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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood

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All but ... BDT and Lebedev. The sign of dislike? A few days later - reception in honor of the Soviet guests. I notice Smelyanskiy, zavlita Arts Theater. He obviously was invited with his delegation. Immediately he saw me and dropped a pause: "We need to talk." Soon the conversation took place. Naturally, without witnesses.- I have been authorized to invite you to work in MOSS ... On behalf of Ephraim. I understand that you have to weigh it ... You have a situation in Leningrad, new apartment ... We know that. At a meeting with Ephraim all domestic issues ... - And creative! - And creative, of course. I am sure it will be interesting. It is going strong troupe. - I have nothing to weigh.And start all over again not and get used ... - Well, why do first? - Transfer of Ephraim, I will wait for the meeting. To celebrate bought Cherry "pálinka" We Alla Room drank it. For some reason, there is a confidence, a feeling that will be as promised Smelyanskiy. What will not disappoint. Perhaps, "the slogan of the time" is changing:instead of "Get out of Moscow!" - again, "To Moscow!". God willing ... 17 January 1983 year_ "Smolenski market" for our meeting with Ephraim chose the safe house - my mother in law living space on Smolensky Boulevard. He arrived in time - a good sign. Democratic in chemto like hoodies. We started with a fairly common phrases: "How are you? .."Or" I do it all the time watching your creativity. " And I succeeded in this, and it is. Mother-in-law served tea. - What have you got to "TARELKIN" was? - Asked - I understand, opera kakayato? - Yes, Kolker wanted me to sing. - Who would? - Kolker, composer ... Year me go. And Gogh seems to agree. While not want to sing Lebedev.- But this is not the case a dramatic actor, the more "hudozhestvennika" - to sing. These musicals across the ... - Before "Tarelkin" "Uncle Vanya" was, "Wolves and Sheep" ... And all without me. They believed that I was not an artist Chekhov, Ostrovsky's not an artist ... - not the actor Chekhov, you say? If you do not mind, with "Uncle Vanya" and start. - Do not mind ... - You somehow uncertainly ...In the future, more "Boris Godunov." - It's a pity, "the meek ..." - I heard ... this is Dodin? So we have, in the branch ... Frankly, like Tovstonogov annoy ... He saw my surprised face, and calmly explained everything - I mean, all the best artists, the center of the theater thinking - everything has to be at the Moscow Art Theater. The idea is ...At the 87th meeting in the ninetieth of "Slavonic Bazaar". "Boris" open building in Kamergersky ... We talked for a long time. In particular, the strength of realistic art, and that everyone should be afraid of him. We agreed that the housing problem, residence - everything through Edelman already on the doorstep I remembered that "the meek" will be playing in the summer in Moscow.

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- last tour? But I did not come. I want her to see the Moscow Art Theatre! By the way, do you remember the day when they met? - Who? - They ... In the "Slavonic Bazaar". - It seems that summer. - Correctly. And now winter. And they are Slavic, and we Smolensk. Immediately near Smolensk deli ... And he was gone. And I began plans to build.But when I think that the move to be abolished ... February 20 performance of "Three bags" - ill Strzhelchik Now you can see himself transmission. Unassuming name "Boris". Conclusions Most disappointing: no period of eighteen years.