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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Optical leader tape.At an arbitrary cut transition from one state to another visually observed very sharply. Various methods such robots will be discussed later. In the case of optical leader tape, in order to achieve a smooth visual transition, can be used hidden influx, the influx of open or slit valve.Gluing SCENE scene for editing must be observed the following three requirements. Can be installed: Pose. Movement. Views. If the figure of the man charged the "full screen" "" "", that "it also includes - legs actor. Nice composition gives the slice above the hips. Figure 6: Retail Vertical- Extremely close-up - close-up - the American plan - a plan average, - the plan of the line of the knee. gives a picture of sections 15 to 14 cinema screens - is a fixed surface. If one actor download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and appeared in the left side of the "full-up", it shall be placed on the same side, even eslYa mounted enlarged plan.If this rule is a static plan * not met, see some noticeable unpleasant interframe jumps, and the audience, rather than to follow the adventures of the main character, has to be distracted from one sector of the screen but the other, which is both annoying and unpleasant.The viewer must offer pleasant plans with constant orientation that allows you to concentrate on the plot. 7 The central character of the scene must remain in the same part of the frame in the transition from one plan to another.For this screen, most often divided vertically into two or three parts, in which the main characters are placed actors. Plans are made static or k akihto parts or the entire surface. Plans for the move made by the principle.The direction of movement in the two takes, which download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and starred actor constant motion must be the same, otherwise the audience will be download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and misled about what moves to the actor. .8 Movement rfluna the same and in the same direction, a hack in the previous frame, the ruble is easy to trace the movement of the character.But if the movement suddenly changes direction, the viewer becomes unclear where greper directed character. .9 When two characters look at each other but their views are oriented in opposite directions.Plans look - this is the third requirement, which must be kept in mind at the time of connection plans, when the actors appear individually or in groups. Balance of views on the screen - it always looks in the opposite direction.Two characters face to face looking in opposite directions, as shown in Figure If the actors are separate plans, the opposite direction of the views should be preserved.If the actors in separate plans to look in one direction, then logically they should look at the third character or object, and not on each other, as shown.


Without these rules scenes may be poor little enjoyable. 10 If the actors are in discord plans, their views should be in opposite directions 17.11 When the two actors look in one direction, they do not pay attention to each other but in this case, is considered something of an outsider.Looking to the parties to make PYUTIVOPOLOZHNYE static position opposite direction of views between the two actors is very easy, the only problem - is to see to it that their heads were turned face to face.