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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


"Still, of course, difficult actor who yesterday played such utter rubbish Romashova or kakogonibud another author, actor, who yesterday spoke in the language or the language of the newspaper gossips Overheard in court - still difficult for him to escape, it is difficult to capture the music Gogol's speech. Just listen to what is in the text of the wonders Gogol.Khlestakov, for example, says: "We and whist its composition: the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the French ambassador, English, German ambassador and I" - the whole tirade, download the film русская ночь and based on the letter "s." Or dialogue between Uhovertovym and mayor of "Uhovertov. Quarterly Pugovitsyna desyatskimi I sent to clean up the sidewalk. GOVERNOR. A Derzhimorda where? Uhovertov.Bullies went to the fire tube. GOVERNOR. Prokhorov A drunk? 144 Uhovertov. Drunk. GOVERNOR. How could you have made it so? Uhovertov. Yes, God knows. Yesterday there was a fight outside the city - went there to order, and came back drunk. " . You see - that's what pearls scattered in the "Inspector" by Gogol.Have you heard this before someday - the letters "s" and "p" is otchekanivanie - solid, granular, large?These features of the text difficult for an actor to have the most incredible, because it constantly drawn back to the so- called credibility, from which only one can go crazy if a likelihood understand what is being done now on the scene, because this likelihood is a complete falsehood, complete inability to grasp the way for the most, sosay, the horns and the constant desire to sink it in detail. In terms of choices, we usnastili our new stage text, it is important that it is now awake and in academia to address this issue and found that it is necessary, finally, to understand the abundance of options, in which we were so difficult to navigate.If we had waited for academics, we would not put the "Inspector" neither in 1926 nor in 1936 - for its outstanding customer service! But we are the best of our knowledge and skills as we did. Then they tell us about the options "Yes, excuse me, an abomination. Yes, excuse me, how can this be!It's Gogol povycherkival have thrown in a garbage pit in the trash, and Meyerhold came, download the film русская ночь and pulled back the text of the debris and the mayor makes the text to say! "These critics forget to read carefully all the things that are written about the" Inspector ".Do not need to sit in the archives of the clock, enough for half an hour to sit in the library, because on this issue has long been much printed.Gogol himself often crossed out - It is known that the censors of Nicholas I often simply soften or even destroy individual expression, which seemed to them immodest, offensive to chastity or even inapplicable in speaking actors.You, comrades, imagine what audience was then in this very theater of Alexandria, which is aces were what embroidered uniforms, which has seen a remarkable toilets building? Watch the film русская ночь in excellent quality online. Naturally, that Gogol was shaking in front of the audience and began to look through his text from their point of view and from the point of view clashes with censorship.Gogol knew the Third Division - but did he fool enough to drag his work in print, except they be agreed before with their more download the film русская ночь and experienced friends?