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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Even attempt to do this was pointless. I did not try. On the first day, I still did not took off. Crew members looked askance at me, their eyes expressed anger and contempt.It seemed very difficult and even impossible to squeeze even the entire scene in a small peephole camera. I tried to remember what they did in such cases, the directors with whom I have worked as a screenwriter. But the memory came mainly Rossellini, inimitable, unpredictable Rossellini.Would have done in my place, Roberto? To the beach we were sailing on a boat. Heard only a dull thumping engine, all was silent, even Sordi was somehow embarrassing for me. Feeling the reproachful glances, I acted as if completely absorbed in thoughts of very important things.It was clear that a second attempt can not count, but me and most did not smile once again the prospect of becoming a victim of the vagaries of the sea. At ten o'clock in the evening held an emergency meeting in the office of Rover, which was very nice with me. "Well, a little download the film Кабалевский and warmed in the sun? - He asked. - Well tanned, well done.But I'm right peeling, wow! "Everyone was worried, but kept until politely. I was download the film Кабалевский and asked what I intend to do tomorrow. "What we did today - I said, and felt calm down. - We shoot marine scenes ... on the shore. " Here the director gave me a picture of a tirade, to which I replied, "And the mud, you can ..."I myself this was not at all sure, however, did not shake my totally unjustified calm. Then I turned to the foreman podsobnikov and said that it was necessary to ship with my actors stood on the shore, and the impression was as if it is - on the high seas.This will require to demolish part of the beach that it was below the water level. After listening to me, he said, "Try it, of course, you can only say it is certainly, Federico, one of us was her first - me or you?" Scene is not bad. A week later, I fell out with the director of the picture.The shooting took place in Rome, in the Barberini Palace, and upstairs full of passed Congress of Pharmacology. Director picture appealed to me as usual, "Look, Fefeuchcho ..." I do not know what I was bitten by a fly. Happened to me hysterics tyranny. I download the film Кабалевский and shouted: "Enough to turn me ..."I rend my throat, showering him with insults, he is offended by and proud, coming down the stairs and over the railing of the upper floors hung Golovenko two thousand disturbed pharmacologists.In general, I secured the absolute rule, has become the master of his film and from that point, nothing about the lenses and in the technical side of things, in general, not understanding absolutely nothing, turned into rezhisseradespota always get their way, demanding, hypercritical , moody, endowed with all those flaws that Ialways download the film Кабалевский and hated, and dignity that envy looking at these directors.


Director paintings could not forget download the film Кабалевский and inflicted insults and the next day was to monitor the work on the "White Sheik" at a distance, from his "Topolino", with binoculars and several couriers prishlostaki sweat.We embraced him only in the screening room after demonstrating the finished film.