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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Stanislavsky advised actors to write interior monologues in particular in those cases where the actors are silent.And if there is continuity of interior monologue, the word given to the hero, will sound organically, naturally, it will break out, prepared by the flow of thoughts. Conversely, discontinuity monologue, the presence of a "white spots" lead the way, to say "out of tune", by the way, is not born of thought, and the "muscle of language."Mastering the interior monologue, the students at the same time know that you can not learn from the monologue, repeating them mechanically from time to time. In life, to achieve greater role monitoring and corrective actions.Even achieving the same goal, a person keenly and actively monitors whether discrepancies between his deeds and actions, the device, which he already had in this situation, and short-term situation that has arisen "today, here, now." The slightest error, psychologists say, can lead to failure.It is extremely important to create a living process of thinking on the stage. And the composition of effective conservation scores do not relieve the Contractor of the need for continuous assessment of what is happening live, improvisational assumes the existence of the material.Keenly noticing all the "microchanges" appears in the rehearsal process, runs track, student number and modifies its own devices. And they occur naturally, organically, unconsciously, born within the thought process.An extremely good example of detailed, meticulous design interior monologue is a description of the People's Artist of the USSR Lebedev Bessemenova internal monologue in the book "My seedless."download the film Следствие ведут знатоки and Staged by Tovstonogov noted in the preface that fantasized composed by artist monologue flows along the course, clearly defined playwright and director, but whimsical, like a stream. Whimsicality of its due to the dependence not only on the events of the play, but from the circumstances of life of the artist and his partners, the passage of time, etc.And finally, fourth: the absence of figurative text perception partners. This is - as one of the major problems of modern theater. Sharpness of perception, "prick", derived from the partner, gives further impetus to the characters' actions.But in the practice of theater actors often just wait replica, after which his text in a hurry to say, in effect, "absent" during the spoken text partners. Meanwhile, the act of perception is extremely important because it allows the hero to recognize the motives of actions of other actors.Modern psychology states that the listener does not attempt to understand the individual words, phrases isolated. The act of understanding is characterized by an attempt to decipher the inner meaning of the message, enter his depth, in the subtext.Search context, and makes it possible to understand and evaluate the motives of a partner to match these with their own motivations of the characters, which he does in the future, defending his point of view, achieving its goal.