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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Rosalie gave me a terrible scene, she was crying, screaming that my attempt to meet his father is the greatest treason, which only I could have done in relation to it. And she learned about it very simply: opened the letter, since it is my correspondence.- I can say about this father? - No, - she said. But from her tone, I realized that she would have liked. - You and your brother are his heirs. Try to convince my father to go to the clinic. She got up, went into the next room and motioned for me to enter.Obviously, my father wanted to catch his breath after the descent from the third floor and relax before a date with me. I was in his arms before he could see his face. He pressed his cheek against mine. Perhaps he found it difficult to shave a few remaining on the skin bristles pricked. I saw only his shoulder. My cheek was wet - he was crying.I too was very download the film русская лолита and excited, but did not cry. We continued to stand firmly embraced. Of course, he did not want me to see him cry. But I was anxious to see his face. So we stood there for several minutes. We finally pried open arms. His father sits in a chair, keeping an eye on me. I've never seen such a blue, clear of eye.This semidesyativosmiletny old man was still very beautiful. He is very high - about six feet. His hair was once were obviously gold now - gray, slightly reddish skin, especially on the cheeks, straight nose, a longer and thinner than I, thin lips, very red, slightly flabby.It Solid brown suit, tie dark brown, immaculate white, starched collar shirt, black shoes. I could not take my eyes off him. The silence lasted a few seconds. Then we download the film русская лолита and talked as if not seen for weeks. We talked about my work, about its operations, the health of Henry.I hesitated whether to tell him how seriously ill brother, but his eyes forced me to do it. He almost imperceptible flinch when I say the word "cancer." But it is unlikely at this moment he thought of himself. He quickly mastered with excitement. Finally, we talked about his mother. And here I opened it a big honor.To turn the conversation to the subject of the clinic, I asked him why he lives alone. But he did not understand me well. - I gave my word to your mother. I stare at him. - When she left, she said that she did not blame me for anything. And I said that it is willing to wait twenty, thirty years. Also, I forbid it my religious beliefs.- You're a believer? - Yes. - You know, as a mother to your marriage, too, was very religious, she even wanted to leave the monastery. So, now it is an atheist, and I regret it. - Of course, it's my fault. Film русская лолита. When I met your mother, I was influenced by the student environment in which he lived for many years.We download the film русская лолита and believed that, by denying the existence of God, exalting himself. I probably influenced her. In his view, I read something like regret. I like this man, who does not blame my mother, but, instead, takes the blame. - You're not ashamed of me, my life, that I'm an actor? - There are great actors and small.- There are those who are more fortunate than others, but a way of thinking, we have one.