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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


And how was it - in the old shalyushke in ancient steganke in patched boots - brought to the pavilion, where they were waiting for the film crew. "But I can not work now! - Actress download the film fghj and pleaded. - It's inhuman!"She was crying, sobbing, and the director just silently patted her on the small gray shalyushke. And when she had a good cry, then said edinstvennnoe spread the word: "I must." He gave the actress a knife, put a sack of potatoes melkonkoy dirty and began to question her about Moscow.And then began shooting, the actress download the film fghj and continued to peel the potatoes, and so absorbed that the actor who played the German, and he was download the film fghj and certain it is German, warned: "Be careful. She has a knife ... "She worked all night, and when the shooting was over, the director stood up in front of her and download the film fghj and kissed her hands, stained the ground:" I'm sorry. "- "God is with you, - she said. - Have at least that? I do not make a copy. I will die ... "- I do not know, my friends - finished Petrovich this story - I replied to your question about the" innocence. " In general, I think, the one who by the end of his days, has download the film fghj and managed to keep this "naive." This is a great gift. Do not lose it.- Viktor - who asked that - you do later began publishing? Well it is clear, the war ... - If not for the war - nodded Petrovich - I started to write for ten twelve years earlier. I felt a craving for writing since childhood. Of course, then download the film fghj and turned to another writer: better or worse - have to guess no one can.However, beyond a doubt, that has not experienced the horrors of war, watching the blood and tears, the writer would have been much nicer to me for the simple reason that he was cultured and educated, he wrote about would not be download the film fghj and impaired and bruised human life, the suffering and grief, and of something else, more to the right person and the nature of thatgenerally consistent with that and my cheerful and optimistic, and while it is preserved in the war, but suffered the inevitable loss, and they will often crushes under her bright vision.And then are in life and in fiction irritation, jealousy, resentment, and anger at times - the worst assistant in literary work. Then there was just general conversation "for life", and we held dear guests only in the morning. Watch the film fghj in excellent quality online. The boys told me - Lev, what a wonderful night we had today!And what a terrific person - how he thinks and how to talk! In fact, Viktor very interesting talk. Me, I understand, can not transfer at least part of his tone. His speech like it simple country man, and at the same time in each sentence so much wisdom, so much beauty, so much poetry!So talk to a very few. And this Siberian saying that I omitted: "Yeah ... yeah ... yeah ... "-" The Lion, here I wrote two short stories, they will like you for sure, right? "Do it to me with any requests not addressed. Only one operator Toll Z, who also was friends with Peter, told me:- Lev, we should at Moscow, in Khotkovo, go - Victor Petrovich take one old woman, which he considers his second mother.