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She has fought for months with severe debilitating illness and knew her to live only a few weeks. All she wants is now, she said, it is the rural peace and love, uncles and cousins;memories of them brighten up her last, empty hours in the hospital. Fainting happened to Jane at the Royal Norfolk Show all perceived as the beginning of an irreversible loss of strength.Simon himself had to take her back to Suefford, although a driver's license from him in his youth years, has not been behind the wheel of the tractor and he felt much more confident than at the wheel belonging to Jane "BMW".Simon took it easily, pale and weak, - "easy as plucked partridge, true," - upstairs and put him to bed, standing in the room Landseer. In the room where she supposedly doctors had to die soon. In the first week of forced confinement Jane constantly visited David and Simon.Simon every morning looked to her with flowers, fruits and stories about the life of the estate, and in the afternoon came with the book, David and sat beside the bed, reading or chatting, until the afternoon, trying to ignore the fact that as he spoke, Jane then it fell into oblivion, then again came to himself.In his last sueffordskoe morning boys, solemn and elegant in a school uniform, came to say goodbye to the patient. - You look like at the undertakers, - she said. - And in vain. I am now much better. The boys went full resurrected hope.A week later, Jane got out of bed, publicly declaring that she was not just better, it recovered. And not just physically. Now she felt even better than before leukemia. Jane insists that her former life was the life of a caterpillar, and now it is revived by contacting the free and perfect butterfly.Anne very seriously asked Jane alone, whether she considers that her cure has kakayato tangible reason. Jane evaded a direct answer, poring over lengthy and confusing verbal jungle. She repeated the angels, grace, purity and rebirth. Anne left her puzzled and alarmed. Michael spoke with great candor:- My love, we are so happy. So happy that you feel better. Whatever the reason has nothing to do, the right thing, I suppose, and you also think so, peacefully enjoy it as chemuto wonderful happened to you in peace and quiet at home, which I hope you always considered family. - As you say, Uncle Michael.At this time, Logan was visiting his friend Max Clifford - Michael decided to discuss what had happened to him. - There you have it, Max. And what can journalists, damn them to hell, and you know. - We have them in their time pouvolnyali a lot, right? movie download Aashiqui 2 / Aashiqui 2. - Jane is going to London for examination.Perhaps she was right and she really managed to defeat the disease, leukemia happens. We do not need absolutely to anything that happened was made public.Newspapers hysterical about everything connected with cancer, besides there are always religious or mystically minded freaks, who will try to heat up on this hand. Jane and she stays because of this is not in the right mind ... - Discussions have already gone, Michael. Mary told me that she had heard yesterday, Jane prayed in the woods.- That's what I mean, Max. As she so agitated, the right thing - to keep quiet about everything. - Uh, - said Max. - She was standing on the ground on his knees.

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Film Жизнь во имя любви 2 / Aashiqui 2
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