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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


It was hot, five o'clock. Taken out of the room a table on the veranda, where the same roots grew inseparable two pines. He brought home five-liter bottle of brandy.- Rowan! Only a mother can push it so classic! I plucked pink and white phlox, and dropped a yellow ceramic pitcher of water. Starters were " reserved" and the mood - on the contrary. - Tanya, the station that some of the capitalist world! - Andrew asked, anticipating pleasure.He knew that I lived in the spirits dance and that I was the victim of a rhythm.I slipped into the room, dressed in a swimsuit - promised that we would swim in the gums - high heel shoes ... and where it matured the decision subconsciously shake this bourgeois nest quietly went to the porch and sat down in the chair, said that, well, it's hot too much had changed so ... She ate a quarter of tomato, prosaically download the film русская лолита and quoted PasternakI let pass one house, all close to the long confusion ... chewed cucumber, continuing: I just throw down dress like wood shed their leaves - I paraphrase, drank a glass of vodka, jumped up on the table and began to tap dance with abandon shot, so much so that shook all leaves in the garden.Men looked at me in amazement ... the table that is falling and tinkling on the floor, fell off a plate with vegetables - to pieces, and I continued to knock his heels, standing on the table, representing, as we then thought, a scene from a stranger in the capitalist world. Then they drank tea.On the table from the fallen petals of pink phlox I spread my download the film русская лолита and manicured fingers cherished name - Andrew. He sat in front, so the letter lay in relation to it upside down. When I put the last petal on the letter "y" - Andrey smiled confidently, suddenly blinked his sad eyes and suddenly impulsively kissed my hand.download the film русская лолита and Decided to stay in the country until tomorrow. Warsaw spent on the road to the bus. I liked that day Warsaw or not - I do not know, but Andrei liked very much.We went to bed in his small room on the yellow couch, as always embracing face to face ... and losing control, he showered me so tender and passionate words that I, of course, as a vessel filled with these passionate affection and immediately began to return this wonderful content back with a touch of unspeakable gratitude.Clock ticked in a dark box, moving a lilac, and his "I love you" was repeated so many times that the length of these words may have been measured in kilometers.I woke up at dawn of happiness ... and tried to keep in mind, in memory of flavor sensations ... words ... touch ... but they are spreading, dispersed as a mist, leaving only the tree of memory, as the dismantled after Christmas tree.


Two pink jay sitting in lilac bushes and women with painful curiosity looked in our window.Went for a walk in the woods. Andrew said that after a week went to the Crimea, on the Gold Coast - a rest. Come to the opening of the season. Come path, suddenly he stops at a birch, closes his eyes and says, gesturing with his hands - I had such a terrible novel ... remember ... this love ... I'm shivering ... with kinoartistkoy ... everyone knows it ... with Sineglazka.Here at this birch so we kissed ... She has such a figure!