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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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When moved to Leningrad from Kiev, such as boxes lined the walls and bare until bought furniture, they were signs: "closet", "bed". Then there was a real wardrobe and bed. Now the task is more difficult. Four rooms need furniture.The set, which wanted to Alla, cost decently - Finnish! Well, arrived, the State Prize for "Quiet Flows the Don", Yura earned chegoto on television, the rest - in debt. Usual state - to sit in debt. But the set is called "The Mikado." As an English operetta, which is very fond of K We want to play as a student there scenes.I remember the names of the characters: Kuku, YumYum ... Actually, flatlet lighter than our old at the desk. To replace the wallpaper that adorned the life of pianist Paul Serebriakova, stuck new, there's even a "colorful roosters." The next day, after Allah has been renovated, the phone rang Director Zarkhi.He has already arrived in Leningrad to offer me a role Dostoevsky. "Risky Business" - all the time revolved in my head. And then, who has advised him? Still remembered seeing on the eve of a dream, like Fima Kopelyan from chegoto dissuaded me. To know, from what? "Let's start with fotoproby" - playfully started Zarchi once crossed the threshold of the house.It so happened that he first sat down at our new "Mikado". And immediately appraisal: "What apartment ayayay! In Moscow, there is no such even Mikhalkov! "" She looks like Kuku - I thought. - But how to use it ?? "September 27 ZhorzhZandka wore pants first day of shooting. We are on the Vitebsk station. I'm worried - and for the role and make-up.To achieve the desired long shadows that appear on the motion of the cheekbones. Portrait in front of me with sunken cheeks and forehead open sublime ... Director on makeup does not pay attention, he has his monologue: "To Apollinaria Dostoevsky was the first man in the meantime she was already and twenty-three! Imagine how they get on the train!Then there were barriers according to the coupe. I "Anna Karenina" shot, so I know about trains. And the father of Anna could not even imagine that his daughter will writer! He saw before him this lewd ZhorzhZandku who wore pants ..."I became uneasy, I left, came and began to smoke, but he spoke with his shadow. Nobody shoot was not going to. "Got involved! - I realized courageously. - It's not just Kuku, it is much more serious. " But if we now say that I refuse to again begin to persuade: "You know how to without a director, forget abstracts ... because this opportunity will no longer be. " "The people will be the canonical representation of Dostoevsky, and this is very important!" - Argued yesterday Bella Manevitch.