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This is the 1613.As stated in the General Gerbovik Russian Empire, "surname Durovs many served the Russian throne, the nobility of service and complained of were rulers in 1629 and other years the estates." But this, of course, at the time of my snotty childhood, I had no idea. Probably, then so be it: the less you know, the longer live.It is now all rush to the nobles, because there is no risk - no one will call "nedorezannym bourgeois" and not try to bring dorezat or where you want to take steps to eradicate it. Recently, I came to the theater a gentleman and asked: - Leo K., and why do not you join our Noble Assembly?And then I said to him - if you collect under the banners of all the passers-by, so to look through the first Gerbovik or at least look into it. His pedigree is the sixth part of the hereditary nobility Durovs. Then it was not you need to ask me stupid questions. I say this not out of boastfulness, Behold, they say, what I "hereditary."Just unpleasant to watch grown men play children's games: the nobility, the princes, countesses, devil knows who else! We see this komuto flattered flatters vanity or compensate kakieto moral flaws. No, I just do not understand.I never sought meetings with eminent relatives, not suggested itself to them or a brother or a nephew. Speaking honestly, I know them quite late and by accident. Of course, I knew from childhood that I belong to a famous circus dynasty: his father is - Durov.When I was little, the family said something about the circus, but I ochento pay attention to these conversations. My parents did not have any relation to art: voennoistoricheskom mother worked in the archives of the father - in "Vzryvprome", where he was peaceful explosions. And then one day playing in a holiday home in Pingpong.Suitable tall, slender, handsome, and said: - Hey, brother! I thought he was joking and replied just joking: - Hello, brother. And he told me: - Lev, and I actually your brother! It download the film день нептуна коктебель and turned out it Prov Sadovsky. And the famous artistic dynasty Sadovsky Durovy a relative:daughter of Vladimir Leonidovich Durov, therefore, my Aunt Anna, when she married actor Maly Theater Prov Mikhailovich, then began to carry the name DurovaSadovskaya. Of course, Provo as an actor I could not know it, but never thought that he was my brother. And Natalia we met with a rather interesting circumstances.I came to the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR receive the title of People's Artist. And suddenly came up to me a beautiful woman and inimitably pleasant voice said: - That, brother, what is our big holiday dynasty today ... She's a magnificent dress, but I just did not catch the scent of expensive perfume, but the smell of animals.And then I realized that it was the same Natalia Durova, which I saw on TV. From that moment on we became close friends with her. And a little later, I met another sister - Teresa Vasilyevna, charming and courageous woman that worked well in the arena.We're all good friends, though, oddly enough, I do not know why, but often between circus performers is no such odnodinastiynoy friendship. It is no secret that our grandparents, great clowns Anatoly and Vladimir, not slishkomto disliked each other. I sometimes ask myself the question: why choose a theater, and not a circus?Apparently, it is the case that, without finding an answer, trying to explain one, nothing illuminates the word: destiny.

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