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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


It has not felt the school director and the deputy director of "Thumbelina", which could be dissolved at the right time, to dissolve it in order to survive.But this, of course, in other cases, as in concrete deeds of love deputy director was a man of the surface, not to say - amateur. About victories Kuzminich Diamonds could only dream of, but he dreamed of them, he had a lot of victories, not related to the family, and the criminal code.And it cost him to speak of love as he has a tongue-tie is not peculiar to him, and his tongue in his mouth twisted and download the film русская ночь and turned like a drunken seal in the dry and parched sands of the Sahara.In the role of ascetic Big Snake heart Kuzminich could tune all its facets, and he gladly accepted the offer of director's "Thumbelina" to play Beaver Samuel, very nice, nice beaver. When Mole Ferdinand as their main argument says Thumbelina:"The love of evil, fall in love with a goat" - Beaver as casually remarked: "If love is evil, to love the kid, but if you love the good, will love the beaver." - "What is a beaver?" - Angrily asks Mole Ferdinand, what Samuel, shyly lowered his eyes and said: "From the beaver beaver alone".Seeing him in this scene, Dyuymovochkina grandmother refers to Kuzminich with disbelief, a tear, remembering their own youth, and said: - Now I understand. You're better than you are ... Mom Thumbelina more thought about Indians.She knew that it was wrong, it can be said, a betrayal of his film, but what could she do if her recent somehow less interested in Anderson Cooper and more download the film русская ночь and interested in?Thumbelina did not read Cooper, it's too early, but over time she has read and understands his mother and for all forget about Andersen ... blurring of art is not chemto specific to art, it is observed even in areas that do not have anything to do with art.For example, not once was seen blurring the distinction between intelligence and stupidity, rudeness and politeness, as one observer, giving excessive importance to appearance, even talking on the removal of the distinction between man and woman, which, of course, is sheer nonsense.Blurring in art is not fraught with such disastrous consequences for humanity as blurring the distinction between man and woman, but it is not desirable, except when art enriches the art. Forest owner could not get out of the image. He long to get used to it and now got used to, it seems, forever.Ignatius has long departed, the episode "The camomile meadow" was filmed and forgotten, and the master of the forest are still walking in the image of the Master of the forest ... He wandered around the city in search of the camomile glade, where he spent his best shooting days, where he is in Surrounded by cameras and ornamental shrubs planted on download the film русская ночь and felled, felt it necessary notonly his family, but maybe all of humanity.


Maybe he was hoping to be called ... and it was download the film русская ночь and called. There are many Native American legends in which forest is the master, and when the movie was made about the Indians, it is difficult to do without the superstitions and legends ... - Enter - said Cooper hosts.