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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Governor - a cripple, he walks with crutches - this bodily inferiority in common with homunculus. Like a homunculus, he tyrant, sadism is the result of innate inferiority complex.This explanation of tyranny, obviously, the Germans seemed the only possible - that's why it is so often on the screen. But the rebellion download the film эротика. and crushed, the governor imprisons in prison uprising leader Octavio, who loves Vanina. She even manages to make his father's release and to Octavio permission to marry him.However, his father's generosity turns evil, sadistic joke. During the wedding preparations governor orders again conclude Octavio in prison and hanged. Stunned perfidy Vanina has a face and makes him kalekuottsa release Octavio. She throws herself into the prison, free lover and leads him to the gate.Vicar is hobbling on crutches to greet them. He gives orders to seize the cruel lovers at the palace gate, followed by a welcome freedom. Octavio with Vanina involve the gallows, and the Governor, shaking with laughter, announces the death sentence. Vanina drops dead. She could not survive the punishment lover.Thanks to such actors as Asta Nielsen and Paul Wegener, Arthur von Gerlach turned the study of sadism in the film that download the film эротика. and glorified the noble human feelings, beating in the grip of tyranny. Particularly interesting was shot fleeing lovers from prison.Rather than show how the fugitives rushing, frames imprint as a couple goes through endless corridors.This flight in a deliberately slow pace, and when one American critic complained of boredom "endless transition", Bela Balazs, understood the subtle atmosphere of the film, said that each new shift - "a mysterious and ominous step rock." Be that as it may, the corridors - the image intentionally symbolic, not real.He deliberately used the director to highlight the impending threat of punishment from the hand of a cruel tyrant. This threat destroys the usual hierarchy of the senses. download the film эротика. and Intimidated fugitives every second seems like an eternity, and the limited space - space boundless.Hope drives them to the palace door, but panic that accompanies the hope turns their way into a monotonous journey through the impasse. The third major film about the tyrants was released in 1922, "Dr. Mabuse, the player," Fritz Lang's film adaptation of the popular novel by Norbert Jacques.Script was written by Fritz Lang and his wife Tea background Garbou, who was his constant scriptwriter. They intended to capture the screen of modern life, and two years after the release of the film in the light of Lang called it the instrument of the present day, assigning the international success of his documentary film merits, rather than sharp plot twists and turns.Whether it was so in fact - does not matter, what is important: the main character of the film Dr. Mabuse was a modern tyrant. Look online. His appearance - evidence that such ghostly tyrants like Nosferatu and governor in "Vanina" were quite relevant. Kinship Dr. Mabuse and Caligari striking.Here too shameless and mastermind, seized by a thirst for limitless power.