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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


As you can see, the spirit of invention, about a century ago triumphed in science begins to seep into the area of ​​literature.Since physicists and chemists for their works were able to give birth to the seventh art, why not try to writers invent new literary genres, which will open up new opportunities for finding and self-expression?Let's go back to the inner monologue - Edouard Dyuzhardenu rather have what he wrote the original book, and only much later, Joyce and Larbaud saw it as the beginnings of the present invention. This difference between talking about the obvious evolution of literary thought.Perhaps for the same reason the problems of technology today play an increasingly important role. Gide dedicates his "Diary of counterfeiters," Jacques Lakretelyu and those interested in the problems of the craft.And already in the "The Counterfeiters" was noticeable only careful attention to the craft of the writer and to the opportunities that are hidden in it. In the theater, in myuzikholle, in the novel, and poetry as well as in the studio, working for the benefit of technical progress;and almost always the film technique, the most recent, and therefore most responsive to modern taste, is an example of any other technology, and takes her along. On stage speeds up a change of scenery as it is done on the screens - theater endeavor to give their productions the flexibility and the ease in which the film has no equal.The fact that Nicolas Baudouin calls "synoptic poem in many plans", from a formal point of view also reminds screenplays. I recently caught the eye of a work written in this form, it was published in the journal "La Coeur de lin" download the film fghj and signed by Andre de la Perrine.Location already printing signs poem slightly resembled movie with film. The visual element is prevalent here, by using the parallel multi-column, trying to make us associative emotion, such as those that download the film fghj and opened for us the cinema.The play of images superimposed on each other by imprinting or a high speed changing, which resulted from these synoptic poem, projected, so to speak, out of our skull. The scenario is even more directly influenced by the film technique.I'm not talking about purely cinematic scenario, it would be common truth, and what had happened to him literary formula, one of the first examples of which can be considered "DonogooTonka" Jules Romains and "End of the World, download the film fghj and filmed for the movie angel Notre Dame" Cendrars.To the tops of the genre are those pages where Romain describes monstrous propaganda organized for the economic exploitation of the "Donogoo-thin", the fictional town of pure fantasy a professor at the College de France, solicited membership in the Academy. ...Get by with friends we ourselves produced a special issue of "Cahiers du moi", placing it in six experiments in the field of "literary scenario" - the very word implies that we wrote them, not caring about the reality of their use.Was not about to withdraw into visual images, we did not forget about those associated with other senses, and simply explanatory remarks.