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There were buried her parents. She came out of the tram and headed to a small bench under a birch tree that grew near their graves. She sat down, lowered her head and whispered a short prayer, asking his father for support. Thoughts of God did not make the soul Ingrid complete clarity.She could not until the end download movie Vladimir Epifantsev and come to terms with the fact that his almighty power, designed to help the weak, the oppressed, allowed the brutal injustice in the world. And because she could not handle with a light heart to God, she turned to her father.From the cemetery, she suddenly realized that her thoughts are always drawn to her father. After my mother died long before Ingrid could download movie Vladimir Epifantsev and to confide her thoughts. But her father she could say: "Today I have a difficult day, Dad. Calm me. Give me strength ".When she arrived at the studio, it was more thrilled than afraid. Anyway, she was determined Watch Online and to do everything in its power. I was asked whether I highly nervous. "No. And why, in fact, I should be nervous? Because of screen tests? These do not scare me. What do you want me to do?Turn left download movie Vladimir Epifantsev and turn right, laugh ... well, it's so simple. You want me to do it again? You can Watch online and see what happened? This is permitted? You can come back tomorrow? Thank you very much. "The really frightened me not shooting, and the result, I have seen the next day. I was shocked. You get used to her reflection in the mirror. Have you seen yourself in the photos. But when you first see yourself on the silver screen, it produces quite a different impression. Do you see yourself be what you see around.And it does not always coincide with your own self. You can see his teeth as if under a different, not that usual angle. .. Surely I have such teeth? You see your nose ... Oh, God, this is my nose? It can not bggbyt!All this has nothing to do with what I grew accustomed to something that every day I see in the mirror. All this belongs to another komuto. On the screen I was hulk, and the nose I do not like. And it's all the time I am moving around from one corner to continuously laughing and talking? I just could not look at themselves.Oh God, now I know for sure that I would not take Vladimir Epifantsev movie watch online in excellent quality and in the movies. Gustaf Molander, dense, balding, good-natured, with beautiful manners, comforted her as best he could.From his coldness, indifference and a little offended nobility of the previous day was gone. He had a sharp, penetrating mind and immediately spotted a rare, original talent.He could watch the day, thousands of girls, rapidly flickering on the screen in front of him, the girls more beautiful than Ingrid, better trained than Ingrid, but none of the thousands, no one in a million is not carried the necessary miracle.Miracle was to turn pretty, lively girl played out something for the camera in the beam images appearing on the silver screen. This conversion is usually determined impozantnobanalnymi words, but completely accurate: the magic stars. Miss Ingrid Bergman had a magic star.Gustaf Molander extremely surprised, but slightly amused reaction to the view of the Ingrid. She fell into a deep depression. - I did not look very good, huh? - She asked dejectedly. - Perhaps if I tried, it could get better. This phrase in the Swedish movie became her trademark.Almost after each finished shooting scenes she used to say: "I think I could bggbyt better." This led to the fact that the crew when it appears joked: "And here comes Moglaboytluchshe." Gustav soothed: - Everything went very well.

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Film Владимир Епифанцев
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