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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


- Found? - Edith screamed into the phone.- Honey, I've been meaning to ask you to recall that I had to find. The film "MonmartrnaSene" brought Edith that she was looking for: a new songwriter and ... new love. PiafMeriss duo, who played "indifferent handsome", download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and attracted the attention of director Lacombe. The play was three months in Paris, and was a success in all of France;public knew Paul and Edith, it was worth using. And Edith Lacombe proposed movie script, called "MonmartrnaSene." Edith already starred in 1937. She sang in the movie "bachelorette", where she played Marie Belle. Unimpressed Edith made no response. In "MonmartrenaSene" She had an episode with a song, and the main role.Paul liked to shoot. As they download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and worked together, he was still in the house. Life download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and flowed calmly now Edith was indifferent to it. Edith loved to act, the only drawback was the fact that we had to get up very early. Studio would send a car for Edith.Of course, I also had to go - Edith in any case did not want to be alone in the dressing room. On the first day in the dining room studio Georges Lacombe presented Edith tall, handsome, elegant man. In his hair gleamed silver threads, and in the eyes - mischief. This was Henri Comte - pressattashe film. George said Comte"I charge you to Edith." At that moment, everything was decided. If Paul and took his things immediately, because Henry could not move us. At first glance, I realized it was "our" guy. That evening during a "meeting" in the bathroom Edith asked: - Did you like this Henry? - Very. We will do. - So, agreed.We have never been a journalist, he worked in the newspaper "Parisuar" and writes about film for the magazine "Sinemondial." Among other things, it will be useful to us. August 8, 1941 by Henri Comte wrote about Edith: "Yes, no doubt. A small woman, motionless and serious, standing under an arch of gray stone - is Edith Piaf.Her presence was a surprise to me since I came to see that it has appointed me, far ahead of schedule. She is not alone. Beside her a man, and I immediately noticed that he had an evil, hard face. This man is not peculiar pity, condescension, forgiveness. I think I know Paul Merissa. But ... no, she does not cry.She looks like a poor child, who hopes chegoto waiting: whether the magic of happiness, or naive and simple love, the one who sings about in his songs people.


I want to write a song for this Piaf:The one person I fall in love, will be graying at the temples, the glitter of gold on the wrist and a beautiful shirt ...... She's not a conspiracy, but I already know what she says. Because in her eyes, stretched out my hand, I suddenly see the plea, I know her, she was as old as the world, this is a plea, rend the soul, but in vain groan"Stay with me ... I still love you ... I have only you ... Stay ..." ... What made the heart Piaf? Anyone else in his place would have long since broken. Edith Piaf ... more bent her head, as if it is too heavy for her. I see her sunken eyes, who do not want to see more.