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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Her husband download the film черные кошки and returned to Paris and enjoyed every moment of my stay at home. Its not only not forgotten during his absence, but celebrated as a national hero.At the airport, fans download the film черные кошки and gathered crowd and asked him to no longer leave France. Journalists vied download the film черные кошки and asked him questions about his work in Hollywood, and download the film черные кошки and wondered if he misses by France. - I live in America with his wife and son. Now they are for menyatsely world. My baby is wonderful, the actor said.He talked about his son with friends and showed them pictures of him. - Do not imagine that you will come out of such a model father, told him ZhanKlod Briali.Ty become a real American: cherish family values, hard work. Where the former Allen? - I've changed, download the film черные кошки and laughed akter.Vprochem the family for me has always meant a lot.Be sure to Visit my mother, she does not vacate BurlyaReyna, but you need to show her the photographs even grandson. Edith Arnold dampen his desire to unite the family. - Natalie takes good care of his son? First thing she asked. When Allen began to talk about the love of his wife to Anthony, she interrupted him: - In that case, why would you hire a babysitter?- Mom, Natalie gets tired, she is still very young, and then the nurse - a matter of prestige. Edith, as usual, pursed her lips and hissed: - I brought you one, and you just made yourself. And you his son grow up spoiled and capricious. Allen went to Paris, having taken offense at his mother.She never ceased to reproach him for as long as the army after he was in Paris to make a career. Before leaving for America, he spent the evening in a cafe with Belmondo, who was married and conceived a second child. - If I have a boy is born, they will be friends with Anthony, argued ZhanPol.But if it is a girl, I your son close to her not podpuschu, well remembering his father. Allen laughed and signed the card had come up girls. Throughout the visit to Paris he did not leave a good mood, and he was considering new projects that could be implemented after the end of a Hollywood contract.- Do you think it should consider creating your own small production company? ZhanPolya opinion he asked. - I do not know, this is far from me. I'd rather buy my own house and played in it. Allen recalled his experience of playing on stage and made a face. - I feel closer to the movie business.My first company was short- lived, but then I could not put in the film's production enough money. Look online. Now I hope to form a more reliable company. Belmondo is not attracted. He did not like commerce, preferring to put the money bank. Realizing that Allen is seeking a partner to create a production company, he shook his head.- I do not want to be distracted by business, in life too many other interesting activities. Brialy also declined. - I continue to actively act and I have no time, and the ability to become more and producer.Allen struck shortsightedness friends, because a good film could bring them a huge profit, ten times the actor's fee. Alain called Stefan Markovic and asked permission to come to him to learn more about a new job Milos.