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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


I download the film черные кошки and called the Swedish journalist Vigevono Svevo, which was once made my portraits.After a recent divorce, she was left with a small child, and the money it would not hurt. I arranged a meeting. Accompanied by Paul Russama brother ZhanPera, I went down to the first floor, and then slipped into the garage and hid in the trunk of the car. Fortunately, photographers have not got wind of that departure from the garage was on a side street around the corner.Svevo was waiting for me in the cafe at the bar. I crept up and put his hand on her shoulder. I still have not download the film черные кошки and shaved his beard, moreover, was wearing dark glasses and a hat. She did not know me and pushed his hand with obvious disgust. "What is it? - I download the film черные кошки and smiled. - Jato think you need some photos. " Photos Svevo have had the desired effect.Its competitors have ceased vigil, but I have a few days went into hiding. I was surprised to find that a man hidden in the trunk of "Mercedes", can lead to the driver quite a meaningful conversation. In general, the public opinion and the press in France were set to me is more loyal than in the United States.A few weeks later I was left alone. I shaved off his beard and began to lead a normal life boleemenee. I appreciated their financial situation. It was desperate. I spent more than one emergency meeting with his brothers Russ and their half-brother, Claude Berri. At one of our meetings, we decided to shoot "Tess."It was not so hasty decision as it might seem. I was running for years with this idea. The words uttered by Sharon of the book, which she had forgotten in London, did not go out of my head. I returned again and again to her and already knew almost by heart.In the midst of trouble, I asked Nastasya LosAndzhelese read the book, except that in their outward appearance and acting potential it beautifully suited for the lead role. Claude Berri decided to become a producer of the film, and wanted me to be a director. We have not yet been a script, no actors.We had no idea where we will shoot only knew that in France, not in England, where I was able to give the Americans. To tell the story, penned by Thomas Hardy, it was necessary to select the right nature, reminds Dorset XIX century.Convey the rhythm of the story was possible only by using the environment as an integral part of the film, showing the passage of time and changes in the most visible with Tess, almost physically tangible change in the seasons. We have to remove almost all year round. Such prolonged shooting schedule cost is extremely expensive.Still not finished work on the script with Gerard Brahim, I took time off to take some photos of Nastasia in romantic dress in style of the XIX century in the forest of Fontainebleau. Look online. During the Cannes Film Festival in 1978, Claude Berri published one of them as an advertisement in "Variety" a bold and simple text "Tess Roman Polanski."It was quite logical to 'Tess' Anglo-French co-production with the predominance of English actors, so we offered to become a co-producer Timothy Burrill.