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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


I remember the wonderful Marcello Moretti as Truffaldino. All the other figures download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and remain in the memory. And the mask and face.And one more memorable: a sense of delight mingled with some piece pinching feeling. From? Play fun. Whole, from the beginning to the end. Maybe, just wish it was over? Probably. So I thought then. Later, look at other performances Strehler, realizedthis nagging feeling the director intended, is invisible, but it certainly is woven into the very fabric of the action. Many years later I saw "Campiello" Goldoni. On stage, a courtyard and numerous inhabitants: | Togo yard, very different and very common yet. And he was a stranger. Also Italian, but from the other end. Talking a little differently, just think differently.Yard / kil their business, insults, gossip 'weddings. And then it began to snow .. And all of them, the southerners, was fun in the snow. At the end of the stranger left. In the small window, crashing into a big empty, far from the crowd, the wall was visible, as in a room having fun, dancing. Flashed back, arms, muffled, barely audible goal came wasp - and again left feeling aching sadness. Strehler builds up a very, clear, very democratic theater. His characters are full of life. But the real issue it - instantly, insecurity of life. He does not give the audience any obvious signs of his true subject.The scenes of his compositions is akin to the Renaissance: they balance, symmetry, their confidence and optimism. Implicitly - changes of rhythm, light, composition, tone of speech - and it gives us more in our unconscious than conscious, feeling the precariousness of this balance. This is one of the main features of his talent.Then his book "Theater for the people." Good book, and therefore scratching. His idea that the profession of actor's art and craft - with incredible exaltation of the craft - and excites, and causes resistance, and convinces full of power.In any case, it is a radically different way illuminates our activities, calls for work, turned to the practice. His articles on Brecht, of Goldoni, the music - the masterpieces of theatrical literature. And I was download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and interested in Giorgio Strehler. Heard a lot about it and thought a lot about it. And in the tangled corridors backstage theater "Piccolo di Milano" we come face to face.A small white- haired man in a black sweater quickly opens the door, continuing to speak something in the room. Shakes my hand and immediately blurted out: - Salute.


Well, Mayakovsky ready? I'll be watching. But you feel what it great combination of revolution and mysticism? I'm going to do about it show.He not only understood the spirit of the revolution, he realized that a revolution is made by living people. How to put it? Nuka read as porusski sounds beginning of the poem "Breaking the Silence." This is our first meeting. But here I must digress and talk about what came before, I was in Milan. In Moscow theater tour "Comedie Francaise."Moscow actors met with the French in the House of Actors.