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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


If work on the role download the film поле в англии and required a series of visions, then to work on themselves in the struggle of high and low in myself artist must find a much more complex film.Artistutvortsu should be clear not a single goal: to enter into full self-control, in the calm that precedes creation. But he at once, simultaneously must see ourselves and the second goal:awaken a taste for life in the quest for beauty, taste to long work on their roles and images without irritation in goodwill to the people in the inner experience of all current life as a great beauty.The role and value of all that the artist brought to the stage, is always dependent on the inner life of the artist, of the download the film поле в англии and created in him the habit of living in chaos or harmony. Constant chaotic haste throwing by then one role, then the other;commotion in the daily activities, the inability to achieve in their discipline are transferred as a bad habit, and become the atmosphere inside the artist himself in his work. All this is related to education, rather for self-actor, and every talented need to understand that the work, p. 34 on the role will be a direct reflection of the work on themselves.Go there lessons in the lobby, on the stage or in the rehearsal room is important is not the level at which there are now classes themselves, ie, proofreading it, parse the role of the first stage rehearsals, and it is important that the soul of an artist. What thoughts he lived, when he went to a rehearsal, what images accompanied him to the theater. If he whispered talent:"You're mine" - the actor will be able to stand in the beauty at the beauty that captivates the viewer with time. If one of his selfishness instincts download the film поле в англии and shouted: "You are our" - in itself can not open the way to creativity. Art takes the whole man, all his attention. You can not give him the pieces of life, and it is necessary to give life.You may think that I'm right here, and that imposes demands, which some download the film поле в англии and blamed me, saying that I want to make of artist ascetic. But I have already explained to you what I mean by a talented artistomtvortsom. Add to my definition of another, no less important than any other, an element of creativity: the taste.The taste of the artist defines his life. Enough to see the man, his gait, manner of dress, talk, eat, read, to get an idea of ​​the taste of man, that he loves best. There are artists, most of all love surrounding them flawless, meticulous, petty accuracy.All life is measured by the cell, and God forbid, move into their apartment chtonibud from selected time. A person can be good and can even on a fairly large scale cases and in the theater and at home.


But his poor fracture everywhere confronts him.If stool staged an inch further or closer, if the download the film поле в англии and curtain on the window did not come in that exact line - the actor or director of this order can completely shut off from the art and experience the life of irritability.Taste not only defines the outer life, but the whole inner life of man, those of his impulses, which prevails or small, conventional or organic need for high emotions.To artist could reach the point where the viewer will see a frame creator in ecstasy - after entering the subconscious conscious creativity - for this artist should have a taste for beauty, taste, download the film поле в англии and created by his life, not only out of the ordinary, necessary in a simple bottom forces but the stress of the heroic, without which his lifenot sweet, and the scene as an arena of creativity is not available.