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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Every when imagination gets me so far, my first action associated with the liquidation of the media as the source of all our troubles. Then I was panic in the face of population explosion, so disastrous for Mexico.I can imagine how summoned a dozen biologists and orders - without the right to discuss - to poison the planet terrible virus that will free her from the two billion inhabitants. I bravely tell them, "Let the virus and hit me."But then secretly made every effort to prevent his own death, make a list of people who should be saved, the family, my best friends, families, and friends of my friends. And it can not stop. And throw this thing.Over the past ten years, I also happened to imagine how I will free the world from the oil, another source of our troubles, blowing up 75 nuclear bombs under the ground at the point of the largest deposits. World without oil seemed - and still seems - a kind of paradise, set up my medieval imagination.It seems, however, that the explosion of 75 atomic bombs will generate a lot of practical problems, and better without it. Once in SanHosePurua where we, together with Luis Alkorisoy worked on the script, we went down to the river, taking the rifle. Going to the water, I grabbed Alkorisu sleeve and pointed to a beautiful bird sitting on a tree branch. It was an eagle.Louis grabbed the gun, took aim and fired. The bird fell into the bushes. Luis swims across the river, the whole vymoknuv, pushing branches and finds a scarecrow. On a label attached to the foot, the name of the store where I bought it and the price. Another time we have dinner together with the same Alkorisoy in the dining San Jose.The next table sits a beautiful, obviously lonely woman. And for Louis can not take his eyes off her. I say - Louis, we are here to work, and I do not like to waste time looking at women. - Yes, I know, - he says. - I'm sorry. Later, during dessert, his eyes again turned to a beautiful woman.He smiles at her, she responds in kind. I'm starting to get angry in earnest and a reminder that we download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and arrived in San Jose to write the script. And that his behavior I do not like Lovelace. He gets angry in turn, said that when he smiles at the woman, his man's duty to respond to it in kind. Angry, I'm going to my room.Alkorisa calms down, finishing dessert and sits next to the beauty. They meet together drinking coffee, talking about something. Alkorisa then takes her to his hotel room, lovingly strips and shows on his stomach, "tattoo" of three words: "Concubine Luis Bunuel."The woman - a smart slut from Mexico City, where I paid a lot of money, so she came to San Jose and exactly fulfilled my instructions.


Of course, the story of a kite and a whore - a figment of my imagination. But I'm sure Alkorisa, at least in the second case certainly would fall for the bait.Surrealism 1929-1933 Between 1925 and 1929, I made several trips to Spain and met with friends from the Residence. During one such visit Dali told me with great enthusiasm that Lorca wrote an excellent piece - "Don Perlimplin or Belisa in his garden." - It is imperative that he do it honored.