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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


"Sama" direction "met me at the cash register, and the routine with the artists usual rendered gratis ticket. No, I want to pay a holiday today, you are likely to complete the collection, I protested. Be a guest ! Regarding the theater can not boast of visiting, but not so much so well.The weather is warm, and the audience prefers to walk, and the company can be said, download the film русская лолита and failed ... "Management" as a very bad language. Divertimento lures can boast! "Directorate" bowed, as she was summoned to explain some piece misunderstanding with a drunk, and I went to the theater. That's what I saw there.It is hard to tell the content of a farce, and even more so to describe the game artists. It is much easier to describe once all or almost all of the performances of this kind. Here are the main characters of farce. The husband who wants polovelasnichat secret from the jealous wife. Sometimes this is a young man, more of the same old. At such a young relies wife.This virtuous, tearful and boring role. Allowed and the old, ugly woman, making the role very wins. When old husband is almost always an old, very ugly wife to the couple provided the comic, at least outwardly. It is believed that there was, and nephew, a young man with a very colorless role.He should be a traditional bride, charming their lack of understanding the secrets of married life, and consequently, salt of the play. Doctor, friend of the family, keep the play on the safe side, to confuse intrigue, mostly the same way for the ties and isolation plays. Stupid maid or butler is very necessary for exposure.Permanent member of the actors is a rich uncle in the rank of Admiral of the Swiss Navy on Lake Geneva or the other, less complex rank. Same center around which revolves the whole affair, it is a good female role in a closet or, if possible, without it.Whoever she was to play the Countess or seamstress, an artist always makes her cocotte. Of course, it is not without the police. Of sham point out the main things:trousers for men and ladies, forgotten gloves, stockings, suspenders, cut off the tails of letters, is lost on the stage, the sound of a slap behind the scenes, business cards, a second, a candlestick with a lit candle for her husband. In farces audience laughs troubles befall her husband, kutyaschim secret from his wife.Poor often hid in a closet with dresses, on and under the bed, carried him away in a basket of dirty laundry, sit on it, poured the water, mud, lost his trousers, and he found himself without them over to the police or jump out the window.


More than once exhausted husband concluded play promise never to change his marital duty, but alas!this promise was just enough to the next song, which repeats the old in a new way.From the actor with the talent required skill talk nonsense with a straight face, and piquancy to say naive, do unnatural natural, boring gay and claim to give the illusion of wit, in short, a complete correction of the author or, better yet, replace it.Then the goal is reached, the play makes charges, and the audience laughs a lot in the first act, less in the second and did not laugh in the third.