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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


- What can I say? ... - Wrinkled Matveev. - I have a good title, honor, and respect. Grub .... Further dialogue is almost exactly the scenario. Vanin only asked for the opportunity to insert his short interjection of doubt, to fluctuations Matveyev did not stop for a second. - Regulations on the front you know? - Abruptly interrupts Matveeva "Constantine." - Yes, like as I know - is responsible Matveev. - Well? - Well? Vanin asked to enter these "well" in order to emphasize the mutual careful probing. - Well, then, need to understand that your honor and respect for long. - This is to say!- Answers Matveev with such elusive irony to the mercenary foreign capital, the viewer is always erupts into laughter, while for "Konstantinov" is the only question commandant: is sold or not.Vanina proposal from the start to open the viewer card Matveeva gave into his hands the ability to deploy a rich assortment of the finest actors of nuances: guile, hypocrisy, irony and mind. - You know, Mr. Commander, - cold and emphatically says "Constantine" - we can do without you. Once you see the right decision.Matveev dramatically changes the tone. He hurriedly bends down to "Konstantinov", as though afraid that he will stop negotiations. - So that's why I'm worried, not to be out-of-pocket! - With ingenuous haste he picks. - The Bolsheviks sit tight, and your power, we just say, hell knows? ... download the film шесть дней семь ночей and Again, I do not know what parties you? Who are they?And can you help what powers? The viewer, knowing that Vanin cheating scout immediately understands the purpose of these questions. But they understand and "Constantine." - Are you interested? - He asked ironically. - Why not? - With artless candor Matveyev said. "Constantine," a pause, and then coldly hissed:- Will you take the money, give a receipt ... - So, - s willingness nods Matveev. - download the film шесть дней семь ночей and Begin to work with us ... - continues "Constantine." - So - seriously nods Matveev. - But then you may be interested. Got it? Matveev sadly sighs:- Yes, it is reasonable ... I must say that this scene Shatov conducted with great acting skills, restraint and good taste. By this time the audience fully understood the game Matveeva:He was watching antics commandant, realizing that he is trying to pull "Konstantinov" in his game as far as possible, and eagerly download the film шесть дней семь ночей and awaited continuation of Matveeva double play.


Each successful replica commandant evoked laughter in the hall unchanged. By the middle of the scene, "Constantine" is already beginning to smile - a rustic commandant amuses him.And this, of course, accepted by the public. After waiting a few seconds, "Constantine" again asks: - What? To this "Well?" The answer: "How much do you give?" - But after the rehearsal space is download the film шесть дней семь ночей and changed as follows: - Well? - Persistently asks "Constantine."Matveev seconds intently thinking, then gets up resolutely and extends his hand. "Constantine" is also reaching out: votvot Matveyev they shook hands.