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Family - durehasestritsa, her husband and a young, adoring his uncle niece - meets him with open arms.But gradually she begins to suspect that her beloved uncle is the unknown, which is wanted by the police for having committed the murder of several widows. Shares her suspicions young detective who appears in the house on the pretext of voter registration.At this time in the east police arrest accidentally shot and killed another man, came under suspicion in the case, and therefore the investigation was closed.After learning about the suspicions niece, Uncle Charlie is making two unsuccessful attempts to part with it, and then, when boarding the train, which should take him to New York, trying to push her off the platform. But in the ensuing struggle he falls and dies under the wheels of an oncoming train. At the funeral, the residents of Santa Rosa gave up the dead last respects.The truth of it remains the property of the girl and her drugasyschika. When the script was finished, Wilder called to serve in the Department of psychological support to the armed forces of the army school, but I felt that the script chegoto not enough, I wanted to add a few sparkles of humor, which would counterbalance the gloomy drama.Thornton Uaydtser recommended screenwriter of "MGM", Robert Audrey, but I thought it was too serious, and we invited Sally Benson. Before sitting down to the script, we would like to Wilder as specific as possible imagine the situation where the action unfolds. We chose the right town and began to look for a house.Found one, but it seemed to Wilder too spacious for a bank employee. But in talking with the owner revealed that he just takes the position that our hero, so that Wilder had to accept. However, when two weeks before we started shooting, we returned there, the house was transformed: the owner to celebrate, to repair it.I had the owner's permission zagvazdat him again. After filming, we, of course, all painted in bright fresh colors. Appreciation expressed by Thornton Wilder in the credits of "doubt" seems strange. It was a heart impulse; I was very touched by his human qualities. Then why did your cooperation had continued?Because he went to war, and I did not see him after many years. I am very interested in how you got the idea to illustrate the tune of "The Merry Widow" dancing couples. This image is repeated several times. And even used as a background for the title. This shot was taken from the reserve? No, I have specially prepared for this picture.Not only remember who first had the idea to whistle a tune from "The Merry Widow" - Uncle Charlie or niece. First you show the dancing couples, the orchestra plays the melody. Then her mother singing around the table and try to remember where it came from ...Joseph Cotten, starting to get nervous, says it's "Blue Danube", and niece, first agreeing corrects him: "Oh, no, it is" Merry ... "And then Cotten spill the contents of his glass to prevent it and to finish that did not sound terrible to his word.

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