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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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And among almost always called "Three Sisters". Analyzing the fate of this performance and our contemporary state, I was surprised to notice that he remember fondly about his barons who so tormented me long for the play. What was it? What a spectacle it was really the case?Tricky question, about ^ vts1 which is always broken on the subjective evaluation. After spektaklyato anymore. How can I check? And it is certainly, I will try to answer this question, so far still disturbing me. It was a very good show.Now, comparing it with later comprehension of Chekhov, I can fully evaluate its softness, noble intelligence, easily the ringing true Chekhov's note, which was here a tuning fork. When I eat E1I line memory alive separate intonation, staging, delicate decoration Yunovich spacious, and a lump in your throat.Scope created Tovstonogov is accurate. It was she who kept us as something objective and subjective downs could not destroy it. And where our anguish and frustration? I think that this is the first meeting with Chekhov impact on us, on me anyway. We first encounter with such a thin n poetic verbal cloth.After a bright, prickly, sometimes even rude in his performances we brightness. obeying Chekhov, cleaned sharpness. Trick, specificity, unexpected adaptations have always been my hobby-horse. And here the habit seemed to me that I was little that I have almost no on stage.I think that for the BDT and the entire theater of "Three Sisters" were the first to rush to the difficult and different ways of being on stage, new paint, new spirituality.It is from "Three Sisters" in our theater is a special line, is not completed and dear to me - the line leading to the "price" Miller, a "two theaters" Shanyavsky to "Restless old age" Rakhmanov, a "fantasy Faryateva" Sokolova in my statement. Tovstonogovskie performances are very different.Researcher who wanted to analyze directorial handwriting George Alexandrovich, would have been the turn of a complex problem: too wide a range of authors, too different ways to approach them. Dozens of major theatrical works, sometimes seemingly incompatible with each other. And it is certainly the handwriting is, and he is very definite.The viewer learns easily "hand BDT" and distinguishes it from performances performances of other directors. Artistic works diversity shows not only the breadth of the author's imagination, but says more about the other: there are artists. that in all his works are deploying the same image differently molding and coming to understand it.The development of such an artist - development in the depths of himself, in the depths of his theme. Development BDT - especially powerful development in breadth.In his own words, that I, his long-term collaborator, fully confirm the first and decisive impetus to the idea of ​​the play for the BDT is always a play, the author with all its features - an objective factor, rather than a subjective image that ask out and looking for dramatic work as form effusions.