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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


I started taking lessons from him singing.Every day, after school in the office, often having lunch, I flew to the other end of the city on the lesson to his new friend. I do not know what brought me more good: the most there lessons or talk after.When I thought my vocal lessons progressed so much that I have to speak in kakoynibud parties, it was decided to put the show. Komissarzhevsky himself, bored on stage, he wanted to play with me. Our teatrstolovaya empty, and it was decided to use it.I prepared two scenes duet with Mephistopheles in "Faust" and the first act of the opera Dargomizhsky "Mermaid", in which I sang the Miller and Komissarzhevsky prince. Also, for the other students were prepared other passages involving real singers with voices not like mine. From the second rehearsal, I was hoarse and the more he sang, it was worse.A pity! Nice and extremely easy to play in the opera. That play, not to sing. Everything has been done by the composer, only transfer sensible that created them, and success is download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and assured. I do not understand how you can not get download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and excited about the fact that he wrote a download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and talented composer.His music, orchestration, keynotes are so convincing, clear and eloquent, that seems to be dead, and began to play. We must not prevent himself given magical power of sound. Besides opera templates Mephistopheles Miller in "Mermaid" so definite, clear, once and for all zashtampovany that do not require any previous work:Come out and play, as it should. Word is copied, and more! My ideals as the then did not go further than this, the more I wanted to be like real actors at all. And in particular the duty to favorites that fond of at the time.Fortunately for me, the performance on the dress rehearsal went, as it became clear that he could not glorify me. In addition, the large and daily work my voice would sit more and more, and finally sat down quite so than vulture was nothing I could learn from my throat.Standing on stage with some good singers, I understand your voice unsuitable material for an opera, musical training failure. I realized that I would never get a singer and I should ever give up the dream of an opera career.Singing lessons have stopped, but I did not stop, almost every day, to go to his former teacher, Komissarzhevskaya to talk to him about art and meet him with the people involved in music, singing, with professors of the Conservatory, where Komissarzhevsky download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and headed the opera class, and I have continued to be among the directors.Tell you a secret that I had a secret bold idea become assistant Komissarzhevsky class rhythm that I invent for themselves.


The fact that I could not forget the charming impression that remains in me, with operatic samples of rhythmic play-acting to the music.I could not help noticing that the singers manage to combine several completely different rhythms at the same time: the orchestra and composer kept his rhythm, singing is necessarily parallel to it, but the chorus is automatically raises and lowers the arm in a different rhythm, goes to the third;Each of the singers, depending on the mood, action, or rather inactive at their own pace, or rather, without any rhythm.