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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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CHAPTER 10 Lodz so uninteresting that the euphoria over the decision to film school, replaced by doubts - and if I can stretch out in this city five years? Lodz was built mainly during the Industrial Revolution and was laid out quarter as New York City. The streets intersect at right angles.The only decent street was the street Petrkovka that housed "Grandhotel" and several department stores. In any other city in the street would be called in honor of the "great benefactor" Stalin Avenue. So it was everywhere. But not in Lodz.This was not the merits of the fathers of the city, should just rename the main street and main street are considered full of back alley, and a directive literally fulfilled. Film School was remarkable in many ways. Despite the lack of resources, it was lavishly furnished and equipped with excellent teaching staff.The number of teachers and staff even exceeded the number of students. The building housed two look-up room, photo lab, installation, facilities for recording, library, lecture halls, dining room and even a bar, which was located at the bottom of the wide main staircase and was the epicenter of the school.Here, making the way to the bar for a drink or sitting on the steps like a bird in a cage, we were going to change and argued, sipping beer, fight, and even contest to see who can jump the highest step and break a leg.School students have tried to give the opportunity to gain practical experience and they were sent to work as assistants or editors laboratory at the studio "Film Polski".During the five years of study future directors had put two one-minute silent tape, ten fifteen-minute documentary of the same duration artistic and finally diploma film, which could be even longer.Studentamoperatoram for practical classes were issued for a number of film and studentamrezhisseram was not difficult to persuade them to turn exercise into something more artistic. Undergraduates often worked as an assistant director on this set, and on the site of the school itself has always worked ktonibud of professionals.Undergraduates working on a film called "The End of the Night." It consisted of three episodes, and how there eyes of three different witnesses describe a case of bullying, clearly felt the influence of "Rashomon."It starred Adam Fyut and Zbigniew Cybulski, and I was doubly happy when I was offered not only the role, but also work as an assistant director. The school liberalism prevailed. Attendance is not checked, the students do not even have had all the time to stay in Lodz. Only at the end of the semester I had to take exams. Film FKK.Even in heavy Stalinist times we had the opportunity to watch the tape, not mere spectators. It was enough to request signed by three teachers. If the film is not subjected to Lodz, he was brought from Warsaw.To hire foreign paintings bought a little, but a lot of them have been reported to the studio "Film Polski" for review and evaluation.