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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Please tell us what happened? What made you so quickly run away? Performer. Went pouring rain ... Teacher. From the bright sunny sky? Performer. No ... from clear why.There was a very dark cloud, and the rain download the film черные кошки and poured. Teacher. Since you have not noticed it before? After all of it, probably, it was dark? Nuka, let's sitting on the ground, sketch a line of action from the time you sat down on a tree stump. download the film черные кошки and Begin. Performer. I sit and whip wreath by choosing from a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Suddenly it became dark.I looked up at the sky. The clouds download the film черные кошки and closed the sun. What to do? Home run or ride out the storm here in the woods. I looked around. Glade surrounded only saplings. I realized that these terms can not hide from the rain. A cloud everything turned black and bearing down. 244 I decided to go home.But I have not gone a few steps when I fell on the shoulders and head, though rare, but large drops of rain. I quickened my step. I barely got out of the field, as heavy rain poured down. What to do? Run on? Get download the film черные кошки and soaked to the skin. I again began to seek shelter, quickly, on the move looking around, saw a large tree. Threw herself under her wide branches.The rain was heavy, but not for long. Soon the sun was shining again. I crawled out from under the Christmas tree. All around it was wet. I took off my shoes and went home. Teacher. Now your actions were logical and consistent. You have created a line of action.Stanislavsky download the film черные кошки and attached great importance, as we have said before, the creation of a line of logical and consistent actions, generated a logical sequence of lines to justify their feelings. The final method, which was used to work on the role Stanislavski method was simple physical actions.We download the film черные кошки and talked about it in the first part of this book. With this method, and will have to learn practical, working on all elements of the psycho. Now take up the initiative to exercise element "if." If it was in a clearing by the river, in the garden. If it was at home, I saw in front of close to a fire.If there was one at home, preparing for the exam, and suddenly the light went out ... Just sewed, kudato put a needle - it is very necessary to find. Look online. If the rain caught on the street: a) the need to go home, but not too quickly, and b) we need to rush to work. If it was necessary to move to the other side of the river. If you were in the winter in the woods, in a snowstorm.In the performance of exercises should be reminded that the little word "if" cause a lot of conscious and unconscious thoughts, different logical operations cause immediate internal restructuring. Exercise. Not talking about a property previously "if only", the teacher prepares a number of pre-exercise, but for the students it is impromptu.Taking a set of 5-6 items, the teacher gives them a turn in the download the film черные кошки and outstretched hands of the subject, quickly pronouncing it: Presenting the handkerchief - "here's a mouse!" Giving a box - "Frog here!" Feeding package - "worms in it ..." Taking a look at the student's head - "Oh, oh, to have a huge spider crawling ..." 245 Writing to drink from the bottle - "try ...", A student begins to try and head says -" there kerosene ... acid ... "etc.