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He never forgot this erundovskuyu service and, when he had occasions always took me in his films - supported financially and morally. He has a phenomenal memory.Often he comes to me to dinner - all with an appetite eats, drinks just three glasses of vodka, lies down on the sofa up the belly, sleeps with Khrapkov ten minutes, casually tosses about Lenin - that bald burr syphilitic!Then I pull out a book shelf with it our favorite novel "The Count of Monte Cristo", opened on the first available page and read three sentences. He continues on and on heart ... and on. Phenomenon! On this visit ends - he's calling on the phone, get dressed and go to the next guest.Now he is - a gentleman, chief director of Operetta in Petersburg on the Italian street, took wonderful films, traveled the world, wrote many books, in general, take up the position of his talent.And then Sasha Belinsky in the "former" rabbit, with Andrew, we went to dinner at BT Andrew machinegun speech told his brother that the troupe Satire today - download the film криминал золото and dilapidated, entirely herbarium, and her troupe, should be updated. A check is going to put "The Marriage of Figaro" by Beaumarchais and no column.With vodka and steaks going over the artists of the theater in Moscow and found Gaft. - And I want to come to the theater Sharmer, artist leucoma. And Zyama Vysokovsky the theater "Hermitage". Brought coffee. - In general, put together a troupe! - Andrew download the film криминал золото and laughed in anticipation of a great ensemble. - It will be great! Gherkin of Lenkom already moved to Satire Theater and played a Masters in play "Banquet". Who that of your friends, passing by our table and said hello and download the film криминал золото and asked, "You do not go up in the film," The Umbrellas of Cherbourg "?"We download the film криминал золото and jumped up, went to the theater Belinsky Vakhtangov conspire about the production, and we ... when we went upstairs, realized that can not even crowded in the lobby. We saw the director of the House actor Eskin, Alexander M., smiled and held out a pair of tickets, as download the film криминал золото and elected representatives of fate. We entered the room, it was packed to overflowing.We scrape through in the sixth row. For two hours we fascinates Catherine Deneuve, enveloping angelic singing - unthinkable directorial find such a simple love story in French - no download the film криминал золото and strain, no gravity, no massacre. We left shocked:we felt terrible that we can leave ... Andrew said something incoherent, nervous ... - What is it? You're like a fever? - I asked. We went up to the monument to download the film криминал золото and Pushkin, sat on a bench: - I have a feeling, I think I'm losing you. And he began to eat snow.- Let's agree, if we quarrel with you by chance or will be very bad, not saying a word will come here, to Pushkin. - Come on - I said, and also began to eat snow. Almost all winter we have Alexandrova danced, and I brazenly download the film криминал золото and strolled rehearsal of "The Kid and Carlson" with Clara.Andrew did not rehearse - it was simple, he suffered a lot because of this, but secretly preparing for his dream: to sing on stage with the orchestra. Music has always download the film криминал золото and reigned in his life. And in February 1968. With a light hand in love with the music and the composer and director Andrew Anatoly Kremer Satire Theater, a concert. Andrew sang!The first time! The orchestra! Francis Lai: "If you're lucky a little bit, a little bit of luck ..." There were also "Love potato", and "On the ground we ride, good morning to you!", And in the final Andrew singing the song - the words written Gunn Lewinsky, the director's wife theater, and music - Mr. Cramer.

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