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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


But this is not the contradictions that are essential:According to Gardesa, but rather the repetition and inversion based on a kind of "paradigmatics" mobilizing the visual and audio elements. Jost Chateau and use the concept of paradigm in a broad sense and carry it to the parameters, which have the function of anticipation and returns back:In this sense their discovery of "telestruktur" and dependent audiovisual code. characterized him in the first stage of sound film.He stopped to see everything, learned doubt become hesitant and ambivalent, as in "The man who lies" RobGriye or in the "Song of India" Marguerite Duras since severed ties with the visual image makes him omnipotence, which they do not. Voice off losing omnipotence but acquires autonomy.Just this transformation deeply analyzed Michelle Shon, and that it has led to the development of the concept Bonittsera В«voice off offВ», opposite В«voice offВ» Another innovation may lie in the fact that as Voice-over space, and voice off in every sense of the word no longer exist.On the one hand, the speech element and set the audio elements have gained autonomy: they escaped the curse Balash, they download the film fghj and ceased to be a component of the visual image, as a first step - they become completely independent images. Born sound image, and he was born from his own break with the way the visual.It is not the two independent components of the same audiovisual images, as in the films of Rossellini, the two "geavtonomnyh" way, one eye, and the other - the sound, with desynchronization with a clearance, with the irrational denomination in the gap on the film "Woman of the Ganges," Marguerite Duras writes:"It's two films, one of which is shaped, and the other - the voice. ... For each film is download the film fghj and characterized by a total autonomy .... not represent voices offB usual sense of the term: they do not make it easy to move the film, but on the contrary, it creates noise and confusion.And the noise and confusion should not be attached to the film images, "The point here is that - on the other hand and at the same time - no longer come to pass and the second curse Balazs:He acknowledged the existence of the sound of close-ups, rolls 1 Michelle Shon demonstrates how absolute voice off reaches the greater independence, the sooner it stops all know and see, refusing to all guschestva:This author refers to Marguerite Duras and Bertolucci, but the first is replaced definitively example of this phenomenon was in the "Saga of Anatahane" Sternberg. Watch the film fghj online. The concept of В«voice off offВ», when the gap between the visual and sound elements introduced kov crash, Wed: In about nitz e r, p.More generally, the following voice off avatars can be differences, Percheron download the film fghj and introduced by the name В«voice off inВ» case where "the speaker is on the screen, but not from his mouth came the word," and in particular the benefits of the new Yas topology introduced by Dana. 2 The distinction between autonomy and "geavtonomiey" opened Kant, though in a different con text.'Duras Marguerite, В«Nathalie GrangerВ», suivi de В«La femme du GangeВ». Gallimard.