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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


A person must not express anything. Wax. For all answer, "I'm sorry!" We must consider whether kakogonibud nearby example of the "Russian American." Dostoevsky described download the film черные кошки and Luzhin. Here is a portrait Ganechki Ivolgina "...smile for all her kindness was something too thin, the teeth were exposed with something too zhemchuzhnorovno ... "What he said download the film черные кошки and Rogozhin," Yes I will show you three rubles, now take out of his pocket, so you're on Vasilievsky them to dopolzesh all fours ... Your soul is! "There is an inflection point. Of course, do not crawl on all fours.For in the fireplace is not rushed. However, Ganechke - unwittingly - I was once played this germ Rafferty. August 28 perfect numbers Vladimir Aleksandrovich Nelly, many said that he likes to record numbers of cars of his friends. Attached importance numbers.I knew the theory of perfect numbers - the sum of their fractional parts must be equal to the number itself. I have a math difficulty, so just in case, remember the numbers themselves, not how they are obtained. "Perfect numbers are very rare, - told me Nelly. - Like a good actor. Between 1 and 10, there is just one - Between 10 and 100 - between 100 and 1000 - 496. "He used to sit at home and get by on Pushkin told Latygskomu, my father in law, he had a wonderful room on his "victory" - 49-69! It is the perfect number! He knew a lot of interesting things. When told, often fell asleep. At the table. Or driving.Because he studied at the same medical school, which Bulgakov, his favorite anecdote was medical. I later discovered it in Chekhov: - Tell me, why your uncle died? - He drops from 15 Botkin, as the doctor download the film черные кошки and ordered, and took a very long laugh. Kiev called him NelliVladom.It was a big, bald bachelor remotely similar Shklovsky. He saw performances Mardzhanov and Solovetsky DuvanTortsova theater repertory. And there shone Tarkhanov Nedelin and Stepan Kuznetsov. The latter was especially much to say. Playing their dazzling, regular benefit, he invented a fun way to communicate with your partner.Meaning the most sensual, amorous scenes. . A short digression. The theater was then pretty much cast. About directing nobody in Kiev did not think. About the Art Theater heard but that it specifically artistic, did not know. Not build new decorations. Entrepreneurs as they could, squeezed the tears from the audience and the actors.And those and happy - crying, grimacing at full value of his talent.


"In a Kiev theater - told NelliVlad - put operetta. And full of simpleton on stage greatly overdone in the image of cough. He did it so naturally, so strained, that could not stop in time, lost his voice, and soon made the curtain. "It is against such a naturalism and rose Kuznetsov. "My partner have exhausted their tantrums. In desperation I got the idea - in duet scenes play "triangle"! - Kuznetsov explained Nellie. - "Triangle" consisted of a partner, myself and ... my imaginary "double." Even Goethe saw myself from the outside, it is a fact well known.Had such a gift ... And when actress began wailing, I go your imagination and playing a scene with himself.