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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Let it be excerpts from classical works. But then again, life will flow a modern lawyer. Then Plyatt could perform in a play five or six very different roles. One evening play on the entire keyboard of its rich features. It's summer. I was flipping through the play again, but with a different purpose.I cut out all of the classics, it would be interesting to play Plyatt. As a result, stopped at Boccaccio Gauptmans, Rostan. The play was a conversation about Pushkin's poems. I increased the scene: now Pushkin not quoted and read the entire five poems.Finally was coined silent prologue, when the actor "included" in the role of a lawyer, and the corresponding epilogue. Shortly before this Plyatt suffered a great sorrow. Psychologically, he was in serious condition. First he drew back from my "farcical" offers - not at the time. But I insisted, saying:Only in the contrast he could not identify the theatrical and the human drama of his starring role. The two-hour debate in my hotel room ended his consent. Later I learned what it means to consent and Plyatt handshake. This means - true to his promise to the most complex, sensitive, the most unforeseen circumstances.This means - reliability and team spirit on any sharp bends. Rehearsals began in Yerevan during the tour. Actress, rather, all the female roles I asked, rather, persuaded fulfill Margarita Terekhov.It was still fresh that ineffable feeling of gratitude - from intelligence, mind and pokoryayusche and femininity, which left her work in "The Mirror" Tarkovsky. In that no matter what I wanted to Terekhov played in our performance. With the third performer nickname I could not decide, and eventually began to rehearse the role himself.And Plyatt and Terekhov, were pretty much busy in the repertoire. I learned for the first time in my life that is free of the evening - and a lot of row. However, work on the play went on every day. And the whole day. In the morning we were rehearsing. And then I re-composed the scenes of the play with my inserts, change their size.Typewritten new version of the scene, I was going to hand him Plyatt n two to three new leaf. Almost daily. Rostislav Yanovich text briefly ran and told her continual "Boo done." The next morning the new text is learned. A few days later you still see a need to change the same text, umyat his or expand. Or later, otherwise everything is built.I'll come back to it with leaves at six o'clock in the evening. He will say: "Boo done" - and will play a show. And in the morning, and the new text will be learned by heart. And while the full readiness of the readings go directly to samples in action.

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In the intervals Plyatt delicately, but rather openly expressed their doubts and objections, and disagreement. But here's the rehearsals began, and at this time - total focus on what is offered at the moment."Understand" - thought, shaking his head in the affirmative, look sideways, meditation, fitting over the proposed action, then looks me straight in the eye: "Got it!