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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Listening to the voice of reason, she exposes her sexy show: instinct impels libido tiny soldiers to climb up the curve of her skin.She became a general sex, not yet having to know what the war of the sexes. And at the same time, she begins to learn the secrets of cosmetic skills - skills, which in due time will appreciate the best makeup artists in Hollywood.While envious girls gossiping behind her back, she sees to it that her bathing suits were all shorter and results satisfy her. She's in the spotlight. As long as it continually emits energy libido, it's only natural, from her point of view, to the same energy fueled her being;it happens every time her flock admiring glances. Thus, her sex appeal is nothing but a reflection of the environment. She - mirror desires of those who looks at her. Like an animal in the photos, she never appears by itself:perceive it in close connection with what surrounds it. The yearbook school, where she studies, her portrait does not receive nor under "C," or under the "K". Norma Jean Baker found a shelter there by the letter "M". Initials Marilyn Monroe on the way.No skin-tight sweater, by which it can pass indifferently, not cosmetic, what she does not is testing. She washes his face fifteen times a day, and Grace and Ena lend her their curlers, and her straight hair enliven playful curls. When she goes to school, drivers honk at her."Even the girls - tell it - yes netnet and pay attention. Hmm! Since it will be. " This she laughingly tells the correspondent of "Life" Dick Merimenu less than two months before his death. "The world has become more friendly ... it has revealed to me." The boys swarm around her like bees around honey.On a quiet street near her home, out of nowhere, there dvenadtsatpyatnadtsat teenagers ready even hang upside down on tree branches, just to attract her attention.And all the same, "with all this lipstick, mascara, with all the dimples and bends, I was not sensitive snails ... Sometimes I lie at night and wonder at, why are boys twine for me." She - General sex, but, like other generals, felt no excitement, no anxiety borne by the men.Just how occur monthly, can be explained by these early abnormalities in her body. Menstruation, initially inflicts unbearable pain in the future will be even more painful. Maurice Zolotow wrote that in 1954 he saw on a shelf in her closet fourteen boxes of different drugs from the pharmacy Schwab;they were meant to relieve menstrual pain. This feature of the physiological development of Norma Jean could not but cause concern Lower Aisne, otherwise it is impossible to explain why the latter did not cause protest matured in the brain to give the idea of ​​Grace Goddard Norma Jean married, and the sooner, the better.Follower of Christian Science, it must not only fervently believed in the fact that pain as such does not exist, but was conscious, how pain can bring, when from it can not escape it, in other words, it was no secret that Norma Jean is in captivity most unbecoming a Christian temptations.Cohen, one can assume, felt that the lack of internal balance can break a girl for the night, as the smashing of Gladys.