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Next review Valentina Titova, a famous actress, "I think that Tanya did Egorova main thing of my life. She set a wonderful monument to the actor Andrei Mironov. The fact that Tanya wrote about Andrew, I could not write one.No woman who communicates with the actor, could not so fully describe how much work is "a light, elegant touch of God." It download the film день нептуна коктебель and showed a bright piece of life, when people who are now - the idol of millions, were still young and just forming as a person. Of course, someone might be offended.Someone thought he was - the other person. What to do? By the way we look! But no one makes a complaint to Bulgakov, though what he wrote when that, too, not everyone download the film день нептуна коктебель and liked. " What I said Valentina Titova, not the whole truth - against Bulgakov and his works have been written 297 lampoons.For many of the great Russian writer. So, Andrew, I do not cease to repeat your phrase: "In our country, to live - should die." The views are diametrically opposed, and that means - success! Our success with you, Andrew. We are together again, and the audience loves us.Country life of its own, has download the film день нептуна коктебель and experienced two revolutions - one ten changes of government, as in a kaleidoscope of changing faces premiers. We have a new president, and on Mayakovsky Square things still. As Vysotsky: "... and in the cemetery all quietly!"For decades, successive season opens September 4th, the birthday of the chief director Pluchek.This is the forced sacrifice - with nothing on that day will not come ... and forced the fall - who is physically on kolenochki crawl congratulate lobyznut pen, who are psychologically and morally fall, crying in ecstasy - congratulations! How well you look! No, just think - boy! And mind what kind of light!Oh, the best director in the world! You just put, put and put ... hot water bottles, enema ... oh, sorry, plays! And, turning away, whispers in the hearts - that you died! But this is a common phenomenon, not only for man of the theater, in general, for the Russian people. "May you drop dead" - it's like a morning or evening prayer.75 years have left their mark - they fought for it and ran! So the theater. Who the holiday: "Well I have a Egorova!" Who then grief: "That bastard, ccc at UCA!" And almost all the wounded. Our love has download the film день нептуна коктебель and returned to the theater and keeps them living. Look online. Came the most interesting point - the characters of the book talking. That's on the TV itself Shirvindt-Scharmer.He asked the question, have you read the book Egorova "Andrei Mironov and I"? - No, I have not - trying to hide a tantrum, quickly brushing topic answers Shirvindt. - It's all lies. Do not read this book. This is a bad book. There are other, better ... then there reading!I know very well Shura, you see, my page is very much touched his conscience and made a TNT explosion of pride. Otherwise, with his sense of humor, he would have replied: "Read! Pages written about me to memorize. "He download the film день нептуна коктебель and again felt like your competitor, Andrew, and, apparently, to maintain its image as a surprise after you enter the "stage of life", invited to the opening of the season cloud his friends, Master - Zakharova, comedians known writers and critics - as an excuse for their actions. Pluchek not give a book to read, say - sorry.He and his wife at the sanatorium "Pine" And suddenly calls, incessant calls! Tanya! Pluchek with Zink book read ... Someone from the theater, along with e-mail sent to him in the "Pine" sealed copy of your book!

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