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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


However, those silent or completely disappear from view, and the responsibility to shift no one.Being responsible for the bad things in the film are Kitano not only high school - in the second scene, "police brutality" very young and innocent-looking guys throw in the ship sailed under the bridge cans and bottles, and then, laughing, hiding from the crime scene.This is the first image of an unjust and terrible world, so an accurate portrait of which is given in this film. Children's rights are not usually protect other children and adults. Adults and encamps China, its criticism against them is sustained in the spirit of the freedom-loving and independent high school student:"Close all the schools" - so famous pamphlet Kitano download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and dedicated imperfections Japanese education system. According to the author, bad education prevents develop those traits which inattentive teachers not considered in bad students. Here is a place for social criticism of a more general sense:Kitano sure that all Japanese society is built on a hierarchy that reflects the current model of "parent-child", and that as managers in large corporations, and leaders of criminal gangs use this scheme in a relationship with a subordinate.In this sense, most of the Japanese people - children, for whose rights and standing up a bad student and a wrong teacher Kitano. Takeshi Kitano - textbook ignoramus: hence his harsh judgment on detmidvoechnikami in "Battle Royale" and unexpected ability to understand them in the final film.In the absence of a father Takeshi, his brothers and sister were raised by his mother. Saki. She worked and download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and saved for children's education: China recalled that pay for electricity was nothing, and he read books at night by the light of street lamps. Table at which engaged Takeshi other children Saki served plywood boxes perched oranges.At school, China gets high marks, but to learn how to recognize later, could not stand. This was partly to blame for her mother who instilled a tight ship and could not help to instill freedom-loving son dislike Stude any kind. Partly - teachers, regularly punish Takeshi for misconduct.In early childhood, his father could only beat up, as a teenager - a mother and teachers. Kitano excelled in many disciplines, but most of it fascinated other forms of expression: a young man he was fond of sports. Before reaching it successful, he lived all the same parent expectations; enrolled at the prestigious Meiji University, where he studied for several years as an engineer, Takeshi soon download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and dropped out - in the hope of becoming "a traveling student." Them in Japan of the 1960s called "futenami." But Kitanofuten, keen jazz and French existentialism, could not find a place in life.He has worked as a porter, waiter, salesman in a supermarket and even a taxi driver when, in early 1970, tired of this life, and decided to search for his true calling.


The search led him to the bohemian district of Tokyo, Asakusa. On this he recounts in his autobiography, "Child Asakusa":Takeshi was hired first lifter in stripklub "French Theatre," and then was able to attract the attention of a famous comedian in the quarter and directed by Fukami Senzaburo.