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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


What is it? Beauty? The city on a swamp? I have approved for the lead role in the movie "Hot days are" in the studio "thumbnail".Making a movie, two young director. The trial was in Moscow. Now I come to the shooting. Beautiful, solemn Nevsky Prospect!Only I do not like that Peter I built the end of Nevsky Admiralty, had better shine Neva, blue, anxious, my Moscow gentle, quiet, we are hospitable and welcoming people of Leningrad, they are softer, more intelligent in the relationship, and can be, and cooler We easier. The studio itself is also not the same as the "Mosfilm", cozy. And directors are different.Besides Vasilyev brothers, all Jews here, but also do not like the "Mosfilm". Our very Russian, and how these foreigners, aloof, and even a little too intelligent, I do not know the right meaning of snobbery, but, as I understand it, they are snobs. I am here as a very grown-up. I'm in my new life.At the New Year, I was download the film эротика. and invited to the House of Cinema. I first met the New Year in a public place for the first time I made out of a new blue silk dress, I'm the queen, from my eyes out, both directors in love with me. At the entrance to the cinema house do not need any invitations, and a password: top stairs shouting:"How are you, carp?" Below should answer as loudly, "Wow, merci!" Above: "How are things with you to the movies?" Bottom: "Wow, that shit." And all this must be done in all seriousness. I could not help laughing.And all the same, comparing my children's theater and realistic with my "Mosfilm" and "thumbnail", I feel like in the movies some political hostility, hypocrisy, estrangement, for you like watching, making sure that you're not broke, it was not necessary to make room, can be , it's because all the directors shoot their wives and fear rivals.And I, in my new life I do not believe. All touch hands. Hotel "Astoria" Luxury as "Metropolis"! I have my own bathroom, I several times a day swimming in it! With legs arranged on the couch and read, read, read! Dad surprised as I was smart! Painting! Music! Temples! I wander through the channels! The quays!And I saw the famous Greta Garbo in "Queen Christina." Hosea miracle. This is not a beauty, it is the light of the soul, it is the depth of talent, mind. I'm so sorry! I'm playing, what, why, I want to cry, cry. Perhaps it's better not to see anything beautiful, not hear, do not compare! No! No! No! And no! See! Hear!


Compare!And interestingly, die of happiness? And I have a novel. I never saw that man was so in love. He does not eat, and watches me eat. He washes my socks, which I'm doing, and leaves a note in my room, "Your toes dry on a central heating radiator, and I withering in his room."The Institute had to leave, but we now live as Croesus: Pope on a permanent, though incomprehensible to him, the work: he was an engineer on supply in the vast steppe farm in the Kuban, where he gave each of Saratov.Before the Pope and never heard of such a profession, it was difficult, but the Pope has comprehended and the profession, and established work, they are very happy, and it can often come for a day or two on business.