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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Why had not to think about the director, and the troupe, and not at will Shirvindt?Why not take a basket of flowers, nominal clock, and two delegates to go to the principal director of a previous honors? Wear a watch on his hand, look at them and say, "Time! It's time! Valentin ", talk, talk about a successor, and not to reduce it to a TNT situation.But in any case, Andrew, you never would have stepped over Pluchek, in whatever relationship with him may be. Mark Zakharov found a house and made it the most popular in Moscow. And you download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and offered Comedy Theatre in St. Petersburg. Would put you two play, and you would have asked to become what some chief director of the theater.But it's just that no one Shirvindt theater did not offer, and is not going to offer. Not by Senka hat! XX century was over, ended the age of the cult figures: Hitler, Stalin and director. The country is long overdue reform of the theater. Institute director's theater is long dead.Now the theater needs young, energetic, download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and educated, engaged only in repertoire. And what is better or worse than the director - will decide public. December 17th, I was at the premiere with Lyudmila Maksakova - Anthurium, performance "Dream" in the theater, which is Pokrovka staged Artsybasheva. Stood near Shirvindt.After the performance, and congratulations to the artists behind the scenes I was on the landing and the stairs leading down. In front of me - Shirvindt. - Hello, Alexander A.! - I said out loud. - Rear dd ravstvuyte - he said fearfully. I pass by it. Take a step down the ladder and go on, without looking: - Congratulations! - Another step down:- Finally! - Another step: - Better late than never! - In two steps. And at the exit, loudly: - The end justifies the means! Saved Anthurium - Maksakova. She played so beautifully that the aftertaste of a meeting with a man without scruples completely download the film ФЕНТЕЗИ БОЕВИК 2013 and disappeared. Before the New Year Luda Maksakova phoned Pluchek:- Val, I congratulate you on the New Year! I understand how hard you now. - Lyudochka! You do not know what they did to me! You're a beautiful woman and a great actress. I wish you all the best. Can no longer speak. All this is sad. But life goes on. In all its beautiful and monstrous forms.And my friend was right Seneca: "The money is left on the road more than the road itself," "Let it be our only one aim: to say how we feel, and live like talking," "Life is like a play: not that important, long Do it, and then - well you played. Look online. " Dear Andrew! Now I was in one night in a new, twenty-first century.And our love, and our book is also crossed the threshold into the new century, a new millennium. My dear! Nothing has changed. You do the same dream of a dream. I feel you awake. I do not know what you got there after death, but I strongly feel when you need my help. And you know exactly when to help me.So many years, years, or times, and nothing has changed - you just love me, I - loved you. Mists, rivers, skies are always news about you ... During the separation we got closer, dearer, more necessary.