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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


I suggest that you do everything in your power in order to disavow the messages that are detrimental impact on your reputation and could lead to personal tragedy.I hope you do not posetuete at my frankness. All this seems to me so important that I could not write to you about their position in this matter. With sincere assurances of respect to you, sincerely, Joseph Breen. " Letter download the film поле в англии and threatened her not only as an actress.It threatens her income, and the success of "Joan of Arc", just released in theaters in Europe and the United States. It was a threat, and the address of its last movie, "Under Capricorn", which is expected in the autumn the screens. Of course, the sword and hung on the film, which caused a scandal, so that they are now shot on Stromboli.Given the measure of power that it has Hollywood moguls, it could be assumed that all three films will be taken out of steel. Telegram from Walter Uongera, producer, "Joan of Arc did not bring her soul soothing: vile rumors about your behavior need immediate denial.If you do not care about your own fate and that of your family, you should know that I believe in you, in your honesty, I made a huge investment, jeopardizing its future and that of my family. It is under threat as long as your behavior does not refute rumors that radio, newspapers download the film поле в англии and spread across the globe.We both have to have a sense of responsibility to the Victor Fleming to his memory and to all who believe in us. I assume that you are not aware of all this, or misinformed about the importance of newspaper myths and their consequences, that you are completely deluded.But do not be fooled into believing his act bravery and artistry. Nobody does not relieve you from compliance with the rules and decorum, which are accepted in all ordinary people. Telegraph me on receipt of this telegram. " Ingrid seemed that no one around her did not understand the situation.Yes, she has made this important step, but she really had no right to privacy? Do not they realize that they have their own point of view, it does not make no big crime? However, almost brought a bunch of new periodically taunting stateek newspapers, letters, cartoons indignant signatures.Her condition, full of guilt became unbearable. In desperation, she scribbled a letter to his father Donsyuru, a French priest, a former adviser to the "Joan of Arc." She felt for him the deepest respect. "Stromboli, May 1, 1949 Dear Father Donsyur, how deeply I hurt and download the film поле в англии and disappointed you.What are now your kind words about me? When people think well of you, their love elevates. Watch the film поле в англии online. Harder then feel its decline. Among the rumors, gossip, spread all over the world now, a lot of fiction and falsehood. But there is truth.So far I can not get over the fact that my actions were leaked to the press that everything I do or say, including telegrams and phone calls sent to the newspapers. I perfectly know how my husband is suffering, I was offended and humiliated them both him and Pia. Yes, it's true, I asked my husband for a divorce.I think it is much better and more honest to tell him about it once.