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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


But assembling the more input here.There were times when we were shooting the length of time, and on stage is exposed cuts. This is not necessarily regarded as an error: can not create such a perfect conceptual plan to implement it fully, but Andrew look forward to.The "Solaris" I used the specific technical devices, which allows the camera to float down the long corridor, change direction perpendicular to, then go. The camera itself can strike continuity, complexity of movement.But the whole mechanics download the film русская лолита and needed only in the context of human behavior, and then she could not find a sufficiently accurate dramatic justification. And on the screen you do not see the continuity of the motion camera floated from it had to be partially abandoned.Of course, even the long piece was filmed in such a way to connect with the previous one, but it is certainly within the main pieces. So I'll give you an example. Andrew voobscheto not use the calculated impact on the viewer, mental, but it's something else, I do not know ... In short, "Ivan's Childhood" is a stage before Ivan go on reconnaissance.Gramophone plays "Not for Rechenka Masha told to go"; Katasonych download the film русская лолита and repaired the gramophone, and he already killed, but we do not know about it, but guess, but Ivan does not have to know. How to trick the viewer's assumption is, it is almost the knowledge that Katasonych killed? Andrew did so. Ivan asks about Katasonyche, he replied: "He was download the film русская лолита and called." "Why, he promised."And at that time included Katasonych, background, goes down the stairs and go behind the pillar. And because of the columns has been published for the other actor and close up close-up: it means that it is as if it seemed that it Katasonych that he is alive ... This, of course, arithmetic, the fact of reason ... Great! This is exactly what I have to call themselves the "cinema as poetry."Not arithmetic, and the auxiliary technique, for example, instead of a full assonansnaya rhyme ... But all the same, Vadim, a few words about Tarkovskomcheloveke? Well, Andrew, he was a strange man, strange does not mean weird, but for some actions or passions. The age difference we have with him was a small, almost the same age.Not to say that it was the age now, but for some reason, I felt like a senior. Not in a creative sense, but in life. It is difficult to converge with people, and I did not seem very eager to make new acquaintances, kakimto partnerships. And at the same time he was very trusting, very.It seemed to me that in these partnerships, he sometimes download the film русская лолита and erred and was overly credulous.


And he was unprotected, and somewhere even helpless: in terms of everyday life, for example. At the same time, for example, he took an interest in the unit of his office, put the device you like: here the table is a candle;He was not indifferent to hanging thread, string, beads, I saw this as an emerging interior. I do not blame him, but it seemed to me then a weakness, a child's game to pour candle, for example. Well, maybe he spent much time at home, and in my profession I am not at home, I have no time to do even the necessary things.And for him, this aesthetic was needed.