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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


From there, the new conquered the fort opens wide horizons for further progress.The works of those who, like Chekhov sets up milestones outgrow generation and not outgrow their generation. Vital topics that are treated by artists, aging, losing sharpness today, cease to fascinate those for whom there is no prospect of history.But the real works of art do not die from it, do not lose their poetic value. Let Cech is not in those so in his other creations out of date and is not acceptable to the post-revolutionary period, as Chekhov had not yet begun to live a full life in our theaters.Therefore, the head of Chekhov is not over, it still did not read properly, not penetrated into its essence and prematurely closed the book. Let it will open again, and learn dochtut through. Studio at Cook was a slight fact which, however, has made a strong impression.The fact is that when we put on plays Maeterlinck and I had to do for "Blind" and the statue of the deceased lying on the ground and the head pastor of spiritual guide's crowd helpless blind people, I took the order to one of the sculptors of the then left-wing. He came to me looking layouts and sketches.I told him of my plans productions, which, by the way, is not satisfied me. After hearing my story, a sculptor in very rough shape, and which at that time enjoyed using innovative, told me that for my productions download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and needed sculpture "of tow." Having said that, he was gone, it seems, not even saying goodbye.This incident has made me a great impression and then, of course, bad form toyu which download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and showed novatorskulptor, and the fact that I felt the truth of his words, and with even greater clarity is aware that our theater has stalled. No new ways, and old ones destroyed. But few of us think about the future. Why!The theater was a success, the audience poured shaft, everything seemed to went well ... Others among them Vladimir and individual artists understand the state of affairs. You should have something to take to the theater, to all the artists, to himself, and as the director, who has lost perspective, and as an actor, dereveneyuschemu from stagnation.In fact, I felt like I came out on stage inwardly empty, with some external actor's habits, without soul burning. Again there was a period in the quest, during which the new becomes an end in itself. New for the new. Its roots are looking for not only his, but also in other arts: in literature, in music, in painting.Standing, happened before Vrubel works or other innovators of the time and the acting and directing habit mentally cram themselves into the picture frame, just get into it, not to the part, and then, as if from the Wrubel or images he painted, imbued his mood and physically apply to him.But the inner content, download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and expressed in the film, is indefinable, elusive to consciousness, his feeling only in certain moments of enlightenment, and felt again forgotten.During these sverhsoznatelnyh158 flashes of inspiration seems to concede Vrubel by yourself, through your body, muscles, gestures, postures, and they begin to express what is essential in the picture.Memorize found physically, you try to bring it up to the mirror and use it to check your own eyes incarnated body line, but, surprisingly, in the reflection of the glass is found only with a caricature of Vrubel, Lohmann with the cast, and more often with the old, familiar, worn operatic stamp . Again, go to the picture, and then stand in front of it and you feel that in its own way give it to the inner content, this time to check yourself general well-being, keep an eye on the inner eye to her and oh, horror!