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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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If you call today, it means today, not tomorrow! "In the movie" Lovers of Tomorrow "had a long history. Pierre Brasseur, with whom Edith loved to sit with a glass, somehow came up with a good story and wrote the screenplay. He loved Edith.She told him to Marcel Blistenu, then, as often happens in the movies, substituted by the dough put aside. But to think yeast were strong because they do not have time to come back from America Edith as Marcel called her: "Are you free? Two months later we start shooting "Lovers tomorrow."Along with Edith starred Michel Auclair, Armand Mestral, her longtime girlfriend Mona Guaya, Ramone suplex and Francis Blanche. With Edith Francis was always fun. Both loved jokes, jokes, good jokes. The shooting was fast and smooth. Pierre Brasseur not only wrote the script, but also a song for Edith:"And yet ..." The relationship between them is going very "funny. Initially, they were unable to understand each other. Pierre would be very consistency dive at least once in bed, Edith; she was also "for". But it did not happen, because in the day when he was about her that and suggest it was full of a satellite;neither she nor I could then remember who. Pierre sighed, "Tough luck ..." After a few years he was filming, laughing, said Edith, "You missed the chance then!" - "Your own fault, it was necessary for me to roost, I really like you, and the one with whom I was, had no meaning. "I really liked Pierre, but I was glad that he was not the role of patron made. With difficulty I could not imagine the combination of these two individuals. The house already had little dishes ... about how they met, each had their own version.He was sure that he had met her at the Louis sculpt, but Edith never missed an opportunity to refresh his memory is: 'Are you with me is not met Louie, and dance in the "tourbillon". I have not been Piaf sang and shout verses under the band. You've come to the group of athletes, and when I went down the hall after the speech, told me:"Oh, it's you that little thing that just sang shout!" If he is not well remembered meeting, then he remembered Edith very fine, because I always wanted to write songs for her. One day he called Edith and said, "I wrote the song. Last night I read "savage" Anouilh, and one of the last remarks struck me, this is just for you:"Always gdenibud will wander ownerless dog and it hurts me feel happy." I found it to be fine, and asked permission to make Anouilh replica of this song. He hesitated at first, but when I said, "It's for Piaf, she liked," he replied, "If for her, then agree."So wrote the song "And yet ..." And yet ... Always will gdenibud and wander ownerless dog, And it hurts me feel happy.

download the film Thor 2: The Realm of Darkness

After filming Marseille Blisten arranged cocktail.Francis Blanche philosophical views, sitting in a corner, sucking up, but he was bored. He was waiting for his accomplice - Edith.