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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Comedy, recognize, cruel, and it is still costly to her when it comes to payment with life.On the other hand, why not try to get in their position? Here Milton Greene, the least known and the greatest extent of her victim. There is no doubt that he made the biggest bet and nearly went bankrupt, financially providing it throughout the year, when she was shot.After Marilyn married, Green will slowly but surely displaced from positions gained, until she led Miller finally put an end to their business partnership - at a time when their company will finally bring real money.At the press conference she claims that he saw no need to give half of the profits for their cinematic works to Mr. Green. And it is certainly download the film fghj and satisfied Greene much smaller sum than could request as compensation. It is possible that out of the three he liked her the simplest, most uncomplicated love.But, anyway, it is connected by marriage, she was married - not a situation to loudly voice their discontent. He could smooth out the rough edges in its relations with the heads of the studio and was always ready to throw her another stunning design.It is true, at the warehouse of the mind could appreciate her children's delight at the thought that the whole NyuYork see her seated on a pink elephant in the middle of Madison Square Garden, but at the same time he was able to say to her just before breaking their business partnership:"One day, when you ostocherteyut white picket fence and the kids and you have a desire to play in a film again, I'll tell you who to do it, and believe me - I do not mean myself." "With whom?" - "With Chaplin." And, of course, Green was right. It was with Chaplin followed her film.Understand how this could be a movie in the Green representation, we can order a photograph in which he depicted her in fishnet tights. They are not reflected the traditional relationship between the photographer and his model, but rather a kind of haze charming tenderness, shine, amazement, sexuality and elusive sadness.Over the years, the two do not stop teasing each other. "Milton Greene - Sometimes, she would say, tired of his lengthy explanations - that you all go around and around." "I always go." They both laugh. But the strength of their relationship to faith zizhdelas Marilyn in his absolutely selfless devotion.Miller stands just shake this belief, and the position of the Green falter. But this will happen only after a year or more. She still has time to do it in partnership with two of his best films. And it is certainly a photographer, in whatever role it acted:loving friend, boyfriend or romantic rubahiparnya, companion reckless games Marilyn and Amy - download the film fghj and overawed by the playwright.


Marilyn is not completely indifferent to the problem of social status, and in this part of the Miller is as good as, and maybe even surpasses it. It's no secret that Broadway had complete dominion two:Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller.