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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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documentalism This development was under the influence of another mature by the time flow - documentary character.Comparative study of film history teaches us that the practical experience of documentary film has had a significant influence on the formation of a number of national schools. Recall the group of Soviet documentary - Vertov, Tisse, headache, - actively work in the period of the Civil War.French realism is also required to experience Koech documentary character, which was a rear avant-garde. In Italy documentalism remained more modest and isolated area that was poorly associated with conventional filmmaking.And perhaps, as already noted Kaziragi25 and Viatstsi26, namely "lack of serious experience in the field of documentary film" largely affected "at a later formation of a single national identity."However, despite its insignificance and limited experience of the Italian documentary still has some influence on film production and contributed to "the style you want to create." Moreover, today we can see that this contribution is more important than it was possible to believe in 1942.First of all, documentalism had a beneficial effect on the formation of an atmosphere of cinematic culture. In the documentary movie tries his hand intelligentsia Italian cinema - not those of its representatives that "defected" from other areas, as a soldier, but the ones that came out of the cinema as Pasinetti.Precisely because of its isolation and the non-profit nature documentaries to create opportunities for a more rigorous, more "orthodox" in respect of cinematographic art position.Between 1938 and 1942 in Italy has developed "Watch" filmmakers whose work was one of the most worthy moments of our film of this era: it Pasinetti, Paolella27, Magnago, Emmer28, Gras29, Paoluchchi30, Cherkio31, Ferroni32, PotstsiBellini33 and others.Some of them, very clearly - at Cherkio and Paolucci, there are those searching for the original landscape motifs, which were the leading line of Italian cinema of the period.But the most interesting, the most fruitful in terms of the historical aspect of our documentary character is represented by a line of military documentary, which forms a special chapter. In connection with the needs of wartime produces a large number of documentaries, mostly propagandistic.Dozens of operators were attached to the existing troops, ships, planes, while the other was shot in the rear of training for combat. Most of this production is quite poor and in the best case not beyond diligent craftsmanship.

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If today it is still referred to as a viable phenomenon, it is only because it is formed during the De Robertis and Rossellini.In other words, the military has failed to create a documentary school, but provided, however, the possibility of individual, gifted people to gain experience in the bud bases containing potentially possible school.