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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


My wife, mother Edith, Lina Mars, and the really Anita Maillard, was a singer. She was born in the circus and was a born actress. She wrote me:"I'm going to give birth, ask for vacation." I was lucky, I got it. Already a year as dried flowers in guns. In an easy, fun war no one download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and believed them. Berlin - is very far if there stomping foot. Coming. Straight home. Emptiness: no coal, no coffee, no wine, only bread mixed with straw, and around my mistress clucking neighbor:- Here bedato - the war, and the man at the front. - You are free, ladies - I tell them. - I'll do it myself. " It was December 19, 1915. As news of his coming into the world to tell Edith, she download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and added: "Three o'clock in the morning is not the best time to put out the light of day. Where is the best - from the outside or inside? .."" Before I knew it, - my father went - as Lina began to shake me by the shoulder - Louis, I fight! Give birth "- All white, cheeks sunken, more beautiful in the coffin lay. I jump up, pull on pants, grab her by the hand, we have run out into the street. At this hour, there was no police or they are gone, or have not yet come on duty. Lina croaks:- I do not want a boy, take him away to war ... There is waddling keeps stomach with both hands ... suddenly stops at the gas-lamp, and sat down on the pavement: - Leave me, run to the police, let them send "fast" ... police station is a few steps, I I fly like crazy and yell: - My wife is giving birth in the street!- Oh, fuck ... - responsible foreman with a gray mustache. Azhany grab coats and ran after me as if they qualified midwife. That's under a lamp against the house number 72 on the street on his cloak Belleville police gave birth to my daughter, Edith. " Yes, in the sense of the future of advertising singer realistic songs hardly find any more good into the world!It was a sign of destiny. "My mother wanted to call her Edith in memory of a young English woman Edith Kevell that Boches executed for spying for a few days before December 12. "With a name - said Lina - she will not go unnoticed!" Can not say that at the birth of Edith had no shortage of omens or historical parallels.They impressed more than a horoscope. When his father left, his wife was still in the hospital. "Two months Lina - she was a real actress, but she had no heart - explained father - gave our daughter to her mother, who download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and lived on the street Rebeval."Family Edith's maternal does not look like a family of picture books for good children.

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And she and her grandmother were really old bastards, swollen red wine. "Alcohol, - said the old lady, - and the worm will give Zamora and he was worth." - And diluted red wine jelly for Edith. Edith download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and called her "Maine."She did not know her name, but I thought that this is a real family. Meanwhile, troops of Louis Gassion fed lice in the trenches along with other such characters, as he is. Lin has long ceased to write to him, saying the resignation without loud phrases: "Louis, we're through. I gave the baby mother.