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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Just the way I washed, download the film русская ночь and changed, and suddenly the phone rings. - This is Mr. Durov? - Asked in broken Russian. Back then the word "gentleman" was not in the course and somehow download the film русская ночь and sounded strange. This is all the "gentlemen", "lords", "lady" and "Hamilton." But once asked to respond. - Yes, - I say - it's me.- Mr. Durov, you said the grandson of General Wrangel. I would like very much to see you here. Of course, I was not that scared, but you know, at that time to meet with his grandson Wrangel ... It is always in the creative team kakoynibud 'second director "who does not" second director, "and in an extreme case, Major, and then a lieutenant colonel.And you can become restricted to leave immediately. And I'm already had. And the person I did not want to offend. I tactfully told him: - You know, we have a very difficult schedule. - I did, indeed, do not cheat. - I do not even know when we can meet. - Yes, I'm sorry - he said and hung up. The day passes, another call.Calling a cultured man. - Mr. Durov? - Yes, - I say - Mr. Durov. - Since you said the grandson of Admiral Kolchak. I live here, in Yugoslavia, and I would love to meet you. And, too, speaks in broken Russian. I told him the same thing, and the grandson of General Wrangel: - You know, I'm very busy.Not a minute ... - I know, I know, I know ... I'm here with my friend phoned and he said to me, too, that it is difficult to meet you. I knew immediately who it buddy. And then I come to get by with the play, and I'm sick call. I hear a familiar voice - I'm sorry, it's late call.Now we are sitting with his friend in a room on the sixth floor and waiting for you. Well, I think, what to do? Go, and damn it all! I will let restricted to leave, but I can not refuse such hospitality! And in addition also be a coward. I went up to the sixth floor, knocking at the room I was called.Open the door for me two beautiful guy in luxurious costumes. Look - in the living room table is set. - Sit down - offer. I sit down, and they say: - As we are happy that you came. We watched all of your shows. You are such a wonderful artist! We drank, ate and chatted.Look, they begin to lose focus potihonkupotihonku and they say is in perfect Russian. I'm looking at one, on the other - and do not understand. And they both started to laugh. - Durov, - they say - Spare us, please, we are the engineers of the Moscow factory building here. And we're so bored by her, so download the film русская ночь and wanted to talk to fellow countrymen?We laughed then head off.


And then to the end of the tour met often. And they came to see our troupe to the station. It was, of course, very nice. Our theater group took all fine. I will never forget how we were seen off after touring in Perm. This can be compared only with the meeting Chelyuskinites in 1934.Cars and buses, which drove us to the station, there were literally overwhelmed and bombarded with flowers. We shouted: - Come again! We love you very much! Farewell touched us to tears. It felt like forever part with native people.