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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


"In the" Hall of Knights "and" Akvilonskom crypt "He drew me how life flows Lady Macbeth - about the same XII century castle, among the same hall, columns and stairs."Here, - he told me - go with the ladder to the letter you received from her husband, where he writes to you about the meeting with the witches. Look around:of this architecture, from the huge stone pillars that support the arches, by the lancet windows, arches, huge gray stones of which is download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and composed of the building, which stands firmly seven centuries - She caught the whole atmosphere, the monumentality of the time;forget your fashionable dress, clothe yourselves mentally in a long, falling in heavy folds of clothing, and you start talking differently, otherwise it will move. " And we have tried to depict the scene.- But where in the scene should be the last act of his - he said - when mad Lady Macbeth, with a lamp in his hand, from the top down, looking for a pond, where it will wash their hands with the blood of the murdered King Duncan. And he carried me in a dungeon with tall columns.- Around here this column should be twisted iron staircase descends to her Lady Macbeth. The viewer sees it then appears and disappears behind a pillar, which at times it appeared trembling flame of the lamp in her hand. Imagine: all around the darkness, her white figure stands in the dark spots of light on the column and on her clothes.Beautiful, mysterious and scary. Arriving in Moscow, I was able to convince Korovin already written sketches of scenery for Shakespeare, to change them, it is possible to make it similar to the castle, whose life Stanislavsky raised before me. " Environment that surrounds us, the light, the sounds influence our emotional memory, a feeling.External semolina actor must seek first in reality, in nature, in everyday life - everywhere live mood, and they decoys for our feelings. And on the stage all the stage effects - the light, the noise, the atmosphere - when they are intrinsically linked to the psychic life of actors play to affect emotions and psyche of artists.Thus, external Manco are: climate, light, sound, and mise en scene, that is, components of scenic atmosphere. What is the atmosphere of the play?Stanislavsky recommended under an atmosphere of understanding the performance of specific amount associated with the era, described in the play, the time and place of the 313, and the ratio of these particular artists. Help create scenic atmosphere: climate, light, sound, noise and musical moments, props, staging.Situation as an external decoy. Exercise. Teacher himself turning the tables in the training room, asking participants after each change: what memories of emotional memory and what causes this feeling repetitive situation. Look online. After this, causing one or more participants, it offers to act in this situation:a) throw furniture, things, books, paper, and b) to tie knots, books, a chair with a chair, put the bag and so on, and c) to put chairs on tables, put the broom near nametenny garbage, put a bucket and immediately put rag.