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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Starting a new role and always hope: now I should catch it by the tail ... But just ten, twenty plays - and the same feeling of dissatisfaction: main chegoto did in life.The word "never" becomes the commonplace, and the formula of human existence, the proposed Nabokov - my outlook: "Inevitably, unfeasible, irrevocably." Many of these words are celebrated actress seem strange and even disingenuous. But, to get acquainted with her life story, readers will believe in their sincerity.BAPTISM ASTRAKHAN Astrakhan city known since the thirteenth century. Two hundred years later, it became the capital of the Khanate of Astrakhan, and in a hundred years became part of the Russian state. Here, in the Volga delta, fertile plains of the province, is coming off a lot of land, river and sea roads.Irrepressible conquerors, as a magnet that attracted the rich fish and Asian goods town, and they felt their power, they plundered and pillaged it. It is not surprising that, after the revolution of 1917 Astrakhan long time left in peace neither white nor red. Joyless glorious time. Edge filled deserters.Hungry people grumbled because of the surplus, and occasionally killing comes across the military. Military, no matter what party they belong to, avenged Astrakhan peasants and the women mercilessly.People robbed all who were up in arms, and peaceful people frowning, smile now rarely covered their faces, most suffered odnoyedinstvennoy Duma - how to stock up for the winter with bread and fish. Especially difficult was 1919. In Siberia - the war against Kolchak, from the north - Denikin's forces in the south - Turkestan Front and military actions in the Caspian.In most Astrakhan Red staged new order. Although this is unlikely to be called the order if all the intentions of the authorities focused not on what to feed the people, but rather how to keep the power in their hands.September 7, 1919 there were decrees harvesting potatoes for the state and the "non- normalized products", the resolution on the provision of food soldiers and families of ad: "All Astrakhan food committees now considered militarized and must provide all necessary Ninth Army Kirov."Newspapers are full of terrible reports of arrests and executions of trade in vodka, speculation, absence without leave service. Sweet words download the film шесть дней семь ночей and poured only on the heads of men procuring orders for "accelerate the withdrawal of surplus harvest in 1919."People learned to speak as if anew, inserting into his speech outlandish words - "requisition", "law of the revolutionary time," "sabotage." Authorities declared a deserter week, during which, according to them, the people will rush to catch the soldiers, who had escaped from the Red Army.Visiting lecturers were revolutionary to the hungry citizens with the papers read one name which - "What deceives us faith," or "our God - the world working-class solidarity" - Astrakhan fervently download the film шесть дней семь ночей and baptized. Film шесть дней семь ночей. Is not it strange that in these days of fierce light continue to appear on the children?Fools and beggars are predicting that all of them expect eternal damnation sadness and tears for his miserable fate.