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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


And you're sure to hear the orchestra - he forces himself to listen to - and you make sure that what is done in the orchestra.Thus used the orchestra as a new element of theatrical action. Scriabin said the merger of light, sound, movement of the human body as one, and says that you can create this amazing new score. And even he first begins to come to terms with the electrician:"Can I have a keyboard, which marks my" Prometheus ", is it possible that someone ran this keyboard to me all the time light" - because he knows what the impact on the person is not only sound, but also the light - what it is of great importance - and nay72 ti light - this is a tremendous thing.So, he says that if they create a theater event that is not only conceivable in a closed room, but in the open air - so let's use the light. What can be achieved with the nuances of this world! Here, then, are the new items. Then get to the actor. Prokofiev cancels nature opera actor. He says:"Let him well download the film эротика. and trained voice, let him great breath, and I do not need to be" a, a, y, u, e "download the film эротика. and sounded, let me disagree, because only the consonants will be heard in these monstrous recitatives when you not have time to even download the film эротика. and begin to sound "a, o, u, and, er," and only have time to say "w, c, g, h," that is only the consonants. "Now there's even a new breed of people who founds his vocal thing on the sound not vowels and consonants. This is not the discovery of America, it's inevitable.Without it you can not really, because if you do take up the study of Prokofiev, generally Gnesin ( Gnesin, perhaps, to a lesser extent, because in the last period Gnesin hit in folklore, began to study the nature of Jewish music and its melodiousness forced him to remain in the old opera art), they will produce reform inharmony may be further than Scriabin. Prokofiev, we see that the "players" people on stage must be other story. He should reconsider all previous canons. In other words, we are on the eve of reform in the formal sense of theatrical art.Can we now divide the theater, as we have done before, as Rabis does this - there is a section of the opera singers, drama section, and so I think that dramatic actors he would share with those who are involved in the "distorting mirror , "in" Do not weep ", and those who participate in the theater of Meyerhold.We even have a Union of Revolutionary playwrights. What is it? If you - the arts - and want to improve their economic situation, deign to join the union of art, Rabis, with us. This division can not be. We are on the threshold of a time when this division will be erased.Then what happens is what was in staroyaponskom and starokitayskom theater when an actor preparing for a scene, had himself to prepare - by movements of the voice of the akrobatizma, from the ability to move the orchestra, from the ability to make and saltomortale etc., etc.