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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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For this screen, most likely, separated vertically into two or three parts, which are placed in the main action actor. Plans are made static or k akihto parts or on the entire surface. Plans for the move made by the principle.Direction of travel in the next two takes, which starred actor incessant movement, must be the same, otherwise the audience will be misled by the fact, which the actor moves. .8 Movement rfluna the same and in the same direction, and hack in the previous frame, ruble easily track the movement of the character.But if the movement abruptly changes direction, the viewer becomes unclear where greper directed character. .9 When the two characters facing each other but their views are directed in opposite directions.Plans sight - this is the third requirement, which should be borne in mind at the time of connection plans, when the actors appear individually or in groups. The balance of views on the screen - it always looks in the opposite direction.Two characters face to face looking in opposite directions, as shown in the figure if the actors are separate plans, the opposite direction of the views should be retained.If an actor in separate planes facing the same direction, then logically they should and look at the third character or object, not to each other, as shown in. Without compliance with these rules may be the scene poor little pleasant.10 If the actors are represented in the strife plans, their views must be in opposite directions 17 .11 When the two actors are looking in the same direction, they do not pay attention to each other but in this case, is considered something of an outsider.Look in PYUTIVOPOLOZHNYE parties to achieve a static position opposite directions between the two actors is very easy, the only problem - it is to see to it that their heads were turned face to face. The physical distance between them does not matter.If one actor changes his position and turns his back on his partner, the position of a counter-view is supported by throwing periodic looks at his partner over his shoulder, with the turn of a person to it after a while. The group, consisting of three persons, one of the two is the arbiter of attention.When one of the actors says the other two look at him, if there is a shift of interest, one of the actors looks toward the new center of attention, so clearly and effectively changing the direction of the interests of the viewer. 18 .12 Actor Moves interest from A to He achieves this by turning the head from one actor to another. In the first frame.focuses on the actor A, while the second - attention to the actor we can see the actor in a careful, turns his head in one direction and then the other, as if inviting the viewer to move his interest in the A The same thing happens when we crop the each actor in a variety of plans.

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The interest in the scene can be broken if the actors are looking in different directions. We must direct, amplify viewer interest, and not to confuse it. 13 In the first example, the two main actresses look at the actress but the dominant foreground.