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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Stern brazenly, unblinking stares Nadi in the face. - I am alone here people! My Products!What I want, and do with them! We could kill her. The camera instantly opened, and Stern was taken away. Such experiences take away their last forces.Here, in the eyes, in habits learn informers, traitors, from heart to heart secrets and events prison if hysteria in prison, ragged gag, all compress, as if it is you, with your loved ones, there is nothing you can hide, hide, can not be deceived , you're all in your hand, right here in the eye can see people - rotten, vile, vile.Head, you know that the prison raises the dark instincts that have to be condescending, or grief is unbearable, and she can turn into hell knows who it is! But my heart! To top it all, unfortunately, Stern began diarrhea from overeating, the camera has become unbearable.Sometimes, as an exception, the mandrel is released into the toilet, and Stern released, but you have to knock on the door, ask the supervisor, the supervisor is asking older, Stern does not stand up, and then not wash tights or can not wash it Gryaznukha, can not do anything.I could no longer look at Stern, I am the pain, to cry sorry for her, well, a bad person, well, bad, but it's so old, pathetic, helpless, and it began to kill:interrogations are nocturnal, its lead by the hand, do not give the day to sleep, food thrown on the pretext of damage, even chocolate, all went in to the bathroom to release stopped, and she was so small and weak that he can not resist falling into slop pail .. . And I decided: keep it over a toilet, zastiryvayu her tights pulled out a couple of times, but my heart was lighter.At last she spoke to me. - Investigator yells at me, I'm an old Jewess, and damn, what is it? Trying to explain to her, she interrupted: - But I'm an innocent girl! And funny and scary - it can be said during questioning anything. Led to the questioning. - I confirmed the sentence gem, we had a confrontation. - What?- And when we were sitting in the room, from which a guard of honor to the coffin Mikhoels entered Pearl and, removing the bandage, she said: "They have us pay for this murder." I download the film черные кошки and moaned: - What are you doing, you're ruining the people, you are helping the authorities to create business. - And if I'm not going to say, I was going to jail. - So you have a sit!Do not pull on a more! Hence, if you are download the film черные кошки and arrested, there is no escape! You have to understand ... With stupidity, cowardice, not listening to me, she keeps saying: - I had none of them did not answer!


No answer! And pearls too! I was speechless! I am in no way to blame!I'm trying to convince her to speak at the inquest that she did not remember what they used to say in fear. Confused frog jumps backwards, but then Stern cowardly, nasty defensive.After the interrogation, she told me that now she had a confrontation with the artist Zuskin, which was brought from the asylum, he did grind all the small stuff, and now she is forced to sign the protocol. Confrontation with the poet Peretz Markish ... That Jewish download the film черные кошки and perched Kuibyshev ... Minister of sick old man and his daughter ... secretary Pearl ... Pearl herself... Stern, Peretz Markish ... Zuskin ... reception at the Ambassador of Israel Golda Meir before my arrest, which openly said that Mikhoels not hit by a car and killed this machine specifically ... began a campaign against cosmopolitanism and porusski means - another anti-Semitic campaign.