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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


- Andrew, I'm sick of this life! This talk, racing, drinking. I want to look out the window and say nothing. 'Cause you can become a common rattle. You then listen to music, talk, the game ... You do not want to shut up?It is believed that the man in the two hemispheres of the brain - left and right - there is a parallel machine. One hemisphere of the brain in charge of information knowledge, the other - the deep. And if a person always works in the information field, by the second tube does not get through - taken! And depth of thought will never break!Therefore the saints, monks take a vow of silence, and to them it was the knowledge that all the books will not read and no one party will not hear. I love you so please do not become a rattle ... - Tanya, are you so hard. - But then good! November 6, 1970. We walk in Sharmera, holiday October Revolution. The program is the same.Sharmer with violin in a striped bathrobe, lean legs in slippers, grated on one string "Children of different nations, we dream of a world we live ..." So many drunk! I went to the kitchen and began to quietly dispose of two bottles of vodka in the sink ... What started! Screams! Interjections! How could I?Sharmer grabbed me and to neutralize landed in his lap, and I was all out loud to download the film Кабалевский and explain: - The English say: Chic, Check, Shock! What does this mean? Explain. Every woman should have the three men - for chic, to check for a shock! Actually I've got Blanc despair! So I download the film Кабалевский and started to write the work. It begins like this:"In November, the garden butterflies and chickens!" You know, I never know what I want, but will not rest until this is achieved. I was a little tipsy, speaking slowly and distinctly. All the time I was bouncing on his lap Sharmera who download the film Кабалевский and bowled me as a child, "over bumps, the bumps, the Gorny paths, jumping gallop, leaping gallop!"- And in general - I went - all of that is very difficult to give in the end is disgusting! - Before I could finish, "disgusting", as was the ear. Dryusechka was already in a state of fiery rage, snatched me from my knees Sharmera and the fight has begun. My God, what were the happiest moments of our lives!Something snapped off the table, threw objects at each other, he ripped me my red bow, and I poured it into his jacket pocket half a cup of vodka. While he is aware, I ran out of the apartment Sharmera and ran to the elevator and opened the door, he rushed me, slammed the door, pushed the button, and we sped up.Floors were many, motion of the elevator transferred rabies in another direction. Watch the film Кабалевский online. We download the film Кабалевский and hugged and kissed. Pressed the elevator button, up and down - we kissed, and we did not want to leave. Thirty minutes on the landing waiting for us Sharmer: - I thought you'd kill each other! - Why should I? - I asked. - "This song is not stifled, not kill!"Yes, Tyunechka? - Said Andrew, and we embraced, entered the apartment. Continue to "walk" in Sharmera that, looking at us, shouting: "Clinic! Hospitalized! "Master sang on the day:" Lenin is always in you, each happy day ... "chorus download the film Кабалевский and kicked the slogan:" Let's go to Red Square!