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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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That's her job. You have to be picky ... Baba - is your Achilles' heel. I am of the political department of the City of Moscow sent an invitation that I was there for a showdown. - And have you been? - Of course, no. I ripped and thrown in the trash. Do not look at me with bulging eyes and necks I loops.The telephone rang. Andrew picked up the phone. - Ale ... - On his face there was suffering. - Yes ... It is possible. When? Good. Goodbye, - he said a small voice. A terrible premonition knocked in his heart. "Lord, this is not the first time! - Flashed through my head. - Who is he talking so telegraphic language? And it is on the face of suffering?I've seen it. " Suddenly she turned to him: - Andrew, who called you? - The tone of the question flashed back. We stared at each other in the eye, and from understanding what happened pupils widened in horror.Coffee ran out why the milk from the refrigerator, put in a bowl jam, and he loudly sipping a cup of milk, quietly said: - In the spring we Bodey walked on your mug near Spaso House. Towards the young ladies came, as it turned out, the daughter of the ambassador, began to play the fool, I - in English, of Boda play the mad Russian.They invited us into his garden. We have not even entered the building, just walking in the garden. We do not realize that this is a US territory! Then he got a call from CG Sergei. He loudly slurped milk from a cup, the sound was so like milk lamented. He lit. - Met with Sergey Ivanovitch, - said Andrei disgust.- He explained to me that we have committed a crime Bodey - crossed the state border, and if I want to and avoid penalties, you must serve the motherland, to help authorities in their dangerous and difficult work in general, to help ... - How to help? - I asked. - What you do not understand? and help. And all the time to help.And if I refuse ... - sips sobs, he continued with huge pauses. - If I give up ... everything! My career will collapse! They did not give me any play or in the movies. They are very strong. He loudly slurped from the cup milk - again, it seemed, milk lamented. He ate a spoonful of jam. Ticking clock as if a hammer hit on the head."Mom right - I thought, staring at one point. - The most terrible thing - it's KG If they can not help themselves, what they can to help the actor? What do they want from him? Plan airfield? Vnukovo? Or Domodedovo? Help!Giving free concerts at the Lubyanka or political prisoners, who are said to be languishing in the underground chambers, located on the yellow house to the arena.

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How it can help them! Scribbling "carts" to somebody? Never in his life, he will not do this! To tell who is sleeping with whom?Those who have drunk? Or who says what? Everyone says the same thing: "I - a genius, and check, you bastard, the role does not!" His little frame, ish, some guy wanted! Naughty system! They want to tighten your whirlpool! No! No! "- And he said aloud: - There was nothing to molest the women! From this you have all the troubles! You scare you, but you're scared! What are you afraid of?They will not come in your place on the stage play of Figaro?