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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Sometimes the master was too subjective, and that, too, must take into account the young filmmakers.Playwright Fike, disappointed that his new play, "The Teacher Bubus" instead Babanova, for which it was intended role Stefka, it was Reich wrote: "Good luck," Optimistic Tragedy "in that it did not get to Meyerhold - played the role of the Commissioner Reich would have. " It is time to talk about other aspects of the roles.Director, especially the principal director, the art director is to think of your actor. No fear of being accused of personal bias. Yes, they are, they should be. But not on a personal friendship, not sobutylnichestvu not on the novels, and love for talent artist, unity of views on art.Actor flexible, mobile, emotional, able to improvise, respecting and appreciating the director, his plan - is a actor. And it should work. He needs to look the role. Actor waits for his role in his dream. Sacred duty of the director - to help him in the discharge of his dreams, and the understanding of its reality.The oldest film director and actor of the Russian province SobolytsikovSamarin, connoisseur of theatrical business from the inside, said: "If you want to kill the actor, let him play what he asks for." Evil, but fair. It is not always an actor, especially an actress, have the ability to look at ourselves, to understand its capabilities.However, sometimes it can be paid dearly for wanting to help avoid mistakes and for his firmness in their positions. Akimov is seriously said: "If you give an actor to play the role of Hamlet, that he was happy to play the role of your gravedigger." The director always wants to open an actor. This is his true happiness.So wild was once the role of Katerina Ismailova in Leskovsky staging appointed Lyuba Hot "mihryutku," as it is affectionately called her master and the elegant George Menglet instructed male role of Sergei. Both played brilliantly. Director casts actors to extremes, not afraid to go to the experiment.He just needs to be careful not to destroy the individual features actor, and use them to create an image. "We need a clear distinction between what is included in the organic properties of the actor's personality, from the deliberate use of external devices.Personal stamp of the actor, his recognition through the image closely associated with the idea of ​​the audience favorite actor. " Decision psychological, internal image actor determines and causes an "external" image. Reincarnation actor as to the features of the actor, and not always admiring words:"I do not know" are praised for this artist. Find external features is important not to make the viewer at all costs not recognize the actor, and for him to see in the images produced are characteristic of the external features of the person, of the environment, period. Zawadzki bred actor Mordvinova:ostropsihologicheskogo after drawing sadistic lieutenant Sobolev in "Simple Things" Lavrenev Mordvinov bufonnuyu role played alcoholic and schlep Murzavetskaya Apollo in "Wolves and Sheep", after kartinnoeffektnogo Richard in "Devil's Disciple" Shaw Tigran tragic role in the tragedy.Then - Othello and Cavalier in "The Innkeeper" Goddoni, Arbenin rabochiystalevar and old in the " Leningrad Prospect" position.