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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


MOTION convergent usually move the actor is represented by two shots.In his first motion is directed to the right to the center of the frame, the second - the movement is directed from left to center. This movement of the actor, who is coming, converge toward the center of the image in two planes, successively using two trajectories. .0 Convergent movement actor who comes up to another actor.The use of mirrors in the foreground can catch converge at one point the direction of a single actor, who comes up to another - Fixed shown from one side of the frame in both plans.Use one or more mirrors in one plan has always attracted filmmakers, 251 because it provides an excellent opportunity to extraordinary visual solutions scene. Location of the camera at the right angle when the two main camera position - at right angles - the solution is very simple scene. It appears on. .1 One of the most common methods of shooting a short movement on the same line, when one goes to the other actor. Camera position 1 and 2 Tanah right angle. But, back to the camera in terms of 1, moving away from us towards the actor Plan 1 gives full frame and covers two thirds of the movement. Frame is dropped and given a plan 2;American Plan, where A penetrates into the frame and stops next to B, facing him. Actor B can stand, sit or lie down. The difference distance between the camera and the actor in two frames approximate plan or full-frame gives a good visual solution. And all the time moves in one part of the picture.Despite the fact that the movement from right to left, change direction yields the same result. 252 2 The first plan is a modification of the previous example. Alternative solution or addition to what has been explained above, can be offered at a time when the onset of action is given kontrplanom.And the actor starts moving approximate plan goes out of frame to reappear full frame and complete his move American plan. More of the following situations will also begin to approximate the plan. Another solution may be to the fore, this shoot horizontal or vertical rotation of the camera.The actor will mix in a straight line, the camera shoots him rotational motion. The figure shows an angle of 180 В°, which describes the camera in the foreground. These plans are the same as in the situation shown in In the first case considered, and, in part, in the next two 253 actor begins its move back to the camera and completes the profile.Figure 4 uses a camera at the right angle to show the actor starts moving in profile and ends in front. Actor in a motion may be sent to the camera from anywhere in the image zone in the second term. .4 The same option, the camera at the right angle. Film ТЕРРИТОРИЯ ЗАБЛУЖДЕНИЙ. The actor is in second place in the front, and not in the profile, as it was in the previous examples.Another possibility the actor in motion directed to the camera in the foreground completes the move to frame the entrance to the profile. .3 The first plan is given a camera rotating horizontally.