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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


The girl seems to not hear.- And perhaps, scary fun, here you have in the squad, right? Attractive? "Tempting, - he thought - would you put a" nose "yes" ears "... So after five minutes would howl. Would immediately become" tempting. "- All the same, should be very interesting - sigh girl. Dissuasive her he did not, went silently to himself.Suddenly she laughed out loud and then froze in fright, funny mouth shut palm - remember that everything is asleep. - What - said in a whisper, but fun - cool in the morning, I have acted out? - Why it is acted out? - Well, are you all were stunned. - She laughed silently. - Honest ... It's me on purpose to suit his role as go ...Well, out of the picture. I'm getting used to it and to the suit and to the character. Do you understand? I sovsemsovsem different character. Mom says I'm quiet. And as I should, on the contrary, be quiet. - Speakerphone - Romka said sarcastically. - Yeah, - she said hurriedly, - well, such a tricky, even flirtatious, says the director.And, he says, you have to get used to the character of the heroine. And this should suit obnashivat it to, you know, the movie is not a stranger to the suit was, and his, you know, the usual. And now I'm getting used obnashivayu. Great, is not it? Romka agreed. download the film поле в англии and Indeed, this is great. And he did not even know what a movie it happens.- You see, I've already talked - said Oksana fun and then immediately becomes an important and proud. - Good night, - she drops a dismissive and retires to his room.Romka read the script once, deeply, and long afterwards I could not sleep, worrying seen - not read, but it is seen in this big thick book in paperback. Has rolled out a huge glittering moon and stopped, froze over serrated silhouette of distant mountains. Already poured star and shone, sparkled southern sky.Has stopped the orchestra in a holiday home park "Miner". Only somewhere dalekodaleko heard was music, booze gun yes scribbled machine guns - in a summer theater download the film поле в англии and ended with a military pattern. But that died down and the sounds. Only the stars, the moon, and cicadas. PART TWO AT THE BOTTOM OF SCUBA Romka alarm woke to the sound of glass.He stared blankly at the steppe, which busily download the film поле в англии and climbed through the open window. - Zovuzovu, krichukrichu! - Barabolya took a narrow windowsill.


- And well you sleep! - What happened? Nothing happened, just Andrew, brother Stepan as conscript summoned today to the military and replaced with his father at sea must walk it, Stepan.- I'm retiring - he warned - now you will be left Timka. Got it? Romka not respond in time - from the pier siren roared small seiner. - My name is - fearfully said Steve, - yet. He slid off the sill. - I will be in the evening - came the already out of the garden. As if urging it Barrens, siren roared even more insistent and muffled.The fishermen go to sea, began working day. Then it's time to get up and Romka. He glanced at the clock. That's it, now thunder. Alarm they had an old, but true and accurate.