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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


When we find parts, you get the whole. But voobscheto we bonded ... What is your first performance? Affects whether premiere excitement?As for all the most difficult - the second show. On what the play, in your opinion, you reach the "peak"? And, conversely, when it begins to disappear interest in him? "Peak" in sedmogovosmogo performance. After the fortieth it must be removed from the repertoire to re-rehearse, to patch. Does the audience reaction during the show?Irritating cough, if you can call a reaction. 19Dolgo whether to recover after the show? After "three bags" and "Quiet Don" no sleep till dvuhtreh night. Be sure to open the bottle. Does the influence of the press on you, review a play or movie?Can make hopping mad their stupidity or bias and, as any humiliation, to give additional strength. What povashemu distinguishes cinema from the theater? Cinema - a download the film поле в англии and chain of mirages, dreams. Overall the movie is closer to Impressionism. It can be installed forever and never find the only correct gluing.Sometimes interesting to watch unassembled material. Theater - something more rough, definitely. How much do read history books? To say that much - would not be true. But the books often turn Adelman. I dream of a full Solovyov, Klyuchevskoy. Do you own a musical instrument? In his youth - violin, guitar, accordion.Now I can boast only perfect pitch. What are you currently reading? Dostoevsky row slowly. What is your favorite book? This is a collection of stories of my son, which is written by him in three years. The collection is called "cop killer and ZhopsMops Sosis Sardelevich." I went from hand to hand in Kiev. Do you have a favorite composer? ..The one who is currently conducting Mravinsky. Favorite artist ..? .. Among theater - David Borovsky, but in the academic painting, I am not strong. I do not "museum" people. Although the Tretyakov often had to stand at Ivanov. One hour was near "The Appearance of Christ," and then went home. I guess I'm a spectator of one painting. .. Favorite food?Are there many like to eat? Favorite - the one that prepares wife. This may be the most ordinary spaghetti with mushroom sauce. Before the morning shooting can eat both the first and the second. Then the calm that strong enough for the day. But when the home meal - to communicate more with the guests and snack forget. Eats in the morning. 29Vy punctual?If yes, how do you refer to those who are late? I think I'm a man exact. But once there was a "flash in the pan." Left the theater and did not pay attention to the change in schedule. Watch the film поле в англии online. Declared a "public opinion", and I went to the cottage. Phone is not there. In the evening, our neighbor resorts, director Kheifets, asks: "What's your emergency?"" It's all right "- I say anything without knowing it. The performance was download the film поле в англии and canceled, apologized to the audience - because CA, as a rule, one train - no one to replace. I forgive it because it was an accident. Do you think you'll write a book someday? This was too early to say.