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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


In the result of the author's subjective approach in the transfer of subjective tions download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and failed.;And after such as Allen recently returned to the real movie "The war is over," whose hero, must of choice: whether to take the path against the forces or "He is not involved in the war in Spain, for him the war was left there in the here and the name But after hesitation and reflection, he chooses in the end the way the active struggle."In the movie" War said Alain issues relevant in our time to each person. My hero is a man of action, and all looking to the future, however, as the film itself. "The appearance of such a work - a remarkable fact, talking about the fact that sometimes the artist, struck a seemingly terrible disease may yet rise from the bed of the formalism and thus cease to be deaf to the voice of the time. Unfortunately, such cases are still rare.Guess as to what the future will result in the logic of life and the logic of the self-consciousness of a class entirely fruitless. In the overall assessment of the status of Western cinema has to start from the indisputable evidence of the mainstream.On the whole, today's art series "zvezdindividualnostey" is a very comforting picture.The defining issue of art has always been a problem with your choice of closure or negative characters, or various anti-heroes by many major artists of the West Film eloquently shows the limitations of their world view, the nature of criticism of bourgeois society as critics waged from download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and within that society.It is here that most clearly passes the boundary that separates them from the socialist artists. Very well said, speaking to reporters on his excellent film "Made in Italy" Nanni Loy: "The director may we set the goal record for the evils of society in which we live ... But we, as you see, do not suffer from pessimism.We believe in people, trust in the Italian workers. Believe that he will find hardly possible to believe that the other artists to easily and safely apply to involuntary self-restraint in the choice of characters. All honest filmmakers more or less often, but sought to break out of the range of goods.However, revealing that their search of the hero, able to breathe hope, serve as a "beacon of light darkness" is also usually very limited. Humanity, high moral qualities, the "Golden Heart" persistently sought out by them in the bourgeois society on the principle, so to speak, antithesis, "evidence from among his rogue:prostitutes, criminals ("hole", "Do not touch the extraction of" Jacques and all these positive characters share one thing in common - sacrifice, download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and doomed to defeat in their desperate attempt alone against the laws of the capitalist jungle.Neither the artist nor the audience does not believe that such heroes, despite their human appeal, will be able to find a way out. Their humanity is all the same purpose rebuke inhuman living. And their sacrifice - it's a kind of reflection of the sense of self-sacrifice, which give them aware of this or not the artists themselves.'However the image of the heroic personality, the image of the hero with a capital exists only in the western often not realistic works, and romantic, rather psevdoromanticheskih.