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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


All of the above shows us that the genre is not implemented as external formal tricks as certain psycho-techniques that have very regular character.Of theses graduates faculty director Vasiliev's "death" by Woody Allen for staging the play I chose Woody Allen's "Death." With the guidance of the theater, we stipulate only time and budget. Here there were no problems - we walked towards each other. I can say that me and my work in the theater of luck.Play well dispersed in the company, not only that, there was no two similar actor - that is necessary for the plot. The main difficulty of prigaashennogo director lies in the ignorance of the troupe. It, that is familiar, grinding, working out as much as possible, the only professional language and eats most of the time and effort.Building a play by Woody Allen additionally complicated the work, because in each of the nine episodes there is a new character, and then a new artist, who was present only in the readings and did not learned, in addition to general availability, and hence vyrobotka uniform professional language begins anew.Woody Allen's play "Death" is constructed as a detective, but the detective light and comedic, while ending a hero's death. It can and should be easily seen all kinds of people. And yet - this is America! It's a cliche, it's a stereotype, it - movies. Our America - it's a movie. We do not know how to play it, but we really want.Here lies another professional challenge. We can not play about America, we can only play himself, but deloto happening in America! The heroes of American names, they live in a different world, and even in the other hemisphere, in the end, the Americans have dignity, completely devoid of what we - the former Soviet nation.We - a bitter, sore ego. Dignity must bring in performers and in himself. I do not know how it worked out. Might have failed altogether. In the play, Allen, but her lung, a dynamic space and humor, I was fascinated by the idea, which I caught on and tried to catch the actors. The idea is simple, but not indisputable. What's that?Each of us are extremely busy! In the extreme, horrible, endlessly busy! Their work, home, dog and so on. In this case, the hero is busy with work, he - a salesman, he was all the work. For him, the world is only his job. He does not notice even his own wife, and because it is - part of the all-consuming work!She serves bacon and eggs at exactly 30 am, and it can not be changed, otherwise - a disaster! Interrupts, hungry salesman can not function. At first glance, all aforesaid - okay. This can only dream of. Yes! Yet outside - life and death.And if someone else was killed or even something happened direct our fault in this, but, without noticing it, not reacting to it - we risk, sooner or later, to become a victim yourself. Of course, Woody Allen does not call to patrol the streets or on a voluntary basis to check the tickets in public transport during peak hours.


Far from it and I am. And yet ...It is impossible not to notice the poor old woman, crushed cat lay-rudeness.