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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Bert second assistant director extras already split into groups. "You're standing here," "You will pass here."They try to speak as quietly as possible, because at this point Andrzej lights and gives instructions to the workers. Andrew turned to the third assistant and throws: "Fifteen minutes." That, in turn, informs the actors that in fifteen minutes starts shooting. A breakdown of the extras on the group is very important.Sometimes, the whole scene is ruined because of a confused coaching. I've seen it hundreds of times. Star leaves the courthouse! Microphones around him! Chirrs camera! And in this chaos is that between the actor and shoot camera is unoccupied. Or is there, but it lacks the growth! Phew! In "Dog noon" came a lot of trouble especially with extras.During the three weeks we were employed at least five hundred people in the change. Even before the shooting, we beat them with Burt sixteen units on individual characteristics, each squad had its subgroups: "Here you two know each other, and the four of you hate these two for what they are too strong players in mahjong."Six teenagers were playing hockey. And four more came later and were to take a look at the game, download the film русская лолита and instead of going to the movies. We drew a diagram of a giant film set, and pointed out the place where each extra. Four truck drivers were in his corner.When the evening arrived sixteen men from the village to speak in support of the hero Pacino, these drivers have been fully prepared for a fight. Before taking a full hour, I instructed the extras, perched on a high ladder. They explain in detail the types of characters that they would bring to the screen.Because we knew that anyway residents of neighborhoods where the survey was carried out, get in the picture, extras were asked to work around the house and nearby residents to explain their situation. They are so download the film русская лолита and imbued with the work on the film by the end of the second week is not in need of guidance, acting spontaneously, intuitively and accurately.One of the reasons I prefer to shoot in New York - is it possible to use these actors as extras. They consist in the Screen Actors Guild, often play on Broadway. In LosAndzhelese extras includes the Guild kinostatistov and removed only in the extras. Often they do not even know the name of the movie, which is attended.They gather from across the country shave bald or dress up for Mickey Mouse, emphasize their physique, which, in their view, can provide them a job within one hundred eighty days of the year.


If they are engaged in the episode, where there are at least five people, they go to a higher category and receive the bonus.If they have their own evening gowns, they show it in their characteristics, and shooting in a tuxedo or evening dress is also an additional cost. They are called "extras with clothes." And it's very sad.By the time the site slowly and sedately swim up artists and hairdressers, armed boxes, napkins, brushes and combs, you can see that it is almost time of filming.