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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Only voluntary. Try to understand, finally, inspiring you these horrors, your guys just found a way to lay your hands on it.Not they are for you and you for them. His wife does not know anything about the threat of the mafia. She just wanted to live a full life. That is such a life, John could not give her. Now that the tour began again, he did not belong to her or himself. Colonel and firm. The main thing - the music. In front of him were again living people.His izbolevshayasya for years voluntary kinokatorgi soul thirsted to communicate with them. And the songs he tried to open it this soul. He recalled how he first rows visible looking at the idol of his youth memories bleary eyes. And he would not only be revived past. He wanted to be a part of Eternal Music ...Hard and stepping cautiously, he download the film fghj and again walked the music room, amazed and almost could not believe myself - is it all hanging on the walls of gold records belong to him? Heavy swollen eyelids closed her eyes for a moment, once reputed to be the most charming. So ... finished. Moving on. If only I had the strength. And John was keenly aware of the forces at the end.Is the end? What is it? But what about the fans? After a week on tour. Tickets sold long ago. Ah ... will understand. He always felt responsible. Always download the film fghj and inspired Colonel: - All that you have, you owe me and the public. Take care of your fans. Look for a way to their hearts. Yes, the audience loved it. They screamed with delight.His peers did his idol idol of her children. Onto wanted another. And somehow made one last attempt to connect with people. He jokingly, told them of his way, in the hope that they will understand - roses along the way is much less thorns. However, the national humor prevailed.They stop eating and fun rust if not wanting to even think about what's behind his words. They saw him as just a entertainer. He was from their youth. And now a living legend, realizing their dream of a fabulous wealth. John promised himself nonsense thousand devils and finally closed up. Preece, on the contrary, surprised:- All right, darling. Your new course terribly successful. You just might now enter the stage from the floor. You become part of the public. This means that we will be together again. We're family. . - No, the PI is no hope. I can only sing. I'm never going to try to take the audience in this way.


Not my role. - As you wish, of course. A pity.Well, do not throw their way. Completely useless as emotions. Unbelievable you face is when you sing. What are you feeling you eat? Where are you? With me you have never had such a person. - Silly, are you - jealous? For what? Music - another world. And I - comes from there. I can not help it. - Yeah, but ... - She said thoughtfully.- I'm on the side of your life, and my pass. Why do you? Even now, he remembered his wife's tone. As if he, not she win the right to be a family. Injustice question download the film fghj and angered him. - We have already talked about this many times. My opinion you know. Turn to chemnibud.