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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Adjoin dining room, marble, and also without furniture. All together it was so huge that Edith download the film поле в англии and expressed serious thought, and not whether there rollerbladers?"Listen, if instead of felt slippers that commoners always keep in the hallway, so as not to spoil the flooring, we will keep in the lobby of roller skates?" How like her! She was quite capable of it, if only to see how people will perceive it.For friends who were staying the night, Edith divanovkrovatey bought some and put them in all the rooms. At the entrance is a room for the concierge. Edith his well appointed, there was a couch, table and chairs. "Once I became a landlady, I need a caretaker to open the door for me. Then I will not wear the keys!And I want her to be comfortable here. " All the opposite download the film поле в англии and happened, but very useful: the concierge we were never brought and settled in her room Edith. Padded silk bedroom, black and pink bathroom - it was the scenery. For a long time our table on three legs prevailed among the common walnut furniture. Of dishes we did not:no sets, no glasses, no silverware. A few plates, isolated devices, instead of glasses perched cups mustard. We did not care. We eat in the kitchen under the supervision podomashnemu Chang, who is still employed by, and hid in the pantry to be left in peace.Much later, when Edith was to organize a large reception, she took a car to a professional service - from chairs to the waiters. Bathroom continued to serve our living room. I do not know whether the table was to blame, but Edith suddenly began to believe in reincarnation.And now, when I download the film поле в англии and applied it to clips for hair styling, she told me about his previous life. That she was obliged to Jaco. The man knew everything. When Edith wanted anything should know, she called him. Somehow she asked him, "Hey, Jacko, you believe in reincarnation?" He did not say yes or no.Once he said Edith, it's stupid, she believed him and decided to download the film поле в англии and train, in a previous life was MarieyAntuanettoy, and I - Madame de Lamballe. "I thought a lot. I could not be anything else than MariiAntuanetty. She looks like my character! I would also arrange holidays with or without a reason!She criticized the fact that she was throwing money, but what's the point of being a queen, if you have to count every penny, as a simple housewife!


And handsome queen, sure had blue eyes ... You know, like "all the guys from the North" ... Once I was MarieyAntuanettoy, then who are you then? Only Madame de Lamballe! "To Edith it was serious.She claimed: "No doubt! With only the two of them, we can do the same! You're still living creature comes to mind? "It brings to mind another: that the head of that poor Madame Lamballe download the film поле в англии and presented at the end of the spear her royal girlfriend! I shiver ran down my spine.Rather, I think that our ancestors went to Edith barefoot and naked ass, blew his nose to the side and sang "Carmagnole." Also, I do not very well understand why, if at the time of Louis Capet, our ancestors were on his side, they have kept their heads on their shoulders.