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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Yes! Kuleshov opened his experiments are not "laws of the movie" and "the laws of assembly."He newsreels and on the material within these frames showed how the human mind works, how the process of perception, as a person makes the findings of the receipt and processing of visual information. Movie just can adapt itself to adapt to the characteristics of human perception and thought. The main conclusion:in all cases, information from the environment a person is looking between separate "chunks" of information, looking for an explanation of what they see, seeks to understand the meaning. It was only after the understanding of the relationship of download the film русская ночь and perceived events occur some relief, the decline of inner tension. With reference to the movie, this means:understand the content. Kuleshov was opened to his experiments: in the mind there is a rigid model of the spatial representation of the environment, the behavior and actions of people in this space.Depending on the direction of the observer and the action can be download the film русская ночь and concluded about the meaning of actions that unfold before his eyes. And one very important conclusion.The mechanism, which provides an understanding of meaning, and the mechanism that allows a person to navigate the spatial situation - one and the same - the method of comparison method described Kuleshov in 1917.Back in 1945, Vsevolod Pudovkin said - "If we define installation in a general way as the disclosure of internal relationships that exist in the real world, we are thus, as it equate them, and in general, any process of thinking in any field. Precisely because We find a close, as if a genetic link in the series:speech - thinking - Installation. "Simply put, we think, from the point of view of modern understanding, at the conscious level, entirely based on the method of comparison.And the use of the method of comparison we always called Installation Installation - not the property frame, and not the property of the movie, and the method of the mental operations of our consciousness, which has adopted the film and uses it in a variety of artistic purposes. Mounting frame - just a special case of installation in a movie.Let's try to analyze how a person thinks. Maybe this will help us look for any answers. When we look at an object, it is reflected in our minds is not in full view, and the "pieces." He remains in our memory as a mosaic of elements with fairly large spaces between them.And it appears to work our consciousness, imagination and creativity of this is more than enough. Film русская ночь. Our brain saves space for the collection and storage of information, and therefore lays into memory only features - that is, the signs of images.To guess that this is a cat, not a crocodile or a dog, it is enough to see here is a typical part of it. To understand what we are facing the house or that the figure shows a house, it is enough to see and learn just a combination of lines and rectangles.Combination, or, to use a keyword, a comparison of lines, contours, shapes formed in the sign of the image.