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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Representative of the artistic world and the writer was himself Fedotov, representative music and opera was Komissarzhevsky, representative artists Count Sologub.In addition, our Society joined publisher occurs while литературнохудожественного of "The Artist" 66, who had great success later. The founders of the magazine used the emerging society in order to promote their initiative.With the ever-growing dreams, it was decided to open and dramatic and operatic school How to do without them, once among us were such teachers as Fedotov Komissarzhevsky! All our plans are approved, predicted success, and only Count Sologub tempers my excited imagination and warned of hobbies.Artist Fedotov also repeatedly caused me to come to podruzheski as a mother, to warn against the dangers which threatened me though. But by the property of my nature hard, almost stupidly seek I strongly impressed, voice of reason did not penetrate my consciousness.Pessimism Fedotova I explained her marital discord with her husband, and the practical experience Sollogub I just could not believe, because it too was an artist. As evil, or, on the contrary, fortunately, at this time, quite unexpectedly, I received a large sum of twenty-five or thirty thousand.Not being in the habit of such money, I felt like a millionaire. Emerging Company took an advance, not to miss the right premises, without which, as it download the film эротика. and seemed to us, the implementation of our new enterprise is impossible. I gave the money. Then hastily took to repair the premises. And it needed the money;as well as other tributaries until it was, then again turned to me. And I'm fascinated by business, of course, denied the request.At the end of the 1888 winter season of the grand opening of the Society of Arts and Letters in perfectly trimmed room in the center of which was a large theater room around him were located foyer and a large room for the artists. They download the film эротика. and painted the walls, on their drawings was commissioned furniture and decor.This quaint corner they were going, they wrote sketches that right there, during a family night, auction, and the money to dine.Artists of all theaters in the meantime to read and play different scenes, and came up with impromptu charades, others sang, others danced, and took all that dramatic actors often act as dancers and opera, ballet as drama. All the intellectuals were present on the evening of the opening of the Company.download the film эротика. and Thanked the founders of it, and me in particular, for the fact that we are all united under one roof, we were assured that the long- awaited merger of the artists with artists, musicians and scientists. Look online. The press opening was greeted enthusiastically.A few days later the first performance of the Company drama department It has its own little story I want to tell. The first season of operation In the spring, it was decided to open a place of dramatic performances of "Miserly Knight" and Pushkin's "George Dandin" Moliere. It is more difficult for beginners nothing could come up with.I am perplexed to this day, we then download the film эротика. and guided the selection of these works.