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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


How then to interpret this seemingly paradoxical situation?Should return to the Bergsonian distinction between "pure memory" and "obrazavospominaniya" only actualize clear recollection in relation to some na1 Ropars-'Wuilleumer Marie-Claire, p. 69:"It is not by chance that all begins with alternating close-ups of subjects a household goods - the door handle and the boiler - and ends with a blank quartic swarm where frozen roses that suddenly seem artificial." And Robert Benayyun writes:"At the beginning of" My American Uncle'' Rene ustrai Vaeth procession entire directories significant items sopolagaya them with landscapes and portraits, but without giving any of them a priority. "Can refer to the book, Rene Predalya, headВ» Des objets plus parlants que les etres В». 'Mshaghpour Yossef,В« D'une image a I'autre В». Mediations, p.3 of u n o u r e, p. 1 Robert Benayyun, for example, rejects any possibility of pre-interpretation Renee through memory or through time. But because he almost does not justify their point of view, it can be download the film FKK and assumed that memory and time for him to come down to flashback'y. Rene himself wrote about it in a more subtle and Bergsonian spirit:"I have always objected to the word" memory ", but not against the word" imaginary "and" consciousness. " ... If the movie is not a means to a kind of juggling with time, but, in any case, it is best suited to his device. ... It has nothing to do with willful intent.I believe that the theme of memory is present every time you write a work of literature or painting. ... All the same, I prefer the word "imaginary" and "consciousness" and not the word "memory", but of course, I mean the mind's memory. " 430 Gilles Deleuze inoObrazvremya 431 standing.In one of the most important texts of Bergson argues that pure memory above all not to be confused with the ensuing obrazomvospominaniem it, because it behaves like a "hypnotist" behind inspires them hallucinations Net memory each time is download the film FKK and stored in a temporary banner or continuum.Past the flag to any inherent own parts and fragmentation, their bright points and nebula, in a word, its era. When I located on a particular flag may happen two things:I can not find the desired point, which, consequently, will be actualized in some obrazevospominanii - but it will be clear that by itself this way is not marked the past, but only is his heir. But I can not find this point because it will be inaccessible to me and belongs to another era."Last summer at Marienbad" is just such a story is a magnetism or hypnotism, and we can assume that X has obrazyvospominaniya, and they do not have A or there, but too vague, since they are not on the same cloth, but can occur and the third case:we are building a continuum of fragments of various ages, we use the transformation acting between two banners to form a cloth conversion. For example, in dreams anymore obrazavospominaniya embodying the specific point of the cloth;it contains images that are embodied in each other, and each refers to one's own point of the flag.