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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


No ... I did not stop to ask, when I grow up and stop being a baby At last. I do not know the answer. You increasingly face appears Japanese cinema abroad. Some political feel a special responsibility?I do not think about it - in Venice, I feel at home, and I do not care where I show the film. But to represent anyone else, I do not want. I'm too blunt and outspoken, always tell the truth about everything that is happening in Japanese society, and therefore, by the way, the Japanese do not like the fact that I often travel abroad.What kind of truth you say? For example, the Japanese system of government corruption and the exploitation of the population, about taxes. They do not like it, they treat me accordingly. Take my film "Sonatine." He was the starting point of my international career.When the "Sonatina" was released in Japan, it was on the big screen hardly a few weeks. Only a few years later, I learned that full of a European festival gave "Sonatina" its top prize. Japanese producers of the film have not told me about it;they did not like the film, which they basically did in Japan, so well received in Europe. And they just did not tell me that the film was awarded! In the "doll" all three storylines are mixed, creating the illusion of cycling going on, almost indefinitely.I wanted to give the film a more complex temporal shape and seriously considered during installation freely mix all the scenes together. But producers have come and said, 'Do not be silly. " I know very little about, say, painting of Impressionism and Cubism, on how to translate the three-dimensional world in two-dimensional space of the picture.All I'm trying to do here - to share what I think about the time. In the movie there is a scene reminiscent of an accident in which you were before the shooting, "Fireworks" and that cost you several operations ... I do not take lightly voobscheto accident that happened to me, although in the "doll" does have a similar episode.Fan of the singer sees her lying on the roadway with a bloody face, but the scenes in which she hit by a car or a motorcycle, I have not download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and included in the film. Maybe she tried to kill another fan! Talking about what happened to me ...In a strange way, I download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and hoped to radically change and become more free, to become a different person after such a traumatic experiment. But the result has changed in me only one thing: there was a scar on his face.


Once you've got the Venetian "Golden Lion" - for "Firework." What you mean festival prizes?The prize for me does not mean anything - anything except for the fact that I get a prize. "Samurai - long my love" Have you been told that dream to make a movie about the samurai. Your dream has come true? In fact, "Zatoichi" is not the samurai film, I was talking about four years ago. That idea has not yet been download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and implemented, but I continue to work on it."Zatoichi" has nothing to do with long-time project. It is not so easy to do, I have other obligations that do not allow me to complete the plan.