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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Any episode of this scenario can be constructed badly, installation path, shooting close-ups, in the collision of the eyes, lips, trembling of the hands, but you can build it, and the endless panorama:both would be consistent with the presentation of this episode and did not violate the author's intention, which is not expressed exactly, is not represented cinematically.Meanwhile, good prose is always different so a detailed view of the world, this sense of precision in each passage, that the director has to be in the exact position of executor of the author's will.Of course, not all authors have this clarity of vision, not all can be learned such lessons precise assembly constructions, which are characteristic of Pushkin.Many great writers, giving in his letter very interesting and instructive examples of constructions that are appropriate in the film, yet can not even notionally transferred to the screen without major changes.Unless you are in Tolstoy find koegde as vnutriepizodny complete installation, mounting of the little drama, which is characteristic of Pushkin. But Tolstoy as it depicts the major strokes.If allowed comparison with the painting, the painting Tolstoy in general similar to those paintings, which are very close so you can not be considered because it is near the visible: here smear exposed, rough texture. And if a little further away - there is a striking picture. Pushkin also wrote, like Leonardo da Vinci:his work can be seen with a magnifying glass, and the more carefully analyze his prose than a detailed analysis of each sentence, the more it reveals the hidden perfection, the more accurate the looming shape, the parts are made more visible, and along with these details and the whole begins to grow .So wrote the "Madonna Litta" and the same - "The Queen of Spades." So for vnutriepizodnogo installation to accustom yourself to the elegance of action, accuracy, elegance and parsimony of details within the scene, the most instructive writer - Pushkin.A more general, larger on the merits of the structure shows, essentially doing the mounting drama, clashes significant amount of pieces and so on most instructive Tolstoy. Pushkin very often makes pieces that can be considered as a typical built shooting script.And Tolstoy offers material very cinematic, very interesting, but brainer, requiring large equipment director at transfer it to kinoform. However, and in Tolstoy's number of episodes we find accurate, thoughtful editing.Take a bite out of the start of the novel - a piece in which Pierre after taking in Scherer and talks with Prince Andrew arrives at the bachelor officers' apartment Anatole Kuragin, Dolokhov where a bet is taken to drink a bottle of rum sitting on the outer slope of the window.In this episode, as we have analyzed in an episode of "The Queen of Spades" by download the film русская лолита and Pushkin, attention is drawn to the exact mounting vision of the writer, which gives us an instructive example of the principle organizations mounting directly download the film русская лолита and associated with the idea inherent in this episode.