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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


She was so excited that he came to "Zhernis" Lepley said everything. Tears rolled down her hail. I suffered for it. - You see, Dad, I - nothing! I do not know how. We had to leave me where I was. On the street.- This is it, baby, pathetic, uneducated fools, - explained the pope Lepley, stroking her hair. - However, Jacques? Jacques Bourgeat, friend Lepley, seemed to us an old man. He was at least forty. He was friendly with us, sometimes saying something, sometimes smiling. This is all we know about him. And Bourges said - more than that, baby. You've proven that you're an adult, clever.When a person knows what he is not, it is easy to buy, and you nazhivesh. We Edith download the film шесть дней семь ночей and liked his words. Then we forgot about it. At night, when we got home, Edith said: - Do not turn around. Us go. Now he's a run. We sprinted, but the man would not leave. - I'm sick of it.What a day, nothing but trouble! Give it to wait and see what he wants. Do we fear the men! The man was tall, well-download the film шесть дней семь ночей and dressed, with a hat pulled down over his eyes, chin, wrapped in a scarf. I thought, "I know this figure." This was Jacques Bourgeat. Edith laughed so hard that I could not stop.- A Jato took you to an old playboy who pesters women! - You were so brave today, I download the film шесть дней семь ночей and wanted to talk to you. To help you a little bit ... So Edith found a friend, a faithful and present. I must say that men of this type have not been in our lives, are not familiar with them at cheap bistro.Jaco loved our little hit on the women, but not for such as we are. When the case was not to pinch off a soft spot. We were nothing but skin and bones. Bourges was a writer, historian. Until then, he was a nice and simple! And that's good, that Edith reproached him: - This is not kindness, Jaco, this is nonsense.You do not notice the evil, even when it's under your nose. - I do not like that ugly, that turn away. I look at you, because you are beautiful internally. That Jacques Bourgeat, our Jaco, took up education Edith - and download the film шесть дней семь ночей and learned a lot. For her, he wrote a poem, which was included in his book "Words without history." Your life was hard ... Well, do not cry.Your friend here. Life you were injured, Dolly. Okay, come to me ... I'm with you.


Life, and this trash slut, will make you unhappy. Okay, to console ... I share your pain. "How beautiful it is, - said Edith. - This is dedicated to me." Jacques often accompanied us to the dawn. Edith listened with fascination. But sometimes it is not enough attention.Many are too complicated. Was a phrase that she could not understand the words that do not know, and she got tired of constantly asking, "What does this mean?" Jacques guessed himself and began patiently teaching her French. He was the first person to write a song for her. It was called "Ragman".Ragman, including rags, to whom I sold you this morning, do you not find, as an orphan, poor heart in rags? Edith flashed around fireworks. February 17, 1936, it was first performed in the Circus Medrano in a big concert arranged in favor of the widow of a famous clown Antone.Since the names of the participants are download the film шесть дней семь ночей and listed alphabetically, the name Edith stood between Charles Pelissier and Harry Pilserom.