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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Eccentric millionaire bequeaths his grandson $ 300 million.But to get them, one for the month should spend 30 million. The efforts of the hero to the winds as a significant amount was shown by Hill and his actor Pryor fun, mischievous and very inventive. Especially could picture the election campaign for mayor of New York, and is "eaten" most of the capital.In the work of Hill's "Brewster's Millions" - perhaps the only example of creating a "clean" comedy, and yet the humor plays a significant role in the structure of the rigid " urbanized" westerns like "48 hours", "Red Heat," "more 48 hours. "Hill's creative success of this should be considered as an invitation to the role of the Artful Dodger, released from jail for 48 hours to unravel the murder of two police officers, a young black comedian Eddie Murphy.It has long been on the U.S. does not appear such a fine based on the principle of contrast duo - white, completely devoid of humor cop and his team, with every fiber of his face radiating extraordinary cunning.For many viewers the film became an important indicator positively change race relations in America, the 80-ies., Which contributed to his incredible success. Hill repeated this pattern in the movie "Red Heat", much of which was devoted to overact picture of Russian life. The duo of Schwarzenegger and J.Belushi also looked great, but was download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and deprived of the taste of novelty. Walter Hill is one of the most important figures in modern cinema. His art traditions of American film classics by correlating them with the trends constantly growing urbanization and mechanization movies get new life and development. Arthur Hiller.Director, producer, actor. Born on November 22, 1923 in Edmonton. He was educated at the universities of Alberta, British Columbia and Toronto, specializing in: law and philosophy. Like many other Kinor zhissery, the world screen art, Hiller came to television, where he worked for several years.His television picture - on the series "download the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы and Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "Acme", "Theater matinee" and other significant success and attracted large audiences. And as the author of many prestigious TV plays, Hiller was invited to work in the cinema.His first band in his new role - "Careless Years", "Wonders of the white stallions," "resourceful businessmen" proved that American cinema has another professional who knows the secret to business success.However, until in 1970 kartint "Love Story", the name of Arthur Hiller was little known, although to his credit - a lot of good-quality tapes. Watch the film Тор 2: Царство тьмы online. He was just one of many.However, the film adaptation of the bestselling E, Segal led him into the category of highest-grossing directors of the country, and a touching melodrama about love triumph was on screens around the world, causing millions of people to cry.Trivial story-a boy and a girl from different social backgrounds, overcome all the obstacles and get married despite Julia relatives through a tragic end - young heroine suddenly died of leukemia so liked the audience that "Love Story" has broken all box office records and was recognized as a hit in 1970 year.But, as it may seem strange that after such a grand success of the film, Hiller was slow work in the genre of melodrama.