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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Oleg Yefremov, for example, was a good fellow and download the film fghj and served with banners in their hands through the auditorium. Gordo. Without saying a single word. Here's a story ...Khrushchev, as a simple man, emotional, maybe even out of control, with time, it seemed that he would be able to everything in agriculture understand, and in fact, and in another, and in the third ... He certainly ponadelal lot of errors. But none of the coming "on the throne" is immune from this. And he forgave the error.Even artists just defeat him in the Arena. And by the way, they say that he woke up in the morning and said, "Do not bother. They are all talented people, let them work. " And here's the paradox: he denounced the Unknown, Nikonov ... - Yes, he's built all in full. - Not a word! He download the film fghj and called them pederasts. With the unknown was the whole story.At the famous exhibition, looking at his work, Khrushchev asked: - How's your last name? - Unknown. - No, who are you? - I Unknown. - Nikita - tells Khrushchev. - A name he has this - Unknown. Then he said: - Ah! Well, consider that from now on you are completely anonymous!Then, once again looking at the work, Khrushchev asked: - Where did you take the bronze? - In the trash, - download the film fghj and replied. - It is better to surrender it to the state - suggests Khrushchev. - We have very little to base metal gears. What a legend Unknown download the film fghj and replied: - In the subway you have a lot of stupid hanging bronze.Remove, smelt, and you have a lot of gear ... And that's how it all fell into place: tombstone Nikita Sergeyevich did Ernst Neizvestny. And the monument was very good, and so, quite frankly, "head": white column - the column is black, that is, its light and dark matter.And on the shelf is the golden head whether peasant, a Roman emperor, or he's crying, or smiling - hard to understand. After Khrushchev was very sentimental, emotional. Just think of how he met Gagarin. Normal man, a normal person. I know that becoming a pensioner, he was interested in photography.And yet they say, once called either Vasnetsov, or Nikonov and asked me to come and show how that works - as a primer canvas like leaves paint on canvas. Do not know if this is true, how a legend, but they say, as if Khrushchev took up painting in the country. Abstract paintings wrote. And it's very cool.After all, download the film fghj and talented abstract canvas from amateurish to distinguish easily. And, download the film fghj and again, according to legend, on the day of the death of Khrushchev's what people will all the paintings in his dacha burned. Film fghj. And who knows, maybe the day was not Russian abstractionist painter Nikita Khrushchev. This legend I like, and I believe in it.- Let's talk about Anatoly Vasilievich Efros. You are determined to tell us about your relationship? - Yes, of course, Shahaziz, director of the Central Children's Theatre, watched my performance diploma and invited to work. It was in this theater, I met with Anatoly Vasilievich Efros, and he took me to play "Good Luck! ".I must say that it was a great honor for me. - Leo K., What is your relationship with Anatoly Vasilievich?