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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Coaches want their education to show! "Retells this Lobanovskyy. He laughs: "What do you want? Understand everything the first time they find it difficult. It will be necessary to reduce again next year.But Veremeev, - he continued - after the show asked for permission not to get to the hotel by bus and on foot. His performance so shocked that he did not want to talk to anybody. Not slept all night, and in the game with "Zenith" after the first half I replaced it. " Now the hospital brought Vasnlich schedule running.Developed specifically for me - light jog! All figured in seconds based on the date and time of my birth, biorhythms. That's get out of here, buy a stopwatch and escape. You need to live on the program - it's time to old age and understand! January 11 that the young doctor, she had startling blue eyes.I looked at them, and I felt as if I bathe in the sea. Come with an educational mission - to tell about my lymph vessels, the reason for the disease. "Lymph - is the finest, most delicate of all the elements, the choicest juice. It is sometimes called milk of blood. " She began to describe with great care chest milk duct.I hear it's not like I interrupted her: "Better tell me how long I have to lie?" "Where are you in a hurry, Oleg? - Said "doctrine". - Do you have a rare opportunity to lie, and reflect on life. If you want, talk about new discoveries in American science ... I've translated a book ..."She obviously wanted to impress, and she began:" Americans like themselves and call upon all to celebrate the very existence of his personality. It is their basic law. They often ask the patient to take the mirror, to look at his reflection and say out loud: I love you! I'm crazy about your hair, eyebrows ....Your illness will be defeated as soon as you can bring yourself to take the mirror. " I did as much as possible the serious face. "You probably have not read Gogol's" Vladimir the third degree? " - I asked the "doctrine." - In general, you like Gogol? "" Dada "- she nodded distractedly."So, in this thing is a character who utters these words:" Our assessor entire lower part of the face lamb ... When pokoynitsamat gave birth, come to the window and sheep bleated incite him unclean. " My dear, all Russian faces have an indelible imprint of ram!I, for example, if they wanted to fall in love with his reflection can not! "" And you try! - Start and she insisted. - Tell yourself that you are beautiful, and repeat these words every day. "In response, I told her the story of how one day returning home from the theater satisfied that a Moscow Kritikessy found my Suslov most sexual of the characters in "Truckers." Returning to the idea hurry to tell his wife about it.

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So, even'm good. And on capital standards ...Me on Zvenigorod clutched two young fans, unknown to me. They talked among themselves, chutchut exchange smiles. I tried to break away, but they have taken acceleration. Soon we caught up.