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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


They did not know the boss liked the material or not, but I wanted to guess what he was thinking.The result is a funny, because they just mumbled something like, "We have an interesting film but ..." "It was clearly set out, the photo quality is good, but ...". Pos. , the President, to my great relief, he said: "Filg great, no need for any change." Experienced director knows all the shortcomings and their slippery film.But he needs to know the reaction of the audience in the perception of educational films. In this situation, the preview is only download the film эротика. and required to watching you can find out whether the film has reached its goal for learning new skills or training test views is best done not in the screening room, a normal situation.Sponsors have to sit at the back to the presence of i has no effect on the debate. In the final discussion ito, first, give an opportunity to assess how accessible fshn his audience, and to identify possible download the film эротика. and related to these problems.Second, it will calm the sponsors who prosmatrivg film with the director, could oppose kakihto scenarios characters or language. On the test view, they will see that worry was for nothing, and it means that the director will be able to safely continue. After the discussion should consider all criticisms.E surprised if you are not actively praise because REVIEW! arranged in order to detect possible problems. To make a change just because the majority of the audience said, 41 it needs to be done. They can make mistakes, just like you. Final assembly at this stage in the picture made last download the film эротика. and changed:download the film эротика. and imposed narration, music, and add special effects! Complete installation, the director says, "Enough.'s Film. Yardage Sun. That's what he will be shown.". Having spent a great effort download the film эротика. and called the movie, you want to release it as soon as possible. This temptation of overcome. Take a deep breath and ask yourself, does the film download the film эротика. and turned l.If not, what should be done for this. The last pa ask yourself whether all clear whether there is too much information, whether there is a true movie start and stop, whether found the rhythm, the pace of development activities, whether it can be understood by outsiders cheloveko whether there is sufficient emotional subtext that all your intentions " implemented?Now the main thing - music, narration and noise. Necessary to complete the job at the rough cut stage. This reciprocity process: sometimes music and commentary fitted to the image, sometimes the opposite is true.


Missing noise added only after fixing the image.Most video editing all of the above is directly related to video editing, which is different technically, but essentially similar to film editing. So I would like to comment on just a few issues that are worth paying attention.The first installation can be done in linear cheap studio and final work done in the studio with the addition of digital editing effects. For efficient operation of shooting done with timecode or it fits before installation.Timecode, a series of numbers that appear on the screen during installation, will help to quickly and accurately find the appropriate place on the original.