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A work of art is not at all an exception to the general law of information.It allows and even suggests the second, third, tenth perception, because in essence is not "simply a message", and soobschenievyvedenie. The poem, a symphony or a novel is like "kinogramma" preservation of a movement develops in prostranstvennovremennom continuum.Psychological research today further strengthens the idea that in any phenomenon aesthetic order is the entry point and exit point. Raise and lower the curtain of a theatrical performance, the first and last letter of the first and the last note, the first and last movement of the soloist in the dance - It's all obvious examples.But it turns out, and the sculpture, it was assumed to be viewed from various sides, it also has a certain, though not as obvious, but the creator of a well thought out order of perception.A painting, which can be read from right to left, left to right, top to bottom, bottom to top, clockwise, against it, finally, just glancing at any out detail - it turned out that it views are not so chaotic.Device, because of the locking motion picture view, reveals a clear pattern of audience perception. And - this is particularly remarkable - the audience can be download the film день нептуна коктебель and divided into categories download the film день нептуна коктебель and based on the degree of preparedness; newcomers chutchut prepared, well- trained professionals, finally hudozhnikiprofessionaly.With the switch in this order from one group to another will reduce the degree of dispersion in the movement of opinion, so that at the stage of professionals can speak about the exact syntax follow picture. One of the first to mention the real contradictions in ordinary human notions of movement, was Zeno.The contradictions seemed irreconcilable. Left or to allow that motion is impossible, or dismiss the arguments of the philosopher, finding their verbal trick and a fraud. One of them, Diogenes, instead of arguments at the philosophical level prostonaprosto paced back and forth, should be at the same saying, "But this is, look, I'm moving!How can you say, Zeno that motion is impossible? "In our days to present his thoughts Zeno could use the services of an amateur camera.He would be enough to film a real flight real boom or circular walking his sarcastic opponent, and then demonstrated to the series kadrikov into which any movement. On each of kadrikov depicting one phase of the movement, we have been a perfect static.However, and Diogenes, to remain in their positions, would not have to look far. Turning the projector, he could then, to the great joy of those present, charge it zenonovskuyu film and eloquently point on the canvas, on which quite clearly ran to his own figure.But, perhaps, he and this time would beat a student who finds this argument is quite comprehensive. Resuscitation case does not mean that death is canceled.Yes, the film preserves the movement, as if zasushivaet it until complete immobility, and then, using simple machine, back to life on the n t h and that in sanguineous same as men, but this still needs a special explanation.Movement, turns out to be, discrete, albeit in the case of an artificial, forced upon him by a man discrete, so by its nature it is not opposed to the static elements of decay. However, if the static? Statics, captured on film - a special static.Two neighboring kadrika fixed boom in two different points in space, but about each of these points, we can say that the arrow "is here and is not here." One frame at a particular static impossible to identify: whether this arrow flies, or suspended by an invisible thread of us. Requires at least the second frame.The motion is captured only in their comparison.

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Film день нептуна коктебель
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