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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Referring directly to the word he coined,-alienation. Brecht's place as the founder of the term "alienation" must be viewed in historical perspective.He began his work in the days when most of the theaters in Germany were either filled naturalism, or have been the onslaught of the grand total theater, whose task was to captivate the viewer so that it completely forgot that's what.Whatever is happening on the stage - all this is offset by the passivity required of what are called public. For Brecht, the theater, which is necessary - it is theater, E1I a moment of touch with the society it serves.No more fourth wall between the performers and the audience - the only problem the actor cause a reaction of the audience to which he feels boundless respect. It was out of respect for the audience Brecht introduced the idea alienation. After conviction - it is a call to stop: alienation interrupts, brings to light, forcing a look again.Alienation - is primarily to the viewer the most work. Thus grows its responsibility to do with what he sees, so he will take only what it really convinces. Brecht rejected romantic assertion that in the theater it we become children again.Alienation effect and the effect is happening n similar, called opposite. Shock of the happenings, are intended to crush her barriers erected by reason, whereas the shock of conviction, urges reason to join in the work. Alienation works in different ways and at different levels.The usual stage action will seem real, if it convincingly and we are temporarily sew it as an objective truth. Deceived girl walks across the stage in tears, and if the game is an actress rather touching, we automatically we give to the conclusion that she was the victim and that she was unhappy.But suppose that after her walking clown, mimic her sobs, and also assume that the power of his talent he can amuse us. His mockery destroy our first impression. Who, then, will be the object of our sympathy? Indeed the character of the heroine, and assessment of its position - all now taken clown in question and at the same time accusing us and sentimentality. A number of such experiments can take us far enough so that we will be faced with the variability of our own ideas of right and wrong. All this goes back to a clear sense of purpose.Brecht believed that if the theater to make the audience believe the elements of a given situation, it is thus fail her in a more accurate reflection of society in which she lives, and to realize the ways in which a society can change.