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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Motion "see" and "do not see" becomes the subject of ridicule and severe condemnation.I think the critics have recognized only one objective - the personal. But because it is subjective as well as a director. I remember the aphorism Polish satirist Jerzy Lec: "This woman believes that there are two opinions - and its wrong." Therefore, the conditions at once:yes, directing the distribution of roles of subjectivity, the only way it can be, only subjectivity lies depth and originality of design, the success of future performance. And from the lesions, and the more mistakes, no one is safe.When a director has not yet begun rehearsals when he first download the film русская ночь and started to develop an explication, he is left alone with the play. This is the happiest days of the director's work. He feels liberated to the limit:it can give play King Lear Gorbachev and unmanaged Hlshova merchant Grigory Rasputin, can be thought of "Poor People" by Dostoevsky, starring Vera Komissarzhevskaya and Charlie Chaplin. To understand the direction and scale of the image needs of life download the film русская ночь and shaped prototype.The director has the job of an ideal distribution of Julia, that is included in the list of people who have no relationship to theater. Especially useful for this experiment students faculty director - it develops imagination, teaches to think big. For example, a student X.a list of characters "at the bottom" of their course work, "download the film русская ночь and appointed" at Luka - Khrushchev on Vaska Ashes - Esenina to the actor - Lyubimov, the Baron - Nicholas II Romanov, on Satin - Mussorgsky, etc. And for each assignment he did his reasoning, explaining his choice.Roles can "assign" literary heroes, characters from the works of painting and sculpture, but the best - of life. Not only in this course of things small and invite actors from the nearby theater. Then lose the ability to feel chelovekoroli perspective. This line of thought the director had nothing to do with tipazhnostyu.No accident that the movie had taken off playwrights, directors, writers, that is personality. It is difficult to compare the principle of distribution in theater and cinema. We, the theater, and it is difficult to compete in the possibility of inviting these individuals.Therefore, in the film talk about choice of actors - from a huge number of applicants of all countries and peoples, and in the theater - the distribution of roles among the available actors.We are restricted by the staff, the team and must see every actor of his ability, often hidden, help the actor find their individual place in the repertoire. Film русская ночь. The filmmakers say that, ideally, each new film is thought the new, unknown audience performer.Well, then, we can only envy "filmmakers." Director Gleb Panfilov suggested for the film "Vassa Zheleznova" such a move, "Probably great Rachel could play a young Bella Akhmadulina.Its appearance is the same fusion of human qualities, which for this role needs - talent, enthusiasm, vision, vulnerability, strength, weakness, brittleness, high- minded idealism.