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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


In the 40 years of Carne and Prevert occupy a leading position in the French cinema.During the occupation, they create a poetic masterpieces in the genre istorikokostyumnogo film: "Evening Visitors" and "Children Raika." However, the relative failure of the movie "The Gates of Night" leads to the departure of PrГ©vert community. Subsequently Carne and failed to compensate the loss of permanent collaborator.For the post-war period of his work is characterized by uneven, in some cases - the loss of live immediacy. The most significant product of the postwar period is Carne adaptation of Zola's novel "Therese Raquin." Peru Brown schshnadlezhit numerous articles on film and book of memoirs.In 1929, Carne took part in the competition of critical articles, declared one of the leading newsreels era - " Sinemagazin." In four articles sent to the contest, Karna was the first place and an invitation to work in the magazine as a professional critic. At the turn of the 20's and 30's Carne active in the press.He wrote critical essays, "portraits" of filmmakers, including a large portrait of Vsevolod Pudovkin. Its critical popularity is growing rapidly, and soon became the chief editor of Karna "Sinemagazina." The main theme of articles Carne late 20's - early 30's - the problem of sound film.She is dedicated in part and published text below "The camera, the character drama." He sheds some light on the genesis of the cinematic style of the Carnot and establishes a direct link between silent film and sound cinema next decade.The most significant contribution to the development of French Carne kinomysli related article "When the movie comes out? ', Which called for a more direct appeal to reality, proclaimed focus on populist poetry of the city suburbs.This article with more reason can be considered one of the most important manifestos French "poetic realism."By the program text so the garden should also include work Carne "Praise U.S. police film" which justifies the need of stylistic and thematic borrowings from the American "black film" to create a kind of realistic poetry.Carne film studies works of the late 20's - early 30's - the important link between the film and the silent and sound kinoteoriey period, the theoretical basis of French "poetic realism." The camera, the character drama. There is no more sensitive issue than talking film.The future belongs to the Creator, and what is true today may be false tomorrow. While silent films barely enters into adolescence, the American industry - his adoptive mother - gives birth to a child who seems to be able to stand up for himself: talking film.And everyone wants to have their say about this new invention, whose ability is still impossible to predict. Well, we know almost nothing about the new art! There is no such newspaper or a magazine that he would not have devoted its columns.Even the famous "contingency", this law is a few for the few, already relegated to second place. Watch the film Кабалевский online. Talkie - the madness of the day, the hope that next season will be better than the last.