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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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sound moral principles, art and skills together can do wonders. How this miracle will dispose of the director? Working on the book, I proceeded from the fact that the main object of a documentary - the real world, which he hopes to change for the better.Kakoeto time I thought that the debt-minded documentary - to fight for social change. Now I think that conceiving a documentary - is the one who testifies. "Certificate" has two levels. On the lower level - is an attempt to convey a certain truth; no absolute truth or revelation, but rather the author's view of life:"This film is based on my personal experience, feelings and outlook. All shown can be taken as the truth or out of my head.". At the next level filmmaker said: "This is our world. Let his joy will make you happy.But you should see the sorrows, let them have chemuto teach that then you do not say that no one ever told you about it. ". Witness the laws of logic can not be. It is the impulse, the inner fire that should never fade away. My friend and talented cinematographer Robert you once said: "I can tell you a lot.This baggage, specific mission, which nobody asked me, is of vital importance to me. Without this, I do not exist. I have to talk about it with the audience, who have not experienced anything like that in reality.. "In the book, we talked a little bit about the techniques. You can not teach inspiration or creative aspirations.But what I can say about it: technology makes skilful filmmakers, but great - never. This requires passion and creative aspirations. Striving to ensure that express what you did not ask, reveal facts which in any case can not be silent.Alan Rosenthal was born in England, studied law at Oxford University and directed more than fifty films, mostly in the US, Canada and Israel. He participated in the training of staff of the Israeli television, he has written three books about the documentary film and has taught at Stanford University, the British and the Australian Film School.Currently head of the department at the Institute of Communications in Jerusalem. His latest film, "Out of the Ashes" and the series "Jewish civilization" have received prestigious awards.The expanded edition of the book "Making movies and videovilmov as fascinating business," Alan Rosenthal expanded the amount of information on videodokumentalistike added a chapter on finance and marketing, as well as new practical examples. The book devotes more attention to the basic principles of film production.

download the film Thor 2:The kingdom of darkness

reviews the first edition: "I can not get enough of this book. Should every student to read it? Of course! Should every filmmaker, regardless of experience, to read it? Of course!" - Austin Lamont, "Film Quaterly". "Technic an end in itself led to the emergence of too many refined pacifiers.Book Alan Rosenthal appeared as an antidote ... She made a great contribution to the development of educational literature on film and at the same time become more humane, intelligent tool for professional filmmakers. "- Henry Braytroz," International Documentary "."Rosenthal, with a track record of more than sixty films, writes about the concept and the production of documentary films with a human skill, a lot of hours spent on the front lines." - "Choice".Alan Rosenthal, recognized around the world documentarian who directed more than sixty films, including "Out of the Ashes" won Peabody Award, has written a book about the realities of the production of documentary films.