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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


This color is associated with the desire to achieve self-affirmation. Orange - the color of warmth, happiness, intensity, but at the same time - the soft light setting sun.He always pleases the eye and promotes good mood. Almost always have a positive effect, since shows happy side of life. In psychodiagnostics with orange and distinguished krasnozhelty zheltokrasny. Positive attitude to have krasnozheltomu gipertimnye people. They brilliantly gifted but uneven;astound others for their flexibility and versatility of his mind, they are often download the film fghj and gifted artistically. Have the kindness, compassion, usually in a good mood. But! In this case, they are characterized by superficiality, unstable interest and the need for hobbies.Zheltokrasny color preferred by people with type cycloid accentuation. They are characterized by frequency of changes in the state of excitation and depression. In Celtic goddess of youth and love - in zheltokrasnoy clothes. The militant force of Mars and Saturn, and the orange is also symbolized by the volcanoes - flowing energy. In psychotherapy Orange strengthens the will;supports sexuality, activates the endocrine glands. Orange regulates metabolic processes, treats the genitourinary system, improves blood circulation and skin color, has a beneficial effect on digestion, sharpens the appetite and causes a feeling of euphoria. It provides support in the event of bereavement or grief, brings the lost balance.At first, the loss of a man rejects this color, because can not understand what download the film fghj and happened, considering it unfair. Color should be introduced gradually. Orange gives the ability to do something and is considered one of the best colors in psychotherapy.Green Positive characteristics of negative characteristics of sustainable progress Obligation Selfishness Jealousy Hypochondria green color comes from the fusion of blue and yellow, with our complementary qualities of both. Hence there is peace and stillness.The green life always lies opportunity, he does not have the acting out of energy, but has a potential energy - is not at rest, but rather the internal stress. It expresses the relationship of man to himself, asks for nothing and do not call. In itself conceals its secrets, inspiring stability.Symbolizes prosperity and new beginnings. People who prefer this color, tend to see both sides of the situation, they know how to weigh and assess the chances of a favorable outcome, able to throw one's weight around, have a high capacity for work.


They remember only what you need, and they are inclined to help other people, even to their own detriment.They are friendly, but very secretive, they have their own world, they do not reveal to anyone. On the negative aspect is the color of the silent approval and hopelessness. This is the color that can not be a long look - is the boredom, because nothing. Treatment - has a beneficial effect on people suffering from claustrophobia.Green neutralizes the other colors, helps dispel negative emotions.