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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


In the same vein kinodnevnika Marina Goldovskaya created "mirror shards." Loyal fan and follower of Leacock, she used to shoot anytime, in any situation. The camera is always on her shoulder.She even came to visit with a camera, and has none of her friends are not surprised that the survey - its normal state. And she continues to talk to them without turning off the camera. Get by in the early 1990s, she download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and shared the idea with Chris Marker filmadnevnika:"In Russia there is a revolution of such times before, I only read about, and now I feel them for yourself." Marker has called on French television. They agreed to bear the costs. So there was a "private Chronicle troubled times", where she was filming day of friends, acquaintances, people in the streets and their own confusion.Today, this film looks even more exciting than it was then - those days are in the past, and now we see ourselves as if anew. When professional filmmakers remove part of the life of the hero, they have to pay for a shot as much a part of his life. But fans often remove themselves, their family or their labor collective.And for this they do not have to live separate lives, full of - what they live and work, and then removed. An interesting experiment is shown in one of the festivals of amateur film. By filming the bus stop, which was outside his window. Every day at a certain time, he went to the window and shot three minutes. And what happened?In the film we see a regular stop: passengers - incoming and outgoing, gradually getting used to the familiar faces of people who are likely to come and go at the same time - this is a young man, that girl ... Then one day we notice that a boy and girl together come to a stop, get off the bus together.And in some piece while they come with a small child, which in our eyes is getting older and older. It takes another a while, and the girl, grown-up, now comes to a stop with a child and a young man anymore ... And just like that the screen is another life, download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and peeped from a single point, without departing from the window.Film "out the window", in essence, there was also a recent ribbon-known director Kosakovsky "Hush", which the author observed at different times of the year for the life of the street from the window of his St. Petersburg apartment. Talk straight about the events in the snow-wedding party in the village and were an important moment in the life of the characters.Such events can be so exciting shooting parties, that the presence of cameras in such cases, it is psychologically invisible.


During the filming of the heroism of four Soviet soldiers, 49 days drifting in the ocean, the operator download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and Kopalin was in the village of the Annunciation in the Khabarovsk region, where she download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and lived the wife of one of the characters - Irina Fedotova.Already in place kinogruppa learned that to be an intercontinental telephone conversation Blagoveshchensk - New York. Preparations have begun to shoot. "...Now I think I did everything possible to interfere with the sequential shooting this conversation - later recalled operator - nataschil a small room lighting apparatus for a long time, says Irina, how it should behave in front of the machine, and when shooting hard pop "Konvasom "...But as soon as the phone rang, Irina, thank God, forgetting about me and my instructions, shouted into the phone: "Vanya, Vanya!