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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


So it should be in the present artistic director. If this is so, then great! Of course, all the artistic director terribly selfish. And Mark and his temperament is also a boy. By the way, you know how we met?We're involved in a drama circle at the Pioneer Zamoskvoreche area in a field, built in a style lozhnogoticheskom. His mother worked there, and there we met. Mark appeared in our country when the circle is broke. And I remember that he always wanted to theater. So I must tell you that I like ... ZakharovSo far! No, the question is, of course, is not that just the very situation of human relations is extremely interesting: in general as well as why, for which people meet. Here you are now telling us about your meeting with Zakharov, and for some reason, I download the film поле в англии and remembered the story Budimir Metalnikov. During the war, after being wounded, he was in the hospital.And when he began to recover, full of a nurse appointed date on the bench. He came to this bench and see that guy sitting there. He says that, well, shaking away, move, because I have a date here. And he answered him that, well, he Mota from here, because I have here the very date.And while they argued and waved his crutches on each other, and she download the film поле в англии and appeared a sister, who, it turns out both of them to make an appointment. So, one of these guys was Metalnikov Budimir and others was Vladimir Soloviev! Kidding! This is when Solovyov was wounded in the leg? Well, yes ... In general, the situation is strikingly funny, right?No, all this is what a bastard sister ... However, from that moment they knew each other, quarreling, met and then went together ... My father told me that when he lost a leg during the war, then in the hospital if he did not have a gun under his pillow, he could probably just die.He was already beginning gangrene, so he had to literally shoot over the heads of doctors, just to draw attention to themselves their attention. And that in fact know that the sisters do? Injected drugs that are administered to the download the film поле в англии and wounded, to get a little painful to relieve their pain ... So to attract attention could only be shot ...While on the other hand, what was the maid of twenty endure constant spectacle of endless suffering? Probably, it was terrible and disgusting. Contraindicated. You know, Andrew, during the war we were in Eugene Perm, and the theater we went to play the part of the military, which rewrites after having been defeated at the front.There was also the doctor who operated on the wounded.


He was so nervous stress that it was scary to watch. He said: "What I see every day, from morning to night, sometimes around the clock: the meat and blood of meat ... I cut, I cut ..." That's what zapisyvatto not! . It-no, we is not ... We have a doctor, it's ... Yes, everything is possible, Evgeny Danilovich ...This doctor said that almost feels like a butcher: saws and cut without draining the hand, without a moment's rest. Oh, really, what a nightmare! I was in one operation ... Terrible! Oh well ... Well, Evgeny Danilovich, back to the beginning, you think it's impossible?