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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


A: - This is my neighbor was a good doctor. Cough it treated. She kept coughing and coughing, and then stopped. - Cure? - No, she died ... They were silent, and now another inquired: - A human is your - and live not sign? - So live. - A Th so?- Duck because the wolf and labeled sheep stealing. Now living Russian language can be heard only by old men and women. His so-litter as Griboyedov never dreamed of when he spoke of the mix of "French with Nizhniy Novgorod." Well, in his time, there was no mass media or popular culture.I like it looked on only one day TV listings, horrified, "show", "shots", "hit", "arts", "Brian", "current", "know-how" ... The richest and the world language replaced somehow husky dog ​​barking. So much to talk about, if we do not hesitate to Duma deputies' bot on the hair dryer, "from the belly of thieves using jargon. Rushen derevyashen! Century Volvo can not see!Without learning English, we have forgotten Russian. And to understand human speech, has not forgotten how to speak Russian, a young Russian people need is a translator. Garrulous old woman on the bench to continue their conversation. A: - You apartment is sold with its angle without al the corner? - What a fool I am, eh? Of course, with the corner. - This is good.Yes, and how we suffer and then left ... And you could do it yourself prepared? - And then! I have it on the shelf yet prepared. - Duck because she go and really rotten! - And I was not dancing! Well, young people, I realized that something? And it was just simply that the old lady sold the apartment to the condition that prior to her death she will have her own corner - corner.A "right" - a dress that is put in the coffin. Before you think about it ahead of time, Who knows when you overtake bony. Here are the pies. As they say, pay taxes, and then the bounty! Recently, resting with their relatives in the Central Russian village, I overheard a conversation.The old woman chided the guy for what he took to sharpen a scythe, so bad it did. She told him: - Poor sharpened. It: - No, not bad. - Bad. - Not bad. And so they wrangled for several minutes until finally the old woman got angry, spat and said: - You are not able to fart in water, there is nothing to scare the fish!Here we download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and talked about the Russian language, and I suddenly thought: what we have forgotten about poetry? She, my dear, we have always been the benchmark of pure Russian language, as fresh as a spring from under the roots of native birch.


And then as now rushing this stream, and dried it? No, not exhausted! Fall down to it, if you download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and tormented spiritual thirst, and may you live long.This landmark poem in six parts I found in a popular science, edition, which, in turn, download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and reprinted it from another publication: here it is - a mass information in action! Not to fall under what some article of the Criminal Code, I will mention only the last part of her - the most modest and innocent.