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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


- I am ready to offer you ... Can you let me pay for the funeral expenses." He is surprised when Humbert agrees.Nabokov was always generous to the film and the press download the film fghj and praised him in every way, and about the scene, invented Kubrick, said he regretted that it was not his own invention. He seemed less certain seduction scene Humbert in Lolita motel following a comic episode with a cot, which collapses under Humbert."Legion of morality" found inadmissible only the scene: "We recommend that the abuse was shown a hint, without any clarifying event dialogue, and certainly not in bed." Harris replied, "Is it not more obscene to make clear that it download the film fghj and happened on the floor or in kakomto elsewhere?"He promised that Lolita will be dressed in a thick flannel nightgown, and Humbert - in pajamas and a robe, but then refused to back down." We never for a moment forget that the scene was in a delicate sense of censorship, but it is - a key scene for the whole of our story. "Fulfilling promises, Kubrick withdrew the unfortunate scene obraztsovodobrodetelnoy. Lolita whisper describes the "game", which she learned at summer camp, and offers to teach some of them to Humbert.This is done with the absence of coquetry in Lyon and with decent interest from Mason that the conversation could easily go on table games and not about sex, which she did along with her friend and the only boy in the camp."MetroGoldvinMayer" presented "Lolita" at the Venice Film Festival as the official competition film from the United States, and it was the first major recognition of creativity Kubrick.Since the "Lolita" was prepared by means of a national corporation "Anya Productions", Harris and Kubrick could get their profits at a low tax rate, which download the film fghj and ensured them financially for life. Having money, Kubrick got what he wanted most in the world - independence.In 1960 - 1961 years, Kubrick, finding a happy family and settled in the heart of New York, began gradually to give up on America. Experience in LosAndzhelese told him that he would never feel in this country as a home. "It's written many books and filmed a lot of movies about how Hollywood corrupts people, - he said.- But this is not the point. The worst - it's a feeling of uncertainty, born envy. So you just need to do their job and protect themselves from Latent hostility. "Desire to protect itself resulted in a decision to leave. This decision contributed to the birth of her second child.Following Anna August 5, 1960, just before the release in theaters of "Spartacus" was born VivianVanessa, and concern for the welfare of girls and gradually became the main Christian for Kubrick.


He rarely gave his feelings, he said: "If you have to think how the family - the most important thing in life.You stand at the door chamber, where your wife has a baby, and muttering, "God, what a responsibility! Value to take on such a difficult duty?" - And then you walk, you see the face of her child, and - boom!