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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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The hero - a petty crook and would prefer them to stay. And, although the decision is only natural, it is disappointing, even the Gestapo chief - he finally convinced that this is not devoid of charm insignificance alien to any lofty impulses.So it defined the character of the hero, which is the same Mueller offers to rescue themselves to provide the service of the Gestapo - to play the role of a captured alleged hero of the Resistance, General Della Rovere, enter into relations with the underground and give them to the Germans.Bertone is in prison as an aristocrat, a professional military, patriot and hero, whom even his enemies are forced to express respect. Before us - a bastard, playing the role of hero.If this case and confined, that would justify the submission of the rest of the polar opposite Mueller and young Fassi, who are convinced that people understand and have the right to judge them, but for the audience the entire second half of the film would become superfluous. However, despite all the events unfold, so thoroughly established, inertia expectations.The further fate of Bertone - the struggle between its essence a petty thief and accepted the role. Having passed all the circles of hell, bombing, waiting for death while under the influence of ennobling it adopted the role, he transforms into the essence of the mask becomes General Della Rovere.This amazing transformation takes place in front of the stunned audience and performed with undeniable conviction.The hero goes voluntarily to death, die without giving him already discovered underground, wrote a suicide note to his wife and a strange alien and his son - appropriating even the aristocratic prejudices of his alter ego - at gunpoint SS machines bless Italy and King.We will not dwell on the deeply humane and complex artistic idea of ​​the film.We are now interested in a particular aspect - the sense of truth, which arises in the viewer due to the fact that the actor, while the subordinate two given code of conduct, one of them fatally forced "out of the way" to be "in the way" to another .This oscillation between the two patterns of unpredictability creates necessary within each of them. As an example, it would be possible to refer to one more observation: analyzing the icon of the Virgin painted by Andrei Rublev, Florensky noted that the upper and lower part of the face holy yield dramatically different features of her beautiful characteristics.These examples are taken from the comic and the tragic, conditional and domestic arts and seems to suggest that the establishment of standards, and the fallout from them, automation and de-automatization are one of the deep-seated patterns of literary text.

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with special force is evident in the film. Juxtaposition of disparate elements - widely used in the art means. Installation - particular his case - can be defined as a juxtaposition of disparate elements of film language. Some artistic styles are focused on acute conflicts faced by the elements.But whatever the style, we chose none - striking contrasts or producing the deepest impression of harmony - at the heart of its mechanism can open juxtaposition and contrast elements, the inner surprise. design, without which the text would have been deprived of artistic media.