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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Major?For me convoy exit with things. Alyosha! And he runs like crazy, slipping from the ladder, gets stuck in the snow, sobs choke the word, dropped to his knees and download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and kissed his feet, running after him, all men, women, too, has come out, we are separated from each other. Whose top is ... my friends have big, so beautiful warm mittens ... I do not know ...rolling trolley, frost cracks, forty, sky of soot and stars - diamond placer, moon shining, yellow, with half of the sky, trees, too, shine like Christmas ... legs wrapped in a government blanket for him as someone else put in solitary confinement ... What Alyosha men mad ... ran up to me on the area after curfew, they could shoot from the tower ... I do not want to live... I do not want to live ... the end ... Mom ... girls ... Alesha ... vow to write a book ... All this is beyond good and evil ... - Do not be silly! I download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and winced, I forgot: the guard in front of me, in a sheepskin coat with the collar turned up, and a voice came out of his jacket, face not visible at all, smoky voice, tired, middle-aged. - Tea is not a girl!Speaks "about" - or Volga region, or Vologzhanin in the north, it seems, all speak "about" ... - Endure! Engulfed in a hot wave. - She sang well yesterday, emotionally, as we have in the village, such long- lived! To me the storm breaks, flips: where is this dark village men can feel that I'm on the edge ... it is ... I myself ...there in front of a coat ... this is my blood ... my native country ... my people ... - Do not worry, I'm taking you to the train. Lermontov ... Ginger and Fred ... Wagner ... Tyutchev ... Hemingway ... Obukhov ... Bunin ... Girl with a sable ... Greta Garbo ... my love ... all spinning, singing! Live! Endure and survive. 76 Neither Dzhezkazgan or 36th or kultbrigada - nothing.Here it is, this camp: Kargopollag it too, but I was taken to the office further north, two hundred kilometers - Puksoozero. Quite a swamp, said that in the summer, when you walk the ramp, they sway. Golo. Empty. Not a tree. There used to be a logging camp, and now all cut down, and the woods somewhere for five kilometers, and no drag harrows - on foot.Parole, I was told that in my case the top in large letters written: "Use only for general works," and work here - felling and harvesting of peat, ah, Major, someday you will be immortalized in marble monument. Film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ. Women's camp throughout Puxi only and male neighbors a few miles;the war women were not here, and hunger is such that few people survived, there was no one to bury, and the dead and half-dead dumped in pits near lagpunktov, and they showed me this place, and I will never recover from it all. The 58th article is not scattered, and lives in a separate hut:a long, low- ceilinged, cheese, dim, dilapidated, with two-story bunks, half board failed. Inhabitants intimidated scored: Professor of Leningrad ... poet ... engineer ...I was download the film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ and greeted as the appearance of Christ to the people, but she just did not make a run to put into my storeroom see service blue coat, otherwise I did never see.