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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


But then the compiler should be skills: sewing, so that hidden had white skin. And here they are all there. XI. From the notebooks one AnriLui download the film Кабалевский and Lesquin writes M. de la Ferte:"The soul - that's the first actor, the second - the intellect, the third - the sincerity and warmth of the execution, and the fourth - the exquisite pattern of bodily movements." В«Voir son art en grand - the motto of the actor," - adds another Lesquin. AnriLui download the film Кабалевский and Lesquin - French stage actor the second half of XVIII century.Gordon Craig and Georg Fuchs in the early XX century, repeat dream Lequesne's elegant figure of bodily movements on the stage. Is the century is not enough to be download the film Кабалевский and considered mature truth about how important figure, which should bend the body on stage? 2 Theatre lost choir. The ancient Greeks hero surrounded by a group of choir.And Shakespeare's hero in the center of the secondary "characters." Not exactly, of course, as the Greeks, but all the same, perhaps, in the assembly of the minor characters of Shakespeare Theatre of surrounding primary hero, just a little trembling echo Greek chorus. At the heart of a hero - and there, and here. This center disappears in Chekhov."Individual" Chekhov spread out into a group of people without a center. Gone was the hero. After our Chekhov Theatre again pining for the hero. Hero tried to put back on the scene, Leonid Andreyev, for example. But it's so hard these days. To give a louder sound mix heroic, in the "Life of Man" had to close the secondary characters face masks.When download the film Кабалевский and closed, it suddenly seemed as if this group of people with similar masks gave the lost echo choir. Are secondary characters "human life" kind of Greek chorus? Of course not, but here - a symptom. I do not know how soon, but it will be a day when someone will help us to recover the loss of the Theatre: Choir will be on stage download the film Кабалевский and again.Page 3 of the "Gil Blas" Lesage "Florimond actress said:" It seems like Mr. Pedro de Moya ochento not contented air. " - Ah, Madame, - said Rosimiro - whether to worry about this? Did the authors deserve our attention? To be with them on friendly terms - I know these gentlemen - they now conceited.We will continue to treat them like slaves.


Do not be afraid to pull them out of patience. Let the stimulation they sometimes run away from us, it does not matter: - literary fever drove them back to us. They are over the moon really one that we agree to play them play! "This conversation could be overheard in modern actors.And I would not be surprised if there was such a page Kuzmin in his "cardboard house." That's often said that the authors of the current theaters ignore gentlemen directors. Let not the modern playwright thinks that getting rid of the director, he will not become a slave to the actor.However, the lesson of history is not go for naught if the modern playwright, becoming the face-to-face to the actor, will follow the example of Euripides. Valery Maxim says that the rehearsal time a small number of the assembled audience and the actors did not like the thought - unanimously called her nasty gods and demanded that it be thrown out.This infuriated Euripides and he ran up to the stage, he shouted: "Shut up, you fool, do not you judge that it would be nice and it would be contrary to the gods in my poems.