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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


The second phase is the recognition of the plot, reasonably explains OrtegaiGasset, I believe that our ability to perceive and understanding of an event won by personal emotional involvement in it."It seems that - he writes - elements, as if preventing pure contemplation, that is of interest, sentiment, loathing and addiction, is just right as elements contributing to it," The conflict between these two opposite directions of the documentary film, which is a natural manifestation respectivelyrealistic and formotvorcheskoy trend is clearly expressed in the very form of musical film.Once realnozhiznennoe action this film takes some logical connection, so it immediately gives kakoenibud musical performance - sometimes referred to in the course of the plot - and thus slim narrative crumbling from download the film русская лолита and within.Musical films clearly reflect the dialectic relationship between feature and documentary films without any attempt to resolve their differences. This gives them a download the film русская лолита and certain cinematic. Film can be compared with Penelope in the sense that it is continuously dissolves tissue strands of the story, which he weaves.Singing and dancing at the same time and form an integral part of the story and contribute to its disintegration. Hence, the need arises in the story again from the womb of non-fiction cinema. Most do280 kumentalnyh films practically. Evidence of persistent tendency to dramatize the material.But can follow this trend director - if he manages to combine the presentation of the plot with the attempt to show the reality? Or, in other words, whether it can be guided by the two opposing principles, when one says that the plot prevents chamber studies, and the other - on the contrary, helps them.Image of the world as it confronts him a dilemma - whether to sacrifice his or her impartiality picture complete. However, these two opposite principle not incompatible, it would seem, judging by the musical genre of the film, in which the two are reflected. Solvable, of course, arises in connection with a dilemma.She would have been unsolvable only when full confirmation of the hypothesis that the subject generally contraindicated system of expressive means of cinema. Then appeal to the story - and, to anyone - would automatically exclude any possibility to show the cinematic life and before the director was a real dilemma.However, on closer examination, this hypothesis is too generalized to be supported in every issue download the film русская лолита and related to the plot case. Apparently, it needs to be clarified.Perhaps, we should recognize the existence of different types of plot and assume that some of them, in accordance with the hypothesis can not be cinematic treatment, while others lend themselves perfectly. In such a plot download the film русская лолита and within the accept reject even feature films Maurois and North;because they make corrections to their antisyuzhetnye statements, making an exception to the general rule for Balzac and movie Chaplin. Chapter 12 Introduction to Theatre story form and content.