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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Thus, a taxi driver recognized the priest that he had sexual intercourse with a download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and pumpkin and a sheep.Usually, when someone in the film goes to a taxi, it first gets there, then should be a transition and a man gets out. Thus, the content of the "Night on Earth" is the very thing that usually would have been behind the scenes. From other independent Jarmusch features an ironic interpretation of American myths.He was deprived of respect for national, patriotic, is closer to the European than the American culture. In all of his films in several languages, usually with no translation.After the "Night on Earth," he had the feeling that he has nothing more to say, and only four years later, he took the "Dead Man", which outlines the scenario did eight years ago. If his previous work is almost succumbed genre classification, this clearly looks like a western, while ion structure of the film adheres to the road.He's also an outsider, accountant William Blake. After an unsuccessful attempt to get a job for which he drove polAmeriki, he finds solace in the society, prostitutes.However, her boyfriend suddenly "caught" them in bed, and in the ensuing exchange of fire and a prostitute, and my friend die, and he instantly Blake is in the position of the criminal, for whose head promised a reward, and who was the only one - Indian, calling himself Nobody .Mortally wounded Blake recalls a blank sheet of paper on which everyone writes something of their own. He acts because he forced to do so. Under the guidance of the Indian they commit not only physical, but also spiritual journey to the West. Jarmusch main characters, as usual, writing for specific actors - Johnny Depp and Gary Farmer.Traditional Indian Westerns - the noble savage or none. Nobody here - personality, erudite, knowledgeable poetry philosopher, spiritual mentor Blake.Careful approach to Indian culture contrasts with the image tion of white Americans as a society of primitive evil anarchists engaged in catching fugitives and mixing bloody accounts. Wrote and download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and performed the music of Neil Young. His minimalist compositions complement the atmosphere created by a white and shooting.Young recorded the music as it did in the old days with dumb tapes - played right under the film from beginning to end, not allowing anyone to stop recording or display. Jarmusch loves music in his films repeatedly appeared musicians such as John Durie or Tom Waits. Jarmusch and he once tried to sing at a price in the group "Dark Day".Not surprisingly, he pays great attention to the musical rhythm of assembly. Each scene on his plan to be a single complete piece, sometimes separated dimming.In between feature films Jarmusch shoots a series of short film "Coffee and Cigarettes", which when typed ten, intends to issue a single picture. Watch the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ in excellent quality online. In 1993, another series of "Coffee and Cigarettes" won "Golden Palm" at Cannes. In 1997,He made a documentary filmkontsert with Neil Young and a group of "Crazy Horse" as "Godloshadi." It should be noted that Jarmusch - perhaps the only American independent filmmakers, who owns all of the negatives of the pictures.