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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Every occurrence of these veterans of the scene in the repertoire of bygone days is a true delight the viewer. Expensive admiring all these echoes of the past and do not want to see these old actors change their masks cracked from time to time with new ones.Only in the guise of antiquity want to admire the talents of veteran actors shine. And all their performance in another, they alien repertoire, insults beautiful harmony. These "media of the past", the old man so beautiful in its Living out that every inclination of the elements of a new life disturbs the harmony of the golden autumn.But instead to take into account the nature of the creative forces of the group where the "core" of its powerful only in the so-called "classical" repertoire, rather than to make the old days disunion and repertoire, and a kind of hoax, rather than to save all the "old theater "in its harmonic integrity, the" old theater ", departing fromhis only problem - constant resurrection of antiquity, - for some reason, flooded cooking dramaturgovbytovikov modern or contemporary pieces in the style of Przybyszewski. Still alive powerful representatives of antiquity, the theater, where they are acting, must live by them.Repertoire should be based only on those pieces that resonate in the hearts of the elderly. Old Russian actor loves Shakespeare, Schiller, Goethe, but the biggest attraction at it, of course, to Ostrovsky, Griboyedov, Gogol.It would, however, be wrong to think that the whole thing only in the repertoire when it comes to the need for the elderly to keep their coveted repertoire. Question - "what" play today can not push the question - "how to" dramatize. Reformers of contemporary theater one of the centers of their attention did the picturesque side of the play.It seems very significant role picturesque spots, lines game of relationships, expression groups.Idea of ​​the work can reveal not only the dialogue skillfully created images of actors, but also the rhythm of the whole picture, the one that put on stage decorator colors, and one that will determine the location of the immense, patterned movements ratio groupings director.Speaking about the need to preserve the old masks of old actors, can not, of course, be reconciled with the preservation of old dramatizations. And then the interests of the old actors easily blend in with the objectives of the new artists. "The Government Inspector", "Woe from Wit", "Masquerade", "Hamlet", "Storm" has never been presented in the light rays of their ages;called the play was never brought to us in the glory of those reflections which arise even in a single utterance of these titles. Which field for the "big theater"! Outstanding acting talent of the ancient Russian theater are a repertoire of images of Gogol, Griboyedov, Ostrovsky, Shakespeare, Goethe. Watch the film fghj online.There are a number of Russian hudozhnikovdekoratorov who can subtly and love "of the and play the comfort and charm of old houses neglected gardens. There are attempts to illuminate the newer works, had time to fade from the template attached to them evaluation;so Merezhkovskii a heartfelt article "Gogol and the devil" in the hands of actors gives a description of the original images of "The Inspector" that old actors easily make adjustments to the interpretation of Gogol's characters.