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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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From "Ambigu" this reception went to the theater for the secular public and the authors of the drama of passion is well known that love scene gets more mystery and pathos, if you illuminate it invisible radiance slow waltz, executable on the sly in the wings, and the sharp dialogue becomes even moresharp, if it is cut by a whip, a syncopated fox. Sip an accordion or a gramophone, a few drops of clear harp or flute clear arabesque have such an emotional mood, the impact of which can not be denied.But in the theater could exclusively wise narrowing part invisible musicians in order to make them more effective impact. Pure drama again came into its own, and next to it was created a special form of opera. It is necessary that the movie and in the future to do the same thing.We need to make it more modestly and wisely use this amazing collaboration. Let us hope that the time is near when the display language is sufficiently nuanced and complete, to meet their own needs and creating your own emotions, despite the silence of None, but rather because of it. Movie mistakenly called a silent art:in fact it is a silent art. Do not make a flaw in what is the hidden force. We need visionaries to be free to touch piano silence prejudging the music less and less continuous mechanical role.It will be necessary one day to decide to close the tap, from which constantly throughout the evening flow does not dry out the melody. But the need to create a new technique of musical film was created as the opera, comic opera or ballet. This is not the place to discuss such an interesting issue as the problem of synchronization mechanisms.In this regard, there has been a lot of mistakes and errors. But after so many attempts to blind and "failures" will have one and return to a rational discipline of visual and auditory rhythms. And then there will be created a new means of expression that would not be a film, accompanied by music, but the musical film.It's no secret that the musicians of the current generation more removed from the operatic art. For many of today's young people for singing drama seems unbearably ponderous art form. The movie is not entirely foreign to this evolution of taste. Whatever it was, but we feel the influence of the secret of our century, the century of feverish movement.We live under the sign of the motor and can no longer live without the speed.Put in front of decorations made of fabric and cardboard men and women who are within three hours do not go beyond the tiny quadrangle, and patiently and listen to the stretched, bombastic and to an incredible slow musical declamation dialogue and recognition - so and call some deep protestyoung artists. That is why many of them turn to expressive ballet, allows the use of all the possibilities of moving the female body.

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Do you remember the wonderful staging of "The Golden Cockerel" RimskogoKorsakova shown us the Russian ballet?