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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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But only the color change or diminish anger arises King, Queen beside him, and once again torn veins of the horses, pop Again rook, and of elephants Mountain has long been lying at the edge of the field, but pawns left on the throne are not torn Bole congratulate them the right time!CURTAIN Life curtain opened, It - Man - was born, was hilarious - the first act, but when he hanged himself, not even light dimmed, even if done Intermission. When the hour hangover when it comes reckoning period, We will take the space of the dungeon, where a very low ceiling.Bottle underneath there hung like a satellite in a weightless mist, and there is nothing nary sense, the whole point was on the ground. TREE walk in the woods, about the life of pipes and elkutsaritsu cut down at the root, then inserted it into a cross like a throne, to arrange a lavish funeral days.But there was a groan and no tears, the Snow Maiden sang Gundel Santa Claus, And hand in hand, cheerful face in the morning started under the tree and lace. Oh, if you had seen the sad stumps What are the happy days! But was quiet fun umolknul Orchestra for future Christmas trees hid the cross. Walked through the woods, about the life of pipes ...IV REFLECTION Time connection - the connection of light with sound, How to comprehend this passion? Poetic flour - In what foggy fall. If you lose a word, get up before the deadlock - Pomychi simple cow Kukarekni cock. Immediately become easier to drive pen lines. Bumps turn into points, Will point hole.Knock down his forehead and into the palm of us all away Slowly, little by little wings move. And they shall fall before the verses Secrets hundred thousand years. All that hard night you had a premonition, a poet. No, the pen in the hands of the poet - This is not self-indulgence. He - a child, nipple warmed, but it breathes deity. Link of times - link light with sound.How to comprehend this passion? Poetic flour - In what foggy fall. Watercolor words and pondered them, removing the scalp with silence, you will hear, flying, Sound stretched string. But, hovering in the sky, quietly celebrating his catch. We were fools, While there was no poetry.As the water with light - a rainbow drops How love sonnets - a ghostly pastel on cardboard lie, warmed by the sun, watercolor paint, spots portrait. MPAs on the beach between the boards on the dock I look at the sea in the slot - Somewhere out there the sea gave Somewhere out there stranded sea. Something troubled sea, even change color.How long have I left to wait, I broke or not? Hurtling horse, wet mane, snoring breathing hard, and over him, bent willow, Rider beats on the saddle. Torn shot beat the hoof, Races horse to leg leg muscles - solid as a slab. Gong rings! Go jogging ...Ekaterina Maximova pattern, handwriting nature where incomprehensible mystery of skill where all the colors of the earth in the blue sky - a living miracle in the form of the deity. You - light, but with a load of the entire universe.

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You - fragile, but no stronger axis. You - the eternal as a wonderful moment pushkinskonatalevskoy From Russia.Fouettes Maximova all started with Fouette when the Earth, starting rotation as a virgin nakedness, excited embarrassment, suddenly untwisted in the dark. Oh, just would not stop, do not dissolve in vanity, let my head is spinning with the earth together in Fouette.