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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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I hope I'm not too puzzled you for Christmas. Maybe it would be better to put the letter under the Christmas tree, and Christmas Eve and get it and say, "Here, look, a gift from Hicha." P.S. People still wonder why the bird is done. "January 17, 1962 Dear Hitch, I have attached the final version of "The Birds", including changes that we talked about in New York. The most significant processing undergone scene between Anne and Melanie, and of course, meeting in the "Taiji". In this scene, you will find an alarmist, pacifists and other types.In general, it seems to me, is very cinematic and fully in line with our objectives. I looked every attack birds and the reaction to them our protagonists. I really do not believe that they have no color in nature, except for the fear that they are constantly experiencing.I think now the characters change throughout the script, and any change in the logical consequence of the previous one. I am glad that we came up with the idea of ​​romantic attraction, and Mitch Annie. This adds more drama, and allows us to give answers to many questions, including those related to the mother of Mitch.As you will notice, I went through all the scenarios and cut unnecessary and vague replicas. I like the fact that now we have got, and I'm looking forward to your assessment. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Say hello to Elme.Opportunities for improvement What I did not know was that Hitch had asked Hume Cronyn and comment on the script. In the credits of two Hitchcock films "Rope" and "Under Capricorn" Cronin says "ekranizatorom." The opinion of Mr. Cronin was obtained before my amendments.In his letter of January 13, he wrote that "there is still room for improvement in this regard to the development of the characters of the main characters and their relationships.Proposed arrogance, stupidity and selfishness Melanie early in the film, perhaps it should be emphasized that the changes in the direction of care, responsibility and maturity have been more visible, more thoroughly. "He was just the first one without my knowledge and consent paw launched our concept and put his foot on the threshold of a brothel.Hich the actors, "I ask you, Evan, is it possible to respect a man who lives in that grimiruetsya?" The final version of January 29, 1962 Peggy Robertson wrote to me that this week will be ready to copy the latest version of the script."Are you not coming back, leather-bound version that you gave hich so that we can insert into the final version of binding?"My copy of the final version of the script included a leather-bound past seven pages of the script describing the promotion of cars on the devastated city and the last terrible attack birds in small car with canvas top. Watch the film Russian night in excellent quality online. These seven pages hich never took off.A writer on the set in 1962 somehow implied that the best thing a writer can do, completing the script, it's gone.Things have changed a little bit right now, but I recently heard a famous director told a group of professional writers, which, of course, the director has to discuss the "intentions" writer, but when it comes to the shooting pictures, "the ship can only be one captain" and the writer should stay away from the site, andactors.