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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


But this same advantage can be objectively appropriate conditions turn out to be the opposite:when they are assigned functions that have nothing to do with the education of the human consciousness, higher aesthetic tastes, then the continuous transfer of repetitive programs leads to addiction to listen and look for the process itself, and not for the sake of knowledge and spiritual enrichment.Just on the basis of these assumptions, been strongly criticized Western TV English sociologist and anthropologist Ashley Montagu in the "Television and the new conception of man." He blames the people who are entrusted to guide the development of television, underestimating both real and potential needs of the television audience."The functions of television - he writes - is not how to keep before the eyes of man the mirror in which he can see himself for what he is today. Communication and the Communication Arts. N. Y., 1955, p.On the contrary, the function of television should be the assertion of such a representation of a man as he can and should be, because people - developing creation and development - his birthright.For this development it is necessary stimulatory effect of new experiences and new ideas, not the set of mindless entertainment that he so often offer ... Consequently, the TV so a contribution to individual and social good to which it projects a "good" way.To the extent that it is trivial projects, stereotypical images, television serves and contributes to the cultural and social degradation ... Television should realize its institutional strength, responsibility and find its proper form and content, which would correspond to its high purpose.Rejection of the "child" of entertainment, which has found himself a kindred spirit on Wednesday on television, does not imply rejection of all forms of entertainment. But in the name of no more than just good taste to get rid of annoying vulgarity that so often today is pulled under the guise of entertainment.No matter what the pollsters, vulgarity - is not what the audience wants. Least because there is no average viewer, and there are many viewers with a variety of flavors, different levels of development.And while all of them characterized by a general positive feature - the ability to perceive the good, especially when the bad and do not offer ...Man today is an urgent need for models that can serve as a model on which you can create yourself, to help you learn how to work hard, get rid of the errors inherent in environment, and patterns of thinking download the film поле в англии and formed training.Television can contribute to this goal not by what will distract the viewer from its core business, but the fact that it will provide programs that will help make life more active, full, humane.It is the achievement of these goals should devote themselves TV, giving people not just on what they want, as much as the best of what you can give "The establishment of" criteria of social good, not commercial gain ", embodied primarily in advertising, as called Ashley Montagu, remains in good intentions.The reality is quite the opposite.