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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Rear should be priveshen black cloak with a hood, which concerns its narrow end to the ground and thus reminded, or rather, would have hinted at the tail.Right side of the cloak to be made of black matte material, the lining of the same or gryaznozheltoy matovokrasnoy matter, and the edge of the cloak should not be equal, in contrast, rather wavy, like the wings of a bat.Mephistopheles wears a hat in order to appear as if to cover up the horns on the head appendages, so it is a black hat with a feather has this style:. centerimg src = "st05_jpg" / center centerimg src = "st05_jpg" / center centerimg src = "st05_jpg" / center Mephistopheles to be completely without facial hair.In the first act, when he is out of the underworld, it seems to me to earth, with a greenish tint, as happens with the dead. Long chin and big humpback and download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and pointed down an aquiline nose, on which offers a long but narrow forehead, give the face a severe emaciation, exhaustion, and extend it.Mephisto's hair completely black, close- cropped, with large comb on his forehead. Mouth, if possible, a thin, ending evil and strict line down.Eyes are always on the move and never look directly at the object kakoynibud they stay on it only for a moment, then expressing ridicule, sarcasm, anger is poisonous, the bloodthirsty animal look, admiring his victim, but he immediately download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and dropped his eyes, and fearing to meet glance wrench with the head in the oppositeside. It should bring the eyes with red paint in the nose and in the other corner, in order to resemble, as is the case with birds of prey often NOTES scenic artist harm kakielibo nedosmotrennye little things that stop the viewer, such that they allow him to follow the play of the actor with the proper concentration .For example, imagine a performer who has learned a habit of continually blinking, head jerking or nervous, or, finally, constantly repeating the same gesture.No matter how fine an actor as its internal performance, but it is sure to stir the viewer who sees it for the first time, first smile, and there and some irritation. "How strange it is blinking or squinting, or waves his hand," he says to himself a spectator at his first appearance.And that immediately caught my lack performer, this is the first impression was not about to leave the audience and perhaps even kept cutting his eyes, do not give him the opportunity to follow the game and with the actor to enter the position of the depicted person. I have often, as a spectator, is experiencing some frustration on the actor for the most detail.You see, for example, a handsome young man with a beautiful face, eyes, delicately folded, in a word, on the outside and inside of you is quite complementary image of the handsome hero of the play, which the viewer is ready to enjoy such pleasure throughout the play, with the hunting to be influenced by this sweet face and thank him for the soulthat he by his simplicity, vibrant and attractive creativity can make the audience forget that he was in the theater, but not in reality see this beautiful image and lives alone with his noble, uplifting feeling;you feel that the artist is talented and could excite you these feelings and to reach full of illusion, but, alas, kakoylibo minor oversight, at least in the suit, such as poorly stitched trousers, giving the whole figure artist awkward, perhaps muzhikovaty look up that shock you, that you can not ignore this stuff ...At least I like trifle spoils impression.