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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Radomyslensky did not go out of the room, probably about two hours - apparently decided what to do with them. He knew that if it betrays public, it also is not with them. And he made a wise decision: he pretended that nothing was, nothing happened. There was - and all!Thus, all were alive and well. And here a few years ago I met already famous director Peter Fomenko on the street. He was overjoyed: - Levochka how glad I am to see you! We hugged and talked about business, and it's time to say goodbye to us. I wished Pete success, he invited me to his show, said "goodbye".Then suddenly took off his feet and threw his boots up. Shoes arced and fell onto the ledge on the second floor. - Peter - I said - what are you doing? - Levochka, - he said, - it still does not sadden me to meet with you! And one shoe went down the street, waved at me and turned the corner. But time has passed with the student so many years! ..One temptation pyshnotelaya widow flowering in years - blood and milk - which we filmed in the crowd, I decided to confess. Why - I? God knows! May have decided that I am the most serious man of the entire company. - Here, Konstantinych - she said with a sigh, - you just do not laugh, I surezno.After the death of my Vanya, who's really a year drowned, God rest his soul, got into the habit to me unclean ... - Damn, what? - I tried and clarified. - Chur you! - Waved her hands widow. - And do not remember the name of it is rotten ... Well, this ... with horns, hooves and a tail ... ... - And ah! - I pretended to be a fool. - Goat, or what?- Oh, no! Sulfur stinks ... Yeah? - Yeah, - I said. - Got it? Only when he tempts, not in his appearance there. It first appeared in the guise of a soldier. We've got the military part was because he seemed to be there. Three nights in a row to come. Tortured me, did not give sleep. Then I sprinkled all the angles in the house with holy water, and he was gone.And then they told me that this part of the military where it was transferred. One-to-one ... And after I had to remove the beets from the fields. Sent us to help students with the city. So that, that the tail, took the guise of a student. Glorious such student, only of frozen hurt. And, would you believe it, I know that is unclean, and I can not get rid of - the language seemed numb.It can be seen, the power of it was such that my and it could not overcome. Then the students had left, and the unclean if dissolved in masonry ... more like addressed. But that kind of dreamed, but the next morning and disappeared .... - she shook her head sadly and suddenly, with a secret hope that asked:- Hey, Konstantinych, but a case can not accept unclean appearance artist?

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- For the artists themselves anciently considered unclean - I encouraged her. - One word - clowns. - Here I am about - calmed widow. - If only because I know in advance how and what. So much calmer - and laughed.- And they all are funny, these devils, though impure! Ugh, oskoromilas, talkative woman! Legs tongs .. - Oh, Konstantinych! - Said to me, a man of the extras. - I, too, had wanted since childhood to the artists and go.