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After that, the artists went to the river to bathe, eat, rest, and eight hours later they came back again for another rehearsal, which download the film Владимир Епифанцев and lasted until eleven o'clock at night. Thus two plays in one day. So what! For example:morning "Fedor" in the evening "Antigone", or in the morning, "Shylock" in the evening "Gannele" or "The Seagull." This is not enough: in parallel with rehearsals in the main hall were intimate with odnimdvumya persons. To do this, went into the forest, when it was hot, and if it's cold, then lodge a janitor.For example, the major work on the role with Moskvin Fedor took place in the lodge. Artist took his role of Vladimir Ivanovich, while I tried another, less suitable singer. All of this work took place during the stifling heat, which reached up to forty degrees or more, as the summer was extremely hot.For evil, our barn was iron roofs. It is easy to imagine what the temperature generated inside the rehearsal hall and we were sweating, rehearsing knights bow "Tsar Fedor," or funny dancing in the carnival "Shylock", or all sorts of becoming a "Gannele." Performers troupe housed in cottages shot for them Pushkino town.Each group has download the film Владимир Епифанцев and arranged for summer residence on his farm friendly basis. Each group was a person who was in charge of cleanliness and general routine, another table and eating, the third theatrical affairs, ie, notification of their group of appointments or download the film Владимир Епифанцев and canceled rehearsals, new orders directing and administration.The first time I had not yet established between the spike again descended people, not without confusion. There were even very severe cases, when we had to part with the artist.For example, at one of the rehearsals, being on stage, the artists had a falling out and speak to each other words that are not allowed in the theater, and even more so in the performance of their duties. We Vladimir Ivanovich decided to punish those responsible for the edification of others and bring them to trial most of the troupe. Immediately all the rehearsals were canceled.One and a half or two hours after the scandal was convened general meeting of the whole company and for this purpose sent infantry and cavalry men in all directions, to absent himself from the house to look for artists. The hype was made not without intention, to give greater importance to the fact dolzhenstvovavshemu serve as an example for the future.When they download the film Владимир Епифанцев and opened the meeting with Vladimir Ivanovich, we explain the presence of the dangerous significance of what happened that could become harmful precedent for the future. In other words, the troupe asked a specific question:whether it wishes to follow in the footsteps of many other theaters, which happened a fact common, or members of the new company immediately want to stop a repeat demoralizing thing acts and punish the perpetrators. The artists have been more severe than we thought.Against our expectations, they decided to part with delinquent friend, who was a prominent person in the company. With his departure had pererepetirovat almost all rough play made to introduce new artists. A similar incident was download the film Владимир Епифанцев and repeated once more, but less sharply.Perpetrator was sentenced to a heavy fine and made him a public reprimand, and this was repeated admonition many artists at a time.

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