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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


His plays require some methods of work, play Olesha - others play Erdman - third. We have to be flexible in this, and then we have all the authors will be similar to one we especially loved ". Ostrovsky people other than the person Chekhov.Gogol's characters live in different rhythms and different laws being than Gorky's characters. And so there is no universal way to identify their human essence. Each time the search begins for a new rehearsal techniques vivleniya nature and temperament of the actor in a different genre.Rehearsal process for each performance for each genre based solutions based on those "rules of the game", that "the truth of feelings", which selects a creative team that is - on the selected genre. Director brings actors to comprehend the laws of the genre with an introduction to the play. This important point is often forgotten.Creating a comfortable environment, room lighting, where the reading of, sometimes the purely staging techniques - listening to music, a device for photo exhibitions sketches. And sometimes you just need the ability to amuse the audience. Popov was rehearsing a play Gladkov "Davnymdavno" to the sounds of the mazurka. SunMeyerhold at rehearsals of Chekhov's "Proposal" created an atmosphere of drawing, jokes, telling jokes. Depending on the definition of the genre, and we agree on the system of relationships with the audience. Nora could hardly look forward sympathy from the audience as it does Leo Gurych Sinichkin or Fadinar of "Straw Hat".How to solve a monologue in tragedy, the hero is left alone with the audience? The viewer becomes complicit thinking hero, but is not a direct partner. Brilliant discovery Stanislavsky in the "Inspector" when Moskvin - Mayor put his foot on the prompter's box and addressed the audience: "Whom are you laughing?"Was possible in a certain time, in his era. Richard III, openly revealing his evil plans viewers can hardly count on the sympathy of our contemporaries. I remember a performance of "Boris Godunov", in which the question of Boyar people:"Why are you silent" - the call to the youth audience reaction caused frivolous fun and download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and filmed the entire experience of the dramatic situation. Particular attention should be paid to the rehearsals development of internal monologues of the actors.This is a very important part of the work, which is entirely borne by the actors, and should not go out of the purview of the director. It was here, in the inner monologue fantasized visions can schedule a fatal discrepancy between logic author, genre and system solution logical thinking performer.Sad, but not hitting the unusual case of a rehearsal of Shakespeare's tragedy in the Youth Theatre.


The young actor is rehearsing the role of Romeo. He is passionate, romantic. He enthusiastically talks about his love for Rosaline. All is well. But here's the scene at the ball. Meeting with Juliet - lightning? - And they love each other for life.Even death can not tear them apart. The first meeting - it defines all the further course of the tragedy - no success.