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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


When he died, crying wife and sister told me: - Who will be our cheer? What an amazing life force needed to possess in order to maintain a spirit of cheerfulness in your family!This amazing person lived only by the brain. Those who made the autopsy, were shocked by the fact that his whole body was subjected to decay, and only the brain Ostrowski was in marvelous condition, Yes, this man lived only a brain! It struck monolithic whole complex of human data, all intelligence, the integrity and purity of his vision.This was a genuine Bolshevik, who knew no compromise, no deviations from what is being communist. And, of course, such people are extraordinary people, conceivable only in this extraordinary country.About 434 international targets THEATRE This problem of international importance, which are set by an advance guard of theater employees: Problems of Peace. Protection of cultural achievements of mankind from the day of his birth. The rise of culture. Go above made by mankind from past centuries. Convergence of art and technology. Comparison. Showing relationship.Show interaction. Art closer to the people who had previously been deprived of art, art was the only property of the tops. Vitamin for professional theater: folk song, folk dance. The use of the stadiums. Since XVI century built theaters that had clearly expressed social hierarchy layout of seats for spectators.Fighting vulgarity, pornography, as decomposing mass. The struggle for the ideological saturation. The introduction of social motives, not only in theatrical performances, but also in the movie. Theatre and cinema should solve big problems of our time. Playwrights and poets of our time.Theatre should not work for piles sectarians, the theater must be truly massive. a) means of expression: simple, b) style: clarity, lapidary, dramatic tension, sublime tone, pathetic tone, heroic style. 435 Down zhanrizm! Long live the realism! But in all the arts, to produce more work.Art as a result of a careful study of art of the past. Down amateurism! And here of amateur theater, amateur art. You can not only cause the art to life, they must lead, must be exposed amateurism, we need to set the task of amateur groups be able to recognize the authenticity of folklore.Matter if amateur circles to imitate professional theater. Financial situation of workers of the theater. download the film эротика. and Wicked theater system in Germany: a small group of the annual salary, others get only a one-time payment. That's ... more task: as a modern actor must train his declamatory unit. Watch the film эротика. online. And more:School of the Theatre. 436 LETTER Stanislavsky January 18, 1938 Dear Stanislavski, Gogol, describing one of the events in one of his novels, feeling difficulty to express on paper what a story it now it came to pass, he suddenly stopped and exclaimed: "No! .. I can not! .. Give me another pen!My pen sluggish, dead, with thin slivers for this picture! ". Holding the letter to you on your birthday, I find myself in the position of Nikolai. To you - dear to my teacher - my feelings are such that the expression on paper and every feather is sluggish, and the dead.