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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Much has changed over the years. I would not now insist on the term "metaphor".On the other hand, in the self-determination of hard Tarkovsky seen significant deviation angles. Instead of "fact", "observation" was the idea of ​​the image, which is based on the ability to pass off their sense of observation of the object. Instead objective " imprinted time" "the individual stream of time." Instead chronicles as an ideal movie, a movie that "does not exhaust the visuals, but only hints at something that extends beyond the screen", a film that is "more than he gives us directly, empirically."I still continue to think and far more reasonable than before, the films of Andrei Tarkovsky can not be perceived by the "level of information" of the plot, historical accuracy, even themes. That more than any other of his film goes to the "level of significance."Interpretation belongs to each viewer, depending on his life experiences, attitudes, and "bias," as he says. The range of possible interpretations of unusually wide, extended, but not unlimited.He is download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and limited by the structure proposed imagination, structure motifs, chronotope, a special "poetic" structure of the image, which was discussed above. I will not return to the "metaphor." Tell another Tarkovsky film through semiotichen. Sometimes, the "level of importance" cries out for yourself:wall at the end of the "Mirror," which collected mirrors of different sizes and types, all mirrors life, semiotic highly. The same can be said about the hand, lets ptitsudushu which soars over the field, where there is an old house, fence and download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and destroyed, come to the download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and dilapidated well.Not to mention the end of "Nostalgia", which unites the two main characters Tarkovsky house and church. Semiotic movies in general, and, in fact, the whole "Tarkovsky's film" as a more holistic "whole." I have tried to describe, "catalog" in the first approximation, its motives, methods, techniques.You can interpret them in any inherent viewer coordinate system, which has become conventional wisdom from psychoanalysis to sociology, history, religion, symbolism, down to his own "semiology" Tarkovsky. The following approach can be traced to the usual substitution, transfers of values, and so on inside his world.One way or another, but it is a movie directed as much to the world of ideas, but rather to "the visible world." The symbolism is not only a particular trend in art takogoto time, and certainly not a bad word.


Art itself is symbolic, it is, according to Tarkovsky, "alludes to something that extends beyond the frame that allows you to get out of the frame in life."And the symbol is not an allegory, no logo, no personification of sense, not the individual, download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and limited in its meaning the concept of "character requires a balance idea and image.The symbol image remains fully independent, it can not be reduced to an abstraction and potentially contains a set of abstract ideas depicted object, so that the latter appears in the symbol of his deep, versatile and multi- valued semantic perspective.This is an indivisible unity and balance idea and image, internal and external to the symbol.