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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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As a result of Ponti invited us to Rome for talks. With the money Ponti Andy Braunsberg took wonderful house on the outskirts of Rome, which is surrounded by a sort of park. Our neighbors were former Queen of Yugoslavia and Franco Zeffirelli.We enjoyed life, which is usually not available to people with our modest means. The script itself has become a story in the spirit of Rabelais about the adventures of a fragile innocent girl who does not even know what kind of people surround her in a villa on the Riviera, home to fallokraty.The heroine is very reminiscent of some American, who at one time lived with us in the chalet. She dragged around for an a thick diary, and Gerard was burning with desire to look into it. When they finally reached him in great excitement he called me and pointed to the text. Record said: "She ate a boiled egg."When the script was completed, it became clear that the funds are expected to Rousseau, was not available. However, Ponti had wanted to make a film with me, so he took over. Only later I realized how much he was generous to me. As with most European producers, Ponti rarely risked in the project by investing their own money.But for me, he made an exception. Spent on the film were 1.2 million of its money. Armed with the blessing of Ponty and provided to them under the villa Naples, we started preparatory work. The only celebrities were among the actors Marcello Mastroianni and Hugh Griffith. The rest were mostly amateurs. "What?"- This is the first picture, work on which I finished ahead of schedule. Italians have a habit to work almost twelve hours a day, but for this they are rewarded. About the movie itself especially say nothing. In Italy he enjoyed success in Europe has drawn attention to a modest and totally failed in America.However, by the time we finished, we are hopelessly in love with Italy, especially in Rome and decided to throw the anchor here. Within four years, Rome remained our home, and although in the end of our experiment did not work out, I calmed down during this time and was able to return to normal existence boleemenee.In Rome, it is impossible to be sad for too long. One day I got a call, and Jack Nicholson said that there is a script that I simply must read, and that if I wanted to, I could put it. I would have had to seize the opportunity. But no. Held in Rome months have convinced me that this is my home - Europe.I loved the old man, the asymmetry, which it is so different from the modern quadrangular America. Watch the film The investigation leading experts online. Besides, I did not want to reopen old wounds, returning to LosAndzheles. But Bob Evans nevertheless convinced me.In Hollywood, Bob Evans gave me and read the voluminous script. He was full of ideas, interesting dialogue, facial features, but it was too confusing. It called "Chinatown", although neither oriental characters or oriental color it was.In this form, put it on film was impossible, though somewhere in the depths of one hundred and eighty-odd pages of hiding a wonderful film.