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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


There, the rocks, Alekseev, obviously, is commanded his men.Because after " sponsored" put to sea a whole group of young muscular men. Hastily pulling flippers and wearing masks, one after the other guys have fun, playfully threw themselves into the water, something wickedly shouting to each other ... - Damn - suddenly cursed colonel - where gone the other? Action! Action! - Everyone!- Repeated here in the microphone standing near the radio operator. - Action! All! Action! Young guys just blithely Bathe nearby, furiously working hands, rushed to the dive site shaggy. Because of the rock covering the bay on the left, at top speed glider flew rescue station.Turning, planing also rushed to the long-familiar places. Fuzzy, confident acting under water, managed to connect to the device, even slung on his back cylinders and tightened comfortable belt when it came down on top of ... When it was pulled aboard the glider, he was breathing hard and angrily cursing, trying to escape from the hands of the KGB.A stranger was not. - Only one - said apologetically assistant, also following a fight with binoculars. - I see, - said Vasily irritably. - Where is the helicopter? The helicopter burst because of the mountain range and sharply bent, download the film черные кошки and walked swiftly to the sea. Top with a low altitude sea well in sight.- Keep the bay under supervision! All! - Almost shouted into the microphone, Colonel. - He could not have gone far! Could not! Inspect the entire bank. Pavlik! - Suddenly download the film черные кошки and noticed he ran and download the film черные кошки and stopped beside the very same young guy who was at the airport in a flowered sweater. - Oh, Pavlik, Pavlik, as it could be?- He went to the place - was justified Pavlik - apparently dived before ... We did not think that he ... - Do not think! - Vasily exploded. - And it is, as you see, I thought. Tell Alekseev, Let them take these suckers in the car - and the frontier. There's going to talk to them.- Yes, - hastily agreed Pavlik and quickly ran down the beach, weaving among holidaymakers, so probably not even be aware of what is happening around them. The colonel took the microphone again and said briskly, restraint: - All! Getting to option two. To option two! Willingness to report! - And turned to the employees.- What is it he said? A? What are you scared? But warn by all the beaches, around the bank, if they are cases of theft of clothing - immediately report signs. Not all the time it will be in a bathing suit walking.


At this time, rolled under the feet of Colonel volleyball. Ordinary, normal, nothing to blame for the fact that the unknown is gone.But Vasily on it download the film черные кошки and vented the bitterness of failure. Heavy blow knocked him into the sea. And the ball had already fled volleyball. Mop- headed boy stood nearby, said sarcastically: - Could and lighter, citizen. Colonel did not expect this, turned indignant, download the film черные кошки and tossed with irritation: - But, you go ... with his comments.Came two more boys and a girl in a swimsuit yarkooranzhevom. - Do not be rude, citizen - said sharply girl - not in his office.