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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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This truth is dangerous for gentlemen with Wall Street, the American film industry disposing. Therefore, before Soviet films appear more and more new slingshot.Speeches of the Soviet Union at international festivals every time invariably led to the triumphant victory of the socialist cinema. So it was at the Cannes Film Festival, so it was at the Venice Film Festival in 1947.To protect themselves from defeats, the US put forward a new kinodeltsy "principle" of representation - every country has the right to present a picture now in proportion to the total number of pictures released in the year.And since America "shoots" for the year six hundred and eight hundred paintings and even then, regardless of quality, it is able to quantify crush all other countries at the film festival. Brazen attacks on American kinoreaktsii talk about the need to further strengthen the solid position of the Soviet cinema.Our task - even sharper and deeper to expose the warmongers, even more actively fight for peace, for genuine democracy, for progress. Cinema says: Stop!This is very useful, very strange, angry and yet sentimental, kind of, but trivial chemto deep, talented, and sometimes almost tasteless, with precise, clear sight and with a number of infidels, idle decisions, and in general ... in general, It's fun and strong pattern. She - like a shot.You can not go past it or indifferent, or even spokoynoblagozhelatelno. It makes you like and stumble to stay, not only and think, but even and angry. At first she dumbfounded, and only then begin to understand their feelings.Let's face it, this picture will not be included in the golden fund of cinema - there is no strongly expressed notable characters or slender, deep narrative subtlety nor wise observation of man in his development. This is - the picture long.Essentially, good journalism, which should and work at one stroke, as a sensational article, the newspaper today. But it's smart, brutally, it hits the target, and it's done honestly, hot and talented people. I have not read the novel Nevil Shute.They say that the novel - a product of the "cold war" that he was deeply bezyskhoden and the reaction that, in all respects, this literature is not the first grade. They also say that the picture fairly accurately follows the storylines of the novel. Well, in a "strict adherence" to believe it is possible, though difficult.It is difficult because the director Stanley Kramer full force of his passion is directed against the "cold war", that the pathos of the picture - this is the pathos of faith in the triumph of the human mind. Look online. But you can believe it, because the weakest in the film - it is just storylines, family and love.So, the story in its external sense saved, and the sight picture, its inner meaning, its philosophy, apparently dramatically rethought direction, changed dramatically. Incredible picture content begins deliberately simple, almost rude: there was a nuclear war, killing every living thing on four continents of the five - Save Australia.