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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Show the inner world would have been a bad director, do not be invading his thoughts, thinking, imagination, and, perhaps, pure song, he dreams, which seeks.His entire filmography testifies to this interest. "Van Gogh" was suffering from a flat text - as it is tragic volume content. In " Gauguin" already heard the voice of the artist, whose correspondence is the essence of a comment. "Guernica" gives, finally, the word poet - Eluard makes modern scream. Followed by Chris Marker, Remo Forlani, Jean Keyrol, Raymond Queneau, Marguerite Duras, Alain RobGriye. Each of them brings to the film his personal voice to personalize the unique world, remarkably faithful to him. In this world, the awakened screaming, led by voices, shocked silence, we continue to move forward ...This magnificent "Letter on the Blind" Diderot states, "If a person who was seeing one or two days, would have been among the blind, he would have to choose silence or pretend to be insane." Renee chose the way of making movies, showing them what he saw, and what would have to see the blind. Does he look like a madman?The answer to this question lies in the plane of morality. The Chinese have long opposed the construction of railways. They could not bear the knowledge that the earth will be dug up dead. The same can be said about us - about our relationship to a bad memory.We can not bear the thought of what will be pulled "weeds" growing on it, so we are afraid to disturb the peace of the forgotten graves and remove bad buried corpses. But remorse can not indefinitely hinder progress, so the field of memory, both collective and personal, is subject lomam and shovels modern seekers.Renee seems to me it is so persistent seeker. Lover of crossword puzzles ... understand what I mean when I assert that watching a movie Rene - the same as dealing with intellectual sport.Life may have actually a novel, but it has meaning only in the event that moves in all directions - horizontally and vertically. This grid, which must be filled, the words, kill each other, it is uncertain crossroads of fate. Stavite you the last word, as the last stone to close the vault the finished film.Paintings Rene become monuments, and its author - a statue of Commander in the French cinema. And pleasure that we seemed to have experienced in the search for the interpretation of a particular film, scatters, disappears, giving way to another delight - caused by relief that the whole is finished.Relief, however, mixed with fatigue - the knowledge that we have so much time in vain puzzled. It turns out that the monument came to the dilapidated, empty little masterpiece, the game has evolved with modern art lesson in family and mental orgasm.Speaking of Renee, we download the film эротика. and begin with a description of his films as abstract machines, leaving aside the very style of shooting, to approach the object, enlarge, select, and - love it. Renee, who is filming a movie, interesting less than Renedemiurg.However, if there is a mystery, Rene, it is just his way of shooting, expressing his attitude, which was lower for "strict but fair" emotionality: devoid of download the film эротика. and hatred, desire and violence.