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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


.. A stranger! "And ran to the kitchen to heat up dinner.October 4 on the way to Carlsbad learned interesting details. So that is how the idea of ​​a "run" Zarchi: "Dostoevsky - the forerunner of revolutionary intellectuals." Even the hand writing is not download the film поле в англии and raised. Tolstoy was "a mirror of the Russian revolution," and the same place. Naturally, from us this "idea" was hidden.He proved to the Central Committee that Raskolnikov Grandma download the film поле в англии and decided to do right - she did hoarding, and the author is punishing her for it. In this confused babulenku of "The Gambler" and the old woman of "Crime and Punishment." During shooting, asked me twice to jump on one leg. "Why?" - I asked. "If you do not like it - cut out" - said Zarchi. "Stop!May I know, Alexander G., as we play the scene? "He then began to recite some confusion theme:" You hear a bell. So timid. Anya came to Dostoevsky Snitkin. He goes to open and joyful, bouncing. " - "Alexander G., you misunderstood me. Scene about? I read the script. "Another pause, during which he puffed, "I'm telling you, you hear a bell. Timid so ... "I do not doslushivayu and calmly announce that I am leaving the picture. "I'm with you on the concept argue - you do not have it - and the elementary professional things. I do not know what I'm playing, I do. For jumpings I have no reason. "Abruptly grabs my arm, "Please do not ruin! I am old, and will be a big trouble if you leave. " I try to pull his hand, and he - on his knees. I certainly did not expect this. Hand did not let go. Crying, "I do not get up from their knees, until you give me your word that tomorrow will be removed" - "Well, I'll shoot, just let go my hand."In the evening we went to the room Alex Grigorovich. He told me how Zarchi after the scene with me took him aside and, laughing, terribly pleased, told him: "I have it all download the film поле в англии and worked out! You've seen! .. Borisov will be shot! That I played specially fit. " "I know - coldly replied Grigorovich - just do not understand that you are a joy so download the film поле в англии and humiliated?"-" Is not this humiliation? For me it is - a piece of cake! If you knew, my dear, how many times in my life I had to get up to his knees! In every picture! "October 6 Even in Moscow decided that put me in the roulette scene from behind.


Grigorovich it came up with: Alexey - Shadow of the author."Sagging" in Ruletenburg occur throughout the film, but the player has no face! Neck, shoulder, hand ... Zarchi this barely download the film поле в англии and convinced. All the time he was indignant: "What about the eyes? I have to see them - restless, red "-" You'll see them in other scenes, but during the roulette - only a shadow! "He finally agreed and made a fatal mistake.Yesterday, he asked, "shot eyes" image: "You hate that hangs in the corner! This icon has brought so much suffering! "Mine, I replied cautiously:" We take off from the back, not all the same, "shoot" or not I? "He download the film поле в англии and waved his hand:" Again from behind! How download the film поле в англии and bored me your shadow! .."Grigorovich went to explain to him that if they choose this method, you have to keep him.