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With all belongings moved to Kaluga. Again, as with Mitya, you need to create a home, but now the most, without the Pope and Babi. Again gathered standing by friends all the same and Mommy Daddy's furniture, furnish my mother's room, and we have to Boris "modern": couch, radio, desk, chairs yet.Welcome Boris consisted of a plywood box in which there were a few books, a pillow, boots and shirt. Now to our three calls, I can not get used to and wait another four. Get to the theater until, of course, impossible, serious, shooting, "May Night" in the expedition to the Ukraine, and stupid to come to the theater and then time off to film.And most importantly - began to gather to Levushka, and while it does not see, in any "May Nights" will not be removed. 18 Total car. Resembles that of a provincial town in Rostov on abortion. Just full of smoke, just swarming unwashed people now, however, snoring. Of the night. I can not sit. Go nowhere, everywhere stick legs, bags, bags.I looked into the blackness of the night, no stars, no splashes. Remains hour. As transplanted in Leningrad, still can not believe it: chito good hands threw my wallet, pulled the bag.Direct train from Moscow to Medvezhyegorsk not, there is an early and express to Murmansk, in Bear Mountain, they do not stop, stop it, even the train is two minutes. And if I have not been met? And as I have time to drop his impossibly bags? The train slows down.In the vestibule was another man, very old, gray- haired, noble appearance, sickly pale, perhaps, not the disease, the excitement, too, with bags ... How come onto I all the same young and healthy. Conductor opens the door smelled frost, somewhere below ground is white, then it's pitch-dark.Chito strong arms picked up by me, someone throws my things. I ask to remove the old man, beep - and the train rattled. Look into the face. Two of them. - Well, Tatyankaobezyanka, Welcome! - The voice is quiet, calm, kind person, open. - Vasily! .. Throw myself on his neck. - Well, well, well!You see how everything is good, and the download the film Владимир Епифанцев and train was late, and the car we just download the film Владимир Епифанцев and calculated, and all is over! But the old man has to rest my head? - I do not know, I do not have time to say a word to him. - Nothing is arranged, not abandon it. Here beside crunches horse. All sit in sledge.Kudato are importing the old man, he cries with emotion, and it went through my head like a whirlwind - the same sledge us Levushka, small, wrapped, are groves, fields in the village of Qom ... Levushkin roaring bass. Thoughts rush, rising ... - Well, we have arrived! Jumped out of the sleigh, I fly into the house, in the corner under the icons Lyovushka, standing, as in a dream, I can not budge, no voice. - My Brother ... Levushka ... - Sister ... Tatyashka ... And my feet, and a voice, and the power, and happiness, and I am in the hands of Lyovushka, cry, cry. - Leo, it's time ... And left. And I'm not wiping tears falling on the bench and go to sleep.Vasily wife undresses me, puts ... I open my eyes and I do not understand: I sleep or is it reality - chalet, icons, table covered cloth, covered with like a fairy tale, with meats, sit him five men, brushed, shaved. We sat down and waiting for me to wake up by herself.I know that there are disturbing Levushka, I know, I know, edyatto hands, and still keep his hand in his face and stroked, and hair ... How it has changed!

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Film Владимир Епифанцев
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