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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


- Yes, she whispered, Mireille. He kissed her on the forehead and left the hall.- I can quietly leave the hospital through the emergency exit? He asked the doctor. - Of course. Call the number of your machine and run it guard outside. - Thank you. Contact me immediately if the state Mireille change. Despite the loud signals the driver drove out of the yard of the hospital car Alain tight ring surrounded by journalists.They tried to take pictures of the actor, knocked on the glass and shouted questions. However, he sat back and did not turn his head in their direction. - Try to quickly overtake them, he told the driver. He flew to Paris and went to the Dusi, which had previously download the film черные кошки and returned Parillaud.At the gates of the villa was waiting newspapermen, but it, like a few hours ago, declined to comment kakielibo. download the film черные кошки and Located in the living room, Allen asked Ann to bring him the newspaper article and began to learn about the car accident Mireille. The first line struck him.Journalists have unearthed information about the driver of the tractor, the machine has faced actress. It turned out that fifteen years ago, he worked as extras in the movie "Jeff." - Incredibly, he said out loud. - What is it, dear? Cringed Ann. - Nothing of interest. Come here, he called her.She ran to him and sat on the arm of his chair, throwing her arms around his neck. - I almost died without you, reproachfully said ona.Ty never called. I was so worried. - Mireille needed me more, but I thought of you, Allen said, kissing her. Anne comfortably settled in his arms and readily responded to the kiss and caress.The next day work on "Invincible" was renewed, but the weekend Mireille actor download the film черные кошки and visited the hospital. For the month, she had several complex operations, was very weak, but it brought her peace of mind and belief originated in a speedy recovery.In an interview with reporters, she download the film черные кошки and called her saviors of download the film черные кошки and experienced physicians, but more Alain Delon. On the ensuing questions about their relationship, she called the actor's best friend, but secretly hoped for his return to her.Allen has always brought her flowers, dear sweet, interested in her well-being, but never spoke to her of love.


Mireille then attempted to find out about his affair with Parillaud. - How do the shooting? Once she asked Delon.- For a short while at the same time hard to be a director, the leading man, and even to amend the script. However, there is hope that we will meet the deadline. - I have no doubt that the movie will turn out great. Ann is good at the role?- Yes, it's all right, said the actor, instantly realizing what this has got Mireille razgovor.My get along well with her, and on the set, and at home. Dark realized that after her return from the hospital, everything will remain as before, and was very cherished visits Alain. Seeing that Mireille slowly but surely getting better, he began to come less often.Shooting of the film takes him a long time and became friendly with a young mistress. They endlessly download the film черные кошки and discussed scenario with viewing scenes footage and hiding in a villa in Dusi from pursuing their reporters.