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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Remember how you once waited for the arrival of these people, and imagine for a moment that you are waiting for them, and they do not go and do not come ever ...Since Edith had never refused an autograph, no matter how tired. There is another interesting episode, talking about loyalty Edith and her child, a fanatical belief in miracles, which she cleaned of all dirt and vices, is still in the terrible environment.One day before the world of boxing match, where Marcel Cerdanya upcoming meeting with the famous boxer Tony Hall, Edith download the film черные кошки and invited to go to Marseille Lizie, the Basilica of St. Teresa, in front of which was once head of the team Gassion brothel beg healing for her granddaughter. They went.Marcel stood by and watched as Edith kneeling before the statue of St. Teresa prayed aloud: - I did not ask you for myself. On the contrary, I leave all the suffering and all the misery. I deserve them! But he - she gestured to a dark corner, where hiding embarrassed boxer - he help! You know all his dignity.All the difficulties of his life. He was in the battle, which affects everything, grant victory! Edith passionately download the film черные кошки and believed in this victory. Sitting in the audience during the match, she repeated in a whisper, turning to St. Therese: - You promised me the victory ... Do you hear? Do not forget ...While she pounded his fists on the hat kakogoto audience sitting below that when the match ended in a triumph Cerdan, Mr. rose, took off his hat and download the film черные кошки and handed it to Edith, saying: - I offer you my hat ... In the state in which you brought her, she does not need me anymore. And you will serve as a reminder of your temperament and your joy.. Marcel Cerdan died. He was killed along with his team in a plane crash at New York. That evening, Edith, who was waiting for him in New York, had to act teatrekabare "Versailles". The news of the accident was the equivalent of a mortal blow. Edith was in a state close to madness or suicide.But she had to perform without fail. Depended on the case and her life partnerovhoristov, orchestra, conductor. Half dead, tortured, it brought on a stretcher and download the film черные кошки and placed in front of the curtain is. She had to find the strength to meet with the public, who came here to have fun.- His speech, I dedicate to the memory of Marcel Cerdan ... - Sounded hoarse voice coming from a white, half-dead mask with Bonapartist forehead. She sang. She sang like never. And it was the inspiration of the execution, that the solemnity and power of true feelings that makes a thousand people to become one.Her small, dull flesh, possessed the greatest spirits, reported its huge immortality of love.


Love, who died in his prime. From the stage the singer claimed in a dead faint. She sang "Hymn to Love" to his own words, set to music by Marguerite Monnot.Let fall azure sky, Let the earth open wide expanse, When love is in the heart - not scary to me even death.