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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Joking aside, the first scenic experience Kitano was a copy of "Sunflowers" by Van Gogh. It hangs on the wall in one of the interior "Fireworks":attentive viewer can even see it. And another, an entirely original picture Kitano - free variation on the theme of Van Gogh, which has download the film fghj and turned into a sunflower head of a lion, - the camera does not ignore, and examines the long, detailed, lovingly.Kitano malyaromkrasilschikom father was, and, on conviction director, before he had never had any desire to take over the paint. Directed repeatedly recalled how disgusting for him and his brother as a child was father's trade. Door of the house served as Takeshi Kitanostarshemu palette. Children help father vozya him paint and make a few small orders;Takeshi remembers the humiliation he suffered when he had to paint the wall of the house, where she was a classmate of his more prosperous families. Brushes and paint etched for Kitano unpleasant subjects:when his mother download the film fghj and decided to teach calligraphy, it at the first opportunity, on the way to class, hiding my school bag, took out of his hiding place and form a baseball bat with a ball, then ran to the no training. However with time rejection passed. Perhaps the role played by the fact that at the time of the accident Kitano almost blind.Or just want to keep him occupied chemto "My injuries were very severe, and I thought I'll never be able to make films and work in television as a showman as" Beat "Takeshi. As Horiba, I had nothing to do, free time was loose, and I said to myself: "Why not start painting?"At first it was just fun, which allowed the patient to endure the pain. And then drawing and painting became my hobby. When I was writing the script," Fireworks ", I thought that Horiba, confined to a wheelchair, is in a situation similar to mine, and, as I could start painting.I was not afraid to confuse the audience, as they hoped that they will understand: Horiba, like me, an amateur, he tolkotolko began to draw, and he does not claim to be called a true artist.I know that my technique is not too good, but when I paint, I completely immerse myself in a job that brings me pleasure and satisfaction. " Beginning with the first "post-traumatic" film Kitano, "Guys come back", a private art director is becoming an integral part of his film.Numerous paintings in restaurants and offices - his own making. However, the viewer's attention is focused on them is extremely rare: in fact it is only in the "Fireworks", where pictures Horiba not only illustrate what is happening, but also to predict and determine the development of the plot.In other cases, China - free decorator own films, props maker, for which producers do not have to pay.


Either way, the opportunity to express themselves in movies on the Rights of the artist he occasionally neglects.For example, he painted four paintings depicting the romantic lovers of the play Chikamatsu "Messenger to hell," and none of them were subsequently not included in the film "The Dolls." China recognized that this case was the only one in his cinematic career, he has created a sort of preliminary storyboards.Not for the crew - for itself.