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It was hard to see who was still alive, who is dead. Many soldiers, pale, with bulging eyes in fear, stood with his arms raised. Some, like statues, frozen in these poses, while others sat idly on the ground, on the boxes in trucks and carts.Many were lying on the ground face down, covering his head with his hands. We caught the Germans at bay. Horror and confusion seized them. They hid for each other, eyes closed hands, fell to the ground, cover plaschpalatkami, crushed one another, climbing over dead soldiers and dead horses, rushed to the steep bank into the sea, drowning, surfaced, swam ...The sea is not saved. Sea remembered forty-second. Gunfire and single shots from pistols and rifles are not allowed to sail away. All the space of the sea - from the shore to the horizon - it was littered with makeshift rafts, inflatable boats, boards and wooden sleepers from the dugouts with people on them.Blue calm sea calmly played patches of sunlight, indifferent to it to total defeat. I take off, looking for some "Aimo" and shoot again.I have no time film crime gold watch online in excellent quality and consider and detail, I try to remove as much as possible the overall plan of defeating the Nazis and taking part, do not have time film crime gold watch online in excellent quality and consider which of floating on the water is still alive, and who havedead. This, I think, time to make the viewer looking at the screen after the war. Me runs one overwhelming desire - to capture the most important thing is to have time to take in all the events of the uniqueness and power of influence that I am experiencing myself. I knew that it would take desyatdvadtsat minutes and emotional perception of the freshness fades.And blunt the sharpness of my vision.I was in a hurry to shoot until he was terror and fear in the eyes of German soldiers and officers, knowing that if you have time to remove the time even a small fraction of what it was before my eyes, then this will be more than enough to many people in the world never dare to take up arms, fearing that they will the same that they will see on the screen.I shoot rare footage - sit, lie on rafts corpses. They wallow and seem alive ... Take the first shot, I did not even know that the lens dead. - Look, there are alive! - I shouted excitedly bones. Away from the coast with white rags on a stick floating on a raft close group of Germans.They shouted something and waved vigorously. Not far from the raft floated, they floundered and sank several dozen soldiers. Only now I noticed the lens and directed to a small cove. At the shore under a rock at the bottom, under a transparent layer of water gently fluctuate long sunshine drowned. The bulging eyes froze horror. A short distance away in the bottom of a group of soldiers standing in a circle, as if dancing on bent legs a national peasant dance, clinging tightly to each other.The waves rhythmically swaying their bodies and long brown hair gently vibrate like algae. "Yes, it's revenge! Caught up - and there is no escape! .. "- I thought, going to the edge of a steep cliff above the morem.-" Still, it's too cruel and inhuman vengeance ..."Before the lens at the edge of a cliff covered dugout, his deck - half slid under the roof open. In the depths of the dead soldiers lay with his eyes open. In their hands ossified machines, all strewn with spent cartridges. - Wasser! Wasser! - Suddenly I heard a faint hoarse voice. Among those killed were mortally wounded.Kostya looked askance at me, unbuttoned his holster and clutched the handle of a pistol - shot him to not suffer!

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Film криминал золото
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