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Let's call it a joke "mole." We had to make again ... "Surrender" was quiet, except for the drunk Ephraim. He fell asleep at the end, and it only woke cheto short "ah!" Rang out at a time when I jumped in the closet.This episode is always accompanied by outcries chimnibud - so the chain operates this rapid jumps: from the floor - on a chair, with the chair - on the table, the table - on the bureau and then to the very top bunk. And all this to stop the pendulum. Leva suffered the "triple jump" from the beginning of the second act to the very end - looking forward to the effect.So I woke up and Ephraim. After the discussion, he was not speaking very distinctly: "Why so gut-wrenching? Dostoevsky always provokes it, and you have succumbed to Dodin. It should be easier to get by it ... And the main thing: the process is not ... "" Why not? "- I asked. "It does not matter," - Efremov shrugged. Thus ended the Moscow Arts Theater for the second season.July 10 I sit in Leningrad during the shooting. The role at Svetozarova4 small but filming with pleasure. Irritation of the city passes, delayed wound. Stroll down to the "belly" 5, carefully avoiding the theater. Purchased food. The hotel could not sit still and went to the house of Natalia Petrovna Galitzine that Gogol. More precisely - on Malaya Morskaya.Golitsyn really lived there, but the "Moscow Venus" Yusupov - at the Foundry. The house is built it after the death of Pushkin. Here and wonder ... He stood on the sea, under the chimito windows. Wait to head flashed chyanibud ... After that thought, let you shoot at Todorovski? Release, where he was to stay.We still have to record that went with Alla German premiere of the film "Atkins", where I have a big role. Weird people leaving from civilization. It's nice that it is not co-products and their outright. I got a kick out of how they work. If you want to drive a nail, not provided for in the script, the meeting will gather. But - guarantee.And a good schnapps and money - I have never had so many. They promised even called. In parting - burst into tears: "We thought that the Russian - is only two colors: red and black." September 11 Today, I am listening to an old record Okudzhava. He remembered how he had once sang songs of Vengerov. He then frowned slightly. "We need to keep the tone of Bulat".I even changed the rhythm, the pace - to avoid repetition. "Drummer" sang cheerfully, "Nadya" or "We doorman." & Even unbridled, in those years, the permissible manner. Vengerov insisted: "Here and the poems are wonderful, and the main thing - music! Sublime! Someday everyone will understand that it is - a great composer. " And now and then I thought the same.In the "old jacket" and saw the story Bashmachkin Mom alter my school suit. In "Mozart" admired his ability to go from Mozart ... to himself. And - without a single shovchika! I then realized that the actor actually have to be the same transitions:by the authors of the self, by myself - back to the author. November 11 Ripens sensation - I trust the most that neither is such that the breath freezes when you think ... In the play Misharin "Silver Wedding" are read Gorbachev's ideas, covered head to calm level. department. My image is clearly idealized - but I have not got a grasp properly.Thank God, there is nothing lopahinskogo - that is about cutting gardens. It happened because Eugene Evstigneev fell ill, poor, and Ephraim called me.

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Film день нептуна коктебель
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