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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Horse was docile workers and I have - no spurs or whip.I straightened up and said to someone of our actors: - posing for a picture! And suddenly my Mexican savraska starts backing, backing ... and squeezed with me in an incredibly narrow gap between what is a concrete wall and a thick palm tree! Abruptly turning to face me with all the fluff and hits his head on the palm!Collapses to a point and back. I see all the end - now on my machine of collapse weighing half a ton ... And we fall! There! The next day comes to me in our room operator Toll Mukosey and asks: - Listen, when yesterday in Catemaco shot, say, a horse had fallen on you. And where are you lying?- Between the concrete wall - say - and a palm tree. - Are you sure? - Well, of course! I'm from the palm push ups as I could, and rested his head against the wall. And what are you download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and concerned about? - You, - he says - there could not lie down. I found this place - there's even one horse does not fit. This weekend we went to him in Catemaco. Cinematography took roulette. Froze. Exactly!The space is so narrow that there is not enough space to foal - the width of the seat, not more. Either a concrete wall or palm push, you know, it is impossible. But I was lying there! Next to a horse! The director explained the incredible incident as follows: - In the crowd was clearly vedmachka, it's her job. You loudly teased my warnings.Here it is you and scared. With other artists in our group happened pohlesche my trouble. He has, as we returned from Mexico to Moscow, wild heart pain began. Just died! The doctors could not understand anything, no disease is not found. It lasted about a year.And then he suggested an artist, an expert on magic and devilry all, saying that at the time of the attack try as clearly as possible to provide a cross. Large, wooden. And let this cross in your mind flashes. The patient did. And it passed. In one second, after a year of futile treatment and torture.But I still have not realized that there really Mexican vedmachki such malicious, or this was a cowboy savraska weirdo. All the same, whatever you say, and foreign animals cool and different from our character and behavior."Training is not subject to" With such a characteristic foreign company was supposed to deliver to the Soviet border elephant. There she had to take the name of the representative of the Theatre animals Durov. Meet the elephant came Natalia Durova. It is clear - arrived rare animal that requires special attention. Elephant purchased for currency.True, the cost is relatively inexpensive.


This is explained by its aggressive nature, which appeared in Europe. Natalya was at the control checkpoint on the piercing wind, and the van had not arrived and was not. Finally there was the machine, but it moved very slowly, download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and stopped several times.When the van arrived, it download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and turned out that the elephant in the way rebelled: smashed the van and her soft trunk thrown on the road a hot stove.