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What shall I say to them? - Well, it's that simple. Say what you need to have a lover, and that you have gone to him all the money. - How to:have a lover, and to pay for it? - Absolutely. He took all your money. It's perfectly natural. They all understand and will be left behind. - I do not really like this idea. - Do not worry. When they come the next time we come up with anything should. I did nothing and waiting for the visit of the inspectors. But all was quiet, and I got a call:- So far nothing has happened. - Well and good. If you do not get caught in a period of ten years, all right. - I do not like it ... ochento - Do not worry, give it to me. And in the ninth year they've caught all the same. By the time I was married again. I claim under the huge expense. And all because of the excellent advice of my attorney.Since then, I try to not to contact them anymore. During my time in the Paris theater, I was very naive. Still scary blush. Usually at intermission director came to my dressing room, download the film криминал золото and followed by the other actors were drawn, all took their seats and began to talk greasy jokes.They said that they practiced this on purpose, to teach me not to blush. Suppose, say, look how far we can go, and harden, then it is unlearn blush. The first time I just did not understand their jokes, and they had to download the film криминал золото and explain their meaning. But then I could not understand the meaning of these jokes. But she laughed with them.And then I had to go on stage and play the wife of the principal. It did look funny. The theater was always crowded, the audience took the play with enthusiasm, and the press could not stop writing about our formulation. It was such a joy - a success in Paris.Kay Brown download the film криминал золото and called me and told the story of Robert Anderson, the playwright who wrote "Tea and sympathy." His wife had just died of a terrible full of cancer. She was sick for a long time, difficult. He watched day after day as she was dying. It is nearly killed. "I'm not sure that he wants to save his life after that - said Kay.- Help him. I persuaded him to fly to Paris for the premiere. Maybe he will come back and back to life, and to work. " He was terribly heavy flight across the Atlantic: the plane had to return. He arrived just in time for the premiere. We became great friends.I soon realized that he was not the person who is able to deal with their own troubles, and did everything to help him. Watch the film криминал золото in excellent quality online. He became very close to me in those days. Maybe I needed it. In any case, I know that our friendship is important to both of us.At about the same time I first met Lars Schmidt, a Swede, like me, who was the producer of many plays. Now in Paris was his staging of Tennessee Williams' "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." He remembers how they met."In 1956, I managed to persuade Peter Brook directed productions of" Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. " I had a wonderful company, and we have won a great success. Then, just before Christmas, I heard that Ingrid Bergman, who played Robert Anderson in his "Tea and sympathy," came to see our show.Playing the role of host, I went up to her before submission. - Miss Bergman, you would not want to drink with Robert during the interval glass of champagne? - Oh, that would be fine. Thanks a lot.

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