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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


This solves the director. But the fact remains:parallel installation is the best way to present information. Its basic elements: action and reaction will help in this process. Chapter3 certain ground rules Arizhon Daniel writes that almost always films tell about something.Usually we see the image of the characters and objects, which were recorded on tape and played back on the screen at 24 frames per second. But sometimes this technical process can be modified and drawings curves, animals and characters can be taken at various speeds up to several hundred FPS.Or, conversely, slow to display still images, frame by frame, with various breaks in between. In the first group we can include the following types of films: - information - documentaries - game. In the second category we can include all the movies that require radical changes in technology surveys. The second group includes:- Drawing cartoons - puppet cartoons - speed shooting facilities, plants, animals and people. Information Movie author clarifies that information films have to reflect kakieto unique event or occurrence. Director of the film is minimal control over the situation, which he narrates.This - the viewer with imaging equipment. We can say that this type of survey is a series of interrupted plans, pieces of events that the screen may seem chaotic. Many may not be available, but telling a person can create the appearance of a whole.The most comprehensive survey obtained using the camera or multiple cameras with motor, synchronized with a tape recorder, recording all the events, interesting or not, cook in filmahhronikah. But to shoot no more important than the location of the camera for unbiased coverage of the scene.Operators need to choose its location, height, goals, their coverage. All this leads to one inescapable kompromissu9 selection. Anyway, met few people with the same supply of the same material. Documentary from the point of view of the author form documentaries has many options.Arizhon notes that documentaries are not dealing with a fact, and the serial number of facts, which are built around a common motivation. When submitting material to the screen in a stream of events that take place, the changes are introduced. Many reasons can be summarized as follows:a) some plots corresponding to one common event, developed consistently. If the nature of the event has changed, the story rearranged in a new sequence.Even if each item was withdrawn at the time of its passage in the chain of stories of events, these individual moments can be grouped into fragments and videos according to a plan of content, thus breaking the temporal relationship;b) the usual linear playback of events is interrupted by introducing visual instructional materials of various kinds, to get an idea of ​​the event, which can be download the film fghj and removed only with the real elements;c) the number of subjects is repeated depending on the composition or other needs of design, in order to study the various approaches and solutions.