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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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So, the movie will be finished when no more money left ... Although obrazkristall can have many clearly allocated elements, its irreducibility is the indivisible unity of the actual image and "related to the last" virtual images.But what is this virtual image agglutinate with topical? And what is a two-way? This question continually asked Bergson, sought an answer in the abyss of time. News is always a kind of present. But now changes or passes.We can always say that it becomes the past, when he is no more, when it is replaced by a new present. But this does not mean absolutely nothing Presumably, the present passes in order to come to a new present; I suppose that it runs at the same time, when it is present, when it is present.Consequently, the image must be in the present and in the past is still present and already past - and all at once, at one and the same time. If he was not already in the past during the property - 'L'Herbier Marcel «Lecinematographeetl'espace, chroniquefinanciere», reproduced in: Burch Noel, «Marcel L'Herbier». Seghers, p. 972 ES, p. 914:"Whether born memory only when it was over?" It may be noted that the crystals of Bergson does not say, he mentions only optical, acoustic and magnetic images. tion presence now would never have passed. The past does not come to this place, which no longer exists; past coexists with the present as it was.Real - is the actual image, and its modern past him - a virtual image, the image in the mirror. According to Bergson, "paramnesia" just and exists only in order to give evidence of this experience: there is some recollection of this, most modern and truly "adjacent" to it, as if the role of the actor."As soon as our actual existence unfolds in time, it thereby also duplicated some virtual existence, like the image in the mirror. Therefore, each moment of our life has two aspects: it is also relevant, and virtual; on the one hand, this perception, and on the other - a memory. ...Someone who is aware of the continuous doubling own perception and memory on ...Can be compared to an actor playing a role automatically - listening to yourself and watching his game, "If Bergson calls the virtual image of the" memory clean "it to better distinguish it from the mental images obrazovvospominany, dreams or dreams, because there the risk that we confuse it with them.Because in fact the last images are though virtual, but actualized, or actualized in consciousness or psychological states. And they necessarily actualized in relation to the new date to another date than what they were:here there are more or less large circles that evoke mental images depending on the requirements of the new, which is defined as the following with respect to the former, and which defines the former as the previous one according to the law chronological sequence.Conversely, a virtual image in a pure state is not determined according to the new present, in relation to which this image can be regarded as the last - but depending on the actual present, whose past, it is - and is at the same time:being specific, it does not belong to "the past in general" in the sense that it is not dated Being pure virtual, it should not be actualized as strongly correlated with the actual manner with which is the smallest circle, serving as a base or "tip "for all others.