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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


All these aspects are transmitted calm endurance, not haste. All this passed through the eyes, not your hands and feet.You can not watch his eyes when his hands are full (for the beginning of the song: "I had dinner with my mother," the maid scene with flowers and gifts January 3, 1905 After a long time were the second act. Halyutina5 late delicate accent. "Gentlemen, since you kaknibud yourself watch yourself. This amateur orders, "etc.Katchalov six late, but she did not dare to reprimand. Pretended not to notice. The play is not a long time to rehearse. Vague hope that the actors, rest from rehearsals, lovingly grabbed for his play and everything goes. Failed. Was sluggish, boring, no one has download the film черные кошки and repeated the role.Samarova7, which again returned to his role after failure, disease and promote its self-love, is on the same colors. Just a good, but not download the film черные кошки and interested in playing the mistress, that is, itself, not petty bourgeois. Artema8 injected, and he said a long, boring, stammering on the prompter. The scene lasts, and no image.Kaluga scores found the tone, it does not develop, but instead dried. Begins to show through resemblance to Bessemenovym Katchalov all on their shortcomings ... She plays a bored, so always wants to go, like a sleepy fly. These terrible play of voice, just download the film черные кошки and memorized the notes.This tune is repeated each time the actress says, for example: "... I would soooo hoteeelos leave, travel," or, "so beautiful ... in when the sun rises."But when it does not speak of the beautiful, and the daily life of the modern environment, then we introduce a new tone, too, with kakimito shimmering, just the notes, but in a different combination and in a different tone, but rather a minor.In these cases the artist makes tomnozadumchivye eyes, bows his head to one side, looking at a single point and gives voice plaintive tone Kazan orphans. She says, for example: "We eat ... drink ... take guests ... you go to see them ..."Every word shakes his head, as if placing a comma between each word, makes tomnogrustnuyu paused, looking into the distance, and every sentence ends with an ellipsis. Not a single word is not pronounced with a positive, that is, the end of the affirmative, but on every word just puts a question mark.This gives rise, according to the actress, an interesting touch of enhancing tremolo, which, obviously, must be thrilled with the gentlemen. It must be considered interesting and feminine.


Medvedeva10 said in such cases: "What a darling, sweetheart. Look, fool fall in love, but a clever escape. Come, have a drink of water. Refresh and start again, pochelovecheski."Katchalov has never smiled, even though there is a rule: if you play a boring, especially search, where she laughs. Katchalov began to find that all this stupid words, I can not go through them, I am download the film черные кошки and ashamed to say. But it is not in the words and not the author, but in this conditional, tasteless acting darling download the film черные кошки and stuffed intonation and cuties ...Wherever possible to hold a pause so it is used.