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And you have to help in every way to express its chief executives. But, on the other hand, why do you need a very, let's say, in the film, if you're not talking about anything new? Just so no one on the slaughter itself does not give. Partnership - it is always co-authorship.In addition, I am also the author of his own role, no matter how small it may be. Of course, along with screenwriter and director. But I'm also something in it his privnoshu. Here's the same Klaus "Seventeen Moments of Spring." The villain, which is not enough.But in order to do its provocative mission, he should go to the people in confidence, put them to him. He puts himself as a dependent on them, looking for protection, sympathy. He is charming, he contacts. Themes and scary when you know why he is.That is, despite the small amount of roles, we see here the complexity of the character, its ambiguity and multidimensionality. Because the role and memorable. I then received a lot of letters from viewers. The most important thing to always take all the same character from the author. And then we are looking to this application of the forces and capabilities - its role.Say what you like, and it is, line of business, it is certainly there, and there's no getting away from it. Here I had the opportunity to star in the film "Why would a man wings." There I was to play a rustic little man. Well, duds and everything else to me, as it should have picked up. I take care of the horses.He asked only that they did not touch my clothes - boots have not been cleaned and the shirt had not been washed. That they smelled a horse - it helps me. I go to shoot himself in the cart, the reins in his hands, and - let's go! And ran. I'm going to get by on the road, the horse gee, and goes to meet an old woman. - Hello - I say. And she says: - Where are you? - Yes, that's from the village of White Wells.- Something - she says, - I do not remember. I'm in this village like all I know, and such zavalyashshego never seen. I liked it very much, "zavalyashshego"! Better assessment of my role and I did not have to. The same little man I have ever played in a tragicomedy of Belarusian playwright Andrew Makayonka "the Tribunal".This is the role collective shepherd Tereshka Zavalyashshego, miserable and, like, near peasant, on the words and deeds which now and then laughing audience.The very dramatic story about how Tereshka, who became the Germans starostoypolitsaem and even proud and praising it, is a brave patriot, who took his post on the orders of the guerrilla commanders - at first glance to be simple and clear, even in chemto detective.But she gave me the material for in-depth interpretation of the essence of the central character, and I took advantage. The main thing that gave me the material plays its genre - is sharp, without transitions, the collision of two elements of art: comic and tragic. And it's in almost every scene. I kept my game at the same time in the two plans.How I got it, do not judge me, but here's what I wrote about this theater reviewer Tubin: "In the twenties, outstanding director Tairov did much to create a theater of tragedy and arlekiniady. The same actors he played today, "Phaedra" and "Storm" and the carnival tomorrow operetta "ZhirofleZhiroflya."It is much more difficult to combine such raznopolyusnye start within a play, and is even more so - one role. But the result is amazing.And here is not in the virtuosity with which the artist Durov change masks but that in these moments we begin to perceive some of the essential aspects of human existence, where the tragic sometimes takes the form of humor, and the high looks ordinary.

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Film Жизнь во имя любви 2 / Aashiqui 2
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