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On the walls posters. The curtain rises, the actress alone on stage, her short black dress ... She looks out the window, she ran to the door, listening to the noise of the elevator. Then he sits by the phone. Turns gramophone. He puts the plate in the proper performance of "I'm going crazy for you" stop.Returned to the phone, dials a number ... "Women's role has been deducted from Edith: a famous singer, jealous of her lover to everything that surrounds it ... I thought I heard the voice of Edith:" At first, I was jealous of you to your dreams. I thought, "Where did he eludes me when sleeping? Whom does he see?"And you smile, I was calm and happy, and I was beginning to hate those who you have dreamed. I'll often wake to separate you. And you love to dream and angry at me. But I could not bear your happy face. " - Do you like it? - I asked her Jean. - Jean, amazing. - This is dedicated to you, Edith.I'll give to her, and you will play it with Paul. - It is impossible, I fail. I'm just a singer. And then, playing with Paul! Oh, no, Jean, I can not! Edith was in it all. On the one hand, it was bold, on the other - was afraid that will not cope. When it did not concern her profession, she always doubted. Jeannot laughed.He had excellent teeth, warm smile. He said: - It's very simple: Paul does not say anything, and you're playing the scene that suits him every day. But it just seemed easy. Monologue, a continuing act, is very long. No, it was not so easy. This became clear at the first rehearsal. Of course, Paul agreed to play.The play directed by Jean Cocteau himself and Jean Raymond Rouleau - a significant event. And play the role without words was also a test for the actor, and Paul is attracted. So, two roles - two actors. One is silent as a fish, others say, without closing the mouth. Unfortunately, the silent one who can speak on the stage, and says the one who only knows how to sing.At the first rehearsal, Edith did not work out. Fortunately, Paul did not have it replaced Jeannot. Edith, who was able to express my feelings on the stage all the voice and gesture, suddenly became false, forgotten how to walk, move his arms ... She was in despair. - Jean, the theater is not for me! What a misfortune! I wanted to, but could not. I could never.In vain Jean he told her: "This is only the first estimation. You can do it. It's your play, your role; I wrote it for you. " Edith stubbornly repeated: "No". I felt that she was on the verge of tears. "Paul would laugh at me!" Jean looked at Yvonne de Bray, who sat silently in the corner. The two understood each other without words ... She said:- Edith, you're going to play, I'll teach you. What it was a beautiful and inspired work! It seems to me that even I, after passing through the hands of Yvonne, was able to play on stage. She made out the whole role of Edith, sentence by sentence, the passage of the passage, as a mechanism for details.Then, when she had gathered them together, the mechanism to work, as the beating heart. At the end of the play indifferent handsome climbs out of bed, put on a coat, he takes his hat. Edith clings to him, pleading, "No, Emil, no, do not leave me ..." He was released from her arms, repulsive and gives her a slap. He leaves, and Edith is on the scene.She presses her hand to her cheek and repeats, "Oh, Oh ... Emil, Emil ..." At the rehearsal, Jean angry, but own way, polite and delicate. - No, Paul, it's bad. It annoys you, exasperated with his love.You can not stand it anymore, and give her a slap, this, with all his might ... slap a man, not an aristocrat, who throws the gauntlet in the face of the Marquis, causing him to a duel ... Let us once again!

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Film Владимир Епифанцев
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