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The father is concerned, looking for the boy and kept up just in time to save his son, or a crocodile utyanul the boy into the water. Crocodile cleaned away. Alexander and his father decided to catch a crocodile. And the trophy - the proof of victory.Of course, not a crocodile ate a raccoon - JoJo was saved at the end of the painting found its owner. The episode with the crocodile could be the culmination of the picture, but it served only entry. This culminated in the episode of the derrick - Advanced miracle of moving tons of steel, with a roar bite into the earth.None of the frame can not convey the drama of the whole process, as well as the magnificent courage and art drillers. Our frames captured only the most impressive. We rented one of the events of everyday life. Behind the scenes were bitter failures, pursuing these people day after day, year after year.Our film ends, as we know, the triumph of good - "Christmas tree", sealed valve, which can be opened and closed - it is connected to the pipeline. Alexander sits next to the "Christmas tree" and waving goodbye to their druzyamburilschikam. Meanwhile, the huge tower rises above the other bay. The struggle for oil continues.We spent three months to find a singer for the title role. It was the sort of searching, when we dug in India Sabu. In the films of this genre selection hero - a crucial moment. We do not use professional actors, and we need to choose people who are able to "live" in his role.And if you find such a person and make him "represent" what he does every day, he will play better professional. We think that this boy was a talented natural actor, what we had to meet kogdalibo. Our film is a fantasy, but it is based on the events taken from real life of the people of this region.Dear Mr. Korda, we telegraphed to you last Saturday that the shooting continues, the weather is excellent and the results are excellent. The monsoon has passed and we are no longer dependent on the weather. Mr. Biro since we started shooting, all coddling with a scene that I would willingly throw.In this scene, there is a moment when the little Toomai passes through the crowded streets on his elephant, and the elephant steps over the child. Last week, we shot this scene. Obtain the consent of the mother and convince her full security surveys, we put the child in the street and called Sabu and elephant. Brought together hundreds of the curious. We installed cameras.Irivata, like a mountain, which decided movie download Aashiqui 2 / Aashiqui 2 and take a walk, striding down the street. The tip of the trunk immediately went down-scented baby elephant. The elephant went ahead. Each of his feet in foot thickness was greater than the child.He slowly raised his nogu- kid looked up at him. The child was still nesmyshlen and did not understand what was happening. Then the hind legs of an elephant approached the child. One leg he suffered a slow and careful, but the second leg ankle hurt a child.Never in my life have I heard such a scream that issued the crowd of hundreds of curious onlookers. Someone grabbed the child, squeezed it with his mother in a car and rushed to the hospital. I thought that now crowd break us, but fortunately nothing happened. Until we turn the camera machine returned from the hospital.The child smiled, and his mother was smiling, too. When we scroll on the screen this episode, we saw elephant, feeling that hurt the child, immediately suffered the brunt of the body to the edge of the sole.

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Film Жизнь во имя любви 2 / Aashiqui 2
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