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One day John came to Binky discuss costumes.Binky's not feeling too well and was lying in bed, though he said he intends to later get up and go for a visit. We download the film криминал золото and watched old magazines 20's to present, how to dress our characters, discussed the future site of the premiere.Binky said it would be good to play the first show in an unexpected place - in Amsterdam, for example, or in another city on the continent. I thought it was a good idea. We went out and got Binky and went to visit. Later, his friends told me that he was, as always, was the soul of society.The walls are nearly collapsed from the peals of laughter when he parodied Marlene Dietrich. Then he came home, rang Arthur Cantor, said: "I'm so glad that Ingrid liked my idea for the premiere of the continent. Tomorrow I'll do it. " Hung up, went to bed, fell asleep and never woke up ... The time came when John said:"Ingrid, we need to continue to work on the play. Binky would not forgive us, he learned that we left the work which he had so well begun." And we went forward. But the continent's premiere, we have not played. Fortnight we showed show in Brighton, and then, in September 1973, gave the premiere in London, in the theater, "Albury".The "Sunday Times" Garold Hobson download the film криминал золото and again download the film криминал золото and expressed his dissatisfaction over the fact that Ingrid plays another English girl, pronouncing text with "exquisite diligence foreigners." But theater critics acknowledged the statement "most witty performance in London," and the "Daily Telegraph" called her "extremely entertaining." In the theater, there was a constant sell-out.Many newspapers put the big announcement: "Tennant proudly declares that put John Gielgud play" devoted wife "with Ingrid Bergman, John McCallum, Barbara Ferris, Michael and Dorothy Allison Reynolds for the week of September 29 to October 6, broke all box office records in the theater, "Albury". "Then Ingrid and picked up the phone. The first time I saw a mouse in the "Albury" when the make-up in his dressing room. First two weeks, I was told no one spoke, but when the announcement appeared in the newspapers, I dialed the number of the Directorate and asked: "Tickets are selling out?" The answer was: " It's great! Awesome! Sold absolutely everything. "- 'Then, maybe you anything should do with my dressing room? She was not washed and not painted since as built theater. The carpet in the dirt. I sit down on the couch I can not, because the fall through between the springs. I did not want to bother you unless it has ascertained that the show is a success. And now you can have it take to repair?"Management did. When Ingrid was interviewed after the show, she did not hide that she was already fifty-eight years. "But it's sad I did not cause. I'm still going to celebrate their birthdays, two, or even more, and then stop. In " Betrayed wife," I have a very good role, with a lot of funny dialogue.The play, however, old- fashioned, but in a new drama I can not find a thing that could be understood. I used to play mostly in serious dramas, but so nice to hear, when the audience laughs. "Refuting rumors that her marriage to Lars is coming to an end, she said:" Let us examine ourselves. I no longer want to talk about. "They are still "out" when she had to make an urgent call to Lars to Paris to announce important news. I just got back from the theater to his apartment and was lying in bed, looking through the newspaper.

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