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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Well-known film theorist Bela Balazs, recalled: "One of my old friends in Moscow told me once about his housekeeper, who had recently arrived in the city from kakogoto Siberian collective farm. It was a clever young girl, graduated from high school, but for various reasons it has never seen a single movie..Owners sent her to the theater, where they showed some political comedy. She returned pale, grim-faced. - Well, how do you like it? - Asked her. She was still under the impression of what he saw and was silent for a while. - Terrible - she said at last indignantly. - I can not understand how it is here in Moscow allowed to show such nastiness.- And what did you see? - I saw people blown to pieces. Where the head where the feet, where the hands. We know that in Hollywood cinema, when Griffith first showed footage close-up, and a huge "severed" head smiled public started to panic. This is the result of perception of space as a natural movie.And because she writes about Bela Balazs, really saw severed heads, hands and feet, I saw them with my own eyes. And because the screen is so similar to the objects themselves, it is logical to assume that here, as in life, the visual image of things matter the most thing.Then a close-up hand on the screen can be labeled only the severed hand in life. This implies a significant conclusion: the conversion of infinite space in the frame of the image are trademarks and may represent not only visible the maps which they are.In the future, we will focus on what may represent large or small plans. Now what is important - their ability to become conventional signs, from simple prints to turn things into words cinematic language. Conditionality moving picture is determined, however, not only a rectangular boundary of the screen.Depicts the world is three-dimensional, and the screen is in two dimensions. Dimensional frame creates another of its delimitation. Triple delineated frame makes it a dedicated structural unit. In the integrity of the film frame is included, while maintaining the independence of the media a single value.It is this selected frame, supported by the entire structure of film language, generates a counter-movement, striving to overcome self-shot, its inclusion in a more complex sense of unity or fragmentation on the significant elements of the lower levels.Frame overcomes separateness in the temporary movement through the installation - a sequence of two frames, as noted by another film theorists of the 1920s, it is not the sum of two frames, and merge them into a complex semantic unity of a higher level.Delineated artistic space frame also creates a complex artistic sense of the whole, particularly as a result of the change of plans, which became the law of modern cinema. Watch the film Russian night in excellent quality online. It has long been observed that the movement on the screen creates the illusion of spaciousness.Czech art theorist Mukarovsky back in 1930 pointed to a similar function sound.