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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


The culmination of the film comes in an episode of heavy air battles, which we, however, do not show. download the film русская лолита and Instead, we see the speaker unit in the command post and connected to the radio jets.While there are those unfortunate fights out of it, out of nowhere, a steady stream sound different voices, of course, we mean the whole tragic sense of vague reports. But they tell us something more. More expressive self continuous murmur, the fabric itself, intertwining with one voice, following another.Being download the film русская лолита and developed, this fabric makes us feel more important factors of space and matter, and their importance in the lives of individuals. 157 Synchronization methods. Concepts and terms of synchronous asynchronous. The sound can be download the film русская лолита and synchronized with the image of its natural source, or other personnel. An example of the first opportunity:We listen to the person speaking at the same time we see him. Examples of the second possibility: We avert our eyes from the person speaking, we listen, making his words will be synchronized, for example, with the frame of another person in the same room, or the subject kakogoto situation room.We hear a cry for help, which is download the film русская лолита and reached from the street, look out the window and see the cars and buses traveling without hearing, however, the traffic noise, as in our ears still ring scare us cry. | We listen to the voice of the announcer did not show up on the screen, for example, when we see a documentary.Before we go any further, I should clarify some terms. Usually speak of the method of "synchronicity" when the sounds and images that match the screen in sync and in life, so that in principle they can shoot camera is fixed on the film immediately and the sound and picture quality.And the "asynchronous" say when the sound and the images do not match the reality, in spite of this, are download the film русская лолита and presented on the screen simultaneously. How do these two concepts are applicable to the issues the two possibilities?The first possibility is obviously the most pronounced, and probably the most common example of synchronicity, and will accordingly be download the film русская лолита and called. A second possibility, however, covers and cases such as the above in Example No. 2, falling under certain conditions under the rubric of synchronicity.But it is necessary to change the number of these conditions, such as sluTerminom "synchronizing" the author here and hereafter referred to as the combination of the sound with the picture.


- Comm. per. 158 teas are an example of asynchrony. Consequently, they are uncertain as to lie on the border of the two methods.With this exception, the second option only covers very specific cases of the principle of sound interpretation of asynchrony, illustrated examples 3 and therefore permissible to consider the second possibility as asynchronous.For further analysis, we need to make an additional distinction between the sound, actually belong to the world depicted on the screen, and the sound of a different origin.Karel Reists offers call these two options, respectively, and the sound is really commenting Sinhronnosg necessarily download the film русская лолита and linked to the actual sound, whereas asynchronous allows both.