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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


His exuberant energy does not give him the opportunity to relax and make a break in the work. - I'm afraid of losing even a single day, said on.Nedelya holidays will break all my plans.Actress download the film поле в англии and obeyed his will, and spent a lot of time in the Dusi, where builders are ready to begin the interior decoration at home. Delon spring and Dark went to the Cannes Film Festival. There was honored by Luchino Visconti, and Alain warmly congratulated the great director's award to a "Golden Palm" for his contribution to cinema.The reception was at the Visconti actor sitting next to Romy Schneider. It is a friendly welcome Alain. - I have matured an interesting idea, he said to her. - I'm afraid of your ideas in a whisper she said with a sly smile. - Do you agree on the role of a political film? Whispered asked. - What are you secretly talking to? Visconti asked the actors.- We make a political conspiracy, dear master, said Alen.Vernee, I try to pull it Romy. - In your place, I would not hope for good luck. I have a more attractive offer for your neighbor, said the director. Actress download the film поле в англии and blushed with pleasure.For her work in films fought two famous men, each in its own way has significantly affected her life. - What do you think of herself, Romina? Asked her Visconti. - I do not know what to say. I am sure that both parts wonderful and I will be sorry to lose one of them. - Here is the response of the true actress, said the director.The next day was Romi script from Visconti and Delon. She agreed to download the film поле в англии and Alain in a month, though her answer was clear immediately. Romy has never been able to resist his desires. Journalists are constantly asking questions about Mireille cooperation with both Alain former lovers, but newspaper people could not take her out of herself.All of their attacks they invariably answered: - We Alain love each other, between us there is complete understanding. Also, I admire his gift to recognize the right of actors that are suitable for the role in his films. However, it is often sad, staying alone in their Paris apartment when Allen went to the shooting abroad.Mireille was looking forward to his calls and hid her sadness for joyful messages of the approach end of the construction of villas in the Dusi. - You were the best in the world as a foreman, download the film поле в англии and concluded Delon, after returning from Italy. He was happy to the house in question, and finally made the mistress another compliment: - Everything is exactly the same with my sketches.How did you do it? Mireille download the film поле в англии and sighed wearily.


Allen was infinitely demanding finishing room and the choice of furniture. Samples of fabrics and wallpapers, he requested to send him to Rome.