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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


I do not imagine Kulikovo field. Not really imagine what emotional effect will that have to shoot his mother. Attempt to bring in relation to history. Despite the complexity of things waiting for interesting work.Let's go back to the conversation in the shooting script. The script just in case and taken to approve Goskino. The local connoisseurs at a loss. Because the script once Ditching nothing substantive has download the film fghj and changed, we ought, logically, ditch it and this time. But seems to be a dubious undertaking favors the minister.And therefore the official review of the walls Goskino not fatal. But clearly written between his teeth. Director General of "Mosfilm" Comrade. Sizov chief editor "Mosfilm" Comrade. Belyaev Goskino USSR considered submitted studio "preface" and the script "White Day" Tarkovsky.The idea to make a film that creates a generic image of the Mother, of course interesting and deserves attention. Tarkovsky in his scripts, "White Day" offers a theme to develop the material childhood memories of lyrical film coincides with the prewar and war periods in the history of the Soviet Union. Against this objection can not be.However, their specific artistic decisions scenario can not be considered valid and dramaturgic collected in all its components. It has a number of episodes and scenes that are self-sufficient value to such, in particular, the scenes with the destruction of the church, the history of shell- shocked military instructor at the school and his death.Over- dramatized, and has a download the film fghj and certain connotation episode with an error in the proof, which, as it seemed to the mother of lyrical, it did in some very important publication. Completely unclear inclusion in this scenario episode Kulikov battle. The script contains a series of frames, detailing too unsettled life heroes.However, it is clearly not enough material that would clearly painted signs era atmosphere of Soviet life that time, especially during the war. Precisely because of this scenario plays in the main - it does not transfer the rise of the spirit of the people in the Great Patriotic War, the heroic work of the pre-war years.Without this film is based on the proposed scenario would inevitably be devoted to the difficulties of life, and not a reflection of the difficult, but heroic time. The questionnaire, which the author proposes that the mother, has an excessively large number of questions, it is not clear what the problem is, the author aims to focus, that is, what is the main idea of ​​the picture.It is important that the author of a countless number of different questions for the "interview" with Mother today, forced to join istoriinovelly childhood memories on the material and summarize the theme of the whole work - subject matter - selected those that are necessary for a full and wide-open this topic.USSR State Committee for Cinematography, given the urgent request "Mosfilm" and director Andrei Tarkovsky, and the complexity of implementing creative design film allows an exception to run the script "White Day" in directing development.In the course of writing the shooting script is necessary to consider the comments made in this opinion, to reduce material, given that the length of the film should not exceed 2700 meters.Given that the first phase of the shooting script, the focus should be given to the literary work, the USSR State Committee for Cinematography considers it appropriate not to create at this time, a film crew to enroll at the picture of the author and script rezhisserapostanovschika Tarkovsky.The inclusion of film productions in the production plan of the USSR State Committee for Cinematography will make after considering the shooting script and limit the cost of film production.