there, it was not so much! In the evening I did something stupid - went to "Zhernis." Cabaret was closed, come those who download the film Кабалевский and wanted to say goodbye to Laura Zharni:employees, flower girl, the maitre d ', and of the actors, of course. One of them said: "Poor Piaf how sorry you lost your patron. Only he could not believe in you. Now you have only one way - back to the pavement. " Would run into it with this same cobblestone pavement!I thought I knew life, but I did not imagine that people can be so mean. I'll never forget. What a lesson! "She had forgotten all his life believing men and even women who are not worth that and deceived her. For it is always download the film Кабалевский and stretched tail flatterers and parasites, sucking money out of it, like leeches.They were so disgusting to me that sometimes I can not stand it and left the house for a few days - a breath of fresh air. We talked most of the night. It was no fun. Edith told of all that has download the film Кабалевский and happened in my absence. Sometimes she wandered gdenibud all night, sometimes does not come out of the house.For weeks, she download the film Кабалевский and cried like a baby lying on the bed, burying his head in the pillow. For some time she has continued to live at Pigalle. Then moved to a hotel outside of Malta. If "friends" threw Edith, the newspapers and the police did not leave her alone. They merely watched her, circling around her like jackals."Every time I open a newspaper, I was starting to shake. They're still writing about the "case Lepley," and since I was the only woman that came to hand, it continued to tear me apart. Their writings into a bloody affair with sequels. Since I had nothing more to say to them, they download the film Кабалевский and invented what they wanted.I have not showered with roses. It download the film Кабалевский and turned out that I was an accomplice, and furthermore, pushed others to commit a crime.


I felt sick with disgust. " As for work, Edith felt that it carries. Around her as big green flies circled Director cabaret all calibers.Royalties offered are small - in fact it could not demand anything - but it brought with it an atmosphere of scandal, and it was free advertising. Edith was invited to the cabaret "Odette" - on behalf of the owner of this establishment, who spoke in a dress, however, with a very funny number.I must say that travesty in a dress was a kind of cabaret genre, but it was couched in good taste. Go here snobs, the interior was very nice and fashionable. The audience liked it here. "Dear Momona, if you knew how I was shaking every evening!