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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Just another in stories Zoshchenko. His language izlamyvaetsya, scooping and hyperbolizing entire improbability of street art and speech, with swarms of "life turned wholly" Here the narrator, "I" - is not Zoshchenko. The narrator himself the subject of satire.He gives his misery, sometimes naive, sometimes naivety, sometimes philistine pettiness, he is not aware of it, as if involuntarily, and therefore absolutely hilarious. Narrator criticized, ridiculed, outraged, painting pictures of ugliness, and it's funny.But doubly ridiculous because the viewer sees the one-sidedness of his critics, and has every reason to laugh at himself and the narrator. The second "I" Zoshchenko, its storytellers, both reformers and objects rebuke.In the performance of Zoshchenko it is necessary to be conscious of the accuracy of the district "the vitality of the character Mr. simultaneously excluded from it the identity of the author. Rough Zoshchenko hero alienated from the writer's "I" would not seem to have any relation to it, but has avtorto attitude towards it. Here the secret.Contractor necessary to express this attitude, and through it - fine, intelligent personality of the author. When the heroes of Zoshchenko played literally, as they say, with the full reincarnation, apart from the author's relationship takes a paradoxical phenomenon. The actor seems to perform actions prescribed by the author - does not go out, and jumps out of the room.is surprised and jumps with surprise, does not lose consciousness from the "attack on the bonce," but "lies and misses": he is trying to accomplish these funny and incredible action, it shakes, strums, replays, and still seems - a little. I watched it on the screen and in an attempt to mock Zoshchenko. All too, but ... a little. Why is that?Because Zoschenko inherently monologichen. He is always a living hero, and the rest - the phantoms of his inept strained deliberately constructed story. The narrator exaggerates, trying as much as possible to represent more convex as it was.The audience understood that he was exaggerating, and in this form the whole story seems possible and so funny n kicking the familiar disadvantages. If we are faced not with an exaggerated story about the fact, and with the exaggeration of fact, everything becomes unlikely and far-fetched, so to speak, "to laugh."And that is why laughter is impossible. In "Interesting theft in co-op" vordvornik amazement begins to "grunt and and squat." If an actor on the stage will start doing squats and say "hryuhryu" would be rude, and so incredibly not funny.

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When naive philosophizing narrator painfully searching for words in his clumsy vocabulary, he tells the story: "Suddenly cashier says:" From the cash register, record, stolen coupons to hundred thirty two rubles . Three ink pencil and scissors. " At these words, even the janitor began to grunt and squat - before seen.angry people from huge losses. The head of police said: "Take this janitor? He only gets his grunts "- we laugh because the phrase itself is funny, but also because in spite of the improbability of these words are justified.