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This device has been a favorite in staroyaponskom starokitayskom and theaters.At a time when the theater returned to its purpose - to be propaganda platform - a system of acting, where predygre attached particular importance extends over 94 as a system by which it can not pass modern the film день нептуна коктебель and Submitted through the scene played out through the words and stage position aktertribun wants to give his audience to them, want to make the audience like this, and not otherwise, taken to growing them on stage action. Aktertribun not for art builds his art and "art", he even wants to build upon.Aktertribun aims to - to develop his stage action is not in the sense where the stage position "beautiful" his theatrics, but in terms of where he is, as a surgeon, reveals the inside. Aktertribun plays very position, and the fact that he was hidden, and what they are for a specific purpose is revealed.When aktertribun in front of the viewer from under the cloak of constructing the image reveals the nature of the image, says not one word, the data playwright, and as though the roots of the words they have created;when aktertribun of coil intricate technical tricks complex stsenometrii, Sucitu thread clear their intentions, not the playing position, and their heart;aktertribun when facing these new challenges - he has to review the elements of his art, he has to return to the theater that was lost in the theater during the reaction, when theater slipped into a morass of non-political colloquialism. "The mandateВ» I.ANSWER FROM FORM newspaper "Evening Moscow" insistence display devices, emerged from the depths of the auditorium, smashed the heads of our theaters from the cozy swamp "pure art." New, working the audience more insistently and persistently demanding the establishment of contact between life and art.Displays of life in the theater is a must. Theater can not ignore queries viewer. But the automatic execution of the "order" of the crisis does not allow the viewer.This path is the path of least resistance will inevitably lead to a decrease in the quality of products, on the claim of bad taste, to coddle baser instincts mixed audience of the New Economic Policy. Organizing role of theater is reduced to zero, and hence the very existence of the theater as obschestvennopoleznogo phenomenon in question. ...I believe that the core of Russian drama - Gogol, SuhovoKobylin - finds his brilliant sequel in the works of Nikolai Erdman, who stands on a solid and true way for the establishment of Soviet comedy. II. Speech in the theater section RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF ART May 11, 1925 ... If you take away from the play movement ...there remain phrases, aphorisms, and if you leave it alone in the play, this product may seem just a sample of verbal skill.If you do not have to go out of the flat chest Leopoldovna Tamara's apartment Nadezhda Petrovna and further will not go into the apartment Smetanich, if not fabricate this mandate, if it does not also appear in the actions of Paul 96 Gorbachev, then everything will stop. What is it?This, of course, the ability to deploy the action is direct proof that the play movement and action is. It is this product is not a product to read this work for the stage. After all, it does not matter that there are no remarks.From our point of view, the best playwright who does not make any remarks, because why hudozhnikudramaturgu remarks?

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Film день нептуна коктебель
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