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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

film fantasy militants in 2013

It is not yesterday he died, he died after a long time, and every day she would not cry as crying on the second day after his death. So there must be a recession in the transmission of this crying, but in any occasion, the ritual should be too.It is necessary to cope with, whether in Moscow bard who tell tales: the northern or the other. In these tales, there are different elements, elements lamentations, which have their own music. Boris ... lies on the couch, in a prose attire. What will happen? It will adjust to the life of the viewer.This we will give the viewer the opportunity to watch its inner content, and through his monologues we penetrate more into his world. Therefore, it seems to me that if we remove the tinsel, then the audience will hear what they say. Think about it ... what is necessary to possess the art:people cheated censorship, he took chetyrepyat lines and only one gave an idea: "Everything is under your arm will get." This is politics. This - the main thing.Of course, there are still a number of things that define, but we modern people, putting the historical truth, digging history, we must take this truth through the eyes of Pushkin, and it seems to me that we need to and look for these protruding ears. ...There can not be messed trifles in the first monologue in the second monologue, and it is necessary to sum all at this point: "All the areas that you now portray so cleverly on paper, all under your arm will get." As said it's tough. As it is said resolutely. Time of Troubles ... can not be taken without wars. Major in the Time of Troubles - war.Then you can not take without comparison Boris Godunov Boris and the Pretender. Title change due to censorship. It is necessary to take account of the title "Comedy of real trouble ... Muscovy", just as we have changed the name of "Woe from Wit" by "Woe to the mind."It seems to me that it would be better to keep in the mind of this line "Everything is under your arm will get." I think that if we introduce some softness, intimacy, we spoil because Pushkin wrote: "Six years already ... I reign quietly." No wonder Pushkin from the beginning of the scene wrote: "Boris Godunov and sorcerers." "- Where is the sovereign?- In his bedchamber he locked with kakimto sorcerer. " Pushkin and therefore did not want him to repent before the public. Pushkin Boris wanted to say: "You are cleansed, but you all the same obscurantist." Therefore Pushkin takes him truthfully. It can not be and discredit, it can not take stupid.For its time, 404 Boris Godunov was very advanced person. But I want to say that yet Pushkin there kakihto things desire love for him not to give. After all, he has a polyline. This discrediting. What do you break?

film fantasy militants in 2013

After all, he dreamed of a throne. Why did you break when you are offered the throne?I have a monologue Boris' I have attained the highest power ... "take on jazz background sorcerers. I understand it differently. If this monologue understood not in its obscurantism, not in this environment, the actor may be, it will magnify. It sometimes happens that the killer may soften the jury. That's scary that Boris can soften us.