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refining in another.It's all such features which are very important to celebrate, because with such refinement setting when we undertake to show not only how "people eat, drink, love, walk, wear their jackets," when we take such a class, strictly speaking, idlers, who lives only with the capital accumulated in the sweat of its workers - for suchpeople have to choose from chegonibud witty, so "gun" is not enough. There is a desire to get laughs. It is terribly difficult game. And this game has to be somehow revised. We need to breathe here full of the element of fear, fright, perhaps, at the moment it is better not to make people laugh than to make people laugh. Then, later, when she Baaz said:"Girls do not look at it" - here the girls when they are close to falling Stefka should be kakimito other than those we have seen in other scenes. The difficulty of the image of these two figures and Thea Tilhen quite incredible for a given formulation.If it came from, or even Korsch Theater of the Revolution, I would say that it would have passed, but here it warps. We need to do more kakoeto voltage to the comic nachalobylo new kakihto receptions. And here I will take account of everything. Before, I was not so scrupulous to gestures. And now I'll say, "Why is this, and not another gesture was made?"Of course, within three weeks, I will be very difficult to be picky. I think that my colleagues on the performance does not take advantage of this to push through chtolibo. I will insist that every gesture was struck that there was no chatter kakogoto irresponsible hands.Every gesture, for example, blue, and when he smokes a cigarette and plays with a stick, or when conducting, or when putting his left hand to the right, each time this has to be taken on the greatest consideration. I will ask colleagues to the choice of strictly gestures as gestures are the same attributive as camera angles, like a suit.For this piece should sound kakieto new masks, hitherto not former, except Bubusa, which in happier circumstances, because it is a repetition of the mask of "Misteriibuff" Mayakovsky. Of course, it is - not a perfect analogy. There are many nyuan89 owls, who do not have it.So - just a buffoon, then - Poster slapstick and comedy, and there is a serious need here kakieto other tricks of the game. I finish the second part of my report. As likely to be questions, after the break, I'll be able to do even the comments, which can be Watch Online, and drawn from the rehearsals. 3 When Urbanowicz ask your question, I'm thinking through complex analysis should movie Life in the name of love 2 / Aashiqui 2 watch online in excellent quality and the answer is yes. Yes, Chopin and Liszt in the end is not by chance got into this show.To see that this is no accident, it is necessary to look at the biography of Liszt and Chopin, and we will find clues koekakie.Unfortunately, I did not have a good hand full of biographies, I recently looked at their biographies in the large music dictionary where you know what's biography - his short, written almost barbaric language and say nothing. But at the same time and it can be noted that particularly catchy.In his biography of Chopin - his meeting with George Sand, familiarity with which contributed sheet, further tragedy.And then the whole figure of Liszt - a temperamental man who has gone through fire and water adultery, turned at the end of the life of a monk and never ceases Watch Online and love secular music, while composing complex chants and oratorios to cathedrals and churches.

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Film Жизнь во имя любви 2 / Aashiqui 2
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