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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Cinema came to this regardless of Tolstoy and Tolstoy download the film русская лолита and worked independently of the cinema, but still installation is there.You can in the "War and Peace" to read a piece of the panorama in the first volume, which shows the Russian troops, who go after the review Kutuzov and singers start singing, "Oh, you're my porch, porch!". Kutuzov going ahead convoy of soldiers, while hot rides a horse next to Dolokhov, and they talk to the song.This piece consists of a number of distinct passages. Tolstoy as there would always go for a regiment, a little ahead of him, side by side. This is a typical piece of intelligent, highly accurate panoramic shooting. An interesting piece in terms of assembly at the beginning of the second volume - a duel between Pierre and Dolokhov. Let's see how this piece made.We download the film русская лолита and talked about stretching time. This piece clearly begins with the assembly extended a second, quite similar to the Odessa steps.I will mention these examples not to agitate you engage static shots, but in order to establish that in the way of cinematic viewing the world have two methods and each of them is justified, because each event has its own way of seeing, but In any case, the installation is no substitute for vision, as well asin some cases, the panorama. March 1956 I think after watching the second series of "Ivan the Terrible", you share their views with each other. Today to continue our conversation about the nature of cinema installation, let us look at a few pieces of the second series of "Ivan the Terrible", which will be useful to you.Before you - the very first episode in the film, if we exclude the assembly made a prologue with a very complex structure - a scene from the Polish king. As it builds Eisenstein? At this stage generally there is only desyatdvenadtsat people, not more.In the depths of the throne on which the king was sitting, plenty of checkered floor, to the right group of three women left on the foreground, almost faint shadows, blending, in general, the architectural ensemble of two knights. The actors are in the depths.On his knees before the throne-Kurbsky, King, left three kakihto Catholic bishop and behind Kurbsky - two Polish knight. This begins with a passage through all Kurbsky floor space.Next scene is download the film русская лолита and constructed assembly, and, after the first Eisenstein and close to the end of the show the general plan of the palace, which is a huge cartoon backdrop, floor space and peredneplannuyu column, after he revealed the plan, it operates freely human groups, regardless of how they were, howwere located, how many were present at the general sense that it is impossible for a panoramic survey. For example, women. On generally their only three. When it comes to integration, their is already a large group. But you do not notice.The image of the palace Sigismund you put yourself out of those individual parts, which directed you to throw.


So he did not need, for example, the side walls or kakieto transitions. The whole palace consists of a single molded columns on the foreground, two chandeliers, the throne, the written backdrop and floor.