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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Maria refuses to change a static pose and look out the window at something else, and Kuzma Jane Smith refuses to come out of the bathroom.I'm better, like a top, I have a 32 rationalization proposals, and I scream: - There are no hopeless situations! In the end, I'll go to Israel and buy exactly the same blue little Jew! Joseph saves Raikhelgauz, glavrezh theater, in which she plays Mary. Sepulchral voice she tells him befell her loss. - I'll give you his! - Joseph yells into the phone.- We bought them together! - You do not! - Mary begins to act up. - You prosaic, and I had a romantic! - But his eyes sparkled, she walked out of static, already looking forward to coming to your home a new little Jew. Kerf TV - was watching.Kuzma Jane Smith crawled on their bellies from the bathroom to the hanger, and download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and dressed, download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and asked me in a whisper: - Tanya, tell me, who was in the nature of Andrew? In Menaker? - Hopefully she asks. - Characters in Menaker, and behavior in the mother, - I say. In the summer at his estate in 19 hours always turn on the TV.I listen to the weather - I cover or not cover the cucumbers? And suddenly I saw on the stage of the culture Ivanov two familiar faces: act in concert, see a lot of money, and Sharmer Gherkin, or simply - Shirvindt Derzhavin.They earn that tell stupid, vulgar stories about dead - actors theater Tusuzove, Papanov and tragically lost his "friend" Andrei Mironov. Shirvindt laughs, and under the chin he shakes "udder". Here they really had no idea that I see them in such a shameful and obscene activities. Summer of 1997.At the country house of Maria, in Fakhra. She - the outgoing. Nervous. Tapping their feet and shouted: - Where will you live when I'm dead? - And then with a cry: - Tanya! Life out of me! My heart breaks, I do not want to part with it and I suggest: let's sing! We always sing when we feel bad. I begin, she picks up:Morning colors gentle light of the ancient walls of the Kremlin, wakes at dawn entire Soviet land. Vigorous, powerful, invincible anyone, my country, my Moscow. You are the most beloved ... The mood is improving. I cook a chicken, but she looks "Santa Barbara" and keep a handle on the heart. Kelly - a miscarriage, she plays - yelling, screaming, moaning about her friends.Mary nervously download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and focused and said: - Tanya, do you remember what you were saying when they wanted to Andrei and a baby? Tears come close to my throat, and I say firmly: - I do not remember!- Excuse me - she said quietly, - sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry ... It does not give her peace of mind, she is afraid to die to sin. Look online. I take her hand, she squeezes it tight. She understands that I have long forgiven her. We sit at the TV together, hand in hand, and sing along with the leading children's programs:"Sleeping toys, bears sleep, blankets and pillows are waiting for the guys." Last Easter - April 1997 At half-past eleven she barely got up, got dressed, and we went to the nearby newly opened church. She immediately put a chair.