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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Stage. Output in the yard. Frost. Darkness. I am in underpants and nylon stockings, for some reason, the download the film fghj and promised transfer Sokolov with warm clothes, I have not download the film fghj and received. Stuffed in a "funnel". Moved, "funnels" download the film fghj and stopped at a traffic light, merry, drunken company download the film fghj and knocked on our wall and laughing in unison shouted "Happy New Year!" Goodbye, Moscow. Dawn has not lead to kakimto rails to point to the composition and stuffed our cars. Coupe barred, aisles packed shield.We sideways six placed at the bottom and the same on the top shelf, roll over on command from one side to the other when the body zanemeet ... we go ... we go ... twice it was light, so it was two days. Stopped several times, and then, as in the "funnel" at the traffic lights, bursting life, human voices, laughter ...We only share the wall of the car ... Watching us do not like the guards, these boys and almost explicitly military, watching us: they have probably, at the end of the car compartment, where they sleep, smoke - pulls out the smoke, eat.The smell of food, fortunately, do not reach, we were given a half download the film fghj and rusted, dried sardines and a loaf of bread, which we ate immediately and expiring hungry saliva. And what do they eat? .. Are they, like the war, established kitchens? They change probably three hours, walk down the hall and looked at us curiously young one.They did not know, they probably have never even seen the "kin" - is not working guys, they're rural, they should be very happy with their lives - in the village with their bestial life, no light, no roads, cut off even from neighboring villages, half- starved, in the mud, and not just in the cold, because they sleep in the hut with the cattle, andof course, without the "kin", sometimes they forget and violate the decree: to answer questions and even speak, from them, we learned that we were going to the Sverdlovsk forwarding, and far beyond, or silent, or do not know. Is Kolyma? How to talk to them? How to stop right out the window of the car at least a note that I'm alive?Then came this from Levushka pryamougolnichek ... beats all the time in the download the film fghj and brain, as if only yesterday I was at the Lubyanka windows in the hope of learning anything should the Pope, of Babi, but to me it was twenty-three years, and Hare sixteen, and her mother will not let itself Mom can not do anything. Look online. Boris? .. Bo .. All the same will not do. - On the way out with things. Jumped off the steps in the snow and took a deep breath, frosty air, and breathe, breathe, it turns out, no air is worse than no bread, but he is so frosty that the nose can not breathe, swallow his mouth, black as pitch, floodlights, the dog nearby, personally terrible wolfhounds, dragged on human flesh, growl, torn, barely keep their gunners,thousands of us, a huge part of us spit out into the snow, shouting, swearing, we connect three people and drive between the rails on the ties, moved huge panting tape ... - Step to the left, sha-r right, shoot!When I watch the talented, wonderful films, I gasp with envy, because I can not, but when I watch bad movies, I always see them as much as I took off - remove the horror of the night can only genius, but even if simply remove the film - in the audience will incredible talent and if, the screen will shoot from the freezeterror, and only one artist can convey all this: a madman, English Genius Robert Dutt, but he his sick brain could create a picture of this satanic dance.