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Huge distance! In my mind three Romeo: Astangov in Theater of the Revolution, next to him Soshalsky the Leningrad Youth Theatre, impossibly handsome and Krotenko, as they say, "ordinary fellow with the ordinary person."Directing youth theater would convince young viewers that he can love the really, to die for his beloved. Look at the picture UNC - Commissioner "Optimistic Tragedy". Leather jacket can not hide the classic silhouette of the heroine of Greek tragedy.And yet there is the author's claim that can not be simply brushed aside. Director, to seriously study the historical materials to the production of "Richard IIIВ» Shakespeare, found that the author used the pamphlet contemporary Richard outstanding writer Thomas More, directed against a future hero of the tragedy.It must be admitted that the great humanist in his polemical fervor download the film день нептуна коктебель and depicted object of his satire humpbacked monster, when in fact the historical Richard bsh if not handsome, and it really does not monster. The director decided to make the honorable thing and return to Richard III at the scene of his original face.He had forgotten that the modern viewer is not interested in the documentary of this tragedy, no one has any idea about the Richard and his enemies.Shakespeare did not write the now fashionable drama facts, and create a great character, combining ruthlessness, cunning politician with a talent, physical deformity with the charm of intelligence - and this compound was given circumstances organic image. Whether it otherwise, he would have behaved differently. The play failed.How could "climb" into the text, to see something of their own, to drop weight of tradition? Again, we come up against the need to clearly realize his idea. In setting up a "hot heart" in the Moscow regional drama theater, we could not decide whom to put on the role of Gavrilo. Earlier artists been based upon the words: "... I'm not a complete man" .., Gabriel can not "... or walk straight into the eyes of any people to watch. " Therefore it played timid, unobtrusive man. But it becomes clear why a proud, freedom-loving Paracha loved this slob? To have muzhapodkabluchnika?And, perhaps, Gavrila just not aware of its strength, made her, like all the really strong people? After all, they even hand fed timidly, not to hurt the other. Instead the clerk with a soft voice and an apologetic smile appeared guy oblique broad- shouldered, his head and reluctantly bends before the master, and only when the danger has not download the film день нептуна коктебель and affected him, and Paracha, when insulted one that for him more than life, Gabriel is rectified and Russian epic hero.The key for the image became a scene where Gabriel resorts to Kuroslepovu reported on the kidnapping Paracha: "Two villages knocked down the whole forest searched" ... somewhere rattling alarm, the gates swing open wide and they do not burst into a modest clerk, a national leader in the red shirt without a belt, with an ax in his hand, which he threatens invisible enemies."City fathers" when he appeared scared to death. In the finale, when Paracha announced that marries Gavrila, viewers happily welcome young people who have download the film день нептуна коктебель and achieved their happiness.Serious disturbances occur when working on a very well-known works, especially classical, when to get rid of traditional ideas about the literary hero. "I have always imagined Anna Karenina completely different!" With such an argument can not do anything about it.What a joy to hear bio Alexander Lazarev reviews of his performance of Cervantes in the musical "Man of La Mancha," which he seems to be descended from an engraving of Dora!

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