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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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So, full speed ahead?! Oh, if only ... July 12, 1974 discussed the revamped version of the film in the General Directorate of "Mosfilm" with the participation of representatives of State Committee for Cinematography. The first floor was taken by the studio director Nikolai Sizov.Apparently at that time in the celestial office it happened something that Nikolai Trofimovich, a man of principle, sustain, konyunkturnonesuetlivomu had to radically change their attitude to the film. From the former's favor, which he did not hide the previous discussion of the picture, there is not the slightest trace.Perhaps the situation with the "Mirror" so sharply escalated because Tarkovsky showed rough picture mounted selector Cannes Film Festival, and he immediately began to petition to get her in the competition. This initiative could hardly be to the liking of committee authorities.But most of all, the main cause of deterioration of the situation with a "mirror" in another. This has a brief but colorful entry in the director's diary: "April 13. There was a scandal when we showed the material Ermash because he did not understand anything at all. "Apparently, the main result of the scandal was that of an angry goskinoshnogo management got most is not so much to Tarkovsky, as the director of "Mosfilm". And so on the discussion he was unusually severe.Discussion of the movie "The Mirror" at the Directorate General with the participation of the Committee of 12 July 1974 SIZOV In fact, the comments made by Warner Bros. and the union in custody were not implemented in this version. Take, for example, your interpretation of the future of the film contained in the script against the victorious end of the war.In this embodiment, there is no clarity with respect to the main theme. The scene was as a military instructor with degenerative and left. The scene with hanging woman as she was, and remained. To what in the Soviet film such evangelical trends. Roll call of killing a rooster to her ascension into the air - as it is still possible to identify?You have inserted a new chronicle, but now everything is mixed up here - Siwash, nuclear war, half-naked men. We should at least break them. It clarifies the situation a little bit at the beginning with his mother and heroine, but then again everything is mixed. I have a feeling that, in essence, all the comments are not implemented, all remains essentially as before.Before the deadline for submission should make another attempt editing and rewiring pattern. The picture in the same condition, you have to decide what it and do. Do the main edition of their comments? I'm not good motion picture now seems prolonged. Very loose, mnogotemen second conversation with the author Natalia.It is necessary to find a more muscular installation with the chronicle. Pavlenok Question: what and how to mount? Watch the film in the field of FA online. There is a wide pacifistic installation, as has already been said and written. It is necessary to have a conversation on the merits. It is not good if in fact, the way there was already a picture to another installation impossible.This must be taken or the base, or and reject. Never Pavlenok is at the heart is not rejected. But it said that it is necessary to fix it.