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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


In the actor's work is particularly important that there was a bridge to the future.If you can not imagine what kind of evolution is accomplished by mankind, if you can not ungroup the right to review and capitalists, the workers left, if you do not penetrate the huge advances in science and technology, which are already saying that we are working very hard over the creation of new values ​​- if at allnot play any role. If you do not invest in any part of this consciousness, not your accomplishments will set fire with fire all the tremendous accomplishments that make working on a global scale, you will not be able to play anything. I remember my stay at the Hamburg port:there especially abruptly, I realized that the world does not belong to those who own gold and capital, not to those who owned the colonies, and the world belongs to those who, day after day on the pebbles hammer knocks and scores kakieto piles.Do you feel that this mass that no capital is unable to raise, and they have erected, because with excessive force, calloused hands, with great tension of the work they create here is that very thing.When you read in the newspapers about the Volkhov, it sounds incredible, and it's unlikely you all are aware that this is a tremendous force, which was built with his hands and mind of a genius is the genius of Lenin and erect enormous efforts of the masses, who say: "The world belongs to us, because that we are working. "That's why here, today I welcome the combination of the proletarian revolution with the indispensable setting for culture. "InspectorВ» I. LEGEND PERFORMANCE The difficulty of this play is that this show, like all the pieces of this order, are mainly on the actor, not the director.So the director has to first of all set to work to create an environment that the actors would be the easiest to apply the game without any embarrassing moments. Must be so equipped stage, so you can easily play it. We assume this is always the work of the director.In "Bubus" easy to play, because the background music was created, download the film русская ночь and based on which it was possible to get into the atmosphere of a self-limiting: you want to take a break, and the music adapts.Or you want to set off a free improvisation - bam, the mise en scene is download the film русская ночь and constructed so that if the download the film русская ночь and chain kakuyunibud tear, one will be in a hopeless situation, nowhere to go. So constructed transitions that if the first step is done, you have to make a second, third, and fourth, and go up to the last point.In "Bubus" we were given, as you know, very broadly, correctly, that some found the spectacle of the ballet in the Drama Theatre. This has been one with me in the history of Alexandria theater when I put the "Don Juan." Wrote: "Ballet in Alexandrinsky" - defining staging similar to those that are in the ballet theater.Ho to a ballet rasplanirovke forced me to text, or rather, a scenario which is so constructed that makes this place a ballet.