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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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I sat waiting for the doctor. He came out with a smile from ear to ear, and I immediately realized that all is well. "How much?" - I asked."Only two," - he said and added that he had seen four arms, four legs, but they are so intertwined that it is able to and hear only one heart. I could not , and wait get home, so call right away from the hospital and told the news of Roberto. He immediately phoned all of Rome. He was proud and happy:just two. But my first reaction was confusion: how can I take care of two babies at the same time? I became so huge that just could not sleep, could not get into any one dress. In the end, I could not have and, therefore, had to spend the last month of the clinic.I did intravenous injections with a nutrient solution, I was walking on the roof, wrapped in a bathrobe. Reporters watching me from below, and I occasionally waved pv. Coy. "When?" - They shouted, to which I replied: "I hope soon, because I'm sick." However, the timing came, and all the kids were not, doctors began to worry.I was offered to use stimulants. I called Roberto - he was on location shooting - and asked: - How can a and resolve? We will fix the date of their birth. So do not do it. All the stars, astrological signs, moon, constellations - everything will be messed up.Anyway, their birth is associated with all of this, is not it? Their horoscopes are wrong, if I do decide what day they appear. I want to wait. Roberto agreed with me, but the doctors talked to him and convinced: to hell with all of the constellations! The situation became too onasnoy. They talked with me, and I agreed.In the morning, when there was a doctor with a syringe, I asked: "Give me a call Roberto." - Today, June 18, - I said. - Do you think this is a good day? - Eighteenth of June? Of course, a great day. Forward. While Ingrid expected delivery in the hospital, at the other end of the world drama was played out different: defending the right to a meeting with Pia.London episode so upset Ingrid, she decided , and to legitimize their rights. She asked Greg Bauttsera sue petition that Pia was allowed to come to Italy during the summer holidays in 1952. For Ingrid, it seemed perfectly normal request emanating from the mother.But Peter took it as a prospective first attempt to take away his Pia. He did not trust Roberto. Whether he will return back to Pia, if that would be in Italy? He refused the request.

watch the film Thor 2: The kingdom of darkness in excellent quality online

The case was heard in July 1952. The judge was a woman named Mildred Lillie.Contents of the decision of the court is entirely dependent on the immediate reaction Pia. Gregson Bauttser Pia asked a number of questions: - Faced with her mother last summer in London, you said that you love her and miss her. You said it only out of courtesy? ; - I do not remember saying that I miss her. We saw each other a few days.My mother asked me: "Are you happy? '' - Did not you say that he misses her and wanted to see it? 'I'm not sure I said those words.