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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Hall shouting, crying, shouting, me and download the film русская ночь and kissed Boria, rocked.Date allowed, and all in my head again turned upside down, as if a date with hare. Gave them a telegram to cook, and almost immediately received a letter from them with a thousand questions that drive it, as that is possible, which is not what you need, and the text of a sudden as if by accident, as if nothing: "Boris got married." Collapse. Ran out of the barracks and whinenow hope for a close release collapsed, with such scandalous arrest of return is possible only in your own home, or will be a double row, and "they" will not do. Is Boris does not understand. Really, he could not even wait a little bit, knowing the situation with the "Sailor's Silence"? Above my head is shining star. Pray:"Lord, How then Bob can do such deeds, what happens to it? What happens out there in the world? Has he always been like this? If he understands and makes meanness, punish him!" I solemnly handed some political rag:turns out, the camp has its own newspaper, and in it a review about this on the 36th Camp Division excellent concert and awarding thereof Camp Division accordion, and a date. 66 And Mom came. The whole camp was download the film русская ночь and worried as much as I am:beskonvoynye learned when train arrives from Moscow, where waste "cuckoo" to us, with a "cuckoo" Mom should be removed, because there is no platform, it is necessary to jump from a height to the ground, and should beskonvoynye somewhere quietly spinning near to the coming of the "cuckoo "jump and shoot Mom, they all want me to dress up, go to his Viennese blouse, her hairtied with a ribbon. Date for some reason, not on our watch, and the man on watch band, and this is: we need to get around and our zone, and the male ... as the heart survive ... on the sides of two very young submachine ... Mom! Mommy! Dear! My favorite! Honey!Do not know what to do, what to say, kiss, cry, clutched each other, all of it is familiar, warm, aged, stout, feels bad, dyspnea, smoking quit, but apparently, it's late, smoked for forty years, choking on asthma ...Of course, Mom did not write to me about what the main thing, not to hurt, but now here, on watch, it was necessary to say anything, and the longer it is impossible to hide Now I do not have to write it to our address, but in Kaluga, Boris drove Mom ! Kicked out of the house! He's all in politics and knew that with the rehabilitation Abakumov my return home is not possible.All the same, he did not dare to drive Mom because of his cowardice, or, perhaps, because of conscience, which, I believe, it should be, and asked the director to do Ermler - from download the film русская ночь and Leningrad, who, coming from Leningrad, was grazed in our weeks, and mother fed him and watered.


Ermler went to her mother's room and said:"Evgenia, you better get out of the house and move back to the Kaluga. Boris download the film русская ночь and hinted to your family at his home was not." This is after a great relationship with Mom Boris, after the starch shirts in the morning ...When my mother started to tell how it was download the film русская ночь and collected, as was leaving the Kaluga and with it, its all the same with the Pope wedding writing desk, I could not help it. Why can not I see the truth?