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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Fascist! I'll see less and less difference between them. As it brought here, to Lithuania? .. 86 I can not believe! Not a dining room, and the club, built like a small, intimate theater, real grate, these scenes, Spotlight, two soffit, in the hall benches and chairs ...I go to this stage ... Backstage ... sat to the present grimirovochnomu table, and suddenly grabbed inside to physical nausea ... Gogol ... Grid-irons ... Damn ... He can fly from country to country ... A then everything like a fairy tale:have a first-class professional acrobat, a criminal - in this camp for some reason they are not prohibited and to participate in the initiative; magnificent elderly Leningrad Koente artist - she is from the French, who settled two hundred years ago in Russia, for which he received his ten years;cute elderly man Basovskiĭ, the former chairman of our union workers in the arts, who undertook to be my boss and help in every way; he found this part of the head of the staging, and they conceive Koente incredible. And my little Lucy!She was such a gifted man that can do almost anything, and understands all catches on the fly, intuitively feels where it is necessary, effective and, fearing that I invented anything should forget walking behind me and my records "brilliant" idea - " script Girl. " Put together with it all the ideas whether in play, whether in the script;She sought out kakogoto kompozitoralatysha half-crazy. Work has begun to spin, and the most incredible thing: we tracked for this director Nina, on the outside she was administrator of the left shows, for which he sits. Nina knows everything: where to get it, how to get, how to get around all the obstacles.She is Jewish Kiev, Kiev just because that Kiev is famous for these beauties: There is, of course, provincial parochialism, but huge blue eyes, dark blonde, chiseled nose. There was, apparently, beautiful figure, slender legs. She was probably thirty years, but kakayato tragedy with the spine, and now she walks bent.Nina immediately found a common language with the lieutenant and pulls out all the possible and impossible. Tights and pulled the rope to hell, got the paint, and the entire camp is like a medieval mystical action:Somewhere someone quietly stain cloth guards pretend they do not see, and everything that occurs to me incomprehensible, unbelievable, incomprehensible way, goes. Before the New Year 36 days.Hell must be tipsy and giddy, a kind of little devil, he flies around the world and spies into the wrong window, sees the country and events, and along with it - we. My felon in tights and make-up was exactly the devil - a bold, suspended from the grate, maketh tricks, so breathtaking.Watch the film in the field of FA online. However, the text I did not give him - could get embarrassing: it has one common word three obscene. But a miracle happened: he fell in love with me, and now, when he begins to talk to me, the voltage engorged with blood, so as not to burst any obscene words - it's hard to keep from laughing.And that's not all: it gives me all sorts of goodies, stolen from the premises, to quarrel with him before the premiere I can not take, and gifts Basovskiĭ returns to owners, but if my fucking know about it - it's all over, it will spread and the theater, and the camp.