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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


I decided to produce the play in the free zone and went to Montpellier to offer him the role Vilar Narcissus. He agreed. Then I went to see the other actors in Marseille.That evening full of Mulu ran for dog and never came home. I called from Marseille. He was at home and was looking for me everywhere. At the same time, I learned that Jean received a telegram from Kapgra, he asked to resume production of "The difficult parents." I renounce its project performance "Britannica". We're going to Paris.For two days the way, during which I slept on the luggage rack with Mulu. While we were driving from Perpignan train arrived at the East Station. Strange! Paris! We are so excited, Jean covered, eyes welling up with tears. We go back to his apartment. I open it for myself: it outdoors Montpensier.Before the occupation, Jean could not heat our apartment on Place de la Madeleine. He found an apartment near PaleRoyalya smaller. She had not been improved, but it was possible to sleep there. While her put in order, he download the film поле в англии and lived at the "Beaujolais", where the well and Bo Bebe apartment on the street Montpensier was in the attic with semicircular windows.Two rooms - one large, one small room, bathroom, hallway, finally, a small room adjacent to the one that was supposed to take Jean. This apartment is very quickly turned into a place I love most in the world. Having spent quite a bit of money, we have equipped it.Paul download the film поле в англии and covered the red carpet, including the bathroom and kitchen. In the latter the walls were cabinets, painted mahogany. Screen, the frame of which was made of mahogany with black tips allocated to dark green curtain fabric, concealed heating system.Round picnic table and garden chairs, stolen by me at the Champs-Elysees, both painted in black. My room was blue, with a large step-in wardrobe, standing on the same level with the sill for ease of Mulu. Bookcases, white and dark green on the outside inside, great dresser of Louis XVI, gift mother Jean.Bust of Cocteau Fenosa on the white column. Another column of black marble stand served to a large lantern in the Moorish style. Stolen in Toulon iron hand in a niche above my bed, covered with a blue cloth. On the walls were pictures of Jean and Bebe, one of my painting, because I have the other was not.Jean was a small room download the film поле в англии and lined with red velvet. Wall with a window in the shape of a crescent and flanked by two parallel- arranged panels of a black school board.


Jean specially ordered them in the hope that they will make the Picasso drawings in chalk. Picasso never made drawings.Bend wall hid a secret door into the next room, where Jean was going to smoke opium. He never once there and did not smoke. We were forbidden to resume production of "The difficult parents." Opium became more expensive, and it was to get more difficult.Vichy government conducted a fierce propaganda campaign by giving the famous writers and poets of the "responsibility for the defeat." I took all of this and persuaded Jean to go to the hospital to be treated for drug addiction.