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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Situation plays explained on the basis of the text of the play. If this did not work - leaving gaps in the comments. We take as a typical example, the scene with Sarah in "Ivanov."In the densely- packed notebook with the role of Ivanov practically painted remained one of the most important scenes - a scene with Sarah, where he yells at her, "Shut up, Jewess! So you do not shut up? For God's sake ... So know also, that you ... soon die ... The doctor told me that you will soon die ... ". In the records of all the comments of two words: "katarsisochischenie."It would seem that the artist was natural to recall the novel by Anton Chekhov with a charming Jewish, which did not end in marriage. Could remember, at least as an example of a "contradiction" own happy years of marriage with Sulamith Mikhailovna Kushnir. But nothing, no sound, no polnameka.Smoktunovsky does not use in any historical reminiscences, no biographical facts. In an interview with Tatiana Goryacheva Oleg Yefremov, talking about Smoktunovsky, recalled working on "Ivanov."Efremov highlighted the rehearsal of this particular scene, recalling how the moral sense download the film русская лолита and rebelled against Smoktunovsky text Chekhov, against a situation in which he found himself a hero, he just could not play this scene. Oleg Yefremov said: "What was the most difficult, for example, in" Ivanov "?- The fact that he could not agree, and this was the intention of Chekhov that kakieto minutes destitution Ivanov shunt all the pain. That it can be shocking, the Nikolai Ivanov. Smoktunovsky was very difficult to tell Sarah "Jewess! You will soon die. "He could not find it in himself.He did not like this role precisely because he had to say these words, to play the scene. Still need to be changed to Sarah, screaming at her. And he sometimes passed on their stamps, began to run on stage gait Marlon Brando almost pobaletnomu placing his feet.Somewhere this gait was once was a success and the arsenal actor dies. And sometimes, when he did go on the path of logic, we lined up, these crises have enriched his life as Ivanov. Performance is determined by it in the first place his intensity, his dedication. "That is, comparing the story of Ephraim and write in the margins as you can say that, for myself leaving unresolved domestic and unnecessary scene Ivanov and his wife, Smoktunovsky left a gap in their comments. The reason why the scene did not work actor, Oleg Efremov saw decency feeling.But it is not logical to suggest another explanation?


"Ivanov" - the play boundary, where neighbors techniques with new theatrical aesthetic openly melodramatic passages "dochehovskogo" theater. The scene with Sarah, of course, refers to the most obvious example of the spectacular melodramatic ending act. Shout: "Shut up, Jewess! So you do not shut up?For God's sake ... So know also, that you ... soon die ... The doctor told me that you will soon die ... "- clearly should cause violent outrage shocked the audience. Perceived artist false situation provoked the actors use their own stamps.