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They were traveling with us were very nice and cooked Frith. They had to drink abundantly, of course, wine. Edith gave the dancers the money to compensate for the lost night. Everyone was laughing and we went to sleep. The next day Edith told me: "Momona, I again durila. But I can not go back to this one barn. "We were in such poor condition that one day she wanted to sing in the street download the film криминал золото and again. "Come on, Momona, dress worse and" do it "at least one street, I'm not good at heart." She rushed into the street, the other - in the maternal embrace. The amazing thing is that no one ever found out. People could not imagine that it could be Edith Piaf.We heard comments like: "Smotrika, imitating Piaf" - "All the same we see immediately that this is not it" - "What a difference!" We laughed. But never have we not met Louis Lepley to offer engagement. But what made this street singer, was perfect! She was so sick and tired of all that we have moved to the week, "Claridge".Got them for the money that we paid for them! This week saw Edith as ever. Even the table that we are download the film криминал золото and dragged, was powerless to stop it. She gave a terrible oath - typical vows drunks. And always find a good reason to drink. One day, seeing as she looks at the bottle, I told her: - You made a vow!- The Truth! But I remembered! I vowed not to drink in the room, not in the bathroom! So she went back to type. Another time, an oath was given to drink in the "Claridge" and the Champs Elysees it does not touch ... When all options have been exhausted, she exclaimed: "But, in fact, Momona, I mean, for example ... Belgium!"And we got into the train, so she got drunk in Brussels. Like this one morning hours shestsem, we returned to his knees. Full of a cleaner wash hall or corridor - the exact place, naturally, I do not remember. Edith gave me a sign, "This way!" And both we climbed down into a bucket of water. I do not understand how we could fit in it.This will refresh our legs. Edith got out of the bucket first. I'm for it. She said: В«I am a dogВ» ... I repeat: В«I am a dog ...В» And as we were dogs, we had fun download the film криминал золото and bullied paws columns. As we managed to stay upright, I do not understand so far ... Before the elevator operator, a night attendant, janitor, maid ... the whole company.We finally landed in his room. And my fuckin 'Aunt Zizi "found nothing better than to make a tantrum: she, you know, you need to have people around. It does not matter who, but - the people! She tore out of bed sheets and began to tear them to pieces.The first time I was so scared, almost sober, at least enough to understand, "she killed herself! It was crazy! "I was pushing all the buttons, was yelling into the phone:" Madame Piaf's dying! "Catch up to them to fear: a respectable hotel ... so they have this happen ... all came running in no time.And there were people around her! Call a physician. Of his arrival she was already in bed, pale as death. The doctor wrote out a bunch of recipes. Messenger galloped flew to the pharmacy. But the moment the doctor away, as she ordered champagne to treat all the servants! She was so pleased with this focus that she had repeated several times.In "Claridge" Edith and I have the memory ... not really good. But I understand it. Edith never heart so do not need love. But who it could take place in Marseille?"May 25, 1963 My Edith, scarcely having got out of the jaws of death, I do not understand how it worked, I hasten to hug you, because you're one of the seven or eight people, which I fondly think every day." Jean Cocteau PART the second chapter of the thirteenth.

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