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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


You can not take a simple scene, sermon or agitation for true art.And in the case of purely acting in anticipation of the new talent that meets the demands of the time, also rushed for new things for the sake of novelty, without distinction as to whether it is the primary task of art.In the absence of an artist, able to talk about a great feeling, at least in the old classical works, for lack of a solid foundation that can transmit on the stage of life of the human spirit and deepen the creative artist's technique, pounced like us at the time, that is more accessible eyes and ears, that is,on the outer side of our business, on the body, plastic, movement, voice actor recitation by which tried to create an acute form of scenic interpretation.And here, in the hasty enthusiasm appearance, many people believe that experience, psychology typical accessory bourgeois art, and the proletarian must be based on physical culture actor.Not only that, the old ways of playing, based on the organic laws of the creative nature, considered realistic, and therefore obsolete for new art of conventional external form.The cult of this form is supported by the widespread belief that a new kind of stage art meets the taste and understanding of new, proletarian audience, for which supposedly require very different techniques, methods of play, other actors' visual aids.But is the modern sophistication of foreign art form was born from a simple taste of the proletarian, not gourmandise and sophistication viewer old, bourgeois culture? Do modern "grotesque" is not a product of satiety, which says the proverb, that "from the good food for cabbage routinely comes"?To judge by the attendance of theaters, proletarian viewer tends to where you can laugh and cry real tears coming from inside. He does not need sophisticated form, and the life of the human spirit, expressed in a clear, download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and uncomplicated but strong and convincing manner.He and the arts, as well as in food, not used to spicy and culinary acuity, which stimulate appetite. He's hungry spiritual hunger and want a simple nutritious food for the soul. A eeto hardest to cook in our art.The trouble is that the substantial simplicity rich imagination the most difficult in our business, and eeto fear most and avoid those who have not download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and reached the degree of master of acting in our case. Let likely will be overcome dangerous and harmful prejudice that external art, the external actors play download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and needed proletarians.To promote the new credo of the modern theater, that is, the form for the sake of form, foreign technology for the sake of art, exhibited every day more and more abstract, principles, invented systems, methods. For their propaganda read essays, debates were held.Do not have time to adopt one position as in its stead, a week announced a new reverse. Such frantic haste and pace quest created anecdotal evidence. For example, one artist served until the revolution in the province and played there in Ostrovsky's "Do not have a penny, but suddenly hit the jackpot." In October Revolution broke out.Everything old was replaced, was a new director and put on a new thesis of the same play by Ostrovsky, with the same contractor.