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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


But if they were, they all emphasize more - passion for Italian cinema to life.Many of you have told us, when we do not believe in the strength of our movie, we are moving in the right direction and should follow this path.So, I would like to mention here that this is our direction, when his success was still uncertain, there has been a strong theoretical roots that connected it with the not so distant past, and so his problems were due to the historically specific historical experiences.In 1941 there were in the cinema print articles that justified the requirement of the new subjects for Italian films and their approach to topicality. All criticism of film production, is produced in the years of fascist dictatorship, was to emphasize that under fascism movie is not dealing with the person.Film was then not so bad that the frame does not have the depth, the acting is mediocre, poorly download the film поле в англии and constructed plots. And in those years, we have often seen the fine films with beautiful frames, with scenarios at a decent level - funny movies, far from all the propaganda content.And it is certainly the films did not go abroad and have not been successful, even in our country, because it was empty, completely devoid of humane detention, did not say anything about the person and society. People like our salon comedies or historical films, never had any, as there was no such rhetoric in Rome.Therefore, the "Obsession" Visconti "Children are watching us," De Sica, "A Walk in the Clouds" Blazetti were download the film поле в англии and delighted with the best part of our criticism, and even then were considered not as isolated episodes, but as evidence of a broader and universal phenomenon - the moral crisis that matured under the influence of historical events.Also, you should keep talking about our experiences to highlight another aspect of the question that bears practical. In fact, if the goal of this conference is to help us to identify the problems faced by the person with the case of saving a movie, no less important his other goal we must achieve:consider how the way in which people gathered here will act, work, write in the name of this principle more humane cinema been strong throughout the world. Indeed, it is easy to say:cinema should be interested in the true facts of human life, but what does it mean for an artist, that is, for a person seeking to realistically recreate the on-screen life of society? This means expose society criticism, to expand upon the contradictions and injustices, to break cover with his hypocrisy.Now it's possible for an artist, when society itself as a whole is interested in the study itself, in the sincerity of the analysis of their mistakes. In Italy in the last years before the director opened up enough opportunities for such criticism, since the collapse of fascism all Italian society was interested in self-analysis.But it sometimes happens that a society or part kakayato suddenly loses interest in such sincerity.


And then in what will happen to the director?