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And here's another idea: we shoot the famous generals in the field of past battles, where their memories alive. ". Ideas, of course, does not arise directly from the meeting.Reading, politics and current events allow us to prepare in advance a block of potential materials. These materials eventually ripen, and we are discussing is a deliberate and formulate ideas, testing them on each other. Some of them are new, some have long.Often the old idea suddenly becomes voplotima acquiring relevance in light of recent events. Thus, the tragedy of the earthquake in Armenia has revived my interest in the subject cities. Choosing a theme for the external chaos of our meetings is hiding a serious creative process.Making fun of each other, we are approaching the time for Larry serious decision about how to spend a few months of their lives on film. But before you take something, we have to answer one very important question: "Why do we want to remove this film? '. This issue is crucial.Often the choice we have. We are obsessed with the subject, it follows us for several years. We put into it, all of the imagination, feelings, thoughts. We can not talk about it, our life and political experience relevant future work. I am convinced that this is what are the best movies.They are born out of a passionate desire to say something about humanity humanity interesting, new, vital, such as in Rob Epstein's "Time Milk" or "quite positive" by Peter Adair. Some work only affect full of question, some are calling for social or political change.Sometimes the movie is a warning from the past to future generations. You can think about this topic for years and dream of the film, but not enough. Sooner or later they will have to think about another fundamental question: can we make of this story?If the topic is just a matter for general discussion, give it to the talk shows on television. The basis of a good documentary is a strong core and narrative story told as compelling and dramatic.Yes, I know that there are wonderful and talented documentary films shot in the impressionistic style, without any history. Among the most outstanding works of this genre that emerged in recent years include the films "Satyan" Ellen Bruno and "Empire of the Moon" by Chris Samuelson.However, I continue to insist that the dramatic theme is the main component of the documentary. Gripping story immediately puts your film in the category of "interesting" to "unforgettable." Rick Burns tells the story of the tragic life and death of the first American settlers.The film "Heart of Darkness" is about the complexities of shooting film "Apocalypse Now." Powerful story always has the power to generalize, beyond one person. John Petty film "Morning" is dedicated to the Allied landings in Normandy during World War II, Anthony Thomas talks about the development of religious fundamentalism in Texas, and so on.So, I always start with a dramatic story that fascinates me. What's next? If there is an idea, which is worth to spend a few months of life, I ask myself a lot of questions. Is it appropriate to the idea? Does it have interesting characters on which to build a story? What need a budget?Will the idea of ​​interest to a wide audience? How can you develop a plan? We start preparing bridgehead, and find out whether there is in the idea of ​​our potential sufficient to realize it. In principle, if the idea is worth, you should immediately get down to business, but before that it is certainly necessary to answer the last and important question:Can we sell our brilliant idea?

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