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The birth of a new type kinopes began with the time when the screen goes to stage fiction literature. Peter "Kinodrama or narrative." 1916Russian film industry was able to extract commercial benefits out of love for his native countrymen enlightened literature. Spiritual and mystical, Russia has always been a country of particular hearing the word, trust the word - the shepherd, the creator, ruler, teacher, storyteller, fool.The art of words, literature has taken a dominant, central place in the space of national culture. Writers called "the dominant influences," the country was download the film криминал золото and called "the most reading." And in silent films word found its place of sounding turned to writing, the word to be read.Russian audience, in its best representatives bibliophile and collector of books, took the label as an organic part of the film, happy to read them. They became more extensive, including fragments of prose and poetic texts.This could not understand how such an experienced kinodelets Pate, first get the money from teatrovladeltsev only frames the image. Names of writers once appeared in movie posters, while the director or after 1915. The earliest literature of the movement towards the cinema was the beginning of a new form of its type - screenwriting.Of course, the "Dead Souls" lasting 8 minutes, or "Idiot" - in 22 minutes rather an occasion for jokes than thought.Odna220 to to choose from a large novel 08.10 most impressive scenes in the few minutes of screen actions, play them in front of a movie camera, and then tie together with explanatory labels and dialog, a novel to be read, "see" his face, interiors, nature.Film directors ... brought under the barbaric treatment of the author rights. They are used to being self- willed, and change at will and plan, and position, and even heroes. Eugene Bauer. 1916Illustrations and staging, the best examples of Russian literature - "Studying the classics," reminiscent exercises future doctor to the dead bodies to heal then living, was essential to the cinema. And he download the film криминал золото and passed it vigorously, quickly, "breaking all," as Andreev. In the course was re-adaptation:"Surgery" Chekhov - 7 plays, "Poltava" Pushkin - 5, "Diary of a Madman" by Gogol and "Crime and Punishment" by Dostoevsky - Of course, it was a film adaptation of "barbaric law" in the apt definition Eugene Bauer."Rights" are not taken with malicious intent, but because of his youth cinematography, directing, immaturity and drama that initially were not able to otherwise use literature as barbaric. Initially the film was playing sphere of attraction of literature and theater and their struggle for influence on him.Theater " colonized" films, supplying actors and directors, and sharing drama, and literature, giving it all - themes, issues, stories, heroes. This infighting Senior Art was published in 1916 in a discussion "Kinodrama or narrative," appeared on the pages of movie magazines "Projector" and "Pegasus".On the ruins of already obsolete kinodramy, a new, improved form svetotvorchestva - narrative. Peter "Kinodrama or kinopovost." 1916 victory over the dramatic beginning of the narrative, literary theater was on the statement of Russian psychological film.How many times have heard criticism of the national cinema, it neglects the development of genres, content with a certain medium, called "narrative." And this is the Russian cinematic genre, capable of flexible, permeable structure to absorb the realities of life, the details of human relationships, dear to the heart of everyday life stuff.And how quickly it all download the film криминал золото and happened.

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