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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Andrew, you're standing on the platform as the king of cinema, what are we then talking to each other quickly.Whistle ... train is moving, I extend my hand to you, you catch it in the air, and in a moment - flying, and I find myself in the vestibule. Together we're going to the city of Bryansk. In the train, drink tea, not sleeping, chatting ... then three days of shooting, in the heat, the dust, with your favorite download the film русская ночь and processed cheese ... And you never stopped laughing and say, "How I played!You think this is improvisation? I had already thought of everything ... Improvisation is good only when it is ready. What do you do in Moscow in this heat? "And do not you, and I did not even imagine could not imagine that after many years, when you will not be on the ground, I will go back to the city of Bryansk on the presentation of a book about you but more on that later.Playing music, fountains rage in their dances. "All and all a reason to take full," and I smile and think, "No wonder I was in Egypt. I pobyla with you, Andrew, to such a pitch of intimacy and distinct, which is rarely visited by even nearby people living on Earth. "The next day in the shop souvenir seller, Arab, in Russian said, turning to me, "Queen Hatshepsut, I want to give you a necklace - it ..." - and he put me on the neck ornament consisting of dyed in different colors tiny metal tubes . These pages - rich food for the diagnosis of an angry fellow Poyurovskogo.He would have to break away from its "trough", to meet with the great psychoanalysts XX century - Jung, Fromm ... and understand what is fantasy, imagination and the unconscious as they exist in man and are there? Those who do not, are download the film русская ночь and considered insane.Jung was a teacher, a mentor, not a corporeal shell - it came to him in the form of thoughts, images - that is the spirit with which Jung led imaginary conversation. After 15 years, Jung visited the elderly and very intelligent Indian. Talking about the education system in India and - immediately - about the relationship between the guru and his disciples."I timidly asked him if he could tell me something about the personality and character of his own guru, what he told me in all seriousness said," Yes it was Chankarachara. " - "Would you say that you're referring to the commentator of the Vedas? But he's long gone, "- Surprised Young. "Yes, I do mean it," - said the Indian."Then, it was the spirit?" - Asked download the film русская ночь and again Jung. "Of course, the spirit," - he confirmed. "Most people living guru, but there are people who are teachers spirits." Of course, for many people it is - nonsense!


But who is to blame, everyone makes their own choice. Think gnomes!Pour yourself with water, grow, and that will remain a toy in the hands of your illiterate fate. Silver wing, looking out the window, I remember poems Nabokov:Zoilus and literary marketplace me afraid because I was angry, cold and happy that I am not serving anyone that life and my honor I weighed on the scales of download the film русская ночь and Pushkin, and honor, I dare to prefer.