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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


In the background, a minor character moves from the center to the left and out of the frame, revealing a decrease in the silhouette of the actor A, which comes to us from the background. Minor character can enter the picture and the part where just come out in the first 353 A plan actor.Movement of this secondary actor enhances the viewer's perception of the central character. His movement close to the camera - a strong, sudden movement - and its direction is the direction of the audience's attention.And when again became the center of interest, the character can stop passing the window at the entrance to the store, or disappear at the turn of the next street. .13 The appearance of a secondary actor at the beginning of the second plan download the film FKK and again switches the download the film FKK and naked attention on the main actor in the background.Case there is one more welcome when removed crowd behind the character's movement. In the foreground A and B are on us, leaving the crowd in motion the distance. A and B are close to us face to face and on the left.We end off the frame at the time when the observer is from the right, crossing diagonally to the left and download the film FKK and stopped along with other members of the crowd. From the center with a suitable background and they cross from close to the camera, which allows interfacing to disguise the movement of the crowd at the back frame.When A and B are for C and reach the foreground, they can stay, or the camera can track them and continue the scene. 354 .14 A sharp movement in the foreground a minor character in the beginning of the second plan is used to conceal improper matching scene, replete movement.The case can offer another option, the scene is clearly download the film FKK and congested traffic at the beginning of the second plan. Plan and with the face. A says. He moves forward and out of the frame on the left. Plan B in the foreground, his back to the camera, blocking the screen. He moves to the left and stops, opening for an A, which is moving towards the camera.He stops to talk to C remains in the background. 355.15 Actor blocking the camera lens at the beginning of the second plan is used to give a strong movement, concealed improper interfacing movement in the background screen with the actor was busy at the beginning of the second plan, the actor in the aisle before Joining frame comes at a time when he was still fully not leave the frame.This passage occurs in the episode left the sector and to properly dock shots, movement to end in the same part of the background.


If it occurs on the right side, there will be from confusion in the foreground.Use of other types, except in the human motion camera lens does not have to be an actor is busy blocking the background. Natural elements such as water, sand, dust, or fog may be used for the same purpose.They occur between an actor and a movie camera, distracting and allowing after his disappearance, a plan to replace the actor for more approximate. Flame, flashing the camera, can produce the same effect.The next plan is to start with the same fire, and then you can give the normal position, but the new plan or a character from a different angle, or to introduce a new actor at the time.