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However, after every take sailors wiped it dry, but still it was quite risky. By the way, very interesting to my acquaintance with "Nana".We went with my sister to get by in a taxi, and the driver of the tape sounded songs are very different and beautiful. I asked, "Who is that singing?" The driver says, "kakayato" Nana. " I find them. And they took off their first music video on TV - "Honeymoon" - for the "Morning Mail". Filmed with humor:wedding on a motorcycle, the bride in a short skirt and bra download the film день нептуна коктебель and exaggerated, but in veil. Danced on the roof of a two-story house. Looked at our head, and cut the number from the "almost." I copied the "Honeymoon" to another tape, brought to the channel "2x2" and it began to turn on 10 times a day.And then later, when a group of "Nana" has become a "star", the chief apologized Alibasov. A Bari was like my brother, when my mother had an accident, he is helping me. We've download the film день нептуна коктебель and worked together. I loved them as a family. And now? Well, they are the same "star"! But back to the boat, floating in Uglich.Chris Kelme with the song "Ocean" I shot on the bridge at the wheel. There were many interesting findings. In Philip Kirkorov were then in love two women at the same time - and Masha Rasputina, and Aziza. And everybody download the film день нептуна коктебель and wanted him to win. We have given in Uglich three commemorative concert, which led Leonid Derbenev me.At the first concert, when the curtain, the first jumped "Nana." They sang the song "The Papuans and the Eskimos." Initially run out Papuans, which, I'm sorry, there's nothing except ribbons. And they sing, but to me the wings flies pale deputy factory director and shouts: "Svetlana Ilinichna, what is it? .. You have no idea!This is also the anniversary concert, and they are naked! "I say," But papuasyto really naked. Right now the Eskimos will go, so they will be in a fur coat. " He says, "Yes?" I say, "Yes." He was overjoyed, rushed to explain that means nudity - download the film день нептуна коктебель and justified.Then I took off for the first time already known Chris Kelme, because I had the feeling that I have no right to remove their relatives. I'm his sister Ittu for all thirty years working in television took off only twice and always insanely worried that someone chegoto not thinking. Watch the film день нептуна коктебель online. It is now we can shoot his wife, brother, and so on.And then it was considered nepotism, and therefore a crime. Tatiana Korshilovoy not allowed to take his sister as an assistant director to our editors. The first time I took off Chris, my nephew. My mother had a sister who married a Lithuanian. From Kokand she went to Vilna. There she gave birth to a son Aria Kelme, my cousin and his father Chris.From there, the name of this - Kelme. The funny thing is that I have recently tried to convince someone that Chris Kelme - is a pseudonym. Yes, the name Chris - a pseudonym, but Kelme - is the name of my download the film день нептуна коктебель and cousin. And it was mostly tonnelschikom to "Metromsheni." He wrote about the "Iron Kelme." And he had three sons.All of them graduated from the Institute of Transport as an engineer and began work on "Metromsheni." And then Chris went to the download the film день нептуна коктебель and Lenin Komsomol Theater, and organized a music ensemble "Rokatele." Thus in Lenkom download the film день нептуна коктебель and worked simultaneously two of my nephew. And they do not even know that they are relatives, however, the fifth water to jelly. Worked there son Alexander P. Stein, director Peter Stein, and at the same time working to the same place and they met at work, not knowing that they are at least long, but it is certainly related.

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