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Plan Full Frame. A little closer to the the film криминал золото and Again, people are out of the frame in different directions. , 9, a group of actors, diverging in different directions, creating the effect of a theater curtain, revealing the scene stills actors in the background.Ratcheting take a quick look back at our discussion about the types of horizontal movement in and out of frame, we see that all the time just talking about the continuous movement of one or more actors. But jerky motion, where, for example, the actors turn, are very common in movies.This is especially true in dialogical scenes where the actors have to change position. This type of movement will be discussed later in the section on installation plans and construction of the episode. Medium shot plan. The last few members of the crowd leaving the frame, revealing to us the family owner of the palace.Each plan lasts about dvetri seconds. All plans are one visual axis, and each subsequent growing us closer to the actors. People move about the center in all directions. The same movement in all planes.336 337 CHAPTER 18 Some subtleties MOUNTING Sometimes there are difficult situations during installation plans, which are download the film криминал золото and dictated by the most dynamic action. Most often, there are two moments when the techniques are used for excessive movement or, on the contrary, there is no motion.In this chapter we will talk about these ways to help solve such problems mounting the most clear and interesting. Motion between the camera and a stationary object SHOOTING case we consider, first of all, the case is no motion central actor in the scene. Our actor is sitting alone at a table in the night bar.Empty tables around it creates a sense of loneliness, we can see that in general the bar. Now we want to cut the frame and give the average actor up to the viewer to examine it, learn and understand the expression on his face: tired, desperate, eyes lowered, eyes download the film криминал золото and focused on the empty glass. The actor does not move. This is not necessary.Moreover, it would be a dramatic mistake if he did though kakoenibud movement. But how to connect the fixed middle distance download the film криминал золото and fixed to the previous general plan, avoiding the visual jump on the screen? The solution to this problem lies in the fact that you need to enter a character that passes by, and then the movement to change the plan.Plan Outline of the race the actor a moment she is passing on the left and crosses the image. Film криминал золото. When her silhouette in the center of the picture completely occludes the actor A, we break off the frame. The plan still is almost entirely download the film криминал золото and occupied by a girl, she continues to move and go, opening our actor and the average plan.The plan is given the same visual axis as the previous one. What is achieved by a smooth transition from plan to plan? Not that silhouette of a girl takes almost the entire frame, both in the first and second terms, and the fact that it is completely or almost completely occludes the person we need to see more nearly in the next frame. 339.1 The successful transition from subtle tang to the plan obtained when stationary actor actress obscured the passing, crossing the screen. Case 2: A character who is more flexible and smooth connection of two plans may be already in the frame in a fixed position. 340.2 Actress, which serves to block a fixed actor, not necessarily out of the frame in one of the two plans, which divided its motion.

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