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I became a great actor, some dreamed of becoming. Usually it ended with a love scene that I played with myself. Then I heard the voice of my aunt wanted me to. I hurriedly dressed. - What are you doing in there all day? - Nothing, I'm playing. Finally the letter. I give it.- What, no envelope? - No, a letter addressed to me. Your mother put two letters and one envelope. It makes no sense to pay for the two brands, as I wanted to get a letter addressed to me personally, but the aunt was stingy. Rosalie often made fun of her because of this. I went Vladimir Epifantsev movie watch online, and read the letter to his hut.It was a tender letter: "... sudden and very important and completely unexpected thing has made me leave. The matter is very complicated, you need me to be here. I will watch online absent for some time. Be smart, learn well of love to the rose that loves you ... "and so on. D. All of this has been signed - Vassor.In response, I wrote a desperate letter, full of love. I asked for the address. - Give me your letter, I'll put it in one envelope with my, Cursed savings! As much as I was happy to sign the envelope and take the letter to the post office! With each new letter came disappointment. Why so long there is no mother? After all, from the time of her departure it was a year!What do I hide? She left not with Jacques, as he occasionally came to us. My aunt and grandmother often went to Paris, whereas before leaving Rosalie were there rare. Brother left the Lyceum. My aunt found him a job at "La Providans", the insurance company where her husband worked. He had to get a good position there.Once he returned home earlier than usual, pale and upset. - I had an epileptic fit - he said. He wanted to Vladimir Epifantsev movie watch online, and tell us how it happened, but it began to tremble, and he explained: - I will not tell, because I can trigger a new seizure .I do not want to go back to "La Providans" never, I just can not ... We were shocked. He warmed up, put him to bed. Aunt, I love him, hid to cry. Mom will be back soon - I said hopefully. - No, your mother will not be back. My aunt said it sharply, as if she wanted to silence me.Brother came down download movie Vladimir Epifantsev and dinner. At the table, he suddenly put the glass of which was going to drink, saying: - I am no longer able to drink from a cup, then when I looked at the bottom of the glass from which to drink about it started. Film Vladimir Epifantsev. Henry shook.His face twitched a grimace. Getting up, he dropped the chair. - Henry! Henry! - Aunt screamed. Henri fell and started Watch Online and rolling on the floor. He seemed to be struggling with the invisible forces. He banged his head on the parquet floor, and my aunt and grandmother tried to keep it so it does not hurt on a hot stove.Hastily wearing a hat and coat, aunt ran for the doctor. I am horrified huddled in the corner of the room, saying, - Henry! Henry! Soon the aunt came back with the doctor, who lived not far from us. - It is not an epileptic fit - he said - it is not foaming at the mouth, it's a nervous breakdown. At his birth using forceps? - Yes, - said the aunt.The doctor prescribed gardenal that Henry had prinimat until the end of his life, poisoned the eternal fear of attack. Later repeated attacks became less frequent and finally passed at all. Henry went on to take his gardenal. We felt that he no longer needed him. With the consent of the pharmacist, we replaced gardenal harmless drug.He again began attacks. I was unable to understand how a mother could not download movie Vladimir Epifantsev and return, knowing that my brother is sick.

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Film Владимир Епифанцев
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