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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


On the one hand, the opera house is a riot, it will continue to Gluck, Wagner, Scriabin, Prokofiev and more. On the other hand, in the Drama theater, we always involve new elements.In "Give 76 to Europe!" Reached the transformation took dzhazbanda accompaniment, moving scenery. What we will find in the new "Bubus" as we enter the music? The newspapers flashed the news that the plan increased agitation, progressing, in "Pravda" was a typo - you need to:"Alternation of games and so- called predygry and conversational scenes and expression." What new elements come from?From my point of view, "Bubus" starts him the same thing, that he began to Leonardo da Vinci - I do not want to be Leonardo da Vinci, but fate put me in this position, because we are all inventors, are constant nadstraivatelyami more and more opportunities .Similarly, as Leonardo da Vinci in his inventions prefaced some hints at the possibility of creating an airplane, so we, of course, of course, I say, "Bubus" entering a new phase where we are reaching out to all fugitives from the Opera House, who, like Alchevsk, took upon himself the mission still perform these recitativeperformances that put the singer of opera and unites it with the dramatic actor. We have a revision of the canons of our dramatic scene, and that desire for melodrama that appeared recently in the revolutionary period, the rod has a lot of excuses for yourself.We take the melodrama is not the way it took Vadim Shershenevich or someone else who makes mechanical techniques of melodrama on the stage, because romance has always been a success - we do not why, but because humanity itself requires the theater to theater acting all the elements to which it had been accustomed to in the theater from the ancient times.The theater has always had to be accompanied by music, always wanted a dance, always needed a certain ... ABILITY beginning of the word is missing, and the Japanese and Chinese XVII century make a further amendment.We are not interested in the game as such, but we are interested predygra, because the tension with which the audience is waiting for is more important than power, which is obtained from the already received and chew. The theater is just not worth this. He wants to bathe in these expectations action. This is much more interested in it than most exercise.And in the second part of my report I will talk about it. In the part 2 of the report, which I will do now, I'll say a little bit about the content, which is hidden by the author of this thing - not in the sense of the plot, but in the sense that he is using this thing to say from the stage as a playwright.He explained it like this quote is written stenographer.


Here is how the author of the play. But namto working on a play, this, of course, in fact, should not have to tell 77. We are now well understood, due to the fact that it shifted the language stsenometrii. We already know that this piece of work.In today's satirical play, the play, which meant to mock a number of very large events, we are struggling with the class opposite us, have to make some sharpening.