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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


"My language, even paralyzed. This dream can only dream of.I - poet laureate! Palaces, harem - can go ape! But I restrained myself, as Ivan taught me, and said: "It is very gratifying for me to offer, your highness. But, sorry, let me think about it. " Shaheen smiled knowingly and lightly download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and clapped her hands.From nowhere, a man in a turban, Shaheen bowed before her and opened a chic sheath, covered in velvet ... She got out of it here this order and put his hands around his neck to me. "Let, - she said - this award" Lion and Sun "will help you quickly solve your doubts." I do not remember how they brought me home:if I come back from another dimension. When a little recovered, he download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and remembered that Ivan is waiting for my call. Yes one you Ivan! Surely it is already connected to this matter and intelligence and counterintelligence, and God knows what else! Rang. He told it as it was. Ivan Vasilyevich long nozzle into the tube, and then asked:"You are indeed going to think about it?" - "But I gave my word to think. And then this order ... "And then Ivan exploded:" That tells me you Komsomolets? Soviet people? You sell it for what tchotchke! Are our grandfathers and fathers overthrew the hated autocracy to their descendants received from the hands of the new princes cheap handouts!"-" But our party leadership - I reminded him - is on the hands of the Pahlavi. " I heard Ivan even stamped his feet. "Shut up! What do you know about high politics? "How long has he download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and yelled at me. And then hung up when I gave him the floor to keep it informed of further developments. Warbler paused and pondered.His story made a strong impression. - What have you download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and decided? - Asked someone. Warbler shrugged. - YCL then you harem not provide. - Do not provide - sadly agreed Slavka. - I would think ... He thought as long as the check is not with Shaheen flew to his Iran, and soon divorced.Then Soreyya download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and published in Paris, perhaps, a book about his former better half, in which he poured such swill that Slava was finally relieved. "It was good that I did not go with it - he said everything.


- I thought she was a saint, but it turned out - the usual kitchen Baba. " Yet for a while Slava was a kind of interest:"You see - shows his finger at him - this is the former lover Shahini Soreyi." Yes, for a while Slava still bathed in dubious glory. And who knows how long he would have played the role of the romantic hero, if not the case, destroy this mysterious figure most insidious way.Being on tour in Leningrad, Slava met with the editor, but not simple, and most importantly, the local publisher. They liked each other and compete in generosity, so chic buzzed that were stranded. Then the chief took Slava manuscript of poems, he concluded a contract and advance payments.Warbler returned to Moscow proud and unapproachable as to block certain pictures. And here there was such that Slava not seen even in bright dreams. In the address of the theater company came to the envelope of the magazine "New World" in the name Slava.