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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


If you carefully re-read Dostoevsky's novel, and just as carefully watch the film, make sure: many actors involved in the film, not pulled to the second part of the novel.But I remember a review Romm, in his studio who said: "Where Pyreva temper and temperament coincide Dostoevsky, in the film are born awesome episodes." By the way, the first time I saw Ivan Aleksandrovich Pyreva precisely on the set of "The Idiot." It was the summer of 1957.The delegation of the World Festival of Youth and Students, which included myself, was on "Mosfilm". Came to the pavilion, which starred a meeting with Prince Myshkin Ferdishenko. Predsemochnaya fuss, but none of the major players shooting - no director or operator, no actors - the pavilion was not.I had heard that Pyriev - man indomitable temperament, he could not contain himself on the shoot, yell, be rude, so I waited with interest Wizard appears. But then I did not know what it really is. Ivan Aleksandrovich diplomatic gift and today few people download the film черные кошки and guided. Pyriev appeared in the hall, and his first words were:"Where Yura? Jura Where?" Yuri, his assistant, came to him. "No, no, not you. Jura Myshkin." So Pyriev Yakovlev called, taking the name of the actor, and the name of the character. Appeared Yuri Yakovlev. Pyriev download the film черные кошки and started to put the frame operator Valentin Pavlov began trying light appeared artists. Pyriev was exquisitely polite, pleasant and charming.Well, clearly, it also warned that the international delegation will be here. Of course, we soon suggested that we should not interfere, and we thank Ivan Aleksandrovich, retired. Since then, I have not seen Pyreva. And opened the Moscow cinema events.My job was to make a program to provide parts, meet, and sometimes even bring a speaker, so I was able to communicate with many wonderful people. One of the lectures read Rostislav Nikolaevich Yurenev. In the hall of the film has already started.We strolled through the lobby Yurenev White Hall in the Union, and suddenly out of the door that leads backstage room, Lucy appeared Marchenko and Pyriev. He, as always, with a cane. Pyriev Yurenev and said hello. I did not know that they were quite download the film черные кошки and complicated, is not idyllic relations. Suddenly Pyriev, looking at me and very kindly asked, smiling:"And what is this pretty boy, we came here?" Yurenev said: "This is our blagoustroitel, Alex Medvedev. VGIK from." "Well, well," - said Ivan and proceeded on. Then I found out that literally every weekend Pyriev comes to the Union.For him, the movie brought out Gosfilmofond, and he download the film черные кошки and looked a lot of movies - almost all Soviet and the most notable foreign. On that day he also just came to watch. Since then he saw me. Was with me always very friendly, attentive and friendly, if I have questions kakieto.I suspect that here it is appropriate to say "Cherche la femme." The woman in this case was Lucy Marchenko, with which Pyreva then download the film черные кошки and fastened the famous novel.


But the fact that I - of course, not foreseeing the future, nothing zagadyvaya and expecting nothing - at one time had Lucey, I must admit, is extremely important service.