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When the Peloponnesian War broke out, the ideological foundations of the Athenian democracy have download the film Жизнь во имя любви 2 / Aashiqui 2 and experienced a great shock:struck the city of the plague, and the incessant Delphic oracle priests of the temple of Apollo, the Athenians sulivshie solid lesions greatly undermined confidence in divine favor to Athens, and escaped into the open proprietary instincts rich questioned the unity of the policy and its ability to ensure that everycitizen of his place in life. Problem of individual human behavior, which until then had to pose and solve the Athenian social thought in close connection with the fate of the civilian staff, the policy - and, more than that, with certain patterns of human existence in general, under the new conditions also dubious objective basis;to the fore more and more began to speak of the individual as a "measure of all things" - and his own nobility and greatness, and his own suffering. This shift is a significant point of view on the most deeply human drama of Euripides is download the film Жизнь во имя любви 2 / Aashiqui 2 and reflected. "Art is born of personal emotions which affirms the individual spiritual standards - all this might seem like attacking the "public." Today Euripides called "degeroizatorom" and discoverer of myths. But it is already felt and contemporaries, let them use the term of his age.Many of their criticisms on our current language sound like "pessimism", "inability to rise above the fact to the generalization", "sketch", "bytovizm", "fotografizm", "impressionism", and, of course, "naturalism." And, of course, very often reluctant Euripides to write under the old blueprint seemed inability. He knew how to be - he wanted to.Aristophanes mocked its origin, on the "tearfulness", "neurasthenia" his characters, above a convenience thoroughness of their speeches, everyday reliability of the mind, of the fact that the beggar in Euripides puts not conditional, mottled, polutsarsky outfit, and in the same contingent, but rags ... Pereshagnem two and a half thousand years.We are in Moscow, "Hermitage", on the eve of 1901. Art Theatre rehearsing "The Three Sisters." First, something is not going well - can not find the right mood. Shumovikami filmmaker struggles with a bang cricket, over the howling of the wind in the chimney. Then the work is getting better and better. Premiere brings huge, huge success.According to some, the biggest in the history of pre-revolutionary MX Yet is sarcastic reviewer upreknuvshy Stanislavsky incompleteness. He suggests going to the end, make a statement:"In the two-story house deliberately removed, gdenibud on the outskirts of the city on Okhta top three sisters live with my brother and the nurse, and the doctor at the bottom. You come along with the rest of the public under the guise of an apartment tenant. At the gate ticket office. You escorts relatively intelligent janitor giving undertone corresponding explanations ...To see the "one eye" and overhear "the corner of the ear," all the scenes, you have to visit the house in the morning, afternoon, and evening, and when the fire starts, then at night ... "Three Sisters" by Chekhov will live in front of you the whole truth of their living conditions. The absence of the fourth wall for a moment not irritate your truth-soul!Here, as if nothing had happened, you can even touch this "fourth" wall hand to finally calm down - "they say, not dreaming ..." The last action is played out in this garden, you can peek at all as a passer.

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