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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Due to the effects of light on the emotional memory, and I remember feeling such a case. Winter 1936 Stanislavsky Ostuzhev invited to the studio, so he showed his acting studio participants. And most Konstantin Sergeyevich Ostuzhev wanted to see in the role of Othello.I well remember the evening of the ceremony of the day for us. We prepared for it ... Ostuzhev came to us inspired, elated. We were standing in the hall in silence, hushed. He looked at us and said, "something happened, why did you ..." And in these days ill Stanislavsky.When we reported Ostuzhev about it, he immediately changed color and, as was wearing a fur coat and sat down on the bench. - I wanted so much to Stanislavski hear me - he download the film эротика. and whispered quietly, not looking at us. Then, circling us good sympathetic eyes, said: - I really do not know what to do ... The mood was gone, even goes back ...Ostuzhev looked at our young, distressed, pleading face, somehow instantly lit up by warm light, smiled and said, "Well, that download the film эротика. and depressed? .." He got up and began to take off his coat hastily. "Submit, conquered, will give up" - he joked. And so began a welcome evening. Ostuzhev Othello monologue began reading in the Senate.But he has not read a quarter monologue, but suddenly the light went out. All was quiet, could hear the deep sighs of regret. We sat hushed ne315 few minutes ... And in the room from the other room dim rays of light download the film эротика. and penetrated. Made two candlesticks with candles. This Stanislavski sent his candelabra from the cabinet.They set up on the stage floor. Hall mysteriously lit by a flashing light. Somehow the whole situation changed. After a long pause Ostuzhev said: "I will continue to Othello's monologue, I'll read another." And we saw Ostuzhev quite different. It's all changed.This was not Ostuzhev and Othello - it was "The Miserly Knight" by Pushkin, lines which he read to us. And as he read it! Enthusiastically, passionately. It was a real creative development. We froze, afraid to stir ... When Ostuzhev finished, we were silent for a long time, afraid to break that big, that was created by a great artist.It was only when he said after a long pause: "Well, that's all ..." - there was a thunderous applause. Sounds like an external decoy. Exercise. Creating a situation room, invite students Raspaud go it on their own. Then start with a demonstration tape sounds.As well as after the previous exercises, recitation, what emotional memories aroused their data mankizvuki. Look online. Exercises, students proposed: a) "left." Empty room. Lying about a broken chair, a doll with a torn hand, scraps of paper, and rope. Can be heard in the yard, the house, the dog howls, and b) "Flight of anarchists."Room. Rickety slogan table with outstretched papers and folders scattered chairs. Clatter of hooves receding horses you hear the distant screams. Sounds, noises encourage actors during rehearsals and performances. Here is an example of training sessions. There was a rehearsal of the play "Invasion" Leonov.In the first act of a long time we could not create the right atmosphere beginning of the act, to find the right rhythm action.