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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


It would be better not to see that there is nothing to compare. Today an invitation to dinner at the Yugoslav Embassy. Ambassador handsome, polite, young, even sleek.I noticed that European Communists vsetaki more intelligent, more decent look. It turns out that I only invited Bo - Do not be surprised a family dinner, I want Tatiana Kirilovna speak to you not to receive the commotion. We bought your film "Night over Belgrade" and would like you to visit our country during the premiere.Idiotic position. He is a communist, and he knows that I am the nose can not show anywhere at will. - We will send you an invitation through the All-Union Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries - VOKS as you call it - you only have to give the exact time and date of arrival, so that we can make advertising and the prime minister.On my face with joy and wonder, perhaps, stupid expression ... Am I someday be able to go beyond the outskirts of their village ... I only know abroad on foreign films, which, incidentally, are not on the screen, and sometimes miraculously appear in our House of Cinema.A telephone call to the call of the Central Committee to the supreme power of art, the one that disfigures and disables movies, plays and everything. I went ... gray communist standard, but a smart person. - Hello, Tatiana Kirillovna, so I saw you live, and we want everyone to see you not only here.We want to see you wherever our troops are out there are three of your movie "Night over Belgrade", "Alexander Parkhomenko," and "It was in the Donbas" ... Show themselves, and most see! We want you to have shown themselves to foreigners, they, except front brigades, nothing seen. 've Heard you sing, so the more it is interesting ...Think, make a program, show me, do you VOKS orchestration of your songs ... With Bersenyev I'll take care of itself. I sit with her mouth open. He smiled. - While all. By the way, what's the story with the Maly Theater actress Serova? - I do not know ... World strangely download the film FKK and arranged:you can only talk to kemto established laws, and that, if you take and say what you think, whatever you want to say ... I'm not a party member, for me to go abroad is closed until the end of my days ... And the very idea sent abroad with his films kinoartistku unexpected, sent only to singers, dancers, musicians ...If that's his idea, seen in this post man, little versed in art, too, "not a pound of raisins" ... This is war something move. Watch the film FKK in excellent quality online. Boris is not, all the journalists in Berlin - Hitler download the film FKK and wanted for identification.About Vale I really do not know the details, she had trouble at the Maly Theater, whether it came to the show drunk, or the beginning of the play, and then nearly fell off the stage, maybe both of gossip, but the fact remains - she went back to our theater and rehearsing scrub Roxane.And rained on us, in abundance, wealth: download the film FKK and attached to the hospital, I do not know what it's called officially, but in the world "Kremlevka", where they treat the government, attached to the supply of products, but those that are not in the " Torgsin" and almost for a song;will soon be a large apartment, Boris kakimto way either pulled, or procured himself "Mercedes", a black beauty, made in Germany, customized, giving in Silverpine Forest, where they live, too, all 'they'? Just for that?