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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Bells ringing across the country carries the wishes of peace and good.And I continue to fight for the three, as was once fought for Pia. Ran out of my thoughts that I called Roberto, tell him that we are all together and we have everything in order. He was terribly angry. I try to find out from him what's my fault. I never left my children, and now we break them apart.Komuto must give way to allow them to live in peace. Again ... I called Roberto: - I agree. Take the kids. I give up. You can take them with you to Italy. I'll bring them right now. And they brought. Then I went to the judge and said: - Thank you. But I will not wait for your decision. He was surprised - But you win!We have all the information about Roberto Rossellini. It's not enough that he is a father, he Italian, he had many relatives who care for children. Italian court would not challenge the decision of the French court. You win and have download the film русская ночь and unlimited care. - I'm sorry. But nothing more I'll take.No one wins, least of all children. More I come neither to this court, or in any other. I give children Roberto. Of course, when Roberto got what he download the film русская ночь and wanted, it was not the world being nicer and kinder than him. I brought the kids and gave them Roberto. More charming man simply can not provide:everything is cooked, spread around gifts. I was told that I will be able to visit the children at any time. Since then, between me and Roberto had no serious disagreements and we have always been closely related to each other. Voyages Rome - Paris became an integral part of my existence in the next twelve years.Trichetyre week I was in Paris, and then twenty days in Rome. Again for two weeks in Paris, to Lars, and again in Rome. I did everything in my power to make in the circumstances, to be closer to their children. And it was pretty hard. All these years I saved a wonderful Italian woman Argenida Paskolini, who replaced Helen.She lived with us for fourteen years. It dealt with children and became their second mother. If there were disagreements kakielibo, and their lot has happened over the years: the children get bored, it is still anything should - Argenida immediately download the film русская ночь and called me and said, 'Perhaps you'd better come and find out what's wrong. "And I flew to Italy .She was my saving anchor in the storm, and I can not imagine what would do without her. Kids love it. She was a witness at the wedding of Isabella. Ingrid with all problems drawn first of all to her, and Robin never leave Rome without seeing it. In the narrative takes Lara:"The end of the 50's and early 60's were a difficult time for Ingrid.


With her usual honesty she did not hide from Roberto, she was determined to ensure that the right to give their children education, but on the other hand, she did not want to mar our new-found happiness.Children, of course, even after moving to Italy spent a lot of time with us, and during the summer holidays have lived on this island.