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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


This is similar to what she undressed, but did not remove her panties. He insisted, and she finally gives way, goes to the bathroom, and he was waiting for her at the door. Deep down, he wants her back naked and ready for love.I am about anything like that no idea, but the close-up Stewart, waiting for her at the door of the bathroom, surprising, and on his eyes welling with tears. Early in the film, when Stewart follows Madeleine to the cemetery, we gave her a mysterious, romantic charm with shooting through the filter.Hence the greenish color, like a fog against the bright sunlight. Later, when Stewart met with Judy, I decided that it would have to live in a hotel "Empire" on Poststrit, because there is a green neon sign, flashing outside the window.So when it comes out of the bathroom, a green glow gives it the same look of subtle, ghostly charm. Showing the first Stuart, whose eyes are on her, the camera turns to the woman, but now the soft light out, which means that Stewart back to reality.Constantly pursued by the vision of his beloved Madeleine, he wakes up, suddenly stumbled on a familiar locket. Suddenly his mind realizes that all this time, Judy took him by the nose. Erotic aspect of the film is extremely entertaining. I remember another scene early in the film when Stewart pulls Kim Novak from the water.He leads her to him, where we see how she sleeps in his bed. When she wakes up, it is difficult, even though we're not fixing it most, the fact is that he probably took the wet clothes and looked at her download the film FKK and naked. Continued scene perfectly - Kim Novak pacing in his robe to toe and then sits by the fire, and Stewart going back and forth behind her."Vertigo" unfolds slowly, the rhythm of contemplative film, and it stands in stark contrast to your other pictures, most of which are based on the fast moving and unexpected turns. This is natural, as we tell the story of the human face, depressed.Have you paid attention to the distortion of perspective, when Stewart looks from the bell? You know how it is done? With transfokatornogo hitting a layout? Yes. When Joan Fontaine fainted in "Rebecca", I wanted to convey a sense of how the land out from under his feet.I will never forget one night at a ball in Chelsea AlbertHolle in London, when I got drunk as hell and I felt like everything around me at first. I tried to introduce it in the sense of "Rebecca," but we were not able to reproduce it. View should be download the film FKK and fixed, and perspective - to change.


I struggled with this problem for fifteen years.When we started the "Vertigo", the task is going to be solved by using a crane shot and zoom. When I asked how much it would cost, I was told that about 50 thousand dollars. "Why is it so expensive?" - "Because the camera to the top requires a particularly strong lift and balances." I said in response to this:"In this episode, the characters are not involved, only need to recreate the view.