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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Not only moralism and morality in the conventional sense is foreign films Kitano.After Azuma, who fights it is certainly on the side of the forces of good, he embodied the image on the screen yakuza Uehara - unconditional scoundrel and a psychopath who nevertheless remained very charming character and particularly advantageous looked anemic protagonist.Almost holy surfer from "A Scene at the Sea" and indifferent to everything from baseball "Boiling Point" is waiting for the same fate - inglorious, though beautiful, death. Collapse completed all the dreams of the selfish dunce "Kids Return" and lustful amateur of "Removed kogonibud?".Noble gangster Murakava of "Sonatine" without batting an eye, severely punishing the restaurant owner, who refused to pay the wages of ordinary yakuza, and hardly regretted his act. Even charming Kikudzhiro on closer examination it may be perfect scoundrel:he robs an innocent child, takes a taxi, punctures tires and breaks windshields drivers of passing cars, constantly lying and cheating.Not without reason and ordinary viewers and experienced critics seen in "Kikudzhiro" - very light film Kitano - description string of the suffering endured by the boy, not only deprived of their parents, but also given for education thorough scoundrel.Bizarre, eccentric, not combined with any known moral norms of behavior heroes China - a peculiar way to stay afloat, cheat ruthless laws established in the world. Is engaged and the director himself, gradually change the minds of viewers matrix his films.And that particular order, which China supports them with the help of installation. Getting to work on the first film, Kitano was directing a neophyte, but went surprisingly quickly. The experience he gained working scenario, copying someone else's script "police brutality";in the second film, "Boiling Point", he oversaw the construction works, and in "A Scene at the Sea" completely took them over. From this point and still mounting for China - favorite part of working on the film. He even says that trying to quickly and get rid of the shootings to, lost no time in starting the installation.If something does not have time to take off - it does not matter, assembling all the better. Kitano is taken for the installation, not only for total control over the outcome. Installation for him - the best means of expression. Installation provokes the creative process:almost artificially China is to ensure that when "final assembly" lacked the necessary elements and accounted for and change their structure or location.

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Most of the working installation Kitano takes place during the shooting process.Although not recorded scenes almost never returns: that really in a hurry to go to his favorite stage. China considers himself a great kid, and we must acknowledge that this child's favorite game - to collect Puzzles.In 1997, a British film critic Tony Raines visited the set of "Fireworks" and said that two days after filming important scenes skirmishes he could see her rough-mounted version, very close to the one that was in the final version of the film.