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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


A Rodin to old age did your fingers. And he did even just your hands. And it was art - hand. The hand can be evil, good, is. " So, he talked more about the art. Spoke of Rodin, Maillol about, download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and talked about Golubkina.I remember he said to Golubkin: "Well, you know, Anna S. masochku, masochku it, perhaps, as no one will do. Well, the rest, the rest I'm doing better. But it does masochku as anybody. " Conversations Konenkova that is art and attitude, gave me a lot. It was the first, whether that period of my life.And then I began to rush between cinema and literature, theater, cinema. Here, fate brought me to Eisenstein ... He had been with Peroj Atasheva, his wife, Katerina VinohradskГЎ, which also must be said, because Vinogradskaya was my teacher in the extraordinary demands on the work.I just do not know these writers, who would serve as Vinogradskaya worked for her, it was a task as ambitious, responsible, awesome, life tasks, such as, for example, Tolstoy wrote "War and Peace."So she wrote "Chip empire" or "Member of the Government", just giving myself all throughout the year and a half, with an extraordinary passion, with extraordinary dedication, often hungry, bread they had. <...> But it is, for all his amazing passion and extraordinary nature of love for the cinema, and especially drama, was intolerable.In this sense, I took lessons from her profession, not lessons on life. But the lessons of the profession for me was very important, because I realized that if you engage in the cinema, it is necessary to give life from beginning to end. And here, perhaps, familiar with VinohradskГЎ made me give up not only the sculpture.I studied music, loved her father taught me. I have since never touched the piano, when he began making pictures. And download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and played well. Never touched clay. And never download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and worked, at least for as much as twenty years, nothing but the cinema, never, not one minute.This taught me Vinogradskaya a very talented screenwriter. And in her house I met a man just incredibly tolerant. This was Sergei Eisenstein ... friends with him was impossible, he was too smart ... I was never easy to Eisenstein, because he was much more download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and educated.He was extraordinarily erudite man.


And thought it unusual, very unusual. Each of his thought has trailed for a second full of extra, third, fourth sense. After half an hour talking to him I was tired of the stress, because it is necessary to speak to him on the level, so it was interesting that it was not stupid.And I knew a lot less, and it was difficult. Toast Nicholas Shengelaya In art, especially such as the theater or cinema, success often comes by accident. Many a variety of circumstances form a person's life in art. I do not know whether to become Chaliapin Chaliapin, if by chance he met Gorky.- Bitter first met with Chaliapin, apparently, 1900. Chaliapin, recalled that his familiarity with Gorky began to view the opera "Ivan Susanin": "... in the evening - he wrote, between us ensued a long, hot and sincere friendship." On my way there were a lot of wonderful people who have helped me become a man.Among them, first of all I want to remember the very best of the people I knew in my life - my father.