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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


Her spare, but the whole range of rock removed.This day was perfect weather, and we have forwarded to the scenery with a crane. All day we shot this earthen pillar. By evening, transported us back to the ground and grabbed the bucket our scenery by the collar and threw it away. After 2 hours from the post was gone.We set out to capture the whole of our nature for the month, and I came to the Dnieper with modest luggage. I had two shirts and a pair of trousers. Nothing more. There was not even a coat or jacket. Prosnimali us until October, then Macheret went and left me dosnimayut closeups. Came brutally cold, rainy November.I walked around the Dnieper in about the form in which we now depict the Germans at download the film FKK and Stalingrad or retreating French army in 1812. Finally stopped shooting themselves. The fact is that, getting to the dam, I dropped the machine, which, of course, shattered.If not the case, we would have long prosnimat since I had no idea how much to mounting material. I do not seem enough. During 1932 we rented halls and made scoring pattern. There was also a lot of fun.The film was completely insensitive to the yellow part of the spectrum, and shot at poluvattnom light, resulting in the actor sent many lamps that poor gentle Geyrot once smoked down on his bald head. Sound is not obtained. What did not make sound engineers:cover the microphone with gauze, surrounded by special nets, put on the rubber and so on, come spetsialistyakustiki, clapping, shouting "a" listening echo. Sound, however, it is better not to do. Soundman was then dictator and tyrant.Sometimes, after a rehearsal director anxiously download the film FKK and awaited word sound engineer, and he leaned out of the cab and was saying flatly: "Comrades actors, I beg of you all" and "to speak much quieter, all the" s "is much louder, the letter" e "try a little download the film FKK and lifted, not pushing up on the sizzling, tell them casually eleele.But the "b" and "p" to put it more clearly. " Imagine what was the situation of the poor actor! In the end it download the film FKK and turned out that the unit is bad prostonaprosto otfokusirovana thread and must know how to focus. We took another sound engineer. He was very competent and honest person ... and the sound was better.Other groups were jealous of our sound and tried to solve the mystery Timartseva. The device was in a closed Timartseva mobile cabin, which at the end of shooting locked with a key, but from the side, at the bottom, there was a small hole for the battery.One day he came in overtime to the factory, I saw that the hole climbs fairly complete filmmaker Marjan.


The whole group to push through from behind through the narrow opening. It turned out that a group of Marian secretly worked on our unit. With sound in general we produce incredible experiments. Do not forget that there was no dubbing.So they had to shoot simultaneously not only the actors, but the orchestra, and if joined by more and noise, work is incredibly difficult. Write complex score, divided into frames to clocks, download the film FKK and mounted right on the metronome beat.