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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Attempts to apply the attack as a joke or to nothing, turned serious scandal.This is despite the fact that in his radio show China has repeatedly told of his novels, and once even said the name and address of the familiar prostitutes. After her appointment army of fans rushed to Takeshi, she had to change the name and place of residence - such an influx of clients she physically could not stand it.Self-destructive actions of China reached its apotheosis when he was in a state of alcoholic aberration on a motorcycle crashed into a wall, without dying by a miracle. On the eve of the incident, he has repeatedly stated that the TV cast and will only deal with an art that is cinema.But, on the contrary, to cure, not only took the old, but also multiplied the number of its television incarnation. And also took up painting. To find the time and for this, I had to stop drinking and smoking. Generally, with the time of the whale tight.For ten days, he devotes himself to television, speaking on the air and recording the transfer of ten days in advance, and during the next ten days, shooting a film - or, in mezhsemochny period, writes books: essays, novels, short stories, poems. As well as speakers in a variety of newspapers and magazines. When asked if he screams, Kitano says:"TV did not work, and play." And always tells the story of how, during a live show, on which were served drinks and food, he was strengthened by a nap on the couch - and, naturally, fell asleep. And all slept a half hour program, during which the rest of the show from time to time his finger at him and noticed:"Smotrika and Takeshi all asleep," But even so, you need to be aware of: TV for China - the daily bread. For a long time, his films are not widely accepted in the West, his experience in the field of film were evaluated mostly Japanese critics very cold and the success at the box office, however.The working title of "Fireworks" was "Takeshi Kitano, Tom seventh" - as explained by the author, "that the Japanese knew that until the" Golden Lion "in Venice, I took off for six films!". TV deprives China of the time, but over the years gives him financial independence.Being a popular TV star, he can afford a non-profit film project. Well, in addition, television - the same comic everyday practice, the need for which China has yet convinced of the "French theater." Calling himself a clown, he means not only the ability and need to amuse people, but the daily leave the arena.Those were the years when China might enjoy nationwide television fame, he is trying to force acting, started thinking about how to go to the cinema. The constant change of roles on television teased actor and author, who could not get the final go beyond the purely comic role.The first attempt to overcome the boundaries of the comic was the literary work from the end of 1980 Kitano writes and publishes books, one after the other.


This is not a collection of comic dialogues, and autobiographical novels. But in a much more "Beat" Takeshi seduces movie.