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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


He did something that would make anyone who loves. Delving into the life of the play, I see no other outcome for my uncle, as the one he had chosen. In short, within the life of the play I was becoming like him. Try to understand the magic word for an artist: to become."Tease and grasp gait and movements," to give "body dress and role," said Gogol, maybe secondary actor, but "capture the soul as" artistic image can be only a true talent.If so, it means that I have a talent, because in this role I became an uncle, while in other roles I have, to a greater or lesser degree, "tease" others or their own images. What luck for once in his life experience that must feel and do on stage a true creator!This state is a paradise for the artist, and I have known him in this work, and have known it, would not have to put up with nothing else in the arts. Is it possible that there is no technical means to penetrate the Bohemian paradise, not by chance, but by choice? Only when the technology comes to this feature, our acting craft become a true art.But where and how to look for funds and foundations for the creation of such a technique? That's the question that should be the most important for the true artist. I do not know how I played the role, I do not presume to criticize themselves and judge, but I was happy to genuine artistic happiness, and I am not embarrassed by the fact that the show did not have material success and fees did not.Only individuals download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and assessed Dostoevsky on stage as well as our work on the hoax. Famous pisatelbelletrist Dmitry V. Grigorovich, a friend and contemporary of Dostoevsky and Turgenev, ran in ecstasy backstage shouting that after the "Inspector" scene never seen such bright, colorful images.Dostoevsky's genius took him and raised him in the memories that I have, however, keep silence, because they do not consider myself entitled to publish, just that he did not find it necessary to Grigorovich do it. Thus, in the play "The Village Stepanchikovo" I was honored to know the true joy of true artistatvortsa.Familiarity with Tolstoy about this time our amateur club, the Society of Arts and Letters, played a few performances in Tula rehearsals and other preparations for our tour took place there, in the hospitable home of Nikolai Davydov, a close friend of Leo Tolstoy temporarily house his whole life has adapted totheater requirements. In between rehearsals took place noisy dinners, during which one funny joke after another. Himself, no longer young, has become a master student.


One day, in the midst of fun, in front of the figure of man in peasant coat.Soon, the old man went into the dining room with a long beard, boots and a gray shirt, belted with a belt. He was met by the general rejoicing. At first I did not realize that it was Tolstoy. Not one picture, or even write with a portrait can not convey the impression you get from his living face and figure.Is it possible to pass on paper or on canvas eyes Tolstoy that permeates the soul and accurately download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and probed her!