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Through action, based on the epic alone Ostrovsky dangerous for pace, but better for the grain. How to combine both? That's why what the through action and how to carry out:"It's nice to live in the pleasure, but if anyone dares to disturb or disagree with my old traditions, then act in full, that is dynamic." "Hostess" While working on the "Innkeeper" been noted following steps: Trial reading for his roles in the theater. I Gzovskaya read, so that, in fact, right now on the scene.Was pleasant, and free, and fun. Alas, in the mood to repeat only on 1015 performance, and in between ... how much suffering, how many nerves! I arrogantly thought that my role is ready. Rehearsing for the first time with Karetnom1 Burdzhalovym2 Vishnevsky and I graciously gave remarks, and thought that I give them great that role already in the ointment.What is the surprise when suddenly, after a lot of preparation and apologies Burdzhalov Vishnevsky and tell me I'm sorry I went entirely on stamps, and even on what, for most of my penny on Baska with frowning brows, angry voice, close to a scream, then to compression of wheezing Is that the actor being stuffed, which habituallyand the previous generation has become my second nature. These are the stamps, which I always come across at first, in any role, those stamps, which every time I thought I got rid of them, and they waited for me as the worst enemies. I do not believe it when Wisniewski Burdzhalov and told me this.I was quite sure that this is quibbling to me, to the "system", a new reason to stab me, disappoint. I was so sure of it, that not even embarrassed, do not believe it. Nevertheless, left alone, wanted to make sure I'm right, and as a result knew were right and Burdzhalov Wisniewski.From that moment began to grow and become my doubts, flour and seeking real truth and simplicity. A huge band of which was that, to be simple, as in life, nothing more. The more like this, the more stamps were noticed, the more they grew and multiplied, and clear:when you want to be simple, if you think not about the main tasks of the role and the play, but the simplicity and that's why you start to strum this simplicity. Produced stamps of simplicity, the worst of all stamps. I realized this and download the film Владимир Епифанцев and turned to the role of nature, even closer to the broken part of the problem and was probably best to fulfill them.To heal, I began to look to the role of the common elements and compare them to my personal items, look at each piece of the affective grain, and most importantly-through. It began with misogyny. But I love women and I could not find the opposite feeling. download the film Владимир Епифанцев and Tried to remember which of the women I hate. Ed remembered. Georg.4, remembered all women thick, annoying, arrogant. In my mind, myself, I hated them, I felt anger, but worth thinking about others and everything disappears. And it was not funny, and, most importantly, not charming. My strong unpleasant tone, dry and in life.Finally figured that out misogyny not create itself neither download the film Владимир Епифанцев and grain nor-through. He download the film Владимир Епифанцев and returned again to their elements of the soul. I first of all good- natured and naive, especially in matters of love. Thinking and adjusting itself to good nature, I felt that I would rather give in to fear women.I remember the rehearsal of the first act in the studio with Gzovskaya in the presence Yartseva As if something was found and it was funny and warm places in the soul.

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