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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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And that means "remains"? It is very often the journalists. You can also say "remains" ... I still do not understand their addiction to labels: "unequivocally", "ambiguous." This kakoeto new trend. The idea is not unique - it's good volume. But here's someone wrote:"The attitude of the film N. ambiguous" and clearly disapproved. They forget that the consensus in nature can not and exist. And what does this phrase "as if"? How would a tree, like actor ... This very easy life, when people say - no responsibility for the spoken word as they would not.They use it in every sentence as would several times. But once I figured out where the parasite came from. From Revelation, that is, from the Apocalypse. Examples: "And I saw as it were a sea of ​​glass mingled with fire ...". "After these things I heard a loud voice in heaven, as of a great multitude ...".May 17 Six films on TV with Gurchenko took our last picture with Lucy Gurchenko "Recipe of her youth." I play a certain Baron, rather, play along, her glide across the parquet floor. For thirty years, we are familiar with, is the sixth of our work. It all started in 1958 with the filming of "Baltic Sky" from In Vengerov.Lucy came to the hotel room "October", where we lived with Alena, and late into the night singing to the accompaniment of a banjo. Three years later she appeared in Kiev on the set of "walks". Allah wanted to interview her for the telecast. Receiving her prior consent, called on the appointed day.Lucy began to refuse, citing poor health and depression. Alla full day spent with her in the hotel, drew the curtains, made coffee. The transfer took place. TV technical delights of those years was no different: before you had a camera and and hide from it was nowhere.There was mounting, the film showed in the pans. From our house often imposed furniture to create a television interior, and even dresses that I later learned other actresses and announcer.The most noticeable transfer of those years was the semifinals KVN with Kiev and Moscow CAF FTO Chairman of the jury was Mikhail Tal, and I was one of the presenters. Kiev won one point, which just awarded Tal, and had to play in the finals with the Leningrad. Naturally, such a finale - without Moscow! - Could not be allowed, and it just canceled.Still remember a program about Yevtushenko, who was then disgraced, but Alla convinced superiors that he would love to read about. Remained a collection of his poems "Apple" with the inscription: "Dear Alla, which I once loved, and even too much ..." I endured it all.

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Lucy to the transfer of a white and remembered about their vulnerability. All attacks against her journalistic hounding me seemed unfair. That only wrote about her then - that the cross is what gives many concerts ... She told me it came to our home on the boulevard Shevchenko.We stood on the balcony of our, and the bottom a little brisk wheels on a bicycle, stop announcing ... "Bicycle Tamers" - was our next stop, not the best.