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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

film Six Days Seven Nights

The possibility of random color combinations that sound like a false note, should be excluded."At all stages, it was and will be the task - to break imperturbability once established household correlation of elements of phenomena - in this case the phenomena of color - in the name of ideas and feelings, seeking to speak, sing, scream through these elements" - this is the word of Eisenstein. And further on:"From the colorful carpets of color unorganized reality we in the name of the solution of the problem must be expressive and throw out those parts of the spectrum, those sectors obschetsvetovoy palettes that do not sound a tone to our task."These basic principles set out by Eisenstein in 1946 in "the first letter of the color" were intuitively understood and accepted Magidson, as they coincide with his artistic inclinations.Ability Magidson, not theorizing at conferences, not diskussiruya openly with colleagues, intuitively and empirically understand the specific natural laws of color movies and manifested in them unraveling the "secret of green." The most difficult to play on the film was green. He receives or brown, or poisonous.Operatoryteoretiki argued calculated ... Magidson tried looking for. And suddenly stunned all the famous "green spot", which reproduced the various shades of green, proving in practice the richest possibilities of color film at that stage of its development. The notes Magidson we find the following statement:"Green could not get because few traces behind him. For the indifferent attitude to his green color that decorates our lives, revenge. Then he started getting purple, then yadovitozelenym but rarely harmoniously blended with a number were flowers, especially jealous of the appearance of man in the frame.Green humble and never to he held sway in the frame. He can be lyrical, harsh and indifferent. It is associated with light and time of day. Look at the green at dawn and at 12 o'clock, and you will feel its emotional color.In the early days - he was gentle with a pinkish, which is felt in nature at sunrise, noon - the color "under the statute" - he loses all the lyricism, it is not associated with our ideas about beauty. " A secret fortune "green spot" was simple:The operator removes the green near the water or on clearance when things seem to be more transparent and therefore more intense green and clean. In addition, the law used Magidson color excitation additional tone, picking colors from the neighborhood where Green won the clean and intensity.Searches in the field in a new film language were made Magidson in some respects ahead of others, in some - later.

film Six Days Seven Nights

In the movie "Hostile Whirlwinds" can be found Magidson desire to turn the camera from the lock in the active participant in the events.The machine began to move, the closer to the actor, then moving away from it, emphasizing and enlarging the most important moments of action. Wide-angle optics, which uses here Magidson, gives an image of the current active second plan selected intelligently.