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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


On top of all evil wife and a friend of former industrialist did not recognize him. Public annihilation of the person indirectly reflects ruin petite bourgeoisie during the industrial crisis. The second half of the film strangely reminiscent of the picture Zille "Les Miserables.""The man with no name", of course, decides to commit suicide, but then in his life begin to take part from nowhere who undertook a salesman and download the film шесть дней семь ночей and unemployed stenographer. With their help, the protagonist begins a new, promising life. Relinquished the rights to the original name, he gets himself another, successfully attaches scientific invention, and differs from the success of his career engineer from "Les Miserables" except that this time the hero marries a poor stenographer, rather than looking for a rich nevestuburzhuazku side.Stenographers for hard times, and we had chemto comfort them. And time does come so heavy that even qualified, deprived of work, they could not count on the new location. Therefore, the real cause of a brilliant career in many films declared luck rather than human capabilities.Characteristically, the names of many tapes "money lying in the street", "Tomorrow we will be fine" and "Still to make a" call to one another. For all the improbability of events in these pictures the audience literally swallowed them, just the names of the films chosen his life motto. Luck - the engine of success:to what despair had reached the Germans to feel the idea is foreign to their traditional thinking. download the film шесть дней семь ночей and Spoiled child of fortune in these pictures were clerks and impoverished petty bourgeois audience.Representative of this trend has download the film шесть дней семь ночей and reached artistic peaks in witty comedy writer Erich Engel was funny comedy "personal secretary", her incredible popularity strengthened for director William Thiele reputation for inventive master sitcom.Adventurous girl from a country town can not find a job in Berlin bank. One evening, she is working overtime and accidentally meets with the director of the bank, which is taken as one of the employees.They spend the evening together, which, of course, ends up promoting the social ladder girl - she becomes the wife of a banker. The film UFA "Countess of Montecristo" dreams of happiness are in the form of this fairy tale taking place in reality. The statistics in the studio removed as ladies, rode on a luxury car. Begin shooting night, but instead of staying in the hotel, built in the pavilion, Helm with his girlfriend riding aimlessly until you get to this luxury hotel. Watch the film шесть дней семь ночей online. Seeing the empty suitcases girls title "Countess of Montecristo", hotel employees take it for celebrity guests.Disgusting hotel thief - because he built an entertaining affair - scammer posing as a noble gentleman, helps a girl to stay in the role of a noble lady and live life for a while, which could only dream of - a life, a very luxurious yet because swindler falls in lzhegrafinyu.But one day appears on the scene the police, arresting love scammer, of course, put an end to trickery lzhegrafini if ​​not longing concern UFA negasnuschego maintain hope in the hearts of the poor extras, the antics of Brigitte Helm newspapers begin to blow, and, understanding that they can yield considerablebenefit not only the studio does not punish a hapless statistics in, but offers her to sign a lucrative contract.