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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


The lack of news about the other actors concerned. Why do not you call him Markovic in SenTropez, leaving no note?Allen was completely unaware of where he went. Call friends of his assistant, he was too lazy. Before the evening actor planned to visit him on that terrible missed while working on the film in SenTropeze. Wincing from the flashbulbs awaiting newsmen, the actor went to the car out of the garage and immediately gained speed.Before stopping at his mother's house in BurlyaReyn, he download the film поле в англии and stopped only once at the toy store to buy his son a great windup car. He download the film поле в англии and presented a frown mother, with whom she always greeted him at the meetings, and endless moralizing. She did not like all of his life:ranging from family life and ending with incredible popularity. To be rude to her, he would not, therefore, rarely visited, limited to transfer money to the bank account of the mother. - Hello, Alain, said indifferently son Edith Arnold, when he download the film поле в англии and entered the dom.Tvoya wife called and warned that you can call in. You take Anthony?- No, tomorrow I go back to SenTropez, I shoot. I want to see his son. - Yes, of course you're not particularly spoil it to their attention, and your wife, too, the mother did not like Natalie. Allen wondered whether to talk about the divorce, to provide an additional theme for the mother laments. Then he waved his hand and said: - Natalie and I divorced.- I am not at all surprised, replied coldly Edit.Vy never lived as a family. Allen angrily thought idelnaya family, according to his mother, to live in a small town like BurlyaReyn where raunchy women work on the farms, and the men get drunk every Sunday.Such a life is prolonged, as a swamp, and he was happy to be at the time escaped her. - Who will be the baby? Allen first heard her mother's voice in a spark of interest. Did she hoped he would allow her to raise the child so that he repeated his own childhood in BurlyaReyne?- Anthony will live alternately with me and Natalie, both of us will continue to pursue his education. Mother was always terse, but now completely stopped talking to her son. To question Allen, is now the boy, she nodded at the terrace door and turned away. He opened the door and was literally knocked off his feet, rushed to his baby.- Dad, Dad, squealed tot.Ty long? A mother here? - No, Anthony, I'm here today only. This is for you, Allen gave his son a machine.


The child sat down to his father's lap and began eagerly unwrap wrapper. - You are bored, son? Judging by the concentration of her face Anthony, currently he was busy.He pulled the car out of the box and handed it to his father, that he showed her start. They played together before lunch. Madame Arnold called them in the garden to the serving table. - Ran a race, offered his son Allen, who did not want to break away from the new toy. After a few seconds lost patience grandmother caught breathless child and sat at the table.Anthony was completely happy, though it slightly worried question.