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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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This image planted cinema. Husbands come home and find their wives in this very "vamp". Began divorce proceedings fell fertility. The country was on the verge of extinction. And suddenly there was Marilyn Monroe, whose roles in Hollywood called "blond fool." It was seductive:sisyastaya, zhopastaya, with a charming smile and without a king in his head. Then all the men looked carefully and realized, and my wife is also nothing: and shapely, and zhopastaya and fun, and will be smarter. Husbands returned to their families - America was saved.Leo Tolstoy and drying I already wrote about how Yuri Nikulin, a great storyteller, I first played with the Order of Red Banner of Labor, and after that invited , and to act in Hollywood. Well, I think, more than you did, Vladimirych not buy! It takes a few days, the bell rings. - Durov? - Ask. - Durov - I say - Durov.What do you want? A man explains: - It is a call from "Sovinfilm." Since you want and meet Peter Ustinov. Could you ... And I interrupt: - I have a proposition for you, "Sovinfilm." - Yes? - Interested guy. - What is it? - Do you not go with Peter Ustinov! .. - Specify where. A guy does not yield all insisted.I mean, I address even longer. I hear he is someone out there says - He sends you ... Talk to him. The tube takes a woman. Well, I, of course, came to his senses. - Excuse me, - I say - please, I thought it Shirvindt or Nikulin. She fell right there - it all figured out, and says: - In fact, you want to see Peter Ustinov.And I went to the meeting, not understanding why or what. Although ... Playwright Peter interesting guy and a great actor, I knew good. So, I come. And this is such a huge Peter as baobab, healthy and full beard on his chest. He saw me and how to roar: - Le s s !!! And the whole "Sovinfilm" shudderedmol, which pretended not to know! Then I shouted: - Pi and ITER !!! To his navel ear pressed, Orem! All were stunned to think - really brutalized. Think whence Durov such links with England? Someone got confused ... Well, just a little distance, and I ask: - What do you want, Peter? - By just ask him.- You see, the Canadian broadcaster is and take off on my book serials picture. He then published a book "My Russia". - I heard - say - about the book, but I did not read. - To present. And then I ask - I do with it? - I - he said - will play himself, Peter Ustinov. And you'll be Leo Tolstoy. - Are you stunned?- I ask. - Which of my Leo Tolstoy?

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Look at me better. - Seen enough - he says. - You're the spitting image of Tolstoy. Let's make up. I did not have time to recover, as a make-up artist has taken me into circulation. Wise it me, wisely, and when we all finished ... paralysis!Me first. I looked in the mirror, one to one! A makeup artist calmly: - I think nothing else to do. I said: - Brothers! But what is it? Because I wanted to rewind! Where to now? And they had experience. They photographed me, and make-up artist went with two photographs - my and Tolstoy - and all ask: - In one photograph not Tolstoy.