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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Arc. Averchenko download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and despised actor of his time.He explicitly says that the actor - a man feeding "smanivaniyu maniacal desire for other men's wives and delusional tendency to take from those around okru101 money without return." Just despised actors and the society of that time. For us, the title of Soviet actor also honored as the title of the Red Army.Soviet actor - not uveselitel and public man, he - a mouthpiece of the Soviet public. With Soviet actor can not have such incidents, which happened to averchenkovskim character download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and tangled line "lover" with a valid, because the table of social roles, is soluble us line "lover" is missing.If the slogan averchenkovskogo actor was "more chutzpah!" That the slogan of the new Soviet actor is: "More knowledge! More attention to the public! More respect for himself and his companions! More respect for its viewers! More skill! "Because the title of the Soviet actor - the honorary title.102 LETTER Mayakovsky March 23, 1926 Dear Friend, Moscow, Mayakovsky, You told me yesterday that I look younger and younger. To inform you that since the day my shoulders fell a dozen years. It is because I have to put thy play. I will put it himself, but I will ask you to help me. Who You vydvinesh for registration?Do not answer it either by letter, or verbally through Butorina, and tell me in person. We need to meet. Maybe in the next few days and you will come to us Brickey. By the way: Zinaida asks you to send her a poem in memory of Esenina. The children were delighted with the book. Already have memorized. I kiss you.Loving you Stanislavsky, Vsevolod 103 LETTER 26 September 1926 Dear Moscow Stanislavsky, I overworked on double rehearsals last week that he was forced at the end of the day's work today to go out of town for two days to recover. Showing you the eye neurotic do not want. I'm sorry.You will be met, arrange, caress my students, among them Mikhail root - you know him. I'll wait for your review. It is very important to me your feedback. Zinaida sends you warm greetings. Congratulations on your victory. I kiss you. Loving you SunMeyerhold 104 Speech at the Vakhtangov MEMORIAL MEETING November 29, 1926 At present, when the theater unfavorable more than ever, the absence of such a worker as Vakhtangov, particularly noticeable.Vakhtangov was not download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and limited to writing declarations, letters, diaries - this was a man who knew how to work the really.


Here is how one worker, who forced him to change his political credo. At Vakhtangov Theater was truly working. His absence is felt in the theater every day.I recently had to talk to Konstantin Stanislavsky. When I asked about the fate of the modern theater, he said: "Unfortunately, very few people who would firmly consolidate its positions of Russian theater - not only today, but in general the Russian theater, essentially still young."According to Stanislavsky, there are no people who are quite firmly know what to and what not to. That's why unfavorable to the theater.