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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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... Hall of Parliament.On the podium - speaker. From his close-operator pulls, turning vast panorama opening hall, people, the world outside the windows of the building. And this panorama just by their motion expresses the idea of ​​the unity of the people at the street with parliamentarians in the audience, the idea of ​​the enormity of the social victory.Kamerarasskazchik directs and determines the ratio of visitors to an event. It was so unusual for Magidson manners, always gravitated to a photographic, prompting admiring astonishment of his colleagues.More than that, it was the beginning of his new relationship to the place and importance of the actor in a movie, frame the new principles and staging.Magidson in these years have come to understand that it is the movement of the actors should determine picture composition, and not vice versa, which is good, only the composition that allows the actor to feel the frame freely and naturally.No actor should follow the camera, afraid to break the alignment of the song, and the camera should follow the actor, his job is not connecting movements.Obviously, the same attention to the actor explains the sharp rejection Magidson fashion in the early 50's tyuley and smoke that created aerial perspective, softens coarse local color deepened frame, but narrowed the site of action, making it difficult to cast.Revision Magidson own aesthetic position was apparently download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and related to his apprehension of imminent birth of cinema, which we call "modern." In a speech about the film "Conspiracy doomed" Kalatozov said:"Working always in collaboration with the operator, for the first time here I had to see a man who knows how to do it so exactly the scenario in terms of drama, see each image, to understand and find the right solution, the only solution that should be here. This must be noted as an expressive ability Magidson. "The accuracy of fine dramatic expression of ideas - a necessary quality of every operator, but if dramaturgical material incorporated all dvetri paint and operator, respectively, only these colors and is, if the whole life material is laid in a simple scheme, sometimes this ability of the operator to expose, to reveal the essence ofonly emphasizes the artistic weakness, lifeless literary basis. Such examples, unfortunately, is in the creative biography Magidson. Magidson was not a theoretician. He did not like public speaking, either orally or in print. He did not leave books or published articles.Only recorded on random pieces of fragments of thoughts, experiences and opinions. Watch the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы in excellent quality online. His home archive, which we use, as far from any systematic, completeness, as his work and his life. "During my camera work - wrote it somehow - I have more grief than joy.Always happy to consider his future work, and last - sorry, as many interesting ideas download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and remain unfulfilled, and it is, unfortunately, all the pictures taken, even those who, like the "Bride", awarded a Gold Medal at the International Exhibition in Paris.More satisfying me from my work - "Three Songs of Lenin." In "Spring Stream" I was able to convey deep lyricism of Russian nature.