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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Because of the husband of Edith finally he quarreled with his father. Her name is never mentioned in the house. Hollywood was extremely unsentimental place. When a person is deprived of power, he was deprived of grace, it expelled and forgotten. This is what happened with almost all the Hollywood Jews.Karl Laemmli luckier than many others. On the rest he retired in 1936, having sold his shares "Yuniversl." With the state, estimated at $ 4 million, he spent time with his grandchildren, playing cards, at the races. September 23, 1939, he went and ride to escape the sweltering heat.On his return he fell ill, went to bed. The next morning, he suffered the first of three heart attacks. Last, overtaken him in the same night, proved fatal. Not all the Jews of Hollywood waiting for such a quick and easy finish. In 1935, William Fox was forced to and declare bankruptcy.However, he says Mencken was extremely slippery type. Not wishing to give a procedure related to bankruptcy, to take its course, Fox, along with his lawyer decided to enter into negotiations with the judge, who conducted his business. The one had a problem: the daughter married, and he had 15 thousand dollars. Fox handed the money through his lawyer.A few months later, the judge asked for more money. This time, Fox has decided to deliver the money in person. Later, the government was able to trace the movement of some of these bills from the account to the account of Fox daughter of a judge. Fox was charged with attempting to interfere with justice. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one year imprisonment.May 3, 1943, after serving five months and seventeen days, Fox was released on bail. Although he was sixty-five years, and he lived on insulin, a broken man to call him was no way. He even planned to buy land and build a new studio. Of course, the studio has never been built.Fox was not destined to rise. He suffered a stroke and died on May 8, 1952 in New York. Once in the early 30's Jesse Lasky was forced to withdraw from the "Paramount", he tried to act as an independent producer, but success is not achieved. Old, he tried to write his memoirs.And when Laski finished signing autographs on his book, he lost consciousness. He was taken to the hospital. Said the priest there asked him: "What is your religion?" "The American" - said Lasky died. The struggle for the leadership of "MGM" has continued. Shari and Schenk were forced to leave.In their place came Joseph Vogel, but the civil war continued.

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In 1957, Meyer still received an offer to head the company Loev, that is, to take the post Schenk refused. The studio was no longer the wonderful big family, which he had once created.He himself was too old to run the company. "He could not be happy without" MGM "- said Danny Selznick. But in the end he had to" MGM "could not be happy." MGM "hopelessly changed as he Mayer. In the summer, he fell ill and went to the hospital on examination.