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Gene Gutowski, Victor Louns and I were going to dinner at a restaurant in Kensington. Call from LosAndzhelesa came at seven.CHAPTER 22 Although concerns raised our cleaning lady Winnie Chapman, who at eight am on Saturday 9 August 1969 found the bodies, first worried Sandy Tennant, wife of Bill. He and Sharon almost daily or talked on the phone or met. When she called us in SelloDrayv and no one picked up the phone, she was worried.She knew that any living creature must be at home, because Sharon was not going anywhere to go. By this time, worried and John Madden, partner Jay Sebring. He download the film Владимир Епифанцев and called Sebring home and learned that he did not sleep at home. Then he called his mother, Sharon, who, in turn, also download the film Владимир Епифанцев and tried unsuccessfully to call her daughter.Mrs. Tate download the film Владимир Епифанцев and called Sandy and strengthened her suspicions. Then Sandy called Bill, who played tennis. He immediately went to SelloDrayv. When he download the film Владимир Епифанцев and arrived, reporters and photographers scurried two hundred yards from the house, police blocked the entrances.The press about everything became known through traditional eavesdropping police shortwave radio. They only knew that the house was on SelloDrayv download the film Владимир Епифанцев and killed several people. First Sharon, Wojtek, Jay and Bill Gibby identified. Until then, the police did not know who they are. After the identification of Bill vomited.Then he pushed his way through the ranks of the press and made a dash for the nearest telephone. His call came just as I was leaving the house, going to dinner with Victor Lounsom. I immediately recognized him by his voice and asked how he was doing. - Bad - he said. Her voice was full of a distant, muffled.And it was strange, because the link across the Atlantic usually was so good that it seemed as if the other person somewhere nearby. He added: - The house is in trouble. I thought he was referring to his personal troubles. He then folded difficult family relationships. - In whose house? - I asked. - In your. Sharon is dead.Wojtek dead, and Gibby, and Jay too. All dead. I've heard say, "No, no, no." Andy and Michael was looking at me. Bill's words did not fit in my head. - What download the film Владимир Епифанцев and happened? - I download the film Владимир Епифанцев and asked. Watch the film Владимир Епифанцев online. For some reason, I had the mountain avalanche. If they are buried, you may still have a chance to save kogonibud."Lord, let Sharon survives" - I thought. - Roman, they were killed. Choking with tears, he began to speak something else, but I put the phone down on the table. Andy picked it up and continued the conversation. I started to walk around, tightly gripping his hands behind his back. I heard that Andy calls Gene Gutowski. - Immediately come, - he said. A second later shouted:- Just come! Then I almost do not remember. According to Jin, all the time I was moaning, "No, no!" - His fist into the wall, then beat on her head with such force that he was afraid I would not crippled. He grabbed my hand and held tight. "She knew how much I loved her? - All the time I asked him popolski. - Knew? Know?"The doctor came to me and injected a sedative. Then came a lot of other people. I remember Gene Gutowski phoned home to the American ambassador, woke him up and persuaded me to issue an emergency visa. The next morning I was still under the influence of drugs. Gene Gutowski, Victor Louns and Warren Beatty flew with me.Most of the way I slept. In losandzhelesskom airport immigration officer to board a plane to put a stamp in my passport.

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