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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


This is exactly what you need.The second option will not shoot. It is a wonderful final phrase. " But they had no idea that this phrase will be final until they heard it. And of course, then they had no idea that the film will win the "Oscar" and will eventually become a classic tape. The filming of this picture met wonderful acting group.But because of difficulties with the scenario we all crazy nervous, I did not understand the Humphrey Bogart. Yes, I kissed him, but did not know the man. He was always polite. But I always felt a distance. We though the separation wall. I was somehow frightening.Then in Hollywood filming "The Maltese Falcon", and I often went to look at Bogart's in between filming "Casablanca." I thought it would help me to know him better. Perhaps the main reason why the film "Casablanca" has now become a legend, a classic band, is that it had to do with our war.Rarely has an actor to work in such dramatic circumstances - almost to the touch, in the dark, drawing strength only in emotions. After the defeat of the time it seemed quite possible, while victory was still so far away. "Casablanca" had a tremendous impact on the Allies.Say, however, living creature Ingrid while working on "Casablanca" that with this film it will go into kinolegendu XX century, it certainly would stretch his favorite "neet." While Ingrid starred in "Casablanca", from the mountains, where the shooting took place movie "For Whom the Bell Tolls", were heard rumors that not all there safely.The first could smell the news staff "Paramount" and reporters, although they were presented strong evidence of success, one of which was, perhaps, the most original in the history of cinema, "When Faith filmed from above, light, clear, dried her face." In reality, it was much easier.The real trouble was that Faith was a ballerina. She had to ride in the mountains, like a little wild animal. And faith, of course, afraid for their feet. For her legs were as expensive as for me - face. If I saw a train rushing at me, the first thing a person would be closed. Faith was to protect their feet.Once in the studio saw the first film footage, shot in the mountains, it is immediately understood and agreed that it is certainly not good faith on the part. Therefore, it withdrew from the movie "For Whom the Bell Tolls" and put in another picture. Ending the "Casablanca", I immediately gathered in Rochester - to Peter and Pia! Then the office Selznick came news:"Paramount" I wanted to try. No, not acting samples - from this side, they knew me. They wanted to find out how I would look with short hair.


And then, I will not mind if I shave my hair? I said that I would have given gladly cut off his head for the role of Mary. Try to make the next day after the end of "Casablanca."Mash does not shave, just combed hair up and killed. Sam Wood was due to arrive on Sunday to see the sample and immediately call me to give an opinion. I will never forget that Sunday. The telephone was at hand, and all day I was waiting for a call like sitting next to a snake ready to bite me. It rang!I picked up the phone!