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Although it was so, but tears were often difficult. That only I have seen enough! As I expected, Raymond soon arrived in dismissal. I came in without knocking - he's come to his home. The first trouble - he saw me. - Are you back? - As you see. - She called you? - What do you think?- Where is she? - I do not know. Yes I do not know! Edith was in the next room to the field. - Look, Raymond, you want to take a bath? After the barracks very refreshing - Are you kidding me? Do you know where she is? - No. I can go look. Gdenibud nearby. - I see you got down to the old. In time I came back. - Oh, so you come back? Then one piece of advice:no worries. I wanted him to be angry and began to yell at me. Then Edith would have heard it through the wall. And so it happened. She entered the room and instead of greeting attacked him. - What are you shouting? If you come for your belongings, take and wound. - What do you mean, Dida? - No Didu nor Didi nor Edith. I've had enough. Fed up.What are you doing here, Simon? There is nothing you movie download Neptune Day Koktebel and listen. Motel to the wall. Raymond grasped: - And what is behind the wall? - Room Simona, why? It concerns you? - Still would! She is now a separate room? You do not sleep together? - Look, I did not ask with whom you sleep! You're gone, good riddance!- I was drafted into the army! - Well, stay there! Anyway, here scram! You are doing nothing! When I came out, the cry rang in his ears. Paul asked me: - This is Raymond Asso? - Did not hear? - Yes, a few too loud. After some time, Paul got dressed and left. One fewer. They quarreled for an hour.Then in the next room was quieter. I heard Edith cried and said a little girl voice: - You believe me, Raymond, you got the best that is in me. You'll always be my close friend. I will never forget you. - And All the same, a girl, you should not have to do with me. After all, I was in the army. I was sorry Reymond.I put myself in his place. Not so fun to come to dismissal and found his wife with another in his own bed. Now they were talking very quietly. He probably gave her final instructions in relation to its profession. I dozed off, when the door swung open. On the threshold stood Ramone. - Are you happy? He made his?I closed my eyes, there was a sound, but do not slap and slam the door. Subsequently, they met again and became good friends. But if Edith stayed on as if nothing had happened, Raymond could not it be the same. He felt that for her it is only a songwriter, she either takes or rejects. Film Neptune Day Koktebel.On that day, when he left me heart sank - because it is certainly a war ... and it could have been killed! He died Neptune Day Koktebel Film watch online and twenty-nine years later, in 1968, five years after the death of Edith, almost to the day. It happened at the hospital, at the sixty-ninth year.The last thing he wrote with a trembling hand, was the preface to the newly published record Edith still unreleased song "Man of Berlin." He again engaged in the affairs of their "girls." In just a few hours before leaving for good, Raymond went on to talk about it with those who were near him, "Edith always asked me:"Do not leave me!" Poor Raymond, he clung to that phrase that Edith told everyone she loved so much that at some point Neptune Day Koktebel Film watch online and wish to remain with her always. He believed her. And he added: "She was right.

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Film день нептуна коктебель
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