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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


And even with people in his circle. He still did not write. I download the film черные кошки and started to worry.He asked me what I wanted to play. I said that I wanted to play modern, lively, temperamental character, who would cry, laugh and would not be beautiful. The table was ready - ink, pens, paper, but Jean continued to lie stretched out his hands along the body, with eyes open or download the film черные кошки and closed.From time to time he read made me ride the classic play "Britannica", "The Misanthrope" and detectives. We fall asleep very late. "Britannic" - the tragedy of Jean Racine. "Misanthrope" - a comedy ZhanaBatista Moliere. Get by night, about four o'clock in the morning, he got up and sat down at the table, opened the book and began to write. The first time I saw him write.I did not dare to turn the page of the book, to move, barely breathing. A nurse download the film черные кошки and confided to Jean: "When you write, I would not want to meet you gdenibud in the woods." She was right. While working in his face was something frightening: the mouth is download the film черные кошки and compressed so much that the corners of his mouth dropped an inch or two, at least, all the features of expressing pain.He quickly wrote spasmodically twitching hand. He wrote all week, day and night, in one breath, without corrections, almost without rest. His face was covered with wrinkles, all the features were distorted, they appear fierce expression killer. Murderer of his characters. I struggled to sleep, to be with him, but did not comply. I was very ashamed.He download the film черные кошки and tried to reassure me. A week later, the play was over. I was shocked. For two months we lived in Montargis. Jean admitted that when he was lying, the play was produced in it, the act of the act, scene by scene, phrase by phrase, word by word, and when he wrote - that he, by the way, could not stand it - it becomes to some like his secretary.On the eighth day, Jean gave me a piece in one go, in spite of being tired. I said nothing. He looked at me and I download the film черные кошки and realized how much I anxious.


- You do not like? - He asked. - I find it wonderful. - Then why is this kind of dead? - Jean, I am shocked, excited, so that you yourself can not imagine. Your play - a miracle, I love it.In fact, I was in despair. I knew I would never be able to play such a role, I do not have any talent for it, nor the energy. I did not want him to admit to not shake his confidence. I only said: - This is the most beautiful part of which may dream of a young actor. I will work hard to be worthy of it.Then we began to invent a name. I say "we" because, as always, Jean generously wanted me to participate in its work. I was happy and proud. Only now, as I write this, I realize that he did not render any assistance. On the part of Jean it was not posing, he was sincere, and I believed him.Later, during the writing of the other plays, sometimes he stops and says: - There knot, which I can not untie. I download the film черные кошки and asked him to explain the situation to me, and he explained it. Then I proposed solutions that we download the film черные кошки and discussed. After this knot is undone. Perhaps I was so useful to him.However, I suspect that at the very moment when he described to me the obstacle, the decision was already found them.