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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


No ... So ...So, I just do not eighteen. At the corner of SentOnore SenRosh and I went to a familiar bar, ordered a drink. I feel uncomfortable because I'm here alone. I'm sorry I went. I want to leave, but I'm not leaving. Looked at me with curiosity. In the end, I return to the Marne.Before going to bed, I called Madeleine, her friend George, in which he lives. She seems happy to hear my voice. -I'm calling to congratulate you on the occasion, tomorrow is a holiday Madeleine. She handed the phone to George. The conversation is not glued, now and then a long pause. He handed the phone back Madeleine.She download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and advised me to drink scotch. They, too, will drink with George. Therefore, mentally we have a drink together. I promised, and hung up, turned off the light. To sleep, dreaming I awake as long as I can dream a dream. My dream come true is strange, and I have nothing to be proud of. I am even ashamed. This is a bad dream akterishki.I imagine that once download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and again I called Madeleine and declare that after her holiday I commit suicide. In response, I hear: - What? What are you saying? - I attempt to open his veins, until I call you. - You're crazy. George! George! - I thought that your customers on the beach will be interesting tomorrow to find out the details of my suicide.I placed around the vessels, blood flows into them. I hear: "George! George! Jeannot cut his veins. Call the "first aid"! Call the kakuyunibud Paris hospital! "This phone call separates me from these follies. This is George. He called to say that they had a drink of whiskey, thinking about me. - Me too.I forgot to say, I drank whiskey before you go. - I'm not used to drinking alone, it is very strange to me download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and worked. He laughs. I'm trying to read. It is impossible. I can not sleep. The next day I work in the studio, preparing the scenery for the play by Robert Lamoureux, think directing the play "Nightingale Sang."Robert has again turned to me, and I am touched by his persistence. I discovered a new way of painting. Working on several paintings, I can take a break from one, working on the others. But I always difficult to determine when the painting is complete. I kept coming back to it. This is a disadvantage, having, however, certain advantages.For example, it allows me to walk, so to speak, every day people my best friends Jean and George. Watch the film Следствие ведут знатоки in excellent quality online. In the portrait of George I dorisovyvaet Kyuranu his dog, which he had left me. I did so that his hand rests on the collar Kyurany. His hand - my hand. I'm going to Germany for the fourth time to receive "Bambi."I ask to translate the text of my speech to say her ponemetski. Here it is: "a great honor you have given me, it seems to me proof of unprecedented fidelity.Because I know that it is addressed to the French more than me, and as I put the moral quality of an artist far beyond his talent, I feel boundless gratitude that, and I want to express to you with all my heart. " When I get the honor of this, I conclude that it is harder to please himself than to others.There is a certain paradox in the other we often attract our shortcomings, which will eventually form our identity.