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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

film Russian night

The top of the whole - head kultbrigady as Izzy and said about him: a typical KGB officer, something not worked and has received only three years old, dirty man who does not shrink from even sops of the parcels, and the best overseer bodies we could never put on us, even if you really try.It examined all our internal organs. I have him right relationship did not exist: he zachemto need to talk to me, and I talk to him about, he needs my reverence, and I even if I wanted any, and to express on his "little face" - on the skin can be seen from under the hold true attitude.Rehearse, do something, to "Mostovitse" many Russian intellectuals communicate, the days are fleeing and the term does not move, would survive until the middle of ... five years ... all say that then it will be easier and count ... And again the unknown, again, all communication with the house were broken when I receive now my new address ...Who and how to turn "a girl in a pea jacket" with a letter from Ivan, his writing became my outlet for their fancies thin, talented man, a friend, edinomyslitel, brave, strong, a little angry, and apparently, like Boris, anti-Soviet, and I do not understand how you can hate power as possible to hate someone else, something like you can even wearthis feeling:Sometimes I have flashes a sharp, burning hatred for the ugly, inhuman, already captures the spirit, but it immediately, and I can not, I can not hate our director kultbrigady with name Owl awfully nice - now I think that the names of the people inherent - or Major hate, I understand their human beastliness, but becausethey brought it, they also do not know anything else, they immediately after birth planted on the wolf. Hungry. All that brought Mother, eaten, take anything, no one can not know how to give, but my dear Lucy quietly puts a pillow under my sugar cubes.Aching heart, lonely, lost in these vast forests, so it is difficult to get accustomed to new strangers ... Why all like to bring one camp, so they sit there, and even die, and I get a third! .. I would like once again to 36th Camp Division to their pribaltiykam or "curfew" to meet with Ivan.Tomorrow we leave for the first concert - kudato to the Middle Camp Division. 70 lagpunktov male, big, I sing in the deathly silence, listening frozen, afraid to take a breath, and their enthusiasm is sincere, and no, no greasy look, despite the man's hunger.They kinder, in my heart feel better, and our star, the "ten laureates in the same bed," say that their work - this expression - and if there is nothing to express themselves? -, Or that the art of the actor perfectly, because that the in one life is possible to live the lives of their heroes - and if and its own one is not interesting!No Greta Garbo or Bette Davis did not express themselves - they are doing. Download the film Russian night. This is probably the point. Major sat in the front row, and without looking at him, I feel his gaze. Anxious. Here and me I wanted to bring the joy of, but it turned vice versa:we have the whole day waiting for the evening concert to live in a barn fire, our stukachadirektora not with us, and the camp of free to roam my film "David Guramishvili", and all the risk, persuaded projectionist wrap on his jalopy with his advancing us to the barn and on the sheet to show the film.