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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


The musical part was in the hands of the conductor of the Bolshoi Theater Golovanov;later part of the head of the music until his death was a People's Artist of Suk, and music director of the faculty of the Moscow Conservatory Sokolov and Mironov. Diction taught two faces and the late Volkonsky Safonov. Dancing and plastic taught artist of the Bolshoi Ballet Pospehin.My closest aides for teaching "the system" and rhythm were the people with whom I'm still in my youth began his stage career, ie,my sister and brother Alexei Sokolov, who after a long career, download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and returned to his real vocation to art, I not only taught at the Opera Studio, and taught himself by listening to the lessons Gukovo and Bogdanovich, music rehearsal Golovanov class Pospehina, Safonov and especially Volkonsky.I listened with fascination with the young people and the full course of the last store in relation to it, as well as to all the other teachers, many sincere thanks for the information that I have been so necessary in a point in my pursuit of expression, speech and sound.Material and other conditions caused me to start ahead of time with young singers for a performance. Were first performed some scenes from operas RimskogoKorsakova: Prologue to "The Maid of Pskov," Prologue to "King Saltan", a scene from the "Night Before Christmas", etc.Then were placed entirely Massne opera "Werther" and Tchaikovsky's opera "Eugene Onegin" In this paper, I found it necessary in the pursuit of new opportunities staged theater.The fact that all seven paintings Tchaikovsky, with choirs and two balls, I had to put in a small room of the old mansion at the disposal of the Opera Studio. In addition to small size of the room, there was another obstacle, namely:hall is divided thick, beautiful architecturally by an arch with four large marble columns, typical of the period times of download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and Pushkin and Onegin. To destroy them would be barbaric, and therefore had to include them into the staging, in directing design and staging.In the first scene of the opera columns and arch Larin adapted themselves to the terrace house. In the second scene, they formed typical for the era alcove in which to place the bed Tatiana. In the third picture arch with columns, complemented bosketnym Trellis, download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and formed the gazebo, where there was a meeting of Onegin and Tatiana.In the fourth scene between columns inserted stairs leading to the ballroom Larin home.


The fifth film in the marble columns worn covers with bark, turn them into the trunks of pine forest, on the edge of which occurred duel.The sixth film of the column formed a bed and a place of honor to receive the ball General Gremin, etc. Thus, the column is the center around which the scene was planned and adapted itself to that statement. Columns are typical accessory studio itself and attributes its icon or emblem.The production, adapted to the nature, download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and required the actors more truthful game. Tightness forced singers to stand still and hard to use facial expressions, eyes, words, text, plastic and expressive body.In artistic and pedagogical way, it was very useful, as it produces more subtle ways expressions of feeling, as well as necessary for the artists exposure.