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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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.6 Two positions at a right angle, regardless of the line of interest.They attract at this point to our attention, without taking into account the provisions of the figures, because the head is the source of human speech, and his eyes - the most powerful arrows direction which can have a person to attract attention and direct it. Regulation figures thus not taken into account, the head position is more important.Even in a situation where one actor turns his back to the other line of interest is between their heads. All shoots a scene of interest should connect the line head protagonists.Necessity is the basic variant PRINCIPLE TRIANGLE compositional structure of pieces in a straight line, you can shoot in three different ways, by placing the camera on the principle of triangular arrangement of the cameras; If the actors are placed at right angles to each other, to capture the scene is sufficiently two triangular camera positions.Let us consider each of these five options separately. 28 External opposing corners. The two chambers arranged in a triangular pattern, is determined by three options, which can be applied when shooting placed in line actors.Cameras fixed but fundamental points, can rotate on their axes and to three different positions. In each of these three formulations operates on two cameras (an even number of chambers arranged in a triangular pattern, symmetrical with respect to the actors, which they remove.In the first case, two cameras at the base of the triangle are located behind the main characters before the line of interest between the actors and shoot them both. .7 External opposite corners. Cells in two parallel positions with respect to the line of interest is directed from the inside to the actors.The symbol represents the human figure, a circle - the area occupied by the actors Domestic opposite corners. In the second embodiment, the camera installed between the two actors, turned out of the triangular scheme, before the line of interest and do not reflect the views of the direction of the actors.In this and in another case it is the confrontation between the two, although it is very similar. Parallel installation of cameras. The third embodiment also provides, while maintaining the principle of the triangular line of interest before the placing in parallel the two chambers, which are located at the base of the triangle. 29 .8 Interior opposite angles.In this case, the positions of the two cameras are parallel to the line of interest, indicate the actors individually. .9 If the cameras are arranged on the rear side relative to the line of interest, each represents a subjective opinion actor exclusively from the frame. Look online.In this case, the picture is taken each actor individually. .10 The parallel position of the camera. When two camera positions are arranged in parallel, the two actors are shown individually in profile. Three ways of placing the camera described above can be combined by increasing placed cameras. .11 Shows such a combination.Seven survey points are placed in a triangular pattern.