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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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With great difficulty, the young people got the book and read it, Jean. He asked Jean Genet go back to it. - I want to apologize to you - he said to him - I was wrong.Your book - a masterpiece, the finest ever written in the last few years, stunning their uniqueness and genius, which says that no one could say. Your style is completely new and natural, such beauty and such a level that the plot forbidden for any other poet gets you an exciting and bright.- You should get to know him - said Jean. - He admires you. I went to Nice, did not meet with his wife. 15 Shootings "eternal return." I paid a little as Polve resumed the old contract of the film "Juliette, or dream interpretation." But I liked this movie so that I myself would be paid to it removed.But the work of Mulu, who dubbed the film Jean Muluki, paid well. During the occupation, it was very difficult to buy meat. I demanded that he received Muluc. I was advised to book for him in the hotel where I was staying, stews and give account accountant. When I brought the bill bookkeeper, he said:"But I've been, Monsieur Marais, do not have to eat every day beef stew." I blushed with shame. Jean was not with us. He put "Rinaldo and Armida" in the "Comedie Francaise." He came to us two weeks after the start of filming. Delannoy worked in good faith. We all came to the delight of the display. Hubert was a very sophisticated operator.Also, I was glad that starred with those whom I love, - with Yvonne de Bray, agreed only out of friendship for Cocteau play a role perfect for her is not suitable, with Roland Tooten Madeleine Sologne, Muluki. Muluc amazes me. He used to stay behind the camera, and I was worried how he will behave in front of the lens.We were all amazed, and I am very proud when they saw how easy it is to play its role. He definitely looked more natural and truthful than I am. Unlike some of the stars he did not care, removed his left or right profile. For me personally, it is still mattered!When Jean joined us after the huge success of "Rinaldo and Armida", in our work, nothing has changed. He was present at the shooting, without interfering with the director. He just asked for clean reproduction of "Milkmaid" Dreams and too flashy bourgeois type of lampshade.More than anything, but from it came kakieto special fluids and changed the whole situation around. Without realizing it, we played differently. Jean Delannoy original led his director's work, even the lighting was kakimto otherwise. I felt a great happiness and at the same time felt a strong anxiety, fearing that my talent is not enough for the role.

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It is this complex makes me love the so-called dangerous scene: while admire the courage, pay less attention to talent. I also thought I could respect themselves only when experienced physical suffering, which demanded my role.I felt a moral suffering, anyway, so I thought.