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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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Let the production director and game artists to be realistic, conditional, right, left-wing, let it be impressionistic, futuristic, does it matter, if only it was convincing, that is. e. truthful or believable, beautiful, t. e.artistic, sublime, and passed the real life of the human spirit, without which there is no art. Convention does not meet these requirements, should be recognized as a bad convention.Backstage pristanovki, theater floor, cardboard, glue paint, stage plans in most cases, help to create a bad, inconclusive, false, ugly theatrical conventions that prevents creativity actor transforms Theatre with a capital letter in the theater with a small letter.All these bad theatrical conventions spoil scenery sketch artist, who is also conditional, but in a good way. Let a bad theatricality tolerate places of entertainment. But at the Theatre with a capital bad theatrical conventions should be once and for all make a merciless verdict.Recently considered good manners and refined taste cult theatrical conventions, without a rigorous analysis of its quality. Theatrical convention, both in the acting and in the formulation, is considered pretty naive. People who are creating the mind, trying to naivnichat and believe his alleged child, artless.Lost faith in the staging of theatrical means and declaring war on poor theatrics, I turned to a good convention, hoping that it will replace the bad, hated me. In other words, we need new principles were posing for our next theatrical works.Here with any requirements of a general nature, I started a new quest of the external form of theater. It seemed then that all stage Staged tools and techniques hitherto been found and invented had already been used up to the end. Where to look for new ones? Create a special decorative production studios?But I did not have money for this, since I was in debt after the Society for Arts and Letters and studios at Cook. Instead had to be content with a constant time, a portable studio. We decided to do so:convene on a certain day in my apartment, and everyone interested in staging question svezti gathering place for all kinds of material to work with, that is. e. paper, cardboard, paint, pencils, drawings, books, paintings, sketches, clay for sculpting, pieces and samples fabrics of various colors.Let each one try in some figurative form to express what he imagining things: whether the cut scene, whether the new architecture of the theater, whether the principle of the new scenery, whether individual parts of it, or a suit, or a unique combination of colors, a simple trick or new stage opportunities , the new method and style statement and so on., and so on.Announced on the evening gathered little wanting. My friend came Sulerzhitskii artist Egorov, who at the time worked in the theater, the late actor and I Burdzhalov. We were all there for the evening searching quite empty without the creative ideas and even without a specific task and requests, but only with the requirements of a general nature.