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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


On the day of the premiere, I instantly repainted back into the black. That I need to shoot a pair of TV movies. But you go blonde hair ... What are you saying? Well, then again after the shooting repainted blonde.So are you more like his colleague and compatriot Takashi Miike. Then I will think about whether to stay blonde. I do not like films Miike, do not want to be like him. He is full of terrible, typical gangster ... Okay, let's move on to the next question. In your film, a lot of comic scenes.Thank you in advance, or come up with gags it turned spontaneously? Both. Kakieto scene we planned in advance, kakieto were improvised by the actors. Take, for example, the scene where the bumbling peasants Shinkichi offers to teach them the art of fighting with swords.This episode has been carefully planned, because the actors had to perform very complex movements. The point of this was to Geoghegan that audience could understand everything that they do, is absurd and wrong. We were limited in time, so I asked my setting of this scene protege, comedian.In the end, it was he who put all similar scenes, many of whom were born spontaneously. If we are talking about time and speed, then tell me why the scene where Zatoichi fights with his enemy, ronin Hattori, takes only a few seconds, while the step all the characters of the film hit for ten minutes?As for the finals, since I wrote the script, I was sure - the film to end with just the dance scene. In it I used the shougruppu В«The StripesВ», download the film FKK and headed by my former teacher.You know, the traditional Japanese historical films have a standard final, when the goodies win negative and all the peasants dancing traditional dances. Typical clichГ©s, without which nothing. I myself was wondering how you can keep the tradition, but make the scene more than the original. So I had the idea to tap dance.Incidentally, in the Japanese tradition But Kabuki used wooden shoes, perfect for tap dancing, so not everything is invented. It was very important to give the picture a certain rhythmic pattern. Look at the scene where peasants work in the field.At first you think they just work, but gradually realize that in their movements is the logic that they are actually moving to the music, which sounds off-screen. At the end of this hidden rhythmic subtext reveals itself completely.But, obschemto, meaning not only in this, and I would not want it to be perceived in such a narrow context. This is not a dance for dance, but part of the rhythmic schemes, which includes battle scenes and dramatic moments of the picture.From the beginning, the public suspects that the last scene will be tense and dramatic struggle with Zatoichi Hattori. Film FKK. Likely, meeting the expectations of the audience, the director usually stretches such a scene in time, come up with heartbreaking details. But I wanted to do the opposite.Because, whether it's the final battle, whether it's usual fight, we just need a second to figure out which side will win.