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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Is this good? I do not know until after the first act caused sluggish once. Second act. Home for some reason I did not quit.Maroussia said that I make the impression that I do not know where to put your hands. Love scene with a blower went much better, partly because before "very much I love you," she sang a song and the transition easier for me. The third act. Led a good start, hot, short, game, like always. The scene is from Fedotov 179 comes out.I do not understand why this is happening? I've been terribly fond of, but it was nothing. Probably because of the darkness can not see my face. After the third act caused quite sluggish once or twice. The last act is successful. I played inflammation and land, that is, playing a man with a high fever in the head.When I dreamed Yeryomka, I lifted her left eyebrow and lowered his right hand, causing my face completely skewed. This was impressive. The last scene failed worse than the first time. I too was in a hurry to speak. At the end of the toilet ran download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and Dudyshkin and says that the play is fine, it must be repeated.After the last act caused very friendly and shouted me solo. I got one a couple of times. Views: 180 Kosheleva liked the last action. She was so scared that she even download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and started to hurt her temple. Brenk, the former proprietress teatra181 Pushkin, came to me in the dressing room.She makes the play and, obviously, on hearing of my game, come see, to ask her to play. I refused. She said that to judge me as a lover can not, she looks at me, and to all the performers as real actors, I have a lot of talent.The last act in particular is not only well organized, but even art, which is very difficult to achieve in this play. She had heard a lot about me, but it is certainly not expected to meet that I saw. The last scene she advises play more and talk less exhaustion, and even more difficult to understand speech.Lisa Sapozhnikova182 told mummy that I loved her. So terrible to watch the final act, that she was ready to leave the theater. Possart, she said, and he did not make such an impression on her. Moritz said he was very demanding, but, despite this, he is quite happy with the performance and did not expect to see these fans.Me and Marusya he praised and said among other things: "If the critics do not praise you, it does not surprise me. This is considered to be only for professional artists play actors, fans, even though they were seven genius, do not believe the artists and their do not tell.


" Mapysya praises first act. Scolds the beginning of the second, where I allegedly constrained.She likes the love scene with a blower and a scene in the third act at the party. Scene Fedotov abuses, saying that the audience does not reach my excitement. The last act of her love, and she was afraid to look at me.The impression which is left in it after "burning letters," I did not see it 185 not sensed, not wondering, and had to play "Miserly Knight," the most unloved and difficult role for me, and, moreover, under the most adverse conditions. Weighed down by worries on the ball and the upcoming performance of "Don Juan" 186, we should not have to think of a friendly party, but Komissarzhevsky appointed him so this evening will take place.