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- Come straight, Ted. You say that any abilities my son has not? - No! - I cried. - No, I do not say! I think it is wonderful, wonderful boy. I think that it is itself a miracle. Not a magician, but one quite extraordinary to look like a miracle in this world.I think it has its own abilities as rare as it is beautiful. - I'll go crazy! - He said, vtseplyayas his hair, Patricia. - A minute ago you said: "No unusual abilities, David does not. He's a very, very, very ordinary child." Precise your words. A half-minute later ...- I do not refuse from any of the words spoken by me - I announced. The response to such evasiveness was a universal cry of anger, change of shocked silence, when the cause took Anne. - Yes, you shut up! - She cried. - You just do not understand! Nothing!Solid, if Ted is not able to see the truth under his nose, but it's not Ted is that, as you, yourself. Each of you. Ted is absolutely right. All he said is absolutely true and consistent, and you just do not hear it. - Annie! My love, I do not understand! - Michael dumbfounded staring across the table at his wife. - I'm sorry, Michael, - I said.- I have played a bit. - Raffle? You have played? - Well, is not that wild. Most succumb to the temptation to get even for the insults received from you. Allowing you do not understand what I'm saying. You asked whether your son has kakimilibo abilities, and I replied that I possess. You just do not understand, but Annie and I realized that I was not talking about Davey.But before it still did not come. And not to anyone else. - Not about Davy? - No, - I said. - I said about Simon. - What? - Oliver whirled to Simon, the frozen in dismay and bewilderment, not a fork halfway to his mouth open. - Oh, listen ... - he said. - Do not, Uncle Ted ... I mean ...- I'm sorry, Simon, - I said - but it is necessary to proclaim the truth. Ann bent, put her hand on the arm of Simon. - Ted! Annie! Explain ... please explain to me what is happening - Michael begged. - You saw Michael, how it all began two years ago - I said.- Let us now download movie Vladimir Epifantsev and call it the first miracle. You went into the room where lay panting, almost bereft of feelings from asthma, Edward. Simon did what I would have done in his place any sane person. He did Edward artificial respiration. I massaged his ribs.After a few seconds, sentimental, hysterical David, frightened by the violence perpetrated by a brother and does not understand why it is needed, pushed him away. He put his hand on his chest, Edward, just as you entered with Anne, and at this very moment bore fruit provided by Simon and worthy commendable first aid - Edward coughed and faltered.You see the put his hand on his chest and then remember his father, who, despite his obvious common sense, almost a fool of himself, almost believing that did something extraordinary with his bad leg batman.After a while you tell the story Davey and stupid boy, who rukuto brother put on the chest, most likely, just to check whether the beating of the heart, or even for the sake chegoto equally useless, permeated by the belief that he inherited the mystical abilities of his grandfather. - But ...but this way you can explain anything - said Patricia. But her voice was designated some uncertainty.

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Film Владимир Епифанцев
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