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In other cases, two-thirds of the screen close to the black side of the two plans, and achieved the same effect. .20 Here the lower left of the screen for each character in general kontrplane. Figure 19 where a very small space in the frame is used to display the dominant actor in each kontrplane.This method adds a special richness of the frame, as all the attention is focused on a small area of ​​the screen. The left and right upper corners of the screen highlighted contrasting plans when placing cameras in parallel against the object of shooting.External and internal kontrplan camera uses the exact same track, keeping the actors in the same part of the screen. This technique is applied to the process of filming camera placement by internal conflict. This provides a survey of each of the two central figures individually.Both actors 36 37 occupy the same area in each stage of the opposing terms. Two-thirds of the screen in both compositions pictures are empty. .22 Center of interest in the two general plans to remain in the left side of the frame. The rest of the frame is immersed in the darkness, illuminated to highlight the left side of the frame. .23 In this example uses two external kontrplana Overlays actors in the same part of the screen. Note the opposite direction of the views of the actors.Normally, taking pictures of the two opposing plans internally figure actor occupy two thirds of the screen, leaving one third of the front of it is empty, as if to let air space in front of it, while making the picture more pleasing to the viewer. .24 each generally given two-thirds of the screen actor, the remaining third - the space in front of him, which is pleasant to the eye. Albikokko director in the film "American RatВ» Q В»uses a wide screen in compositionally unusual way, removing the internal download the film криминал золото and paired opposing plans.Figure 25 shows how the actors in the frame when shooting in one plan from different sides of the screen. The effect of surprise can help create an atmosphere conducive to perception. It applies the same principle of opposition opposing the inner planes, as shown in.26, where the actor's face is download the film криминал золото and placed on one side of the frame, leaving the second half of the frame is empty. This is an unusual way of mounting two general plans internally opposing one another greatly enhances the perception stage. 13tot. composite construction method quickly grabs the viewer and has a tendency to change the atmosphere of the scene.However, in some situational. Watch the film криминал золото online. Variants such compositions bring instability, which can overload the scene. In this case, can be used outside the opposing cameras placed at various points on the vertical line of interest, while an actor is placed at the bottom point of the frame, and the other - at the top D.In this way of placing cameras on the screen allows you to change the actors' positions. . Only with close-ups of this principle of arrangement of cameras are not working.Three points of a triangular scheme, are drawn axis at 39 38 which are placed the camera to get a close up, plans approximation average plans, plans for a full frame, strange way of trimming the two actors in the overall plan. In this way, perception is achieved unexpected scene. .28 Of the three points of the figure formed by triangular formations cameras, you can draw a line in which the distance from any central actors shot scenes. .26 Here the actor's face - on the one side of the frame, free space for him.

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