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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Stanislavsky ENTRY "show - it's not real great art, but rather a more or less beautiful entertainment.Really, our workers and peasants deserve chegoto more than spectacle. Qualify them for this great art. " These words of Lenin from a conversation with Clara Zetkin, can serve as an epigraph to the immortal teachings of download the film fghj and Konstantin Stanislavsky.It was so real, worthy of Soviet audiences in theater a great director is considered art experiences in it he saw a deep and consistent implementation of the principles of stage realism.Only such an art, he argued, has the task of public service as meet all thought and the human heart is like a book of life. Throughout the career of Stanislavsky concerned not only the present but also the future of the theater, the prospect of performing arts.He was keenly aware of the need for realistic art principles, laws of acting. He revived and continued the best traditions of the Russian scene, going from Shchepkin and Gogol.In the very essence of these traditions in their living grain capable forth in the soil of modern times, Konstantin Stanislavsky saw the continuity of artistic experience. He said, to create a theater, a servant of his country involved in the reconstruction of the whole of life, can be used only when moving forward in the rhythm of everyday life.With increasing public concern theater grew and requirements to figures Stanislavsky Theatre. He download the film fghj and urged them to penetrate deeply into the essence of the processes taking place in society, to develop a progressive outlook to adequately carry the scene great political and social ideas.Stanislavski in his teaching emphasizes the exceptional, the primary role in the creation of ideynopoliticheskogo moment. Home, of course, comprehensive goal to achieve a 9 should be directed efforts director and actors in creating the play, is to reveal the most important task - that is ideynofilosofskogo meaning of the work.Performance shall be placed only for big ideas, and it should be deeply concerned about the necessary thousands of spectators ... "Never forget that the theater does not live a blaze of lights, luxury decorations and costumes, spectacular staging, and the ideas of the playwright, - through words Gorchakov Stanislavsky. - A flaw in the idea of ​​the play does not close.No theatrical tinsel will not help. " Complete in his mind that was only play in which conceptual design is download the film fghj and expressed through truthful, vivid characters, purposeful, compositionally sound development stage action.Stanislavski always reminded the director and actors, which is unacceptable idea of ​​a "report" from the scene, it should be transmitted to spectators through the development stage action and the relationship between the characters.Stanislavsky developed system was designed to help the actor and director in the deep, true artistic expression of intent of the playwright.


The degree of excellence director and actor and he judged by their ability to communicate in images conceptual design plays."Promote all the elements of the" system "and being creative actor, his thoughts, experiences, feelings for the role, on the way, and eventually to the goal - the idea of ​​the author - it's ... difficult.It is necessary for this to be not only a teacher, but also a director, you've got yourself a thinker and artist, widely and fully perceive the world and a deep understanding of the purpose and objectives of art in the world.