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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


and film studies associate a school of Soviet actor with the Moscow Art Theater. Outstanding director Pudovkin wrote a series of papers on the Stanislavsky and the movie 'The current round of Romm In.: Actor in Film / Comp.Zakharov. 1976, p. Pudovkin actor in the film, Realism, Naturalism and the "system" Stanislavsky; Foreword Aleynikov "Ways of Soviet cinema and the Moscow Art Theatre." Ideas Stanislavsky and film. An Actor in the film and the "system" of Stanislavsky. On the creative Coll. Op.: In 3 Vols, thatPantomime - a movement of the body with which the actor expressed gesture - hand movement actors - zhaet state, feelings and thoughts used to express a spiritual hero. Sometimes referred to as the pantomime of life, mood, feelings and mysmimikoy body. Leu hero."Prisoner of the Caucasus" "No Path Through Fire" Stanislavsky System - a method of education and training as an actor. The essence of it - implementation supergoals performance through physical action actor, based on his personal feelings and experiences, which are based on the nature and similar to the feelings and experiences of the hero.Stanislavski techniques for creative actors on shared experiences and views of supporters. The essence of the experience he had seen to create the scene download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and depicted the inner life of the person and the whole play, adapting to this strange life of their own human feelings, giving her all the organic elements of his own soul.Stanislavsky was far from being able to fully identify the artist's experiences on stage with those he knew in life, for the time, he said, "clean, crystallized a sense, leaving only memories of the most important ...". Stanislavsky representation are defined as the art of presentation ...try to call and apply to yourself the most common human traits that convey the inner life of the role. Created for each of them, once and for all, the best form, the artist learns estestvennno embody it mechanically, without the participation of his feelings at the time of his public speeches. This is achieved ... by endless repetition.Muscle Memory by artists from the art of presentation developed to the extreme "views, as a rule, leads to the schematism, dry performance, binds actor. The ultimate expression of this method finds in actor dies.Stamp - an imitation of the senses by external common techniques, regardless of the nature of the character and personality of the performer. Stanislavsky was a catalog of stamps, familiarity with which will help them to recognize in the modern scenes: expressed by air and these kisses, snuggling to his heart and his hands, and someone else ... Expressed excitement fast walking up and down, shake hands when you print the letters, knocking on the glass carafe and a glass of teeth when pouring and drinking water.


Calm expressed boredom, yawning and sipping.Joy - clapping, singing a waltz, circling and rolling with laughter, more boisterous than cheerful "Stanislavsky Coll. Op.: In 8 tons -, 1954, v. 2, p. Ibid, vol 6, p. Reincarnation - the strongest weapon Talent actor appears in vysozhie actors realistic shkokom skill transformation.