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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Poor color film I, of course, prefer the monochrome. Especially since in some cases the so- called "natural color" impoverish the imagination.The more you strive to imitate reality, the more likely to sink to the forgery. In this sense, b & w gives a wider range of space fantasy.I'm sure that if, after viewing a good movie Black and purposely ask the audience how impressed by the colors, many are likely to respond that the colors were great, because everyone gives seen images of flowers, which is in itself. The film "Juliet and spirits" was conceived for Juliet and Juliet.I download the film эротика. and nursed him for a long time, ever since "The Road." Yes, I wanted to make another picture with Juliet, but more importantly, I intuitively knew that my intention to use the movie as a tool that can cut up the transparent shell of the real, the best helper might just be Juliet.The idea was born davnymdavno, in the search for a theme that would show the audience some political different reality is even better than the history Dzhelsominy. We had the idea to make a film about a young nun, a diary which we found in the library of a monastery just while filming "The Road."It was a holy being - inexperienced, unsophisticated, the shortest possible. But I kept the fear of falling into saccharine mysticism, create another "life of a saint." I also download the film эротика. and tried to link these motives to the individual medium Eileen Garrett, whom he had known. Kakoeto time it seemed to me that her life could be a starting point for the film.But we are not very advanced in this direction - apparently because of my inability to express chito biography, from the thought that, reproducing kakuyunibud true story, you need to download the film эротика. and remain absolutely faithful to the facts, I have lost all desire to tell her.Then we had another plan, however, made in the same manner and with the same Juliet. I wanted to give her the opportunity to play many roles in a single film: the greedy and cruel woman, varivshuyu soap from his victims, hiromantku, billionaire.All of these were old download the film эротика. and discarded plans, but at some point I have been download the film эротика. and tempted to bring them into one story, and I even came up with plot device, which was to connect them together, but then so did this and did not.After the "8 1/2" when again raised the question of making a film with Juliet, I again have a new angle, tried to revise their old ideas. Look online. Perhaps on the screen the whole thing moved, acquired a new dimension. The film about the unseen world postponed, at the moment it is probably not feasible.Still, the starting was my psychological twist, allowing a certain amount of detachment and irony, ravlecheniya and justifies not only to the beginning of a willful, but the most unbridled imagination. Dzhulettaaktrisa always some reason tends to be opposite of the character she creates with me.Every time she is stubborn and obeys my requirements only after long resistance, like a premonition that she was destined to set free kakieto dark forces that lurk within it, and with whom she wants to live with.