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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


He kept saying your friends about it every day. But to break into the "Dad's cinema" there was no way.We pass a dozen years at kakogonibud OtanLara in assistant and becomes a "Papic," he'll be making movies, "French quality guaranteed" with pretentious listing of stars in the opening credits and pathetic fin, between them - only bombastic lyrics and nonsensical image."New Wave" was born out of conflict, from intolerance to mediocrity and hostility to senility. It was the very same social position, in the absence of which - "narrow their circle, they are terribly far from the people" - students loving filosofovsozertsateley Andre Bazin and Henri Langlois will blame stupid press."New Wave" - ​​the parallel cinema, and, consequently, it does not find itself in an expensive technological progress and not in the invention of unimaginable stories, but to create a new aesthetic.The base is taken "kamerapero", which was to turn the whole of the European cinema from the dictatorship of the plot to dominate the artistic style, and the "author's theory of" Francois Truffaut. The last film to assess expression of the director's personality in it, whether special or confessional tone of the original "arrangement" canonical genres."New Wave" believe in yourself, for her films - the proof of hate and love. Its history - testimony of the senses and passions, the debate about the meaning of life and the "bad trips" on the Champs-Elysees. In February 1959 the screens are "Beau Serge" and "Cousins" by Claude Chabrol, sincerity and cynicism, which for some reason declared neo-romanticism.Chabrol's wife suddenly gets the inheritance, and the money given to Rivette on "Paris belongs to us." The film is a few years old, painfully off-key in the form and wonder exactly expressing spiritual quest generation whose fears and complexes inhabit the middle "of the Hellenic theater," familiar from the lectures at the Faculty of Humanities.Meanwhile, in May, in Cannes France is "Four strikes" and a picture of Alain Resnais' Hiroshima, My Love. " And Jean-Luc Godard begin shooting the film "On the last breath", in which the absence of treatment combines documentary and fiction, the details of everyday life and quotations from high poetry and a second-rate prose.Georges Franju - colleague Henri Langlois, who was shooting short films from the 30's. Puts the idea of ​​young Jean Pierre Mocha his first big film "Head-On" - perhaps the only journalistically relevant tape "new wave".And there is still 90 openings for four years in the film, which had not allowed more than four new names a year.


Looks like an adventure? And why not? In fact, to buy a handheld camera and a few boxes of the light-sensitive film, the money does not take much. And the statement of Louis Malle in La Napoule:"Film industry should cease to be, because dreams ... about the economic crisis, "- can not fail to applause."New Wave" cinema releases from the power of money bags and the state, and of course, as soon as the mass producers is willing to sponsor it, and the Ministry of Culture began to give out money for future box office.While the operators of Henry Deck and Raoul Coutard not over royalties for movies masters, they can have fun to make a movie of the "new wave": nature replaces expensive decorations and musty halls, if the weather was so-so, who starred in his own apartment, if the wife DaniolValkroza a castle, remove the lock.The flow of life bursts into the lens, expanding the limits of sight.