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appears on the pasteboard sharp clashes, a kind of reading material and so on. Etc.-all this can now be provided in advance. Installation has been well studied by many generations of filmmakers, and should know to shoot accurately.However, there are areas of cinema, in which nothing can be taken into account before the end of the advance. For example, a documentary film, and especially that part of it which operates ready filmotechnym material, historical or geographical pattern constructed from the previously removed or disorganized shot film documents.In these cases it is necessary to find new ways of mounting collisions inside the material. There really work on the pasteboard is extremely important and has a number of discoveries, because at the same time have to re-conceptualize fixed once and for all living material.But in the game, art cinema every chance, every ill-conceived improvisation, as a rule, from which are inevitable, of course, exceptions kakieto lead to a deterioration of the assembly language. Do kakielibo laws and regulations of the installation, which can safeguard the director of possible errors?Such rules are, but almost none of them is undeniable. Except for a small number of well-known truths, that you will encounter as soon as get the opportunity to keep the film in hand, to teach comprehensive laws installation I will not be able. Mounting vision individually as handwriting.Difficult it is even very experienced director to prove to the shooting as an experienced operator that the frame with the newly installed will not be removed. Nevertheless, we know there is a group of rules. They consist of a number of necessary conditions that must be considered a director when the two plans.First of all, based on a given sequence of frames should lie a certain point. Even unambiguous repetition of frames within each of which seemed to be no new content does not appear, however, can develop and modify the idea. Suppose the Chief Secretary said: "Ivan Ivanovich, when we start over?"Ivan says:" Now I can not. " If you mount the frame with others: sitting worker, sits a woman with a baby, sits an old man, sits an old woman - in each of these frames can be just calm, but their accumulation creates a new idea, for example, the idea of ​​bureaucracy, callousness about the person that does not accept visitors.The number of frames will go into a new quality of thought. In the painting "Lenin in October" Lenin wrote a letter to the members of the Bolshevik Party. The first sentence of this letter read at the plant, the second - on the cruiser, the third - in the trenches, and so on. D.Thought is one, it develops the logic of reading the letter, but the fact that people who read the letter, change, intercepting phrase by phrase, giving it additional sound. In a series of visual born a new meaning: a letter of Lenin traveled around the whole Party, the whole of Russia, the whole nation.I already was once a simple example: a single frame - a person eats, the second frame - the child looks. Suffice it twice to repeat these shots to the feeling of man's inhumanity who shares his food with the hungry child, although a person could have, not knowing about the child, and the child could look at a toy placed behind the scenes.The clash of these two pieces gives a sense of new ideas. Hence, the installation can and should serve as a rule, to the development of thoughts and ideas, which is embedded in the picture.

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Film Жизнь во имя любви 2 / Aashiqui 2
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