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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Sitting in a booth and gently urging his colon to action, he saw a note that someone slips through the large hole in the unpleasant the wall separating it from the adjacent stall.Adrian took the note and read it - guided by the spirit of more innocent civic compassion than chemto else. Suddenly out there suffers difficulties kakoynibud miserable the invalid of? "Where I like to young bolts of", - read as a note by the. Adrian a shocked glanced at a hole. A note was replaced in her eyes.Adrian, unable to come up in these circumstances, nothing else, and maybe just because born a fool smiled. Triumphant smile, what accompanied the friendly, partly patronizing wink: it was a kind of glowing excitement with which a person takes clumsy scrawl on tolkotolko learn to walk baby.In the next booth immediately shuffled, stepping, feet, rattled on the concrete floor buckle belt, and after a brief pause in the hole poked his big, pretty excited, invitingly quivering penis. Waving his hand on hygiene and comfort, Adrian jerk pulled his pants and in a panic run away.The next half hour he was wound on Gloucester in search of a place where they could wipe - risk use more kakimilibo public amenities Adrian hesitated. And to this day he is no charm in the restrooms did not see. A scent is worth. And the risk. But, probably, in risketo, thought Adrian, is the point.Nevertheless Trefuzis how Adrian knew him, the man with striking white hair and Irish, with particular strength coats with patches on the elbows, Trefuzis - a fan of Elvis Costello and the driver "Wolseley" Trefuzis - desperate fans and polyglot - it was impossible , and imagine him crushing sperm kakogonibud drove.It's like in the imagination to draw a picture in which Malcolm Muggeridge masturbating or intercourse comes delighted Dennis and Margaret Thatcher. However, it is difficult to imagine them or easy, it is certainly such events occur - presumably.Adrian into a gallop on one foot, crossing the lawn Court hawthorn - a precaution, memorized them back in the school days. - Healy, are you and can not read? - Usually shouted after him watchman. - Oh, yes, sir. Very good I can, sir. - Do not you see, there is clearly written: "On the grass not to go?" - I do not go, sir. I'm jumping.- There's nothing to show your mind, boy. - OK sir. You better show what nonsense, sir? Full or ample? He flew up the stairs and knocked on the oak door Trefuzisa.The doors in the apartments were double the college, and if oak, exterior, are closed, banging into it, demanding to let you meant to show bad manners. Download the film for six days, seven nights. But Adrian has decided that the current circumstances justify the violation of decency. Because of the door came the muffled curses.- Donald, it's me, Adrian. Do not let me in? There was a gasp, creaking floorboards, the door opened. - Eybogu ​​Well, what are you, oak and is not able to recognize? - I'm sorry, I thought ... - I know. I know what you're thinking.