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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


You never even guess who I met here!First, your mother, she looks fantastically elegant and ... Now hold on ... Ted Wallace, your long-lost godfather. How I would like to see you here. You've always said you wanted to meet him. As far as I'm concerned, he will be here pryamotaki forever, so why not come and you?It to your mother, it seems, quite a decent relationship, it is a bit strange - David says that they probably hate each other. Yes, and Devidto? Everything that you told me seems absolutely true, though here the real queue of those wishing to secure his attention.I just had to combat this terrible Oliver Mills, as well as Ted, and even, I think, to your mother, in order to be with him alone for five minutes. Who else? Well, Max and Mary Clifford, of course, and their daughter, Clara, a little kosenkaya, weird and unhappy.Michael full of subdued, but on Thursday there was a complete accident of any dinner, attended by the cream of the local community, including Ronald Leggatta, Bishop of Norwich, and his fat little wife Fabio. Of course there were Draycott, and these horrible suprugiliteratory Whiting and another kakayato couple I did not understand who they are.Once we sit down at the table and started to get up as Oliver knows that, telling all sorts of horror stories to which inappropriate and loudly arguing about sex, so I quickly podpihnula the side sitting next to me Ted, so he tried to change the subject. A big mistake! I think you're probably lucky you're not familiar with this type.In every prison there are football hooligans, has every right to claim that they are - people are much more sensitive and much smaller pig. - Wash, in this nightmarish obsession guilty psychotherapy - he said about the general obsession with sex.- No wonder that in our language, "psychiatrist" is download the film русская ночь and separated from the "sex offender" so small rasstoyanieZdes pun: "therapist" and "the rapist" .. - What's so wrong with psychiatry, Ted? - I asked - hopefully not too harshly. Do not want everyone to guess that I myself have visited a psychiatrist.- Well, it all comes down to what you choose the features of the language, is not it? - He said, absurdly patient - as if I vsegonavsego two years old - tone. Wash it one of those men who with Marie Curie and talked to like she was illiterate muddle. - You talk about sexual discourse? - Asked Malcolm Whiting.- No, he is speaking about sexual diskursiruet - said Oliver. - I wrote a book called "The Tree of Love", which you may ... - Started idiot Whiting. - I say the following - download the film русская ночь and interrupted his uncle - in the old days when we thought that at stake are our souls, all power belongs to Latin, and was in charge of healing our pastor or priest.Now, in the age of technology, we call the soul, "Psyche" and pastor "psychiatrist" - the language of science was Greek.


And since we now jerked around so much of the "new age", we turned the attention to his Anglo-Saxons, and the world began taldychit of "healing." The same process - holiness, mental health or physical health:pastoral care, psychiatry, or healing.