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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


They were spinning there all night, waiting for the will of Edith. Not to say that they were fifty, I will not exaggerate, but there were those who had come for her, and others who have helped them to spend time waiting. Generally, the people lacked. Actress!Soloist who earns fifty francs a night! For them, it was a colossal sum, mountains of gold! They drank, Edith dress. As always, pokorolevski generously. Lepley went to talk to them. Sailors, had seen everything, everywhere visited, liked him too much. Among them there are really beautiful. Lepley was a wide man.Guys are not lost, they drank by Edith and by its patron, or even dinner. Louis Lepley and Edith to know what thug world matrosnya and Foreign Legion, he was with them, and calculation was done before, but it was the result of close to his home - to the door of his cabaret. It is because of that, the police soon so grabbed Edith.For seven months, Edith was happy in its own way, what do you do if her understanding of happiness differ from those of others. But April 6, 1936 everything download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and collapsed - killed Louis Lepley ... He fell under the bench with a small hole in his head: Browning, Browning ... Oh, the shot was not loud. Yet he died.Browning Browning ... If you are, then who will come out of the small holes? - Mrs. Death. "Browning". Edith sang this song many years later. And each time with a heavy heart. Every time it seemed that it was killing Lepley. The curtain has been raised of the tragedy, and the "Zhernise" that night everything was as usual.- Hey, baby - Lepley of so-download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and called Edith, - three weeks you Cannes, Silver Bridge. Things are going. And they go well. But you have to understand that this is not all. - I know, Dad, I've still got a lot to learn. - Need to work. - I know. But why are you telling me this now? Anything should not it? Are you at ease!- Yes, baby, I had a bad dream, and I can not forget him. I saw my mother, she told me: "Poor boy, get ready. We will soon meet again. I'm waiting. " Edith download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and answered: - Nonsense! Everyone knows that dreams are lying! But it was clear that she meant it. And I just have goose bumps. I wanted to leave, I was afraid of death.- I do not believe in ochento dreams, baby, but this ... We were so three of us silently as fossils. - I do not want to leave you now, Edith.


Do you still need me. You can not be one. In essence, you're still a little girl. And you're too simple- minded. And in this case people are angry, very angry!Here are resorting to not only claws and nails are hitting below the belt, I beg you, be a good boy today. Tomorrow morning you at nine o'clock in the record, and then a concert at the Salle Pleyel. Go bainki. No "booze." Promise? - Yes, Dad. - Swear? - Yes, Dad. Here. She reached out and spat on the floor.