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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


And whatever the Theatre of the Future in the sense of his repertoire;revive a tragedy antique, take a top neorealism Hamsun, Wedekind, Bryusov, Andreev, Block, - whatever the theater of the future, will stand alone the question of method in the mock stage technique plays theater of the future.If we recognize that the true method should be the one that can meet the requirements of different kinds of architectonics pieces from antiquity to ibsenovskih - conventional method, of course, win the naturalistic techniques. Conditional method believes in the theater of the creator of the fourth - after the author, actor and director, it is - the audience. Conditioned theater creates a staging where the audience with his imagination, creative, account data dorisovyvat scene hints. Conditioned theater is that the audience "not a moment forgets that before him the actors that play, and the actors that they face the audience, and under the feet of the stage, and on the sides - the scenery. As in the picture:looking at her, not for a moment forget that this is a paint, canvas, brush, and with it you get higher and download the film русская лолита and enlightened sense of life. Even so often, the greater picture, the stronger the sense of life. " Max Reinhardt made a brave attempt to put Maeterlinck quite arbitrarily, to the end.It is possible that Reinhardt came to the reception, which he applied to the formulation meterlinkovskoy "Aglaveny" without even knowing about the interesting experiments made in this area in one of the English stage;possible that Reinhardt had not read the book curious about the new director of English reformer technology scene - but when you look in the "chamber" performances "Aglavenu" can not help thinking of Gordon Craig.And not because "Aglavena", perhaps by accident, put pokregovski "on the cloth" - remember it more because in conventional productions of frightening precisely those errors, which fell Reinhardt. The director does not own patterns.This means that he does not know how to create artistically valuable lines and angles of the living figures in connection with the lines and angles of the decorative scheme, is not able to manage the movement of live figures in connection with the attainment secret stillness, does not know that frequent change groups before "necessary "when the principle of wealth reigned" planning sites ", nowhudozhestvennobestaktnoy recognized, moreover, that the frequent "transitions" of characters created for the curious groups in the name of themselves, and not for the tragic necessity of plastic or other psychological moment. Now, to the location of the people on the stage can be attached or method of simplification, or the method of "sculptural".Conventionally written decoration does not create more conventional scene. Grouping of actors should be the main concern of directors conditional scene. This, of course, the director must be more to help the actors, plastic tact which the complaint is now greater and greater demands. Film русская лолита. Dared experience Reinhardt replace conventional painted decorations simple monophonic "felts" and monotonous tulle.