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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Let's hang her portrait. And he went in front of the curtain to the guys and say, "Here today actress ninety years" ... After Knyazeva done so much for this theater. " Yanovskaya replied: "No, we do not."Natasha then, the next day, when it was ninetieth, asked assistant director: "Do not remove the light from the audience, I want to say a few words." That scared me back because there mistress fear like the plague. Natasha said that he takes responsibility.She left before the download the film черные кошки and curtain and said here today would have been ninety years tyuzovskoy great actress - Knyazev. Add a couple of warm words, and the audience stood up and download the film черные кошки and applauded himself. It's terrible when people pull out their roots. They still die too, without roots man can not live. When Kholmsk TUZ download the film черные кошки and flourished.Grisha was overwhelmed with work, and we were finally together. Came home in 11 - 12 at night and up to two hours in the kitchen discussing the previous day, and if I was free, then go to the theater for Grisha. And we download the film черные кошки and walked through the night Moscow: Gorky Street, Red Square. And sometimes walked to Prospect Mira. We were never download the film черные кошки and bored with each other.Sometimes at night he works in the kitchen, I - in the dining room, and we are silent, but still filled with so well together to keep quiet. If anything should I have to learn, I just turned her head toward him, and it was always deeper than in the encyclopedia. And he loved to write the plays, screenplays, aphorisms into notebooks - his own and the classics.Here are some of his records, "Two tragic problems of our time - the conscience and morality. Tolstoy called emotional indifference meanness. Old age? - The ability to not be funny. Bastards can not forgive other virtues they do not possess. In a world where everything is predicted and evaluated, the most beautiful feeling - nepredskazannost.Mystery - that the engine and the arts too. Every sin against his grain. Somehow no one noticed that the snake, tore the forbidden fruit to Eve - was green. Graze sheep and sell sheep! "Red Book" - the registry barbarism of modern civilization. "Red" because humanity is completely forgotten how to blush.


We also have a slum!I would like to write about the slums shower in which they live poor in spirit. All elite memoirs end meetings in Barvikha. Barvikha - dying resort. All the heat and energy of the subsurface, coal, oil, gas - energy balance the cooling blast, our educated bunch universe. " '83 Died Levitan. Along with him died for me the voice of war!Start the countdown of the fall of the Tower of Pisa, for example, or from the date of solving the mystery of the Tunguska meteorite. For all blind? It must die. Found that morality - a category variable. Who for a year, who for six months. Genius is always contemporary. Thirst for freedom drives human life.The most eloquent man is he who is silent when they say stupid. All decisions, important decisions that we made together. We knew that from the youth version I need is kudato move because youth programs should make young people.