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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Lyubashevsky fine actor, but he played, and Herman Sverdlov lived.I am still convinced that my Sverdlov was on the screen is much warmer and far more convincing than Lyubashevsky. Unusually touching memories left a Ephron actress who played Fanny Kaplan. In this most difficult short as she showed herself the heroine and inspired artist. Her task was extremely difficult.Start with the fact that it provoked the hatred of all massovschikov and even many employees of the crew. When it was necessary to shoot an episode of the assassination, in Efron as shaking hands and chattering teeth, that it could not fire a gun. I asked the worker to bring her a cup of hot tea. It was in the nature - it was cold. Work download the film черные кошки and answered:"A glass of poison to her, not a cup of tea!" In the scene where it is an angry mob, I'm afraid that will disfigure actress, gathered a dozen Communists and Komsomol members who surrounded her tight ring. They portrayed the guard, and they really had to guard against massovschikov Efron, who went into the excitement, and crushed them and her.Efron download the film черные кошки and played amazing scene when she brought a gun and poisoned bullets. In one large tacit plan she managed to say a lot: it is visible emotional emptiness, it is clear that it is obviously kokainistka, see her social background, her political beliefs, her disbelief, her bitter, cold attitude.I got to know in the picture with another download the film черные кошки and talented actor - Soloviev, who played Sintsov. Working with him, too, gave me great pleasure. Gotovtsev, who played in the episode of the merchant, "download the film черные кошки and Lenin in October", played in the " Lenin in 1918" episode worker who reads bulletin on the state of health of download the film черные кошки and Lenin. Talented artists have the regular newsletter to read the touching and funny scenes, though he added to the text of a single word. Lagutin after " Lenin in 1918" after he became famous for the role of bacon - "for an apple for apple" - was delighted with the results. He once came to us and said:"Michael I., what a success, what ycnex! You know, in all my life have I experienced such success. Yesterday I broke the glass. Then the boys were chasing me down the street with rocks, I barely got to the trolley, and then to the bus. Then he went on the tram at "Mosfilm", comes full of burly big man and said, "Where are you going, you bastard?I want to know, where are you, you bastard, slezesh?


"I reached the end, I'm sitting next to the conductor, and went back. Then he spat and left. Here, - he said - such a success. " Before each shot Lagutin baptized. There are many actors habits. Bolduman before the frame tugged at his wig.It was his lucky omen - Pull as if he corrects wig. I could not understand why. I did not want him to wear a wig, he had his beautiful hair, suitable for the role parnyaslesarya. And then I saw his hair cut. I was stunned: "What have you done?" He said:"Nichegonichegonichego, do not worry, will be a beautiful wig." A Lagutin baptized. He regularly rehearsed - "for an apple for apple" - and so on, when ready, he says: "All set?" - "Yes." - "Wait a minute, I'm sorry, please.