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- Yes, - answered Edith, which download the film Жизнь во имя любви 2 / Aashiqui 2 and irritated him delight. - I know this. - Of course, you go through it before I did. It was the little kick, from whom the crack on porcelain ... - And here the audience is not stupid, not as in the province!- Do not brag, Eve. In Paris, you become famous, but his hand stuffed in the outback! - You do not spoil the joy, it is too big! In the evening the "Alhambra", with a glance at the poster, he said: - You should have said my name printed larger. Edith threw dryly: - Obviously, this should be done after your "triumph" in Marseille!Suggests itself! Montand had that hard, no mercy to famine, which is characteristic of the young. In life, as well as at the table, he absorbed all the monstrous appetite. But Edith's teeth could break. Jealousy Willow crossed the border. I think the success of his calm, there will be other concerns. Certainly not!Edith was his own, his hunting ground ... and he with arms guarding its roe. There was a poacher way ordered. He woke her in the night, "Who did you dream? Old lover? "She sent him to hell, but the next morning I said," Imagine how he loves me! "But ended peacefully after two times in the third.When she at kogonibud glance, let komuto look after themselves, Eve fell into a wild rage. "Do not you see what a jerk, freak, do not you see that he makes fun of you!" She sent him, and the hours they were yelling at each other. Then comes the day of love and adoration.The situation was all the more tense that after the "Alhambra" they had to act in the "Etoile". After the Liberation, it was the most elegant, the most prestigious myuzikholl. A few days before the premiere, they were swimming in bliss. Me back power.I really needed this - between the morning "meeting" in the bathroom and walking with Yves I'm not pulling. I was fed up with their "heart-to-heart talk" and assignments for voyeurism and espionage. Each with his hand I said, "Do not leave him a single step, as long as I do not have an eye on it does not pull the, come - will tell."In respect of both all went like clockwork. Yves name on the bill was written so as big as the name of Edith, despite warnings Lulu Barrier: - Be careful, Edith. In one program with you, he is dangerous. Do not let it take up too much space. - Do not worry.Was not born into the world, Mr. Piaf French song, which would have swallowed. "Etoile" will be the crowning glory of my fireworks for Yves. I want him to be successful. And then ... and it will make every effort. Within a few days she did not get off the phone, call your druzyamzhurnalistam and all those who have weight in the world of song. Watch the film Жизнь во имя любви 2 / Aashiqui 2 in excellent quality online. Edith always did everything well!At Willow quickly got some money, he knew their value and did not throw to the wind. He never lived dependent Edith, his pride would not allow. Still, she gave him a few suits, alligator shoes and a set of "piafista" - lighters, watches, chains and studs. And, as always, spent apart.On the eve of a general in the "Etoile" She had only three thousand francs. Two weeks of performances in the "Alhambra" could bring us a lot. - Momona, I want to be beautiful tomorrow night for Yves. Come on, I'll buy myself anything should new. We currently do not buy for a while, while living in the "Alsina," but what we had was not worth the good word.We were already at the door when Eve asked: - Where are you going? - I want to buy a dress, gloves and hat.

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Film Жизнь во имя любви 2 / Aashiqui 2
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