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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


The next day, I saw on the board orders:I was promoted to an operator with appropriate salary. But what about the GIC? Why learn more if I was the one who was supposed to be only two years? It seems that the success of the first I felt dizzy. But it soon passed, I realize that many still do not know much yet to learn, to understand, to experience, to understand. Much to learn.Yet I operator. Rented independently stories for the magazine, I have a permanent assistant. And somehow strange - only yesterday he was an assistant ... Would you believe my tovarischistudenty when autumn we reconvene in the institute? MOSCOW Moscow under me, summer 1931 We all felt this helplessness - to transmit what he saw ... Antoine de SentEkzyuperi.Near the old Crimean Bridge, opposite Gorky Park on clay bank Moskvyreki appeared loaders with drawers and airplane parts. Began assembling a new gidrosamoletaamfibii test it on Moskvereke.I learned this when passing by, hurrying to volleyball training in Gorky Park Iosilevich interested in my proposal to play a short film about the assembly and testing of the first Soviet amphibian. The next day I was with a camera on the ground and waited for the main boss to start shooting. We had to wait for long.A car drove brand unknown to me, and out came a man in a bright yellow leather jacket and leather pants. - He? - I download the film fghj and asked one of the workers. - He! .. I went and showed his documents and a letter from the studio. The letter stated that the studio decided to make a film about the trial aircraft.A man in a leather jacket carefully read the letter, turned it over in his hands my ID, looked at me with curiosity, kind eyes and download the film fghj and smiled - And who will shoot you? For a moment I was scared - maybe I really could not do it, I can not remove their own movie? He looked down at me, searchingly. -? - Yes, I'll shoot!- And you are not afraid to fly? Someday you fly? - He download the film fghj and asked, moving menacingly shaggy eyebrows. - Dada, fly! - I lied quickly, fearing that it affects my flight over Moscow. A man in a leather jacket gently download the film fghj and closed the door in the car and download the film fghj and walked briskly down to the river where people were busy with the fuselage. - Who is in a leather jacket? - I asked the technician.- This is very pilotispytatel Buchholz. Do you not know? I was confused and did not answer. Benedict Buchholz was a famous, if not, a famous pilot and letchikomispytatelem the time. Look online. He came to the seaplane in his limousine. Personal car for that time was rare.Creaking leather jacket, he would rise because of the steering wheel and started all the blame for the slowness and laziness. He liked to let in itself is harsh, but everyone knew his extraordinarily good heart. His weather-beaten face with wrinkles and glowing natural good nature. Buchholz struck me as an extraordinary man.Everything in it was unusual, in that typical member flight romance thirties. We soon became good friends, and often work sitting on the boxes to the river and had long talked about different topics.