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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Nearby, on the opposite page - about my book:"The Book of Tatiana Egorova exploded among the August theatrical lull like a small nuclear bomb ... Name Egorova is now download the film русская ночь and considered taboo in the theater ... from dating the actress who deny any way he can.Do not deny the only one - Tatiana Egorova was really complicated affair with Andrei Mironov, which lasted from 1966 until the last minutes of the actor's life - he died in Riga in her arms. " And goodbye to Katya Gradova want to remember one episode. There is no Maria Vladimirovna.We Masha Mironova together arm in arm to slide on ice Vagankovskoye cemetery. March 8. It's cold. Wind. And again scold her for what she was without a scarf, can get cold, take off the neck scarf and wrap up her head. They stood at the grave, the church filed a note of repose, and Mary suggests - let's go to me.I ask very strongly - and somebody is home, referring to her mother, with whom I would not want to meet. "No, Tanya, no one, except for a small Andryusha and nurses." And we're going. The door opens ... Gradova. We sit down at the table and drink with Masha and 30 grams of vodka with cucumber ... for them ... as he always did with Maria Vladimirovna:"The kingdom of heaven!" Kate refuses and, out of a bad movie, falsely says: "I would rather pray for them." Somewhere in the other areas of the director's voice is heard: "Stop! Reshoot! Not true!"And then suddenly starts right ... - Tanya, you know, how awful - said Katya - a book that was ordered Golubkina ... she was there for me ... and talked a lot about you too ... You do not read it? - No, I did not read. - It's called "Biography Mironov." It's there so I poured mud ... I go and buy up all the books. And showed me the huge warehouses of books against the wall.- It's useless - I said - you buy up all the copies - will be different. - And she added: - I am writing a book right now ... I hope this will be a bestseller. There I write the truth. And about myself, too. Goodbye. I bought a "biography Mironov," read a book dictated Golubkina.This is her response and justification for Olga Aroseva remarkable book, in which she writes that Andrew was a very unhappy man, and that two of his marriage - it's just fiction. The book Golubkina colorfully written about how he broke my nose, and the image of Katie Gradova not respecter of persons, with the details of her personal life and random marriage.So this thread download the film русская ночь and started I did not. The book is written bored and did not have any success. So cute resentful wife, read, do not be lazy, incompetent his countless publications about themselves, "Dynasty", about sverhodarennom Andrei Mironov and listen to yourself when you say:"I'm not one of those women who make a great honor to their husbands," or "We do not love each other ... just decided to start a family." But the main thing - to go to the doctor endocrinologist, I see, the endocrine system out of order. Watch the film русская ночь in excellent quality online. She then mixes good and evil.And the brain, which relies control everything and all to understand, gradually takes the shape of the stomach ... start a completely new life.