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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


It was a desperate attempt to comprehensive styling world, including man with his behavior.I see in this effort not only bad taste, but a misunderstanding of the nature of cinematic spectacle - for the apparent robustness and diversity of life, its unique, but of regular accidents is the highest expression of cinema.This truth is deeply understood in a number of paintings brilliantly realized by the Italian neo-realists, who have shown the possibility of considering new life, investigating its truth-and a powerful tool of cinema.The word "research", I think that best expresses the most fundamental of the progressive tendencies of Italian cinema.In his best samples clearly shows the desire of authors to give up all the canons of "professional" film, to give up the special effects, even the most imaginative and brilliant audience, to refuse any jewelry was in the name of the person thinking, careful, thoughtful, examining it.Essentially speaking, all the pictures of the Italian neo-realists are built on a single thought: A person has the right to life - let's see just how he lives, what prevents him from living. And further on:people in its essence must be good, good - let's see the same, which makes it bad, that divides people rather than unite them, what causes them to do each other harm.Thus, it is the study of life, human relations is the main subject of this art, and determines its high public response, his humane and progressive, his nationality. Ideas Italian neorealism strongly associated with its stylistic features.Principle of research has been forced to pull out cinecameras directors of the pavilions of the studios on the street, give almost entirely from the usual setting for movies, film in the original form of all that is possible, - stairs and porches, church and kitchen, pubs, markets, shops and truck cabins.Hence it is, and not to use many professional film actors, are old hands in the traditional moving picture man, hence the search for new people, shooting neakterov even in a very responsible, very challenging roles. The truth about the man, his authenticity is more expensive for the Italian neorealist professional acting brilliance.It helps them in many ways the artistic talent of the Italians - sometimes quite striking, with what deep, with some expressive temperament and live on-screen people who had never been cast.These guiding ideas of Italian neorealism and led to the destruction of scenic canons established rules modeling cinematic scenes. The desire to capture and bring to the screen pieces of genuine flow of life is replacing repeatedly tested schemes.Life is dramatic and richer than any fictional drama brilliantly - so the Italian neo-realists argue. One can agree or disagree with them, but we must strictly respect this courageous and consistent. However, I have heard a different interpretation of the origin of the style of Italian neorealism - or rather, his practice.I was told that a major role in the formation of this art has played a lack of material means a progressive Italian directors that they had to remove the original dwelling place of scenery, to make the action on the street, because the rich are not the official Italian cinema financed picture, which raises thesocial issues, in which the hero was a peasant, unemployed or poor.