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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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irreversibility, pointedness movement is due also to a specific purpose, which is subordinated to the movement. In the movie "Ballad of a Soldier" Chuhraja Alyosha Skvortsov on cars and trains committed to the same goal - to meet with the mother, and along the roof sprung a leak.However, the road to his mother, home, meeting with different people, circumstances highlight the soul of the hero. It is also a way for himself to the knowledge of himself. The return journey - from his mother, from his native village - a sharp turn in the fate of the hero. Alyosha never return to the country road leading to the mother's home.The enclosed space of the room is open, moving together starushkiprotsentschitsy where Ac character space image dorohodit Raskolnikov - this tragichegi fate of the hero - a line cal ring to his fate. his life."Crime and Punishment" Dynamic and static state of the open enclosure related to the relationship of the hero and circumstances. Open-loop space involves a great initiative in the choice of the hero of the situation and closed space - a lot of power over the circumstances of the characters. The enclosed space is less Stu:camera stumbles all the time on the same thing, and not easy to find new expressive objects and textures. We can say that a closed space theater, because it can not help note the camera focused on the man and his actions.In the open space, on the contrary, the authors have at their disposal a boundless world of things and unlimited opportunities to associate with being human life of the world.Aware features closed or open space, the authors often do not limit themselves to being faithful to one implying for any spatial form, and use different features. In the film "Fox Hunting", along with the staff running during the competition have scenes recorded in the apartment of the hero in a small room for long visits in prison.In "Autumn Marathon" Danelia morning run hero combined with images taken in the interior. Running Life goes on continuously, even when the characters in their everyday life stop to allow large and small conflicts. The motif runs in a changing space in modern cinema is popular, and the image begins to lose its freshness.The combination of images of various kinds of space in the film determines the spatial integrity of the work or its absence. The spatial integrity of the picture formed by the unity of the scene or, on the contrary, the prevailing change of scene.Lack of spatial integrity occurs when the action takes place in different locations, and the authors do not achieve unity fine spatial objects.

download the film LAND misleading

In this case, the absence of spatial integrity is preserved figurative paintings.It should be and to distinguish between the picture and the depicted space and the space plan of the episode and the movie as a whole. Real portrayed space is still out of style effects work. Images, cinematic space includes the author's attitude, the effect of the author's style.