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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Twilight, sunset, sunrise, storm, rain, the first sounds of morning birds, horses trampling over the bridge and the sound crew is leaving, chimes, cry cricket Chekhov did not need alarm for external scenic effect, and to disclose to us the life of the human spirit.How to separate us and all that we have going on, from the worlds of light, sound and things among which we live and on which so much depends on human psychology? In vain were laughing at us for crickets and other sound and light effects, which we used in Chekhov's plays, performing only numerous remarks website.If we were able to do it well, not bad, not poteatralnomu we rather commendable. It would be difficult to create on stage inner truth, the truth of feelings and experiences of foreign intrusive and rude theater lies.Czechs with the art of a true master is able to and kill the internal and external lie beautiful scenic, artistic, genuine truth. At the same time he is very picky about his love for the truth.He needs not banal everyday experiences, emerging on the surface of the soul, not the too familiar, worn feeling that stopped even seen us and have completely lost their sharpness. Czechs seeking his truth in the most intimate sentiments, in the most secret recesses of the soul.This really excites their surprise, the mysterious connection to the forgotten past, the inexplicable presentiment of the future, a special logic of life, which seems to have no common sense, which is exactly sneers and evil jokes on people, puts them in a deadlock or laugh.All these words are often not transmitted mood of foreboding, hints, flavors and shades of feelings come from the depths of our soul, touching it with our big religious experiences sensations, social conscience, the highest sense of truth and justice, our aspiration inquisitive mind in the mysteries of existence.This area is just soaked explosives, and only kakoenibud our experience or memory, like a spark, this will affect the depth of our soul flashes and lights up the senses alive. Besides all these subtle sensations of the soul infused Chekhov's timeless poetry of Russian life.They are infinitely close and dear to us, irresistibly charming, and because when you meet them so willingly give their impact. And then it is not possible to not heal them.To play Chekhov, it is necessary, first of all, and to understand its gold ore, surrender to the power distinguishes his sense of truth spell of his charm, believe anything, and then, together with the poet, follow the line of his spiritual work to backdoors own artistic superconsciousness.There, in those mysterious spiritual workshops, created "Chekhovian mood" that the vessel, which stores all the invisible, are often not amenable to realize wealth and value of Chekhov's soul.

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But this complex technology and the inner workings of a creative way to supra-diverse. We both, ieNemirovichDanchenko and I came to Chekhov, and buried in his spiritual writings put each his own way: Vladimir Ivanovich his, hudozhestvennoliteraturnym, a writer, I own, fine, typical of my artistic specialty.