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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


The aisles would be no room left ... But that would be a circus. Is another story. And then I was reminded of:- Listen, prudes, but what about those stories that you wrote and that are going to print in the U.S.? Traits possessed me to write these stories!download the film русская лолита and Indeed, I get by rashly wrote several short stories and tales and asked to take them not as something pouchitelnonazidatelnoe, just as funny stories, or a witness to which was himself. When I was in America, the Russian-speaking children from the luxurious "Royal Magazine" I asked them, and I am not download the film русская лолита and resigned.But in the Baltics have download the film русская лолита and asked for anything should the book "Actors write." And to them I did not refuse. Soon, they sent me the galleys. No, these stories one darkness! - Guys - I say its well-wishers, who obligingly shoved me a pen - after these stories Victor Astafiev even forbade me to write! - Why not? - That is why!It so happened that I gave these proofs with stories hudozhnikufrontoviku Eugene Kapustin, who in turn decided to share a precious acquisition with Viktor Astafiev who flew to his homeland, to Krasnoyarsk. It takes a while, call me Viktor from Krasnoyarsk and laughs.- Here, - he says - Kapustin gave me your stories on the track, we have read it and laughed so much that I almost turned the plane did not. - Then he calmed down a bit, and added: - And you never write: scribblers without you enough. Then, when I told Kapustin this phone call, he reassured me: - This is P. envy. And you write, write.Frankly, this cheered me. Not so, of course, that immediately began to compose epics such as "War and Peace", but, as the poet said: "Yet, yet, yet ..." And then there's the evil one brought me into temptation poetry.I somehow clashed in the House of journalists Vishnevsky, who writes great odnostishiya, and so, without resentment, potovarischeski say - I can too! And he told me: - Oyoyoy! - Come on - I say - any topic. - Well, the war - he offers me. - Please - I say. - "I download the film русская лолита and lifted his machine, and it's faster," "grab for" revolver "and he remembered", "War:Zinc production increases. " Enough or something? - Yeah ... I feel like starting to treat me more seriously. - And as the government can? - Asked. - Please, 'Oh, once you are a president, so please refrain.


" - Well, to myself? - Please, "None for me do not go to the grave," "I am a scoundrel, but you have been warned!". - You're really a scoundrel!Can I print it as your own? - Go ahead! It's not going to tear off the head of the genius laurel wreath. I was quite happy own hat, he at least is not obvious to passers-by in the eye.Just after the artist's moral support and recognition of the poet of my poetic talent, I fully download the film русская лолита and realized the validity of folk wisdom "pots are not gods.""Lord, - mentally I said to God, - to strengthen and lead me in a new way, which I did not go because of pride that I profoundly alien, but merely out of a sincere desire to free their comrades from the issue, which, tea, and they bore by: "Do you write a book? Are you writing a book?