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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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He did not hesitate drove all. Once, he even gave the face extortionist money. But he was often absent, and then it remained all alone. Servants were to not care, as long as a lot of them did not require.Drug treatment, drugs, blackmail - all this was expensive ... and Edith did not work. She sold the farm in the Allier, a few paintings that was once purchased, a handful of jewelry, it does not value them. She told me: "Pearls and diamonds do not look at me. I was in borrowed plumes. " But that it was ten million? A drop in the ocean.Lulu was in despair. And it is certainly Edith slowly returning to life. Again, she could see the light. When I learned that she had download the film русская лолита and opened the shutters in my room, I sent her a dozen roses, such as those she loved. She immediately called me on the phone. Her voice was normal, almost cheerful. - Nothing, not even the last hour has come, Momona. All sighed.And it was about time: Lulu download the film русская лолита and again received a contract for her to America in "Versailles". - Lulu, do you think I can go there? - They are waiting for you. They do not know. Have to agree. Job again took her in his arms. Edith recovered. Returned everything except love.She continued to love Pilsen, but perhaps less than the long-time friends, such as Lulu, Charles Aznavour, Git, in any case, not more. She realized that the marriage was a failure. "Momona, this is nobody's fault, it's drugs! Jacques gentle, tender. It's designed to be fun, not for the drama.And since he can not participate in it, he side somewhere ... and I'm alone ... Do you understand? "Edith went to New York, Jack - in London rehearsing a musical comedy. In the States, Edith download the film русская лолита and revived, America has always supported it, there was her audience. She perceived as the Yankees strong, healthy people. If they like, it really is the real man;unlike the French, they are no female quirks. On the other hand, she hid himself from them. She held herself not as in France, where around were for her own family: in America she acted with restraint. In the States, she always had a good press. One critic wrote:"Edith Piaf, the little French Isolde, still bravely dying of love. Five hundred times during the first dinner, five hundred times in the second, and his voice was still beautiful ... the world's strongest voice in the little body!


"Articles about her appeared every day. Every day in bed grew mountain newspapers.But this story is remembered forever, she impressed her. "See, Momona, this man is right," I am dying of love, five download the film русская лолита and hundred times a night. " I wish I knew him my life, that would be signed for my friend! But when I'm dying of love, when I have nothing to die - then I'm ready izdohnut! Yes, Momona, marriage - not a way out. " In Paris, it's not working, waiting.This goes on for about a year. She was breathing hard again to dial for takeoff. I do not know whether this second breath, but it is in no hurry to fill her lungs with fresh air. And suddenly everything changes. Lulu brings the news that he has a contract for it. Three thousand dollars a night at "Carnegie Hall".For the first time in the most famous concert hall of the United States will be the "star" variety show.