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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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After coming Kleshnina rush: "I do not take Mitya! SHOULD RETURN Boris. " And to reply, "I know he was guilty": "BIG BREAK: What do you climb into my soul - a shame. But you have to navigate through it - it SHOULD Russia. "And the actor commented that willingness Fedor cheek as a Christian act: "Jesus Christ." But being ready and sacrifice his pride, did not agree to sacrifice the other requirements of Boris and perplexed by denunciations of unknown and condemn loved ones: "How BORIS LISTEN bastards."Appears Shumsky, and wanting to catch zloyazychie Kleshnina Fedor asks Duke to give the word that he did not lie in wait for him. Please give an honest prince Fedor word droppings accompanying the actor: "That's how you live, that's how we Givet That's where the honesty." He again inoffensive and demonstrates Shumsky "how to" behave honest people.We pretty words for each other. So it should be among its "HI POWER to restore it." After the recognition of Prince Ivan the king: "I can not hear WANT THE HIGH RATE CONFESSION: I TELL YOURSELF THIS Hoch ONLY YOU! All by yourself BERU I ACCEPT ".Again it begins to see the high spirit of Shuya, the height of the motives that pushed him to commit adultery, and ready to protect him from all, to cover themselves. Smoktunovskij repeatedly emphasizes the high and strong spirit that Fedor wins his bodily infirmity.But then the only litter in a notebook, where the artist is changing impersonal third person and refers to the hero directly on "you", "You have proven their actions, that just high spirit as before." This litter is not only an indicator of the artist's relation to his hero, lets talk about the special as an artist look at the events of the play.Smoktunovskij sees them as a series of temptations hero temptations that Fedor help to overcome the strength and height of the spirit, the mind and the sense of anticipation. That irreparable and painful crash. Seeing the signature Shumsky paper divorce, Irina and tonsure at the monastery, Fedor signed an order for the arrest of Shuiskis.For Fedor is not even afraid of separation from loved ones and close friend, his Irinushka - terrible betrayal of Prince Ivan, whom he believed: "It is terrible sense: hit the LAX injustice." Prince Ivan unjust. Now the king did not try to understand what is behind the act of Shuya, not looking into the human heart and soul.Raging anger sweeps normal sensitivity, understanding kindness. Raising both hands above his head printing, King swung it down on an order for the arrest of Shuiskis, without giving himself time to recover. Watch the film LAND misleading in excellent quality online.The first time the king comes lightly, yielding a dark and wrathful impulse hurt feelings. He lowers printing as an ax of the guillotine. King is standing with his head bowed low. Its end. How to fix this scene an attentive reader of the play:"Smoktunovskij dares to play physically visualize the terrible paralysis that bound the king. Not walk under a long white shirt they are strangers, real estate, and the unfortunate king of arms in confusion trying to at least get evict them from their seats.