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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


.4 Position 74 75 position with a dominant actor, situated in the frame with one hand, does not change its disposition in two takes, while the other two .6 position of the actor in each doublet are reversed. .5 Position 76 77 According to the position in the dominant line of interest is in the depth of the frame diagonally and akterarbitr located at one side of the frame. With a dominant position on the line of interest is held horizontally between two actors in the foreground, and akterarbitr located behind and above it.Note that in all three figures above, the order of placement of actors is download the film fghj and stored in accordance with the letters A, B, Figures, which will follow on, we'll see what makes these items the contrary.Camera placement G1RINTSIPU ON EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL CONFLICT Using this method, we can achieve but the screen contrast amounts of P, since the external camera takes the entire group on the inside - just one part of it. This example is the variety of actions scenes. There are two approaches. .7 Gives the contrast of 3 to contrast three numbers:Remove sequentially, alternating between the outer and inner kontrplan. The second version shows the ratio for the two plans as a contrast to the three numbers 3: Take off, alternating between the outer and inner kontrplan. Once again focus attention on the fact that not necessarily all at the same time be an actor.One or two of them can sit, lean on chtolibo, lie, which also makes it possible to vary the composition of frames and scenes. The camera is liable ON AN INTERNAL CONFLICT If you break up a group of three actors in two parts with a ratio of 2 to 1 st, then you can offer a fan of shooting options trio of actors.Three takes internally opposing cameras can be used to shoot each individual actors located according rigid triangular pattern. One seemingly opposing camera gives the plan of the group as a whole, which can serve up the stage and from time to time to remind the viewer of the group as a whole. Take a look.Closely monitor compliance with the interests between the actors, which one is the object of attention of the other two. 78 79 .9 Contrast numbers 2: Remove the two internal kontrplanami.Co-hosting chamber if a group of three people standing in the foreground parallel to the camera, are divided into two components, it indicates that they must be located in the user's profile to the camera. When the two actors standing in front of the third, the dominant, the arbitrator attention here. Contrast the number achieved by this method.Plan Ves scene showing the entire group completely, typically used at the beginning, middle and end of the episode. .10 Each internal kontrplan gives one actor from the group separately, son-plan situation. Look online. We remind the viewer of the group completely.Parallel positions the camera to shoot a group of three 80 81 If the actor at the center of attention is the role of arbiter, the group can be divided into three components: actors, bordering group, stand in profile, and the actors in the center - from the front to the camera.