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- Are you Edith? - Yes. - So, you're my sister. We began to talk, looking for each other. Each has built something of themselves. Suddenly she asked: - And you manage to do that?My father and I were doing it, so I immediately did an exercise, and a lot better than it is. Edith always had the need kemnibud admire. To love, she had to admire. My abilities impressed her. She was not only pleased, but surprised.To think that she has a sister who is able to do things that can not be it! This is amazing! In the future, our roles have changed, then it has not ceased to amaze me. We began to talk really. She asked: - What do you do? I said: - Nothing special, I work at a factory, earning eighty four francs a week.I envied her. I thought she was quite well dressed. Sweater and skirt on growth seems bought for her! When someone interested Edith, she was eager to participate. She said to me: - to give up work. Will you walk with me. - And what are you doing? - Singing in the street. I was stunned. - And make? - Ask! And own boss.I work when I want. I invite you! Edith has shaken me. I would have taken her to the edge of the world. That, however, did. Edith decided to sing on the street, because her father she was singing in the barracks and in the squares. His father would prefer that she performed acrobatic dances. He believed that acrobatics girl stir public rather than songs.But acrobatics Edith did not really have abilities. My father loved. Versailles and often worked in Versailles barracks. They caught the imagination of Edith, and since then, she loved men, especially from the colonial forces from the Legion. When we sat on a bench Alverna, Edith explained to me: - I mean, my father taught me the craft.I know the good places. I know what to do and how. - But you went away from his father? - Yes. We are fed up with each other. He took away all my earnings. And then, I could no longer bear his women, especially one that he is now. Just that, pouring down my cheeks, and I came out of this age.The last time she did break away for the fact that I kissed a guy. Do you understand? I understand. We have a little talk. - I left my father, because I was bored to death all random, I wanted chegoto permanent. But you can not go out like this one and start singing.Need to be together and that was the music, or look pathetic, you do not take seriously. If you do not work, and begging. - And what did you do? - I read an ad in the "Ami du ashes." I chose this because of a newspaper to its name. It cost me fifteen centimes. Got a job in the dairy on Avenue Victor Hugo. So hard labor!Got up at four in the morning, carried milk, soap shop. For those who live there, money to burn, but do not get extra coins. Only thing you have with servants, and they are all gagging for itself, crap! Of course, I could not help but to sing while working. My voice did not like the owner, he kicked the film криминал золото and Received another dairy and realized it was not for me. - And how did you start singing all the same? - A guy persuaded Ramon. He download the film криминал золото and liked the way I sing. He had a girlfriend, Rosalie. The result was a troupe: Zizi, and Zozet Zozu. Worked in the squares and in the barracks. Then we broke up, but I did not quit singing, and it's gone.

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