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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Oh my God! But whether the art of sacrificing him so much health, nerves, calm and suffering? Mind said to me, "No, do not," but my heart was complaining. Again reached out a long string of thoughts and feelings, so well known artists. The public does not know them, and I envy her, and at the same time, I regret it. In these senses delight and suffering artists. Theatre!At this exclamation, I turned on the couch, lay back and began to talk loudly to himself, as if wanting me overheard by those who do not feel this important artists of the word.For the public theater the building, a large and well- decorated part of which is intended for it, and a smaller, not finished and dirty, serves the art. The audience is separated from the artists tightly shut up the door with the inscription: " Unauthorized persons prohibited sign" and a curtain, sometimes rising, sometimes apart.Public interested lift a corner of the download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and curtain and see the secret and mysterious artistic download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and closed little world, where work when all the people rest, where you can light in the evening and so dark during the day, where, they say, so much beauty and darkness, light and dust !In theaters artists are, and the audience goes to watch them and have fun show. Some say that this pastime is useful and that it educates people. Others argue that the theater is fun and there are only for fun. Finally, some nothing but boredom, do not remove from it. Presentation in theaters are different.Sometimes dancing, sometimes singing to the accompaniment of an orchestra, sometimes just talking or doing gymnastics and tricks, sometimes all together made simultaneously.Each of these has its sights, all known names and, in turn, each of these forms of performing arts has divisions, depending on the sad or clownish the impression of sight. Educated people are always going to the cinema.They even tend to get involved in it in the early years, and in rare cases, this love survives to mature and even more to old age. Since ancient times, the world's geniuses dedicated their works scenic arts, theater, the same place where they are embodied, often serves as a den of scum of humanity and the most infamous jack his vices.Art scene by giving women an independent work and equality with men, and yet nowhere ruthlessly not violate the rights and freedom of women are not restricted, as in the walls of the theater. What is the theater and its performance?


perplexed audience. Do call it a temple of art, or a den of depravity? Adverse or beneficial an institution?Educating or corrupting? Demolish all buildings whether contemporary theater, or to build palaces for him like churches? Theatre! .. For an artist it is quite different, important word. Theatre is a large family, with whom you live in perfect harmony or quarreling on life and death.The theater is a lovely woman, the moody, angry, ugly and selfish, the charming, affectionate, generous and beautiful. The theater is a beloved child, unconsciously cruel and pretty naive. It requires only a capricious, and not the strength to refuse him anything.