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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


"By entering the image," Smoktunovsky gradually obey his dictates.With it happened the artistic transformation, which is described artist Petr Semak, speaking about his relationship with the image of Nikolai Stavrogin in "Demons", "I felt that the egg is revealed, something out of it hatched. And this little bird came, and I began to realize that I myself changed, even the mindset has download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and changed.Already you catch yourself that it is not, I think, and Stavrogin. Already, smoking girlfriend, postavroginski ... ". Inner being "king" required immaculately white shirt, shiny shoes, elegance of every gesture and movement. Judas made shuffling feet, shivering wrapped in an old sweater stretched. Twist in the hands of a ridiculous string bag ..When looking for an external expression of "truth inner life" Smoktunovsky literally walked through "before pedaling," through redundancy details and parts, which are gradually eliminated, leaving, and then he began to influence the image of the artist, painting over his behavior, mannerisms, body language, choice of costume.However, the search for the role of the external image, and the final outcome remained outside rehearsal notebooks. Theatrical myth is the story of how Smoktunovsky met in the crowd reading a man whose face told him Myshkin. What meetings and experiences helped in other roles - difficult to judge.In rehearsal notebooks notes with directions of people whose appearance could tell the artist kakieto exterior details of manners and behavior of its cut, is extremely rare. The only hint and tips for researchers - a neat list of "prototypes" in the notebook "Ivanov":"Correspondent, sitting HA floor against the wall in Singapore Singer CONCERT the ballet school manner to move, talk, watch one of president of the company in New Zealand: A long, slow, or dignity." It is possible that there Smoktunovsky describes his impressions of kakihto real people.But it's much more likely that the images created by the imagination of the artist. Correspondent, sitting against a wall in Singapore; singer in concert at the Choreographic School, one of the presidents of the company in New Zealand ... All three are devoted to the description of people who are in very alien environment, stands out among the surrounding landscape.Do they searched artist dash appearance Ivanova - hard to say. But, no doubt, attracted him the image of man, self- contained, extremely alien to the outside world. The artists themselves can not always explain why all of a sudden this man, this meeting, noticed in this way gives rise to thoughts of fantasy.So, Sophia Giatsintova, looking good-looking woman in a tram, which had a "scarlet mouth expressing zazyvno constant half-smile," suddenly saw her Mary of "Twelfth Night": "I do not know how to explain, but at that moment I" grabbed " as we call it, the image that was looking for.


"And then the actress even paint themselves before the show a little mustache on his upper lip, which was at the tram stranger.