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Edith now was for "Companion" unquestioned authority.They realized that she had the right feeling, put on her and download the film Жизнь во имя любви 2 / Aashiqui 2 and changed her repertoire. She found a song for them, "Do not grieve, Marie" Andre Grassi, "MulenRuzh" Jean Larue and Georges Auric, "Scarlet Poppy" Raymond Asso and Valerie, "It was my boyfriend," Louis Amada and Gilbert Beco, "When a soldier goes to war "Francis Lemarka and" Prayer "Francis Zhamma and Georges Brassens.In addition, they had a couple of old songs. With a repertoire that they can go on a tour, not only in France, but wherever you go ... When "The Three Bells" began to "call" to proclaim to all the joy of victory, for me it download the film Жизнь во имя любви 2 / Aashiqui 2 and sounded like a death knell: ZhanLui Jobert took place in the heart of Edith and received All rights holder.From the rest of the guys who everyone was more or less as the main representatives of the owner, I looked like a poor relation, which is held in the house of mercy. A pity and mercy I have never arranged. For Edith, I was ready for anything. But crawl on his belly to the other - never!Maybe, if I agreed to be a servant to run errands, I would have stayed, but when ZhanLui Jaubert said coldly: "I do not want to see her," I did not raise a wave and left. This type of nine men could live, but not three. I it is not offended. Of course, from my point of view, he was right: I was prevented by the fact that he did not like.So I download the film Жизнь во имя любви 2 / Aashiqui 2 and opted out of the way. A year later, when I returned to Edith, she told me about the continuation of Jaubert and travel to America. Edith spoke perfect in every detail. You have the impression that you have all seen with his own eyes.She calmly looked at our temporary break, but wanted me to know all about her life as if every minute I was next to her. "You see, Momona, you have to know everything. Need me to tell you everything right now. Then I do not remember everything. You - my memory, be alert and do not forget. "And I can not forget, she is convinced of this by checking out as if by chance, a few months later. "Momona, for me, these nine children were like my own orchestra. But not accompanying, and one that I conduct. Voice as an instrument - it's amazing! Initially home to me with them was fun. We understood each other.They were like brothers to me, looked after me. I've never lived in such an environment. We played each other, I laughter rolled across the floor. For fun we made a film, "Nine guys ... one heart." No complaints, nothing special. Do you understand? He humbly took on small screens. The guys were a little disappointed.I download the film Жизнь во имя любви 2 / Aashiqui 2 and started it because just like that, for the sake of entertainment ... ". As at the time she did it to Willow, Lulu Edith asked to do the "Companion" to incorporate them into its program. They performed in the first part. Then she sang with "The Three Bells" and then acted alone. "Lulu is furious, as soon as I take kogonibud in his concert.We were a little to war, and in part he insisted. So, at the premiere in Paris after returning from a tour in October 1946, I spoke without a "companion". It was the right decision, Lulu was right. " Edith never had such an enthusiastic press. Started "The Great Piaf years."Pierre Loisel, known at the time of the French Radio critic, wrote: "Big head, mertvennoblednoe face, voice, as if washed with spring water ..." - "The guy was crazy, - said Edith. - Do I have a big head!"-" It comes on stage ... A simple dress, forehead genius, hair, how bad wig glued doll hands Apostle ... humble eyes - eyes beggar ... a lost look, as if asking for protection from the storm of applause ... The girl lost in the woods ... a gentle person and worried ... ". Leonpol Fargues said:"It sings because it has a song live, because it lives in the drama, because her voice full of anguish ... When she tells us of the triumph of love, the cruelty of fate and doom acts, the joy of light, the laws of fatal heart it rises to the higher vibrating notes, to clean and bright colors, like the brush strokes of the divinegloomy paintings by Goya, Delacroix and Forena ... "Charles Trenet called her" white dove suburbs.

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