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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


In fact, before the author was the most important task the ratio of a visual image and the mechanisms of the human mind.Article Berge was also intended to carry out the important task of bringing to the cinema of the leading writers of the time. Cinema and literature. It was not you think that will change in our lives, if one morning he woke up, we find that we have a sixth sense, a new and hitherto completely unknown?An example of this result is not easy, because our download the film поле в англии and brain is download the film поле в англии and dominated by the familiar and well-download the film поле в англии and established, and to understand the sixth sense almost as impossible for him as it is celebrated the fourth dimension. And yet, to imagine what it is, we imagine that we suddenly learned to read the minds of others.This would be the end of lies and shock the foundations of civilization. Well! Mine, too, was the invention of cinema in its way a shock, but not the same, because it is not as sudden, but it is progressive and is almost as strong.All of humanity, from the very beginning, those who knew a number of art, it would seem, finally download the film поле в англии and capped at six, suddenly has at its disposal the seventh art, then, which will be discussed today. Now on reflection, what is art for the people.Some, probably remembering the girl who all day over their head strumming on a piano, will say, fun. But is this an exhaustive answer?Chemists know that in order to detect the presence of a liquid or gaseous matter, just need to add a bit of a certain solution, which will stain bright color of the desired element.I think that without art, our lives would look like this devoid of color, taste and smell of chemical body, we plunged into a semiconscious state of the animal.Art - I use the word in its broadest sense, including literature in all its forms, even those that are, in my opinion, are the least literary - art fostered our ability to feel and can say, it continues to bring up. When science began to produce various kinds of machines:electric, steam, railways, automobiles, factories, and so on - the human race with one voice cried out about the latter-day ugly monsters, but came artists and put their feeling and make sense of their beauty. Each has download the film поле в англии and contributed the painters, writers, filmmakers, and even musicians, think about "Pacific 231" Honegger.And it is certainly the cinema - last-which is not expected - from the moment of his birth, naturally, came across a hostile and suspicious attitude.


A few years ago one of the members. French Academy recorded the girl in the album following maxim: "Pen is a pen, like a movie - a real art."I assure you that in the author's view it was not a compliment either pen or cinema. It is fair to say that the newborn has not expressed a special affection to the older brother: he was going to be the future of art, unique and download the film поле в англии and surpassed all the others, except for available-obsolete form of society.This little naive enthusiasm was quite understandable - ardent fans of scientific inventions are used to that old equipment is replaced.