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Fairy tales of the Viennese wood


- Town Council - said Adrian Herni.- Not labor in this respect its pretty head. I think I know the moves of all hostels. Two days later, the school woke up under the sign of "garbage".From three o'clock in the morning and half of the sixth, Adrian, and with it, Tom, and Herni Sampson guided Adrian painted cards and instructions given to them, penetrated the apartments, leaving copies of the magazine in the offices, rest rooms, libraries, and - whole stacks - at bottom ladders. No they did not see, and they saw no one.For breakfast, all four went down, portraying the same wonder and excitement of what the magazine download the film FKK and called in all the others. In the very same school, even before the morning prayer, they joined a gaggle of students tolokshihsya in the colonnade in front of billboards, download the film FKK and exchanged views on the content of the magazine and to speculate about its authors.Adrian needlessly download the film FKK and worried that refinement works by other outshine his article. Its characteristic unbridled populism school much more interesting than the dark and pedantry Herni Sampson or unbridled aggressiveness syllable Tom. The most excited talk of the day revolved around the personality - Nightshade.Wherever turned out to Adrian, everywhere he heard quotes from the article. - Hey, Marchant, can play quickly in a cracker? - They can shorten your hair, my children, but they can not tame the spirit. We win, and they know it. - School - do not come real life, she is a real life. - Passive resistance! - Let's draw up its program.They fail the exams, but endure own. Nothing like this school is not seen. At eleven o'clock the morning at the buffet only change about the magazine and talked. - Come on, Healy Confess - said Adrian eats HeydonBeyli cream - this is your doing, right? Everyone says so. - It is strange, but I was assured that your - said Adrian.You can not declare in a loud voice about his involvement in an event download the film FKK and filled Adriana wrenching disappointment. Herni, Sampson and Tom happily contented obscurity, Adrian is required applause and recognition. Further ridicule and vicious hiss and they'd have gone. He wondered whether Cartwright read his article? What does he think about it?Thinks of her writer? Adrian carefully looking into the reaction of the people accused of that Onita is the author of the magazine. He was always trying to improve in the fine art of lying, and monitoring those who say when they are pressed, the truth was in this respect is extremely useful.As download the film FKK and discovered by Adrian, they said something like this: - Well, in obschemto, I am. - Fuck you, Eytcheson!


Yet know this is your job. - Oh, God! How you got wind of it? Do you think the director also knows? Adrian remembered these remarks and tried to play them as much as possible precisely.On the same day, after lunch, Tickford, director of Hadrian's boarding house, erected in the middle of the dining room as the other eleven eleven directors in their pensions. - Before the athletic training elders should pick up from classrooms all copies of the magazine and destroy them.Anyone who, after three hours of the day will be found such an instance, will suffer severe punishment.