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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Director aims to make visible plastic film of the human spirit in its higher humanism, insatiable thirst for knowledge.A characteristic feature paintings Zagryazhskoy - pull to the images of art, to its high level of harmony and beauty of the life-giving. Nature and art as the two poles of harmony, whether internal reflected in the movie "The computer and the mystery of Leonardo".Computer programmers on the instructions helps clarify the puzzle - is it true that the fresco "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci depicted in the guise of the Apostle Bartholomew himself. Paintings Sobolev Zagryazhskoy, Raytburga include nauchnohudozhestvennymi: they appear in the facts of science figurative interpretation.Poses a particular challenge in his films Raytburg. He "materializes" intangible - abstract thinking, and does it alive and interesting. Picture of "What is the theory of relativity?" Built as a game scene - dispute fellow traveler on the train, affecting the basic concepts of the theory.The film "The right, left the world" made in the form of lectures by Doctor of Science Shostak. It is very important tone of humor, which presents a complex and incomprehensible phenomena while awakening the viewer interest in the mysteries of nature. In the scientific film fruitfully download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and carried popularization of knowledge in the social sciences.At the time of the screening of Eisenstein dreamed of "Capital" Marx, the cinematic incarnation of complex scientific concepts in the "intellectual cinema". His most important task he saw to "teach workers to think dialectically."He planned to create in the genre of science kinotraktata head of the materialist understanding of the "soul" of the dialectic of Natural History, historical events, and the class struggle. Today these ideas repeatedly drawn figures scientific cinema, trying to include in their films whole materialistic world view.The authors of a number of so- called textual films like expose, make visible the hidden mechanisms of the creative process: how many of the drafts, sketches, final manuscript variants born politician, philosopher, scientist, poet.Home to such textual search in movies nauchnopopulyarnom put tape " Pushkin's manuscripts" Vladimir. "To follow the thoughts of a great man is a science is the Pushkin these lines could be the motto for the films in this direction.Thanks nauchnopopulyarnomu cinema audience entered the creative laboratory of Pushkin, Lermontov, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Mayakovsky, Gorky. In the movie "The manuscript of Leo Tolstoy" appears on the screen, one after another, fifteen way to start the novel "Anna Karenina."Bright page in the history of national culture - TV "reconstruction" Andronicus, talking about download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and Pushkin, Lermontov.