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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


.. "- And from her eyes then flashed lightning and small volume of Shakespeare flew to my feet."In addition, the GA received after unflattering review of not only the "Henry," but also to "Inspector" and "Columbus" 4 in the download the film FKK and bargain. When ... Tovstonogov appeared in the theater after the Smolny, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. He beamed: "Romanov to" Three bags "did not come! Furtseva to "Henry" ran - that substantiate .. camping!It turns out to rejoice when the boss of you remembers. Novels to me and said, "Appreciate George A. I have so far to" bag "was not, appreciate! If I come, the play will have to close. " D immediately invited us to Demich and Strzhelchik to his office, and we have noted the Prime Minister.March 7 Mushrooms and carbohydrates in the day when I began to make their first record, I was looked Fima Kopelyan. Had been going on stage. Tovstonogov was not happy with the way it turns the scene at Golovina. "It's a long story," - I thought, and sat down in his dressing room for the diary. Apparently, the same thought and Efim and decided on his crutch hobbled me.I saw on my table torn sheets - I could not get the story about the elevator. I have tried to express their impressions of Jeanne Moreau - Cinema House showed only that the "Elevator to the gallows." Apparently, creative meal so stood out on my forehead that Kopelyan immediately identified what I was doing.His glasses had slipped down on the edge of the nose, and he uttered softly from the doorway: "Yeah ... mushrooms and carbohydrates. " I must say, that this strange kopelyanovskaya saying, as I understand it, could apply to anything.When discussing a new show and the critics began to divide into "positive" and "negative", Yefim frown - because the last time you hit a "negative." Them he dubbed the "mushroom" and "positive" - ​​carbohydrates.And once Kopelyan saw out of the closet, as I wound up his old 412th "Moskvich", and Kirill Lavrov was getting into his brand new "Volga". "Uh ... mushrooms and carbohydrates "- was heard from the window. I have in my arsenal, too, there is one saying - and also for the culinary part. True, not as capacious.Everything that comes out of season by the arms seem wordy and silly, saying: "jam." Nothing can be done - trailer ... So, when Kopelyan sat on the couch in my dressing room, he stated: "Dnevnichok conduct, Nuno ..." "But what there Fima, diary ... Thus, different jam "- I started making excuses. "Do not be shy, do not be shy ...I suppose you've been thinking ... "Kopelyan trick was difficult - I had the part where I describe my lift, it read. Half a page. "Hmm ... very artistic ... what kind of jam? "And then followed by a monologue, which, I think, it came to me:"I recently read in the newspaper about an English yachtsman moreplavatelyaodinochku.


History. He took part in the race yachts round the world race.