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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


The first performance was very reserved, and all calmed myself by saying that it is, say, North! And the people in the North restrained. After the performance, backstage, in the dark I was approached by a familiar figure, how could I not know? - Tomorrow We move into my "Astoria"! I'll call you! - And disappeared.The next day he called and as if nothing had download the film шесть дней семь ночей and happened, it was his appointment, said he will call me today. - Get off me! Do not call me anymore! I'm fine living without you and without crossings! - And hung up. Two days flew messengers of "Astoria". Tatiana Peltzer calls me for a walk along the Nevsky and suggests: - Durischa!You love each other! What have you got in the position? - She cawed voice. - He can not play without you and can not eat. All night he's in my room sat - howled in frustration ... Well, Tan, your mother, move, move, I say to him?- Say it in popularity, fame, that is enough to be happy ... even too much, and that he can do without me. With the next messenger, we met at the Nevsky Passage. It was a hot chick. Soft-spoken, with a smile, she said a few compliments - and what I kolenochki, and pens, and eyes.- Andrew asked me to talk to you, that you moved in with him, he is suffering, you should do it, at least for him. He realized that he did something stupid, he is not a ... - Let the doctor will return, if not in myself, I can not help him. The next runner - Worm, he has arrived in St. Petersburg and also lives in "Astoria".We walk along the waterfront, and he, as always, said psihuya: - He's an idiot! What do not you understand? Notorious, dependent idiot! This extraordinary event - mother calls every day, threatening, and you know the best part?He spits on it, he saw, and at heart they have any bad feelings toward his mother, who is pushing it, frankly, on a very low deeds. And "The Diamond Arm" and "Figaro" to some extent helped him - mother cringed and stopped temporarily disparage him - he took a high, jumping out of the circle of pop life.And he has got its own will. - In an hour! - I said, swiping your finger on the lattice of the Summer Garden. - Then she would find it even what some weak point and will again make a shot in the body and so will ... perpetual motion ... And I can not ping pong balls! I want to leave it all to the North Pole, where some ice and polar bears.The next day Andrew calls me on the phone and says: "After all friendships have stayed! And such wonderful weather! We drive by car in Leningrad, fifteen minutes to go. " And I walked out. Watch the film шесть дней семь ночей online. Got in the car and we went to go all the beautiful streets of St. Petersburg. Moved to the other side of the river, to the University embankment, put the car, walk along the Neva River. Leaning on the railing, watching the progress Ladoga ice. Heavy, tight water, swiftness, it seems that the ice in the middle of the day phosphoresce the thread climbing on one another, like odor of cut watermelon. I hear a voice:- If today you do not move in with me - drowned in the Neva.