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The film was download the film криминал золото and called "boobies" and it download the film криминал золото and lasted seven parts, while the biggest romantic stars of "Metro" did only five parts. This picture - the first in which I got the lead role - was in the same year one of the biggest hits of the company.But the golden age of comedy was just beginning. The whole world would laugh like never before, and Hollywood for this were the clowns. Soon will come the years when the films of Chaplin, Lloyd and my eclipse pictures of most romantic movie stars. "Keystone Kops" and "Bathing Beauty" Mack Sennett was still popular, but the king of comedy business will soon go into the shadows.The reason being that Sennett could not or would not pay their artists money they offered to other studios. And he lost his actors, as soon as they become famous. But what kind of talent he has developed! Chaplin and Arbuckle - only two of them.Charlie Murray, Andy Clyde, Chester Conklin, Clyde Cook, Hank Mann, Ford Sterling, Harry Gribbon, Heini Mann and Ben Turpin at one time or another were among his "Keystone Kops." Even Harold Lloyd hung around for a bit, "a cop." Gloria Swanson, Carole Lombard, Mary Prevost beginning of his "Bathe beauties."Fields, Mabel Norman, Wallace Beery, Pauly Morgan, Marie Dressler, Louise Fazenda and Bing Crosby did with him his early films. But there is one guy who has never worked in Mack Sennett, although almost all the books written on the history of cinema opposite. It's me, Buster Keaton.The mistake was easy to do, because I have appeared in many comedies Arbuckle after he left Sennett. In those reckless days we had fun doing comedy. We worked hard and always doing stories.In the bad old days all - Chaplin, Lloyd, Harry Langdon, and I - worked with our writers from the first day they started to invent a story. We controlled the scenery, casting, finding nature, often went on trips with directors to see for themselves whether all suitable.We do put our films themselves do the trick, looked blank, directed assembly and went to previews. We have worked in the old days, that now I amuse effeminate habits of modern comedy stars. This may be one reason for the degeneration comedy since the advent of sound in film.Of course, there were other reasons. The "silent" days we tried and did everything we wanted, and we did not lead the administrators who lack a sense of humor. We were the one who decided what should go into the script and make the audience laugh. Bosses required us to film download the film криминал золото and earned fortunes, and our films have earned them.In the early 20's we have spent a lot of time to screw around, who download the film криминал золото and arranged after work. Roscoe helped us with Lew Cody - the screen Romeo, Sid Chaplin - The half-brother Charlie, and other careless accomplices. Some of our jokes still considered classics. By the way, to come up with a good draw easier said than done.We worked on them just for fun and never staged violent antics that hurt or humiliate people. I mean such things as electric canes, igniting soles, "electric chair" or a bed with "bugs" and wire conducted so that the guests in the next room can hear every sound and word couples making love.Our jokes were such that their victims could later laugh along with us. They were quite innocent. By the way, this is a gross art - an occasion for a big misunderstanding. The really good draw can not improvise.It must be carefully thought out as a movie script, but it requires precautions in case anything should go wrong.

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