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Tell me them, I do not write more ... No need to write a ... said, looking at the manuscript. However, do not just read all these manuscripts, but also send them answered.Do not think that after the success of "The Seagull" and several years of absence, our meeting was touching. stronger than usual shook my hand, smiled sweetly and only. He did not like exuberance. I felt a need for it, as became an enthusiastic admirer of his talent.It was already difficult to treat him just like before, and I felt small in the presence of celebrities. I wanted to be bigger and smarter than God made me, so I chose the words, trying to talk about the important and very much like a psychopath in the presence of an idol. Anton Pavlovich download the film Владимир Епифанцев and noticed and embarrassed.And years later I could not install simple relationship, and it is only them and go with all people. In addition, at this meeting, I could not hide the fatal impression changes occurring in it. The disease made its cruel business. Perhaps my face scared, but we were hard to stay together.Fortunately, soon came NemirovichDanchenko, and we began to talk about the case. It consisted in the fact that we wanted to get right to stage his play "Uncle Vanya." Why, look here, do not I'm not a playwright, protested worst of it was that the emperor's Little Theatre download the film Владимир Епифанцев and bustled about the same.Ugine, so vigorously promoted the interests of the theater, not asleep. To get rid of a painful necessity to offend refusal kogonibud of us came up with all sorts of reasons, so as not to give the play neither of the other theater. I also need to redo the play, he said, Ugine, and he assured us: I do not know your theater.I also need to see how you play. The case helped us. Some one of the officials of the Imperial Theater download the film Владимир Епифанцев and invited for negotiations. Of course, it would be better, if the official himself bothered to come to a very strange conversation started. First of all, the official said, the famous writer: What do you do? Writing, said Anton amazed.That is, of course, I know ... but ... what do you write? entangled official. reached for his hat to go. Then his Excellency has unsuccessfully rushed to jump straight to the point. It download the film Владимир Епифанцев and consisted in the fact that the repertoire committee viewed "Uncle Vanya", did not agree with a shot in the third act. It was necessary to alter the final.The minutes were presented about these unexplained reasons: we can not allow a university professor, a certified person who fired the gun then bowed and walked away, ask them to send him a copy of this wonderful protocol. He showed it to us with unconcealed indignation.After this incident komikodramaticheskogo issue resolved itself. Nevertheless continues to repeat: I do not know your theater. It was a trick. He just wanted to see "The Seagull" in our execution. And we gave him this opportunity. For lack of space our permanent theater temporarily settled in Nikitsky Theater.It was declared a performance without an audience. There have been download the film Владимир Епифанцев and transported all the scenery decor dirty, empty, unlit and raw theater exported furniture, it would seem, could not set up the actors and their only audience.Nevertheless play some fun Chekhov Perhaps he really missed about the theater during the "links" in Yalta. Which almost childish pleasure he walked on stage and went around dirty restrooms artists. He loved the theater, not only with his flashy side, but also from the inside.

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