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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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On the one hand, strict rules, limited field; the other - the walk in an infinite variety of nature. Meanwhile, we believe in the possibility of a cinematic genre, by twinning some of the rules with the music.But we also believe that the ongoing quest today are inherently flawed. Rhythm, composition, melody are properties. But why make them? What matter the movie can relate to a strict routine of musical sounds? Arranged in a row hat, book, inkwell or even figures: squares, circles, spirals.Do you eject them from the unexpected chords: up to a salt of? When harmonic elements to be found - and they will be found - we can talk about "music for the eyes." And before that, take heart does not obey such a regimented art, as is the music, anarchy "integral movies."We insist on this because this anarchy and confusion, these are dangerous. Insightful reflections by Mr Pierre Port testify that he foresaw the danger. Here is what he wrote after watching one of the movies based on the "movement of objects":"The joy that we would have to derive from it, was marred by constant desire to see things for the form, the reluctance to confine the contemplation of this transparency, glare, reflections, aspiration and understand what that created them. " Mr Port here for the essence of the issue.We admire his sincere desire and discover the motives of the author, but at the same time we disagree with him in view. He declares war on the reflexes of his brain, his culture, atavistic institution of the human race, but why?Because only a small group of artists decreed that the only meaningful art forms are. Alien art tends to go against the laws of nature. As soon as there is a "specific object", a man clings to its value, and nothing can prevent this.Suppose, however, that we will get there, why do we come, if not to a monstrous regression? We have before us two ways, leading to two: different purposes. Movie can record the movement of certain objects and movements obscure forms. In the first case, the value, or in other words, the effect of direct or symbolic prevail.Only vague forms of movement, if they regulate can and create the aesthetics of "musical" type. Should be avoided in order to these two models hampered each other. Prednachertyvat ridiculous false designation such elements, what are the specific items.Hunt of a different kind - for example, a meaningful movie - can be detained by this in their development, they can be damaged.

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But the most important thing is not yet told. Working on the movement of obscure shapes, the artist cares only about creating sensations:sensations dazzle, slow, speed, dizziness, kaleidoscopic flickering. We need to find something else to "absolute cinema", ceasing to be a distraction to the eye, was the highest art, or simply - art. Decadence: too often pronounce the word "feeling." We set a lofty goal of art:expression of feelings, and in this we completely agree with the musicians.